Wrestlers (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

The Big One

Now, let's get it straight!
I've been wrestling
for ten years, and I've done it all!
And if you think for one minute
that you guys are gonna walk around
telling the world that Ric Flair's done,
you're out of your mind!
The neck hurts, and I've paid the price.
- Whoo!
- Everybody, thanks for being here.
I've watched him since I was seven.
I want to see the last one.
We drove nine and a half hours
to be here tonight.
The greatest of all time!
Ric Flair's gonna come in tonight
stylin' and profilin'.
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
- Can I get a picture with you?
- Yeah.
Al Snow, baby. Everybody likes Head. Hey.
- You're the man. Thank you, take care.
- Thank you.
- Al, you're the man.
- Spread the word. Not enough people know.
Al Snow with Head, watched them
many times in WWE back in the day.
He was always getting the crowd into it,
just real big.
- Thanks, man.
- Sure.
He wanted everybody to have a good time
while he was performing for everyone.
- Thanks, man.
- What does everybody want?
- Never gets old.
- Great show.
- How are you?
- Good. How are you?
Good. Did you see Al?
There he is. This guy here.
Of course I did. Hell yeah!
You are looking live
at Ric Flair's final match.
Everybody "whoo" - ing.
It's the white robe!
One of the more iconic robes
that he has worn
throughout his illustrious career.
Recognized by many
as the greatest professional wrestler
of all time,
"The Nature Boy."
What an ovation.
What a wonderful career.
And here we go.
I met Ric when I was 18 years old.
I was two weeks in the business,
and Ric walked in the locker room.
There it is!
I heard that.
Listen to the fans with Ric Flair.
You still got it!
You still got it!
You still got it!
This is awesome though.
This is old school heat.
The fact that they're booing.
They don't boo anymore.
Why do you think
you have become a wrestler?
I have no fucking idea.
I have no idea.
I wish somebody would tell me.
I don't know.
I wish I could fucking figure it out.
I was 14 years old,
and I made a conscious decision
that I was gonna be
a professional wrestler.
Brother, let me tell you something.
That was it. I knew what I was gonna do.
I set upon doing
everything I could to make that happen.
- Good to see you. You look great.
- Thank you.
Because of making that choice,
I've gotten to see things, do things,
go places that other people
only get to see on the Internet or on TV.
All because I chose to
fake fight other men,
in my underwear,
for money, as a grown man.
- Thanks, Al.
- What's up, kid?
The most ridiculous way to make a living.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
And probably
the most fucking awesome way too.
Dallas! Dallas!
Hey! What's up, buddy? How you doing, Al?
If you want me on your show,
I'll come and do it with you.
I don't say shit I don't mean,
and I don't do shit for nothing anymore,
except for people I love.
- Well, thank you.
- All right.
I think I've had an amazing career,
but at the same time,
I feel that I could have been much,
much more successful than what I was,
if I had known then what I know now.
Just key moments of not being aware
of what matches were for me
and to make myself a draw, an attraction,
and be viewed as a main eventer.
Al Snow and Head!
Look at this moron.
I was more concerned
about having a great match,
as opposed to having a match
that made me a great attraction.
don't deserve it.
He's not officially part of the WWF.
I returned to WWE,
and the very first match,
I was put in a tag match with Too Cool.
That's my opportunity to get myself
and the gimmick, Head, over
and win the match.
Get the ball rolling
and show that I was a star.
And they came to me, and Jerry Lawler
pitched the idea of a funny finish where,
you know, they put
a Head & Shoulders bottle into the head
and pinned Head instead of me.
It's a bottle
of Head & Shoulders.
You know,
I was thinking only in the moment.
- I said, "Great finish."
- Great.
What I should have done is won.
Too Much!
And I didn't.
I got beat by a lower-level team.
I raised them up, not myself,
and that was a big mistake.
But I've gotten to live a life.
I made a conscious decision
when I was 14 years old that this was it,
and it's been it.
How would you want
your last match to be?
- I haven't given it much thought.
- How can you not?
Honestly, because what I'm doing with OVW
is just as gratifying
as when I'm in there.
It really is,
just in a different way. Yeah.
I do wonder sometimes
how long I can keep doing this.
Sometimes I feel like
the wrestling business has passed me by,
but then I remember
all the stories we told,
all the moments we created.
I realized a long time ago,
that's gonna be my legacy in the business.
I'm gonna show everyone
that what we do and how we do it,
it's not passé. It's not old school.
They haven't reinvented the wheel.
What we do here works.
Rev, Rev.
You feeling bad
or lose your voice?
Think I got food poisoning.
