WPC 56 (2013) s02e04 Episode Script

That Old Devil Called Love

1 A name keeps popping up - Lenny Powell.
Mr Powell just called, he wants to see you.
What? Now? He said right away.
Chief Coulson, Sir, he's been propositioning me.
If they've come for you, I ain't protecting you, Lenny.
Not this time.
What happened to the girl? WHERE IS SHE?! Somewhere I hope you'll never find her.
Oh, baby! Oh, God.
Hello? Police.
Anyone here? OK, you two, Adams, with me upstairs.
You two, down here.
I'll do this room.
You see what you can find.
Careful what you touch.
Sarge! Did you know about this place? Fenton! Fenton.
What? Was this address known to us? No.
These places spring up all the time.
Sir? Is is that her? He will have made a mistake .
left a hair, a fingerprint, something.
Find it.
Get your Brinford Times here! Thank you, sir.
Has she got a name? Rosie Turner.
She's got £200 in the Post Office but that's about all we know.
Two bodies, an attempted murder - I can call in help from Divisional.
Thank you, sir, but there's no need.
I've left men searching the brothel.
Sergeant Fenton's interviewing the neighbours.
And the Pembrook case? Excuse me, sir.
Interview Room? We've got our witness.
Get her to start talking or we'll have to let her go.
And you've never been married? I got as far as the altar once.
Trouble is, the groom was already halfway to Gretna Green with my best friend.
Do you work, Miss Nightingale? I'm a secretary.
I just started a new position at Brinford Police Station.
I think that's enough details for now.
Can you put I'm available any evening weekends.
I don't want to get your hopes up.
Most of our members are looking for someone younger.
I see.
But if any matches do come up, I'll be in touch.
Don't tell me you need a marriage bureau.
I'm fed up with kissing princes who turn into frogs.
I hope you have better luck than me.
You'd be wasting your time there, I'm afraid.
Miss Nightingale doesn't match your requirements.
Miss Baxter, if you'd like to come through.
Excuse me! You dropped this.
Oh! Thank you.
Am I that awful? That you have to rush off so quickly? I'm on my lunch break.
Sorry, where are my manners? Alan, Alan Reynolds.
Rebecca, whatever you've been through, it's over.
Where have you been? A room.
Men came to the house and .
and they made me You've been kept in a brothel? How did you get away? She helped me.
Who? Rosie.
If it hadn't been for her Is this her? Is this Rosie? Rebecca, Rosie Turner was found dead this morning.
She'd been stabbed.
It's my fault.
What do you mean? If she hadn't let me go .
she'd still be alive.
Who was in charge of the brothel? Do you know who killed her? Sir, please.
Five minutes.
Well? Usual, the three wise monkeys routine.
They must have known something was going on.
They keep their curtains closed and their mouths shut.
At least we've had one break - Rebecca Jones.
What about her? Turns out they were being held in the same brothel.
I can't stay here.
You've got to get me out of here.
Rebecca, please.
Calm down.
What's going on? Anywhere.
Just not here! Don't you owe it to Rosie? You said I was safe.
You said I was safe! Rebecca? You promised me.
You said I was safe.
I have no doubt that the Rosie Turner and Daniel Pembrook murders are connected.
But Rebecca's not going to say any more unless we can reassure her that she's safe.
So we put her in a safe house and organise a rota of officers to watch over her.
Dawson, do you want to take the first shift? She seems to trust you.
I'm working at the Sapphire Club tonight.
Well, now that we have Rebecca, there's no need for you to go back there.
Of course.
All right, Inspector, set it up.
But the fewer the people who know, the better.
Will do, sir.
Goodnight, dear.
Goodnight, Glenda.
Night, Glenda.
Are you going somewhere nice? Luigi's - that new Italian on the High Street.
With a girlfriend? A friend.
An old friend? No, someone I've just met.
Have a nice time.
I'm sure we will.
Oh, what a dream What a dream Hello.
You're a bit early, aren't you? What is it? Chris, I can't work here any more.
Is this about last night? No.
If I came on too strong, then I'm sorry.
