Wrong Side of the Tracks (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Broken radios

Yes, hang on a second, alright? Alright, go on, boy.
There you go.
- [sinister music.]
- [dog whines.]
[dog whines.]
[dramatic note.]
[dog barks.]
Tirso Abantos, oh, with that face of yours I can assume you're here to confess to a pair of murders.
If you make me wait ten more minutes, maybe I will.
Perhaps you'll tell me.
What is it that is so urgent that you have to discuss with me? My granddaughter ran away from home.
[Ezequiel chuckles.]
It's not funny.
I've been looking for her all night long.
Now he's worried about the Chinese girl, huh? Most likely, there are dangerous people who want to harm her.
Look, the police work just like this.
If we manage to assist you on recovering your granddaughter, necessarily, we have to start with the dangerous people, okay? Don't dick around! Where is the heroin being kept, Tirso? Down the drain in the kitchen.
Tirso, that's a downright dirty lie.
You don't believe me, I can see? That shit only attracts more problems.
Of course, and to solve these problems you tossed a whole kilogram of heroin down the drain.
Is that right, Tirso? How did you know it was a kilo? Because I'm a the police, playing little bitch with a double with total knowledge of what's going down in Entrevias.
Then you'll know where to track down my granddaughter.
No, Tirso, you've confused my place in all of this.
I don't look for Chinese granddaughters.
I'm busy with damn criminals and predators and you threw away the only kilo of heroin that could possibly stop them.
The question is, whose drugs are they? Give me a name and I'll fix it for you.
Understand, Tirso there's nothing for me to fix here.
If anything happens to her I know where to find your desk.
[soft tense music.]
[dog barks.]
[barking persists.]
[distant children's laughter.]
[Irene breaths heavily.]
[somber music.]
What is it, honey? Hold on a minute, Mom.
- [cellphone rings.]
- What's up, Nata? To where? [Pepe.]
A coffee with milk and a bacon sandwich.
A perfect breakfast.
My god, honey, what happened? My grandpa isn't home now.
Do you have keys? But Irene, what's going on? Are you okay? Do you have the keys or not? [sighs.]
[cellphone rings.]
What's up, Pepe? [sighs.]
Great, thank God.
No, I'll be right there.
[somber music.]
- [keys rattle.]
- Irene? Irene? Irene.
Are you okay? What have they done to you? We've got to get you to a hospital.
- Where does it hurt? - Leave me alone, I'm fine.
Who did this to you? It was those animals from the drug flat, wasn't it? They'll pay for this.
I'll make them pay.
[fast paced music.]
What are you doing? [rattling.]
Grandpa, what are you doing? [Tirso.]
I'm going to see how tough they are against someone their own size.
[music intensifies.]
[ominous music.]
Where's Irene? Is she home? Is she okay? What, last night wasn't enough, you want more? Leave her be! [Nelson.]
Just wait.
I only want to know if she's safe? Tell me she's okay, please? They beat the shit out of her.
She's good enough to keep me from killing you right now, yet she's bad enough to make me want to smash your face in.
So you'd better just disappear! [music intensifies.]
Your cortado.
Can I get a refill on my coffee, please? [dramatic music.]
[bell buzzes.]
What do you want? [Tirso.]
I came to buy some dope.
Open up.
An old man like you doesn't buy drugs in a place like this.
What the fuck you want? I want to talk to your boss.
That works out, because I'm the boss here.
[sarcastic chuckle.]
A junkie as mediocre as you doesn't set up this kind of business.
Alright, get the fuck out.
You're scaring away my clientele.
I think yesterday my granddaughter was here.
Plenty of people come by here.
I can't possibly remember them all.
Her eyes are like this.
Kind of like she's about to fall asleep.
Some degenerates beat the crap out of her last night.
You're saying you're not one of those? I'm saying fuck this shit.
Get lost.
So very valiant, pummeling young girls.
You probably wouldn't mind a fight with a decrepit old man like me, would you? I'm not moving from here.
Send him out.
Right this minute.
I'm not going anywhere.
[soft tense music.]
Now what? Huh? - You going to leave, or not? - What do you think? You mother fucker.
You just said that I'm a junkie, remember? Know what happens? Sometimes junkies act kind of weird, maybe attacking with a machete.
Have you ever killed someone? I have.
I'm no psychopath.
I fought in Bosnia.
There you don't get 40 years in prison, but perhaps for you that doesn't come off as severe.
Alright, come cut my throat.
Let's go.
Come and get me.
Go on, go ahead.
Yeyo, calm down.
He's just an old man.
I know who he is.
I'll get him out of here.
Put that down man.
[sinister music.]
Get him out of here.
