World's Toughest Driving Tests (2010) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

These are some of the hardest to drive and most dangerous machines on the planet.
It's brutal, physical and dangerous work.
Celeb pals Will Mellor and Kirsten O'Brien have been set a challenge - to learn to drive these incredible vehicles, race them against each other and prove who's the better driver.
I don't want to sound too confident but at the end of the day, the word "girl" comes into it, doesn't it? I think he's going to be thinking he can take me down and then when it comes to it, there may be tears.
Who's going to win? Me.
To master these awesome machines takes months.
Brake, brake.
But Will and Kirsten have just days.
Oh, no, don't make me do that again, man.
In less than a week, they'll be examined, scrutinised Didn't we go over this? I know we did.
and tested.
Steady! Go! They'll drive the world's toughest vehicleshead to head in a final race.
Come on, O'Brien! Come on! Smoke rings without smoke, people, that's how cold it is.
They'll be living with the people No way! Behind the machines.
That's the toilet? Yes.
It will be intense That was incredible.
Emotional I feel really guilty.
And at times terrifying.
It'll be the crash course of their lives.
This is the most frightening thing.
Oh, oh, oh! We're going to miss it! We're going to miss it! Are Will and Kirsten up to the job? Can they handle the pressure? I've not been this scared for a very, very long time.
And ultimately, who'll win and prove they are the better driver? They've already gone head to head in the 50 ton Romanian battle tank and Kirsten won the bragging rights.
But in the 15 metre high Straddle Carrier, Will came out on top.
And The winner isWill.
Agh! Thank you.
With the score at 1-all, this week they're heading north of the border.
Here we are.
Sunny Glasgow.
Glasgow Airport and Will and Kirsten's first challenge is to get themselves to their new home.
We're going towhat's it called? Douglas Water.
I would say it would be a bus into Glasgow, into the bus station and then probably two buses beyond that.
I can't be getting buses.
Buchan or whatever it's called? It's four minutes away, we've got to leg it.
I've got a bad knee! A couple of buses later and it's all just a bit too much for Will.
After two hours on the road, they've still not reached their final destination.
We're going to Douglas Water.
Why are you pulling a face? There's nothing there.
There is nothing there? Rivals and mates, Kirsten O'Brien and Will Mellor share a passion for cars.
I love cars.
I love driving.
I like to have a bit of power under me foot.
Feel like Clarkson.
Oh, power! When you drive a car that's cute and fun, you could go up the wrong lane and just kind of put your indicators on and go, "Oh! Sorry"! And everyone's like, "Ah.
Aren't they cute? Let them in.
" Back in Scotland, it's a slow start to the day.
Hiya, love.
And Will's worried, in case it stays that way all week.
It's going to have to be something fast and exciting.
If we're in the middle of nowhere, what will it be? Pud, pud, pud in the middle of nowhere.
Last week Will and Kirsten battled it out in the towering straddle carriers.
A bit strange, actually.
It forced them to confront their fears.
Whoa! Well done.
Kirsten was the bookies' favourite all week.
Let's have it, Mellor! But she was pipped at the post by Will.
Get in! You know what I mean? Thank you.
We've got a cab! This week its a chance for one of them to take the lead.
One flight, two buses, a fish supper and a taxi ride later, they finally reach their destination.
Well there doesn't seem much here.
But Will doesn't know he's just a short stroll away from one of the most jaw-dropping manmade landscapes in Britain.
Home to some of the biggest, toughest and most difficult to drive vehicles in the world.
This is Broken Cross.
One of Europe's biggest open cast mines.
Dynamite blasts coal from underground.
Over 200 hundred men work 24 hours a day, five days a week extracting one million tones of coal a year.
Will and Kirsten will be living the life of a miner and learning to drive one of the biggest vehicles on the planet.
It's freezing here! Ask this man.
You go up to the left hand side in the car park.
It kind of goes in to the left hand side and straight ahead.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Before they go any further, they need to get suited and booted miner's style.
You got that on really quick.
I've only got a shoe on.
Next thing I know, you're like something of Auf Wiedersehen.
Kirsten's brought along some "must have" mining accessories.
So I'm taking tissues, inhaler Probably lip gloss.
Lip gloss! This is why you don't deserve to win anything.
Too bothered about the way you look.
Time to check out their new work place.
The miners call it "The Void.
" Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my Look how far down it goes! Absolutely massive.
It just looks like it's not part of what we're used to seeing, like on Earth.
It's just a big digging pitfor boys! Could you imagine doing this every day as your job? BrrrBrrr Dig, dig, dig.
