World's Toughest Driving Tests (2010) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

These are some of the hardest to drive and most dangerous machines on the planet.
It's brutal, physical and dangerous work.
Celeb pals, Will Mellor and Kirsten O'Brien, have been set a challenge - to learn to drive these incredible vehicles, race them against each other and prove who's the better driver.
I don't want to sound too confident, but at the end of the day the word "girl" comes into it.
I think he's going to be thinking he can take me down.
Then when it comes to it there may be tears.
Who's going to win? Me.
It takes months to master these awesome machines.
Brake! Brake! But Will and Kirsten have just days.
Oh, no, don't make me do that again.
In less than a week, they'll be examined, scrutinised Didn't we go over this? I know we did.
And tested.
Go! They'll drive the world's toughest machines head to head in a final race.
Come on! O'Brien, come on! Smoke rings without smoke people.
That's how cold it is.
They'll be living with the people No way.
behind the vehicles.
That's the toilet? Yes.
It will be intense That was incredible! emotional Feel really guilty.
and at times terrifying.
It will be the crash course of their lives.
Are Will and Kirsten up to the job? Can they handle the pressure? I've not been this scared for a very long time.
And ultimately, who'll win and prove they are the better driver? They've already gone head to head in the 50-tonne Romanian battle tank and Kirsten won the bragging rights.
But in the 15-metre-high Straddle Carrier, Will came out on top.
And the winner is Will.
Last week in Scotland, Kirsten snatched victory in the ultimate dumper truck.
Kirsten! No way! With the score 2-1 to Kirsten, can Will pull level, as they head across the Atlantic? We're off to Vancouver! Vancouver! Oh! Will and Kirsten have landed in Vancouver, Canada.
But that was the easy part.
We've got to work on where we're going, have you got the address? Armed with a local guidebook, their first job is to work out where they're going and track down the vehicle they'll be racing this week.
Here is Delta in the middle.
After studying all the maps, they're getting an inkling of what might be in store.
We're going there along that road.
And look, X marks the spot where we're going.
Straight on then, straight on.
Travelling for a marathon 20 hours, they've crossed seven time zones and find themselves in a different continent.
We've got to go down to Surrey and then get across to Delta.
Are you going to north or south Delta? But this is just the start of an epic week.
How long will it take us to get to Surrey? About 20 minutes.
What's the top speed on that? Supposedly 8mph.
It's not fast enough.
Maybe put a turbo put on it, get it going faster.
Sorry! Thank you.
Bye-bye! Bye! Last time, in Scotland Go! Kirsten and Will battled it out behind the wheel of the 100-tonne Terex.
After a gruelling final showdown Come on, son! Get going, man! Kirsten clinched a win.
The winner of this challenge is Kirsten.
No way! Fella, know your limits! I can barely keep my eyes open.
Not knowing where they're going or what they'll be driving is getting to Will.
It's getting a bit tiring.
This not knowing thing drains you.
Finally they've sussed out their destinationa deserted dock.
It's time to meet the machine.
I'm nervous now, I have to admit.
It's not going to be something we've seen a lot of.
Not something normal.
What's that? The 47-tonne Arktos is the world's most sophisticated amphibious vehicle.
That doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before in my life.
It's massive.
Its unique hydraulic arm links two units, giving it exceptional mobility to manoeuvre from land to water, water to ice and even through quicksand.
Designed to carry out emergency evacuation at sea, tackle oilrig fires and rescue ice-locked ships.
If you fancy buying one, it'll set you back a cool £2 million.
Over the next four days, Will and Kirsten must master this feat of engineering to prove who's the best driver.
It looks small in the water Yeah, now it's out It looked small in the water.
Will and Kirsten's mentor this week is the inventor of this incredible vehicle, Bruce Seligman.
How are you doing? Hello, hi.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, Kirsten, nice to meet you too.
Is it difficult to drive? Well, it's difficult to drive, yes, in the fact that there's so many different controls.
You have to understand them.
How much does this cost? This particular one is probably a little bit over £2 million.
So if we crashed it, that's quite a problem for you? Yes.
Look at it, it's like driving two tanks at once.
It's huge.
And it's just I can't get my head around that I'm going to have a go driving it.
I can't get my head around that.
I don't have to be great at this, I've just got to be better than her.
This is the articulation arm that connects the front unit with the rear unit.
I am absolutely baffled.
I don't know how to approach it basically.