Get him out and don't come back.
Let's move, Captain.
Let's go.
Get off.
I didn't ask you to help me.
[dramatic note.]
What do you thinking? Good thing I saw you walking past the boy with your Chuck Norris face.
But why the hell would you send Sanchis? [Pepe.]
Because these people are dangerous.
So are we.
Well, we were before you opened this shitty bar and got your genitals cut off.
Look at him! Is he Chuck Norris or not? He's a little bit Chuck Norris.
Who in the hell do they think they are? The people who own the neighborhood, that's who.
And you're the owner of the hardware store that will go under if you don't open it up.
Not today.
I'm not in the mood.
We have noticed.
Pepe, last night they really hurt Irene.
What they did to the girl's been fucked up considering all they could have done.
She was truly fortunate.
Maybe I should mail them a box of chocolates to show them my gratitude.
What did Jimena say? Tirso, for God's sake, you have warn her mother.
How's Jimena going to help? Maybe take her shopping? Listen, Captain Pepe's talking reason.
Her mother needs to know what went down.
They'll make her go to Switzerland, to that Swiss boarding school.
The girl might fit in better over there, honestly.
This neighborhood's no place for her.
Every time she opens her mouth, she sounds like she bought a mink coat and jewels.
This neighborhood is no place for anyone.
It's like trying to fight a fucking Spanish bull.
Hey, Mom, what's going on? We got kicked out of the hostel.
Thankfully, Lola left me the car.
So take a seat.
We're sleeping here.
Just like that? Why'd they kick us out? Because when the police came by and asked for you, the hostel guy decided he doesn't want any trouble.
How dare you? I brought you from Colombia to get us out of that hole.
And here we are again.
Why did you do that? For money? For what? To get a new smartphone, or some sneakers? Please tell me.
Because I want out of this place, Mom, that's why.
Irene and I, we had plans.
We wanted to leave here together.
And you weren't planning to tell me? You were just going to up and leave me? Since we came to this country, the only reason for getting up each and every morning, was the idea that you were with me.
It's been fucking brutal how much I've endured to make it all happen.
I didn't ask you to do that.
Excuse me? I never wanted to come here, mom.
Maybe if I'd stayed in Colombia, all of us would be better off.
What are you talking about, Nelson? Irene wouldn't have any problems and you would, at the very least, have a roof over your head.
Yeah, you have to bear with me, okay? You know how hard it is for me to control my anger.
Do me a favor, tell me what kind of trouble you got into.
Let me help you out.
Tell me, please.
Nelson, please just telling me.
Nelson! [door opening.]
[soft moan.]
Grandpa, what did you do? What happened? Relax, I didn't do anything.
Everything's fine.
Are you okay? You locked me up in my room, all alone, and I thought you would get yourself killed.
Well, clearly, I am unharmed.
You sure you don't want to go to a hospital? It'd be good for them to take a look at you.
Let's talk about it.
Lunch is on me.
No thanks.
How about the Chinese joint around the corner? I've heard they serve the very best fried cat in the city.
Don't try to be funny.
It doesn't suit you.
[soft grunt.]
I just want to sleep.
[distant phones ringing.]
Hey, what magic spell is this? I thought it was the brilliance of the Sun, which was dazzling me, but in truth, it turns out to be you.
You really need to find yourself a new book of compliments, huh? Because you've told me that one maybe what, 40 times? When I see you, my head spins.
My words fail me.
I let old habits take over.
Anyway, to what do I owe this honor and privilege? I want to know what happened with my son? Hey, sweet thing, I don't want you to worry about that anymore, okay? - Relax.
- Ezequiel I heard he pushed an old woman down a flight of stairs.
- Is that true? - An old woman called the police.
There were some stairs, the woman declares and makes clear that she got scared, lost her footing and fell, just like that.
Your son did nothing.
Do you know why he broke into that place? What's it all about? - The Lord works in mysterious ways.
- Stop fucking around.
You listen to me.
If my son was involved in something bigger, if he was actually in danger, you would tell me, right? Gladys, I am offended.
Nelson is very much a son to me.
Ezequiel, please stop.
You're practically a professional liar, so tell me Is he in danger or not? Let me just tell you something.
If I wanted to take you to bed, I would lie to you again and again.
When it comes to your son, hell no.
I would never lie to you.
Okay? I promise.
That's better [Amanda clears her throat.]
Wasn't that the mother of Nelson Gutierrez? - [Ezequiel.]
- It seems you two are quite close.
What? No.
She's a troublemaker like the Russians.
She runs around kissing everyone you can imagine, the baker, greengrocer, the fruit seller, the cop, so yeah, she gets around.