I've been shitty.
Today, I started puking,
and I was like, "Oh God."
I got no voice
'cause I wrestled three days.
I feel like shit, but I look good.
I got all this makeup on.
That's the thing that's different for me.
You look like you're
about to have a country music video.
- Honk, honk!
- Mm-hmm.
- You do have big hair.
- 'Cause I got a big head.
- I need big hair to match it.
- When are y'all coming back?
Good question.
They don't even miss me at OVW?
I'm sure everybody misses you.
But nobody's, like, lighting candles
with your picture on the wall.
I would hope not. I'm not dead.
We're doing our thing.
You know.
I miss OVW.
You just go be wild,
and go blow up over there. We here.
It's fucking hot outside.
I'm going back in.
All right, go in, girl.
I love you. Talk to you later.
Okay, love you too.
As a wrestler,
I'm ready to leave the bird's nest.
I'm ready to take off and do other things,
but I feel like mentally, emotionally,
I miss everyone. And I'm like,
that's my comfort zone. That's my home.
I trust Al with my life. But we'll see.
So I just wanna get everybody
on the same page for the final event.
Oh, we're doing 20 dollars, right?
No giveaways. I mean, none.
Wrestlers can't sneak people in the door
- Twenty bucks?
- They're on sale for 20. Presale.
- It's been 20 from the beginning.
- Okay.
We'll get 20 bucks 'cause we're
gonna have a big influx of people
come to see Al beat up Shannon.
Talk to me about the card
because I'm gonna probably do
the most promotion on my stuff
that I've done
in a long time for the show.
So, the women's match is Leila-Freya?
Uh, it'll be Leila and Freya,
and Aaron Grider
will not be a part of the match.
But then we will bump the referee,
and Aaron will come out.
All right, that's good.
Tony versus Pec, is that right?
- It's Tony versus Jessie.
- Okay.
And then, let's see, what's Haley doing?
Uh, nothing, um,
because she and Maria may not get back.
- Can you do a conditional, if she's here?
- I don't know. I'll think about it.
I may be able to do something last minute,
but we'll see.
You ever heard of AEW?
- Yeah.
- It's one of the other big feds.
You got WWE, you got AEW,
you got Impact, and you've got us.
Yeah, you got OVW.
There's, like, six of us that went down.
- It was
- Y'all drove?
- No, they flew us.
- Flew you?
- Yeah, they flew us all.
- Okay, I guess it's nerd time.
All right, let's check it out.
I wanna see how this production is here.
You take up,
like, half the TV.
- Was it fun doing this?
- Yeah, it was very fun.
I had nerves 'cause I hadn't been there,
and I don't know those producers.
A lot more people watch this.
They're on national television every week.
Well, are you gonna
make more money?
I make a lot more money working
for these guys than I do for OVW.
- Yes.
- Huh.
- Whole new level.
- Much larger platform.
A whole other level. I was disappointed
they didn't allow me to chop nobody.
- You didn't go to be a star.
- I didn't.
You went to be enhancement.
I went down there to be
who they needed me to be. Yes.
And I'm okay with that.
Aw, what?
I thought you were gonna win.
- You thought I was gonna win?
- Yeah.
I wouldn't be much enhancement
if you thought I was gonna win.
I think it went well.
- You guys proud of your dad?
- Yeah.
- Proud of you, Dad.
- Thank you.
I wanted him to make it big, to where
he could make a lot of money and stuff.
A lot of people try to do it and can't,
and he won't ever stop doing it either.
Whether it pays good or not,
he loves to do it.
You wanted
to see me chop somebody.
Yeah, I was wanting to see one.
Dynamite chop.
When you first
come into wrestling,
you get blinded by the lights.
You ask a lot of guys, and they'd say,
"I wanna work for
a nationally televised company."
And lucky for me,
I see the passion and the vision
of the people that own and run this place.
I wanna be a part of that.
Is this straight?
Feels like it's a real exciting time.
Everybody's enjoying coming to work.
Everybody's getting paid.
Everybody's excited, you know?
Then you couple that with the momentum
out there in the wrestling community.
All right, I'm good and set up now.
I'm ready to make some money.
I feel like morale is probably
the highest that it's ever been there.
I hope that the buzz is so great
that we have no other choice
but to go into fall and winter
with our heads above water.
Welcome. Kentucky Sports Radio.
Michael. What's up, Michael?
Hey, I wanted to talk about
this big tag team match coming up.
- It's a big one.
- It's called The Big One.
This is our WrestleMania.
We call it The Big One.
Al Snow and Doug Basham
versus Joe Mack and Adam Revolver.
