World's Toughest Driving Tests (2010) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

These are some of the hardest to drive and most dangerous machines on the planet.
It's brutal, physical and dangerous work.
Now celeb pals Will Mellor and Kirsten O'Brien have been set a challenge - to learn to drive these incredible vehicles, race them against each other and prove who's the best driver.
I don't want to sound too confident.
But, at the end of the day, the word girl comes into it, doesn't it? Hey, love! He's going to be thinking he can take me down.
Then, when it comes to it, there may be tears.
Who is going to win? Me! It takes months to master these awesome machines.
Brake! Brake! Will and Kirsten have just days.
Oh, no! Don't make me do that again, man.
In less than a week, they'll be examined, scrutinised Didn't we go over this? I know! And tested.
Steady! Go! Then they'll drive the world's toughest vehicles head to head in a final race.
Come on, O'Brien! Come on! Smoke rings without smoke, people.
That's how cold it is.
They'll be living with thepeople No way! Behind the machines.
That's the toilet?Yes.
It will be intense That was incredible! Emotional I feel really guilty.
And, at times Terrifying.
It'll be the crash course of their lives.
Are Will and Kirsten up to the job? Can they handle the pressure? I've not been this scared for a very, long time.
Over the last five weeks, they've competed all over the globe and are neck and neck going into the final challenge.
It's all to play for as they head to South America.
Montevideo, Uruguay.
First job for rivals Will and Kirsten - getting themselves to their destination.
They have a name, Senor Henderson.
He's the man who knows the vehicle they'll be racing in the all important final.
You can see the sun's out.
Look at the blue skies! You see, that is what I'm talking about.
Will's nominated himself designated driver.
Do you want to familiarise yourself with the vehicle, while I take the trolley back?No.
And as usual, he's itching to put the pedal to the metal.
Don't drive mad-headed, I know what you're like.
Scorchio!Whey! It's a road trip.
Last week in the French Alps, Will and Kirsten's penultimate driving test My God, this is a bit scary.
Was in the gravity-defying snow groomer.
It was a roller coaster of emotion Fear And surprise, when mentor Jean-Louis announced a draw.
It's a draw.
Leaving it wide open in this week's final.
Back on the open road in Uruguay, Will and Kirsten have 450 kilometres ahead of them.
But Kirsten's got a pressing issue.
She needs to spend a peso.
She's going to someone's house for a pee.
How was it? Well, in terms of what we're used to, that is quite a tremendousdifference.
Have you brought mosquito stuff? No.
What are you laughing at? Are you supposed to have? Well, there were quite a few mozzies there when I bared my backside.
Oh, no! No, no, no! Five hours later and they're deep in gaucho territory.
We are totally lost.
The cowboys of South America, they've roamed these lands for 300 years and know it better than anyone.
We're just in the middle of nowhere.
Go and ask them blokes.
Love the way you dump me with it(!) Por favor, donde esta Senor Henderson? That way? Shall we follow you in the car? Cowboys with berets on.
I've seen it all now.
This is Tres Bocas, a man-made plantation of 11 million trees.
A vast, inhospitable landscape that provides pulp for the paper industry throughout the world.
What are we doing here? It's got to be something to do with these trees.
We've seen loads of logging.
As one tree is felled, another is planted.
Work here never stops, night and day, month in, month out.
Will and Kirsten will be living the life of the modern lumberjack.
That'll be us, then.
That'll be us ripping trees down.
Time to meet the man who knows exactly what they'll be doing this week.
David Henderson.
Hi, I'm Will.
Pleased to meet you, David.
Senor Henderson? David Henderson.
Senor! We knew if you couldn't be from Uruguay! Senor Henderson is none other than Scottish businessman David Henderson.
14 years ago, he brought mechanisation to the plantation forests of Uruguay.
This is my harvesting system, here, harvesting eucalyptus trees.
The idea is to get you trained upon these machines in the next week and see if it's possible for you to harvest trees like these guys.
How long does it take to learn to drive one of them? Normally it would take about a year.
A year?Yeah.
And we've got a week? You've got a week.
What do you think? This is going to be really difficult.
We will definitely give it a go.
We always give it a go.
Do you know how important this is? This is that important that all of these challenges we've been doing rests on this one.
We're very competitive.
It's not easy.
This is what it's all about.
So it all comes down to this machine, the six wheeled monster truck with teeth, the forest harvester.
Key to this extraordinary machine's operation is a series of claws, blades and chains that reduce 35-metre-high trees to stripped logs in just 30 seconds.
Processing over 2,500 trees a day, it'll set you back £320,000.
Over the next four days, Will and Kirsten must learn to tackle all of the harvester's functions and prove who is the best driver.
The series title is at stake.
