Wrestlers (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

About Face

You stop right now.
I'm the best.
You're a loser. Go back to kindergarten.
- Kindergarten?
- Yeah, you're a you're a baby.
How old are you?
I'm seven years old.
So you're still wearing diapers.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
No. Quit it!
- I got a dog, and she's gonna bite you.
- You've got some nerve.
- Shut up.
- You shut up.
You shut
- Hey, you wanna go one-on-one with me?
- Stop it.
You stop it.
- No, you stop it.
- You stop.
Quit it right now.
I'm trying to give you attention,
and I'm trying to ask you something,
and you just don't want to listen.
Listen to your mother and father, okay?
Just just stop it right now.
- What's your name, little girl?
- You know me.
- I know you?
- Yes.
- What's your name?
- Gracie.
You've been makin'
Your brags around town ♪
That you've been a-loving my man ♪
But the man I love
When he picks up trash ♪
He puts it in a garbage can ♪
And that's what you look like to me ♪
And what I see is a pity ♪
You'd better close your face
And stay out of my way ♪
If you don't wanna go to Fist City ♪
OVW has always been family-oriented.
It's a tradition that I love,
taking my daughter every Thursday night.
It does help kids grow.
It does give them hope they can be
anything they wanna be when they grow up.
It doesn't matter what you are
or who you are or what you do,
no matter what you can do,
is become a superstar.
- I'm gonna see you at the wrestling!
- How are you?
Good. How are you? Hi. You're gonna
cheer for me really loud, right?
These wrestlers, they'll take
time out to see you after a show.
They go out of their way
to make sure everything they do
is bringing the fan to life.
You know me. You've always seen me.
You see me every wrestling day.
- Bye, Gracie.
- I'mma yell back.
They loved Gracie
the moment I brought her.
- Come on, Dobbs!
- Come on, Dobbs!
- Let's go, Dobbs.
- Let's go, Dobbs!
And it's just neat to watch her grow
and get into wrestling
as much as I did as I was a kid.
As a father to a daughter,
it's just touching
to be able to carry a tradition.
This right here
That was
Macho Man Randy Savage. It says, "To Wes."
Daddy got that signed
when he was real little.
Every week, it's,
"Dad, are we going to OVW this week?"
"Dad, are we gonna go watch
my favorite wrestler, like, Haley J?"
It draws you in.
You wanna see guys
make it in the big leagues,
growing constantly in their profession,
at what they wanna do.
What kind of poster
is that, buddy?
She made it. It says, "You suck."
- What about Dark Kloudz?
- Can't hold that for Dark Kloudz.
Yes, I can, because they suck.
You suck! You suck!
If OVW was to close,
it would be devastating to all of us fans.
This has been a home for over 30 years.
You know, I would hate to see this go.
- I would be devastated.
- I would be sad.
- I love these guys.
- No, we love you, man.
Lots of hearts would be broken.
Mine would.
I grew up on OVW.
I mean, it's part of my life.
Rock and roll!
Families love going to these shows.
Hopefully, things can get better.
Hopefully, somebody out there
can help OVW stay alive and keep going.
I mean, Louisville needs OVW.
I'm here to tell you, gal
To lay off of my man ♪
If you don't wanna go to Fist City ♪
Move back!
Come on!
No, not right now!
No, no, no! No, no!
No, no, no! No.
I need all you sexy motherfuckers
to take your shirts off.
- Take yours off.
- Take my what off?
About to send y'all on a mission.
Are you coming
to the free wrestling show?
Go up and talk to the ladies.
And you show 'em this.
Gotcha. Say no more.
Hey, I know you're gonna come
and see me wrestle. I know you are.
- I'll be kicking ass in a few hours.
- You guys like wrestling?
Free show tonight at Walk of Fame Park.
In front of the Hilton. Seven o'clock.
- Come to the free wrestling show tonight.
- See you there?
We'll be all sweaty and muscly,
running around.
Y'all wrestling fans?
Anybody like wrestling?
Do any of you all like wrestling?
Take this.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Free show at 7!
I love you too. Up there! Whoo!
I see you, boy! Yeah!
Free wrestling show
over there at 7. Come see us.
I'll be there.
Hey, look, it's us. Looky!
Free wrestling.
Come see us.
Wave at everybody, guys.
So they got SummerSlam tomorrow.