This looks like something you'd wear on a collar on a Saturday night.
That's right, with a ball in my mouth, yeah.
Bruce clearly knows the vehicle inside out, but I don't understand it.
That worries me.
It took Bruce over 20 years to perfect the design of the Arktos, and to demonstrate its full might, he's taking Will and Kirsten for a test drive.
They must master this awesome vehicle from scratch.
They have just four days before they go head to head in a final Battle Royale.
Kirsten's feeling daunted by the task ahead.
Yet, it gets a bit playing cockpit, after those levers, it gets a bit buttons and dials and little screens and things going on.
Will likes the look of what he's seeing and is already playing mind games with Kirsten.
I think I've got the basics.
It's when you have to go the opposite way of the way you're thinking of going.
Putting them between 150 and 150, and all that.
Oh, I like all that.
I don't like it.
Hoo-hoo-hoo! Over the next four days, Will and Kirsten aim to join the elite few who can drive this extraordinary craft.
But there's no way Bruce is going to let two novices touch the controls of his £2 million baby not without going back to school.
It's about to get very complicated.
Track mode, water-jet mode, you have to understand hydraulic control.
The hydrostatic drive, two big hydraulic steering cylinders.
That's for your arm, isn't it? The arm in the middle.
You know in Charlie Brown when the teacher speaks and all Charlie hears is "Wow, wow, wow, wow.
" No disrespect to you, but I'm so baffled by it.
Keep listening, you'll get there.
Swotty McSwot! But it was quite difficult, wasn't it? Yeah.
I don't know why you're saying it like that.
Oh this is the crankshank flank.
And this is theruddery I was quite happy because I realised that I retained quite a bit of info.
How have you done that? Not only that, I realised you're pretty crap.
With their introduction to the Arktos over, it's time to meet their hosts for the week.
This is my wife, Darleen, who's working with Kirsten.
Anyway, you should sit with Darleen and chat.
You're staying with us.
I am? That's an unfair advantage, isn't it? Brilliant.
Right let's get down to business.
See you, yeah.
Kirsten's staying with Bruce during this week's training.
Home for Will is with Bruce's right-hand man, Michael Woodliffe.
Mike helped to build the Arktos and knows the vehicle inside out.
Shall we get going? You're with me.
Yeah, I'm with you.
Let's go Let's go for it.
So Will and Kirsten head off to their new accommodation.
Kirsten takes a tour of Bruce and Darleen's million-dollar mansion.
Look at your pool! No way! Meanwhile, Wills bedding down in Mike's camper.
And coming to terms with life in a trailer.
This is all right.
It is.
I can cope with this, reminds me of Glastonbury.
I was in a worse state at Glastonbury, believe me.
That's all right, a few beers and I'll sleep anywhere.
Back at the millionaire mansion, Kirsten's swooning over her luxury suite.
Oh yes, a view of the pool.
It's posher than a hotel.
Hello? 'Hello.
' You have no idea where I am.
Where are you? Where am I? I'll tell you where I am.
I'm at the side of the road next to the Arktos in a camper van.
We're the Arktos security, me and Mike.
'That's where I am.
' Mike's got the bunk bed above the seats.
'I'm in the back next to the toilet.
' Do you know what they've given which is really nice? 'Ear plugs to take down the noise of the trucks whistling past us.
What's it like there?' 'It's all right,' it's just like, um it's just a normal family house.
All right, well, I'll see you tomorrow then.
Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow.
Sleep well.
Sleep well - are you taking the piss? He's in a camper van.
With little else to do, Will decides on an early night.
Good night, Jim Bob.
OK, good night, John Boy.
It's 7am in Vancouver and Kirsten's settling in to life at Bruce's mansion.
It's a little bit like staying in some top-class hotel because there's little touches like miniature boxes of shower gel and shampoo.
And all those lovely touches that I'm sure Will has been given too.
In his caravette.
Good morning, sleepy head.
It's time to get up.
You look pretty good in bed.
Listen, Mike, we've had this conversation.
Can you make a coffee? I can.
Cheers, Mike.
When do we get to have a drive of this big thing? Yes.
At least no one stole it in the night though! Thanks, Mom.
How you doing, all right? Yeah, I'm very good.
How are you? I'm all right.
You slept well? Yes.
Did you? Oh yeah.
Do you know what that is? What? That's a truck going past my window.
Honestly, I don't know who works to whatever hours these truckers work, but they need a medal.