If Al and Doug win, Al gets five minutes
alone in the ring with Shannon.
- What are you gonna do to him, Shannon?
- Well, first of all, let's back up.
This match between Al and I won't happen
because our guys are gonna win,
but I'm gonna give them
an opportunity to back out of this match.
I won't do that for most people.
When he comes, he can apologize.
We'll just act like it never happened.
- Al, how are you, sir?
- I'm good.
I'm excited to be here, even though
there's another idiot in the other room.
- You know.
- We're finishing the summer tour.
- Yeah.
- How's it been?
It's been exhausting,
I've gotta be honest.
It's been very trying,
but it's been awesome.
This coming Saturday is gonna be
a great way to end the whole summer.
- The Big One.
- Yes.
That's right. Uh
Something you could never refer
to Shannon "The Dude" as.
Okay. You wanna talk
- In any manner.
- Nice. I love it.
- See
- Shut your pie hole.
What are you gonna
do to me on Saturday night?
If I had a hundred of you on a stick,
you'd look like a hairbrush.
I'm about to come over
and make The Big One happen right now.
You could There's nothing
but air and opportunity.
I sucked up all the air, boy.
Let me tell you,
I'm bringing you out of retirement.
I'm gonna put you back into retirement
after Saturday night.
You'll be lucky
if you make retirement after I get done.
- We'll see.
- Wow!
You are the COVID of humanity.
He's got little one-liners.
We'll see how tough you are.
I don't need more than one line
to take you out.
We'll knock your dentures out.
You won't have any one-liners after that.
Your parents loved anal.
There's no other way
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hang on.
- Should we dump that?
Now, dump that. Dump that, Shannon.
Go ahead and dump that.
Just because
I love you, Al, but we just gotta
- That wasn't one of the words.
- I understand. Now, Al
It's a technical term. I mean
Al Snow. Wow.
You're channeling the old days. I love it.
I'm glad there's a wall between these two,
or we'd have the match here.
By the way,
if you wanna go see this match,
OVWrestling.com to get your tickets.
Saturday night, seven o'clock,
at historic Davis Arena.
Al, this was a pleasure.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
- A pleasure for you.
- Gonna be a pleasure on Saturday.
- A displeasure when I look at him.
- I had a blast having you here.
Shannon, any final words for Al?
He'll see my words.
He'll feel it coming up Saturday night.
- Al, final words?
- That was intimidating, wasn't it?
Oh my God. Oh, let me Wait.
Let me hold on to my seat.
Wow, I'm terrified now.
I mean, if it wasn't the fact that you cut
such a physical presence already
I mean, wow,
what a way to put out a threat. Ooh!
Hope your ass isn't kicked by
my team on Saturday before I get to you.
Oh God. You are like
a walking tumor, you know that?
- You're like an aneurysm that I just
- All right. Go to bed, old man.
We'll take a break
and be right back.
Al Snow, everybody.
This is Kentucky Sports Radio.
I might come in that room
and start it now.
That was awesome. Well done, sir.
It's great to see you in that role.
- I haven't before.
- Beautiful.
That was awesome.
- Thank you. That was fun.
- See you this afternoon.
Okay. See you, guys.
- See you Saturday.
- Thank you.
Thanks, Shannon. I'll see you later.
He's gotta do
that stuff more often.
Seriously. That's the first time
I've seen him do that, and he was amazing.
That's why I think
we don't end this after Saturday.
I agree. With that chemistry?
- No offense, the wrestlers can't do that.
- Yeah.
I can still physically do
a lot of stuff I have done in the past,
but I don't know if I should.
- You got new knees.
- But they're new.
I haven't broke 'em in yet.
I like watching you wrestle.
I just worry.
- You shouldn't worry. I'll be fine.
- I do.
- I'm allowed to worry, be concerned.
- I appreciate you do.
I didn't say you weren't.
I didn't say you weren't allowed to.
You don't have to.
I've been doing it for a long time,
and I know what to do
and how to protect myself.
If you're not
consciously thinking about it,
you can't subconsciously be worried,
'cause you're gonna hold back.
We're hoping
that I can sell out the house,
and give the talent an experience
in front of an audience
that they may not have otherwise had.
It's gonna be you
and Doug selling the show.
It better be. If it ain't,
clearly I have overestimated
my opinion of myself.
"Couldn't even sell 400 seats."
"What are you gonna teach me?
How to suck?"
Yep, you're right.
That's what I'm gonna teach you.
- Oh God.
- I'm gonna
Shut up.
Here we go. That's much better.
We have
a 400-seat building out there.
And I'm hoping
that I've generated enough heat
in the audience to pack that building
and have a really good show.
