Wrong Side of the Tracks (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


1 You're still alive, aren't you? From this point forward you are dead to everyone.
To your momma, to Irene, the Chinese girl, to every fucking person you know.
You are going to leave Entrevías and you're never gonna come back, and if you don't, Nelson, the very next bullet is gonna end up in your head.
Quit crying and get out of here.
Get out of here! Go on, get out! So, you're working for Sandro? No, I don't work for the king of the jungle.
I saw you come out of his house.
Then you brought the kid who lost his dope here and pretended to kill him.
Yes, that's absolutely true, but it's not exactly what it looks like.
It's like magic: the more you look at it, the less you see.
Oh, you still feel like telling silly jokes, do you? Well that's great, because you're suspended.
I'm reporting you to internal affairs.
And you're not even gonna let me explain? Explain what, exactly? That you're a corrupt liar? No, I don't need you to explain anything.
I've seen enough.
Tomorrow you're going to the station to get your stuff and I don't want to see you again, you asshole.
Is that all? Is that all you wanted from me? Is that all? And I thought I was the smartest kid in the class.
But then I get manipulated by a 17-year-old delinquent.
Who robs me.
I didn't want to go to that school in Switzerland.
I'm not gonna fall for your tears.
Or your lies.
You won't go to that boarding school.
You're staying here with me.
And you won't deceive me anymore.
Go to your room.
Nelson? Nelson, are you there? Nelson! Answer me! Crap, I'm wearing sneakers.
You're not gonna let me in, are you? Let him in, man.
A little late to be partying, eh kiddo? - Huh? - Fuck.
Oh I get it, it's because you take you a long time to choose which tacky shirt you're gonna wear.
Oh, I'll take a rum and coke, and put the lemon right up this bastard's ass.
Get him a rum and coke.
What's up, little guy? What's the fucking matter? You seem down.
Fucking is good, Sandro.
Murder you know, is not so good.
So you killed the kid? You murdered him? I said two balls.
That's my boy, with two balls.
Of course you do.
The old wolf is fighting again.
You've got a set.
We've got a dog, a wolf, the king of the jungle Let's make a fucking documentary.
Whatever you want, whatever you fucking want, you're my rooster, let's do what you want.
How was it? Just like all these things are, Sandro.
Fucked up.
What can I tell you that you don't already know? The body? My body's fine, I work out every morning.
I have a great body.
Stop joking around, Wolverine.
What did you do with the corpse? Why do you even care? I care because I want proof that the bastard's been murdered.
You think I'm gona give you some kind of proof that I committed murder? Are you fucking crazy? Then tell me how I'll know you've done what you say that you've done? The next time you want your shit cleaned up, clean it up yourself, because I'm a cop, Sandro, and you have a lot of shit to clean up.
What the fuck are you looking at? Huh? Night is already falling And you can feel the heat ♪ And she tells me with her eyes She wants to make love to me ♪ She knows she's really sexy ♪ And that she can have me when she wants We finished the whole bottle ♪ And then all her pain went away ♪ She told me one thing And another, and let loose ♪ We danced for a while And she came away with me ♪ Put on the condom.
Shit, it's on the scooter.
- What? - Listen, don't you worry.
I'll pull out.
- No, go and get the condom.
- Don't fuck with me, Nata.
I'm not fucking with you, go get it.
- But I'm so horny.
- No rubber, no chance.
- Hurry up.
- Fuck.
Chop, chop.
Shit, what a day Who's there, you pervert? I need your help.
No! No! Get off me! Stop it! No! No, no! Stop, no! - Irene? - Stop! - Irene? - No! - Irene, what's the matter? - No, no! - Irene.
- Let go of me.
- Don't touch me! - Irene! - Don't touch me! - Irene! What's the matter? It's me, your grandpa.
It was just a dream.
It's alright.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Just a dream.
It was just a dream.
Look at me.
Are you sure you're alright? Yeah, I just wanna sleep.
Good morning to you as well.
This is the last day I'm making breakfast for you.
Starting tomorrow, you'll make it yourself.
This isn't the Ritz.
You don't say.
I hadn't noticed.
- What are you doing? - Eating my breakfast.
And last night will be the last time you have a nightmare.
You're gonna forbid me from having nightmares? You gave me a heart attack.
- I don't donate to beggars.
- Is Irene here? My son is missing.
Have you looked in the jail.
That would be the first location I'd check.
Shove your jokes up your goddamn ass.
Is she here, or do I have to barge in? Yes, that's what you Pachitos are good at.
Breaking into people's houses.
My son told me they planned to run away together.