Let's go and meet your instructors.
They've got a year's training to squeeze in.
It's time to get in the passenger seat and see them in action.
I really don't know what to expect.
A saw, a claw, an up-and-down articulated-arm thing.
That's before you've even got going with trying to manoeuvre into position.
Kirsten does find it a bit difficult keeping her eye on lots of things at once.
I might have the advantage with that.
I don't want to sound too confident, because I know how hard this is.
Are you ready then?Yeah.
Let's get the thing done then.
If Kirsten's going to conquer this vehicle, she'll need all the help she can get from Pablo, one of the machine's chief instructors.
He's a master harvester.
Let's go.
Will's in the cab with Jose.
He grew up around this forest and has been an instructor for three years.
What do you think about that? You made it so easy.
I almost missed it.
Will can't believe his eyes, and he's lost for words.
That's the saw at the bottom.
Like a regular chainsaw.
Oh! Will's found his voice, but Pablo's not quite sure what language he's speaking.
It's unlike anything we've driven.
Both hands doing stuff and it's not driving.
I can openly say that this is the most difficult one.
We've drove loads of different machines, but this is it this week.
We don't want to fail here.
For the next week, Will and Kirsten will be living with the forestry team 24/7, getting to know the men that know the machine.
But out in this wilderness, they're both hoping to stay at the boss' house.
Right, guys.
OK? Will, you're going to stay with the guys in a farmhouse in the forest.
Kirsten, you'll be coming to my house.
Nice one, boys.
Nice one.
All right, mate?All right, mate? We're going to have some fun.
Don't worry about it.
Oh, I'm not worried.
What will be, will be.
Mentor David swapped Perth in Scotland for Fray Bentos in Uruguay 16 years ago.
He lives in a five-bedroom ranch house with wife Lowra and their four children.
Will's accommodation is more modest.
He's staying with the instructors in a nearby workers' cottage.
This is your room, right here.
You are joking? It's like a prison cell.
I don't know if you can tell, by the sweat, how warm it is in this room.
Oh, I feel bad for Will.
Oh, poor Will! Oh, my gosh.
An en suite! That's the toilet?Yes.
How are you supposed to do that? That's right, just like that.
There we go! Oh, no.
There's not a chance! Look at the insects in here! It's safe to say that I'll be going clogged up.
I'll wait.
No thanks.
Look at the insects.
Kirsten's room has an uninterrupted view over the River Uruguay to Argentina.
And, yes, that's their swimming pool.
It's making my mouth water.
While she sits down to dinner with the family Will's eating the fatted calf.
Sorry That's phenomenal! You like it? Tonight has been a revelation for me.
You're put in a situation like this, it's fantastic.
What a great night.
I'm here with the two drivers and Kirsten's living the life of luxury.
I think she might get a bit too comfortable and take her eye off the ball.
I think that's where I come in.
But Kirsten has no intention of letting her guard down.
There ain't no losing on this one.
I have to take this away, I have to take the glory of this.
So I'm prepared, tomorrow, to get in that heat and get on with it.
It's a new day and Will's at one with nature.
Look at them.
You know what I mean? They're all over the walls.
I shut the window, I've just realised, there's no glass in it! Now to see what today brings.
Kirsten's got a completely different outlook.
Look at that! Hi, welcome to my fitness DVD.
I'm going to do one out there on the porch! Come on! Come on! I'm going to have a shower.
In four days' time, Will and Kirsten will face each other in a race that won't just decide the master of the forest, but the winner of the whole series.
First things first, before they can even think about that, over the next three days they must successfully complete three vital lessons Followed by three key skill tests in the mighty 19-ton harvester.
And the first lesson is about to begin.
The first trial facing any driver is the forest's terrain.
They must navigate in restricted spaces with absolute precision to avoid damaging the vehicle or the precious product, the trees themselves.
There's no way David will let Will and Kirsten loose on his £300,000 harvesters without knowing they're up to the job.
Lesson one is about pinpoint accuracy and driving under pressure against the clock.
First, they must navigate a tight slalom course.
Then it's onto a target range.
Using the spike fitted to the front of the tractor, they must burst as many balloons as possible.
As they reverse, it gets harder.
There's no room for manoeuvre.
It's been restricted by hazard tape and logs.
Mentor David will be watching and assessing Will and Kirsten's progress in every lesson and test.
If he doesn't think they're up to scratch, he has the authority to end the contest and send them home.
Is there a time limit on this? Yes, 10 minutes.
10 minutes? Kirsten, you will be going first.
I'll familiarise myself with the tractor then.
Go on, love.
All the best.
Thank you.
Oh, that's a lovely turn on this front wheel of a tractor.
Kirsten's off and running.
