World on Fire (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

Before you escape to North Africa,
do you think that you might
just help to settle your wife
into the English life?
I am a soldier, not a sister or a wife.
I fought in the Resistance in Warsaw.
I belong there, where I can make
a difference. Get me home.
I have been working for MI5
for this man.
She is an experienced fighter.
It would be a crime
not to make use of her.
I would hate to leave things
unfriendly between us.
I just know I need to do my bit.
And looking after your daughter
is NOT doing your bit?
If I stay here, then I will die.
- You left your baby?
- Vera.
I won't be needing this no more.
Leave me, I'll be all right.
How do you say "I love you" in French.
I'm going to go back to Paris,
and you must go back.
I propose a patrol to find a well.
And some Germans guarding it.
Bloody desert!
You killed him. You killed
The German prisoner. Heard he escaped.
It's not murder, then,
if the desert killed him.
Murder. Isn't that what we're here for?
I don't understand.
You're shipping out casualties
from Tobruk.
Why would I be on that ship?
Word has it that you're in no fit state
to lead your men at the moment.
And whose word exactly?
Mutterings amongst the men.
Mutterings in the officers' mess.
Loss of your sergeant has hit
you hard, is what I'm hearing.
Rumours you may have been
a bit fast and loose
with treatment of prisoners.
- Who is saying this?
- It doesn't matter who's saying it.
It matters that it is being said.
It means the men
have lost confidence in you.
Sir, this is nonsense.
I know your history.
I know your father responded
in a certain way.
This has absolutely nothing
to do with my father.
You have no right
to bring him into this!
Before you say anything else
and I kick you out
for gross insubordination,
I will remind you of your options.
You agree to be shipped out
with the casualties.
We'll blame your leg injury.
Regroup, shape up for a month
and return to the fray as the
excellent officer that you are
..or I can have the psychiatrist
take a look at you.
Order a medical discharge
with full honours,
but your war is effectively over.
..are you going to be on that ship?
Or are you going
to end your war right now?
You leave in two weeks.
You will be dropped over Poland
with radio equipment.
Take only your false papers.
There will be no turning back.
So I will ask you one more time
..are you sure about this?
Yes, I am certain.
It is time.
Are you sure?
One flashlight. I saw.
- We don't have long.
- No.
I mean, are you sure
we don't just run and disappear?
I am sure.
I hate sailing.
That's why I joined the RAF.
You don't have much choice.
Go. Get down to the beach.
They will get as close
to shore as they can.
Good luck!
I will see you in Paris after the war.
I will come back and I will find you.
I know you will.
Halt! Hande hoch!
"Dear Eileen, if you are reading
this, it means I've bought it.
"I'm a soldier,
and we both know how that can end.
"I want you to know I love you.
"From the first time I met you
until this very moment,
"I've been able to do nothing else.
"I hope you have a good life without me.
"I mean, I don't want you to hold on
to something that has gone.
"You and Dot and Patricia
have so much life to live.
"I'll always be watching over you,
God willing.
"Lots of love, your Stan."
Are you sure he wrote this?
Every man wrote a letter to be
sent home if he died in action.
Well, you must have helped him.
It's spelt right for a start.
I was there when he wrote it.
He wanted to tell you how much
you and the kids meant to him.
Well, he didn't have to tell me.
You should have seen him here,
with them jumping all over him.
Never stopped laughing,
none of them did.
Go and sort the little one out,
will you, Dot?
There's a good girl.
Were you there when he died?
And it was quick.
He wouldn't have known
anything about it.
And he was brave.
Not just very daft?
He was very daft.
When he needed to be.
But on this occasion, he was brave.
He was the bravest man I ever met.
The man who killed him, did he see Stan?
I don't know why that matters,
but it does.
He was close.
- And he died as well.
- Is that good?
Should I be pleased?
Or is there some German widow
sitting somewhere over there
talking to a very well-spoken lad
like you
who can't wait to get out of here?
I'm here for as long as you want to be.
He liked you.
He didn't to begin with,
but he said you shaped up.
I'm glad to hear it.
And I'll be all right.
I can just pretend he's still away.
Still pretend he's coming back.
I think I'll carry on doing that
for the rest of my life.
It was a privilege to know Stan.
It was a privilege
to fight alongside him.
Please don't blame yourself.
For him dying.
Stan was a soldier.
He wouldn't want you carrying that.
Ah. Well, well, well, Lois.
Finally here.
Thank you for looking after her
for a bit longer.
It's like I said on the telephone,
I just wanted a few days to make
everything just right for her.
I've got a bedsit of my own
and I've made it nice and cosy
for the both of us.
And I've even got a job,
so I can support her.
A job?
In the entertainment business?
- No. Munitions.
- How appropriate.