Did he also tell you that they were going to steal my retirement? I don't give a damn about your retirement.
I just want to know if she's here, or if left together, you have to help me find out what's going on.
My granddaughter's here, they haven't run away together.
Something must have happened to him.
- Irene! - What the hell are you doing? Where is Nelson? - Please, let me talk to her, okay? - I'm telling you, she doesn't a thing! - Grandpa! - Just let me talk I don't think I was clear enough last night.
Nelson is over.
Your former life is over.
Grandpa, wait.
Grandpa, listen to me.
Don's you dare talk back to me again.
When you decided to deceive me and rob me you lost the right to protest.
What if he was murdered? I wish.
You'd make forgetting him a lot easier.
If he's dead, I'm gonna kill myself.
You can use the window.
I have to open the store.
Get dressed, I'll come get you later.
Santi? Time doesn't move here.
Yes, but the customers move.
They're all buying garbage at your Chinese market.
I thought you'd stopped talking to me.
Jimena told me Irene is going to live with you? Yes.
I made a commitment to the girl and to your sister.
And I'm gonna fulfill it.
- Is that a problem? - It's a bad idea.
Well, having 17 kids isn't a good idea either, but what can we do about it? I can't keep my mouth zipped, and you can't keep your fly zipped.
Papa, I talked to Fanny, and we can take care of her while Jimena and Iván solve their problems.
The girl is staying with me.
Irene is not easy, papa.
Not easy.
And have the psychological skills of a doorknob.
Irene doesn't need psychology.
- She needs limits.
- Yeah.
And you think her parents haven't set any limits? Did they? By letting her go out with that thug? I bet they'd even buy them condoms.
That kid calmed her down.
It was good for her after the pills incident.
What pills? See? You don't know about her.
You don't know what Jimena and Iván have been through.
I asked you about the damn pills, Santi.
She took a bottle of her mom's anxiolytics from Jimena.
Jimena takes anxiolytics? Why's that? Because of the stress she gets from shopping? Dad, she was about to overdose.
And yet she didn't, did she? Because they managed to stop her.
For the love of God.
You're my kids, you can't be such idiots.
Irene was making a desperate cry for attention.
Papa, you don't know anything about her.
Yes she's difficult, but she's much more fragile than she seems.
Fragile? That's bullshit.
That young lady manipulates everyone she runs into.
But she won't be manipulating me, I assure you.
If you say so.
Dad if you screw up with Irene, Jimena will never forgive you.
And rightly so.
Oh, my God.
Irene, are you alright? Did you take one of the knives from the kitchen? Irene, I'm serious.
Irene, come on.
Answer me.
Irene, answer me or I'll kick the door open.
Are you crazy grandpa, what are you doing? Are you okay? Get out.
- I'm taking a shower.
- Why wouldn't you answer me? - Get out.
- Okay, I'm leaving.
Just one thing.
The kitchen knife, do you know where the kitchen Can't I ask a question? Shh.
Hello, can I help you? I'm looking for Ezequiel.
- Do you know if he's here? - Ezequiel? Huh, he was just here a minute ago.
Hold on, I'll call him.
The number you are calling is turned off or out of service He turned it off.
I don't know where he is to be honest, but cn I take a message? Yeah, tell him that Gladys needs to talk to him tell him to call me, it's urgent.
If you would - Sure.
- Thanks.
Who's smoking in here? I don't believe it.
What's this? It's not what it looks like.
Are you hiding here to not face the mother of the boy you pointed a gun at yesterday? - Okay, then it is what it looks like.
- That's what I thought.
You are so pathetic I don't know whether to laugh or cry, Ezequiel.
Okay, you don't know that.
Now what I know is that you still haven't called internal affairs.
Amanda, you know cops like me are the devil's little bitches.
We are needed because we have friends everywhere.
That's why By "cops like you" you mean corrupt cops, don't you? No, no, no.
We're very dirty cops, we're very We're needed in this place.
Why don't you and I have a conversation before you call them? Get your box and go.
At one o'clock at the bar at La Muralla.
Don't call them before you talk to me, Amanda.
Please, Amanda.
Amanda, don't call them, please.
How many goals are you gonna score today? Five.
Well, you'd better stop some too, they keep scoring.
Come on, get in the car.
I'm late to work.
Can I have a ride with you? I'm on empty can't you walk? - What's wrong with you? You're being mean.
- Being mean? Hey kids, stop using those damn phones and get in the freaking car.
- That's what you need, to be more mean.
- Why is that? Why did you tell your dad that you quit the hardware store? Because he owns the store, because he's a pain in the ass, because he insulted you.