There's always that pressure,
and there's always that stress.
That fear of taking one step back,
of losing any kind of ground
that you've gained with the audience
that you've struggled so hard to achieve.
And that, honestly, terrifies me.
- Thank you, friend.
- Welcome.
- Ashcraft.
- Yeah?
We could use this bone
as a weapon in the Hell's Gate match.
What the fuck is wrong with you, Morty?
The sound's been so off the past
several weeks. I'm like, "Why is it?"
We didn't have any bass on.
You should hear a marked improvement
in the sound tonight.
- So, if all else fails
- Interview!
Do you know I was seen in public with him
not once, not twice, but three times?
- Do you know what that does for my image?
- He's in the back, overhears it.
He overhears it.
All of a sudden, the camera slides over.
He's standing there, going
Aw! Are your feelings hurt?
Are you gonna cry? Oh my gosh.
Are you really so delusional
that you thought someone like me
would be with someone like you?
- I was gonna
- I
I was gonna take you
to my cousin's wedding.
- You were gonna meet my family.
- And then she rips into Aaron.
- Like, rips him a new fucking asshole.
- And she needs to verbally crush him.
Sorry, dude.
If we run out of Coke, that sucks,
but we can't run out of water
with the public safety commission here.
I'd rather have too much than too little
because those folks are here.
I don't wanna screw it up.
- Yes?
- We've only got two mics.
- Oh God.
- We'll have the one mic in the beginning.
Um, now you will throw to Linda,
in the ring with her.
- Okay.
- Let's go!
I need help putting these poles up!
All right, hold it tight!
You ready for wrestling tonight?
Am I ready? That's like asking
the pope if he's Catholic.
Where do you think You're not over.
I gotta do pre-tape for this.
I got things to do.
We're at about 275 in ticket sales,
but we still have some general admission.
I'm going for Al all the way.
- Well, right.
- Al and Doug all the way.
- Al and Doug. Sorry.
- Yeah.
He's been waiting
I'm usually a Dude fan,
but he's going against Doug and Al,
so I have to go for them.
I've been an Al Snow fan
since he had black hair way back when,
when he was with WWE.
He don't look bad
with the salt and pepper hair.
No, he don't. No, no.
21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27.
21, 22, 23, 24, 25
It is gonna be a shit show
in here tonight. And I'm telling myself,
"It is what it is."
- You know.
- End it with a bang.
"It is what it is."
Couple things.
State wrestling commissioners are coming.
In addition to the state folks,
our biggest advertisers are gonna be here.
My mother's coming to her first show
at historic Davis Arena.
Yes. Because midnight tonight,
Al, is my birthday.
- Well, happy birthday.
- Well, thank you very much.
I thought your appearance
on the radio was amazing.
How this went this week is like, to me,
how things with you and I
- How we can make this really work.
- Yeah.
Your performance,
along with me trying to use
these secondary things to get people,
this is how we do it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Do you agree?
In principal, yeah. This is what
we're always attempting to do.
I hope you see this like I do,
which is you and I struggled
to figure out the other one occasionally.
And I feel like
this is how that synergy works.
I don't know what's changed,
what happened,
but the way you approach things
is completely different.
From day one, you've come in,
and it was a very adversarial,
very contentious approach,
and it created a sense of animosity,
and it's hard to work with you sometimes
if you're always coming
so aggressively and intensely like that,
as opposed to, "What can we do together?"
It was not my intention.
I have, from moment one,
had a ton of respect for you.
But regardless,
however we got to this point,
I think tonight's gonna be great.
Good luck.
Are you gonna come afterwards to the?
- I will for a bit, yeah.
- All right. I hope you do. Thanks.
Let's do this thing!
Welcome to the show!
Best I can do for you. I'm sorry.
- Thanks.
- How about you?
Ringside is sold out,
and every one has got a ticket.
- I bought one. I have one that I bought.
- I know. I'm sorry.
- Are you the owner of OVW?
- Uh, yeah. I'm sorry.
What's your sign say?
"Doug Basham is my cousin.
He is old and bald."
I love it.
I look forward to him
getting beat by Shannon.
Oh, wow!
Welcome to Davis Arena.
- Historic Davis Arena.
- Hey, how are ya?
- My first time here. Look at this.
- Never ever been to wrestling?
It's nice to meet you.
I never thought we'd meet at wrestling,
but here we are.
What a crowd, huh?
- It's The Big One, baby!
- Destruction.
The Big One!
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to OVW, The Big One!
The biggest pay-per-view in the history
of this illustrious company.
And we thank you all across the world
for joining us here tonight.