Well, what's the deal with the kid? Anything on the drugs? You're not going to like either of them to be genuinely honest, Inspector.
How the grandpa of the Chinese girl flushed the heroin down the drain.
The Chinese girl's grandpa is going to get fucked over by Sandro and without some heroin we have no evidence, we have no charges, we have no - Wait.
- We have absolutely no bullshit.
The old man flushed the drugs down the drain.
- Yeah.
- How do you know? Because he told me so himself and looked me in the eye.
Are you kidding? No, I have a sixth sense to know when I am being told all the facts and when I'm being lied to.
And your sixth sense seems to be enough to close the investigation? Yes, but my sixth sense tells me that for you it's not.
I need to talk to that grandfather.
Look at that.
My sixth sense seems to be right again.
[leisurely music.]
- Boo! - Hey What you doing here? How can you ask me that? I showed this place to you.
We used to come here to see the stars and other things.
That was a long time ago, Nada.
How's Irene? She got real beat up.
This entire mess was all my fault.
I made all this trouble and now It sounds like when you met her at that party, they gave you a love potion or something.
- You're totally crushing.
- Party? I didn't meet her at any party.
- Loko didn't tell you? - What? [Nelson.]
One day, I'm out in the neighborhood with Loko, and we see this big car sitting there with tinted windows.
Check out that car.
It's strange to see a car like that in the neighborhood.
- A little joy ride? - You don't have the balls.
We just want it to take it.
Okay, I'll be right back.
Go for a ride, then obviously brag about it for a minute, then dump it somewhere afterwards.
Loko kept watch for me.
I got in, started the engine.
Here we go.
What are you doing? Are you serious? I was very scared.
I was thinking about all the trouble I'd gotten myself into at that point.
- Forgive me.
- I told her not to be afraid.
that I just wanted to go for a ride and instead of being scared she just smiled and told me Hold up, wait a minute.
What's the matter? Is this car too much for you? Holy shit, that's unbelievable.
[soft chuckle.]
So, should I show you were the gas is? [chuckle.]
[rap music.]
We just hung around the neighborhood.
It turns up the car was her mom's.
[Irene whoops with delight.]
I think she was having a better time than I was.
We barely talked the whole way.
We didn't need to.
It was like Irene and I had known each other our whole lives.
It was as if I found something I didn't even know I was looking for.
- [romantic music.]
- I love this song.
You like the beach? Yes, I do.
I know a pretty little beach that's in the middle of nowhere.
We can go there right now.
Yeah? Want to go? - Let's go.
- [chuckles.]
Then we arrived at the beach.
- Wow! - [Nelson.]
It wasn't dark yet.
Nice, right? [Nata.]
And you watch the sunset together? We didn't even know when the sun went down.
Jesus, spare the details of the happy couple.
[soft melodic music.]
Come on, let's go.
- Ready? - Yeah.
- [Irene yells with delight.]
- [music intensifies.]
I came home with sand my shoes, and with Irene stuck in my head forever.
Oh, how beautiful.
That's why we want to go back to the beach.
Make our lives, set up a soda stand, and stay in that place forever.
Make our lives, set up a soda stand.
Meanwhile, your buddy Loko, the most romantic thing he ever did for me was bring me croissants from the store.
[soft chuckle.]
Irene is a very lucky girl.
Oh, really? You call that lucky? Look what happened to her because of me.
It doesn't matter.
She's still lucky.
[melodic music resumes.]
- Say hi to your dad for me.
- [man.]
I will.
Back again? What's the matter? No old ladies to help across the street? Good day to you as well.
Maybe if I use the word, please.
Where are the drugs your granddaughter took? By now, I figure they're floating in the Manzanares.
Jokes? Here's the deal, Tirso.
We've come back here because the chief inspector has a hard time believing you're stupid enough to toss an entire kilogram of heroin down the drain.
Will you force me to go get a search warrant? [Tirso.]
These are the keys to the hardware store, and to my house, and to my car.
Look for whatever you want.
Leave me in peace.
Come on.
Let me talk to your granddaughter.
No, that's not going to happen.
You flush the only evidence we had against those drug traffickers down the sink.
I think you owe me one.
My granddaughter's at home crying, because those thugs used her face as a punching bag.
I won't let you pile more problems on her problems.
Good news, Tirso, they didn't murder her, huh? She was out partying and no offence, but What I mean by partying is that they very gently touched her face.
- Nothing more.
- Are those guys who work for Sandro? - From the drug flat? - Sandro.
Was that difficult? The only thing I've been asking for is the name.
- [Amanda.]
Give us some space.
- Of course, Inspector.
Tell us who they are and we'll go get them.