Do you need more reasons? Santi, you have to take a second and realize what a our situation is.
That Chinese market pays you shit, your sister's on the verge of getting divorced and we can't ask for more money.
- Nor do I want to.
- Well you should want to.
Because your kids need to eat, their English classes are expensive and they need new soccer cleats.
Do you really want me to go back to work with my father? No, I'm telling you you're a businessman with good ideas, and you need your space.
And you're the only one who keeps that store operating, and everyone knows it.
All except your stupid father.
And you're going to tell him? I'm not his daughter, Santi.
Oh, it's so easy.
"Hey papa, I thought it was time you retired and leave the store to me.
" He'll love that.
You see? You need to be meaner, damn it.
- Don't I get a kiss? - Mean, you need to be mean.
Come on, boys.
Are your seatbelts on? Turn the phone off.
Turn it off now.
Hey Pepe, a black coffee.
A double black coffee? Yeah, quit it with the asshole face.
It's not as if I asked you for a shot of bleach.
- Hey Sanchís.
- Captain.
Junior, a double black coffee.
Forgive me Tirso, but it's been years since you've asked for a double black coffee at beer time.
And last time it was, you know, when you couldn't sleep because Hey I made it clear that I didn't want you to talk about my wife.
- I haven't mentioned Mari Carmen.
- You just did, though.
Damn, only because he said it first.
- He hasn't mentioned Mari Carmen.
- Now you've done it too.
Would you shut up? I didn't sleep last night because the girl has nightmares.
I think they did a lot more than just beat the shit out of her.
Those sons of bitches.
But, but are you sure? Did she say anything? No, she doesn't tell me anything, but I know they did something else to her, Sanchís.
Thank you.
You want me to talk to her? You, talk to her? I don't know if you've noticed, but the girl and I have a special connection.
Pepe, connection? What kind of connection? Let me explain myself.
Tirso here he's authoritarian, you're more of a father and I'm sweeter, a listener, more of a mother.
- That's it.
- Are you saying that because of your tits? - You wish you had my pecs, man.
- No.
I'm gonna talk to her.
Probably just ask her directly.
Are you going to bring up that she's been If they Instead of coffee I'd rather have an orujo.
A double? - Triple.
- Junior, bring the bottle of orujo and three glasses.
She gets ready and we head out We'll cruise around the city ♪ How sexy my baby is She gets up in her daddy's car ♪ What's up with you? Where did you go last night? You sent me to get a condom and when I came back, you's gone.
My old man called and I left.
That's it.
Why don't you answer my calls? You're stressing me out, really annoying.
Wait, Nata, wait.
I have to tell you something.
They're saying Nelson is dead.
Sandro had him killed.
You serious? Doesn't that upset you? Look, people love to talk.
When I see it myself I'll believe it.
I'm leaving.
Where are you going? Wherever I fucking want, you don't own me.
We need to talk, Irene.
I found something in the garbage.
You actually rummage through your own garbage? Grandpa, you're sick in the head.
It was your clothes from the day you got beat up.
Why did you throw them away? Because they were torn and dirty.
I also found your your underwear.
Grandpa you sneak into my shower and talk about my underwear.
This is getting weird, seriously.
It had blood stains on it.
I know what you think of me.
I may have the psychological skills of a doorknob, but if you need to tell me something please tell me, Irene.
Alright, I have to tell you a secret.
Yes? Sometimes, women experience something that's called monthly menstruation.
You're in no position to treat me like an idiot, is that clear? You don't eat, you don't sleep.
Please tell me what's causing these dreams.
What happened? What happened is I got slapped three times.
But since I'm a rich girl who has never broken a fingernail, I took it badly.
I'm going crazy ♪ Mami, I'm going crazy ♪ I'm going crazy ♪ - Nelson.
- Mami, I'm going crazy ♪ Slowly, mami, real slow ♪ I'm afraid to tell you Everything I feel ♪ Thanks.
Take this.
I brought you something to eat.
The Pakistani guy from the store under my house must think I'm going camping.
Popcorn, mozzarella, sausage, drinks.
I owe you one.
And this.
It's not much, but it's enough for now.
If I go to a store to buy something, I'm dead.
Not somewhere else.
Go on, get going.
Nata, I can't.
Irene thinks I'm dead.
I have to see her and tell her it's all a lie, and then I can leave.
Nelson, are you telling me you're gonna risk getting shot to say goodbye to her? They day you fall in love with someone, you'll understand.
What's up, man? It's me, it's Loko.
I need you do to me a favor.
Tell Sandro I have information for him.
Another tall rum, please.
