Wrong Side of the Tracks (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

An old-school scumbag

[man outside.]
What the fuck, man? Where's my fucking money? Fucking kill you, man.
[shouts and banging outside.]
- What the fuck? - [man 2.]
What's going on down there? [man 1.]
Son of a bitch! [woman.]
Watch out! - [gunshot.]
- [screaming.]
[man 1.]
Let's go! There's been a fight below my window.
Also, a pistol was fired.
Emilio Raboso, unit one.
Yes, as soon as possible.
Yes, no.
No, no, no.
It's because I made a call about a half hour ago because I heard a loud bang in the street.
Yeah, and nobody's here yet.
No, no, I'm sorry, but I was an army captain.
I served over in Bosnia, and I know the difference between a firecracker and a pistol.
I know what I heard downstairs was a shot from a semi-automatic gun.
You're not listening.
Emilio Raboso, unit one.
[tense music.]
Yeah, no, it's just that someone fired shots on my street and I've called you twice now.
Yes, of course I'm understanding.
And it's apparent that you don't care if the neighborhood turns to chaos and some asshole parading around with a pistol may have gone and murdered someone, or he's about to go do it.
But he's no longer on my street, and it's not my fucking problem anymore.
Now it's all yours.
[clock beeping.]
Good morning, Tirso.
Speak for yourself.
[keys jingling.]
OPEN [sighs.]
[laughter outside.]
[rap music playing.]
Hey! Hey! 'Sup, old timer? Would you turn down the music? Get lost, man.
Hello, how are you? - Hello.
- Jimena.
- [Jimena.]
So grown up.
- Good to see you.
I'm sorry, the person - doing my hair was slow.
- Yeah.
Oh hey, Jimena.
How are you? - Pepe, how are you? - Good.
And do you think he'll like it, Tirso? - Of course.
- Please, if he doesn't, he'll have to deal.
His grandchildren made it.
Ah, okay.
He's coming.
Yeah, everyone get ready.
Where's he going? Is he leaving? Pepe, did you tell him to come here? I thought he'd come by after work.
[tires squeal.]
[man yells.]
Hey, you son of a bitch! Hold up, hold up! [guy.]
You fucking stupid? Crazy old fucker! Are you blind or what? They're going to hit him.
They're going to hit him! - [Santi.]
Okay, I'm going to - Your father can protect himself.
- What? - The number of my insurance.
- [man.]
- [man 2.]
What happened? Now get out of here! You're bothering people.
Fucker! I'm going to shove your insurance [crowd yelling.]
Get the hell out! Move your asses.
Don't come back.
Come on, man.
Has the thump, thump ruined your eardrums? [guy.]
Calm down.
That's enough.
Leave! Go! Go! He's crazy.
Fuck you! He's okay.
Guys, he's coming.
- Very good.
- Come on.
Get ready.
- [boy.]
Hey, grandpa - Okay, children.
Surprise! - [laughter.]
- Great.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA! [background chatter.]
Throw another one of those.
[kids laughing.]
Take that! Super powerful potato! - Enough, okay? - Cut it out.
Please behave.
Papa, you know, you shouldn't have that pistol on you.
And then you took it out.
Children! I feel the same about your little pecker.
Look what happened when you took that out.
Where the hell is she, sweetie? - She won't be here in time for the cake.
- [Jimena.]
No idea.
Your daughter is 17, isn't she? You've no idea where she is? Should she wear a GPS? Here she comes.
Is that the Catholic school uniform these days? What uniform? She dropped out of school.
Excuse me? What do you mean, she dropped out of school? Just stay out of this, Pop.
She's a teenager, she can't focus.
Well, if that's the case, it might be time for someone to interfere.
And who's that? That is Nelson, her boyfriend.
You're not going to stop this? We'll just watch her get pregnant in front of the family? Stop, Dad.
Hi, what's up? - Hello.
- Irene, tell me you didn't know this was at two.
It's very disrespectful to grandpa.
- My fault, grandpa.
- Oh, I don't care about that.
If it were me, I wouldn't be here, either.
Last week an investor came to the real estate office.
He's looking for apartments in the area.
Really? Oh, that's great news.
He pays well? Alright.
Alright, spare me this charade here.
You'll get me out of the apartment when I'm pushing up daisies.
Come on, Dad, don't be so dramatic.
No harm knowing what he's offering.
Not to mention it's dangerous.
The block has gotten worse.
Have you seen the park? They sell drugs in front of the children.
And there's syringes in the sand.
And the other day they were fighting with machetes.
There's more junkies, more delinquents They should go somewhere else, then.
I was here first.
Papa, we only want the best for you.
That's bullshit.
This is all bullshit.
This little surprise party, the poster that looks like it was painted by two retarded people.
Do you think I'm an idiot? What's really happening here is you're tired of lending money to your brother and financing his shitty business, right? Isn't that right? And now you've come to get grandpa's money by kicking him out of his house.
How can you be so selfish? - No, no.
- [Fanny.]
Don't shush me! The apartment belongs to your children.
Maricarmen left it to them.