Oh, will you? Look, if you're not going to buy anything, don't waste my time, please.
In this neighborhood, the police are seen as a bunch of corrupt useless idiots.
You don't say, but why would they say a thing like that? Because it's the truth.
Ahh But I'm planning to change all that.
I want to change this place.
- Best wishes.
- [Amanda.]
I need much more than good wishes.
I need people like you to help me.
Take care now.
[melodic music.]
[distant police siren.]
[door slams.]
Jimena! - Hello, Papa.
- [Tirso.]
What are you doing here? Javier, Alicia's son, has asked me to put the apartment up for sale.
You've gone back to work? - Um hmm.
- Hmm.
I've always thought you had a legion of slaves to do these kinds of things.
It's more of a personal favor.
Also, I get to visit my little girl.
Can I come in or shall I jump over you? [hesitates.]
No, please come in.
[door slams.]
[tense music.]
Andrei, what's up, brother? I need you to do me a favor.
So, where is Irene? In her bedroom.
But, you'd better have a seat.
I've got to tell you something.
And what is that? Well Honey, what happened to you? What is this? What happened to my daughter? I fell out of the window.
I climbed out and fell escaping from here.
What are you talking about, escaping? Where would you escape to? Anywhere but that boarding school in Switzerland? I didn't say anything.
I overheard you and grandpa.
And I heard you say that adopting me was a mistake.
[cellphone rings.]
I'm sorry.
I knew you never loved me.
But you really hate me so much you would send me to a place like that? Seriously? Honey, I'm so very sorry.
Sometimes you say stupid things when you're frustrated.
You know I love you, and Papa does too.
Yeah, I guess that's why you want to send me 3,000 miles from here.
Right now, it doesn't make sense.
We only want what's best.
Why don't you ever ask me what I want? Or don't you give a shit? Alright then Irene, tell me what it is that you want.
I want to stay right here.
Here with him? And if you force me to go with you or make me do anything at all, I swear to God, I will find the highest window in this whole neighborhood and jump out.
It's okay, It's alright, sweetie.
I'm really glad you're getting along with grandpa.
- But are you sure you're okay? - Yes.
Did you go see a doctor? - [cellphone rings.]
- Yes, sure.
Please excuse me, I have to be going.
Oh, sweetie, honey.
Keep in touch, yeah? - Let me walk you.
- [Jimena.]
Not necessary.
[door slams.]
Throw yourself from the highest window? Right You wouldn't jump down four steps at once.
You manipulated your mother.
So, I saved you the trouble.
If you think staying here with me is going to be easier than that boarding school in Switzerland, you're much stupider than you appear, Sweetheart.
I'm not stupid, and you're a real prick.
But you're the only prick in this family who doesn't only care about himself, or I'd be in Switzerland for sure.
What's up, Pepe? I'll take dinner to go.
Okay, Tirso, what do you want? - A baguette with loin of peppers.
- Sure.
And a bacon cheeseburger with the works.
And don't forget the fries.
So, the girl is still staying with you? If you don't have hamburgers, maybe I'll go to another bar and order, but I didn't come here to get a lecture.
First of all, I do have hamburgers.
Somewhere around here.
What I don't have is bacon, but I have some panceta that you'll like.
- Perfect, sounds good.
- [Pepe.]
And second of all Are you sure you want to have a teenage girl around? Well, I've done it before.
And not just one teenager, but two.
And things didn't go so well? Don't act like you're Mary Poppins.
My granddaughter needs me, period.
Does it matter the hamburger's made with a baguette? - Just make it another loin of pepper.
- Okay.
The loin is so tender, it'll will make your eyes water.
- [Nelson.]
Mom, I have a surprise for you.
- What is it? - Come with me.
- A surprise? - Okay.
- [Nelson.]
Follow me this way.
Here we go.
Come on in.
But how do you had the keys to this place? Go on, take a look.
Come on, let's see.
Well? Not bad.
What's going on? We live here now, Mom.
Look, there's a living room, kitchen, dining room.
Three bedrooms, bathroom.
Nelson, are you crazy? We don't have enough cash for a latte.
How do we pay for this mansion? We don't pay for it, Mom.
Well, okay yes, we'll pay for it.
We'll owe a bit to my buddy, Andrei, who changed the locks, but don't sweat it, he's doesn't collect, we're golden.
- Everything's okay.
- Come again? Are you saying we stay here as squatters? Is that it? Over my rotting body.
Come on.
Wait, Mom, listen to me.
The place is vacant.
The owner's not coming back.
And I don't think many people want to buy a house in this neighborhood.
Don't sweat it.
We're hurting no one.
You're hurting me.