Don't be shy, eh? Okay.
- Thank you for coming.
- You've got have five minutes.
- What is it you have to say to me? - OK, we'll start.
Let's get to the point.
Three years ago I met a woman, a hot Cuban.
Ezequiel, I don't wanna hear your personal bullshit.
No no, relax, the story doesn't go that way.
The hot Cuban woman was living in Colombia and things were really going bad.
That's normal, right, Amanda? Like almost every woman in the world? So with great pain in her heart she left her son in Colombia and came here to Spain and she received a great job offer to care for the sickly patients, the elderly and all those people who shit their pants.
You know, but the job they told her about was a lie.
I get it.
Human trafficking? They took her to a typical whorehouse in this fabulous Spain, they beat her, raped her, and prostituted her.
The usual, Amanda.
Sounds normal so far, right? But the woman endured, because the only thing she cared about was the son she left in Colombia.
So one evening, she ran away barefoot.
She actually has a lot of scars on her feet, but why would we worry about scars on her feet when she has a lot more scars on her soul? She ran barefoot and arrived here to Entrevías.
She started cleaning doorways and cleaned all the crap you can imagine until she could bring her son over from Colombia.
And there she is, the heroine, arriving as she does every Thursday at 1:15 to clean doorways on Serena Street.
That's Nelson's mother.
I heard from a junkie that Sandro wanted to kill her son for the packet that got flushed down the sink.
I talked to him and he told me to fuck off, so yes, Chief Inspector, I unilaterally decided to scare the poo out of little Nelson so he would disappear.
So can you try to understand me now, partner? No.
Because what you should have done is get Nelson to testify against Sandro.
We would have protected him.
Protect, us? The police? Kind of like how we protect women from their abusers? I'm sick of protecting, Amanda.
I'd prefer to actually save their lives.
That's great, Ezequiel.
I'm sure you're a very good person.
But you know what I think? There's always a straight way that you can do things.
The problem is, it costs more.
And if you won't take on that cost, you're no good to me as a cop.
What do you want, Sandro? No one' up here, Yeyo.
Shit! So you're in one piece.
Lucky me.
Don't you worry.
I'm going to leave forever.
What are you waiting for? I need Irene to know that I'm alright.
I just want to see her quickly and say goodbye.
Of course, of course.
If you like, I can stand there and play the violin.
- Go on, beat it.
- Wait.
That's it, then I'll leave.
Okay, fine.
I'll let you say goodbye and give her one last little smooch.
Are you serious? I can see her? Yeah.
When I say a little smooch, I mean a little smooch.
Anything more, and the only part of you that will be over for your dear mother will be your testicles.
What is it you want? I want to know everything that happened on the night that Irene was attacked.
Wait, what? I think maybe she's hiding something about that evening.
I am afraid they did a lot more than beat on her.
No, no, no, no.
You're wrong, it's just not possible.
Oh, it's not possible? Well sure, those drug dealers may have their flaws, but they're beautiful people.
No, Pachito.
But if anything had happened, I know she would have said something to me.
No, she's too smart for that.
She knows you're way too much of an impulsive hothead.
Personally I wouldn't tell you either.
You will talk to her.
And I'll listen to it all.
Are we agreed? - Alright, let's go then.
- Just a minute.
If I let you go in, she'll get suspicious.
She'll know I'm behind it and will tell us to fuck off.
So what are we gonna do? You're pretty good at shimmying your way up the gutters, yeah? I'm going down to the bar to get some food.
Bacon sandwiches? It smells like a cave in here.
You have to air it out every now and then.
My love.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you too.
But where dit you go? - I thought something happened.
- A lot happened yesterday.
I'm sorry I wasn't here.
What's wrong? Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine, but everyone thinks that I'm dead.
- What? What do you - It has to stay that way, Irene.
If not, they'll come after me.
Understand? Wait, just slow down.
Explain it to me, because I Irene.
I really have to leave.
- And permanently.
- Nelson, right now? You can't leave me alone.
- I'm coming with you.
- No, no, no.
Not a good idea.
It's dangerous.
I won't let anything happen to you.
Ever again.
I gotta go.
But first I need to ask you something, and pleass tell me the truth, Irene.
The truth about what? Jimena, what are you doing here? What's going on? - I want to talk to you about Irene.
- Now? - Ehm - That's a problem? No.
Do you mind if we go down to the bar and talk? - I have to pick up some food.
- No papa, I just need a minute.
What happened to you the night that you were beat? Iván and I have decided that Irene can stay.
But on one condition.
We want her to see a psychologist.
- Yeah.
- A specialist for troublesome kids.
