Wrong Side of the Tracks (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

What is hidden under the carpet

Look at me.
I just saved your life.
But I don't like you.
I don't like you at all.
Why? - Because I'm a panchito? - No.
Because you are a shithole.
And everyone who gets near you falls in.
You destroyed Irene's whole life.
And now we're in it up to our necks, all thanks to your ass.
- I don't remember asking for your help.
- [shushes.]
You see anything? We're all clear.
I-I-I don't think anyone followed us.
- Have you hidden the van somewhere? - Yeah, yeah.
What just happened - never happened.
- Uh-huh.
Is that clear? We'll never speak of it again.
You don't say shit to anyone.
I don't want you bragging about this to the purse snatchers you hang out with.
- I'm not an idiot.
- Yes, you are.
[exhales sharply.]
- But, Captain - Let him go.
To the Third Company.
To the Third until the end.
[door shuts and locks.]
What happened? Where is Nelson? Did you find him? Yeah, he's fine.
Swear to me.
I swear.
Go to bed.
[emotive music.]
Go on, go to bed.
- [car pulls up.]
- [tires squeal.]
[car drives away.]
[tense music.]
Hey, someone's knocking on the back wall over there.
Either the cockroaches have learned Morse code, or Irene is trying to tell you something.
Hey, do you hear me? - Nelson.
- [music plays on phone.]
Nelson! - What's up with you? - Nothing.
What's the problem? - [beep.]
- [music stops.]
The problem, Mom, is that it's time that Irene and I put a hold on everything.
Come on.
But three days ago you were all set to run away with her.
What's up with this? What happened? [music plays on phone.]
- [beep.]
- [music stops.]
What happened? Sweetie, I'm your mother, you can tell me anything.
They raped her, mamá.
They raped Irene the night that she was beaten.
That's horrible, son.
That's terrible.
Poor Irene.
Those bastards.
- See, the problem is I'm just a shithole.
- No, no, no.
Everything that gets near me falls in.
- No, what are you talking about? - Her grandfather's right.
All I do is make trouble for the people that I love.
Irene, you, everybody.
Did that old prick say something to you? - Is he toying with you? - He's right.
Irene was happy until she met me.
Irene is crazy for you.
You have to know that she loves you.
It's not your fault that you're so handsome.
- And brave, and that you're intelligent.
- Oh, come on now.
You love each other, Nelson, and nobody can stop you.
[bitter laugh.]
That's exactly it.
Because I love her, it's probably best she's not around me.
What gives you the right to make that decision for her? That's not fair.
You better go visit her.
Her grandpa won't allow it.
Oh, that guy is just a stupid old man who sells screws.
Forget him.
Irene needs your support more than ever.
Go and see her, tell her how you feel, and if afterwards you two decide that it's better for you to break up, then you break up, and that's it.
Yeah? Everything will be fine, my love.
Hey [emotive music.]
[tense music.]
So there was a bunch of dope in that drug flat, huh? The firemen on the scene were telling me that they went back home and they were as high as a kite.
Pour me another rum.
Get this bitch up.
Get this bitch up right now.
So you're the one who's supposed to be protecting me, huh? Well, looks like some son of a bitch had the fucking balls to burn down my drug flat.
What do you think about that? What do you think about that, huh? [coughs.]
[grunts and coughs.]
You're finished, Sandro.
You hear that, you bastard? You'll be dead.
[Sandro clicks his tongue.]
Actually, you're the bastard who's finished.
You're no good for this fucking shit.
I want you out.
Out of what exactly? Out of that fucking gangster movie that you're writing in that fucking brain of yours? - Out of what? - [Sandro.]
Out of everything.
I've seen this coming.
I've been preparing.
Got me some new contacts, new suppliers, new safehouses, and best of all, new snitch bitches from your department, working for me at all hours.
You're finished.
You're washed up, baby.
Accept it, no one respects you.
No one's afraid of you now.
- And I'm going to prove it.
- [panting.]
- Come on, let's go.
- Sandro.
Sandro! [grunting.]
You're finished.
Sandro, Sandro! - Move it! Come on! - Sandro! [tense music.]
Come on out, shithead.
[Sandro whistles.]
Lookie here! Take a good look, everyone! - [Ezequiel groans.]
- [Sandro.]
Take a good fucking look! Look up, asshole.
Look up, let them see you, let them see you.
Give them a show, you see? This snitch bitch is nobody! Am I clear? He's a nobody! - [grunts, sighs.]
- What, what? Why you're dancing around? You want to find work as a stripper? What, limp dick? - What do you want, huh? - [grunts.]
You look great with jewels on your balls, Ezequiel.
You know, Ezequiel, what time it is? Time to go the fuck home now, bitch.
Get the fuck out of here.
Motherfucker, I said run! I told you, move your ass! Listen up, everybody! Not one of you motherfuckers is to lift a finger to help this bitch snitch.
Or you're looking to get fucked, hear me? Let's go.
[door opens.]
One more step and you'll be eating this bag of garbage.
You'd be doing me a favor.
Save me a few flights of stairs.
Look, I'm here to see Irene.
Tell me, what part of our discussion last night wasn't clear? - It's impossible to keep me from her.
- Oh, it's possible.
As a matter of fact, you can count on that.
What the fuck's going on? If you don't force him back inside, then I'm going to.
My love, did he do something to you? Suck a dick.
You little shit, I'm watching you, make no mistake.
Just back off.