So I guess that's why
they booked this show the day before,
to try to capitalize off
all those wrestling fans being in town.
I seen a lot of wrestling shirts
when I was flyering.
So might have been a smart idea, actually.
For WWE, it's their second-biggest
event of the year, next to WrestleMania.
There's a lot of WWE fans in town,
which is the purpose of this event,
and hopefully that opens their eyes to OVW
as a different product for them to go,
"I like parts of this.
I like parts of this. I'll watch both."
All it takes is people seeing it one time,
and we believe in what we do.
We believe in our company,
and it'll be a hell of a show.
I want a day off. How about one of those?
When I don't have to go to Holiday Inn.
- Don't have to come fucking here.
- I miss you.
I miss my baby.
My baby's sick. I need a day.
It would be great, 'cause I gotta go
back to Holiday Inn, Sunday. Fuck.
Holiday Inn sucks. By the time
this comes out, we won't even work there.
I won't.
Let's get in the back.
It's after six.
Let's get in the back.
Get in the fucking back.
It's after six o'clock.
- Where's the back?
- See that?
You see those two big fucking OVW signs?
Get in the general location back there.
- What's up Al's butt?
- I must be speaking a different language.
Oh yeah!
Kinda sucks.
I hate battle royals.
I don't know why we're doing this.
Nah, I'm just gonna
go out there and have fun.
You can talk to me,
and I'll take whatever.
- You're going up, right?
- Yeah, I'm bumping tonight.
- Really?
- You'll see.
- How do you know I'mma watch?
- You gonna watch.
I'll see.
- Yeah, I'll watch.
- I know.
Welcome. I am so excited.
It's a beautiful night in the Music City.
'Cause we've got a women's battle royal
here tonight for all of you, all right?
Haley. We're all in the
Freya, you ever had
a bird just shit on you?
- No.
- I just had a bird shit on my hand.
We're next. So we're
I had a bird shit on my hand.
Ring the bell.
The bell rang.
I am not going out.
Get off of me. I'm not going.
I said no! Get off of me!
- Get her out!
- Yeah!
Come on!
- Yes!
- Wow, that's a good pop.
Michelle Green
has been eliminated.
Why does there have to be
so many women's matches?
This ain't Women of Wrestling.
They never watched wrestling before.
- Never.
- You know what I'm saying?
- Are you from Canada?
- Are you from Canada?
I am Canadian.
- We are Canadian. We're from Toronto!
- No! What?
Freya the Slaya
has been eliminated.
Here is your winner
of the $5,000 Battle Royal,
the OVW women's champion, Leila Grey!
What's up, Nashville, Tennessee?
Now, listen, listen.
I know I'm not a fan favorite,
but trust me, I do have a heart,
and tonight I am gonna show you
what "Certified" Luke Kurtis is all about.
Let me direct the attention
to the real star of the show,
the "Unstoppable Danger,"
the one and only, the beautiful,
the stunning,
the one-of-a-kind Miss Leila Grey.
Nobody really knows everything
that we've been through to get here
and how much
this wrestling ring means to us.
More importantly
than sharing a wrestling ring with you,
which is a blessing
every single time I do it,
sharing a life with you
is the most important thing to me.
So, Miss Leila Grey
will you marry me?
Hell yeah. Oh my God.
Oh my God.
- Put it on.
- My finger's shaking.
Hell yeah!
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up
for Luke Kurtis and Leila Grey!
Good stuff.
Hey, you're crying.
- Fuck you.
- Al Snow's crying.
Shut up! Shut up!
"Y'all can't be together.
Couples can't be together on TV."
"Not gonna put them together."
Why, is he gonna propose to you?
- Are you gonna propose?
- If that'll get us on TV.
You know what I'm saying?
I'm all about business.
You better buy me some fake tits,
or you better propose. Pick one.
We can do both.
We'll get it done.
Oh, okay. There you go.
and say,
"Take it away, Linda Kay!"
Take it away, Linda Kay!
You got it.
First, thank everybody for coming.
So I just wanna explain
what we're doing here
'cause I want people to understand, um,
sort of where we are as a company
at the end of the summer.
The product is better than it's ever been
in who knows how long,
and I credit you guys and Al
for making that happen.
We went around the state,
and pretty much everywhere we went,
people want us back the next year,
which is exactly the goal.