I have no idea what you're thinking.
I have my pride.
Got that? I'd prefer to be on the street.
- I will not lower myself.
- [Nelson.]
Mom, I'm trying.
Mom! Mom, come on.
You listen, I'm getting out here.
I'm not staying here.
- Everything I've worked with - [Nelson.]
No Hey! This is my neighbor's property.
- And you? - I live here What are you doing lurking out here? Spying on us? I'm spying on you.
I was concerned.
[soft tense music.]
This was all you're doing, wasn't it? It wasn't enough for you to push my neighbor down the stairs.
Now you want her home too? - Excuse me? - You're just a parasite.
Hey, careful how you speak to my boy here.
- Or do you want me to slap you again? - That's not going to happen.
I'm not putting up with parasites next to my house.
I mean, you and you.
I want you out of here tomorrow.
Or I promise you I won't hesitate to force you out.
On second thought, Nelson, go down to the car and grab all our things.
We are staying put.
[music intensifies.]
You had it all planned out, didn't you? I want to stay with Grandpa, Mama.
I'll jump from the window, Mama.
You had both of us fooled Didn't you? Grandpa, first of all, bad imitation of me.
And second, I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't play dumb with me.
You only stayed here with me to be closer to your loser boyfriend, didn't you? Well, I don't care if he lives next door.
It doesn't matter if he stays a squatter for the rest of his days.
You're not going to see him.
Wait a minute, how? Nelson is here, next door? At Alicia's? Don't take me for an idiot.
You know he is.
Tomorrow, your new life begins.
And I assure you it doesn't include Pancho Villa.
Your dinner.
Baguette with loin and peppers.
[door rattles loudly.]
Elena, poor me rum and coke.
No ice or lemon or anything else.
- Sandro! - [Sandro.]
Let him pass, dammit.
Cops don't like to have their balls touched.
The paradoxes of life.
How's it going? Brought me my horse, or what? Your horse was tossed down a drain pipe, sadly.
Cut the bullshit.
I got a migraine, dickhead.
I'm not in the mood for jokes.
No jokes.
I'll leave them to the comedians.
This is not a joke.
Then you saying You're telling me that fucking Nelson lost my merchandise? No, technically this soap opera had nothing to do with No, technically you're right, because the fault is yours.
I'm starting to get a headache from this fucking kilo of yours.
On top of it, I'm beginning to see some swelling, some inflammation around my balls.
Well, take an anti-inflammatory for those dainty little balls of yours! Because if your bitch-assed boss hadn't stuck her nose in all of this, that kilogram would not be lost.
A kid messed it up with one packet.
That's one kilo.
It happens man.
It comes with the damn job.
- You just bought 60 packets.
- And what of it? By the way, shut your mouth.
Do you want everyone to hear? You really have no clue about any of this.
That's why you're a fucking snitch.
The problem is the message we're sending out there.
Let me put it this way.
If I left that faggot, Nelson, lose a kilo of my horse with no penalty, I will end up a fucking warehouse boy at Mercamadrid.
I would sooner shoot myself in the fucking throat but instead of me shooting myself you shoot him.
In other words, find and kill the bitch.
- Make a mess over one package? - Stop talking about the fucking packet.
You make him pay for the disrespect because we can't let them disrespect us, because if that faggot can disrespect us, everyone on the street will be disrespecting us.
That's bad business.
You seem very calm.
What's wrong? Your balls still inflamed, or what? [soft sinister music.]
You know what they're saying? They saying you're getting soft, but you're just a barking dog.
Been a long time since you've actually bitten.
So, I want you to make a point of killing that faggot, so that all of Entrevías knows that around here my balls rule these streets.
[sinister music intensifies.]
Elena, bring me that rum, make it a double.
[train's klaxon sounds.]
No, please Stay back.
Please, no.
[solemn music.]
- [gasps.]
- Shh! Don't be scared.
It's me I climbed up the rain gutter.
What did they do to you? Motherfuckers! Forgive me, please, Irene, it's all my fault.
Forgive me.
Don't be silly.
You're the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Are you sure about that? We have got to get out of here.
The two of us Together and never come back.
I wish we could do that.
I've been thinking My grandpa stashes the money in the safe.
I've seen it.
I know how to get it.
Hey, stop, I'm begging you.
No more troublemaking.
But it's a lot of money.
We can take it and then we can just disappear.
No, look at what's happened.
They could have murdered you.
I'd rather be murdered than alone.
Listen to me very closely.
You and I will find a way out of here, I promise.
I'll find a way But no more crazy plans, please, for us.
I'm going to protect you from them.
I'm with you now, okay? It's just This is a total nightmare, Nelson.