Let's have peace instead of problems.
I'm only trying to protect my granddaughter.
- From who, my son? - [Tirso.]
Yes, from your son.
Be sure he keeps his distance from Irene.
Or you'll do what? I will call the police.
I'm curious about what they'll say about you squatting next-door.
You're ridiculous.
If we weren't Latin Americans, you wouldn't treat us like this.
Ah, you're from Latin America? I had no idea.
I thought the noise coming through my walls was just a soap opera, but no, it was you.
Fuck you, asshole.
Should I speak more soap opera, or is that authentically Spanish enough for you? [door slams.]
[train rattling over tracks.]
[rock music.]
- Hey there, pretty boy, come on over here! - Ah, so handsome.
- [talking over each other.]
- [woman.]
Where is he going? [Amanda.]
Holy shit.
- [panting.]
- Ezequiel.
Looking handsome.
Not looking half bad yourself.
Well, with me, you know, I look good in everything.
I just heard a report on the radio about a naked guy grabbing clothes off some lady's clothesline.
Would you know anything about that? What do you think, Amanda? Was the lady a hottie? Alright, jump in.
While you still have a shred of your dignity.
[door unlocks.]
You insulted Nelson.
What the hell? That kid is no good for you.
Because of him you're in this mess.
Nelson didn't do anything.
Well, it's one of two things, that boy's a bad influence, or you are.
But in either situation, it's not good for you to be together.
That's between my boyfriend and me.
This is my house and those are the rules.
The only fucking rule in this place is to keep me from seeing my boyfriend.
Yeah, maybe.
That's just rule number one.
The second is that you better come down to the hardware store.
I'm not going to leave you here for Pancho Villa to come sneaking in.
- You can't make me.
- Yes.
Oh yes, I can.
You have ten seconds before I force you out that door.
Ten, nine, eight [doorbell.]
Hello, I'm Cristina Moreno, the psychologist.
- Is Irene home? - Irene? What are you talking about? - What do you want? - [Cristina.]
To start our sessions.
Your daughter told me you'd been informed about it.
My daughter says a lot of dumb things.
It's difficult to keep them all in my head.
Sorry, but right now we don't need any psychologists.
I think we do.
Some of us more than others.
- Please, let's go to my room.
- Thank you.
What were you doing naked in the street? Fighting.
Fighting for nudism, that great misunderstood movement of the 21st century.
Ezequiel, I'm your boss.
So, what's going on? I was romantically entangled with a woman and her husband barged in.
Unfortunately for all involved, the whole situation got a little bit violent.
- Is this a joke? - Oh, no, no, no.
Well, my life is a joke.
My problems are like the comedy tapes of Arévalo.
Have you called Internal Affairs yet? I thought you had contacts everywhere.
Yeah, I called them.
They'll be in touch with you soon.
Well, thanks for that, Amanda.
I bet you can't tell me how many people have been violently murdered in Entrevías in the last 15 years.
Not one, Amanda.
And in part, at least, it's a result of my knowing what's got to be done.
As a fucking policeman in a fucking city neighborhood like this one.
Obviously there's no plan to name a public square after me, they'll give that to you.
My name, Amanda, my name lives on forever in some disciplinary file somewhere.
Is or isn't my life like an Arévalo comedy tape? [sighs.]
Last night the drug flat in the park burned down.
- You know about it? - [laughs.]
More madness, Amanda, more madness.
This is war.
I truly believe it is.
I bet Sandro wants vengeance.
I put every man on alert.
And the truth is that every officer counts right now.
I'd like to help, but I'm in a bit of a pickle with Internal Affairs, and I just Look, Ezequiel, I don't want to ruin your life.
Please come back, and tell me everything that you do.
I want to be told what you're going to do before you even do it.
You got me? Improvisation is kind of my thing.
Yeah, and my thing is being a real bitch when I'm left in the dark about things.
Briefing tomorrow at the station, 9.
30 a.
Don't be late.
And wear something discreet, please.
- [stutters.]
- Take it easy.
How you been? Yes, yes, I've been fine.
They're saying last night some punks went and set a f-f-fire to the drug flat out in the park.
Completely destroyed it.
No, you don't say.
- And any idea who they were? - N-N-No.
B-B-But men But men working for Sandro are m-m-making the rounds and they're trying to f-f-find a white van, - supposedly what they were driving.
- A white van, huh? - There's a lot of white vans out there.
- [Sanchís.]
I hope so.
So, I-I-I better see if I can find out more.
What's wrong with your face? Did you have a stroke, or is that supposed to be some kind of smile? Last night was like getting a shot of adrenaline.
It's like like I was up all night fucking.
- You even remember what that is? - My memory is my virtue.
Listen to me.
Last night was not a good idea.
We rolled too many dice, too risky.
Now we have to keep a low profile, because those people are trying to find us.
And right now Irene needs me around more than ever.
Where is she now? Upstairs with a shrink.
Well, she might find that helpful.
- Give me a break, please.
- Someone's beating the guy from the bazar.
[tense music.]
- [Fu groans.]
- [Yeyo grunts.]
Back off.
Give me the fucking keys to the van, you fucking chink.
I won't hand them to thieves! No? Either you give me the keys or I'll slit your throat.
Give him the keys, Mr.
- [grunts.]
- [man 1.]
Watch it.
Is this what you want? You want to die? - [Santi.]
Please don't.
- [Tirso.]
Hey! Hey! [grunts.]
- Let him go.