She could come here and talk to her, you know? - Is that okay? - Sure.
- Well, would you want to go down? - Where is Irene? It's just It's just that night - Irene? - Mom? What are you doing here? You? How did you get in here? - I - Grandpa Get out of here, you fucking punk! Go! - Dad, please! - Nelson! - Get out! - Dad.
- Irene! - Get out! - Nelson, no! - No, no, no.
Out! Get out! If I see you here again I'll rip your guts out.
Go, go ahead.
Get out! Wait Nelson, where are you going? - What did she say? - Nothing.
Nothing? She didn't have time to say.
What were you doing there al this time? Just making out? We had a deal, right? Well, it's not my fault you let someone else in before she could say anything.
Well, kid, I feel sorry for you.
- Feel sorry for what? - For this.
Shit! You snuck through my window.
It needed to look authentic.
Nelson? Oh my God.
Oh my goodness, I'm so happy to see you.
My little baby.
My poor baby boy.
You must have been starving.
Oh well, you're alive.
That's all that matters to me now.
I just came to say goodbye, that's all.
I can't stay here.
They can't know I'm alive.
You are not going anywhere.
I'll talk to Ezequiel and he's going to help us figure it all out.
Leave it to me.
I don't think that's a good idea.
We can't trust the police.
Then who are we gonna trust? Huh? Leave it to me.
Come on, I know what I'm doing.
But ma It was Ezequiel who came for me.
It was Ezequiel who put a gun to my head.
He's working for Sandro.
Have a seat, bitch.
Oh, it's that face.
Are your tiny little underwear squeezing your balls? What's wrong with you, Sandro? it seems you've laughed in my fucking face.
Hey, hey - I'm laughing with you, not at you.
- Yeah? You didn't kill Nelson.
Of course I didn't kill Nelson.
I may be a police bitch, but I'm not retarded.
Are you serious, you're just admitting it? - Shoot this faggot.
- He's joking.
It's a joke, man.
Believe me, a fucking joke.
You wanne tell me why you couldn't just put a bullet in his head? Then we wouldn't be in this mess.
Because I'm not a retarded bitch like you.
I can't believe this bitch is insulting me Shoot him! Shoot him once and for all, dammit! Put the fucking gun down.
Listen to me, listen to me.
The Chief Inspector can't be bribed.
And why is she coming here? To close your little business, But it's not a little business, it's a big corporation.
And what does this inspector want? For you to mess it up.
Murdering that kid is exactly the mess needed for this Inspector.
Easy to understand, isn't it? Cuckoo.
"Cuckoo"? Cuckoo your fucking mother.
Why the fuck didn't you tell me all this shit about the fucking Inspector when I asked you to kill him? Huh? What the fuck? Let's just calm down, Sandro.
Sit down, sit down.
Shit the fuck down.
- Sandro, I'm telling you with all my - We're in full expansion.
Ezequiel, we're right in the middle of expansion.
This whole fucking neighborhood has to respect us, you understand? I can't afford any more fuckups like this.
You'll always have my respect.
Now, listen.
We're going to do this my way.
The boy's gonna pay you What the fuck is that bitch gonna pay me with? Where in the hell is he gonna get that kind of money? Well, not by selling heroin in schools, because that's what you already do.
No sweat off my balls.
Just write the number owed on a napkin and I'll bring it to you, same as usual.
On a napkin? Give me a pen.
Give me a pen, come on! It was a joke, little boy.
Just a joke.
Here's your fucking napkin.
Okay? Listen up.
If I don't see every cent, then you're a fucking dead man too.
I'm gonna take this tight underwear you like so much, tie them around your neck and fucking hang you, because I'm sick to death of you.
Sick to death of you, Ezequiel.
Holy shit, what's that? I'm gonna put my foot in your fucking hole.
You can talk.
Very good! See you soon, Sandro! Have faith.
Here are your washers, Mrs.
Thanks so much, have a nice day.
Come on, boys, inside.
Say hello to grandpa.
Ah, what are they doing here? Well, they stopped by the market and I thought you'd like to see them.
Are we bothering you? No, I love to see my grandkids.
You kick that ball and I'll make you eat it.
Hugo, stop playing with the ball.
Those toys arefrom the Chinese market, right? - Yeah, why? - They have small pieces.
Kids swallow them and they're killed.
But do as you please.
That was Mrs.
Vera, right? Looks like the market doesn't take all of your customers.
What's wrong? How much do you need? Come on, don't insult me.
No, don't insult me, Santi.
I'm no idiot.
Two days ago you weren't talking to me, now you're here all the time.