They have a say, don't they? I told you never to speak her name in my presence again! Don't you give me that runaround! Got it? We need that money, what's the problem? The problem is instead of breeding like a rabbit, perhaps you should think about whether you can afford it.
[Fanny scoffs.]
Fanny! I'm not going to forgive you for this one.
Kids, come on.
- But Dad, I don't want to go yet.
- [Santi.]
We're leaving.
- [Santi.]
Come on, let's go.
Bye, honey.
- [Tirso.]
Good, leave.
Iván and I are also leaving.
This is the reason I flew here this morning? Iván, not now.
We'll talk about it in the car.
Here, Dad.
Happy birthday.
Aren't you forgetting something? Oh, no, no.
Don't worry about me.
Nelson said he's coming to get me.
- Okay, see you at home.
- You serious? [reggaeton music.]
WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS - How'd it go? - Great.
It's settled.
We'll do it tonight.
This is the only spot in this miserable neighborhood I'll miss.
And you? If I'm with you, no way I'm going to miss anything.
By tomorrow at this time we'll be gone.
Away from it all.
[soft piano music.]
[phone ringing.]
- Who's this? - [Irene.]
Grandpa? Grandpa, it's me.
- Irene? - Grandpa.
Irene, is that you? Come and get me, please.
I'm afraid.
- Irene, are you pranking me? - Grandpa, don't hang up on me! Mom and Dad won't pick up, and I'm running out of battery.
- Please get me out of here.
- But you have to tell me where you are.
I'm in the neighborhood.
The Blocks.
The Blocks? It's extremely dangerous at The Blocks, Irene.
What are you doing there? Please get me out of here.
Irene? Ir Get lost.
Move it.
Hey, what are you looking for? I got it.
I can't believe this.
Where are you going, honey? The upholstery just got a deep cleaning.
If you're going to throw up, please roll down the window.
How'd you end up there, anyway, at four in the morning? I took a taxi back to the house.
And since I had no money, the bastard made me get out.
You went out without money? Discuss it with my mother.
My credit cards were taken.
Mommy took your credit cards? Ah, you poor little thing.
Not me, I don't like coffee.
What are you? Get off me! I had a few drinks, nothing else.
I'm not an idiot.
The jury's still out on that.
Drink your coffee.
Go on.
What the fuck is this shit? Drink it up now.
Do it.
It's coffee with salt.
Coffee with salt? Why? [Irene gagging.]
[coughing and vomiting.]
Don't you people ever answer? Your daughter's here in my kitchen.
Call me.
Better, right? Now go to bed in your mom's old room.
Tomorrow you can explain yourself.
And if you want some good advice, make yourself a better excuse than that bastard cab driver.
[message recording.]
This number is not available.
[Ezequiel whistles.]
My battery's all charged up in the encrypted phone you gave me.
Call me, it's working now.
- No problem at all.
- Yeah.
But since you're like a minister and you don't answer my calls, I had to send a driver.
Where are my drugs? Seems you're a bit stressed out, bro.
Put a bit of that super good shit you sell that you keep locked up in there and chill out.
'Cause I'm telling you, it works, and you're a bit tense, man.
I'm a bit tense because I lost a motherfucking kilo.
Please, you look like you haven't dropped a pound.
You some kind of funny guy? Maybe stop making jokes and bullshitting and tell me why my horse disappeared.
Your horse? I'll get you your fucking horse.
Yeah? When, though? - Soon as possible, Sandro.
- [laughs.]
Soon as possible.
When Mr.
Marquez wants.
Very well.
And so please explain why I pay you, huh? Can you please explain to me what the fuck I pay you for, Ezequiel? I sell heroin to junkies.
Those junkies prostitute their mamas to pay for my primo shit, and those junkies, they don't want to wait.
Is that clear to you? Why don't you stick that gun up your ass? Get the fuck off! Take this! Sandro, you pay me to protect that magnificent bullring of yours, all so your ass can be sitting on the throne of Entrevías.
And if it wasn't for me, that big ass wouldn't be sitting on that throne.
So quit it, cutie.
Just don't be busting my little balls and try treating me with respect, okay? It wouldn't kill you to do that, am I right? See, your balls are swelling up too fast to charge me the money you charge me every week, don't you think, Ezequiel? So stop with the little jokes and bullshit and get the fuck out of here and bring me my horse back right away! You are tense, Sandro.
You've lost a few pounds too, huh? [doorbell rings.]
What happened? Where is Irene? - Don't worry, she's asleep.
- Let's go in and talk to her.
You want to tell me where the hell you were last night? Who, us? The question is, where was she? The girl called you a million times, and so did I.
Well, I was in Bilbao.
I took the first flight back in the morning.
And you? I was home, asleep, with my phone off.
- And the landline? - Didn't hear it.
And neither did your maids from the Philippines? - I gave them the night off.
- Oh yeah? - But why? - Maybe I wanted to.
What's this about? I'm getting interrogated? Look, if you want to cheat on your husband, that's on you.
But if your daughter needs you at four in the morning, drop the fornicating and pick up the phone.
[Jimena sighs.]
Care to explain, Jimena? Or will you pretend you didn't hear the question? Excuse me, but please pause the play.