Imagine if you suddenly got a coal fire.
You'd just smashed the place up, wouldn't you? Coal! No! Meet their new mentor, Colin.
Hello, mate.
I'm the on site manager.
Nice to meet you.
He's the man who knows what they'll be driving and competing in this week.
Just going over the hill there.
You just look to the top of the hill.
Yes! It's massive.
That's what I wanted.
I'm excited about that.
Number eight's yours, Kirsten.
That's my lucky number! Is it? That is actually my lucky number.
It's not! It is! Number nine sitting in behind the other, Will.
We got one each! I'm getting a sense of the scale, Colin.
Look at the tyres! It's six grand for one of them.
You've got a better idea now of the scale of the machine you'll be operating.
It's massive.
Oh, my word.
This is the Terex 100, the ultimate monster truck.
5 metres high, 11 metres in length.
It can carry up to 100 tonnes.
That's the equivalent of 80 Minis.
It's one of the largest working vehicles in Britain and if you fancy one, it'll set you back half a million pounds.
Will and Kirsten have just 4 days to master this mammoth machine.
By the end of the week they'll go head to head in the ultimate challenge to prove who's the number one driver.
I've never driven anything where the wheels have been that big.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
It's absolutely massive.
Which now is a bit more terrifying.
It gets my adrenalin going.
Anything that gets my adrenalin going's good.
Will doesn't have to wait long for his first adrenaline rush.
It's time to hop in the passenger seat and meet the men who'll be training them this week.
Will's with Rab, he has 30 years experience behind the wheel of monster trucks.
Right, how many gears? Six gears four by Kirsten's teamed up with Tommy, head of driver training at Broken Cross.
Flipping heck! Jeez! Going through the roof.
I like this bit.
Woo! Put your hands in the air if you want to go faster.
Will and Kirsten are already getting a taste for the Terex.
We've got to win this, man! Woo! I don't think I'm going to have any problems with it.
I think I get the gist of it and I think it doesn't frighten me.
There's a bit of reversing to do so I'm sure Kirsten won't be very happy about that.
Will fancies his chances, but rival Kirsten's on to him.
I'm going to tell you what Will will have said.
This is what "Yeah! I love it, I can totally do it! "I'm taking her down.
Women, know your limits".
He'll love it, I bet and yeah, just think, "It's dead easy.
"I'm going to win again".
It will be that.
Am I wrong? He-he! Bring it on! They'll be staying in the heart of the community, working alongside and living the life of a Terex driver.
Jock's one of the site supervisors.
How are you doing? Hello.
Nice to meet you.
Aye, Jock.
A good old Scottish name.
With over 20 years experience at the coal face, what Jock doesn't know about mining isn't worth knowing.
Do I have porridge in the morning? Mm-hm.
It's standard food.
Has it got salt in it or sugar? Salt.
See? That's the Scottish way.
Salt and porridge, that'll get me going.
Right, Will.
Yes, Colin? Time to introduce you to your host.
Yes? ErUnfortunately it's me.
Hey! You'll be staying with me and my wife, Heather and my four-year-old son, Robbie.
Thank you very much.
Thanks for putting up with us.
Well, we'll see.
We might put up with you, we might not! Site manager Colin has worked at the mine since he was a teenager.
He lives just a few miles away with his wife Heather and their four-year-old son, Robbie.
Thank you for having me here.
Aye, you're more than welcome.
Will and Kirsten are hoping that living with the miners will give them some insider insight on how to beat each other in this week's competition.
Thank you.
You're a good man.
Will's already seeking a winning edge over Kirsten.
She's determined, especially because she's the only woman down there Yes.
To make sure she wins this one, so I'm going to have to be on my game.
So all the tips you can give me will help.
We'll fill you in.
Kirsten is staying with Jock, his wife Marianne and their three children Gemma, Scott and Clare.
I'm not sure I want to go into what's in there.
She's trying her first ever haggis supper.
I'm saying I like it.
I'm now having second thoughts as it goes down.
With the series score at one each, Kirsten and Will are desperate to put one over on each other this week.
Kirsten is the only woman on site.
So she wants to winbad.
She would love to stick it to the men.
Kirsten would love on this gig to stick it to the men.
The last thing I want to do on this gig is crash.
I don't want to give Mellor the satisfaction of that, of the crashing.
I don't want to give him any satisfaction, actually.
She is going to have to bring her A game.
It's a new day at Broken Cross Mine in Scotland.
If Will and Kirsten are going to go head to head in the final battle at the end of the week, they need to buckle down to a tough training regime.
Will, Kirsten, today is where the hard work begins.