And today, you're accompanied by the good, the bad and the ugly.
If you touch that, I'll tear your arm off.
Papa, I'm trying to make things right between us.
But if you insist on insulting me, insulting my wife, yelling at my children You're the one who should be yelling at your children, Santi, but you don't because you're being a pussy.
I'm sure Fanny was the one who sent you here.
You see? And what does she want from me? Thaat you go straight to hell.
Guys, we're leaving.
- She wants me to go to hell.
- Hugo, get the ball.
She can go to hell.
Gladys, stirring in the sugar.
How are you? Well, I've had better days.
Haven't we all? What's the matter, beautiful thing? - My son disappeared.
- Don't worry about it.
Those big eyes weren't made for worrying.
I'm sure the boy's fine.
Yeah? Why are you so sure? - I have a hunch, I'm telling you.
- A hunch, you say? Yes.
You want me to look for him? Do you have any idea where he ran off to this time? No, I don't have a fucking clue.
And if I did, I wouldn't tell you.
Hey, hey, hey, hey I see you're angry with me.
No, I'm not angry.
Let go of my arm or I'll punch you.
- You are angry.
- I'm not fucking angry at you.
You just saw Nelson recently.
What about it? Huh? What the hell does seeing Nelson have to do with being angry with you? Do you have something to tell me? Something you should have told me and you haven't yet? You're a fucking bastard.
A fucking liar.
Let's cut the bullshit.
Yeah, it was me who took Nelson.
I Wow, you can work for riot control.
Will you relax? You are a criminal, and corrupt.
You coward.
Come here, sit down.
Sit down and keep your voice down.
We're in a bar, sit down.
Sit down.
Believe me, I took Nelson from your house because you asked me to help save his life, didn't you? - At fucking gunpoint? - At gunpoint you scare someone enough to make them want to disappear.
- Are you working for Sandro? - What? Are you working for Sandro? Pathetic.
Everything I did and said was to make him disappear.
It didn't work.
Why didn't you tell me? I thought something happened to him.
I thought he'd been killed.
Why the fuck didn't you tell me? What would I say to you, Gladys? What do I say to a mother? That I scared the shit out of him, at gunpoint? I scared him shitless, Gladys.
Where is your boy? I have to talk to him.
I have to fix this real quick.
Where is your boy, Glady? Where is he? Why should I even trust you? - Give me a reason to trust you.
- I'll give you a reason.
If I was as much of a scumbag as the way you're looking at me now.
, Nelson would be in a body bag.
Where is he? Where is he? What's up, mom.
Mom? Yes, I'm your mother.
But inside another body.
And you're a bonehead.
Nelson, I am unarmed.
Why are you here? What do you want? Why am I here and what do I want.
See, if I wanted to put that little bullet I told you about in that head of yours, you'd already be buried.
Why am I here? You and I had a deal that was very easy to understand.
You were supposed to be dead to everyone, and you weren't coming back here for at least a very, very long time.
I risked my career, I saved your life, and not even five fucking minutes go by, and you're right here back at home.
Real smart, kiddo.
I was going to leave.
Yesterday, when you came for me.
Irene was going to steal money from her grandpa and we were going to leave.
The hardware guy's got money? That's real good news for you.
You're going to need it.
That's right.
Enough for us to start from scratch.
But you got in the fucking middle of it, dammit, and blew it all to hell.
Yeah, Nelson, it's really fucked up.
Sandro knows you're alive and he's coming after you with everything he's got.
And you're going to end up dead, you little worm.
What am I gonna do? Well, you're going to sit comfortably in that armchair, you're going to be quiet and you'll let uncle Ezequiel, a policeman, do his magic.
Don't leave.
- You wanted something? - I wanted to talk to you.
There's nothing to talk about.
If we don't talk, someone will die, Tirso.
- Do I care about that person? - Your granddaughter's boyfriend.
You should have told me that first.
Tirso, Tirso, listen to me.
That kid, who is a kid, did a stupid thing, that's what kids do.
And they're going to kill him because you, with good intentions, flushed a kilo of heroin down a sink.
Think about it.
Will you be able to live with that? - I could try to.
- Tirso, I can't protect him anymore.
They'll leave him alone for a certain amount of money, the kid doesn't have it, so maybe you can help him out? Is it more than 50 euros? Then he should find himself another moron.
I'm talking to that moron.
- We are talking about a life.
- They beat up my granddaughter, a little girl, and you think I should pay them money? I understand you.
But what's your granddaughter gonna think when she finds out that her boyfriend will be killed because her grandpa didn't want to pay out more than 50 euros to save him? I don't know how she would find out.