- It's nice having a house.
- Awesome.
- We're sold out.
- It's awesome.
- Can't wait for your match. You ready?
- Oh yeah.
I wish I didn't have to do it, but
I got enough shit going on.
- You got talked into it.
- I'm more worried about all of this.
I want people walking out going,
"Damn, I didn't know this was here."
I want people watching this going,
"I didn't even know anything about OVW."
The numbers game
is against you, two on one.
Well, Shaloncé kind of giving
that banshee warble of hers.
Dream Girl Ellie taking on
Guitarie and Shaloncé Royal on her own.
- God!
- Oh!
Go on, Shaloncé!
Don't know what the fuck that was.
Come on, fight!
Do something!
We can't hear you singing now!
I don't know
if Dream Girl Ellie can stop this duet.
The two musical divas of OVW.
It might be a matter of time.
- Gotta work their way home.
- Dream Girl can't get to her feet.
- What?! What the hell?
- Is that HollyHood Haley J?
Haley J fresh off the plane,
fresh out of her shoes!
Haley J just double legging Arie
and throwing hands!
- Meleeing Arie Alexander!
- Listen to the crowd!
HollyHood Haley J coming up loud!
Your multi-time
OVW women's champion
taking Arie Alexander
to the mat and to her corner.
Arie wanted
nothing to do with Haley.
Yeah! Drop toe, baby!
Drop toe-hold.
Haley ain't done this in a while.
Babyface Haley.
HollyHood Haley J
coming and saving the day.
- Oh! Inverted meteora, taking her down!
- Beautiful.
Goodness. Might've knocked
her teeth out with that one.
- Codebreaker.
- Codebreaker!
Arie Alexander
falling like a redwood tree.
Haley J absolutely on fire right now!
Let's go, Haley!
Haley's got her hooked.
Oh, ripcord!
- One, two, three, baby.
- One, two three!
That's it!
Here are your winners,
Dream Girl Ellie and HollyHood Haley J!
HollyHood Haley J coming
out of nowhere to save Dream Girl Ellie!
What an ovation
for the queen of the skreets.
Of all the people
to come out to help Ellie,
nobody thought HollyHood Haley J
would return and save the day.
Her comeback's awesome.
Triple-threat action up next.
Let's go backstage
to hear from one of the competitors.
- Good job, girls.
- Good job.
Hell yeah. Way to take
the heels from the 'hood.
It was beautiful. Fuck yeah, that's
- Arm okay?
- I went, "Ow!"
- It went numb all the way down?
- Yeah!
I was like,
"Is something off? Okay, then."
- Yeah, it's fine.
- It felt good.
- Got a good pop. I was like, "Oh!"
- Babyface Haley.
Oh, they erupted for you.
- Double leg
- Match was great.
- Y'all did a good job.
- Good job.
I said swear words.
I was screaming.
I don't think anyone noticed.
It's pay-per-view. It's fine.
- You guys did great. Yes.
- Except?
- No, you guys did great.
- There's always a "but."
You are the real deal. Really.
You had me popping upstairs.
Figuring out babyface.
Oh, it was fucking phenomenal
when you came out.
- The hell?
- Get out of my way.
- Sorry, won't happen again.
- Aggressive.
You guys seen Godderz?
- Daddy!
- Nobody's seen him!
There he is.
Oh my God! Jessie Godderz
just meleed Tony Gunn backstage.
- A blindside attack.
- Look, there's Daddy! See Daddy?
You don't damage the face
that runs the place and live with it.
the face that runs the place
- Godderz is livid
- What's he doing?
Jessie's got a chain.
He pulled a chain out of his boot.
Wait. Oh!
Referee out of position.
Didn't see the shot to the jaw.
What the hell? Are you freaking
kidding me? What a piece of trash!
Your winner of this match,
Jessie Godderz!
Feels good.
Amon leading
this dark parade. Come on!
- What's that? What's going on?
- What is the Dark Rev doing?
- You can't do that on TV.
- This is a family show. Oh God.
Does he have a bone in his mouth?
The Fallen know about hell.
But right now, Cash Flo
raining hell down with those chops.
Crixus now trying
to save this match for his team.
- Crixus just German suplexed him!
- Cash has that barbed-wire chair!
It's a barbed-wire chair.
Why is that?
- The weapons
- I don't like that.
Luscious Lawrence has the chain!
These eight men just want to tear
each other limb from limb! Wait, wait.
Oh no, he's not gonna
throw him on that, is he?
- Oh no!
- Again with that barbed wire.
- Referee down.
- One, two, three!
- That's it!
- The Fallen have fallen!