They were up all night going past my window.
Today is where the hard work starts.
To qualify to race the Arktos at the end of the week, Will and Kirsten face a tough training regime.
Every day for the next three days, they'll learn a vital lesson, then must pass a skill test in the Arktos.
If they're to stand any chance of mastering this beast, they need to buckle down to some serious revision.
The Arktos is the ultimate go-anywhere amphibious vehicle.
Key to its versatility is a unique hydraulic arm.
By pitching the front cab upwards, the powerful rear engine pushes the vehicle out of the water onto land.
Good morning, guys.
This is a where it gets serious.
If you can operate the craft, you can learn certain things.
See the forklift truck there? You are going to be operating that as part of learning hydraulic control.
In this first lesson, Bruce wants Will and Kirsten to practise on a forklift truck.
Using the hydraulic arm on the forklift, they must pick up three pallets.
After adjusting the forks to the correct height, they must stack the pallets, then transfer them onto a nearby trestle.
It's vital they master this technique, as it's the hydraulic arm of the Arktos that will haul them out of the water and over the finish line in the final race.
Nice bit of precision there.
First job is to correctly judge the level of the forks and operate the hydraulics smoothly in order to pick up the pallets.
Give yourself time to correct it slowly rather than doing a sharp turn.
You can't do a sharp turn in the Arktos.
Any miscalculation and they'll drop them.
Are you all right? You're doing well.
So far, so good.
Oh, flippin' eck! The last time Will and Kirsten got in a fork lift truck was in Tilbury.
Kirsten, are you having problems? It ended in disaster.
Three, two, oh! Oh, he's smashed it! Bollocks! Well done, Kirst, that's neat, man.
But back in Canada, there's no room for error.
They need to prove to Bruce that they've grasped the basics of hydraulics.
On this tough last manoeuvre, they need to place all three pallets on the trestle.
Kirsten's got it under control.
Well done! And Wills lined up his pallets beautifully! It's been a successful first lesson for the rivals.
But things are going to get tougher.
Tell you what, that wheel's stiff, isn't it? That will have done some work on my bingo wings.
Is mentor Bruce happy to let them proceed to the next level? I love that.
Give us some more challenges.
Good, well done.
Good fun, wasn't it? You both did pretty well.
Kirsten, some of your turning, you felt it was very stiff, that's because you weren't moving.
Will was excellent.
Thank you.
I think you'll find the Arktos very similar in many ways.
In just three days time, Will and Kirsten will go head to head in the final race.
So it's time to press on with their training and get behind the wheel of the £2 million Arktos for the first time.
This is very important we do this today in the water, so that things cannot get too damaged.
If you make mistakes the water will take it.
But on Saturday, when we're doing the challenge, you're going to be doing it amphibiously.
You're going to be doing it in the water, climbing onto the land, and going over obstacles.
In this first basic test, Bruce wants to know if Will and Kirsten understand how the hydraulic arm of the Arktos works.
Stage one, they must pitch the front cab up, as though they were about to climb from the sea onto ice.
The next stage is to realign the front cab to drive across hard terrain.
This test is taking place on water, but come the final race at the end of the week, they're pitching skills will be pushed to the limit.
They will have to steer this amphibious monster out of the water and onto land.
Kirsten's up first.
We're approaching some ice.
Can she get her pitching right and lift the front craft upwards? So, pitch up.
Going up now.
Coming onto it smoothly, going to pitch down onto it, like this.
Now we're on ice! Yeah.
That's good, I like that, this is my favourite thing.
Her pitching's sound and it's a good first effort.
Will's next and he's staying focused.
Taking his time, he's carefully pitching his front craft up.
Now, you're going to pitch down the water's almost coming in the front window here.
And it's a successful run.
Yesterday, Kirsten was blinded by the science of the Arktos.
But after an hour at the controls, she's getting the hang of it.
The fact that I've been behind the wheel and I've driven it and without any mishaps, that's as happy as I can be really.
And not be distracted by Super Will.
Just check him out over there now.
Look at Super Will.
Is it Super Will or is it Kate Winslet in Titanic? Oi! What do you think this is? Nearfar I was just in my element there.
I was getting all emotional.
How nice is that? That is lovely.
It's been a successful first day's training, and Kirsten tucks into some fine dining with Bruce and Darleen.
Raspberry vinaigrette, is that OK? Wonderful, yeah.