- Why, old man? What are you going to do about it? [man 2.]
Get out of here! I said, let him go.
- [Santi.]
Leave him alone.
- [man 3.]
Come on, let him go.
- [man 4.]
Back off.
- [man 2.]
Let him go, now! Fine, fine, fine! I just wanted to check out the van.
Don't be like that.
You got some balls, so many against one.
Nobody wants a fight.
So get the hell out of here.
Hey, chink, I'll see you around the neighborhood.
You watch your back.
Watch how the little rat scurries to his hole.
Well done, man.
Well done.
- That's how it's done.
Very nice.
- Good work.
Are you alright? Yeah.
- Thank you, sir.
I'm so grateful.
- Come on.
Keep a low profile indeed.
Low profile.
How are you, Fu? [Cristina.]
It's alright.
Let's take a break.
Irene, are you okay? What did you do to my granddaughter? I didn't do anything.
The session went very well.
Okay, but she just ran off crying.
If she's been crying, it's because she has needed to cry.
But why would she need to? Because sometimes people's behavior is covering up considerable traumas.
- Ah-ha.
- Their problems.
Constant pain they've kept under the carpet and that they needed to get out.
Under the carpet? And you're supposed to be who? The cleaning lady or something? Something like that, yes.
It is clear that Irene harbors an injury, open en quite profound.
She's hiding something, and I'm working to find out what that is.
Go take your-your witch's broom and use it to go sweep somewhere else.
Abantos, in my opinion, your granddaughter greatly needs this therapy.
I give no shits about your opinion.
You're just another charlatan.
So get out of here, and don't you ever come back to my house.
As you wish.
Good day.
["No le hables de amor" playing.]
[in Spanish.]
Listen ♪ Don't talk to her about love Kids spend the day at the mall ♪ Buying skirts and tops She's stripped, she's not here for love ♪ [song continues in background.]
You okay? Yeah.
So what's up? Why do you want to see me? I heard what happened at the drug flat last night.
It was you, wasn't it? You know I'd never betray you, right? Promise.
You were right, it was stupid.
Mmm, I think it was a brave thing.
Not stupid.
No one would ever fucking dare to do what you did last night.
Okay, but so what? Well, it's helped people to see that Sandro's not untouchable.
Everyone is sick of Sandro.
And something's got to change.
We need you.
I'm not the person you're looking for, Nata.
I don't want any more trouble.
Well, that's who you are.
And who you'll always be.
What you have right here is what we need.
You got to come back.
All the guys really miss you.
Especially Loko.
Even if he's a little bit jealous.
Jealous of what? Hey, listen to me.
Come back to us.
We're your family.
I don't have an apartment But I know where we can finish ♪ Don't talk to her about love ♪ Do you know how much we paid for this woman? She's one of the preemptive specialists in Madrid.
How could you do this? She wasn't necessary for Irene.
- Tirso, we've been trying to - Wait.
The father of the girl is going to seize upon these 12 hours he's going to be on the same continent as his daughter, and provide an opinion.
What Jimena is saying is that is that we believe that our daughter needs the help of a professional.
My daughter and I don't need a translator, Iván.
Irene needs strict discipline.
Someone needs to set limits for her once and for all.
Not some faith healer who comes barging in in order to make her feel even more important than she already does.
And you know everything, don't you? You know better than a specialist what wounds need to be healed.
Before, Irene would never have accepted help from a professional.
But now she will.
These shrinks are just two-bit charlatans.
Look how they messed up Sanchís.
Papá! Irene wasn't traumatized by war like Sanchís.
It's settled.
Iván and I are together in this.
You two are friends again? That was pretty quick, leaving behind the image of your wife fornicating with some other guy.
There's no way I'm going to let you do this to us, papá.
Do what? Trying to divide us in order for you to get your way.
But you divide yourselves very well on your own, I'd say.
Irene better continue seeing the specialist.
That's the deal we made with you, and that's what's happening.
Final, end of discussion.
[train rattling on tracks, train horn.]
Imagine seeing you here, pretty little thing.
Ezequiel, drinking on duty again? My mother always said to make a habit of consistency, and since I have a lot of things to celebrate, I'm going to party.
- [laughs.]
- [laughs.]
Yeah? Oh, living it up then, huh? Having a little fun at the bar? No, I've been looking for you, 'cause we still have matters to settle.
No, no, no.
Got to catch a bird in flight, by the wing.
And this birdie's going back to its nest.
I've got to go make dinner, it's late.
No, baby birdie, wait, wait.
Pour me a drink, barkeep.
For the love of my life.
You ever get that sense you maybe chose the wrong path? [clicks tongue.]
Yeah, every day.
I could have been living the life of Jennifer Lopez, for example.
- [Ezequiel laughs.]
- [laughs.]
But instead my life's this shit.
Huh? But imagine maybe that we lived another life.
Maybe we could have been - Maybe we'd be cousins? - [laughs.]
Not cousins! Then our kids would have problems.
Imagine that we had married and had a family, you and I.
- Imagine that.
- What is up with you, my love? You okay? I've never been better, but don't you see it? Imagine it.
Imagine it.
You'd have been gone the minute we had kids.
- Hey.
- Come on, admit it.
You go buy some cigarettes and then you'd be out of there.
We all want what we can't have, right? It must be nice to go home and embrace your kids.
Mmm, of course.
"Hey Dad, give me some money.
" Or: "Hey Dad, can you help me with this homework, please?" - "Hey Dad, do my laundry.