That's the easy bit over.
And she's lining up the first target.
It's got quite a nice turning circle.
She's popped it.
Very good.
Go on, girl! It may look like a game, but they're learning through play.
These are crucial skills they'll need on the harvester Too wide, too wide, O'Brien.
Too wide! Can she keep the momentum up and put the pressure on Will? She's not angled right.
She's got to come flat and then go back.
There's very little room for manoeuvre.
If she doesn't use all of the machine's turning circle, she'll miss target two.
I think she's struggling with this one.
Oh, yeah! No chance.
It's too heavy! There goes a log.
Fighting the steering, Kirsten's hit a log and is giving up on the second balloon.
Right, let's try this one instead.
There's less than a minute to go and three targets remain.
That's better.
Yes! Very good.
That's it, she's out.
OK, stop.
Kirsten's out of time and she's only managed two of the five balloons.
I feel confident that if I'd not done that angle, totally my fault, I took a decision.
Wrong decision, but Let's see how Will gets on.
He'll be fine.
He's going to steam through this.
Let's have a go.
I'm just going to do what I think's right and hopefully I'm going to try and get all five balloons.
After Kirsten's performance, can Will take an early advantage? Come on, son! Woo-hoo! It's against the clock, so he's not hanging around.
Sailing round here.
Very steady.
In to the target range.
Let's go! Can he match Kirsten's success on the first balloon? Right, let's see what we do here.
He's finding it hard as well.
Come on! Turn, you piece of turd! One!Yes! Through.
Will's on the scoreboard.
But lining up for balloon two, he's losing his cool.
Come on, turn! This is harder than I thought, man.
This lesson is about precision.
But, with his foot down, Will's getting careless.
Driving like this in the forest in a 19-ton harvester would be costly and dangerous.
Not doing that one, it's too tight.
With a minute to go, he needs two more balloons to beat Kirsten.
Good, good, nice.
Pop it! He has whacked that and he's on the tape.
Come on! Over the tape.
Again, the tape.
The tape, the tape, the tape.
He's mowing over it.
Will's got his eyes on the prize, but leaving a trail of destruction behind him.
This one and I've won! Come on! I think he's going to get it.
Come on! Come on! Yes! Get in! That'd be the winner! He's popped one more balloon than Kirsten, but what does David think of how they've driven? Kirsten, you've done a very good job.
Less trees knocked than Will.
Typical man.
Feisty wee fastard.
Always the same.
A few logs hit on the turns, on the very first one.
And on the tape, you were on top of the tape two or three times.
We'll knock one off you for being on top of the tape.
We'll knock a balloon off.
So we're level? So it's still a draw.
Right, so what next? Harvesters.
No, sorry.
Before that, a towel for his sweaty visage.
Look at the state of that.
Do you want to just ring my face out for me, please? Will and Kirsten have to get to grips with the vehicle they'll be battling in for the series title at the end of the week.
It's time for them to get behind the wheel.
Oh, I see.
It's quite reactive.
Yeah, baby.
You're doing great.
In just two hours, they'll face their first skill test at the complex controls of this machine.
So they need to learn the basics - and fast! You have to sort of look in front and see where you turn.
It feels a little bit like driving an elephant.
With the series scores level, Will and Kirsten need to master this deciding machine.
I think he's trying to race.
Speed demon! Kirsten's getting her head round the scale of the challenge.
Oh, it's lovely to drive.
We're happy with the driving bit.
And it's all starting to make sense to Will.
Yes! Perfect! Getting the hang of it now! Will and Kirsten need to prove to mentor David that they've learned from this morning's lesson.
They must drive this tree-hungry workhorse in its natural environment.
Master this and it could mean the difference between success and failure in their last-ever race at the end of the week.
Will and Kirsten, I want to see that you can drive the machines through a really, really tight course without any damage to the trees.
Test one.
Deep in the eucalyptus forest, David has designed a course to test Will and Kirsten's precision driving skills.
They have five minutes to navigate the harvester safely through the forest without damaging the trees or the vehicle.
This course is deliberately tight, with only 18 inches clearance on either side.
In tests against the clock, Will's never lost to Kirsten.
Who's up first? Will, on you go.
I thought it might be me.
Let's hope I don't hit any trees.
This bit's all right, because this is a sort of straight and relatively wide.
The crane's going to hit the trees.
Oh, he's just whacked a tree there! Big mistake by Will.
On the first corner he's turned too fast, causing the harvesting head to swing out of control.
This is a tight turn.
This is a difficult bend.
Will's stopped to let the head settle and compose himself, but it's cost him time.
He's going to get stuck.
I don't know if five minutes is going to be enough.
That's better.
Go on, man! He had a bit of a struggle on that bend, which is making me wary about that.