I'm saying can I get some adoption papers going and I'll just move in permanently? After a smooth first run in the Arktos, Kirsten's confidence is growing.
I'm very excited.
In terms of the challenge, I feel like I've turned a corner with it.
I'm likeI've got it! Already trailing 2-1 in the series, Will's determined to pull level this week, but he suspects Kirsten is plotting his downfall.
She seems a lot more confident and I think she has a game plan.
And she's trying to lead me into a false sense of security, and then, when it comes to the challenge day, be fantastic and blow me out of the water.
In just two days' time, Will and Kirsten will go head to head in a final showdown in the Arktos.
Time is running out, so they need to sharpen their skills with two more vital lessons.
The Arktos is an articulated craft with two separate units that work independently of each other.
This makes it more complicated to steer, especially in reverse.
On a basic level, it's similar to towing a trailer on the back of your car.
To help the trainees get to grips with driving an articulated vehicle, Bruce has brought them to the local stables to practise with a horse box.
Lesson two, Will and Kirsten must reverse the horsebox into an eight-foot wide bay without hitting the obstacles.
With only a foot clearance either side, there's no margin for error.
To make it more complicated, they have to ignore their natural instincts.
Just like in the Arktos, when reversing to the right, they must remember to steer left.
Kirsten is first in the driving seat.
Word up, Malmeister? Go, go, go.
This lesson is designed to teach them precision steering in an articulated vehicle.
I want it to go that way, therefore I would naturally turn that way, so I'm not, I'm going to turn that way.
She's having an argument with her head.
Your head says do one thing, but you do the opposite.
Once it starts going, you've really got to start chasing it in.
Oh, no.
Oh, it's going to snap the thing.
Oh! I felt that in me bumhole, that noise, then! Kirsten's almost buckled the tow bar.
She completely locked the steering wheel.
Oh my gosh! All right, William! That didn't sound good! Kirsten's forced to make another attempt.
Nerves are rock hard.
Will it be second time lucky? No pressure, Kirsten.
Go on! She's going the wrong way again! She's reversed directly into the boxes.
At the wheel of the £2 million Arktos, this would have been a costly error.
Flippin' eck! Unimpressed, Bruce has stopped the lesson.
You've got to go slowly, and if something's going to hit, stop.
You can't do that with the Arktos.
That's thousands of dollars of damage.
If she can't steer a horsebox safely, Bruce isn't going to let her back on the Arktos.
She has one last chance to prove she's up to the job.
I can't see the boxes! I'm in! Third time lucky.
Is she in? Kirsten's done it, but it's not her proudest moment.
Can't scuff up the Arktos.
You'll take a building out.
It's Will's go.
Can he impress Bruce and avoid inflicting more damage on the cardboard boxes? He's firing forward, look at that! Oh my gosh, firing forward! He needs to reverse right but will he remember the important rule and steer left? He's all over this.
Can't believe it, sorry, he's going to do it, he's going to do it straight in! He's raced through his manoeuvre and it's an excellent run.
No way! Really good.
How did you do that? Cheers, Bruce.
I think to be fair, I did learn a bit from your mistakes.
Did you? There was enough of them to learn from! It's all about winning, love.
Don't let anyone tell you it's the taking part, it's all about winning.
But Will's speedy style's a concern for Bruce.
The driving fast was a little bit nerve-racking.
Certainly doesn't want to do that with the Arktos.
Having grasped the basics of driving an articulated vehicle with the horsebox, now the rivals must put those skills into practice, and drive the Arktos on dry land.
In this second test, it gets a whole lot tougher.
Bruce has designed a slalom course with water buoys.
And Will and Kirsten must steer the 47-tonne Arktos between them.
Accuracy is vital, as there's only 8in clearance on either side.
And just like this morning, all this must be done in reverse.
You're going first, Will.
Let's see what you can do.
All right.
Let's go.
Go on, Bruce.
After you, Bruce.
Bruce is playing back-seat driver and will be watching Will's every move.
He may have sailed through this morning's lesson in the horsebox but can he apply the same technique in the Arktos and reverse it safely? Will's off and he needs to make precision adjustments to the wheel to avoid crushing the buoys.
He's clearing that first buoy.
He's starting to make his second turn.
But this 47-tonne beast is a world away from steering a horsebox.
And Will makes a fundamental error.
Oh, he's stopped.
Losing concentration, he's turned the steering wheel the wrong way.