" - [laughs.]
- You and me in bed keeping ourselves warm.
- Well, day one might be fine.
Two perhaps.
- By the fifth you're angry and annoyed.
- No.
And then a week later, you're off fucking someone else.
You are a lion, my love.
And lions aren't meant to be penned up anywhere.
What lions do is take what they want and escape.
[emotive music.]
And what happens when a lion's deprived of what it wants? When a lion can't get what it wants? Then what happens, Gladys? He roars more fiercely.
He fights harder.
- What's going on, Ezequiel? - Nothing.
This just isn't like you.
A crying lion is respected by no one, got that? I got to go.
- No more drinking.
- Give me a kiss.
Lay off the drinking.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
- Pepe, evening to you.
- Good evening, Tirso.
Please give me a couple of bacon toasted omelet paninis.
- One's for the girl? - Uh-huh.
So make hers with no onion.
Tirso, what do you think? A woman like her can make life much better, yes or no? She'll destroy it, especially when she's your neighbor.
- Hey, Pepe, make it snappy please.
- [Pepe.]
Got it.
Hey, you can't smoke in this bar.
What the hell are you going to do, arrest me? [sighs.]
Come on, give me a break.
- By all means, sit.
- [Ezequiel laughs.]
You really dig all the smoke, huh, Tirso? I saw you.
I saw you, with these little eyes that will be meals for the little worms.
You burned down the drug flat.
I know you did.
What the hell are you going to do about it, arrest me? Not today.
I might do it tomorrow.
Today I have other plans for you and your battalion.
That scum, Tirso, those scumbags are fucking up this neighborhood, and I know you're as pissed as I am.
- That's not important to me, officer.
- [Ezequiel.]
Sure, sure.
Not important that they go and beat up your granddaughter's face again? You and me, Tirso, you and me.
We can fuck them up good.
You and me? What are we, The Carpenters? [laughs.]
The Carpenters.
I like that, I'll sing melody.
You take harmonies.
What do you think? You better just stick to policing.
Tirso, the paninis.
The police, Tirso, are never at all anywhere they are needed.
I have the information on how, when, where you can fuck them, militarily speaking.
I have other concerns that are occupying me.
Don't worry, it's all good.
Occupy yourself with going to hell, Tirso.
- [grunts.]
I wanted to tell you how much it means to me what you did for Mr.
Well, Mr.
Fu means nothing to me.
Outside the bazar, I thought those punks were going to hurt you.
[metallic clinking.]
Do you remember those bastards who used to come to the soccer field on their bikes and beat us up? [murmurs.]
When you were young, you loved to play, but you almost quit soccer because of those assholes.
Yeah, then you showed up.
Came in, made the biggest one get off his bike and busted it to pieces.
By the time we made it back home, you were crying.
You said I was an embarrassment to you.
But thanks to me, you went back to kicking a soccer ball.
Papá, there's someone else here who wants to thank you.
You saved my life.
I am forever indebted.
Ah, fine, but It's nothing, I Arigato, ah Goodbye.
I was telling Mrs.
Fu that you live alone and she insisted on bringing some dishes.
Ah, no, no, no.
I don't eat dogs, or cats, or pigeons.
And neither do we.
You'll like it.
No, I won't, I'm not going to like it.
You better take these or they'll end up in the garbage.
Does your wife speak Uh Put into the garbage trash.
Papá, she got up at six in the morning to cook for you.
I'm sure Irene will want some.
But, Santi, Irene isn't even Chinese, she's Vietnamese.
Papá Well, fine, very well, uh, I accept it.
Thanks, and goodbye.
I hope you'll accept one more small token.
A T-shirt of the Chinese national team.
For you.
My grandson's idea.
They asked me if you enjoyed soccer and I said yes.
If you expect me to wear this, you've had too much of their lizard wine.
- Papá, please take it.
- Uh, look-look, Fu.
Am I saying that right? Fu? Shui Yuan Fu.
Well, Fu, uh, we You and I are not buddies.
Uh, you and I were made distinctly You're Chinese, I'm Spanish.
You sell rubbish, and I carry the quality stuff.
You exploit my son.
I had a great job for him all lined up.
But he very foolishly didn't accept it.
You rescued me and saved my life.
Uh, well, very well.
Why don't you gather all of this stuff and have a picnic for a celebration? What do you think about that? Gifts are never returned, not in China, or here.
Uhm, Santi.
Uh, would your kids They're into pizza.
And, papá, if you really want me to come back to the store, - we should talk about it.
- Yeah.
These Chinese people are crazy.
Last night three vans were burned, here, here and here.
Obviously, we know it was Sandro's people, but we can't prove it because nobody reports it.
These thugs do what they want.
They think they can control the neighborhood.
This has to stop, okay? Understood? So I want everybody patrolling, eyes wide open, surveilling everything.
Let them all know we're here.
Let's get boots on the ground.
Finish your food, then go out on patrol.
Are you serious? You really think the best way to stop Sandro is to patrol around, all calmly and discreetly.
Really? We're like fucking cows with fucking cowbells around our necks.
You just got back and are already questioning my decisions? Detain him and stop patrolling.
Arrest him, of course, that is brilliant.
Why didn't I think of that? Sandro thinks he's untouchable.
When a person thinks he's untouchable, Amanda, that is the very moment to strike back with no mercy, and demonstrate to him people like you are not afraid of him.
The problem is people are afraid of him, Ezequiel.