With that said, financially,
this is still a huge challenge.
In some ways,
it's more of a challenge than it was.
We're trying more stuff,
and that costs money.
We took in $180,000 less revenue
than we had expenses,
so we lost $180,000
in the first seven months of the year.
People coming to events is no longer
the biggest driver. Not even close.
Ad sales is virtually non-existent.
Sponsorships are huge. We need more.
Large corporate sponsorships is key.
You guys are giving us a platform,
and you guys are taking that risk.
I mean, you're $180,000 in debt.
My question is,
how much longer can you even do that?
I mean, we The next step
Again, this is not soon.
The next step would be,
we can't go live every Thursday night.
That's what we don't wanna do,
but it would save huge money
if we could tape four shows.
That's why Impact does that.
That's why all those shows
do four shows in a month.
It saves them a ton of money.
We won't do that for two reasons.
One, it's what makes us unique,
being live on TV every Thursday night.
And secondly, to be quite frank with you,
I know how much that streak means to him.
OVW has a history
that we wanna preserve, right?
Like, I wanna preserve that gym.
I wanna preserve the weekly live show.
But how do I pay Al?
And how do I pay Bryan Kennison?
And how do we pay the rent?
The money has to come from somewhere,
and right now,
it just comes from us going into debt.
And the biggest expense is Al,
and it's a huge expense.
Al, when's the last time
you wrestled here?
In Davis Arena.
You've been in this ring before.
But you haven't wrestled
on television in quite a while.
Have you ever
wrestled in OVW, on TV?
One Maybe one time.
Heading into
the August 27th match,
would you consider wrestling?
I would be reluctant because I'm
no longer really, technically, a wrestler.
It's not my business anymore.
Al hasn't been
in the ring in a decade.
I asked him, "Would you do it?"
And he was like, "No."
I said, "What if it's against Shannon?"
He was like, "All right, maybe."
Shannon is the bad guy announcer.
And when he's at his best,
I think he's hilarious.
At least you know your place.
And that's backstage,
talking to a champ like me.
I think he just feels like
there's no huge upside at the end for it.
- Yeah.
- Al and Shannon put butts in seats.
My idea was put 'em together
for the final show of the summer.
- It'll help us get a crowd.
- But, man, that doesn't work.
Everything we do is to work towards
a really good story people can relate to,
that they can feel, they can believe.
It has to be real.
If it's not real, the audience will know.
In the next two weeks,
everything I do
is to build towards August 27th.
I'm gonna try my best to tell
some of the most interesting
and creative stories I've ever told.
This one's now
There's a referee named Aaron Grider,
and one of the girl wrestlers
is trying to seduce him, woo him,
so she's basically
talked him into doing a date.
- Hello, Aaron.
- Do I look okay?
- That looks fantastic.
- Okay. All right. Good deal.
You look as sharp
as a rat turd in a dresser drawer.
Well, I mean,
your mom picked this outfit out, so
I wanna do a storyline with Freya.
What she does is, she seduces
and manipulates one of the male referees
to make sure that odds go in her favor.
Aaron, you really
went all out on this.
Nothing but the best for his lady.
And then in the match, Aaron will find out
that, basically, Freya has just used him
to ensure that she wins.
It'll be fantastic. It'll be awesome.
Three, two
- Oh wow. This place is
- You're gonna love this place.
- This place is nice.
- I know.
Let's do that one more time.
Let's close that personal space.
You be the one closing it.
You know, hold his hand.
Have him wear you like a coat.
- Thank you so much for bringing me.
- I've never been here before.
I pitched Al this story
because I'd seen so many storylines at OVW
where we'd have these male heels,
and they would be bullying women.
And they would get
so much heat for doing it
that I just was like,
"I feel like I could do that."
And I feel like, as this queen character,
it really makes sense to have
some poor guy following you around
that you're treating badly.
Perfect. Finally. Yes. Thank you.
It's such an entertaining story,
and this stuff is the stuff
that people relate to, so
Wait. Could you drop the cap, and we can
- And on him.
- "Excuse me for a minute."
Yeah, I can do that.
- Oh, let me get
- Oh, I've got it. Don't worry.
- Argh
- I'm six feet tall.
My size definitely
comes into play when I'm wrestling,
but I still want to be able
to be attractive when I wrestle.
I don't want to just be a scary monster.