He's about three metres away from this buoy, so he's very close to the logs on the other side.
He's having a rethink and going forward.
Or what I'd like to call "doing a me with the horsebox".
This is actually quite pleasing to see.
OK, so you need me to do a faster response to the wheel? Yeah.
OK, so I will do.
This, for the first time, is the Melmeister mucking it up.
I'm quite happy.
Lined up for the turn, can Will clear the buoy this time? Look how close he is to the buoy.
Check that out.
Oh, that's a skim! That is a skim.
On his second attempt, he's clear.
Past the final two buoys Lovely! Will completes his run.
Seeing Mellor's slip-up is actually It's relief, more than anything, for me.
It's like, he did the horsebox, wham, he did it straightaway.
Maybe not quite so skilled.
It's good to see.
But after crashing into the obstacles in the horsebox, can Kirsten up her game? Yeah, got it now.
Will's hoping she can't.
Let's see if the horse-trailer incident happens again.
It's a cautious start.
Kirsten's clearing the first buoy safely and breezing past the second.
With just two big turns to conquershe aces the third.
She's bang on.
It's an impressive comeback for Kirsten.
I love you.
I love you.
And it's Will who's feeling the pressure.
It's going to be a lot closer than I thought, this challenge.
Did that seem slow or did it seem all right? No, it was bang on.
Look at you now, bit of a difference, isn't it? Yeah.
What was my clearance like then? Perfect.
That's your track, look, perfect.
Better than me.
I know this is awful but A, me nailing it and B, you not, I just feel like we've gone like that.
That's how I feel.
That's why I'm not so confident any more.
With their second test complete Hi, Mom, Hi, Dad.
tonight the rivals have a chance to enjoy dinner at Bruce and Darleen's.
Yeah, that would be lovely.
Kirsten can't resist showing off her million-dollar accommodation to Will.
Have you been in the trailer? Where I'm staying? And you're here with your own pool.
The lovely thing is, when you're in the hot tub you are not overlooked at all.
When I'm in the trailer, I'm not overlooked at all.
Apart from Mike.
Thank you very much, Darlene.
Cheers, thank you.
With his taste of luxury over all too soon, back in the trailer, Will's feeling hard done by.
It's not easy.
Doesn't make it any easier seeing where Kirsten is staying.
A beautiful house with a beautiful suite bedroom with her own cinema.
I've barely got a bedroom.
He's also full of self-doubt about his chances this week.
Before today, I think I thought I think I thought I'd got this sewn up.
I've got a fight to win this.
Still to come for Will and Kirsten - the tests are getting tougher.
That gets your sphincter going.
What happens when they are let loose on the open sea in the £2 million Arktos? I feel really guilty.
And in the final race, who will prove they're the better driver? I'm loving this.
Take this baby home.
Time is running out.
In just 24 hours, Will and Kirsten go head-to-head to prove who is the better driver this week.
As well as learning to master the Arktos on land, they must learn how to navigate the amphibious vehicle in powerful currents.
Good morning.
We're a bit excited today.
What's happening, Brucie Bruce? You've got to really take this seriously now.
Oh, OK.
Enough of the joking around, this is serious.
In this third and final lesson, Will and Kirsten will be towed to the centre of the river Armed with only a paddle, they must navigate their way through the current and get safely back to the jetty.
Paddling with the current will cause them to overshoot.
The correct technique is to paddle against the current, aiming beyond the jetty, to reach their destination.
It may look easy, but if they misjudge it, they'll be swept completely off course.
Although it looks dead flat and there's no wind, chuck that out there and fairly quickly it's moving with the tide.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
This is important because if you don't understand this very basic fact and you're in the Arktos you can cause huge damage.
Having been towed into the middle of the river, can Kirsten get herself back to the jetty? That's right, nice long strokes.
Are you having a laugh? Look how far she is.
She needs to employ the right technique and paddle across the current towards dry land.
Is it me, or is she getting further away? It's just you, Will, Kirsten's doing a great job.
My plan is to head as much to the shore as I can so that if I do get dragged down I'll hit the pier because the last thing I want is the smug look on Mellor's face.
Take my hat off.
I'm boiling.
She's lined up perfectly and paddled safely back to the jetty to complete her task.
It's getting us familiar with currents.
And the fact that when we're on the craft, although you think you're in control of where you're going, you have to take into account the fact that the current has some control over where you're going as well.