It's not that.
Well, then what? It's complicated.
Is there someone else? No! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come.
I can't just let you walk away and never see you again.
It'll never work.
Well, we'll make it work.
Have the girls been talking? Look, I won't lie to you, there have been others, but none of them mean anything to me.
I don't care about your past.
Then prove it.
Meet me tomorrow.
Please, Ruby.
Give me a chance, yeah? Well, this is nice, isn't it? I can't remember the last time we sat down and had a meal together, just the two of us.
We should send Peggy to her friend's house more often! I need you to go away .
you and Peggy.
What? Go where? Anywhere.
Go to your sister's.
Pack tonight and I'll take you to the station first thing.
Don't be daft.
I can't just turn up on Wendy's doorstep with no warning.
It'll only be for a few days.
And what about work? I can't just swan off without so much as a by-your-leave.
And Peggy's got a domestic science report tomorrow.
She's doing toad-in-the-hole.
For once in your life, woman, will you just do as you're told?! I don't know what's got into you lately, Sidney.
You've not been right for days, but there's no need to take it out on me.
You never tell me half of what's happening at work and I know better than to ask.
But I'm asking you now, what's going on? Nothing I can't handle, as long as I know you and Peggy are safe.
Well, if you get the suitcases down from the loft, I'll start packing.
I want some shoes To set my feet a-dancing, dancing Dancing, dancing all day Shoes to set my feet a-dancing, dancing Dancing all my cares away.
Your duty rosters, Sergeant.
Ta very much.
It's nice to hear someone's happy.
I'll take it you had a nice time, last night.
Dreamy! Where did you meet him, then? Who says it was a fella? That smile on your face.
Well, if you must know, I met him through the new marriage bureau in town.
I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but if it leads to you meeting your Mr Right, how can it be wrong? I know you said I shouldn't call on you at work but I saw these and I thought of you.
Oh, Alan .
they're lovely! Roses for a rose.
Captain Alan Reynolds, Sergeant Swift.
Pleased to meet you.
Oh, I see you were in the Grenadier Guards.
Yes, I did my bit for Queen and country.
Anyway, I mustn't keep you from your work.
I'll see you tonight.
Can't wait.
I thought this was going to be straightforward.
Only it turns out our victim wasn't a working girl and the room's been wiped clean.
You all right? It looks like you've slept under a hedge.
Rough night.
'Sid, you could always come with me.
' Go get yourself a cup of tea, you're no good to me half dead.
Tell me Rebecca Jones is ready to talk.
She spent all night tossing and turning, finally went to sleep just as I was handing over.
Looked like she needed it.
With everything she's been through, you have to give her time.
I know she's a victim but if she doesn't talk We have nothing.
Yes, sir.
Nothing at all? Are you sure you're spelling it right? It's R-E-Y-N Reynolds.
No? OK.
Ta very much, Sergeant.
You're playing with fire.
If Miss Nightingale catches you checking up on her gentleman friend.
There is something about that smarmy so-and-so that's got my nose twitching.
And my conk is very rarely wrong.
So he might not have a criminal record but let's see what my contact at the MoD can come up with.
Sir Look, I don't want Miss Nightingale getting hurt.
Anyone would think you were jealous of them.
What have you got? Eh Rosie Turner's post mortem report.
Well, what does it say? Bruising to the face and arms.
Three broken ribs.
She must have put up a fight.
A single stab wound .
to the heart.
Anything else? Fenton? She was pregnant.
Couple of months.
Wonder if she knew? Did you enjoy the picture? Was there a film on? I know it's early days, but It's like we've known each other for ever.
What time do you call this? Sorry! I'm not much of a cook, am I? I can't complain.
Rock cakes are about my limit.
You know, my mum, she doesn't let me near her kitchen.
She says that when I boil an egg I burn the water.
At the station, why didn't you feel safe? I saw someone.
Someone you recognised? From the Sapphire Club? From the brothel.
Someone we had in custody? Then, I don't understand.
One of our officers? I never knew he was a copper.
He visited her a lot and he used to let himself into her private room.