So I really appreciate, at OVW,
that they're even letting me do
this romance story angle.
I normally don't do tequila either,
'cause it makes my clothes come off,
but I thought tonight
I might make an exception.
Everyone's gone on a bad date,
and everyone's had someone either
more interested in them than they were
or vice versa.
And so all these real human stories,
when we're showing those,
I think people can really relate to them.
Since I've been in Louisville,
I went on one date.
- Yeah?
- This man had a dominatrix fetish.
Once he found out I was a wrestler,
he wanted me to beat him up.
- Oh.
- Was awkward.
When I was trying to date online,
people who reached out to me were saying
they just wanted me
to step on their balls and beat them up.
- Gosh.
- I could not see that working.
I could not imagine it working either.
Gosh, no.
People are fucking weird.
That's not that was the
Oh my God! Oh!
I'm good. I'm good.
OVW's completely different
than anywhere else I've ever trained.
You can do anything
if it makes sense with the story.
No one else had really ingrained that
in the same way that Al did,
and how important that is.
That's what we're working toward,
trying to get people
invested in the story we're telling.
Wait till I tell you
where we're going.
We're not gonna stop at the 27th.
- We're not?
- No.
You know, I was gonna have
James cut a promo today
where he's laughing and claiming
that you're a liar and you're a coward.
And this'll work out because I can
keep this going until the 27th.
Let's do this
so I can take this jacket off.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- Dislocated my shoulder.
- Dislocated your shoulder. Okay.
Well, your request
for a rematch for the national title,
we'll have to put it on hold
for two to three weeks.
But when you get healthy
and you're ready, you're in ring shape,
then we'll readdress the rematch
and see when we can schedule it.
Thank you for opportunities.
I'll bring my title back, I promise you.
Because I'm your student,
and I'm the lion of this jungle.
Okay, thank you.
Glad you didn't do that with your bad arm.
I thought he was gonna knock shit off.
It's the end of summer.
You know, I'm working
with in mind to August 27th.
When everybody asks me,
"Hey, what do you think?"
"How do you think the show's gonna go?"
I go, "I don't know. I have no idea."
If you can't do the match, I'll do it.
- We can have you on commentary.
- There it is.
I'm putting together a picture puzzle,
and it's gotta be as clear
and succinct as possible,
but I don't have a lid,
I have no edge pieces,
and I don't have an idea
of what the picture's going to be
until I get all the pieces put together.
And at any point in time,
one of the pieces can decide,
"I don't wanna play.
I don't wanna be that piece."
- Doing all right?
- Yeah.
A lot better than where I was,
that's for sure.
"That piece got hurt,"
or "That piece got sick."
Now that picture has to change
'cause you've lost those pieces.
By the time I get there,
things will become a lot clearer.
- Shut the door. Let's talk.
- All right.
Happy to see you, babe.
- I'm just happy to be seen.
- Yeah. So, what happened?
- What did they say at court?
- Uh
Start three-year diverted sentence,
like, some unsupervised probation,
uh, about $200 of court costs,
and just be good.
Really? Man, you lucked out.
Majorly. Yeah, that's for sure.
- I'm slightly over 50 days sober.
- Good for you. It's a big step.
It was tough, them first weeks,
but now it's just smooth sailing.
You look good.
I'm still angry at you.
I can imagine that.
- But
- But, so, what do you think?
My whole schedule is free
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays.
- It ain't that simple, kid.
- Right.
Back in the day
I wouldn't have let you come back.
But it ain't back in the day no more, so
give it some time.
You've got to demonstrate
through your actions that you're serious.
- I understand.
- But I know you can do it.
You stick with it,
and when the time's right,
then we'll bring you back,
and you earn your way back in.
- All right? All right.
- I got you.
All right, kid.
Thank you, boss man.
- Keep your head outta your ass.
- I will.
- All right.
- It smells shitty down there anyways.
If you don't,
I'm gonna put my foot up your ass.
- We'll find a spot for you.
- Perfect.
- What'd Al say?
- Time.
Yeah. Not an exact date.
I'll have to apologize to the whole group
when fuckin' Al's ready.
He said, give it some more time.
You know, keep doing it.
'Sup, man?
You say you got
three years' probation?
- Unsupervised.
- You're at shows.
You're on the fliers
in the bathrooms so you know.
It'll be great.
Can you hit this?