Because she's been standing behind you this whole time.
Irene? I lied.
I lied, I wanted to see the look on your face.
You really care what your granddaughter thinks.
I think you should go.
Sandro already knows that Nelson is alive.
If you don't want Sandro to kill him convince your grandfather to get him this amount.
How did you get in? Well, I came in to tell you that the door isn't working - Get out of my house! - It was locked.
- Get out, go! - I just pushed my way in What the fuck? Son of a bitch.
Grandpa? Would you let them kill Nelson? That fucking policeman screwed me, didn't he? You have to pay, please.
it's all of my retirement.
Who's gonna wipe my ass when I'm not able? Nelson? If they kill him because you haven't paid, I don't think I could forgive you.
You're not gonna stop until you take all my money, isn't that right? Does that mean you're going to pay? If you want me to pay, I want something in return.
I want you to explain to me in detail what happened that night.
That night I went to the dealer's.
And told them I'd do anything to pay the debt we owed.
Then I went to the tracks.
And I got in the car.
What happened in the car? They covered my mouth with something.
Something that had a strong smell.
And I don't remember much else.
Just just the smell of dirt and waking up in the middle of nowhere.
And it hurt.
It really hurt.
And then realizing And realizing I must have been Those motherfuckers.
Those bastards.
I don't want any more problems, grandpa.
I just want you to pay them.
You can't tell my mom or anyone else, even Nelson.
We will pay you back bit by bit, I promise.
I just want it to be over.
Hey! Two rum and cokes.
No lemon or I'll shut this place down.
If you shut it down, do it on Monday.
It's time to celebrate.
We must celebrate.
Because I found a good Christian who will pay off all of your son's debt.
You're serious? Who? As the song says, "hold on to your panties, they're gonna fall down," that Chinese girl's grandpa is loaded.
Why the ugly face? Why the ugly face? He told you he'll pay? He plays the tough guy, but he's really a softie.
- He will pay.
- He won't pay.
No way he'll pay.
And he's not playing tough guy.
He had a heart that's made of granite.
He's also a racist and he hates my son.
He'd do anything to keep him away from Irene.
I'm telling you, he won't pay.
So where do we find the money? A raffle? A collection? Donations? I just don't know.
There's gotta be a way.
I don't know.
There's always a straight way to do things.
The problem is it will cost more.
Gotta go.
Where are you going? I'm taking the straight way.
Keep the change.
I'll keep you posted.
How is Irene? I'm having a really bad day, so it's for the best you get the fuck out of here.
I can't get what you said out of my head.
I need to see her and find out what happened that night.
You want to know what happened? You want to know? You want to know what happened? You want to know all the details about what your little druggie friends did to my granddaughter? Well, imagine the absolute worst, and you'll be right.
She had everything someone could wish for, until the day she met you.
If you really love her, get the fuck out of here and don't ever come back.
Nelson Nelson.
Nelson, I can't open it.
My grandpa locked the door.
What happened? I know what they did to you.
What's that? Those motherfuckers, I know what they did.
- And I'll get them, they're gonna pay.
- No, no, no, Nelson.
Wait a minute, don't do anything, please.
I'll My grandpa is going to pay what you owe them.
It's over, that's it.
No, no, no, no, Irene.
They're the ones who will pay for what they've done to you.
I swear they're gonna pay.
Nelson, no, please wait, Nelson.
Promise me you won't do anything.
I love you.
Nelson, please! What's the matter? Why did you make me rush over here? I need you to do me a favor.
Sure, whatever you want.
Can you get me a gun? Huh? Why? I know Loko has one.
Figure it out, steal it, but I need it.
Yeah, but I won't if you don't tell me why you want it.
They raped her, Nata.
They raped Irene.
They raped her.
And they're gonna pay.
Will you help me? Nelson, you know I'd do anything for you.
But I'm not gonna help you destroy your life.
Instead of paying them, maybe we should shoot each one of them in the asshole.
Let's see if they're so tough after that.
Yes, yes, we should, but those guys are very dangerous.
And our gang's not the bloody A- anymore.
I'm I'm afraid you'll have to pay.
If you don't pay, it's gonna get messy.
Besides, you promised Irene.
I'm not sure if I can.
Just the thought of having those bastards in front of me Captain, give me the money.
I will go.
Thank you, Sanchís.
Tirso, let Sanchís go.
You fly off the handle in the blink of an eye.
I said no.
Irene is my granddaughter.
It's my problem.
Why don't you take your van, go to the house and bring your stuff? G-G-Good idea.
And step on it.
Baby girl.