I'll open a booth and charge admission.
Hey, if you don't mind, I'm talking to my wife.
Just go to your own house.
- Don't push me, papa.
- Oh, but I will.
And you know why? Because your daughter dropped out of school.
Because she's dating a scumbag loser.
And because she showed up drunk at four in the morning at The Blocks surrounded by prostitutes and drug dealers! And what the hell was she doing at The Blocks? You daughter's throwing her life right down the drain.
Meanwhile, you spend your days stuck on a plane, and you spend your nights well, you know.
Alright, then.
Go pick up Irene.
We're leaving.
No, you two have other things you need to work on.
I have a much better idea.
Are my parents here yet? They were.
But they're gone now.
What do you mean they're gone? I gave them a proposal, and they both accepted it.
You're going to stay here now temporarily.
Come on.
Look, no offense, I'm not moving in.
I'd rather be dead, okay? I have to go.
Oh, I think you'll be staying.
What are you going to do? Tie me up? - You can't force me.
- [Tirso.]
Yes, I can.
And you know why? Because I have this.
[ragged breathing.]
You're a punk ass snoop! And a thief.
And you are trafficking illegal drugs.
This is heroin.
So you're going to do everything I tell you, step by step.
Or I'll go directly to the police station to tell them where I found it.
You're not going to do that, and you know it.
You think I'm like the imbeciles you call parents? Who think the worst thing they can do is take away your credit cards or leave you without yoga classes? No, sweetheart.
You can be sure I'm a bigger asshole.
They should put you in juvenile detention.
You spend one night in there, and the Chinese orphanage they took you from will seem posh to you like a five star hotel, so don't test me.
Did you tell my parents? - [Tirso sighs.]
- Those drugs aren't mine.
If I don't give them back, they'll come after me.
Nobody even knows you're here.
Nor will they, because I have your cell phone.
If you behave yourself, we'll return this to its owner, and you'll go back to your house.
And you'll stay away from those punks you've been hanging around with.
Now finish getting dressed.
Since you've dropped out of school, today you start working with me at the hardware store.
You can force me to stay with you, but I'm not your slave! What's this? Are you kidding me? As long as I'm not at home, you won't get out of there.
Okay, no, no, no.
You can't lock me in here without a key.
Come on, I'm hungry! I need the toilet! [Tirso.]
There's a flowerpot by the window.
[ragged breathing.]
Ugh! Officer.
Bring him in.
Well, well.
So you're Nelson.
I'm Amanda, nice to meet you.
Can we get you something to drink? Water or something? No? Well, go ahead.
Come on, sit down.
I'm told you don't want to talk about what happened last night.
I was minding my own business and they jumped on me.
That's what happened.
I'm presuming you have no idea how this works, am I right? You know you get 12 years for what happened last night? Twelve.
You know what you're like after prison for 12 years? Beat to holy hell.
Luckily, there's still time to cooperate and save you from trouble.
Now drop the act and tell me.
Who made you do it? It was Sandro, right? The one who runs the drug flat? [Nelson.]
I don't know what you're talking about.
Hey, excuse me.
I just saw today's logs.
You're Nelson, your mom's Gladys.
What are you doing here? Ezequiel, what is it? [Ezequiel.]
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm aware that I'm interfering - with the interrogation.
- Yeah.
Do you have a moment? Sure, what is it? It's that Well, let's see.
I'm a buddy of the family.
- Ah.
- If you Would you let me know what his situation was last night? Well, he and a girl went over to an apartment to retrieve a package, presumably of heroin, to bring over to a druggie's place.
Then they realized they were following them and they dashed off.
He left the girl with the dope in the neighborhood of The Blocks.
Okay, let me see if I understand what's happening in this police station.
We apprehended the first Latin American who appeared near the scene, and then our guy Nelson, we put him in prison, but we didn't find the package? Could that be so? Tell me exactly what charges this guy's being held for.
For taking a ride on a scooter? You can let him out of there now.
Say hi to your mom for me, partner.
- [Amanda.]
Can I see you in my office? - After you.
What the hell was that about? Something my mother used to say.
Forgive me for the violence that just occurred.
Excuse me, but I don't remember the name of my new boss.
Your name is? On top of it all, you have a bad memory.
I'm Chief Inspector Amanda Martos.
Ah Tell me, would it be at all reasonable that you and I, I don't know, say, take a little stroll through Entrevías, have us a nice walk? You know you can't smoke in this place, right? What, are you going to lock me up? Why do you Galicians always answer with another question? Now, maybe we go for that walk and clear up a thing or two or six? Does that sound reasonable? [doorknob rattles.]
[keys jangling.]
Here's a present from your father's chauffer.
Are you hungry? Rather stay locked in here? Can you give me a minute? Sit here.
[background conversations.]
- Captain.
- [Tirso.]
- Tirso.
- Hey, Pepe.
How about some lunch? [Pepe.]
On my way.
Take that off when you eat.
How you doing? Oh, some days are better than others, like always.
And how's your mother? I haven't seen her in a while.
Ah, you know, my mom's okay.
Last week I believe was her birthday.
Why don't you say hello to her for me, yeah? And get some flowers for her.
