Wrong Side of the Tracks (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

An old dog can't learn to dance

1 NETFLIX PRESENTS Are you alright? Amazing, don't I look it? You should go to the hospital.
It's only a bruise.
If I had internal bleeding, I'd be dead by now.
Well, those things take time.
You still might die, Grandpa.
That's why you're up early this morning? To see if I might die? I just want to be here if you needed help, Grandpa.
But I see you don't.
And last night you sure it has nothing to do with what happened to me? You're like your mother.
You think you're the center of the universe.
I'm fine, go have breakfast.
You can make coffee? I assumed you had a Filipina servant to make it for you.
You'd be right.
It's the first pot I've made.
Like it? Tastes like asphalt.
I'm going to the store.
You're not going to make me go with you? You look like a hardware clerk as much as you do a nun.
I don't think selling screws is for you.
You came to that conclusion just now? You will continue studying.
If you don't go to class, fine, but you will take your exams and finish school, whether you like it or not.
Okay, I'll study.
Are you serious? My phone? I asked the Pakistani guy at the shop to disconnect the internet and all that stuff.
All that stuff.
You have five euros for calls for the month, spend them wisely.
Wow, five euros.
And if you keep your word and study, I won't lock the front door anymore.
Can I see Nelson? Not for now.
It's progress.
Show some appreciation.
Shove your progress in your hole.
Enticing as it is, nothing is offered As much as it hurts, you get addicted ♪ I miss it, and that makes me laugh And so always ♪ I must have grown tired of the shade And the therapy must not work ♪ Paradise fills my vision But I burn, I burn for your taste ♪ I am falling under your spell ♪ Knowingly betraying myself ♪ It's my downfall to feel no remorse ♪ - Holy shit.
- It's good to see you too.
Are you all right? You look like you took a real beating.
It was a cupboard.
I guess the cupboard won.
Please get your son.
- Why? - So we can communicate.
Nelson! You may think you live in a palace, but there is no need to shout.
I can hear you when you scratch your ass through the wall.
Nelson! You're one wanted! What's that? Do you love my granddaughter? It's not a trick question.
Do you love Irene, yes or no? Yeah, of course I do.
I love Irene.
Yeah, I don't understand why she's so infatuated with a piece of shit like you, but she is.
So if you want to be with her, you're gonna have to prove to me that you can be a man.
So I can be with her? How stupid are you? I told you that first, you've got to prove to me that you're up to it.
So no going out on the streets, no joints, no dealing, no messing around.
And don't go near my granddaughter until I give you permission.
If you fail, you won't see her ever again.
And take that ring out of your nose.
Where I'm from, they put them in oxen.
And is there anything else, sir? You can stop being such a smart-ass.
Get some new pants, for the love of God.
You look like a beggar.
Holy cow! It's a hardware store and a pigsty too, I had no idea.
What happened to your face, Tirso? Damn those razors, am I right? No need to explain, Grandpa.
That's what it's like to get old.
We suffer many conditions.
For example my balls swell up to the size of a room.
So you better get out of here.
Hey, hey, don't blame it all on me.
It's not my fault they beat you.
It was Sandro's guys who spanked your face, right? You know the saying, Tirso.
"There's always room to learn from your mistakes.
" Alright, Confucius.
Do you only talk nonsense around me or is it everywhere you go around this town? I told you those degenerates were the cancer of the neighborhood.
And that we better work together to take them down.
But you didn't listen.
Now you'll learn from that mistake.
My mistake was to go to the police.
You're no more than a sellout.
So learn, Tirso.
Don't ever trust the police.
What does that make you? - A plumber? - Hey.
See? You are beginning to learn.
Yeah, I'm a plumber, I unclog bullshit.
And fucking Sandro shits like King Kong.
If you need a plunger, I'll give you a bargain.
- But other than that leave me alone.
- I have all the information, you have the balls and intelligence to finally put an end to it.
Me and you, Tirso.
Me and you.
I don't need your help to take care of those scumbags.
Watch out for Dirty Harry.
You better watch your step.
We can tighten the screws on them very easily.
And you know it.
I don't trust the police.
It's advice I got from a guy in the neighborhood.
Maybe you know him.
He dresses like he is going to a bar.
And smells like he came from one.
Tirso if you do this all alone which you'll likely do, you'll end up in prison.
So would you like to purchase that plunger so you can unclog? Unclog this.
I've tried for three years and you didn't give a shit.
But then the old man appears and two seconds later, look at you.
It's unbelievable.
Tits do it every time.
It sucks, mama.
There's more words for my address than my work experience.
I have nothing.
What do you mean? Listen, your smile's beautiful.
It's light, sympathetic.
Pristine white teeth.
With that and your silver tongue, you'll get whatever you want.
I always fall for it.
You know what? Mention your special license for the motorcycle.
You do have a motorcycle license, right? No, you didn't What did you do with the money I gave you for it? I swear to God, I'm going to kill him.
Aren't you Tirso's son from the store? I'm Gladys, your dad's new neighbor.
- How are you? - Hi.
- Stand in line! - You can't cut in! - Who does she think she is? - Excuse me, don't touch me.
He's my cousin and he's been holding my place in this line.
Your cousin? Bullshit.
Yeah, we both have a mole in the same place.
You want to see it? Get in line! Shit.
Go play bingo.
Everyone who comes to the food bank is always in a bad mood.
Are you saying I'm line for the food bank? Of course, what else would it be? No, no, no.