And he's clunked a tree.
This is a much more controlled turn, but there's only a minute left on the clock.
All right?Yeah! Has he left enough time to finish? There he goes.
He's out.
Are we done? Concentration, man! After a poor start, Will's finished strongly.
But was he in time, and will it be quicker than Kirsten? How was that? It's hard, it's really tight.
You've got to really get round before you turn it round.
I thought, "I'm not going to just push through because I'll hit this tree.
" You did hit a tree.
Did I?Yeah.
There's a mistake there.
So if you do a perfect run, you will beat me.
He's just proved there.
That was really, really good.
And he's just put the bar straight away at the top, again.
In classic Will Mellor style.
I have to better him, because this week I have to win.
It's a have to, it's a must.
Well, she's off.
Kirsten's easing into the first corner, but it's against the clock.
Can she beat her rival? Oh, this is tight! You're doing good, you're doing great.
She's a little bit more cautious than you were.
She must avoid Will's mistake on the tight bend and get past without hitting the tree.
Well done! She's done it! Very good.
This is going to be close.
Right, we've got to smooth through this bit.
Oh, we're up in the air! She's not hit a tree yet, like you! Oh, this is a tight bend.
The final corner.
Will her cautious approach win her the first test? This is so tight, this one.
It's going to be tight, very tight.
She might just get it.
She might just nick it.
She's through.
Good job! You made it! Perfect.
Another good run, but did she beat Will's time? Only David has the answer.
Very close.
Was it? Nothing in it at all.
Five seconds.
No way! Do you know who the winner was? Probably him.
You're kidding! In five seconds? In five seconds.
Really well, you've done.
You've have done well for the first day on the machines.
Tomorrow, let's see.
Let's ramp it up a little bit.
This is a big win for Kirsten.
They've crossed the globe driving the world's most amazing machines, and she's finally won her first time trial.
I'm really chuffed with that result.
This is good.
This is how I wanted this week to start.
This is a nice feeling.
When the week comes to an end, there's going to be a winner of the whole show.
Yeah, that was a little blip.
But I can handle a little blip, because at the end of the week, that's when I'm going to get my A-game out.
Oh, that's nice! Whatever Will may say, Kirsten's put herself in a strong position at the start of the final week, and is ready to bask in her early success.
Will was pretty down when we left tonight.
I think it's a combination of the fact that he's not particularly enjoying his digs, and the fact that he lost.
There's no swimming pool at the farm, but there is the 930-mile long River Uruguay, home to stingrays, piranhas What do you think? This is perfect, isn't it? and now, Will Mellor.
Do you want me to go first? All right, let's go then.
I'll wait for you - make sure you don't die!Oh, my God Stop lying! I'm serious, man.
Oh, my God There you go! Will may be down, but he's not out.
I can't even see me coming out of here losing.
It'd kill me.
So it's game on.
But it's game on with a difference, because this time, whoever wins, wins the whole thing.
Still to come for Will and Kirsten That's terrible! The competition turns a final corner.
That's impossible.
And the rivalry intensifies.
Oh, for God's sake! But with an 11th-hour setback, as they struggle to cope with the demands of training He thinks he's making a giant toothpick! David needs convincing that they're ready to race for the very last time.
If they're not up to scratch, they're out.
Today they'll be cutting straight to the core of this week's competition.
It's time for Will and Kirsten to get to grips with the machine's brutal harvesting head.
It has a nasty bite and must be handled with extreme caution.
And there's no escape from its giant claws.
Their next task is to master the grappling function.
And to prepare them, they're being introduced to the harvester's little sister, the forwarder.
Its crane arm and claws make it a perfect training vehicle.
Really I want to see that yous can control the crane before I get yous felling trees.
I'm looking forward to this one.
This'll be good.
All the best.
Thank you.
See you.
Lesson two, David has created two giant clock faces with tree trunks for hands.
All Will and Kirsten have to do is use the forwarder to manoeuvre the trunks into the time David calls out.
It's against the clock, and it's the best of three.
If I can get off to a winning start, hopefully get a bit of momentum for the rest of the week.
So we'll see how we go, but quietly confident.
Mind you, I'm always quietly confident.
I still lose! I've been panicking about how you tell the time.
It's when you start to question things that you just know every day.
It's like if someone said, "How do you tie your shoelaces?" You'd go, "I can't explain it to you! I just do it every day!" OK.
Half past three.
This lesson takes perfect hand-eye co-ordination.
I don't like this.
Like it or not, it's a skill she's going to need to stand any chance of winning the final race.
But it looks like Will's already got to grips with it.
I'm on this.
We've got this one, son! That'll do, I think.
OK, Will.
Yeah! Round one to Will.