Sure she's going to love them.
She will.
That guy is a hopeless junkie.
You do know what he's going to spend that money on, don't you? Sanchís is my army friend, you know.
He can spend it on whatever his little heart desires.
Your grandfather saved his life in Bosnia.
Him, myself, and a few others.
You know, he was a war hero.
- [laughs.]
You're serious? - Nobody told you? You're going to bore the girl with your stories.
Piss off.
Well, okay, visiting gramps.
She's going to stay with me temporarily.
With him? Wouldn't you rather be in the villa with your parents? She prefers to work in the hardware store.
No, I already said no.
For every sale, I'll pay her a euro.
That way she can pay for her food.
If you don't work, no food.
Isn't that right, Pepe? - Sounds right.
- Wait, are you crazy? You owe me a debt of 14.
Six for your room, 8.
50 for the food you're about to eat.
And after this, no more loans for you.
Lentils and hake, both of us.
- Okay.
- No, no.
For me no.
I can't stand hake.
Well, the princess wants caviar and champagne.
Well, if it's going to be like this every day and you're going to stay here, maybe I can go live with your parents.
[Tirso chuckles.]
What's going on, mullet? Could I get two bags? Come on in.
In and out quickly.
What the hell are we doing here? Are you bringing me to visit Sandro's drug flat? Do you recycle your garbage, Amanda? Are you a member of Greenpeace? Are you always going to answer my questions with questions? What's this? It's a bad neighborhood.
You know something? You've just arrived here in Entrevías, and you still don't know how to use your eyes.
What do you see? It's all just this, Amanda.
An ecosystem, pure and simple.
Just like documentaries on National Geographic.
There are the gazelles.
Look at the cute little gazelles.
They go shopping, they comb the children's hair, they take them to the school.
Then there are the hyenas.
The hyenas are not very dangerous.
But if the need arises, you have to be careful, because they can tear your balls off.
And then at the top of the ecosystem pyramid, there are the predators.
Those are some sons of bitches.
Ezequiel! Why don't you put it in your little asshole? It'll fit in there perfectly.
And on top of it all, sitting on his giant throne, is the king of the jungle.
Only he's not Tarzan, they call him Sandro.
Sandro the fat one.
Yeah, Sandro.
The one I attempted to frame, right? And just when I have a kid who's going to turn him in, you fuck up my interrogation.
The problem is that it is very difficult to modify an ecosystem, Amanda.
You may press out one junkie, and tomorrow there's another ten.
Or you close down a junkie's flat, but tomorrow nine open.
Or today you detain Sandro, and for that one they crown you.
But tomorrow they burn down the whole neighborhood, and by the day after tomorrow, you have another king of the jungle sitting on his throne, 10,000 times more of a fucking son of a bitch than Sandro the fat one.
So if it's better to do nothing, than why are we even here? - Can I be totally honest with you? - Yeah.
The police are always where no one needs them.
Nearly all of us are here so that this measly ecosystem doesn't go haywire.
- Nothing else.
- And how do we do that? I know how we don't do that, by arresting a little Latin American soap opera gazelle who is just trying to make a living like me and you.
No, Amanda.
And you know it, don't you? - [Amanda sighs.]
- You want to find Sandro, the dope and the girl? I'll find the girl for you in 15 minutes.
It'll take me 15 minutes to locate that girl.
Let's get out of here.
- [trap music.]
- [laughter and chatter.]
What's up, homie? Have you seen Irene? Okay.
Hey, Nelson.
What's up, bro? It's been a long time.
- How are you doing? - How are you? I thought you didn't want to hang with people like us anymore, brother.
I'm looking for Irene.
Has anyone seen her? You lost your china? Listen, brother, don't worry about it, 'cause Pinky's got some china here, doesn't he, Pinky? - Show it to him, man.
- [Pinky laughs.]
You like it? Huh? Okay, guys, I'll see you around.
Take care of yourself.
- Be right back.
- Where you going, Nata? Nelson.
Nelson, what's up? Your rich girl leave you? None of your business, Nata.
Stay out of it.
I told you.
I told you you were whipped for her.
- Those people aren't like us, man.
- Shut up.
You have no fucking idea what you're talking about! What's wrong with you, Nelson? What's going on? We've got a problem here.
We've got a problem with Sandro.
What kind of problem? We worked as a mule for him.
Look, we just wanted the money to get out of this place.
What happened? They saw us, the police.
We separated, and I can't find Irene after we parted.
I don't know if she's okay or if something happened to her.
Well, don't freak out, okay? We'll find her.
I'll help you, okay? Something taste funny to you, or do you just prefer to eat egg rolls? I'm not Chinese.
I'm Vietnamese.
It's different, do you know that? [grunts.]
And a machete and a lawnmower are different, but they both cut the grass at the end of the day.
That's not important to you, am I right? It's the same thing for me.
Remember Alicia, the neighbor across the street? - You're going to take her some food.
- No, I don't work for free, okay? Listen, I won't pay you a single euro to cross that street and bring you neighbor's food upstairs.
Single? I'll do it for two.
[Pepe chuckles.]
So get going.