Can you describe him? He's tall.
I think I heard Rosie call him Sid.
He's clearly using this marriage bureau to find lonely women, when he's already married.
You don't know that this woman was his wife.
Well, it wasn't his mother, that's for sure.
Who knows how many more he's got on the go? I've got to warn this marriage bureau that they've got a gigolo on their books.
If you could hear yourself.
Whatever Alan Reynolds is up to, you can't go following Susie around town.
This isn't a case.
It's her private life.
Sergeant Fenton.
Chief Inspector's looking for you.
Yes? You wanted to see me, sir? Why didn't you tell us that you knew Rosie Turner? She's been active in Brinford for some years.
Naturally, our paths have crossed in the course of my duties.
We have a witness who says you were a regular visitor.
We became friends.
You were having an affair? When we searched the brothel, did you already know she was dead? I was helping her get away.
I went to give her a lift and found the body.
Why didn't you report it? I was in shock.
I didn't know what I was doing.
Was it you who wiped the room clean? Answer the question, man! I knew that if you found my prints, you'd be thinking exactly what you're thinking now.
Did you kill her, Sergeant Fenton? No.
I loved her.
If you want to hang me for that What was her place in the brothel? She, er took care of the day-to-day business.
Kept the girls safe.
Took the money.
And passed it on to who? Let me make this crystal clear for you, Fenton.
You co-operate fully or I will have you cuffed and taken to the cells immediately.
Do you understand me? Lenny Powell.
He's the owner.
And you know that, how? Rosie told me.
Did Lenny kill her? He's capable of anything.
All right.
Hand over your warrant card.
No, sir.
As of this moment, you are suspended, pending an internal investigation.
You have to let me help you catch Rosie's killer.
I think you've done enough already.
You might have compromised the whole case, Fenton.
Give your statement to Inspector Harper then go home to your family.
There's no need for this to become public knowledge.
No, sir.
What a bloody mess.
Come in.
Have a seat, I'll be right with you.
What can I do for you, officer? Iam looking for love.
You'd better have a watertight case.
Powell's got some of the country's top solicitors on his payroll.
We've got a witness who can link him to at least one murder.
The last time we came up against Lenny Powell, the witness conveniently disappeared.
He may think he's untouchable.
But he's making mistakes.
He killed Daniel Pembrook but left a witness.
He beat Mike Maddock but didn't finish the job.
He killed Rosie Turner to try and cover his tracks.
Well, it's time he had his wings clipped.
Go get your man, Inspector.
Yes, sir.
Anything else? Well, someone who'll understand that a copper's life is not always an easy one.
Oh, you are ready for love, aren't you, John? Excuse me.
Good morning, Mr Parker.
I'm very sorry but I have someone here.
You're a little bit early.
If you could possibly come back in half-an-hour? Very good.
Actually, maybe even tomorrow.
Tomorrow? At any particular time? I was thinking in the morning.
Possibly ten o'clock-ish.
Very good.
Delamere, Jane Delamere.
Miss Delamere, how long have you known Alan Reynolds? Captain Reynolds? About six months.
And how did you meet? Was it through the Bliss Marriage Bureau? It was as if we'd always meant to be together.
We had a wonderful couple of months.
Then his health took a turn for the worse.
What's wrong with him? A tumour on his lungs.
But we've had a ray of hope.
Alan had found a specialist in Paris.
He's developed a new treatment.
Sounds expensive.
Miss Delamere, I'm afraid that "Captain" Reynolds might not be all he's said he is.
What do you mean? According to his military records, he never rose higher than Lance Corporal.
And he certainly wasn't at death's door when I saw him coming out of the Regal last night with another woman.
Dawson, a word.
I hear you've done a good job at the Sapphire Club.
Thank you, sir.
I bet the sight of you in a tight dress got a few pulses racing? I'd like to have seen that.
This isn't appropriate, sir.
You gave some to DI Burns.
Why are you being so shy now? Sir? What do you think you just saw, Constable? I don't know.
You saw nothing.
Yes, sir.
If I hear one word about this getting out, your life won't be worth living.
