WPC 56 (2013) s02e05 Episode Script

The Harder They Fall

1 Leonard Gordon Powell, I am arresting you for the murders of Daniel Pembrook and Rosie Turner.
Unlock him.
Come on! As of this moment, you are suspended.
You have to let me help you catch Rosie's killer.
You gave some to DI Burns Sir? Unless you back me up, Briggs won't believe me.
I didn't see anything.
I'm on the run because of you! Is there anything that you want? Just hold me.
Your new favourite at the club? She's a copper.
Not only that, the Police are protecting Rebecca.
This is your mess, Chris, deal with it! Only you Can make all this world seem right Only you Can make the darkness bright Only you and you alone Morning, beautiful.
Sleep well? Too well.
I probably shouldn't have stayed.
I'm glad you did.
Have some coffee.
I should go.
I hope you know I've never done this before.
I wouldn't want you to think Think what? .
badly of me.
I thinkI want to see you again tonight.
And the night after that.
And the night after that.
Can I meet you later? Sure.
Swing by the club about eight and I'll buy you some dinner.
For those of you who missed last night's fun and games, there was an ambush on one of our prison vehicles.
Lenny Powell managed to escape and, despite our best efforts, is still at large.
We've done a wide sweep of the area where the van was ambushed, travelling along Church Road.
The truck carrying Powell then sped off in an easterly direction.
So far, there have been no sightings of Powell at any port or airport, which means he may still be hiding here in Brinford.
I want boots on the streets looking for witnesses, evidence, anything you can find.
Use your initiative.
If you think you have a lead, don't wait for permission, just follow it.
Time is of the essence.
All right, men, you know what to do.
Perkins, stick to your normal duties today.
But, sir, shouldn't I help with the search? I think after last night, it's best if you sit this one out.
Yes, sir.
Miss your bus, did you? Something like that.
You've brightened up since yesterday.
I've just got some sleep, that's all.
Well, it seems to have done you the world of good.
I don't know what you mean.
No, of course you don't.
Has something happened? Perkins, move! Lenny Powell's escaped.
Do you mind? Sorry.
Sir, what's the word from Birmingham? They've authorised raids on all of Powell's businesses.
It's a long shot, but maybe one of his workers will speak up.
Sir, we should get Rebecca back to the station, just until it's safe.
No, let's leave her where she is for now.
Is it true? Sergeant Fenton, you shouldn't be here.
Just tell me! Has Lenny Powell escaped? Sergeant He should've been under armed guard.
I don't think we need to take lessons from you, of all people Yeah? Why not? Cos it wouldn't have happened on my watch.
Please leave, Sergeant, immediately.
Look, you need me.
I'll find him for ya.
That's out of the question.
Now, I'm not going to ask you again.
Go home.
That's an order.
Do you think he'll listen? Get him! I told you Stop! I've told you Hey! You do that again, I'm going to make your life a misery, all right? Are you listening, David? Get off! Are you all right? I'm fine, thanks.
What was that all about, then? Nothing much.
I take it he's done this before? He's got it in for me.
Have you told your teachers about it? No.
Better not be late.
Thanks again.
What's your name? David Adams, sir.
WOMAN LAUGHING I know you're in there Brody.
Open up! Who's that? Now's not the best time, amigo.
It's important.
All right, I'll meet you in the pub in a bit, yeah? All right! Whatever I've done, I'm sorry.
You can kick me in the knackers later, but You haven't done anything.
I need your help.
Eh All right.
Wait there.
I'm really sorry, but you're going to have to go.
What? Now? You're having a laugh.
Look, I'll buy you a drink later, I promise.
Ha! Your loss.
Come on, don't be like that, Barbara.
Aargh! Pamela? Pam? There's Adams's classroom.
It was the big lad there, Mr Matthews.
Pardon the interruption, Mr Brompton, but I'd like a word with two of your boys.
Chapman! Adams! My study.
Come along! Carry on.
So Israel rebelled against the house of David You once told me you'd worked for Lenny Powell.
Did I? Yeah, I may have exaggerated slightly But you know what he gets up to at least.
I mean how he operates.
If he was hiding out somewhere, anywhere What am I doing here? Think about it, if you're on the run, what would you do? I don't know.
No, no, no.
Imagine you're Lenny.
I'd lay low for a bit.
Maybe get a boat, plane anything.
That's good, that's good! Go on.
But I'm public enemy number one, so I'd need to get my hands on a new identity - a fake passport.
Maybe change my hairstyle.
I know someone who does that.
What, a barber? Brilliant.
No, a forger.
Lots of people do forgeries.
Not like this bloke, he's the best in town.
Says who? Everyone.
Which means Lenny'd know that.
It's come to my attention that you've been victimizing Adams here.
What do you have to say for yourself? Speak up, boy! I didn't do nothing, sir.