The girl's got a big set of balls, huh? She inherited them from me.
From you? Can you be more of an ass, Pepito? [Pepe chuckles.]
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Who are you, now? - Irene, Tirso's granddaughter.
Oh, Irene! [Irene.]
I brought you this.
Oh my word, yes! Come in.
[Alicia laughs.]
My, my, now.
See, I didn't recognize you.
- You look so mature.
- Yeah.
Come in, please.
Sit down, my love, sit down.
- Thank you for giving me this nice meal.
- All good.
It's just with these old legs, I can't even go down the stairwell.
Oh, God.
Do you still like violet candies? You used to go crazy for them when you were little.
I'm going to see if I have some.
Irene, how's your mother? How is she? Ah, well, well.
Very well.
It's been a long time since I've seen her.
I remember one day when [cell ringing.]
- Hello? - Nelson, it's me.
Irene, where are you? You okay? Yes, yes, I'm fine.
I'm with my grandfather.
Listen, I can't talk much.
I'll be at the hardware store he owns.
Come and meet me there.
There's a backyard right downstairs.
Okay, okay, I'm on my way.
Listen, I love you.
I love you too.
I knew I had something.
Here, candies with cara Oh! You startled me, lurking over there.
- For a second I thought you went home.
- No.
Please, sit here.
Sit down.
Plus, I brought you something very special.
Oh, some good cookies.
Looks great.
- [Ezequiel.]
Hey, Loko, trading some cards? - Run, bro! I already have those cards.
[tires squeal.]
[Loko grunts.]
Okay, why would we threaten the gazelles? Much better to run them over.
Loko, don't leave now.
Don't be so dramatic.
I see you trading cards, I tell you that I already have them.
And you run away.
Loko, it doesn't look to good for you.
Sorry, man, I didn't know it was you, Ezequiel.
I am also confused for people who look like me, right? My friend here wants to ask you a few questions regarding a soap opera that you've been watching.
You know a kid named Nelson Gutiérrez? - No, never heard of him.
- [Ezequiel.]
Never heard of him.
We want to know his girlfriend's name and where she's been living.
But why? [Ezequiel.]
Shit, didn't you hear? Nelson's girl won the big time lottery.
Yeah, and my friend here wants to be the first one to tell her the news.
[Loko sighs.]
She's Chinese.
Her name's Irene.
Irene is her name in Chinese? - Damn.
- Where does she live? No idea, in La Moraleja.
She's a rich girl.
A rich girl from La Moraleja? Then what's she doing around here? Her grandpa owns a hardware store in Rufino Blanco.
Very good, Loko.
Always say hi to me, Loko.
Give me a honk when you see me.
Don't go running away, 'cause running is for cowards.
Go on, get out of here.
Well, let's go look for Irene the Chinese.
The first rule, never show up late for work.
Hey, it's not my fault.
That old lady can talk a lot.
I couldn't escape that place.
Second rule is don't blame others for your mess.
Go get a wash rag, empty the drawers and clean the inside thoroughly.
All of those.
You're kidding, right? You see this radio here? Do you know how much I make repairing it? Nothing.
It's charity, you know why? Because you're an idiot? The third, shut up and do your work.
[door opens.]
Hello, how are you? [Tirso.]
Hello, good morning.
How can I help you? I need to see some wrenches.
No problem.
[Tirso rummaging.]
Grandpa, I have to go to the bathroom.
Go ahead.
What size? Probably about like this.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, and you? Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Can't believe it.
I almost died when we were apart.
What's up with the police? Did they catch you? Yeah, yeah, but they had nothing on me, so they had to let me out of there.
Where's the dope at? My grandpa has it.
- What? - Shh! Don't yell.
- Don't yell.
- Irene, Sandro will have my head! No, I promise we'll work this out.
Don't worry, we got this.
Then it's just us.
- Right? - Right.
I'll get my grandfather out of the house.
I'll leave my window open, and you'll just have to climb up from the backyard.
The drugs will be there, okay? Don't worry.
I love you.
That's all I have.
Yeah, I don't like these.
Do you have another color? I had them in fuchsia, but they all sold out.
- Choose one or go away.
- I'll try the bazaar, they're much nicer.
Goodbye, then.
So long.
Hey, allow me to help you with that, miss.
Look at him.
Just like his father.
Disappears, shows up whenever he feels like it, and thinks he can fix everything with that smile.
Well, it doesn't fix everything, but it helps.
Where were you last night? I'm not kidding, tell me.
You want me to stay in that shitty hostel? I would rather sleep at a friend's than put up with those cockroaches.
- I'm sick of it.
- Yeah, well It's too much trouble to pick up the phone for your mother? I'm going to have a heart attack from being so worried all day.
Okay, Mom.
Sorry, I had it on mute.
Oh, sure.
Of course.
Think I was born yesterday? Think I don't know you? It's that Irene, that girlfriend.
I can see.
Oh Mom, really? [Gladys.]
The only thing I'm going to tell you I'm way too young and too divine to be a grandma.
You better watch where you put your churro.
Not every oven is ready for cakes, - just so you know.
- Okay, Mom.
I got you.
Please tell me the two of you use condoms.