Your challenge is to try and get the skills involved in getting into these 100 ton dump trucks.
For the next three days they must take three lessons designed to teach them the vital skills needed to pass a daily test in the Terex.
The driving cab of the Terex is three metres off the ground, so seeing immediately in front or to the side of you is virtually impossible.
To cope with the hazard of restricted vision, the truck is fitted with 13 mirrors and cameras, called visual aids.
But there's no way Colin's letting Will or Kirsten loose on the Terex without a dry run, so they're going to practice some basic manoeuvres in a 5 ton army truck.
Time for lesson 1.
They must complete two basic manoeuvres.
A three point turn, then reverse into a parking bay.
Sounds simple enough! But the army truck has blacked out mirrors to make Will and Kirsten appreciate just how important the visual aids will be when driving the 100 ton Terex.
I've got one question.
You know like on your driving test and your three point turn, if you hit the kerb, its a fail.
If we touch those sleepers? Yes, if you touch them, that's you failed.
Same thing.
Kirsten's first in the driving seat OK.
Easy now.
Any mistakes and Colin could pull them from the competition.
Oh, no! That's not reverse! First challenge, putting it in gear.
I don't want to have to jump on this to get it in.
That is reverse, good.
Can she reverse into the tight parking bay? She's in.
Next Kirsten must pull off the three point turn without touching the sleeper.
Work it.
Oh, that was a crunch, I'm sorry.
She's getting close.
Did she hit it? Did she hit it? Kirsten completes the two basic manoeuvres.
But, she's exhausted.
So tiring.
I've got no strength left How was that? Are you knackered? I haven't got the weight.
I have to throw myself over, and that was the real problem.
Was it all right? No faults.
It's Will's turn.
Let's give it some.
Come on.
And he's not hanging about.
That'll do for me.
He breezes through it and it's on to the three point turn.
Come on, my son! Will's treating it like a time trial.
He does throw it about quite a lot.
I don't have the power in my body to throw it around as much as he does.
He's gonna touch it.
Is that touching? Go on, son.
He's touching it! Blissfully unaware, he's hit the sleeper.
Get in there, mate.
He's touched.
He's touched, he's touched! That'll do for me.
Did I hit anything? What did I hit?! The sleeper.
Just touched it.
I can't believe I hit it.
I wanted to be close.
You were very close, too close.
Knob! Will hit a sleeper! On discussion with Tommy and myself, we believe there's probably an element of cockiness in Will that we need to get out of him.
We can get away with it here, but we can't get away with it when we're starting to operate the TR100s.
That's the problem, you see, with me.
Typical bloke, want to do everything rapid.
Except sex.
Lesson one complete and despite Will's shaky start, in just two hours they'll face their first skill test.
But first they need a test drive.
Put your foot on the throttle.
If I was you I'd keep it in third gear.
Third? You don't want to keep changing up.
Sounds like a monster.
Yeah, baby! I'm in the big dog now.
Oh, Jesus! It's like the world's biggest bin lorry! Oh, good Lord! It's a right adrenalin rush! This is the best vehicle in the world! You're reeling like that, and it really feels odd.
But other than that, it's brilliant.
I like it.
It's got to be the best thing I've ever driven.
Unbelievable the feeling you get being that high up.
And that was just the test drive.
It's time for test one.
They must pull off the same basic two manoeuvres, this time in the Terex.
A three-point turn, then reverse and park into a tight bay.
If they hit the raised mud barriers called berms, they'll fail.
Turning a 100-ton truck in that space is quite a big ask.
It's vital Will and Kirsten use the 13 mirrors and cameras to steer the truck safely.
Here we go.
Checking all the mirrors, good to go.
Kirsten's first up.
Can she pull off a three-point turn and manoeuvre an 11-metre truck in a 20-metre space? Oh, I'm a bit scared of this! Can't see it.
She can't see the berm and she's panicking.
I'm scared.
Oh, I'm really worried! Am I going up it, or am I in it? An inch more and she'll fail the test.
Has she touched? It's taking every bit of her concentration.
Oh, I can see it now, I can see it.
Finally she's clear.
She's probably a wee bit tense after that but she's obviously listening to what she's been told.
Can Kirsten up her game with the final manoeuvre? She needs to impress Colin with her reverse and park.
It's a tight space she's going back into but that's what we need to be doing.
There's no room for error.
The truck is six metres wide, the bay is seven.
Here we go.
How much have I got on each side? See the sides of the berm.
Oh, my God.
I think I might be going up them.
Kirsten's mounted the berm and has to re-position the Terex for a second attempt.
Oh, there it is.