Nobody will talk.
We have no power to detain him.
You're wrong, someone will talk, the old geezer.
- I'm don't follow.
- Don't play around with me, Amanda.
They slapped his granddaughter's face, right? The little Chinese girl.
Do you think Tirso doesn't know? Know whose drugs that he threw down the drainpipe? - Whose was it? - [Amanda.]
So what? If he testifies, we have no proof.
It's his word against Sandro's.
I don't give a fuck if the evidence is sufficient enough to detain him.
- Tighten the rope.
- [sighs.]
That's not the proper way to take care of things, and you know it.
It's also not too crooked.
And I'm not going to change on my first day back.
You're the one in charge.
You're the one making the decisions.
[tense music.]
Courtesy of Fu Manchu.
What's this? It's Chinese food.
- What kind of meat's that? - I have no idea.
You know what they say about why Chinese people don't die in Spain? Because they give their passport to someone else and the grandfather gets used for the dumpling filler.
Well, today you got Grandpa Fu.
Uh, give me a latte, Pepe.
Sure thing.
Let me guess, my doctor sent you here to stop me from consuming churros.
I know you're very angry at the guys who beat Irene.
You were right.
We need to be out pursuing them.
You said without a detailed report from Irene, the police had nothing.
There's other methods.
So you're saying the police could have done something, but didn't want to.
And now you do.
Sandro's gang is burning vehicles and beating people up without prejudice.
We got to stop them.
If we were to have a reason to detain them My granddaughter won't testify.
But you might be able to.
Me? You flushed Sandro's heroin down the sink.
I'm sure that you know very well how it is the drugs made it to you.
My testimony isn't worth a single shit in the courts.
But it'd be sufficient for a warrant for Sandro, give him a good scare.
Let him know that not everyone in the neighborhood's afraid of him.
And who says that I'm not afraid of him? There'll be no trail leading back to you.
We'll make sure you're protected.
I can protect myself.
Want to know how? By not making any more trouble.
That's a no? - You've been reading between the lines.
- [waiter.]
Your coffee.
You're pretty sharp for a police lady.
But no more bitching about how the police aren't doing their job.
- Have a good day.
- [grunts.]
[phone ringing.]
- [beep.]
- Yes? [Cristina.]
It's Irene's psychologist.
The door's locked.
Yes, I'm well aware that the door's locked.
I'll be right up, hang tight.
- Uh, cream or sugar? - This is just fine, thank you.
I really want to apologize for my poor behavior yesterday.
There's been so much going on.
I was a bit rude.
You were.
The only reason I returned is because your poor granddaughter begged me to come back.
I know.
And that's why I have a proposal for you.
- What does Jimena pay? - Pardon me? What does she pay? That is it's confidential.
If she wants to tell you I will pay double whatever you expected to earn here.
If you never come back again.
And, of course, if you just keep it between you and me.
I don't know who you think I am, but I'm not accepting that.
And you can continue to bill my daughter.
I am a professional, and you are being offensive.
Jimena is paying me to treat Irene, and that is what I plan to do.
Now, if I may If I were you, I'd just take the money right now and get the hell out of here.
Understand? Or should I be more psychological? Are you threatening me? I can see why you have a career, you're quick.
Jimena already told me this could happen, which why I'm taping this conversation.
Record an album, I don't really care.
Now, are you going to get out or should I help you leave? I'll go, but you're not getting rid of me that easy.
From here on out, the sessions will be held at my office.
And I hope we never meet again.
- [door opens and closes.]
- Charlatans.
Fucking charlatans.
- [sighs.]
- [Latin music playing.]
[music continues.]
Good morning, my love.
Hey, did you talk to Irene? No.
You aren't hungry? Where are you going? I'm going to the stairs to meet Loko and the boys.
Are you? I thought you weren't hanging out with them anymore.
I know you don't get them, mamá, but they're my friends.
And I'm going to fucking hang out with them, alright? Hey, hey, wait a minute, okay? Watch that mouth of yours or I'll knock a few of those teeth right out of your head.
I understand you're very distressed about Irene.
Distressed? Did you say "distressed," mamá? She was raped.
She was raped! I'm not distressed.
I'm fucked up to my core.
- I'm broken.
I'm so angry I feel like I - Like what? Like what, Nelson? What are you planning to do with your friends? I don't know, mamá.
But you can bet your ass I'm going to do something.
- And I can't even see her.
- I know, my love.
I get it, but please, you have to calm down.
Okay? Violence solves nothing.
Remember, whenever it rains, the sun always returns.
[bitter laugh.]
Returns for who, mamá? For Irene? Or for the motherfuckers who abused her yet still get a free pass? For those assholes? Nelson.
Nelson! [music continues.]
[repeated thuds.]
[turns up volume.]
Go to hell! Hello, police? [sirens.]
[taps glass.]
Did you convince the hardware guy? - He said no.
- Fuck! Did you call him a coward, tell him he's afraid of shitting his pants? - You want to talk to him? - No.
I'm just fucking around.
[bitter laugh.]
He's a real badass, huh? From the old days.
A tough one, like solid steel.
Motherfucker's a good guy.
Ezequiel, the door.
The door.
Pretty little thing.
Why are you here? I came to check on you.
I was worried about you after last night.
Are you okay? No, yesterday I was a lion who lost control of his pride.
But I'm fine, just fine.
And I bet 1,000 bucks that's not why you're here right now, is it? - [sighs.]