He's savvy, Bruce, with these challenges.
It's Will's turn.
I don't mind being on the water if the boat is bigger than me.
Good luck.
You stand right upright and get it really That's right.
Come on, son! His plan is simple - brute force.
Keep on that line there, I should be all right.
He's paddling directly towards the jetty - big mistake.
Will, the tide is really taking you down now.
What he should be doing is using the correct technique and paddling across the current.
Come on! Look at the bank, look at the bank, not the jetty.
Will's underestimated the force of the water and massively overestimated the strength of his arms.
Come on, Will, you've got to paddle to the trees.
Not to the dock.
To the trees.
It's not the first time Wills been over-confident.
In Scotland, he blew his winning chances Don't worry about me, I'm fine, I'm enjoying every minute of this! by driving too quickly and stalling the Terex.
What's happened there? I must have hit it with my hip when I was bouncing.
In the grand scheme of things, he's 2-1 down to Kirsten.
This week in Canada, Will must learn from his past mistakes.
You've really got to work if you want to get to the next stage.
You've got to pass this.
It would be nice to see Will, with his big guns, mess this up.
I know that's tight but I'd quite like to see him over-shoot it.
Aware that he's not going to make it back to the jetty, Bruce is piling the pressure on Will.
Pull, pull.
I tell you what, she done well, Kirsten, because this is killing my arms.
Finally, Will gets back on course.
He corrected it, look at that.
How are you? Piece of piss.
You seem more out of breath than I was.
I'm doing it only to make it look harder.
Sweat? What? Sweat? I just splashed myself a bit with the water.
Oh, right, makes sense now, yeah, yeah.
That makes sense.
Thanks very much, Bruce.
Never ask me to do that again.
Why anyone would do that for fun is beyond me.
If you're going to buy a boat, buy one with a motor.
I'm happy with both those efforts.
Really good and you really understand.
A good effort from both of you.
In less than 24 hours, Will and Kirsten go head-to-head in the Arktos.
With Kirsten's sudden turnaround, the friendly competition's turning to war.
I think this isn't going to come down to speed.
I think it's going to come down to whatever you do, whatever the challenge is, it's how you go about it.
With caution and with care and attention.
My confidence can be my letdown.
Your downfall, yeah, that's what I hope.
That you make a split decision and it's the wrong one.
The thing is that I hope you do well, well I did, now I hope you crash it.
Before tomorrow's final race, they must face their toughest test yet.
Bruce is taking things up to a whole new level on the open ocean off Vancouver.
Here we are.
They must now drive the Arktos in the marine conditions of a busy shipping lane.
This third and final test is broken down into two stages.
In stage one, Will and Kirsten must first navigate the Arktos around a huge anchored cargo ship.
Ever-changing weather and ocean currents make this a tricky manoeuvre.
In stage two, as well as steering the Arktos through powerful river currents, they must execute a tough 360 degree turn around an ocean buoy.
Here we go again, my friend Bruce.
I love the fact that he's driving this in a leather jacket and a flat cap.
Keeping a steady distance from other vessels is critically important when driving the Arktos, especially in busy shipping lanes.
Now we've got proper Marine tankers out here, I'm really wanting to see some control of the steering.
Make a nice arc around this.
Will misread the current in the dinghy this morning, he can't afford to make the same mistake.
I'm keeping straight, it's pushing me out.
If you were to stop right now you would eventually be banging on the front of the ship.
In this test, Will and Kirsten must prove to Bruce they can deal with the hazards of controlling the 47 tonne vehicle safely in the open water.
It's not a game.
We're doing something serious here.
We're actually working around the ship.
Don't get too close.
Whilst Will's focused on getting the job done, Kirsten's checking out the local talent! I'm just waving to those men on the ship up there.
Will navigates smoothly around the ship and on to stage two.
Close to that buoy there.
Will must now pull off the 360 around the buoy.
It's a little bit scary as to how tightly you have to hug around it.
That'll be the tightest turn I've ever done.
Luckily Will has to handle it first.
It's a confident approach.
I want you to turn sharply around behind that buoy.
Will has to compensate for the strong current and correct his steering.
If he doesn't, he could crash the Arktos into the buoy and endanger those on board.
You look closer, you can see the wind and the current bumping up against it.
Will's aced the 360.
It's a brilliant effort.
In the turn, I had to really, really concentrate.
He did it without even thinking.
He's so on top of this stuff.