Is she asleep? I can't wait to see her.
Erm, no. I'm afraid Vera is
out for the day with Joyce.
But I telephoned. Yesterday.
I spoke to Joyce.
Didn't she say?
No. Erm
No, I'm afraid there must
have been some misunderstanding.
Thank you, Robina.
I just saw a young lady
walking down the drive.
Well, hardly surprising that you
would notice a nice young lady.
She's Vera's mother. Harry's, erm
- ..legacy.
- Oh.
Oh, I see.
I was thinking about your anger
and my part in it.
I understood you didn't
believe in looking back.
No, I don't.
But I was thinking about your anger
because affected me in a surprising way.
And the surprise was that
..I cared.
And it occurs to me that your anger
may well have been evidence of caring too.
Well, I certainly care.
I care about secrecy and I care
about my duty to my family.
And however much she rails
against it, Kasia is my family.
And you care about me.
Your vanity is hardly the point.
But that is exactly the point.
I fear I haven't made it clear
enough that I care about you.
So in order to make this whole
arrangement less complicated
..I think we should get married.
Oh, your
Your sense of humour is always
bordering on the mystifying.
I mean it, Robina.
It makes perfect sense.
That is the most ridiculous thing
I've ever heard in my life.
So it's not a no, then?
Hello, Mrs Chase.
Hello, Mother.
Hello, Harry.
- You need a hair cut!
- Oh!
Ah, this is Sir James Danemere.
He's been billeted with us,
for his time in the North.
He works for the War Office,
but that's all we know.
Oh, that's all there is, if I'm honest.
It's a great pleasure
to meet you, Harry.
Robina talks of little else
but how proud she is of you.
Erm, it's a pleasure to meet you too.
Excuse me.
Hey. Hey.
Well, look who's here!
Conquering hero!
Expect you want a cuddle, Mr Chase.
Not right now.
My hands are dirty
from the journey so
Oh, a bit of dirt
never did a baby any harm.
Not from her daddy.
- I really can't.
- Don't be shy.
I know men look like a cat
holding a fiddle
when they first hold a little one,
but you'll pick it up soon enough.
Just leave Harry alone,
Joyce, for goodness' sake.
He's only just arrived.
He doesn't need you dangling Vera
in front of him
like some fairground prize.
She's too innocent.
I can't hold her.
I feel like I'll infect her
with all the
People say they wear off.
What do?
The feelings you bring with you.
The memories of the things
you have seen and done.
But I feel like I don't remember
how to be with you.
That's OK.
It's OK.
One day you can show this photo
to Vera and say this is the day
you came to fetch her after
you'd been on adventures in Africa.
After abandoning her.
None of that talk.
I didn't want you to go, but now I see.
I look at you and I see a bit more
of the old Lois every day.
Loud and full of herself?
I prefer strong and full of fight.
Oh, I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of
how you've sorted yourself out
and got your bedsit nice
for you and Vera.
Next door to her favourite auntie!
And after the war, the three of us
will buy a big house in Longsight.
Vera will love it.
Robina can't have an excuse every day.
It'll be fine.
Lois, I've explained as well as I can.
You'll be hearing from my solicitor.
Now, please don't cause a scene.
Cause a scene? I've come for my child!
Of course I'm going
to cause a bloody scene!
What's going on?
- I've come to take Vera home.
- This is her home.
Where you left her to go off
and do goodness knows what!
This is her home!
Lois, come in.
She walked out on her baby.
She left her!
She does not have the right
to pick up motherhood
when she feels like it
and drop it again.
I know I was a mess, Robina.
I'm not denying that.
And I will be forever grateful
that you looked after Vera.
It's quite straightforward.
You're not fit to be a mother.
And nothing you say or do
will convince me otherwise.
Says the patron saint
of wonderful mothers!
Harry, that's not the point.
No, on the contrary.
It's very much the point.
I know exactly what it's like to be
a damaged and grieving woman
bringing up a baby.
And I passed that damage
on to you, Harry.
But the damage can stop now.
If Vera stays here,
the damage stops now.
I'm not you, Robina.
And Vera's not yours. She's mine.
Harry, are you really going
to let this happen?
Are you really not going
to stand up for your daughter,
so at least she can stay in the home
that's she's settled in?
The only decent home she's ever had.
You'll still see her, Robina.
Lois, why you being so reasonable?
This is ridiculous!
Because Robina clearly loves Vera.
I can see why you think
I'm not the best thing for her.
Are you going to fight
for what's best for your child?
Lois is her mother.
And I wouldn't wish it any different.
Thank you.
For looking after her.
Try and say it like you mean it,
This is the map I was telling you about.
Oh, right.
It's impressive.
It's better than anything we had
out there when we were fighting.
Jerry were closer in than that.