Yeah, I know.
Lay off.
Enough with this conversation, okay? [sighs.]
What was that note you left all about, anyway? What do you mean? The one that said, "Take care, mama.
" You left it on my pillow.
Well I never come out and tell you.
So I wrote it down.
- Sure, sure.
- Shall we? Sounded a bit like goodbye, son, don't you think? And then you stood me up last night.
I got anxious.
So please don't do that to me, okay? - In case you're wondering.
- Okay, Mom.
Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.
Look at me.
- I'm right here.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on.
Hey, let's go.
And don't mention the cockroaches again.
Thinking about them makes me sick.
They'll crawl up in your hair.
I said stop.
I don't want to think about it.
Seriously? This is disgusting.
Hm, I've been wondering.
Is it because you're rich or Chinese why you talk down to people? [chuckles.]
So you don't like the way I talk? Deal with it.
That's the way it is.
The same is true with the tortilla.
If you don't like it, deal with it.
That's the way it is.
There's my answer, because you're rich.
Grandpa can you please drive me to the supermarket tomorrow? I'm paying for my own food, so I have the right to choose it, don't you think? Make me a list and I'll stop by the store tomorrow.
Um I have my period, so I'll need some tampons.
Buy the green and orange ones, but no yellow.
Get the compact, not pearl.
Get it in a large.
And pads with wings, extra thin.
- Yes, but - I don't care what brand.
Oh, panty liners for leakage.
- And also - Tomorrow we'll go together and you can buy whatever you want, but I'll add it to your tab.
Who the fuck is it now? [sighs.]
Evening, have a minute? Hey, where do I fucking know you from? Not sure, I have a bad memory.
I'm Chief Inspector Martos, and this is Inspector Fandiño.
Can we please speak to Irene? [Tirso.]
Irene isn't here.
So have a good night.
Listen, one other thing before we leave.
Your bad memory, it impairs you from asking the reason we're looking for her? Is it because you're tired of writing tickets, and it's more fun to hassle an old man's testicles? Your granddaughter could be in big trouble.
I agree, the Chinese girl was a bad investment.
The kind of stuff the Chinese make is bad quality.
See, I always say that to my customers.
Anything else? No, no more.
Take my card in case you hear from your granddaughter.
So, what do you bet she's inside? [lock clicking.]
Don't worry, they won't come back.
The police in this neighborhood don't like to work too hard.
Well, goodnight.
No way.
This neighborhood is much better than the city center.
People from all over the world come here to the center.
Yeah, but they do tourist shit and go back home.
- Those who come here, come here - [Amanda.]
Look, look, look, look.
And the bastard said he didn't know where his granddaughter was.
Let's go.
Come on.
Hey, Amanda.
It appears the soap opera begins.
Look who we have here.
What's he doing? [Ezequiel.]
Well, now we know where the heroin is.
- Now.
- Or, I was thinking see, if we wait here and detain him when he comes out with the goods, then we don't frame the hardware man.
What do you think? Surprisingly, that idea's not bad.
It's not good, either.
[tense music.]
Put your seatbelt on.
[distant clatter.]
[clattering continues.]
Tirso, are you there? [cell ringing.]
- Alicia, are you okay? - Tirso, are you home right now? No, why? [Alicia.]
There's someone in your apartment.
They're throwing things around, I can hear them in there.
Okay, hold on.
I'm turning around right now.
I'm sure they're thieves.
Do you want me to go outside and ask for help? No, no, don't leave your house, Alicia.
You hear me? [tires squeal.]
What happened? They broke into our unit, motherfuckers.
I can call the police.
Time to go soon.
Two minutes, and then we go in.
[cell ringing.]
Hello? - [Irene.]
Hello, police? - Irene, that you? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I need help.
An intruder's in my grandpa's house.
Could you send someone? - We're on our way back to the apartment.
- Shit! Yes, the address is Emilio Barroso, unit - Raboso.
- Raboso, unit one.
No! No, no, no, no, no! [Alicia groaning.]
[labored breathing.]
Shit, shit! Shit! [car honking.]
[tires squeal.]
The grandpa, it's going to get messy.
Stay in the car! - [Nelson.]
Ma'am? - [Alicia groans.]
[door opens.]
Alicia! Alicia, can you move? - Tirso.
- [Tirso.]
Alicia, where are you hurt? Can you stay with her? Call an ambulance, hurry! - I want you here.
- Copy that.
Hold her head up.
- [Amanda.]
Is she alright? - Alicia, are you okay? [Ezequiel.]
Nelson! Well, at least we know the title of the soap opera now, Amanda: Nelson's a Real Ballsack.
- We have to go find him now.
- I'm on it.
- What are you doing? - I'm going to speak with Nelson's mother.
I'm coming with you.
Well, I'd actually prefer to go on my own.
It's personal.
I'm going to have to break it to her, you know? Okay, keep me informed on it.
Oh, I will.
There you go.
Hang in there, Alicia.
You're a warrior, right? Tirso.
Shh, everything's going to be okay.
Sorry you had to witness this.
Go on home.
- Grandpa - Go back home now.
- Can we speak now? - Yes, of course, because I'm filing a report.