There it is! You'll be straight back at that.
Still too close.
Finally she reverses into the parking bay.
It's a disappointing first test for Kirsten and Will senses an opportunity.
I want to do well.
I want to be able to say I drove one of these properly as part of the team.
To drive like one of the team, Will must prove he can master the Terex's visual aids.
Look at that.
Is that right, hanging out the whole time? I got told you only use your mirrors, don't hang out.
Will's ignoring his cameras and mirrors.
Lack of spatial awareness in a 100 ton truck could cost lives.
Trainer Tommy pulls him up.
Use your mirror.
Use your camera and your mirror.
That's better.
It's so much easier with the mirrors.
Yes! He's completed the three-point turn, but after a ticking off from Tommy can he execute the reverse by the book? You do have to use the mirrors because there's not a chance of you seeing anything yourself, other than using those mirrors and the cameras.
Come on, son.
Yes! That felt good.
I love this machine.
I can't wait to get back in that.
I'll sleep in it.
It's not a problem.
Loved it, loved it.
After an intense day of contrasting fortunes, Kirsten's ending it on a low and Will's back on top.
We're in a man's environment.
Gonna have to do a lot to win.
Do you feel already like I'm going to be worse than you? I feel like that every challenge, to be honest! Will's taking Colin, Colin's dad and driver Kenny to the pub.
He thinks if he can get inside the heads of the men who drive the Terex trucks, it'll give him the edge over Kirsten.
How long have you been doing what you do now? 22 year.
22 years.
12-hour shifts.
Hard shifts.
There must be something that gets you up to work.
I've got a family, mortgage.
I've got the same responsibilities as nearly every other person in Britain.
And that drives me because I want to give my family the best living that I can give them.
Will thought mastering the Terex would be a doddle, and Kenny pulls him up.
First thoughts were cocky.
You thought I was cocky! Definitely.
I wasn't trying to be cocky.
Everybody thinks Everybody thinks it's easy until you do it.
Kirsten's staying with Jock and his family and he's invited her to the miners' social club.
She's sure Will was bending the rules in today's first test.
I had a bit of a rant, because Will just gets in there, once he has a sense of it he just does it his way.
Hanging his head out the window, doing all that.
I know he winds you up.
I know that, I can see that.
It's all done in banter, but it actually puts you off.
It makes me laugh.
Distracts you.
And he knows.
Jock has wise words for Kirsten.
Be yourself and listen to what Tommy says.
You're like some sort of Jedi master.
Will's confidence will be his downfall.
Jock's not the only one to think Will is over confident.
Kenny was saying tonight that he thought I was a bit cocky.
He says he hears it all the time, when people see these vehicles and they think, oh, anyone can drive them.
But I have the utmost respect for what them blokes do now.
I hold my hands up and say I was wrong, I was completely wrong.
It's been a tough day and Kirsten's worried the physical demands could be too much for her.
My arm, the top here, is aching quite a bit now.
And even like to push on the pedals and stuff, I just don't have the weight to throw behind my body.
Just need to beat Mellor somehow.
Still to come.
Get going, man! Kirsten's under pressure to up her game.
I'm frightened about that.
Today could be decision day.
If it's not working at the end of the day it might be that we need to pull the pin.
Can Will keep his cool? Oh, this is just pathetic! What happens when they drive the monster truck in the dark? How do you know at night where you're going? It's nearly impossible.
And who'll clinch victory in the final head to head? Come on, O'Brien, come on! It's a new day, and in just 48 hours time, Will and Kirsten go head to head in the final battle.
But Kirsten's worried her body's not built to drive a 100 ton dump truck.
All the bottom of my back all the base of my spine there, is really It's not pulled, it's just stiff.
I'm starting to think, oh yeah, women don't do this job, do they! I can start to see why! Tonight, Will and Kirsten will be facing their most dangerous test yet, driving the Terex in the dark.
To prepare them for this, Colin wants them to practice on a lawnmower! In this second lesson, all they have to do is mow a rectangular patch of grass in a neat spiral pattern.
But there's a catch.
Driving at night under the narrow beam of the truck's headlights distorts depth of vision.
This lesson will teach Kirsten and Will how to cope when their perception of distance is challenged.
You'll have a mask on, which will be binoculars, but the binoculars will be in reverse.
So you're getting that perception, tunnel vision.
Everything will be further away, a lot more difficult.
Will gets cutting first and his world is about to take on a new dimension.
That's ridiculous.
It just looks like I'm looking through a Polo.
Tonight in the mine, a beam from the headlights like this is all they'll see.