I want to scream all the time.
I need you.
Keep it.
I have another, and here's my number.
I promise you can call me whenever.
Listen to me I'm here right now, okay? I'm just over there, yeah? I can practically hear you breathing.
I love you.
I love you more.
[music intensifies.]
Good night.
- Good morning, Pepe.
- [Pepe.]
Good morning.
How are you feeling, Princess? Hey, bring out some breakfast for my granddaughter.
- [Pepe.]
Yes, sir.
- [Irene.]
I'm not hungry? There's nothing more important than breakfast.
You have to eat, period Why is there some Chinese asshole sitting at my table? Are you kidding? For real, you have a serious problem.
It's not personal.
He's eating breakfast.
Huh! Just serving breakfast to anyone these days! Listen to me.
His money is as good as yours.
No, he made that dirty money from being a cheapskate.
From pawning bullshit for $2.
Bullshit that came from Chinese children.
Made by little Chinese hands, like b-b-b Tirso, it's one thing the bazaar takes some business from you.
It's another thing to start spreading falsehoods.
So now you're on the side of Confucius, because he pays for breakfast? All I'm saying is in business there's no sense to compete.
[coin clatters.]
You are sent are Santi's father, right? He talks about you quite a bit.
He does? - Zàijiàn, Pepe.
- Zàijiàn, Mr.
Until tomorrow.
Just let it go.
He goes on about the bazaar, Chinese to get to the mood.
- Even worse mood than normal? - [Pepe.]
Even worse.
How does that Chinese guy know who Santi is? [Pepe sighs.]
From the neighborhood, from the school, all the kids, I don't know, Tirso.
I don't know.
Drink all of that.
Where you going? Tirso! [Irene.]
What the hell! [solemn music.]
What a piece of shit.
What the fuck are these.
This cover comes in two sizes.
It depends on if you want to cover a two- or three-seater sofa.
I'd take the large one because it always fits.
I'll hold it for you.
The crowbar is $10.
Okay, great.
- [Santi.]
You don't need the receipt? - [customer.]
No, I'm good, thanks.
Okay, Pako.
- Until tomorrow.
- Yeah, see you then.
Papa! Why are you here? I'd like this gift wrapped.
The blue one will do, with the unicorn.
It's precious.
Kind of impressive, the huge stock you have around here.
Not bad.
I'm sure it's a nice place to be.
It's all right.
Fu's fine to work for.
I thought you were planning on being a big successful businessman or something like that.
Isn't that why you left the hardware store? - Anything else? - To speak with you.
I've got nothing to say to you.
You insulted my wife.
I'm not asking you to hug it out with me.
Nor am I trying to earn one of those Father of the Year mugs.
I just want you to explain to me what the fuck you're doing working at this place.
- My kids have got to eat.
- [Tirso.]
And so do I.
This shithole has been killing my business and you know it.
They needed someone who knew hardware.
The hours are great.
This job was made for me.
I'll tell you what was made for you Abantos Hardware Store, it even has your name on it.
Too bad it has your name too.
That will be $4.
95, please.
A bargain.
From now on, I'll buy all my thongs right here.
My change, please.
Something wrong? Or are you just in the habit of staring at my ass while I clean? A little bit of the first one, maybe, and a little bit of the second one.
What's going on? Bad news here, Gladys.
The life of your child just got very complicated.
What do you mean complicated? What happened? Well, some people are trying to find him.
And if they find him, and they will find him, they will break him.
You have to help us, Ezequiel.
Ezequiel, please for me, please.
You have got to protect him.
Help him.
I'll do anything you tell me to do.
Gladys, I'm not about to mince words.
- The police aren't able to defeat.
- Why not? There's only one thing for you to do.
Hop to it.
Say goodbye to Entrevias.
- No.
- [Ezequiel.]
Talk to him.
- Buy a train ticket.
- No, we don't have any money.
We are living in a stranger's place right now.
No, I don't have any money.
I don't know.
Well, if you can't do it, I can buy it.
No, I don't want your money.
Who wants him dead? Who wants him dead? They are true killers, Gladys, and they know how to murder.
They're vicious killers.
[ominous music.]
What, Mom? What happened? Why are you bringing me here? [Tirso.]
Now that they gave you a new face we'll have to change your ID card.
- What do you think we're doing here? - [Irene.]
No! No! No way I'm reporting them.
Do you have any idea what they're capable of? Looking at you gives me some idea.
Let's go.
These punks have to be punished for their actions.
There's got to be payback.
That's rule number one.
I thought rule number one was never be late for work, right? I have various rules competing for spot number one, but the point is you have to talk to the police.
I don't want to go.
I can't do it.