I want you to identify the motherfucker who did this.
We already know.
We were standing there when he landed.
We saw you leaving with your granddaughter there, the one that went missing.
The neighborhood is full of delinquents, and you're surveilling a poor hardware salesman? Where's the heroin that your granddaughter stole? I know nothing about that, officer.
So who broke into your apartment? It was Nelson, your granddaughter Irene's boyfriend.
- Her boyfriend? - [Amanda.]
Yeah, he was looking for the same thing we're looking for, the drugs.
We were on the verge of catching him, but he got away from us.
It seems to me that this mess is bigger than you can handle.
I'll let you talk to her.
Convince her to cooperate with us and tell us who ordered the drugs.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I just want to report this robbery.
Cooperate with us, or we'll come after you and your granddaughter.
Just try it.
It was your boyfriend, wasn't it? He broke in here to rob us.
He pushed Alicia down a flight of stairs.
I'm sorry, grandpa.
If I could just You're sorry? Your sorrys are worthless.
He almost killed Alicia! And you're the one responsible.
This isn't going to end well if we don't deliver those drugs.
Drugs, the fucking drugs.
[crying softly.]
Grandpa! Where are you going? Where are you going, grandpa? What are you doing? Wait? Wait, grandpa! What are you doing? Please! Please, grandpa! Please! [crying.]
Grandpa, please! [clattering.]
Grandpa, please! There, problem solved.
[Irene crying.]
Those drugs aren't Nelson's.
They belong to a dealer.
Fuck! They're going to kill us.
No one's going to hurt you.
You're staying right here.
And what about Nelson? He got you into this.
He deserves what he gets.
He didn't get me into it.
It was all my fault.
It was my idea to break in.
I just wanted to get out of that place.
What are you talking about? You know I have no place in that house.
That's not true.
That's why I convinced Nelson, told him to steal the drugs for getting away, drug money for escaping.
But I'm telling you, he's not to blame.
You know, I don't give one little shit who's to blame.
Someone is going to pay for all of this.
And it's not going to be you.
Hey, all dressed up in pink, you look like chewing gum.
Do you want me to give you a chew, then? [Gladys laughs.]
- What are you up to? - I came to see you for a bit.
Can I give you a hand with some cleaning? Oh yeah, you want to give me something else, too, I know you.
That's why you're here to give me a hand.
Okay, don't get upset.
I'm looking for your son.
Maybe you can tell me where to find him.
My son? Why? What happened? - What did he do? - Absolutely nothing.
I have to talk to your son about something.
- What did he do? - I can't tell you about it.
Ezequiel, listen.
Since he came from Colombia, he's been lost.
He can't find his place, but he's a good kid.
Tell me what he did, and I'll talk to him, okay? Absolutely nothing.
Tell me, Ezequiel, just say it.
They say he may have broken into an apartment.
His girlfriend's grandfather's.
- What? Oh, Jesus Christ.
- No, I'm sure it's a misunderstanding.
As soon as you hear from him, let me know about it.
I'll sort it all out for you, and that will be it.
I knew something was up, you know? Probably why he didn't sleep at the hostel.
I knew it! The hostel? What hostel, Gladys? Yeah, they evicted us from the apartment for not being able to pay rent, so we moved.
Now the police are after him.
It figures.
Bad news comes in twos.
Hey, why didn't you tell me about that before? - Yeah, I know.
- Look, I have to go now.
You just chill out and don't worry.
This is nothing I can't handle.
When this is over, you and I will go and have dinner and dance it off.
Just stay calm.
I'll sort it out, okay? Hey don't worry.
Chewing gum would you clean these mailboxes already? Look at all the dirt on them.
[phone ringing.]
Hello? How's your mother? Poor Alicia.
How did the surgery go? Did they say? No, no, no, no.
Tell her I'll stop by soon.
Give her a big kiss for me, okay? Thank you.
[exhales sharply.]
Ahh! You scared me! I'm sorry, I didn't see you, really.
Did you come here to make me deaf, or did you want something? - Forgive me.
- No, it's okay.
You must be Irene's grandpa, right? I'm Gladys, nice to meet you.
I'm Nelson's mother.
There's the door.
Just hear me out.
I know that you're a little bit upset.
And I've been told Nelson got into a little bit of trouble.
No, no, no.
I think you mean he's in very big trouble.
You may want to quit lurking in my business and find a good lawyer.
I don't think it's necessary to go that far.
See, when he told me the apartment he broke into was yours, the first thing I thought was, well, if it's Irene's grandpa, clearly these are typical lover things, typical lover mischiefs.
I don't speak panchito.
It seems to me that what you call mischief in your country, we call it committing crime here.
And it seems to me your comment is super racist and disrespectful.
Look, what is disrespectful is that you're in a unit that's not yours, and robbing it.
I know the situation is very unpleasant for all of us, alright? Yes, especially for the old lady he threw down the stairs, and who will probably never be able to walk again! An old lady? No, no, no, no, no.
That must have been an accident.
He's not capable of doing that.
My son's not a criminal.