Very observant, you got me.
- [laughs.]
Sit down.
Are we going to have to kill Nelson? What new mess has your boy caused? Nothing yet, but it's just a matter of time.
Tell me.
You know those guys that beat up Irene? The ones that hang out at the drug flat? Yeah, sure, sure, sure.
We are aware that the Chinese girl was beaten up, yeah.
Well, it wasn't just a beating.
The bastards sexually assaulted her.
It's a mess, Ezequiel.
She didn't report it.
I guess she's too afraid.
The whole world's scared out of its mind, but not my stupid son.
[bitter laugh.]
- [Gladys.]
What? - Now I understand all of it.
What? What's going on with your boy, Gladys? I know I've asked you for a lot of favors.
But I'm convinced that Nelson is going to do something crazy to these guys, and I need you to help me stop him.
If you would.
Mmm? Is that a yes? Pretty little thing, there's nothing in the world I enjoy more than being your Superman.
Thank you.
[tense music.]
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I was just having a quick coffee.
Come on in.
Very well, here they are.
Allen keys.
Tell me which size you want.
- Uh, bathroom towel hooks.
- [man.]
Yes, please.
Yeah, well, I would advise you to get the screw-in ones.
Uh, the self-adhesive ones are crap, to be honest.
Can I help you? Maybe got a screw loose or something? That's a pretty good joke.
They teach you to tell that joke at the university of hardware stores? I'm homeschooled.
And now, if you don't mind, I have a lot of work to do.
Why didn't you tell me they raped your granddaughter? [tense music.]
Everyone outside, I have to close shop.
Uh, excuse me, it's an emergency.
I have to close shop.
- [murmuring.]
- Please.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Come on.
[Ezequiel whistles.]
That's why you burned down the drug flat, wasn't it? You do what you have to, Tirso.
I would have burned it down with fucking King Kong inside.
Who told you about Irene? Shit, you're not that old.
The whole neighborhood knows.
Sandro was fucking bragging about it.
Giving details of what they did to your little girl.
Oh, yeah? And what details would he be giving, exactly? If I may be so bold.
Don't hurt yourself, Tirso, no.
Instead ask this question.
Are you fully prepared for this son of a bitch to simply get away with it, with no consequence? Get out of here.
Let's go and get them, you and me.
You and me, Tirso.
I said, get out.
[door opens.]
[tense music.]
[metallic clinking.]
[tense music continues.]
Grandpa, what are you doing? Uh, nothing.
What? You okay? I want you to promise me you'll make sure my granddaughter's name isn't mentioned at all.
Nothing, no medical tests, no interrogations.
I'm only doing this to fuck over that bastard.
And what exactly are we talking about? I've come to report a sexual assault.
- Pass.
- [phone vibrates.]
You're bluffing, fucker.
See? You're a cock-shit.
Look how his sideburns sweat when he's bluffing.
[phone vibrates.]
One minute, it's business.
The fuck you want, man? You don't think I'm busy, or what? Stop calling me, you're not my mistress.
Just calm down.
What do you mean, they're coming? Who is? Everybody freeze! Police! Nobody move! Hands up! Hands up where I can see them! Up! Freeze! Don't move! What the hell? What is this? A costume party, or what? Don't you know how to knock? [grunts.]
- [Amanda.]
Is said freeze, dammit.
- [grunts.]
Easy, brunette.
Shh! Sandro Campos, you're under arrest.
Fuck you.
Under arrest for what? What's up, you don't like me? Yeah.
You're the love of my life.
So shut the fuck up.
- [Sandro.]
Why so rough? - And this is only the first day.
- [Sandro groans.]
- Stand up! Let's go! Nice to meet you.
Thought you couldn't be touched, huh? Well, you were wrong.
You can touch me all you want.
Take it easy, huh.
Don't look at my cards.
Hey, fuck this shit, man.
I'm going to go have some fun with my new friends.
I'll be back in ten minutes.
Yeah, Campos, we'll just see about that.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, that's right.
Hey, get those legs apart.
The house was empty.
We're not putting anyone out.
Do you guys have any children? Because I do.
What do you want? For us to sleep on a park bench? - [police.]
So are you going to sign? - I'm not signing anything.
- [police.]
- [lock clicking.]
Whatever you say.
Have a good one.
Open the door.
- [thump.]
- Open up, I know you're in there.
You are miserable.
You can't do this, you know.
- You are a terrible person.
- Of course.
Because being a squatter like you is what good people do.
You'd just love to see us out on the streets, wouldn't you? No, I'd rather see you two in a nice house, but away from me and my granddaughter.
You are even more ignorant than I thought.
You think kicking us out of here will separate my son from Irene? By at least a few hundred meters, that's right.
Listen and listen good, you animal.
Those kids need each other.
They are lost, the both of them.
Your granddaughter feels she's never been loved, which isn't surprising.
And my son can't find his place since he came to Spain.
They feel alone.
That they only have each other.
So they can't be separated.
By you or anyone.
You truly are a fucking real-life soap opera.
And you're a bastard.
Sandro, Sandro, Sandro, where are those other officers you said you bribed? [claps.]
From this station, the ones who were supposed to have your back.
Until, of course, they ran into that bull ring you call an entourage, and saw you were vulnerable, huh, King Kong? I wouldn't have let them sent you to jail even if you were playing Monopoly.
- You moron.
- Bring me a meal.
Come on, your ramblings have made me hungry.