Will's had a perfect run.
And Kirsten's got it all to do.
That was good.
That gets your sphincter going.
Does it? I'm serious.
It's keeping it going forward, just letting it guide you round.
I'm I know what you did with the horsebox, so don't do it with the buoy.
After yesterday's disaster, Bruce reminds Kirsten there's no room for error in the Arktos.
This is an over £2 million piece of kit so it you ran this into the buoy it's going to be lots and lots of money.
Bruce has laid down the law and Kirsten needs to stay focused.
The current's picking up, so Bruce wants Kirsten to perform the 360 degree turn first.
I want you to concentrate.
I don't want you to be nervous about this.
Don't worry ultimately that you're going to smash this 2 million piece of kit into the buoy.
Will you stop saying the 2 million thing? I just hope she's better than she was the other day, otherwise we are going to be into that buoy.
The current is getting stronger by the second and Kirsten's struggling with the controls.
Here it comes.
She's got to go round that, look.
I'm really nervous about this.
It looks easy but, believe me, it's not.
To stop the 47-tonne Arktos hitting the buoy, Kirsten must constantly correct her steering.
Bruce is getting worried.
You're turning too soon.
Go straight past it.
Oh, oh, oh, we're going to hit it! We're going to hit it! She's hit it! The unthinkable has happened.
She's hit it! Kirsten has crashed the Arktos.
She crashed! It's unbelievable.
Sorry, Bruce.
It's a disastrous end to the afternoon and Bruce calls off the test.
Bruce assesses the damage.
It's repairable.
But it's going to be a few days' work so I think The crash has caused stress to the tracks and scraped the special composite material used to build the Arktos.
I'm a little bit upset but trying not to get upset.
It's all scraped, it's quite deep.
I don't think he's happy, Bruce.
It's understandable though, isn't it, I suppose? I feel bad for Bruce.
I feel really guilty.
It'll be fine.
I don't like doing stuff like that and it's frightening as well.
It's just frightening for tomorrow.
It's OK.
It's all right.
No hugging, that will make me worse.
Set me off again.
Are you all right? Yes, don't you start.
Come here! Stop, will you? It's all right.
Come on.
Get off me.
All right.
Get a grip of yourself, you daft sod.
Let's go and have a drink.
Come on.
I've got really weird emotions.
Will you be glad when it's over? I'm happy when a challenge is over.
You know, I've really enjoyed this week.
I've got the fear now.
I've just completely I will be glad when I'm out of there.
That's set me back today - I've got the fear.
It's midnight and Kirsten's still mulling over today's crash.
It sounds ridiculous but it was my respect for Bruce really and what a lovely man he is that got me upset.
You know, he is so The craft is his life really, that vehicle, and I was just so appalled that, you know, I'd crashed it.
I crashed it.
It's the big day and time for Will and Kirsten to give the performance of their lives and go head-to-head in the Arktos.
Another day in paradise.
It's the last day today.
We'll be doing the big one.
The big tamale.
Separate the men from the girls.
After rustling up some farewell grub Mike gives his prediction on today's final race.
I think you've got the edge but we'll see how it goes.
And also we don't know what we've got to do today.
Who knows, it could be one thing, she could just run straight off and blow me out the water.
What will be will be.
After yesterday's crash, Darleen's on hand with some last minute moral support for Kirsten.
So how are you feeling about today? I slept really well and then when I woke up the first thing I did was, oh, like that, you know when you have a little stress tingle.
Oh, no, you've got to let that go.
Yeah, because you've been doing fabulous.
You've got the ability.
And you've got the opportunity to just smoke it today.
Take Will down! Yes, you can! This week's toughest driving test is designed to push Will and Kirsten to their limits.
And they must demonstrate all the skills they have learned so far in the Arktos.
The race is broken down in to three stages.
In stage one, Will and Kirsten must demonstrate they can steer the 50 tonne amphibious monster off the shore and into the water.
In stage two, the toughest manoeuvre is to navigate the vehicle through two tricky 360 degree turns.
It's vital they keep control of the vehicle or the Arktos could be sucked into a perilous third turn by the dangerous cross current.
Finally, in stage three, for the first time in the competition, they must use the hydraulic arm and demonstrate they can steer safely out of the water and across the finish line.
Speed is important but not the major thing.
It's got to be smooth and under control.
I'm not going to coach you, you've got to go yourselves.