Are you California sober?
California surfin'?
- Sober.
- Shit
- California sober.
- I ain't ridin' with it. Too much work.
I wouldn't ride with it,
but I'll smoke it.
- I'm gonna ride with it.
- Glad to see you, man, for real.
I'm glad to be seen.
I'm gonna
put my face on now. Whoo!
Let's try to do
this side of the street.
Who's open at this hour?
- It's, like, 11:30.
- I know. I know.
- If we can.
- Hi. Welcome.
Hi. I was wondering
if we can throw a poster in your window?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
We're putting a lot behind this
'cause The Big One
is supposed to be our WrestleMania.
I don't know how to promote that
without a budget, to push it that way.
Not only that. We've only
announced three fucking matches.
Can we put up a flyer right here,
along with these fliers as well?
- It's not explicit, just a wrestling show.
- Love it.
- Cool?
- We're cool with it.
- Big One sales could be better.
- What have we sold?
We're right at a hundred.
Our walk-up is usually at least
50 to 75 on the weekends.
So, if this thing eats shit, you know
exactly where it's gonna fall back on.
Of course.
It's not gonna be
doubled ticket prices.
It's gonna be,
"Bryan, why didn't you push harder?"
Should have done more.
That's the thing, man.
Like, for OVW, it is one thing because
Hey, fella.
We can't say it's our biggest show
of the year, it's our 'Mania,
and then it eats shit
and have no one there.
That makes the company look bad.
We tape the shit out of this place.
Thank you. Really appreciate it.
We have to
fucking knock it outta the park.
If we have less than
a couple hundred people at something
that's supposed to be our biggest show,
we'll look like idiots.
I have this feeling that
if they make tough financial decisions
I'm already living
check to check as it is.
- What's up? How are you?
- Good.
This is big injury, like, shoulder, like
- Huge. Lots of trauma.
- Yeah.
So have to take care of that
because I don't want to again.
How many week
we need for wrestling?
Just in case the company ask me.
Now, think about if you land wrong
doing a move or maneuver.
- Yeah.
- We're at risk.
Like, you probably need
a good three or so more weeks
to progress in some things,
and then it's week to week.
I'm supposed to be wrestling on 27th
in OVW, so I'm probably not wrestling.
That's better.
My goal is to leave a big impact
in this whole wrestling industry
and my career and my family, you know?
So whenever I'm trying
to reach there and I get injured,
of course, I get mad, like,
you know, like, "Why? Why?"
"Why that happening to me?" over and over.
Because Maybe this is because, uh
You know, this is part of life,
or maybe just because
I have to go through it
because this is my destiny, you know?
So it's okay.
Pain is coming. Excellence is coming.
Whatever comes to my life,
I will take because I'm unstoppable.
We'll get there, man.
That's you, brother. Thank you.
I'm already sweating balls.
I'm done.
One more set.
Come on, you got this. Breathe.
- Exhale all that negativity.
- I'm about to exhale you.
"You." All right, last set.
A great workout, by the way. Fire workout.
You should be real proud of yourself.
Okay? You're doing so good.
So good.
She does great in the gym. She just
doesn't have enough days at the gym.
If I could get her to go,
like, four days a week
and then drink protein shakes,
that would be great.
- She doesn't wanna drink protein shakes.
- More beer.
Once she's in a rhythm, she's great.
She does great when she's here.
I feel like we're
in a great place right now.
We're in the best position
that we've ever been,
and I'm just trying to ride
that wave of positivity.
- Don't you feel better?
- No. I'm done. I'm tired.
Come on.
- Haley, how are you?
- I'm good. How are you doing?
Good. Hope everything's
going all right. Um
Hey, a couple things.
First, and this is no big deal,
but I just wanna know.
I see you can't do Saturday.
Is there is there a reason?
Uh, yeah, I'm booked in LA.
Okay. What for?
WOW. Women of Wrestling.
- Hi, honey.
- Finally.
What in tarnation we got going on here?
- I don't know. It just stopped working.
- It stopped? Let me have a gander.
I go back in August.
There was big plans for you
to be a part of this finale, August 27th.
I still might do that.
Still might. Try to figure it out.
Maria and Haley,
apparently, they're returning to WOW,
which is Women of Wrestling.
Can I fix it?
Honey, I'm a professional. Step aside.