These need to be in the last post.
Serious, is it? You and your new "friend"? What's it to you if it is? Nothing.
I just Well, don't you think he's a bit too good to be true? Because he's handsome, charming.
A proper gentleman? Please don't be upset.
I was only thinking of your best interests.
What have you done? I made some enquiries, and I'm sorry, but Alan Reynolds is a liar and a cheat.
How dare you stick your nose in my business! You clearly can't bear to see anyone happy, so why should I believe a word you say? Gina? What is it? Here, sit down.
Do you want to tell me about it? What would you do, if you knew something was wrong .
but if you spoke out, it would cost you everything? Sometimes it's not a case of what will happen if you do do something.
It's can you look at yourself in the mirror if you don't? Mike Maddock.
A sad case.
I've asked around.
There were unusual betting patterns before the fight.
He was the favourite, yet there was big money on him to lose.
Ah, the fickleness of the sports fan.
How much money did you lose that night, Mr Powell? Me? Betting's illegal, Inspector.
There's a chance Maddock will regain consciousness.
God willing.
And if he tells us that you ordered him to throw the fight? Well, when he does recover, I certainly hope all those blows to the head haven't affected his memory.
Daniel Pembrook.
You told me you hardly knew him? Come now, Inspector, we've had this dance before.
Yes, but now we've located a witness - someone who was only feet away when Councillor Pembrook was murdered.
And they say they saw me? Are you admitting that you were present when Daniel Pembrook was killed? If you've got a witness, you'll know .
unless they haven't given you a name yet.
Nice try, Inspector, but if you really had anything on me, I'd be halfway to Winson Green by now.
If we're finished here "Finished"? I haven't even started.
Fingers crossed, it won't be long before wedding bells are ringing.
Thank you very much.
Who is it this time? She's not like any woman I've ever met.
Who? She's kind, funny, no pretensions - a real breath of fresh air.
Not that secretary! You fool! What have you told her about us? Nothing.
Then how come a copper's been nosing around? A what? He spun me some story about wanting to sign up, I didn't buy it.
But I haven't said anything.
Why would I? OK, so we're done here - we move on, another town.
We set up again.
I can't do this any more.
I'm staying here with Susie.
She hasn't got any money! I don't care about her money.
Then what - love? Oh, don't be so naive! You won't talk me out of it.
I give it two weeks of bread and dripping with your typist before you come running back to me.
You've got money to collect.
Let's talk about number 6 Amberley Street.
Is that supposed to mean something to me? I would hope so, considering you own it.
I do? Oh, you've tried to hide the fact - registering the deeds in your wife's maiden name, or is she involved in this as well? I own dozens of properties.
Did you know that this property, which you admit to owning, was being used as a brothel? I would have rented it out in good faith.
If the tenant used it for illegal purposes, that's hardly my fault.
Rosie Turner.
Never heard of her.
We found her body at number 6 Amberley Street.
I know nothing about that.
Two murders, one attempted murder - all three victims connected to you.
By rumour and innuendo.
Where's your proof, Inspector? Well, if that's all you've got, I promised Mrs Powell I'd take her shopping.
Well, thank you for a most entertaining afternoon, Inspector.
Your ring.
Yeah, what about it? Hit someone wearing that - you could do some damage.
In fact, I think this proves that you already have.
Your building, your ring .
my proof.
Leonard Gordon Powell, I am arresting you for the murders of Daniel Pembrook and Rosie Turner, and for the attempted murder of Michael Maddock.
You're not obliged to say anything unless you wish to do so, but anything you do say will be taken down in writing and given in evidence.
I'll have that phone call now.
And I'll have that ring - it's evidence.
After you've seen your brief, you'll be transported to jail, pending your appearance before a judge first thing tomorrow morning.
Lenny Powell, eh? That's a real feather in your cap, Inspector.
Thank you, sir, but it wouldn't have been possible without Dawson's hard work.
Well, Constable, step forward.
As you all know, we have the Divisional Awards Ceremony tomorrow night, and due to her work on the George Stern case, Dawson was nominated by me for a bravery award.