I know it hurts to remember.
Nobody likes to talk about how they were traumatized.
But you have to do this.
Or those thugs simply walk away scot-free, Irene.
There's the inspector.
Sit down here and wait for me.
- [background chatter.]
- [telephones ring.]
[soft moan.]
[fast paced music.]
Irene, listen to me.
Nelson, are you alright? Sandro is looking for me.
I got to leave.
I got to disappear.
I can't do this alone.
Please don't leave me now.
Nelson, please.
Give me time, I'll take that money from my grandfather - and we'll leave here together.
- No, that's not a good idea.
Just give me time.
I really got to go.
I love you.
Love you.
Where have you been? The inspector's waiting for you.
Let's go.
Okay? [Amanda.]
So, Irene Your grandpa says some of Sandro's men really beat you up.
Can you tell me what happened? I'm not sure why my grandfather told you that.
I fell down the stairs.
Irene, nothing will happen to you for telling the truth.
I will protect you.
From who? Nobody beat me up.
Irene, enough! Now tell her what happened.
I have nothing to tell.
You said you had wanted to stay with me.
That implies that you stick to my set of rules.
If you do not this very instant tell the inspector what happened that night, you'll be back with your mother.
Leave me alone, grandpa.
The girl's scared, and who can blame her, really? I'm sure there were witnesses nearby.
Can't you just look for them? Yeah, but if she won't talk to us, then the police have nothing.
That's it, then? You're not planning on pursuing that degenerate? Interrogating him? Be vigilant, watch him like you did us? For a police report we have to have some sort of complaint.
You to have a beating, and distributing drugs, and destroying lives all to hell.
Do you need more reasons to move your ass to get this drug trafficker? I'm doing my best, taking into account the neighborhood I'm in.
This place used to be a lot better in the past, but you let it fall to pieces.
You let it fill up with scumbags who beat our children, who sell drugs, who squat in our apartments and destroy our businesses.
Yeah, it's a real problem isn't it, letting in the outsiders? Don't confuse things.
There are bastards of every color.
Somehow, they all live in Entrevias.
And many even wear a badge.
Good day.
[soft solemn music.]
[cellphone rings.]
Yeah? Ezequiel, I've got to step out.
I could use some coverage here.
Where are you? I'm at the dentist, Amanda, in half an hour I'll be done, okay? Not again.
Fine then, goodbye.
[ominous music.]
[door rattles.]
They already told you, right? Don't search the cops.
- I understand you're a bouncer by night.
- Take his gun and bring it to me.
Take his gun, bring it to me? What's up with that? Sandro? Are we a little nervous I'm going to put a bullet in your head for Spain, for self-defense in the light of duty or something? Not at all.
You, I think, haven't the smallest fucking idea what this is.
You play with this thing like a dildo.
- Oh, it's empty.
- Sure.
Give me a surprise right now.
Tell me you've blasted that faggot, Nelson.
Sandro, the sequence of events according to my Intel is as follows.
Soap opera Nelson loses a package, correct? Soap opera Nelson knows you will fuck him.
And that soap opera has left Entrevias forever.
I'm tired of that piece of shit soap opera.
You're losing your faculties, Ezequiel.
- You're misinformed.
- Yes? [Sandro.]
One of the Romanian guys who opens up the apartments with a kick gives me a buzz.
And he says, "My man, the master faggot, Nelson, has been found.
He asked me for a favor.
He asked me to bust a lock for him.
" What do you think of that, snitch? Nothing happens in Entrevias that Big Daddy Sandro, doesn't see, Chicky.
Now it's loaded.
[sinister music.]
So, you can carry this gun, snitch.
Go to this fucking address.
Grab that faggot by the hair, drag him, and then shoot him, Ezequiel.
Shoot him in the face.
You hear me? Sandro, you make children do grown up things.
What do you expect? It's a child.
It's a little creature.
Please just calm down a little bit, okay? You're an advocate for the child now, or what? [sinister music.]
That's your problem, huh? You don't want to do it, right? You're a little scared.
Don't sweat it.
All good.
I'll send someone else A badass trigger man.
But think about this, my friend What's the use of a bitch that can't bite worth shit? [imitates whining dog.]
Aim well damn it, and get the fuck out of here.
To the soap opera and all that shit.
Son of a bitch! [foreboding music.]
Come on.
[tense music.]
Irene! Pack your things.
We're going to your parents.
But you said that I thought we had a deal.
Yes, we did.
You would live in my apartment if you obey my rules.
But you didn't.
You going to send me to my parents just because I didn't tell the police what you wanted? I'm sending you to your parents because you're not well.
You're afraid to talk about what's happened.
No, please don't do this.