So, are we being timed? Yes.
But it's also about technical ability.
Very much.
As Bruce only has one £2 million Arktos, Will and Kirsten will take it in turns to race the machine.
It's the most nervous I've been since I've been here.
I want to get this right.
I'll be so over the moon once I'm parked back there.
We've spent the last few days doing nothing but training to get to a point of winning.
And that's what we're going for so it's smiley, it's nice, we're still mates but someone's got to go down.
And, unfortunately, it's going to be Will.
Here we go.
Time to see how the rivals tackle each stage.
I'm so nervous now.
It's the most nervous I've been.
They have ten minutes to complete the course and Will's first to tackle stage one.
Here we go.
I am really nervous watching this, are you? Can he steer the amphibious monster off the land into the water? I'm loving this.
This is where it gets interesting.
At this point, the river meets the sea and the current is dangerously strong.
But Will's keeping his cool.
I want to go as fast as I can while keeping its stable as possible.
He's got the Arktos under control and he's safely through stage one.
It's Kirsten's turn.
I'm going to be sick.
With yesterday's crash still playing on her mind, can she give Will a run for his money? It's stage one Wow, it's bumpy, isn't it? and Kirsten needs to manoeuvre the Arktos into the water.
Right, It feels like we're going into the water now.
Come on Smoothly from land to water, but the powerful current is pulling the Arktos in two directions.
Can Kirsten steer herself out of trouble? She compensates for the current and finally she manoeuvres out of danger and can proceed to stage two.
Will's now made it to the halfway mark, in three minutes.
He must pull off two 360 degree turns and it's vital he avoids being sucked into a third turn by the treacherous cross current.
Just be careful of the tide.
Yes, of course.
The tide takes him and Will's knocked off course.
Can he avoid being sucked into a dangerous third turn? Will must counter-steer at exactly the right moment to get the Arktos back in control.
In the zone, he's ready to advance to the final stage.
Now in stage two, Kirsten must face her biggest fear and pull off two 360 degree turns.
Yesterday, she couldn't do one and she crashed the Arktos.
OK, everyone, I'm going to get us into a position where I'm going to perform, or attempt to perform, the 720.
Can she hold it together and steer the vehicle through two 360s and avoid being caught in the powerful cross current? She's losing control.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my word! This is the most frightening bit.
The tide has pulled Kirsten into a third turn and it's taking all her concentration to get out of the mess.
There we go.
Finally, she's got the vehicle back in control.
Will's in stage three and must operate the hydraulic arm of the Arktos for the first time.
Now bring it on back.
Put the gear in tracks.
Can he steer the 47 tonne monster out of the water and on to the shore? He's pitching the front cab upwards and using the force of the rear engines to push the vehicle on to the shore.
It's an excellent run for Will and he completes the course in 7 minutes and 52 seconds.
Oh, I am absolutely drained with nerves.
Kirsten's finally hit stage three.
Let's take this baby home.
Getting caught in the cross current has cost her and she's a minute behind Will's time.
Desperate to make up the time, she's powering the hydraulic arm into action.
Can't be sure I'm clear of them.
And she completes her run in nine minutes.
Look at her, she's smiling! Yes! Oh, man! Way to go, Kirsten.
Good girl.
With the final complete, it's time for Bruce to make his big decision.
I've been thinking a lot about the whole week and most importantly the final challenge and, yeah, I've got a winner.
With three Toughest Driving Tests under their belts so far, and the series score at 2-1 to Kirsten Are you a bit nervous? is Will about to pull level or can Kirsten extend her lead? At the beginning of the week, I didn't even know if you'd be able to do the tour.
Kirsten, all week there have been a few little things that have been difficult but you've been really calm.
You're fantastic.
Will, I must admit, right at the beginning I thought, "This guy's pretty cocky!" but then I realised it was your mannerism, just the whole week, and everything just got really controlled.
Thank you.
As far as the time, which was one of the factors, it was very close.
But there can only be one winner.
Will, you've done it.
Oh, man! Maximum respect to the man, but bring it on for next time.
I'm going to have to come back fighting.
I'll have to keep my eye on the prize, won't I, and not let it happen? Next time, who'll take the lead in France I need to beat Will Mellor.
when they go head-to-head in a vehicle that climbs mountains? The mighty Snow Groomer.
The rivalry's getting more intense and the competition more dangerous.
I've not been this scared for a very, very long time.
Jesus Christ!