What's happened?! Tunnel vision has sent Mellor into a mower meltdown.
I can't get this middle bit! Turn, turn.
He hasn't got the cutter down now, he's just doing circles! I don't know how I've done.
I can't tell.
You stopped cutting half way through, just literally doing circles.
Why have I stopped cutting? Your cutter wasn't down.
That's because it kept Oh, God.
It's hard work.
After Kirsten's cutting comments can she show Will how it's done? I can't see! Go, go, go, go! Which way is cutting? What she should be doing is getting to grips with the effects of tunnel vision.
But it all just seems to be a bit of a laugh! If she drives like this tonight in the mine, lives could be at risk.
Ah, I can't stop it! Aagh! She's crashed it.
This isn't fair! Colin and Tommy aren't seeing the funny side.
After Kirsten's shocking effort, Will is now sure he's the better driver.
I thought I did badly.
Now I feel that I was quite good.
I think that will really weird me out.
If that's what it's like, I don't think you should put me in it.
I'm gonna be off the edges.
Colin also has doubts about whether Kirsten's up to tonight's test.
This morning there was a few problems with your movements with the wee tractor.
Today could be decision day.
If it's no working at the end of the day it might be that we need to pull the pin.
One less challenge.
That's how serious we are at this stage.
We went for a lawnmower this morning.
We're back into reality, where you need to be, so After Kirsten's dressing down, Will's on hand to lend his support.
It's your fault.
And the fact that you did crop circles.
I take full responsibility for that! It's the old eye problem.
It would be gutting for me if they go, actually, O'Brien, you haven't made the mark.
I would absolutely find that hilarious.
Really? Tosser.
Today's grass-cutting lesson proved just how tough driving with tunnel vision can be.
It's time to put that lesson into practice in the Terex, on a dark, wet and windy Scottish night.
This is a big ask for you.
Serious challenge we've got here.
A very difficult one.
It's important you get through this.
Take you on to tomorrow, we ramp it up again.
So if we don't get this right then we can't go on to tomorrow? One challenge leads to another.
If you don't get one right we can't go on to the next.
In this second test, Will and Kirsten must negotiate a rubble road, pull off a reverse, then execute a tricky 360 degree turn around a tyre, all in the dark.
Will's first in the hot seat and has just five minutes to complete his mission.
First up, it's the rubble road.
Concentration Will now understands the value of this morning's lesson.
It's so different at night.
Oh, it is! How do you see where you're going? It's unbelievable.
He needs to keep his focus for the reverse.
Right over here.
So slippy.
It's sliding all over the place.
Will's taken the turn too wide and now he's stuck in the mud.
Have to go back a bit.
The clock is ticking.
The course is cut up.
That's the weather and elements we deal with.
The reverse is finally complete.
Trying to make up time, Will puts his foot down but can he pull off the 360? Whoa, messy! I don't think I'd go that fast.
Get over there, go on! He needs to give himself enough room to pull off the manoeuvre.
He's going to have to back up.
It's not looking good for Will.
His 360 looks more like a three-point turn.
I want to go back quite far, because I want to give myself room to come out.
Can't see nothing.
With seconds to spare, Will completes the course but his haste has cost him.
And he's already got his excuses ready for Kirsten.
It's nearly impossible.
You're kidding? No, I'm telling you.
That 360 is impossible because you've got to power it up out that dip.
You've got to have the pace and it sends you wide.
Kirsten's already had her card marked by Colin and the next five minutes are do or die.
Here come the bumps.
Hold tight.
Oh, yeah, baby.
Golly gosh.
She's struggling just to see the road ahead.
How do you know at night where you're going? That's what I'm saying, that's the problem! It's extraordinary.
Look at it slide on that mud.
Kirsten's making good time but going into the reverse there's no room for error.
Get this right.
She's lined the truck up nicely, and it's a good manoeuvre.
Right, here we go.
But there's still one giant obstacle between her and a good round.
It's that 360 that's impossible.
Oh, yeah, baby.
For Kirsten's sake, it better not be.
Can't really see it.
It's so hard to do that 360.
Tight, tight, tight, tight.
Round it, Tommy, we're blinking round it! She's nailed it, she nailed it! She nailed the 360! I had to do it in two.
Firing home, Tommy.
Good approach.
She nailed it.
Yeah, baby! It's a text book drive and she could not have done any more to prove to Colin that she can handle the Terex.
Woman and machine in fusion.
Kirstena faultless display.
Today, with the challenge this morning and the skills test on the lawnmower, I think your confidence took a bit of a hammering.
But that was an effort, that was incredible.
Hey, it's not over yet, you know.