And you probably need
a few more German tanks.
I will make some more.
Make sure you add
plenty of blood to the map.
- German blood or?
- Doesn't matter. Just
Just as long as it's nice and messy.
Are you
..sad about the war?
Or are you sad because
you're married to my sister,
you have a baby with Lois,
and you think you can keep it secret
but everybody knows?
Even me.
Especially me.
I am going to need you
to hold still, sir.
Can you hear me?
Captain Rajib, can you hear me?
I know that you've grown
very attached to Vera.
And that is wonderful to see.
Grown attached?
Grown attached!
She's not some stray cat
I've taken in because the neighbours
stopped feeding her!
I love that child!
Well, if you love her as you say you do,
then I think you know
that supporting Lois
and letting her be the mother that
she can be is best for everyone.
Did Lois take you in yet again
with those twinkly eyes
and that loose woman's mouth?
I know men are foolish
when it comes to judging women,
but you never cease to amaze me.
I can't talk to you
when you're like this.
I know that you're angry
and you feel betrayed,
but that is in your nature.
There's nothing I can do to change that.
For a man who knows so very little
about the people close to him,
you have an extremely high regard
for your own judgment.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- You think you know everything.
But you don't even know
when your own wife is lying to you!
I brought you here
because I wanted you to be safe.
And you've found a way
to put yourself in danger again.
- I found a way to be involved again.
- By spying?
You could have worked
on an ambulance or fire-watching
I never hid how I felt
about carrying on the fight, Harry.
I was never going to settle down
and wait for your return.
I know. I know that. But this is
I know how this ends.
Do you?
If you were my agent
and you'd proved your worth,
I would send you
straight back to Poland.
Clear as day. If it hasn't happened
yet, then it will happen soon.
I'm right, aren't I?
My country is bleeding.
And James says they're crying out
for experienced people out there.
What the hell has this got to do
with James?
Bloody hell, Grzegorz.
You're a better piano player
than this fella.
You're alive!
I can't believe you're alive, man!
What What, erm
How did you get here?
What are you doing here?
I'm waiting for you to get me a pint!
Yeah, of course. Wait a sec.
Who are you?
Just who the hell are you exactly?
I'm sure you know better than most
..that I can't tell you that, old chap.
What is it that you're even
doing here, "old chap"?
Why would you encourage a refugee
to put herself at risk?
I didn't recruit Kasia.
She volunteered.
She was already chasing a mission
before I was even a speck
on the Chase family horizon.
But she rumbled me.
Well, I was careless.
So the cat was very much out of the bag.
And since then I have been keeping
a special watch on her,
not least because of the respect I
feel for your mother
and your family.
And a "special watch"
includes sending her off to Poland.
Nobody is "sending" her to Poland.
She fought her way into that mission
and she sees it as her duty.
If you, her husband of all people,
cannot persuade her otherwise,
then that is very much
your business, not mine.
I don't want to argue, Robina.
I'm not here to argue.
I'm sorry to have been
such a disappointment to you.
Oh, don't give it
another moment's notice, Kasia.
I've long since abandoned
expectations regarding
Harry's choice of lover.
Or wife.
I'm sorry for the trouble I have caused.
I know exactly
..why you're doing what you're doing.
And I understand
that there will be casualties
as a result of the decision
that you make.
But I just
I just wish my son wasn't one of them.
I'm setting him free.
He doesn't want to be free.
He needs a sense of purpose,
and you gave him that.
You should come with me, Robina.
We need tough women like you.
Are you actually going to tell me
any of your plans?
Or are you just going
to disappear into the night?
When I leave this time have to let me go
..and I have to let you go.
I can't go to war
knowing you are waiting for me.
You waiting for me is the only thing
that gets me through.
I've seen some terrible things.
I've done some terrible things.
I'm not sure if I can live with myself
if it was all for nothing.
You fought the war because it was
the right thing to do.
Kasia, I'll never stop loving you.
The me you loved isn't here any more.
- Why can't you just admit that?
- Why are you saying these things?
I knew I'd get punished in the end,
but not like this.
Not by you.
I'm sorry, my love.
I'm so sorry. But I have to do this.
We have to do this.
Are we sharing?
Are you leaving?
Then we're not sharing.
I want you to be brave
and stay here and do well at school.
And when Poland is free again,
they are going to need young men
with a good education.
And then you and me and Grzegorz,
we will all be together again.
I can't wear it any more.
You should keep it on, for safety.
Better off people thinking
you're a married woman.
Less suspicious.
Nearly two years ago.
It feels like a lifetime.
Making promises we couldn't keep.
I don't feel any different about you
to how I felt that day.
You feel different to me, Harry.
You feel angry
and lost and sad.
And I don't think I can make that
any better for you.