"I didn't do ANYTHING, sir.
" So, you're calling an officer a liar? No, sir.
Has Chapman ever struck you? Answer the question, boy, has he struck you? No, sir.
So you too are calling an officer a liar? No, sir.
Then you admit you were attacked outside the school this morning? No, sir, it were just a game.
It seems neither of you are prepared to tell the truth.
Mr Matthews, I Oh, PC Perkins, stand outside for a moment, will you? Hands.
Ow! Chapman.
Ah! Ah! Break time.
Playing field.
Why'd you have to say anything? I thought I could help.
You should've just left it alone.
I'm sorry.
Apologies for the mess, Mrs Powell.
I hate to create all that extra work for your staff.
Make sure you clear those cabinets, boys.
It's locked, sir.
I don't suppose you have a key? Use a crowbar.
Yes, sir.
That's the one.
Does he live alone? As far as I know, yeah.
Give me three minutes, then go and knock on his door.
Eh Then what? Keep him talking.
Wait! Three minutes exactly? What? I don't know, just three minutes.
I haven't got a watch, have I? Count.
Count, right.
Starting now? All right! One, two, three I'm doing it.
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 DOOR BELL RINGS Coming! Bob! All right? How's tricks? What do you want, Brody? I'm busy.
Yeah, you're looking well.
Can I come in? What do you want? Actually, I'm fine here, actually.
I'm good here.
I was in the neighbourhood, you know, thought I'd just pop by, say hello, as you do.
Actually, you know what? I do have a business proposition for you.
Did you think I'd just turn up here unannounced for no good reason? Um Yeah, what it is I've got some friends residing at Her majesty's pleasure, if you know what I mean? To be frank, Bob, they're not happy with their accommodation, yeah? You know what I mean? Right.
They want to go on holiday, ideally somewhere warm, somewhere hot.
And I told them I knew just the man to make it happen.
Bob, no, come on I've got to go.
Bob! I'll visit.
Bob! Don't go yet! Bob! Piece of cake.
Yeah? What did you find out? He's making a passport for a Mr Lenny Powell.
Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! You and me, eh? We make quite a team, eh? Not bad.
Not bad? Didn't you hear me back there? I was sensational! I was kind of busy.
Well, I was making out, right, I had these mates who were planning their prison break, yeah? Need to get out of the country, yeah? And then, just completely out of nowhere, I started hustling him for a cut, you know, to make it sound more convincing like.
I even started believing it myself for a second, yeah.
I mean, I didn't even plan what I was going to say.
I just opened me mouth and all these words just started tumbling out.
I mean, you're lucky, Sidney, you know, you got somebody like me who's a natural talker cos it's not easy to engage a bloke like Bob.
I mean, no offence, but he's a bit like you in that regard, you know, not exactly what I would call chatty.
Brody! When the passport's ready, I'm guessing someone's going to come and collect it, or Bob's going to deliver it himself.
Are you still with me? Uh-huh, yep.
The point I'm making is this.
We maybe sat together in this car for quite some time.
So unless you want to spend it locked in the boot, you'd better shut up.
Got you.
Shut up.
Do you want to play I-spy? Boys fight all the time.
It's best to let them get on with it.
But it's not a fair fight.
Albert's twice David's size.
Nobody said life was fair, Constable.
The sooner that lesson's learned, the better.
Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to get some lunch.
Mr Matthews, Albert's a bully.
You have I won't be told how to run my school! By you or anyone else! I j I just think I haven't the slightest interest in what you think.
In fact, I find it puzzling that you're even here.
I mean, how is a school-yard scrap a police matter? HE STUTTERS Well?! I trust you can show yourself out.
Ah, Mr Harvey, one minute.
All right.
Well, what is it then? Cos we've run out of C words.
Does that mean you give up? Give me strength.
Should I tell you, yeah? Should I tell you? Last chance.
No? Cu Cu Curtains! Look, we can see his curtains from here.
That's it.
You're going in the boot.
No, look! There he is.
There he is! I hear you had quite an ordeal last night, Perkins.
Yes, sir.
Already back on duty and fighting fit, that's what I like to see.
A young man of character.
We could use more recruits like you.
Come in.
What is it, Perkins? Sir, d-d-do you have a minute? Look at us two, eh? Like a couple of real coppers.
I am a real copper.
Why ain't you wearing the uniform then? Shut up.
What's he doing here? Who? Where? Where? He runs the Sapphire Club.
Right, yeah.
Lot of people on Lenny's payroll.
What's that supposed to mean? Nothing, just saying.
Where? In here? That's right, sir.
Can I get anyone a cup of tea? No? I'm just out here if you change your mind.
Well? What is it? I have an awards ceremony to get to.
There's been a serious allegation made against you.
What are you talking about? I've lodged a complaint.
About the incident in the car park.
What incident? You know what incident.