Come on, let's not lose it now! Twenty to nine.
It's time for Kirsten to up her game.
Too far! I've got this one, baby! Will's grabbing the initiative, but maybe it's a bit too early for celebrations.
Oh, no! Oh, come on Kirsten takes full advantage, and that's 20 to nine.
Kirsten, very good.
I recovered there.
Come on! I don't want to lose this one now.
Kirsten's evened up the score, but Will's got a plan.
That's what I should do - grab it and just move it on the floor rather than pick it up.
I'm going to grab it and turn it.
That's what I'm going to do - like a clock face.
Come on! I've got a method! Come on! Five past four.
Starting from now.
This isn't just fun in the sun Too far! Way too far.
It's also perfect preparation for the skills they'll need to master this afternoon on the harvester.
Too off the centre.
It's gone back.
Come on! It's all down to this final time, and David's demanding perfection.
Bring the big hand and a little bit inside the clock and you're there.
Oh, come on, man! Oh, no! Kirsten's hopes are swinging in the breeze.
Come on! But Will is bang on time.
Yeah! Chuffed to bits! Yesterday I was a bit disappointed.
It's a big week, this week.
I'm going to take every win I can get.
It's certainly not some of the debacles we've seen in the past when I've done these lessons.
The lesson ends 2-1 to Will, and David's ready for them to take it up a level.
This afternoon let's see if we can chop down some trees.
Let the games begin! It's time for lunch, and David has prepared a special gaucho barbecue for Will and Kirsten.
That's like proper cowboys.
Go on! Oh! It's like sitting in your own western.
But be warned, for the refined British palate their main course might just be a little hard to digest.
There's a tradition here gauchos do with the male calves.
What we would call here as capping them.
Capping them? What does that mean - killing them?No! What he's going to do with that knife? It's a male, so it has to be No, no, no, no! He's cutting his knackers off! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! It doesn't feel anything.
Doesn't it?No.
That's the way it is.
Will, he bounced back up and he's all right.
Is he just putting the balls in his pocket? Is he going to play marbles with them later? We are talking about tradition.
Oh, come on! Perfect - one each.
I don't know how you can think that's normal.
It's absolutely mingin'.
What you do with that then - one hour on a gas mark four? Only a woman can make comments about someone's nuts being cut off and thrown on a fire, and be so loose about it.
There's not a chance I'm tasting that.
It's making me feel sick looking at it.
Tastes like meat - tastes like barbecue meat.
I can't believe I'm sat here contemplating it and big butch Mellor's over there having a little panic attack.
I've got a set - there's not a chance I'm going to eat one! Are you mental? Lunch over, Will and Kirsten must prove they have the cojones to put this morning's lesson into action.
When the harvester bares its teeth, it can topple 600 tonnes of timber in just one day, 15 times faster than a man with a chainsaw.
It's time to see if Will and Kirsten can cut it with the pros.
I'm going to give you a test now with four trees each.
These trees are a hundred feet high, half a ton a tree.
Test two - they have eight minutes to fell four trees each.
It's a three-step process - grip, cut and push.
Get the position of the cutting head wrong, and three tons of timber will come crashing down onto the cab.
It's a serious business in real working conditions, and David will be watching their every move.
Timber! Here we go.
I don't want to mess this one up.
Come on, son! If I can win this one, that's great, innit? I feel good, I feel positive.
We're not playing about any more.
We're stepping into the real world.
OK, Jose! After Kirsten's impressive drive in yesterday's test, the pressure's on Will.
Here we go.
No more messing about.
There he goes.
There's the saw, and down.
Oh, lovely! Like a knife through butter, it's a clean cut.
That's good.
The tree falls forward and it's just the start he needed.
Oh, there he goes.
Number two and three go the same way.
Come on, son! And what's more, he's keeping a professional pace.
Number three.
That was quite good.
It was good.
Come on, last one! Onto his fourth tree, and barring disaster, Will's going to record a blisteringly fast time.
Are we done?Yes.
Yes, that was great! Jose! That's really good, isn't it? Four trees.
And he's very happy, I can see him doing the old punch routine.
Come on! That's something to beat.
That was great.
I don't think I could have done it any better.
So if she beats me, good luck to her.
I seriously don't think I could have done it any faster.
I walked home with it yesterday, but he's determined to do the left hook back at me tonight.
This is my last chance to stop it.
This is me putting the double guard up and going, no, have it back! Will made it look easy, but is it? It's a really tall order for Kirsten.
I'm nervous.
Are you nervous? Only because of the time he set.
It felt like a quick time.
But now I'm watching it, I'm just thinking, she could beat this, you know.
Oh, good Lord! But the crane's lunged forward, Kirsten's not in full control and she's already on the back foot.