That's only a challenge.
It's only just beginning.
Listen, the big thing about losing, you've got come back.
And I'll be coming back strong, don't you worry about that! Nothing has been decided tonight.
All the skills they're learning have to be taken on board and the winner will be the one who puts them all into practice in the final challenge in just 36 hours' time.
But tonight, the rivals have got a chance to let their hair down at the Miners Social Club.
What have you got underneath? Nothing.
Will and Kirsten been invited into this community just to see the tradition in the families going back all the years.
See people enjoying themselves, mixing, they're blending in a treat.
And just having fun with the locals.
I'm not Scottish but I got agrrrr! It's amazing.
I dare anyone to sit in front of that and feel really roused, really, really roused.
I think it's an extraordinary thing to have this.
This isn't something I have in my life.
To actually see all the old guys down here with the kids dancing and the band going.
And you've not only got a sense of Scotland but you've got a sense of the heart of this community.
Will's also touched by the Scottish spirit and rings his Dad to share the moment.
Dad, what it makes you feel like when you are sitting there, listening to it.
All the hairs on the back of my neck have stood up.
For generations, families have stuck together through back breaking work and unemployment.
But their mining history is a source of pride.
There's a lot of people that have worked very, very hard to build communities that are fading away.
'Tonight, I've been treated to something memorable.
' Even phoned me Dad at one point and was like, "Dad, listen to this!" Because I knew he'd appreciate it.
It makes me feel at home, do you know what I mean? I come from a working class background which I'm very, very proud of.
I suppose I just don't want that generation to go.
Because that means, you know my Dad's generation goes, and I don't want that to happen.
Will? You up? Porridge.
Attitude, that's the number one thing, got it.
In a few short hours, Will and Kirsten face their final test in the Terex receiving and dumping a 100-ton load.
It's a vital skill they'll need in tomorrow's final showdown.
To prepare them for this arduous task, today's third and final lesson involves popping balloons.
To sharpen their reversing skills, Colin has built a circle of 14 tyres and attached balloons to each of them.
Will and Kirsten must drive a Land Rover fitted with extra mirrors and spikes at the front and back.
Relying on their visual aids, they must use the spikes to pop the balloons.
So, that's 14 balloons in five minutes.
Will and Kirsten, the focus of the challenge today is on precision driving.
Which will lead us into what we expect you to do this afternoon with your Terex trucker.
After Kirsten's impressive drive last night, Will's under pressure to up his game.
I might have to come back with a vengeance.
I'll have to chill-out a bit.
That's my problem.
It's like, you wait to do your challenge, get in there and you You're just too hasty.
Are you ready? Ready.
Your five minutes starts now.
Come on.
Take your time.
Yes! There's one.
It's an explosive start for Will, just what he needed.
I'll go very steady, just let me see the balloon.
He's focused and driving with precision.
Come on, Will.
And he's already popped seven.
Come on, Pinkie.
One minute left.
All he needs to do is keep a cool head in the last minute.
Where has that balloon gone? No! Where is it? But that's not Will's way.
What's happened there? Doing my head in, this.
I can't see it.
This is the most frustrating challenge ever.
Will's completely missing the point.
Oh, this is just pathetic! He came unstuck in the last minute but eight balloons out of 14 is a good result.
Is that it? Yes.
You have eight to beat, starting from now.
That's not a good sign.
Come on O'Brien.
Oh, she's got it.
Oh, no! How long's gone? Determined to prove she's the best driver, Kirsten gets stuck in.
1,5 minutes have gone! Oh! That's four.
With three minutes to go, Kirsten's in the zone and has already popped six balloons.
That's not good.
Two minutes left on the clock and Will's doing his best to distract his rival.
Come-on, Kirsten.
Mess it up.
Shut up.
That's eight.
One more to beat me.
Ease it up, Kirsten.
Oh, no.
That's rubbing salt in the wounds.
Go for glory, get this last one.
Four, three, two, one.
Kirsten has burst Will's bubble.
I really enjoyed that.
You got 11.
Shut up! Shut up.
I loved that challenge! Don't touch me.
Loved it.
Loved it.
I'm not the best loser because I'm just really competitive.
I want to be good at everything and I want to win.
It's just my nature.
Glory is finally mine.
It's far too early for celebrations.
It's one thing popping balloons.
But now, it's time for Will and Kirsten to put those precision driving skills to the test at the wheel of the half a million-pound Terex.
Their third and final test will put the last piece of the jigsaw into place.
The big focus here is precision and accuracy of driving and the control of the truck.
Picking up everything you've learned over the last few days, taking you to the final challenge.