This neighborhood's not for you, Irene.
Hurry up now.
I want to get you there before dinnertime.
[solemn music.]
Irene, you got the money? [Irene.]
I didn't have time.
My grandpa's sending me to my parents.
Come on! They'll send me to a boarding school and we'll never see each other again.
What are you saying? I'm coming for you.
We're leaving right now.
- [Irene.]
My grandfather's home.
- I don't give a shit.
Nelson it's over No, Irene, it's not over.
I swear I'll find you anywhere.
I'll go to the boarding school and we'll run away.
[Irene whispers.]
I have to hang up.
I love you.
I love you more.
[soft knock.]
[soft knock.]
[soft knock.]
[soft knock.]
[melodic music.]
[music intensifies.]
[Irene breaths heavily.]
Ready? [knocks.]
[music gets turned off.]
I'll bring this downstairs.
You have five minutes.
[fast paced music.]
[door closes.]
[cellphone rings.]
- Irene? - [Irene.]
Nelson, my grandpa's out.
We have five minutes.
I'll grab the money and we'll leave this place.
Get your things and meet me with the scooter.
Wait for me on the bridge under the tracks.
Okay, I'm coming.
Shit! [music intensifies.]
[ominous music.]
[fast paced music resumes.]
- [sinister note.]
- Hello, Nelson.
You're coming to the station with me now.
Not now, I'm busy.
Hello, Nelson.
You're coming right this moment to the station with me now.
Okay? Easy, okay.
That's my car, get off.
What are you two doing here? I've been calling your cellphone.
Ivan just got back and he wants to see his daughter.
But isn't that suitcase Irene's? Let me be clear about this.
I haven't had any problems with Irene.
Of course, you haven't any problems.
But it's been two days with her and you already want to get rid of her Irene needs the support of her parents.
And that's you, even if you haven't quite managed to figure that part out yet.
Cut it out, Papa.
Your son, Santi, won't speak to you, and you're giving us lessons on parenting? I don't force you guys to hate me.
You are such a hypocrite.
Jimena, please, this is not the time.
- We came here to talk about our daughter.
- Let me speak.
It's never your fault.
Isn't that right? Not for Santi hating you, not for me silently running away from home at 18, not for what mom did.
Your mother abandoned you.
She put her life ahead of both of yours.
Not me though.
I stayed with you.
Mom didn't leave, remember? You kicked her out.
Kind of like you kicked us all out of your life.
- I never asked anyone to go anywhere.
- No.
But you made our lives inhospitable until at last you were there all alone.
Mom, Santi and I, we're like the radios you repair.
But you couldn't fix us.
We're like a failure to you.
That's why you prefer us not to be around.
[tense music.]
[chair clatters.]
It's empty.
Fill it with clothes and bring it back.
She's staying with me.
I failed with you, but I swear this time it's going to be different.
[lock rattles.]
Irene? Irene, we need to talk.
[sinister note.]
[tense music.]
[music intensifies.]
Where we going? Why are we here? The police station's the other way.
I want you to see something down here.
You're going to like it.
You'll like it.
- What is this? - Nothing.
Go on! [sinister music.]
- What's going on? - You're going to get on your knees.
Come on.
On your knees.
[music intensifies.]
[busy tone.]
- [sinister music.]
- [cellphone buzzes.]
And put your phone on the ground.
Nice and slow.
[cellphone continues buzzing.]
Fucker! You can't hurt me.
You're the police, right? Don't look at me, Nelson.
Do you know why I joined the police, Nelson? Because we can do whatever the fuck we want.
No consequences.
Now, I want you to close those little eyes of yours and begin to think about exactly what you're doing here, and what's going to happen to you.
Nelson? Of course, you're thinking about it, aren't you? [music intensifies.]
- [gunshot.]
- [Irene screams.]
[hip-hop music.]
Nelson, are you there? Nelson! - My son is missing.
Irene! - What the hell are you doing? - Please let me talk to her! - I'm telling you she doesn't know a thing.
Do I have to barge in? - They say Nelson's dead.
- Are you serious? Doesn't that upset you? I hate you! How could you?! You're a fucking bastard.
I see you're angry with me.
Is this all you wanted from me? Is that all?! Irene doesn't need psychology.
She needs limits.
Yeah, she's difficult, but she's much more fragile than she seems.
You are suspended.
I'm reporting you to Internal Affairs.
Shoot him.
Shoot this faggot.
It's a joke, man.
Believe me, a fucking joke.
Do you really want me to go back to work with my father? Say hello to Grandpa.
You kick that ball and I'll make you eat it! Why don't you take the van, go to the house and bring your stuff? Yes.

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