They are willing to take themselves
out of the picture, here in OVW,
right in the middle
of build to August 27th.
I have to call Mama. She got the big rig.
I just got the little rig.
It gets aggravating,
I gotta be honest.
I have to bend over backwards
and adjust TV and adjust everything else,
but they come and go as they please.
I think it's a lateral move.
It's just very short-sighted.
Do you think maybe, Haley,
that you might be moving on?
Yeah, I would hope so.
Zayden, you done with OVW?
- Damn, got more XL's than anything.
- Here, Zayden, you wanna wear this?
Like Darkstorm, he won't take his off.
You're not allowed to either.
That means you're mine.
Should set our shit at the merch table.
Then guess what?
- Sell some shit.
- Know why I don't?
Because Cash Flo's already
over there at the table wearing his gear,
and I'm not ready to talk about
this wrestling shit, so I avoid him.
I think it's a social thing.
I avoid the merch table
so I don't have to talk to wrestlers.
- Is that crazy?
- Yeah, you'll make no money.
This note that Haley wrote me
I hope it was a nice one.
I wouldn't still be reading it
if it was mean.
"You're not a bad person."
"You have demons
you're constantly fighting."
"I wish you didn't feel the way you do.
I want you to be happy."
"You'll be successful in whatever you do,
as long as you stay focused."
"Stop stressing
over things you can't control."
"I don't know how to get through to you.
I don't even know how to show you I care."
"Can't make you happy
till you make you happy."
"You can't change who you are.
Neither can I."
"We're too much alike to make it."
You better frame that.
- What'd you crumple it up for?
- I didn't. It was on the floor.
- I don't know where it came from.
- Probably your box of shit.
Well, I would say
we came a long way since this.
I feel like, in a relationship,
both people have to be on the same page,
trying at the same time,
if it's gonna work.
But I trust Haley,
or I wouldn't be with her.
And if I didn't see me being with her
for something more serious than this,
then I wouldn't be with her
'cause I'm old.
I'm trying to fucking
settle down and chill out,
and, um that would be great
if she can do the same.
I was gonna ask about Shera.
He separated his shoulder, right?
- No, he dislocated it.
- He did?
Yeah, Shera dislocated it.
- What'll happen with the title?
- I don't know.
I'd planned on using him on the 27th.
- Right.
- If Shera can't be there, I've no idea.
- I'll have to figure out something
- Yeah.
really quick that makes sense
to put in that place.
And Haley, you know, disappearing
right in the heart of when I was
trying to build toward the 27th.
I gotta figure out
how to make it as big as possible
and as significant as possible
with the resources that I have.
I've been reluctant
to be in the ring on August 27th.
With Shera and the injury,
and with Haley and the time off,
I don't know if I have a choice,
but I'm a wreck.
The years of abuse
have really fucked me up.
I live in dramatic pain every day.
Edge now,
Al Snow on his shoulders.
- Oh no!
- Face-first!
- Man!
- Chair into the gut.
- Al may have a busted rib.
- Yeah!
He got both knees
replaced in 2020,
but they were just destroyed
from years of jumping off of scaffolding
and doing moonsaults
and going through tables.
He breaks apart
his insides every match.
I don't think so!
He's had shoulders that have been
separated and dislocated numerous times.
Al Snow
pulling out all the stops.
Countless concussions.
He's had his neck broken.
A head of steam.
Thumb has been broken.
I think wrists, elbows.
His elbows are messed up.
back into the wrist lock,
and drives the elbow
When I go to the ring, I'm very nervous
because I don't want
to be an embarrassment to the business,
and I'm afraid that I might
if I can't move
the way I always have moved.
Even when my knees
were bad, like, I could
I could move. I mean, I was good.
I hope and pray
that I can do the same still.
- All right.
- Life in abundance.
My bad. I did too much.
Give me a little bit more.
- You're crazy.
- Yeah, she
- Okay. Right.
- Whatever, sissy.
What is that? You just come from LA
and just start getting extra bougie?
How was Cali, Haley?
- Fine.
- Learn anything?
I learned that I'm more of a superstar
than I thought I was.
- Straight up.
- Damn.
Was that possible?
- You gotta go back?
- Yeah.
When? After we get done
with everything or before?
I think, from August 22nd
to September 3rd.
- Oh. That's a miss.
- It's like ten days.