Will and Kirsten must reverse the dumper truck under the digger's bucket where they will receive a 100-ton load.
But to drop it off, they must perform the hardest manoeuvre for any Terex driver.
The blindside reverse.
The Terex is a left-hand drive but for this test they will be reversing to their right.
This is where all their training comes into play.
They must use and trust their visual aids.
This final test involves precision driving and accurately positioning the vehicle under the digger's bucket.
Get it wrong and 100 tons of Scottish rock could be joining them in the cab.
After losing his cool popping balloons, Will needs to stay calm and focused.
I lost this morning.
It doesn't feel so good, so I'd like to just do a bit better this time.
If I can do the best to my ability, then that is all I can do.
Just not make any silly mistakes, just take my time a little bit.
His first task is to reverse under the digger and pick up his load.
Be in the middle of your skip and come out of the back of it.
It's taking all his concentration to line up under the digger.
I'm glad to see that BLEEP mirror.
It's the accuracy, skills and precision to get under that bucket is what we are looking for.
Oh! That's the sound of 100 tons.
I tell you what.
It doesn't half give you a bit of a shake.
It's hardly moving with that load in.
To drop it off, he faces the toughest manoeuvre of all, the blindside reverse.
We've never done a reverse this way where you're reversing not cab side.
When you reverse cab side, you can see where you're going.
But this is relying on those mirrors and the back camera.
Now, that does worry me, that.
Has Will learnt enough to pull this complex task off? Very hard to reverse on that side.
He has to reverse between the berms, and it's a tight squeeze.
This should be all right.
He's bang on.
Tip and dump.
It's a flawless run.
There you go.
And Will's in good shape going into tomorrow's final showdown.
Yes! Kirsten's got it all to do.
Just got to hope that my dumps are better than his! The pressure's on as she reverses under the digger to receive her load.
It's a confident start.
See, this is brilliant.
First part of the job done, can she keep it up as she approaches the blindside reverse? I'm frightened about that.
I think and coming in at a bad angle.
Where is it? How close am I getting? Inches away from mounting the berm, Kirsten has to re-position.
I don't want her going into the final challenge with her confidence down.
Let's hope she gets it.
If Kirsten can't complete the blindside reverse she'll fail the test I need to sort of come round.
That way.
and she won't be allowed to compete in tomorrow's final.
She's back in the position.
Yes, I can see it.
At the last hurdle, Kirsten knows she has let herself down.
Blindside reverse.
What the heck was I playing at? There's only one question now on both their minds.
Can they go head to head tomorrow? I know they are deadly serious that they will not let us down there or let us be part of this team or be driving that in a serious condition if we can't do it.
Couple of issues with you're reversing back, but it was a hard reverse.
You, big improvement.
Couldn't fault you.
Thank you very much.
Are we OK to go on to the big challenge tomorrow? From a trainer's point of view, from the point of view of me monitoring the training, it's obvious these are learning.
No problems, no problems at all.
Nice one, thank you very much.
The final challenge is a combination of everything they've learned.
All the skills have been set for a reason.
To pick up on all the points they need tomorrow to fulfil this challenge and it's good to see the competitive edge coming out.
In just a few hours' time, Will and Kirsten will battle to prove who is the best driver this week.
I'm quite nervous because I really feel like this is it.
If you said to me at the start of the week I would be learning to drive one of those hulking trucks in a coalmine, and hanging around with Glaswegian miners, I think you would have probably got the reaction you got when I was stood at the mine going "What's this?" Let's do this thing.
Come on! Come on! For Will, tomorrow is more than just a competition.
It's a matter of honour.
I don't want to fail tomorrow.
Whether I win, or whether I lose, I really want to be accepted and go, "At least you had a go, at least you wanted to learn about it.
" And how arrogant would it be if I was just to turn up and go, "I had a go but that was it.
" No, it's more than the vehicle.
This whole thing is more than just this vehicle.
It's the big day.
Will and Kirsten go head to head in this week's toughest driving test.
Kirsten is having a crisis of confidence.
If there's a blindside reverse park today, it's all over.
It's done, it's game over.
I'll be stuffed, I think.
Why? Because I mucked it up the other day and I know what I did but I just know it is like anything now.
When I come to it, I will panic.
Don't think about it.
It's only one manoeuvre.
You've got the whole day, don't let that one manoeuvre Yeah, that's true.
I just know Will won't stuff that up.
But Will's not as confident as Kirsten thinks.
It's the most unsure I've been on this whole week, I suppose.
I think I think I've got it all to do today, to be honest.
It's crunch time.