And don't worry about me, dickhead.
My lawyer's pulling his strings and I'll be out of here.
I'm telling you, these people have no evidence against me.
So first they burn down your drug flat and now they've booked you here at the station.
When this spreads in Entrevías, they're going to say you're a little snitch bitch.
They won't respect you so much, huh, Sandro? Well, maybe I got to go out and bust some asses real good to get respect.
That is no problem.
And word on the street is you've got some cute little white ass running around the whole neighborhood just begging for affection.
So watch yourself, little chickie.
Maybe you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you, Sandro.
That'd be nice.
What are you going to feed me? Huh? What are you going to feed me? How about we have a little quiz, since you're so smart.
Who ratted you out? Who burned down the apartment? - You have no fucking idea.
- [grunts.]
I'll find out.
Yeah, you'll find out thanks to those cops you bribed here.
You bought them for a few hundred dollars, but can't even manage to pinch half a gram here in Entrevías? [tense music.]
Come on, let's do something.
Give me a name, bro.
And then we can go back to being friends, how does that sound? You and I, we have different ideas about how to have a friendship.
But maybe if you admitted your bullshit, I'll give you a present, Sandro.
I'll admit things got a bit out of hand leaving you in the street buck naked like a little bitch.
Ah! Motherfucker! Get the fuck off.
What's that for? That's what you get for being a fucking bastard.
And my little gift? I'm headed out.
Can you open the door? Where are you going? I'm off to see the psychologist.
If you've got a problem, talk about it with my mom.
That shrink is no fool.
She'll get to the bottom of what happened.
She'll tell your mother.
That's what you're worried about? What she'll say to my mother? Your mother is not important to me, I'm just telling you what you should expect.
Grandpa, what are you talking about? Sometimes you make no sense.
Perhaps I can make it make sense.
The psychologist, Cristina, she understands me.
She can really help me.
Grandpa, do you like to see me suffer? Yes, my hobbies are fixing radios and sadism.
- [scoffs.]
- Sit down.
You're familiar with Sanchís, my buddy? - The junkie.
- Don't you dare talk about him like that.
I met Sanchís when he was a kid like you, with his whole life ahead of him.
But in Bosnia, he changed.
Seriously? I have to hear some war story from the glory days? Those weren't glory days.
That was war.
Those were days when bodies piled up as we marched and fought.
One day we were in a medical convoy headed for a hospital.
Some fucking sharpshooters opened fire, raining bullets on us.
The man next to Sanchís was killed on the spot.
I had no idea you'd been in an actual war.
You know, with guns and all.
Sanchís was also shot.
In the neck.
We fought back and opened fire on them.
Throughout the continuous shooting, Sanchís was bleeding on his back beneath the vehicle.
Afraid he'd never get back home.
And to this day, Sanchís is still in Bosnia, bleeding and terrified and trapped under that car.
You know why? Years of pills.
Years of therapy.
Making Sanchís wallow in his own shit over and over.
For what? In battle, you have to be better and rise above.
To use rage to beat the pain.
That's how you survive it.
But if you'd rather go see the shrink [door opens.]
What the hell is going on? [Santi.]
What? Yeah.
Did you find it? Look, right here.
That's it.
Yes, yes, just take it all.
- Papá, why are you here? - Where's all the hardware? Where's all the tools and screws? Where are they? - We no longer sell hardware.
- Why? Mr.
Fu was surprised by your anger when he came to thank you, so I explained that the bazar's business has been hurting you.
- Why would you say a thing like that? - Papá, because it's true.
To show his respect and admiration for you, he decided to stop carrying hardware.
Damn yellow.
Where is he? - Is he in there? - No.
Pap - Fu! - Papá.
- Fu! Fu! - [Santi.]
Papá, please.
- Mr.
Fu! - Papá, please don't.
You shut up.
You think this junk you're selling hurts my business? You think I need your sympathy to keep my hardware store going? No, we're going to compete.
And I'm going to prove to you that my business is 1,000 times better than this bazar.
You go back to selling the plastic shit you were selling.
Or next time, I'll be the one beating you up, you get that? Or should I translate it to Mandarin? I understand your language well, sir.
You'd better.
Grandpa? Grandpa? [tense music.]
What are you doing? Are you crazy? That's dangerous.
I want to learn to shoot a gun.
Why can't you like the same things other girls your age enjoy? You're not learning to shoot.
You have enough problems as it is.
I won't go back to the psychologist.
You're right.
I really don't want to wallow in my pain.
I want to be strong, like you.
And I don't want anyone to hurt me again.
Absolutely no pistols.
I have a better idea.
Sanchís will be your self-defense instructor.
He's a great teacher.
Twenty years ago.
I imagine him more as a rent-a-cop in a mall, to be honest.
No offense, of course.
- What? What's this? - Attack him.
- Oh, no.
No thanks.
- Irene, attack Sanchís.
- I could kill him with this.
- Come on, attack.
- Come on.
- [stuttering.]
- [clears throat.]
Ready? - Mm-hm.
First lesson: never underestimate the prowess of your opponent.
- Are you alright, Irene? - [panting.]
[screams and gasps.]
- [man panting.]
- [Irene cries.]
Back off, let her go.
Breathe, Irene.
Irene, Irene! Irene, you have to breathe, sweetie.
Irene! [Tirso grunts.]
Grab the car keys off the table.
Grab the damn keys now, Sanchís! Irene, breathe! - [Gladys.]