- So hold on. You're about to miss that?
- I think, yeah.
The August 27th pay-per-view?
- Yeah.
- So, you think that's a good career move?
To miss the fucking finale?
- The biggest show. Our big show.
- Our WrestleMania of the summer.
I've already been at OVW for over a year.
- We have too.
- And I've got the same opportunities.
I'm making the same amount of money.
- Say what?
- Y'all not gonna tag team me.
I thought you was only going out there
to do the shows, you feel me? Like
Yeah, but we have other
production stuff that I gotta do, so
Let me show you.
I got this on my phone.
This is all these whores
who got fucking stranded.
- Bumbaclot!
- Stop saying that. Jesus Christ.
Sorry. All these
I would like to acknowledge,
he hates women wrestling.
That's why he said "whores."
That's her gimmick.
It's fire, right? That's her.
- So, look, they pulled up
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa!
We on Sunset Drive.
We're going to Rodeo. Gucci!
They're getting too much press.
We're not putting 'em over.
Shut it down.
Tell them to get trained. How about that?
- I ain't
- Back to wrestling. We'll go to the ring.
- You can train 'em.
- Here we go.
Hold on.
You hear me?
I hear you.
I was putting my shit in the car.
Everybody okay?
So I don't know
what's going on for tonight,
but, from what I understand,
Dark ain't gonna be here.
What boss say?
Al was trying
to keep this off-camera.
I know he ain't happy
with the shit, though.
Oh no.
Dark sealed y'all's fate, for real.
'Cause him and Rev
got in that fight in front of Doug.
Yeah, I know.
That's what I'm saying, man.
I'm like, what the fuck?
Then you want to start scrapping
with motherfucking Rev,
in front of the fucking coach, dude?
So I don't know.
- Right.
- Right.
- All right.
- Bye.
I'm not supposed to say nothing,
but I'm just telling you what I remember.
We had an altercation, drinking,
and we had kind of been
at each other's throats
for a few days already.
She said something.
I took it the wrong way.
Um, so I got out of the car
and started walking.
Well, the day before this,
she threatened to leave me, at OVW.
I thought she was threatening
to leave me again. I got real mad.
I kicked in her car door.
Uh, I tried to grab her
through the car window.
I grabbed her, and then Ronnie is like,
"What the fuck, Darkstorm?"
And I'm like, "Fuck you."
"You ain't never helped me
when she was trying to fight me."
And then he ended up
getting out of the car,
and then, uh,
we kind of wrestled around a little bit.
Yeah, I was in a weakened mental state,
and, um, I was the aggressor,
and I I put my hands on her.
I didn't hit her or nothing.
We're both hot-headed, crazy,
and very strong opinionated.
I found myself, several times,
hitting him in his face
and causing injuries or whatever.
- You hit him in the face?
- Mm-hmm.
Yep. Psycho, toxic relationship stuff.
Has he ever hit you?
No comment.
Nothing like that.
Nothing like I've done to him.
I've definitely done
the worst amount of damage.
I had to realize that I was
part of the problem, you know?
Their relationship is toxic.
Like, it's just not a good relationship.
He was more worried
about controlling what she's doing
than working on himself
and his own opportunity.
I try to advise, you know, talent not to
not to be incestuous
and start dating within the locker room.
What if Darkstorm and Haley are,
you know, together, and she takes off,
and she starts being even more successful,
and she gets an opportunity,
but he doesn't,
and he gets kind of left behind?
And now she's out on the road, and
You know what I mean?
And a lot of times,
it's a recipe for disaster.
Right now, as it stands,
we need some time to work on ourselves.
- Separately.
- Separately. Yeah.
'Cause I'm so close
to getting what I want,
I was holding myself back
in some way, shape, or form.
I love OVW. I love everybody here.
I don't wanna burn any bridges, but, uh,
I can't stay here.
I gotta go spread my wings.
So, Saturday night,
I bought a pay-per-view.
It was called
"Coast to Coast" or something.
And I say this with all due respect.
It was horrible.
Our stuff kills it.
Our stuff absolutely kills it.
They don't have any backstory.
They're hitting each other with things.
You don't know the characters.
And I saw later
that they had 5,000 pay-per-view buys.
But they weren't as good as us.
It's gotta be a marketing thing, right?
Like, it's
That would be a good area, also,
for Bryan to get those people.