After three days of intensive training, Will and Kirsten must now give the performance of their lives.
It's the culmination of everything they've learned.
They must reverse their truck with pinpoint precision under the digger and receive a 100-ton load.
Then drive the load to the opposite end of the mine.
Reverse accurately into a separately marked dumping bay.
And drop it off.
This is it.
The big one.
I'm really bricking myself.
We're looking for accuracy.
We're looking for precision and driving skills.
Number eight, Kristen.
Number nine, Will.
Let's go.
Let's do it.
Come on! Come on! So it's about accuracy as well as speed.
Here we go.
Here we go! This is it.
We're off.
Come on! Man, I'm bricking myself.
Come on.
5 4 3 2 1 Go! Oh, bouncy bouncy.
Only done this once.
Kirsten is first under the digger's bucket.
That's the fella.
Oh, feel that.
First to receive her load.
Is that it? And first to get away.
Foot full down.
Taking the turn too wide has put Will behind.
He's now playing catch up.
Come on, son.
Get going, man! Kirsten's in the lead.
But she's about to make life hell for herself.
Now I'm confused.
To position for the dump bay, she's turned the lock the wrong way.
You're in the wrong way.
This way? And now has to perform the dreaded blindside reverse.
What is she doing? As Kirsten struggles with a nightmare manoeuvre I can't see it.
Will's been handed the lead.
Come on.
I caught some time.
Straight in there.
One done.
I've got it.
Got it! By accident I've done a blindside reverse, everyone! Sensing victory, boy racer Will's steaming ahead.
Come on, son, now! I'm quite far behind Will at this stage but it's not all about speed.
The second run goes without a hitch for both of them.
And dump.
My little beauty.
Get in there, son.
Kirsten's closing the gap on Will.
Come on, O'Brien.
Come on! But Will's putting his foot down and going for glory.
I'm OK, don't worry about me.
I'm fine.
I'm enjoying every minute of this.
What's happened there? What's happened? Oh, no.
Driving too fast, Will's knee has caught the ignition.
He might just have thrown it away.
I must have hit it when I was bouncing.
Stalling in the mine is a dangerous error.
Can Kirsten take advantage? Come on, O'Brien.
Come on! Get going, man.
Will's recovered and he's back in the game.
Come on! It's the final load and Will's off first.
But Kirsten's got her rival in sight.
Come on.
Another careless manoeuvre from Will and it could all be over.
It's getting close.
It's almost neck and neck.
Come on, baby.
Take us home.
Willy McMellor.
Into the finish line.
Will's first home.
That doesn't necessarily mean he's won but he thinks it does.
Brilliant, hen! God, I don't know about that.
Yes, Willy McMellor! I did a flipping blindside reverse in the end.
The final isn't just about speed.
Before Colin makes his decision, he wants to know why Will stalled.
Obviously, Will stalled the the truck.
Can you just explain maybe what caused it? He hit the key and stalled the truck.
Cut the truck off.
Maybe going faster than he should have.
If you go for speed which is not always speed.
So it's about control.
It's decision time.
It's a tough one, such a fine line between it.
When driving a 100-ton truck with restricted vision in convoy, stalling the vehicle is a dangerous error.
Because I got giddy, too fast, boom, and knocked out the key and it cut out, the total engine.
And they saw that.
So, I mean, that could go against me as well.
After a gruelling week mastering the Terex, it's the moment of truth for Kirsten and Will.
Kirsten, a great start.
He's panicking right away.
30 seconds into the challenge, he thinks you have them.
Nice and steady.
Will, the challenge today, you had a slow start.
She was off and running.
She was.
If she hadn't picked it up, the wee stall Yeah, bumped into the key because I went too fast.
Very fine line.
Very, very little in it.
Two great efforts, but I'm afraid there's got to be a winner.
The winner of this challenge is Kirsten.
No way! No way! I so thought he had it! Kirsten's skills were excellent.
To handle a truck of that size, 170 odd tons with a load on, you know, half a million pounds worth of gear, she's took to it like a duck to water.
Ten out of ten.
I can't believe it.
Brilliant stuff, eh? I actually hate being a loser, I'll tell you.
I just I feel like I have to win everything.
I'm very competitive.
But she deserved it.
And I've got to hold my hands up, she did.
In a man's world Kirsten's come out on top.
Hang on, hasn't he got a catchphrase? Women, know your limits Mellor! Know your limits! Next time can Will and Kirsten handle the pressure of driving the World's most sophisticated amphibious craft, the £2 million Arktos? Whoa, whoa! You've hit it.
I feel really guilty.
Women, know your limits.