What's wrong with her? - She's not breathing.
Irene! [distorted voice.]
Irene, Irene! Irene.
- Nelson? Let me Let me go.
Nelson! - Take it easy.
Sit down.
Sit down! Sit, sit, sit.
You're okay.
It's all okay.
Don't worry, I'm here.
There, easy now.
[emotive music.]
[Nelson softly.]
It's okay, baby.
Yeah, it's okay.
I'm here.
I'm here with you, baby.
I'm following behind, wait for me ♪ I'm following behind, wait for me ♪ I'm following behind ♪ [Tirso.]
I'm going down to the hardware store.
I'm following behind ♪ But I might be back up at any given moment, okay? - [both laugh.]
- I'm following behind, wait for me ♪ - Is he gone? - Think so.
I'm following behind, wait for me ♪ I'm following behind you, you, you ♪ Why didn't you answer me when I knocked on the wall? I thought you were mad at me or something.
No, no, no.
What would make you think that I was mad at you? I don't know.
I wasn't.
But I can't help but think If you hadn't met me, none of this would have happened.
And you would be so much happier.
If I hadn't have met you, there's no way I would have been happy.
To leave this cave Or better put, this hole ♪ To continue filming Even though I have no reel left ♪ Promise me that we'll never be separated ever again.
I'm following behind, wait for me ♪ I swear.
I'm following behind, wait for me ♪ I'm following behind you ♪ [tense music.]
- [click.]
- [piano music.]
[tense music.]
We're closed.
It'll go in the following manner, Tirso.
First they're going to tighten the screws on you a little bit.
Then they'll put a vice grip on your balls.
No, no, no.
Not yet.
- I'm not ready.
- Y-Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me, forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
I have an idea.
How about we go for a pizza and take a walk around the neighborhood, mmm? Look, I'm missing it already.
My grandpa's coming back.
If I'm not here, he's going to be really pissed off.
- So what? He'll get over it.
- [Irene laughs.]
Okay, let's go.
[Irene laughs.]
We'd better go the other way.
I don't want my grandfather to see us, okay? Okay.
[tires squeal.]
- What's wrong? - [tires squeal.]
[tense music.]
[tires squeal.]
Irene! Wait, where are you going? Irene! Grandpa! - Grandpa! - [Nelson.]
Irene! Irene! Quick.
We got to get help.
My grandpa.
Something's happened.
What is it? What happened? - We saw a black van.
It sped away.
- There was blood in the hardware store.
Holy shit, motherfucker.
Let's go.
- [Sanchís.]
Calm down, we'll find him.
- What's going on? I know what the van looks like.
I'm going with you.
You stay with the girl and close the bar.
- [Pepe.]
Let's go.
- Call the p-p-police.
- [cries.]
- [Nelson.]
They'll find him.
[door opens.]
- Get him out.
- [Tirso grunts.]
[tense music.]
- [man grunts.]
- [panting.]
Stop! It's nothing.
Keep driving.
Someone said you went to the police to talk shit about me.
That is very fucked.
That is very fucked.
You know what I hate even more than a fucking snitch? An old fucking rat who goes to the police to report me.
It's a bad idea to make me angry, Grandpa.
I got many problems in my brain.
I'm very sick in the head, Grandpa.
It wasn't a good idea.
I'm very sick.
- [panting.]
- Today, you fell down some stairs and we got real fucking lucky because you didn't break your hip.
But probably next time, you fall off a fucking roof and hit the fucking ground.
What do you think? [grunts.]
So I don't ever want to see you playing macho guy again, you hear me? Better spend your time playing bingo and grinding that shriveled dick on ass when you can.
You know, it appears to me, gentlemen, that this park's full of trash.
Afraid I'll have to contact the municipal council.
[bodyguard laughs.]
Let's get out of here.
Hey hey, that van over there.
It sticks out.
It's got to be that van.
It has to be.
- Let's go.
- There he is, there he is! [Sanchís.]
Captain! - Ah.
- [Sanchís.]
Captain! - [grunts.]
- [Sanchís.]
Captain! - [Sanchís.]
My captain! - [groans.]
- Those motherfuckers.
- Are you okay? [panting.]
I'm fine.
I said I'm fine.
Let go of me.
I don't need your help.
This is done.
They want war we'll bring war.
Me and you, Tirso.
Me and you.
I don't need your help to take care of those scumbags.
IN THE NEXT EPISODE When we arrested Sandro, I saw something suspicious in his bar.
It could be where he keeps the uncut drugs before distribution.
Then we'd better go in and see what the fuck's going on in there, hadn't we? - Run! - [horn blaring.]
What's your problem? All you kids are suckers.
Sandro's on a whole other level.
What if the suckers propose something? You help Sandro rise up, and you can dump him and replace him with whoever you want.
Everyone knows about it, what they did to me.
Guys in the neighborhood, guys at school.
But how did they find out? - You assholes.
- I told you to get out of here.
Don't touch me, I said, or I'll rip your head off.
We need to think of another strategy to get in there.
- I've come to ask you out.
- You're trying to flirt with me? This here is Tirso, my friend.
He's a bit of a grouch, but he's going to buy me some drinks.
- Can you guess who I just saw go inside? - Hardware man, I'm going to kill you.
- [Gladys.]
You like it? - I've been in stables that smell better.
On your signal we go in with a full charge, Captain.
Stop looking at me! [Nelson.]
Irene, what are you doing? Put that down.
Alright, stop judging me!
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