No, your son is a thug, a thief, and a dirty drug dealer! And he'll probably end up in jail or dead in a fucking ditch! And I'm not going to let that human scum anywhere near my granddaughter again, or I'll be the one throwing him in that ditch! [grunts.]
You listen to me! If anything happens to my son, or if he goes to jail because of you, I swear I'll come here and set this shithole ablaze! Get out or I'll kick you out myself! You just watch it, machito Spaniard.
Hello, papa.
Hello there.
- Where's Irene? - In her bedroom.
She's coming home.
Wait, hold on, Jimena.
What do you mean she's coming home? Iván and I've been talking, and we came to a decision.
Tomorrow we're flying to Switzerland.
Ah, let's relax.
Let's have a cup of tea over here, please.
So, then.
Why do you want to go to Switzerland? [Jimena.]
We enrolled her in a boarding school for troubled youth.
What are you talking about? I'm not going to let you put her in a place like that.
She's my daughter, and I'll do what I want with her, understand? Perfectly.
The one who doesn't understand is you.
You adopted Irene like someone buys a puppy, because it's small and adorable.
But then it grows up, it barks at you, and you're left lapping up its mess with your hand.
So you decide to send it off to the kennel.
I'm not sending her off to a kennel.
I'm only trying to do what's best.
Getting rid of her? What's best for her, or for you? [scoffs.]
You aren't the best person to give lessons on parenting.
You never wanted to be a mother, Jimena.
It was a mistake to bring her from there, and I warned you.
Yeah, dad, it was a mistake! But there's no turning back now.
I will take care of her.
No, this hasn't been a good idea from the beginning.
But I don't see why.
You alone with a teenager? It's not my first rodeo.
That's exactly my point.
Your mother had just run off with another man.
When I was alone with you kids, I was not at my best at all, Jimena.
But you learn more from your mistakes than your successes.
No, papa.
I'm sorry.
I'll go get her.
You and Iván have given up on my granddaughter.
That's your problem.
But I'm not going to let her pay for it.
Leave her with me for a while.
She'll be just fine here with me, I promise you.
You're going to regret this.
Goodbye, papa.
Irene, I'm going to the bar.
Are you coming? Irene? [rap music.]
What are we going to do now? What if we both lived up here forever? We could survive off rainwater, and eat each other bit by bit.
The best thing we can do now is to talk to Sandro and tell him what happened.
That's crazy.
Irene, if we don't, they'll come after us.
And I'm never going to let them hurt you.
And I'm never going to let them hurt you, either.
Forget about Sandro.
We'll figure it out tomorrow, okay? Today I just want to kiss you.
What do you want? [Irene.]
I want to talk to Sandro.
I'm Nelson's girlfriend.
Where's Nelson? You have the horse? I-I don't have it.
We lost it.
So that's why that asshole Nelson sent you? He thinks because you're a girl - I'm not going to hurt you? - No, no, no, please! I'll pay the debt, I'll do anything! I'll be a mule, anything! Please! Call Sandro.
Please call him.
[Irene whimpers.]
Wait right here.
Sandro, you like Chinese food? 'Cause I got an eggroll here that looks fucking delicious.
No, I don't even think she's 18.
Mm-hm, I'll send her over as soon as possible.
You're going to have a great time, my man.
- You familiar with the overpass? - Yeah.
Cross it and wait on the other side of the tracks.
They'll pick you up there and tell you what to do.
Got it? Go on.
Get out of here.
Irene? Irene? Irene! Irene! [tires squeal.]
If they're in some kind of trouble with these people, this is the last place they'd go.
Never underestimate the stupidity of a teenager.
- Where you going? - I'm going to buy some churros.
Tirso, don't fuck around, these people are dangerous.
[cell ringing.]
Captain, I have located your granddaughter's boyfriend.
[ragged breathing.]
Where's Irene? I don't know.
I'm going to ask you again.
Where is Irene? I told you, I don't know.
We were together, but she left.
I'm looking for her as well.
You're a piece of shit.
You're a thug.
Why should I believe you? Because it's the truth.
So if you don't believe me, might as well kill me.
But I don't know where she is.
Before she met you, she had a damn good life.
The life of a princess! A future.
You got her into this.
Anything happens to her, I'll destroy your little life! [yells.]
[Irene screaming.]
No! No! NEXT EPISODE [Tirso.]
My granddaughter ran away from home.
I've been looking for her all night long.
Now what, huh? You gonna leave or not? If my son was involved in something bigger, if he was actually in danger, - you would tell me, right? - What's up, Nata? So I want you to make a point of killing that faggot.
All of Entrevías knows that around here, my balls rules these streets.
Son of a bitch.
- [Gladys yells.]
- This is my neighbor's property.
Don't dick around.
Where is the heroin being kept? Down the drain in the kitchen.
What, mom? What happened? [Amanda.]
Yeah, it's a real problem, isn't it, letting in the outsiders? Don't confuse things.
There are bastards of every color.
Somehow they all live in Entrevías.
- Can you get me a gun? - Huh? Why? Tell Sandro I have information for him.
So where is Irene? [Tirso.]
You'd better have a seat.
I got to tell you something.
Hello, Nelson.
You're coming to the station with me now.
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