Oh, I need to swing it a bit, don't I? Back a little bit.
Oh, she's struggling with the first one.
Oh no, she's not pushing it.
What's happening? I'm frightened.
Oh, no.
It could fall anywhere now.
She's cut half of it.
To control the fall of the tree, Kirsten should cut and push simultaneously but she's cut and released a dangerous mistake.
Here's danger setting in.
It's a half cut and it could fall over at any point.
It's very dangerous.
I'm frightened if I let it go.
No, no, it's fine.
I'm really scared, Pablo.
She has no control of where the tree will fall.
It could hit the cab.
Her tree's too big to be left halfway cut.
This time, luck was on Kirsten's side.
But David knows the tree could have fallen in any direction.
But never went over the top of the machine.
That's one down.
That was quite a bad start.
I think I've lost lots of time there.
Tree two.
Can she claw back vital time and show David she can do it? Close the head Close it! Close it! Cut it! The same mistake! She's come off it.
She was on it.
She was too nervous.
Oh, my God, it's turning.
Oh, my God! Oh, God! It's over as a competition, but to restore any faith, she needs to take the third tree down safely.
Oh, no, no, no!Pull it back.
Pull it back You've got to pull it back.
Pull it back, pull it back she's taking two out.
I'm taking that one down as well.
It's another fail.
She has one last chance to salvage her battered reputation.
If Kirsten can't fell this last tree cleanly, her chances of reaching this week's final will be hanging by a thread.
That was OK.
That was OK.
God, that first one was a bit rock.
Well done.
She's completed the test in the eight minutes, but only managed to safety fell one tree.
I lost my nerve on that first one a little bit.
I'm going to go and find out mydoom now.
My status in this.
Goodness me.
That was a massive tree.
I got a bit scared.
Very well done.
Will? OK.
Well done.
Well done.
Nice one, love.
Today the tables have turned.
Will's back on top and they both know it.
You've had a good day today, haven't you? I think if I do that every day I can't lose.
It always surprises me when you can be that What? Cocksure.
I'm not cocksure.
I feel that we're close, but I feel like I've got to grips with this.
I'm notI feel like I have, it is mine to lose right now.
Another beautiful morning in Uruguay.
But Will's not happy.
Last night I got bitouch! I hate it, d'you know what I mean? So yes, it's gradually getting to me, this place.
In just 24 hours, Will and Kirsten will battle it out to decide once-and-for-all who is the best driver.
Since I arrived here 14 years ago the harvest in Uruguay has changed quite a lot.
90% of the harvesting would be done by power saw.
A guy and a power saw would cut 100 trees on a good day.
So you've changed the face of how it all works with you coming over here? Yes.
But this morning David's rolling back the clock.
He wants them to get a hands-on feel of the product they're working with.
So they're going to strip a tree old school.
Straight! Come on! 200 a day.
No, I'll just do this one.
Each labourer should be a minimum of 200 a day of these.
It's awful.
I'm shattered and I've done a ruler's worth.
OK, guys.
I think you've got an idea of what it's like to de-bark a tree.
We'll be here all day at this rate.
Let's go.
Let's find the harvesters.
Let's find the harvesters.
It's time to speed things up and for Will and Kirsten to get their hands back on the wheel of the forest harvester for their third and final skill test.
Turning a 12-year-old plantation tree into a product ready for the paper mill.
Test three, processing.
They must pick up a felled tree, strip the branches and bark and finally cut the trunk into equal-length logs.
To proceed to the final tomorrow, David insists Will and Kirsten must process three trees in six minutes.
This is the final vital skill.
If they fail, they won't race tomorrow.
This will be tricky, because we've just got to grips with how it is.
We haven't done straight piles and completely de-barking.
Yes, it is going to be difficult.
But I want to see you get across to the next step before we go into the final challenge.
Kirsten's up first.
Do you know, with this one, I am concerned.
David knows Will and Kirsten can drive the vehicle and fell trees.
Go! But can they perform the all-important final piece of the jigsaw? Processing.
She's got six minutes to do three trees.
David wants to see results.
I haven't got it, have I? This is awful.
Struggling to pick up the first tree, Kirsten's getting frustrated.
Oh, for God's sake! She'll be kicking herself because she'll know she's better than this.
She's got the first one.
Oh! She's dropped it.
For Christ's sake.
Finally, Kirsten's got a hold.
That's one tree done but it's taken four minutes of the allotted six.
This is terrible! And David's not impressed.
She's processing without the knives.
She has two minutes to do two trees.
I'm losing it! Kirsten's managed 1½ trees before running out of time.
That was shit.
It's a poor effort.
And technically she's failed this crucial test.
I'm not up to speed with this yet at all.