I'm afraid you'll have to enlighten me, Constable Dawson.
You molested me.
Is this some sort of joke? No, sir.
That's ridiculous.
Molest you? Don't flatter yourself.
She's t-telling the truth.
What did you say? Did you say something? I-I I said she's telling the truth, sir.
I saw you.
And what did you see, Perkins? You forced yourself on her.
I don't have time for this nonsense.
Then I suggest you make time.
Unless you want the matter escalated.
Would the two of you leave us for a moment, please? Yes, sir.
Susie, maybe we could have that tea after all? I'll make it sweet.
Tommy I should've done it sooner.
Thank you.
How dare you threaten ME! You've left me very little choice, sir.
Let's not pretend that you don't have form for this sort of thing.
Now you are very close to retirement age.
You can't be serious.
Over a fumble with the station bike? Be reasonable, sir.
This is the only way for you to leave with your reputation intact.
I'm doing you a favour.
You did the right thing, Perkins.
Dawson, I apologise.
I should've taken your complaint seriously from the start.
He's agreed to go quietly.
But I want to make it official, sir.
Why? To have your name dragged through the mud with his? Not very fair, I grant you, but that's just the way of things.
This is the best outcome for all involved.
Yes, sir.
Back to work then.
How much do you want to bet Lenny's in there? Let's go and find out, shall we, Linus? Where are you going? Here, look, um Sorry, amigo.
It's been a fun ride, but this is where I get off.
I cleaned out the club safe.
How are you going to Spain? The less you know the better.
I can drive you anywhere you need to go.
My car's It's taken care of.
I just want to help.
Then do what I tell you to do.
I have.
Really? You found Rebecca yet? I'm working on it.
Well work faster.
If she talks, we all go down.
I won't let that happen, trust me on that.
Trust you? After falling for a cop? She's not a threat to us, she doesn't know anything.
I'm not taking that chance.
Get rid of them both.
What's the matter? Squeamish all of the sudden? I'd do anything for you, you know that.
Look, I know I screwed up, just give me a chance to make it right.
You don't have to worry about a thing, Lenny, all right? I'm going to take care of the business until it's safe for you to come back and I'll look after Laura and the kids, that's a promise.
That would work out nicely for you, wouldn't it? Is that what all this has been about? What? No.
That's it, isn't it? You think you're next in line.
I should've seen it the day you came to me with your hand out.
Don't say that.
My mistake was giving you that club.
I thought you'd be able to follow orders, keep your mouth shut.
But you're not even good for that, are you? Turn the keys over to Ned, clear out the flat, too.
I want you gone! But I'm your son.
You think because I knocked up some whore that's supposed to mean something? You're filth, just like she was.
If I see you anywhere near my family or the business ever again, I'll kill you myself.
DOOR CREAKING, BIRDS FLUTTERING HE GROANS Ungh! Aaagh! Aaagh! HE LAUGHS What's so funny? You look like hell, Fenton.
What happened? They fire you? Shut your mouth.
Go on, then, where's your cuffs? Where's your backup? Face it, you're nothing without that uniform, and you know it.
Yeah? Well then .
I guess I've got nothing to lose, eh? Oh, come one, really? Tell me why you killed Rosie! I didn't.
Come on! Look, I slapped her around a bit, all right? But was alive when I left her.
Yeah? What? Like Mike Maddock was? Listen, I went a bit far with the boxer, I admit that, but .
I didn't kill Rosie or that councillor.
Really? And now, I suppose you're just going to tell me who did? Chris Hutton.
And you know this how? He's my son.
I hear you're looking for Lenny Powell.
'That's right.
' There's a derelict building just off Leeside Way.
'Wait, who is this?' He's alone.
'Hello?' Wait, who is this? Hello? Hello? 'So it was him all along, was it? 'This secret son of yours.
' I mean, the great Lenny Powell was just an innocent bystander.
It's the truth.
You'll have to do better than that.
What are you running for, Lenny? Eh? Not so tough without your boys, eh? Lenny! How is she? No problem, everything's been fine.
Rebecca! How have you been? Bet you thought that was clever! Eh? Giving Rosie's necklace to my wife! I don't know nothing about a necklace.
I never went anywhere near your family.
But you ordered the killings, didn't you? I told you.
Chris did it without my say-so.
Yeah? Like father like son.
Rosie was killed cos she let Rebecca go.
HE LAUGHS Is that what you think? You know, I hate to say it, but if you really knew Rosie, you wouldn't waste your grief on her.
What are you talking about? Why d'you think she never charged you for sex? I was paying her to keep tabs on you.
You're a liar! Come on, Fenton! You don't really believe she actually loved you? Oh, you poor sap.
Aaah! Get over here! Get over! I'm going to kill you right now! FENTON YELLS Fenton, stop! No! You don't want to do this.
Oh, I do.