And now you can buy some underwear that doesn't squeeze your baby balls.
Son of a bitch.
Why did you tell him? Why? I hate you! How could you? Hey, take it easy.
What's the matter with you? I told you not to tell anyone what happened.
No-one! You talked to your boyfriend.
He's gone crazy.
He says he's going after them.
They'll kill him.
- It's your fault, grandpa! - Calm down.
He was just being macho for you.
Once he sees all those people in front of him, he'll change his mind.
Nelson is capable of doing anything for me, grandpa.
Don't you worry.
He's going to be alright, I promise you.
Change of plans.
I'm not paying.
Why? What happened? Irene's asshole boyfriend is getting himself in trouble.
- Oh, shit.
- Big trouble.
We need to go find him before it's too late.
At your service, captain.
What is this? Maybe we'll need it.
And I've got some shit too.
You didn't think we'd leave you alone with those bastards? That's good.
We'll take it just in case.
Were you waiting for me? What's going on? I've been waiting for you all my life, my love.
I swear on my mother's memory that your son's problem has been solved.
Really? Oh, Ezequiel.
Thank you for this.
Where did you get the money? You didn't pay for it, did you? I have no way to pay you back that much.
Do you think that kind of money comes from the salary of a shitty cop like me? I don't know.
So how did you do it? Oh, you want to know, of course.
It's classified information.
If I tell you, I'll have to kill you.
Well, we can negotiate the terms of that death? - Yes.
- You could appeal to me.
Let's go upstairs, come on.
Go have a drink and celebrate.
For old times' sake.
I'll show you my room, which is incredible and spectacular.
- Ah - And I'll show you You could start pouring, just pour me a drink and I'll be right back.
You're leaving? - I have to sort something out.
- Ezequiel.
You're crazy.
Who understands you? No way, you're unbelievable, do you know that? Barking dogs never bite.
Don't call me anymore.
I mean it.
Ever again.
Unbelievable, every fucking time.
- Can I go in? - Do you have money? Yeah.
Who the fuck are you? Motherfucker.
Son of a bitch.
Don't touch that fucking bat! You fuck! Now what, huh? I'm gonna cut your motherfucking head.
What the fuck? Who are you? What the fuck's goin on? No, no, no.
Yeyo, what the hell was that? If you open your mouth, I'll blow your brains out.
Get up.
I never liked leaving a job half done.
Open the door.
You heard him, tell them to open up.
Bruno, open the door! Come on, out.
Get out of here.
You came here to do something, didn't you? Well, hurry up.
Make sure there's no one left inside.
At your service, captain.
Get out, get out! If you don't want to get lit up, you'd better run.
Out, everbody out.
Come on, get out! Come on, move.
Get out of here.
Out, out.
Come on! All clear.
Step back.
I just want to be happy ♪ It's not worth it to be sad ♪ It's not worth it to be sad ♪ Life gives me joy, it kills me I gamble everything ♪ If I lose At least you'll see the winnings ♪ Earn respect and don't lose it ♪ Life is so good and so bad ♪ You ask me to fly And strip me of wings ♪ An evil smile I get the rebound and win over the fans ♪ My Maghreb boys praying to the fans ♪ The day of your burial I'll dress to the nines ♪ Shoot without fear The bullet has my name on it ♪ Cuts through my home And slices my face ♪ Take what is mine What's mine is yours, brother ♪ The bitches in heat for cash The scent is enough ♪ It's done.
Probably we should get out of here now.
I just want to be happy It's not worth it to be sad ♪ Are you coming? If I drown in your memory Pray I don't get lost ♪ I just want to be happy It's not worth it to be sad ♪ Fuel to the fire, Tirso.
Much more fuel.
It's not worth it to be sad ♪ NEXT TIME It was you, wasn't it? - Come one, let's go.
- Sandro! Sandro! Let them see, this snitch bitch is nobody! Am I clear? He's a nobody! Last night was not a good idea.
We rolled to many dice, too risky.
Those people are trying to find us.
You've got me unwell ♪ Sandro wants vengeance.
I've put every man on alert.
And the truth is that every officer counts right now.
They raped her, mama.
They raped Irene the night that she was beaten.
My granddaughter won't testify.
But you might be able to.
Let him go.
Why, old man? What are you gonna do about it? If you really want me to come back to the store, we should talk about it.
- What are you doing? - I want to learn to shoot a gun.
Why didn't you tell me they raped your granddaughter? Everybody freeze! Police! Nobody move! Hands up! Hands up where I can see them! My eyes are clouding over The world stops and moves backwards ♪ We're closed.
Unwell, unwell ♪
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