Good shot. Good shot.
Look at this.
She's got the sleeper hold applied.
Freya might be fading here.
Freya might not be fading.
Looks like she might
Referee Jake Cloyd is down.
No one there to count this pinfall.
No one to blame but herself. She took out
the referee with her opponent.
- We've got another referee.
- Hang on.
Not just a ref.
That's Aaron Grider. What is
- What is Aaron doing here?
- Hopefully, not refereeing.
Did you see that?
Freya fixing her hair,
trying to make herself look nice
for referee Aaron Grider
Aaron's checking on his brethren.
Good for him.
You're the woman that broke his heart.
Aaron Grider trying
to get out of the ring right now. Freya
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Referee Aaron blocked a kiss!
- Showing a little spine and
DDT set up here. Oh!
DDT by "Unstoppable" Leila Grey!
One, two, three!
New champion!
We have a new women's champion!
Your winner of this match,
Leila Grey!
Aaron Grider righting his wrongs,
and OVW's new women's champion,
Leila freaking Grey,
the "Unstoppable Danger."
We're also gonna see
Al Snow and Doug Basham
step inside an OVW ring
for the first time in over a decade.
Stand up, for fuck's sake.
Don't lay down on the job.
We've got stuff to do today.
Why did I agree to this?
- This may only go five minutes, Al.
- I know it.
- If I can't breathe, we'll go home.
- They are nervous. They're worried.
Keep ribbing, kid. Keep ribbing.
Thirty seconds.
Thirty seconds, guys. Thirty seconds.
- Have fun. Be safe, everybody.
- I love you guys.
The following contest
is your main event of The Big One!
Introducing first,
they are the team of Adam Revolver
and "Immackulate" Joe Mack.
I want you to stand up.
Each and every one of you, stand up
and show this man some respect.
You sit down, Steve.
A grade A butthole, coming out
with the Canadian Muscle
and paired with poutine.
What does everybody want?
We want this freaking
song to end. That's what!
Doug Basham and Al Snow
return to an OVW ring
for the first time in over a decade.
"The Machine" Doug Basham!
And his partner, WWE legend and OVW CEO,
Al Snow!
Gotta give it up for the CEO,
saying he's had enough,
and he's throwing down the law.
My God, these guys are in
phenomenal shape, ladies and gentlemen.
Their blood, sweat, and tears are
mixed in the foundations of Davis Arena,
and now they're coming
to defend their home.
Ring the bell. Let's go.
Ring it.
Bell has sounded. Now, here we go.
Adam Revolver versus Al Snow.
One of the most historic matches
in the history of OVW.
Al takes the head on Revolver.
Revolver backs him into the ropes.
Shoot off by Revolver.
- Huge shoulder tackle!
- Snow is going for Shannon!
He's going after Shannon.
Shannon's got nowhere to go!
- Never seen a man run that fast.
- Hang on.
Adam Revolver shutting down
Al Snow with a cheap shot there.
- Joe tags himself in.
- Canadian Muscle making the tag.
A huge blow to the back of Al Snow.
Oh God! Al Snow whipped
into the corner with authority.
What an Irish whip. The power
of the Canadian Muscle is unmatched.
No doubt. Al Snow sliding out
of that Irish whip, using that ring style.
And now taking down Joe Mack.
Brilliant counter
by the veteran Al Snow.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa. Wait a minute.
Come on. Wait a minute.
- Oh!
- Poke to the eyes from Revolver.
Revolver yelling at Doug Basham,
who had a hand in training Adam Revolver.
Doug Basham's
trying to work off that ring rust.
Look at that!
There goes that rust,
and there goes Revolver!
Hard shot from Al Snow
right to the face of Adam Revolver.
Canadian Muscle running things right now.
Revolver and Mack
on the double team.
Hang on. Can Basham make a tag?
Basham making desperate maneuvers.
Can he get to Al Snow?
Doing what he can to avoid these guys.
There's the tag! There's the tag to Al!
Al Snow in. Laying waste now.
Joe Mack down. Revolver down.
Big clothesline.
Double chops to both men. Look at this!
Al Snow, he gets one at a time.
He's making all the right moves.
Al Snow
just teeing off on both men.
Big crossbody from Al Snow.
Look at the agility from the boss.
Come on!
Al Snow has not missed a step.
Wait a second. Wait a second.
- Is this
- Snow Plow?
Snow Plow!
Snow Plow at the end of summer,
and I don't believe it!
What the hell?
- What the hell?
- Shannon with a chair shot.
Al looks furious.
Wait a second!
Double clothesline
takes out both men. Basham, the legal man.