Well done, Dawson.
Hear, hear! Unfortunately, I am the bearer of bad news.
Sir? There are only a limited number of awards and at the eleventh hour, a more deserving candidate has come to the fore - a young constable at Sparkbrook saved a toddler from drowning.
But I'm sure that you understand, don't you, Dawson? Oh, yes, sir, I understand.
That's all.
This is a nice surprise.
Seeing you gives me so much strength.
Sit down, before you fall down.
Can't stop.
Got to get to the airport.
Doctor Pascal's very hopeful this time.
You did say you'd get to the bank.
Of course.
I'll get my purse.
Hello, Alan.
I was just saying how well you are.
Which is funny, as I was just saying you were at death's door.
Was it all lies? Not all, no.
How many more of us are there? How many women are waiting for you to brighten up their sad little lives? None, I swear.
Even now, you can't tell the truth.
OK, OK, three.
But none of this was my idea.
Out! Jane! Get out of my house! Won't you let me explain? Tell more lies, you mean? Are you going to be all right? Will you tell the police? I I know I should .
but I could I could never stand up in a courtroom.
The humiliation.
I couldn't.
I'm w-w-wanted downstairs.
Unless you back me up, Briggs won't believe me.
But .
but I didn't see anything.
You must have.
Just a senior officer giving a junior officer some advice.
Tommy, if you hadn't interrupted, you know what would have happened.
Yes, but I did .
so there's n-n-no harm done, hmm? Cell number two.
What about Alan? The alert's gone out.
It won't be long before we pick him up.
You must think I'm a fool.
We all do stupid things for love.
Susie .
one day you'll find him your Mr Right.
That's just for princesses in fairy tales.
Sorry, I .
I didn't know where else to go.
Something's happened? Let's get you home.
I don't want to go home.
I want another drink.
Leave me alone.
What do you care? What does anybody care? Come on.
Come on.
You OK? OK, come on.
Now, you can stay as long as you need, all right? Is there anything that you want? Just .
just hold me.
Turn off the engine! Open the door! Get out of the car! Open the door! He's coming out now! Out the door! On the ground, on the ground! Unlock him now, unlock him now! Do as he says.
Now! Quick! Now! Unlock him! Quick! Come on! Move to the back! Get to the back! Get back! Get back! Get on the ground! On your knees! On your knees! Say your prayers! Yes, all ports, airports, train stations.
If anyone spots him, wait for armed reinforcements.
He's to be considered armed and dangerous.
I want every available car patrolling the main roads out of town.
Nothing gets out of this cordon without being searched.
Go! S-s-sorry, Sarge.
Hey, don't you fret, lad.
Having a shooter stuck in your face would rattle any of us.
How the hell did this happen?! He must have used his brief to get a message out.
I don't care how you do it, find Lenny Powell.
Leave it off! Cops came for me and I need to vanish.
I need a new passport, enough cash to keep me going for a bit.
I'll get on it.
I let you off with Daniel Pembrook, but Rosie?! Rosie crossed the line.
If anyone else had betrayed you, they'd have got more than a slap in the face.
The stupid cow thought she'd got away with it.
She had to be taught a proper lesson .
only only things got out of hand.
"Out of hand?" She became a liability.
So you killed a woman who can be linked directly to me, and just left her body to be found.
That was stupid, I know.
I'm sorry.
"Sorry"?! I'm on the run because of you.
I couldn't even say goodbye to my family.
God knows when I'll be able to come back.
But I did it for you.
You what? Rosie let Rebecca go and she was seeing a cop.
I had him under control.
No, you didn't.
Did you think it was just a coincidence? Sergeant Fenton's no longer in your pocket, then Rosie turns on you as well.
What, you think that puts an end to our problems, do you? Rosie wasn't the only one who's been sleeping with the enemy.
Your new favourite at the club.
Ruby? What about her? She's your copper.
Not only that, the police are protecting Rebecca.
It's only a matter of time before she tells them who killed Pembrook and then we're both sunk.
This is your mess, Chris.
Deal with it.