I really do! If you let him fall, you're finished.
I'm finished anyway.
You're still a copper! How about you start acting like one? Aah! Remember me? Lenny Powell, I'm arresting you for the murders of Daniel Pembrook, Rosie Turner and the attempted murder He didn't do it.
What? We need to track down Chris Hutton.
I just hope you're not too late, that's all.
Too late for what? He's gone after Rebecca.
He doesn't know where she is.
But Ruby does.
Oh, didn't I say? Chris knows she's a copper.
What are you doing here? I followed you from the police station.
It's not a good time.
Why? Is there someone here? When were you going to tell me? You have to go.
I'm not going anywhere.
Chris I thought I meant something to you.
But all this time you were stringing me along, pretending to give a damn to get what you want.
That's not true.
Please, listen to me.
You're right, I was just playing a part.
But falling for youthat was real.
Is your name even Ruby? It's Gina.
It's not what I wanted I love you, Chris.
I know I have no right to, but I'm asking you to trust me.
I trusted Rebecca once, too.
But she went behind my back with another man, so I gave her to lots of men.
No I should've killed her when I had the chance.
It's not a mistake I'll make twice.
Where is she? I told you, there's nobody here.
That's the last lie you're going to tell me.
Do you understand? Yes.
FLOORBOARDS CREAKING Chris, please listen to me I saidmove! Aagh! Rebecca, let me in! Help me! Rebecca! Rebecca, run! He's armed, get down! He's armed, get down! REBECCA SCREAMS REBECCA SCREAMS HE GROANS SHE SCREAMS Get out of the car! I got him! HE GROANS Stay back! You're not going to shoot me.
Give me the gun.
You're going to jail.
That's not what you want, is it? I love you.
Gina, I love you.
No! GUNSHO (It's all right, it's all right.
It's all right.
) It's all right, Sergeant Fenton, you're in good hands.
We're nearly there now.
Get your Brinford Times here! Policeman gunned down in daring raid! You wanted to see me, Sarge? Not me.
Rebecca! How are you? You look well.
These days, I'll just settle for being alive.
Where are you living? Lottie's putting me up, just until the trial anyway.
She says "hi", by the way.
Oh, andshe wants her photograph back.
Thank you forfor what you did.
You don't have to Yes, I do.
I've been having these nightmaresabout him .
coming for me.
But then I wake up and I know .
he's gone.
Come here.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Goodbye, Gina.
He's not ready for visitors.
You'll have to come back another time.
Let them in.
One very quick hello.
How are you feeling? Like a bullet went through me.
They said it's a miracle it never hit anything important.
Missed your crown jewels, then? Don't make him laugh, it might rupture something.
I'm fine.
The doctor says he's going to make a full recovery.
Then I suppose that makes you a lucky man, Sergeant.
I expect you back on duty as soon as you are able.
Yes, sir.
Well, we should get going.
Good idea.
You rest up now.
I'm glad you're all right, Sarge.
Oh, wrong direction, love.
Visit's over.
Sorry, I was just upstairs.
Can I have a minute? I've just been to see Mike Maddock.
I thought you might like to know he's awake.
He has named Lenny Powell as his attacker.
We've got him on attempted murder.
That's good work.
All right, that's enough talk about work.
He needs to rest.
The best thing for you is to take your mind off everything that's happened.
Take advantage of some time off.
Lord knows when you last had a holiday.
And I know it's not ideal, but at least now you can spend some quality time with me and Peggy.
So every cloud has a silver lining after all, doesn't it? You lost somebody, didn't you? I don't want to know who she was.
I just need to know that it's enough that we're still here.
So, Peggy got an A in her Domestic Science test.
Teacher said her toad in a hole was delicious.
Of course, it's my recipe.
It was my mother's recipe before that, but mine's better.
Lighter butter.
I'll make it for you when you get home.
Would you like that? Bullets flying past, hitting the ground right next to me.
There were hundreds of them.
Oh, yeah? Hundreds were there? That's why I had to shield Sergeant Fenton behind the car.
You should've used your sick bucket, eh? Pee-ow! Bleaurgh! THEY LAUGH How are you holding up, Dawson? Fine, thank you, sir.
You've been through quite an ordeal.
Part of the job.
I'd say it's a little more than that, wouldn't you? Dawson, I've tried my best to make it go away, but Divisional Headquarters want an inquiry into the shooting.
But it was self-defence.
I have no doubt that it was.
But since Mr Hutton was unarmed, there's a case for the use of disproportionate force.
What's more, they feel that a witness placed under your protection was compromised by .
your actions.
I'm sorry, Dawson, I'll I'll back you up as much as I can.
But it's out of my hands.
LAUGHTER Well TAPPING ON GLASS To Perkins! Cheers! To Peeeerkins.
HE LAUGHS Eh, eh! Go on, do it again.