- Last Impression! Last Impression!
- Is it enough?
One, two, three!
That's it! Yes!
Here are your winners
Basham and Snow win!
Basham and Snow win!
That was the main event,
but the dessert is gonna be just as good.
Five minutes with Shannon the Dude.
Shannon the Dude beside himself.
Let me get all my babyfaces.
- Shannon getting out of Dodge.
- Shannon running as fast as he can.
I don't know if he's gonna get too far.
What the hell
is Cash Flo doing out here?
Get back in that ring.
Cash Flo forcing the men back
Wait, there's Crixus!
Cash Flo's not alone.
Circle the ring. Circle the ring.
Stay tight and circle the ring.
Hold on.
The cavalry has come out, guys.
Snow! Snow! Snow!
Now Al Snow gets
five minutes with Shannon the Dude.
It's happening!
Al! Al! Al!
Look at this!
Shannon brought in
the hard way by the Snowman.
There's no easy way to do
this five minutes for Shannon.
Shannon, if I was you, I would run
as fast as I can. Maybe play possum.
Pass out, pretend you're dead.
Do something.
Look at all the wrestlers
coming out. That's awesome. Awesome.
Shannon the Dude
is about to get eaten alive by Al Snow.
Everyone's here
to watch it go down.
- Oh God!
- What?
Come on!
Shannon has the right
to defend himself,
but what a cowardly maneuver.
Defend himself?
He just punched a man below the belt.
Al Snow down
after a hard-fought matchup.
He punched a man in the nuts,
for God's sake. Come on, Al.
Come on, Al!
Shannon the Dude
is manhandling Al Snow.
Does the boss have it in him?
Al Snow got him! He scooped him up
and went to take him down.
He's gonna repay the favor.
- Oh, hold on!
- Shannon managed to kick Al off.
Shannon the Dude, he got the head!
Straight to the little dude.
Headbutt a little bit
south of the border from Al Snow!
Al somehow getting back up.
This crowd fueling up Al Snow
in the arena that was built
on the blood, sweat, and tears
of the Snowman.
What does everybody want? Head!
Shannon the Dude just got Head!
Head! Head! Head!
You still got it!
You still got it!
Crowd saying, "You still got it."
But the thing is, Al Snow never lost it.
You still got it!
Come on, Al!
Folks, thank you for joining us
in one of the biggest nights
in OVW history.
It has been an honor.
This has been OVW, The Big One.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this has been The Big One!
Thank you so much for a great summer,
but it doesn't end here
Dude, you killed it.
- That was awesome.
- Been a while since I've been in the ring.
Get a picture.
Belts in the background.
- That was awesome.
- Felt nice.
Gotta get everybody
the hell out of here.
Not bad.
- I love you.
- Love you.
- I'm glad you're okay. I was worried.
- I was fine.
It's cold.
Why do you still have your gear on?
It's not. I'm usually really cold.
You know, Liver King
says you gotta get cold.
In the meeting, how Matt was like,
"Drinks on me," and all that?
Apparently, the bartender
said only Miller Lite's on him.
Oh, wait till Crixie hears that.
Oh, Crixus!
Where's Crixus?
Matt! I want to Miller Lite him
in the fucking chin, the cunt. Matt!
Hey! Al's here. Al's here!
Al fucking Snow!
Al Snow! Al Snow! Al Snow!
Hey, guys. Originally, I was just gonna
let you get Miller Lite and Old Forester,
but you put on a hell of a show,
so have what you want.
Maker's Mark. Bring a bottle!
In all reality, the way this is building,
it should be like that every Thursday.
Every TV should be standing room only,
turning people away, a big line outside.
Cheers. You still got it.
I don't know about that.
We can't sit over there.
- Way too much drama at that table.
- Can't sit here.
That's "Certified" drama over there.
That was awesome. It was a lot of fun.
- I appreciate you putting me over.
- Yeah. Of course. Of course.
Can't thank you enough for doing it.
Can't thank you enough for doing it.
So, when are you going back to Cali?
I have to film, the 13th.
They have so much
for me to film this time.
I beat up the dude, where I went to jail.
- Nice.
- One of those.
That should be fun. At least you got
out of it pretty easy this month,
to come back for your run-in.
- My big run-in.
- For the run-in.
- Anyway.
- Our theme song.
Stay at my house tonight.
Tomorrow, we get tattoos.
Are we "Facebook official?"
We're together, but we're not together,
but we're together. You get it, right?
- You're not confused on the situation?
- I get it.
I don't know if anyone else gets it.
But I get it.
A really good wrestling show
has complexities.
You know, the good guy isn't perfect.