We don't do this again.
Not now.
We say goodbye
and we wish each other well.
May I?
Kasia has gone.
I know.
I'm sorry no-one told you the truth
..about Vera.
I'm sorry that adults just don't
tell children these things.
I worked it out, a long time ago.
Of course you did.
But, Jan, I didn't tell you
..because I was ashamed.
I didn't tell you because
Well, I didn't want to tell you
that I'd let you down.
That's OK.
I have to go to school now.
Playing the British gentleman?
Jolly white chaps
who stick to the rules?
Isn't that what you do?
I heard her leaving.
Kasia. First thing this morning.
Yes, well, you probably know more
about her destination than I do.
I was just wondering whether
..we might perhaps have a talk.
Just you and I.
I'm not going to marry you, James.
And while I remain flattered
but also bemused by your proposal
Really? I was very much
under the impression that we
..we rather hit it off.
You made me feel
..that I could have had
a different life,
if different choices had been made.
But alas, they weren't.
But, yes, we did hit it off,
but I'm
..I'm not sure that
that's a firm enough basis
for a proposal of marriage.
On the contrary,
I think it's all that's required.
In fact, I would say
it's more than enough, frankly,
and the rest is just window dressing.
Commitment respect and fidelity
..not to mention all the legal niceties.
Well, I'm not after your money, Robina,
if that's what you're worried about.
Maybe I'm flattering myself,
but I think you seem to be
a happier person now
than when we first met.
Well, I
..I think that's neither here nor there.
Isn't it?
I think you're afraid
to be happy, Robina.
Because I turned down
your proposal of marriage?
I think you feel guilt
for your husband taking his own life
and for your son's misery.
And for those reasons, you refuse
to allow yourself to be happy.
Please don't patronise me, James.
I know exactly how I feel, thank you.
But I have to choose
between my happiness
and my greater responsibilities.
Your happiness
is your greatest responsibility.
Thank you, James, for your attention
and your companionship.
And I hope you don't think
my turning you down
gives you the idea
that I think any less of you.
For God's sake, Robina.
You've rejected my proposal of marriage.
Forgive me if I don't see that
as a glowing testimonial.
But I was wrong.
It wasn't less military discipline
I needed, it was more.
If I had thought like a soldier,
I would have shot the pair of them
and my boys would still be alive.
Just saw James.
He seemed in a hurry.
Barely acknowledged me.
Sir James is not easily distracted.
Sir James? Are you back
on a more formal footing now?
I'm sorry, whatever it was
you were hoping for with James
No, no.
He thought he could make me happy.
Perhaps he could.
But I think happiness is a rather
debased currency these days.
I wouldn't disagree with you there.
I don't know how to help you, Harry.
I'd like to, but I don't know how.
It would help me
..if you could tell me about my father.
You know about your father.
No. I don't.
We spoke of it, once,
and you never said anything
about why he did what he did.
Well, the one person who knows why
is lying in South Manchester
Cemetery, I'm afraid.
When he got back from the war
..did he tell you anything?
He said he was a coward.
And did you ask him
what he meant by that?
No, of course not.
Nor would he have told me if I had.
I could see there was something wrong,
but I'd assumed he would snap out of it.
But of course he was right,
all along. He WAS a coward.
Leaving me, leaving you,
leaving the shame behind
for us to live with.
What sort of a man does that?!
A man who feels desperate.
A man who can't square
the things he's done
with the man he thought he was.
Who's walked away without a scratch
but feels like he's been
- killed inside.
- Yes, this is exactly why we shouldn't
- talk about these things.
- What are you scared of?
What are you scared of?
That if we talk about it, we
we might catch it somehow?
That suicide is contagious?
Yes, yes, yes! That's exactly it.
And I didn't want you
dwelling on it then.
And I don't want you dwelling on it now.
It isn't a question of dwelling on it.
It is a question
of trying to understand it.
There is no understanding it!
And that's what makes it so hard
for people left behind
..for those of us who have to carry on.
And that's what we have to do,
Harry, in the end.
Go on.
When do you leave?
Soon, I'm afraid.
Life's messy.
Hey. Hey.
The Red Army is steadfastly
resisting German savagery
in Leningrad, as Hitler continues
to extend his evil reach across
the Soviet Union. It was announced
this morning that Kyiv has fallen.
The Nazis are having less joy
in North Africa,
where the fearless soldiers
of Britain and Empire
continue to hold out
against Rommel's dark forces.
Japan is continuing its attack on China
and talks openly
about its imperialist ambitions,
as it grows ever closer
to declaring war on the West
and our allies.
America has committed to supporting
the countries of the free world
in resisting
what Churchill has declared to be
"methodical, merciless butchery".
We are in the presence
of a crime without a name.
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