I'm agreeing with you, Matt.
Once they see us,
they're gonna start watching us.
That's true for Bryan.
I'll talk to him about it.
I told him at the beginning,
"You gotta step up
if we're gonna keep you full time."
There were periods of time
where he wasn't doing anything.
Attendance, he hasn't done a great job of
figuring out how to get people every week.
So I see the 27th as a chance for Bryan
to land the plane
at the end of the summer.
Okay. Last thing.
Let's make this the absolute best card
we can put on the table.
We will do so.
Shera, I know, is hurt,
so he can't be there.
And James Storm has that belt,
so he obviously can't be there.
Jesse's there, Dustin,
the tag team champions, women's champion.
- Lawrence will be there.
- Crowd likes him. Joe.
Joe Mack? Yes. The Kentucky champion.
- What about Leila?
- Yes.
What we gotta do
to get you in the ring?
I'm I'm thinking about it.
You in the ring,
I know it's not what you love,
but it'll guarantee us
what we need to have happen, so
Is your concern
the angle to get you in the ring,
or is it a physical?
No, it's not physical. I just want
to make sure I do it the right way.
- That's all.
- Here's my perspective.
That is going to probably be
our biggest show
that we've had since we've been involved.
It's the most important show
and the last show of the summer.
We're gonna have a huge crowd
and, hopefully, can charge real money.
Al, if you're on it,
we might get some pay-per-view buys.
Here's what Craig and I talked about.
If you agree to be on it,
we're interested in spending money to
bring somebody else big in here to have,
like what we did with James Storm,
but with somebody else.
So But I want you on it
because everybody wants to see you.
Plus, I think the idea
of Shannon talking shit to you,
and your response,
allows me to do it on the radio.
Me saying on the radio,
"Shannon versus Al,"
will fill this gym, period.
It's the day before my birthday.
I can sell it as that.
- So
- I'll do it.
All right, he agreed.
There we go. Peer pressure.
- Don't leave me hangin'.
- What?
Here's the other thing
I wanna do that night
If you put me in a corner,
and there is no choice,
then I'm gonna do everything I can
because if you want something
bad enough, you'll find a way.
This is all or nothing for me.
Welcome, everyone.
Kentucky Sports Radio.
This is an Ask Anything Wednesday.
And a special guest,
Shannon the Dude. How are you?
You can't keep running a business
where you lose money all the time.
That's not a business model.
That doesn't work.
If we can't fill that place up
with Al and Shannon wrestling,
then we gotta change stuff.
The only real talent I have
is I just don't give up.
I'm just not gonna quit
until I fill the building.
The first thing that would happen
is we'd get rid of weekly shows.
But longer term, this place might close
if we can't justify keeping doing it.
- How's that feel?
- Sucks ass.
You got it. Almost there.
Jeez, you got
all your veins popping right now.
Somebody wrote, "If Shannon were to cut
a promo on Al now, how would it look?"
Let's practice right here.
Well, listen, Al. I know you were
a big WWE superstar 25 years ago,
but, you see, you're now old.
You're washed up.
Your glory years are over.
You're living your golden years.
Saturday night, when you're beaten down,
you're wallowing in your own tears,
I'll take the stupid mannequin head
you carry around.
I'll shove it so far up your rear end,
you're gonna look like a Siamese twin.
- Do you understand that?
- Oh! Oh my goodness.
If I'm Al Snow,
I don't even show up Saturday now.
If you wanna go see,
Get your tickets right now. Tell me about
You're free to do anything you want,
any way you want.
Tell a story.
You've got to realize how you're
making the audience want something,
and now how can you build that heat?
I want you to use your creativity
and your imagination
because that's
the most valuable tool you have.
I'm doing it
because I really desperately want this
and everyone involved in it to succeed.
I really do.
Even in spite
of some of these people,
I'm gonna do everything I can
to try to help them succeed.
Out of all the people
who've invested in this company,
the one thing that I have put in
that no one else can is I've put me.
- I hated Al Snow as a kid.
- Hated?
Could not stand
the stupid character.
I hated it. Absolutely.
"I'm Al Snow."
I don't give a shit
what anybody says.
If this goes tits up, the only guy
who's gonna eat a shit sandwich is me.
My name, my reputation,
my legacy after getting out of here,
is all wrapped up into this.
This is who I am.
This is my life.
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