I couldn't pick them up properly off the ground and the whole thing was justdisaster.
Confident he can do a better job, it's Will's turn.
Let's go.
Six minutes.
Three trees.
Can he impress David and beat Kirsten? Heavy on the controls, Will needs to get a grip.
It's slipping out every five minutes.
This reassures me because I literally thought I was the biggest debacle in the world.
He didn't get it first clasp or second clasp.
Oh, he's losing that one as well.
It's taken him two minutes just to pick it up and that was the easy bit.
Now he must strip the branches and bark without damaging the tree.
Oh! He's eating all the tree up.
Will needs to start again.
That's impossible.
How am I supposed to do that? He has just three minutes left to get himself on the scoreboard.
I'm feeling less bad with every Will blunder.
It's not as easy as what he thought.
Time is slipping away.
Can will manage even one tree? There's going to be none of your tree left.
I think he thinks he's making a giant toothpick.
He's matched Kirsten in one way.
He's failed.
See you in a bit.
David can't quite believe it.
Really the two of them done terrible.
I thought it would be a lot better than that.
That was nowhere near good enough.
And you know me, I want to do everything perfect and that was far from it.
The truth of the matter is, it is the day before and I'm not great at it.
David's not not going to let us in his machine unless we can do it and you've got to have respect that.
They've got a lot to learn before I put them into the final challenge.
It could go belly up.
Faced with not racing tomorrow OK.
David's ordered Will and Kirsten back on the machines straight away.
Will and Kirsten have driven some of the world's toughest and most challenging vehicles, but they've never had to prove themselves like this before.
This is a critical moment.
Is the tree harvester one vehicle too many? Have Will and Kirsten met their match? If they can't convince David that they're capable of handling this machine, tomorrow's race is off.
If they're not up to scratch, they're out.
After three gruelling hours, felling, processing and cutting over 50 trees each in this searing forest heat, Will and Kirsten are happy.
If I do this tomorrow I think I'll be OK.
Getting there, aren't we? Oh, yes! Their instructors are happy.
Very good.
Happy? Yes.
But most importantly, is mentor David? Thanks for everything.
Thanks With the extra training today, they've come on a little better and I think it's going to be OK for them to do their test tomorrow.
For the week they've been here with the heat and the condition of the forest, they've done pretty well too.
But it's not going to be easy.
I don't even feel like I have to be "rah," In your face about tomorrow.
Come on.
I just feel comfortable.
The training was good today.
It went really well and I don't think I could be more prepared then I am for tomorrow.
I've got a lot of love for Will and I don't want to see him suffer.
I want to take him down in this competitionbut I don't want to see him suffer.
Who's going to pass the test of the world's toughest driving test? Who will still have the L-plates on? Who knows? One more day and it's all over.
It's Will and Kirsten's final day in Uruguay.
Today is when six weeks of blood, sweat and tears comes to a head.
One will be crowned series winner.
The other, the loser.
The battlegroundthe heart of this vast eucalyptus forest in Tres Bocas.
With the series scores level Will knows that underestimating his rival could be his undoing.
Kirsten, her will to win and the fact that she doesn't want to look like she can't do it brings her through.
If it's a race of who can clear an area, then that's where I can make mistakes, because I try and do everything really quickly.
I think I just try and prove to people I can do this and then I get too giddy and make mistakes.
Will's desperate to win but so is Kirsten.
She's fighting to keep her emotions in check.
I know I've got everything to lose and I have to win this, but I think it's the old swan routine.
I'm serene up here, underneath everything's going, "Oh my God! "If you lose this, it's the end of the world"! It's not about shouting and going, "I want to take him down"! It's about calm, serene, in control.
That's what I am.
In an untouched part of this 100 square kilometre plantation, Will and Kirsten will have to bring all of the skills they have learned this week driving the harvester together.
And prove to mentor and Judge David that they deserve to win.
Bit apprehensive, bit nervous.
A bitthis is a big moment, this.
The biggest.
And it's going to be close.
With everything hinging on this one last race, the tension is unbearable.
I've got that thing where when you breathe out your breath flutters.
It's a massive moment.
I think I've just realised how big this is.
You've had three days' intensive training.
The idea is harvesting as many trees as you can in one hour.
And today there's only to be one winner.
In this final race Will and Kirsten will start by driving the harvesters along the outside line of the forest.
They must impress David by felling and stripping as many trees as possible in just 60 minutes.
This race is about quality of work as well as quantity of logs.
Do you want to just concede and we don't have to go through with it if you're edgy? I would do but then again, I think I'd rather stick a pin in my eyeball.
Let's do it, come on.
Here we go! I can do this.
I can do this in a calm, controlled, ladylike fashion.