The bad guy isn't 100% bad.
Oh, Jesus!
And I guess that's true of humanity.
I'll do things
that hopefully are really good,
and then I'll have moments
where I regret something I say,
and I go, "I can't believe I said that."
I think wrestling has sort of shown me
no one's all good, and no one's all bad.
And the really good wrestlers,
I think, are able to do both.
There are moments where something happens,
and I get a joy that is hard to replicate.
Those are awesome moments.
You can't get those
with your own individual success.
Like, that's a team
kind of thing, and I love that.
Al did really good tonight.
Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.
It takes every single person
in that locker room to do it.
You have to be passionate to do this,
to give an audience an experience
they couldn't imagine getting
at a wrestling show.
To feel that energy was amazing.
- Well, awesome.
- Yes.
Every goddamn day,
every waking moment, you'll go out there,
and you're going to do
absolutely everything you can
to give this audience that experience.
Because at the end of the day,
it's a never-ending road.
Even though it's the end of summer,
it's just another step
to work towards another event,
and just keep building upon
everything else that you've already done.
It's nonstop, never ends.
I thought I had this idea
of what I wanted to do with my life,
and I thought
I'm going to have a good job,
and I'm gonna have a nice house.
Then, as I was starting to gain
these things, I was like,
I don't think this is
what's going to make me happy.
I think finding something
I'm passionate about
is going to make me far happier.
Take a straight and stronger course
To the corner of your life ♪
Some guys here wanna see that big contract
in their future, with all the zeros.
That's success to them.
But when you get that,
what's success after that?
You have worked exceptionally hard.
You're not gonna get fired next week,
if that's what you're worried about.
Not gonna happen.
You'll have to give me
a minute on that. Thank you.
I've been waiting
to hear that for three months, so
Success implies a sense of completion,
and I don't think
you ever get that in wrestling.
Move me on to any ♪
We're going to end
the dark matches early.
Use me anytime you want ♪
I am getting signed to AEW.
- Are you? Congratulations.
- That is awesome.
Thank you.
Do not doubt yourself.
You have to believe in yourself.
The longer you're around,
the more things click.
I always tell everybody when they ask me,
"How long do you have left?"
My body will tell me.
Right now, my body tells me
I need to climb up to the top rope
and do another frog splash
on some idiot that wants
to try and take my money.
Initial it with loving care ♪
I fucking love this place, man.
And if I end my career here,
I'm okay with that.
Welcome to the show!
I possess skill sets that don't exist
anymore on this fucking planet.
Someone's gonna pay me
a lot of money for that,
I believe in my heart of hearts.
I really believe that.
I want to go to WWE
and be top dog there.
As far as my mother,
I need to bring her with me
when I make it.
That's my dawg.
Don't surround yourself with yourself ♪
Move on back two squares ♪
I can't let you.
I finally get to experience
wrestling the way I wanted to wrestle.
Initial it with loving care ♪
If I retired today,
I would be okay
because I got to do that with her.
I'm very proud of her.
- Proud of me?
- Yes.
- You are?
- Yeah.
- Why?
- 'Cause I love you.
Aw, I love you too.
- You gonna be a wrestler?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I figured. Figured.
Good night!
If you equate success
in the destination,
that destination would be WWE.
You're probably not gonna get it.
But if you equate success in doing
something you're passionate about
and that you love
and that gives you purpose and drive,
then you're successful.
One of the joys of wrestling is to see
people feel like who they are matters.
Let's get the show on the road.
A lot of people
that are part of this
have gone through their life
where they think
nobody really cares about them,
nobody really cares what they do.
Let's make it through tonight so we can
make it through the next night, next week.
And then they walk in that ring,
and for a few minutes, they matter.
Four, three, two, one.
I hope all this works.
My legal name is Allen Ray Sarven,
and my ring name is Allelujah Snow.
My full name? Wow, we're getting personal.
It's Wayne Eric Lewis.
No one ever called me Wayne
except for government.
Well, I am the artist
formerly known as Ryan Howe.
Michael Walden.
- Jessie Godderz.
- My real name is Amanpreet Singh Randhawa.
Hmm. Okay.
I don't give
that information out too often.
But my name is Ranoni Thompson,
and I wrestle as the Triple R Superstar,
Reverend Ronnie Roberts.
I go by Cash Flo.
I'm Freya the Slaya.
Mr. Pectacular.
- Ryan Von Rockit.
- Mahabali Shera.
I am Haley J.
"Elusive" Eric Darkstorm.
And it's "Elusive"
because my name's Eric Lewis,
so I'm E-Lew-sive.
You see that? What we did there?
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