It's been a long, long journey and it ends today and there's only one winner and one loser.
I just hope that I'm the winner.
Come on, son! Oh, God! Moving into position, on David's command, rivals Will and Kirsten must now deliver the performance of their lives.
Good luck, everybody.
Chill out.
Calm down.
No rush.
OK, go.
This is the all-important final race to decide once and for all who is the best driver.
With 60 minutes to show David just what they're made of, Will's off to a flying start.
Let's keep it going, come on! But Kirsten's struggling.
Oh, don't lose it, girlfriend! Just getting the head smoothly to the tree is proving a challenge.
No! That's rubbish.
Is she cracking under the pressure? Oh, no.
Will's found his rhythm and in just 10 minutes he's felled, processed and cut to logs seven trees.
Will is a natural, he's a talented guy, without any doubt.
Kirsten's on her third tree, and after a clumsy start, it's about to get worse.
Oh, no! Chain's fell off.
Too rough with the controls, the saw's chain has come off and needs repairing.
The chain has come off, I don't know whether you heard.
Tough, that's the name of the game, kid.
Has Kirsten just handed Will the title on a plate? Racing ahead, Will's on to tree 14.
Kirsten's going nowhere.
It's back on.
With her chain fixed, and a tree count of just four, Kirsten must claw back the lost time.
Come on, I'm in the zone.
But Kirsten's back in the game and matching his pace.
That's sweet, baby.
Past the half way point and with an eight-tree lead, Will's going to take some beating.
That was a fast one.
And Kirsten's getting anxious.
Oh, no! Will looks unstoppable.
But nowhischain's broken.
It won't cut.
OK, stop, stop, stop.
My chain's broke.
It's OK.
I can't take the pressure.
Great job, don't worry.
It's a disaster for Will, he's been in front from the start but he's thrown Kirsten a lifeline.
Is this Kirsten's chance to close the gap? That's cleaner, baby.
After an agonising two minutes, Will's finally given the signal to go.
Come on, the two of yous, Will and Kirsten.
I want to see the best you can do.
Thisisthe best I can do.
OK, five minutes to go.
The two of them are determined to beat the other one.
Come on, team! Fire it.
Cut it.
In these closing moments, Will and Kirsten are going for broke, desperate to outdo the other.
But who will impress David the most? One minute to go.
One minute, come on! Let's land this baby.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1stop.
Cheers man! Oh, it's over! My God! High five! After an hour behind the controls, Will has felled 30 trees producing 105 logs, and Kirsten 21 trees, making 88 logs.
On numbers alone, Will's clearly the winner.
This is the truth moment, isn't it? Flippin' heck.
But in the real world, David would need to sell these logs, and must now inspect Will and Kirsten's work.
The area she has covered in this hour is very good for the time she has been on the machine.
I'm happy, very happy with her work.
I'm really nervous because I can see David looking at my wood.
She's got a lot of good bits of wood that have got bark the complete length left on it.
If I've lost, it's crap, but I've lost to a better man.
Without any doubt, he's had higher production, but it is a bit of a mess.
I won't get paid for any of this.
I get paid for the wood that is done properly, harvested properly.
I can honestly say I worked as fast as I could, but my heart's in my mouth.
I can't believe it's come down to this.
Will has done really well as well.
His production is high and he has got some good piles.
From where I am at the minute, it's going to be a very, very difficult call.
There's very little between them, and it's been the same on every vehicle they've driven.
In Romania, Kirsten pulled off a surprise win, taking a 1-0 lead in the battle tank.
Driving the sky-high straddle carrier in Essex, Will pulled back to draw.
Get in! In Scotland, Kirsten snatched back the lead, racing the 100 tonne dumper truck.
Mellor? Know your limits! But behind the controls of the ultimate go-anywhere amphibious craft She's hit it.
Will leveled the scores once more.
Yes! And after last week's white-knuckle ride in the Alps, driving the snow groomer, a shock draw left the scores 3-3.
My heart has literally come up, it's like there.
So now, with the full weight of announcing the series winner resting firmly on his shoulders, David's made his decision.
It has been a lot more difficult than I thought.
It's very close, the two of yous have done very well.
But there can only be one winner.
And the winner is Kirsten.
No way.
No! No way! No way, no way! How did that happen? Will cut a lot more wood, there's no doubt about it.
The final product only comes down to one thing, if I was to sell this wood here, it would be accepted.
But this would not be accepted.
So women are better drivers than men! Oh No! I'm absolutely devvoed.
I'vecome out, on top - just.
Just on top, but I'm on top.
Oh, God! I've just got a flash of all the lads in the pub giving me stick.
Biggest vehicles around the world, come on, let's have it, I'll beat you.
And I have!