I was waiting to speak to the priest for my son's first communion.
Oh, usually you want to go to the church to talk to the priest.
Oh, right.
How silly.
Well, it's nice to meet you.
See you around sometime.
See you.
Excuse me, the church is back there.
- Sure.
- Thanks for holding my spot in line.
Good morning.
Ezequiel, in my office.
Yes? I just heard Sandro's opened a new drug flat.
It took him one day.
- You were right.
- Hmm.
There's no point fighting with him.
Do you mind if I film this? First time a superior's agreed with me.
We clearly need to go further up the distribution chain.
And find where they cut and store the drugs.
We're feeling strong today, aren't we? When we arrested Sandro, I saw something suspicious in his bar.
A locked door at the end of the hallway.
And you thought, "too much security to guard the shitty alcohol they serve.
" It could be where he keeps the drugs before distribution.
Why didn't you take a look while you were there? We had an arrest warrant, not a search warrant.
Careful, you might want to get a warrant for that sandwich there.
Or you could be facing a major legal issue.
That backroom is hiding something.
I could start watching them today.
Just give me the command.
You? No, Sandro knows you too well.
If you show up he's going to come out and ask you for cigarettes.
- I'm on it.
- He knows you as well.
And you also know me.
But I spent a whole day watching you and you didn't realize it.
Touché, touché.
- What should I do then? - Your work.
We've got a small-scale dealer problem in the park.
Hey Amanda, if you don't want me watching Sandro, why the hell are you telling me all this? Like I said before.
From now on we have to tell each other everything.
No, no, no.
You want to see if I am going to tell Sandro that you are going to watch his bar while you are busy monitoring his life.
That's another option.
Go to work.
Let's see how many bad guys you put jail.
Grandpa? Grandpa? Come on, please.
They They have it more guarded than the other flat.
I would guess they were warned.
It won't be as easy as last time.
But we can't break in before knowing what we might find inside.
I'll go in to buy and take a look.
Are you sure? Check for more exits.
Cameras, locked doors, how many men they have.
Anything you see.
Understood, my captain.
What's wrong? Can I borrow 20 euros? - Here we go.
- I'm broke.
Take it.
- It's too new.
- But that's That's all I got.
People who come here don't get money from ATMs.
But I'll manage.
- Hey.
Are you coming in? - Yeah, yeah.
Then go.
Lots of customers.
This place does good business, huh? You started the wrong business when you opened the bar.
Here he comes.
Twenty euros goes quick in there.
When people buy coffee, they spend the whole morning at the table.
Someone's gonna be happy.
It looks like a fucking mall at Christmas.
- What's up? What's he doing? - He's trying to hear something.
Th-th-that guy.
That guy what? F-f-follow him, he's grabbing drugs.
We'll find out where they keep them.
You should have said sooner.
Start the car, we're losing him.
Every week we have been receiving a dozen complaints about kids dealing in Entrevías park.
The leader of the gang is Ahmed Khalil, alias Loco.
I want him caught in the act.
Understood? Sub-inspector Fandiño will lead the operation.
Chief Inspector, with all due respect, seven police officers with hairy balls, or whatever they have in their pants, to arrest a child selling some hash? - Seven officers? - Look, Ezequiel, we've tried to catch him many times already.
But the park is open and the kids are fast.
And quite honestly, you don't look like Usain Bolt.
We need more cops to trap them.
Time to go, fellas.
What is the plan? Alfredo, we're gonna do the following.
Go have a cup of coffee.
But very calmly.
Okay? That is all.
You know this joint? See that guy by the door? I know him.
He works with Sandro.
It's clear this place is his.
Then we better go in and see what the fuck's going on in there, hadn't we? Maybe we could see if there is another entrance.
Make a distraction in front.
Wait for the goons to come out.
Sneak in from the rear.
How about we wait for the bar to open and go in for a drink like a normal person? Yeah, that's better.
Long time since I've been on the other side of the bar.
You ready? How about a spin on the dance floor? I guess I'll have to dance.
DANCE HALL Same as before? Just give me 50, right? Yeah, you know.
Cops! Come on, get out of here! Get over, hurry! Loco! Get over here.
Don't make me run.
You know things don't end up great for you when I have to run.
Yo Ezequiel, what the fuck is going on? Your girlfriend.
I want to have a conversation with you about her.
What are you talking about? What's up with Nata? Your girlfriend, she's in quite the pickle.
Come over here.
Are we gonna shout like a couple of deaf women? Come here! If I wanted you arrested, I wouldn't be alone.
Come here, come on.
Good boy.
- Fuck! - Give me your hands! What are you doing? You wouldn't arrest me! Okay, okay, okay! What did I tell you, Loco? Never ever trust a police officer.
You stupid little kids, you are so naive.
You're very naive.
- Your hands.
Your hands, your hands! - Alright! Let's see.
What do we have here? Oh oh oh oh oh.
Very good.
You're under arrest, Loco.
Let's go.
- That's right, stay cool - Okay.
Stay cool.
Stay cool.
My love! How'd it go? Did you throw it away because you got the job? I hate this neighborhood, Mama.
No one wants to hire me.
No, my love, don't get discouraged.
It's the first day.
I know you will find something.
No, mama.
The moment they see me and I'm Latino, they close the door in my face, like I'm some worthless mutt.
That's just how it is.
People like me have no options.
There's only work as a thief or drug dealer.
Answer your phone, it could be a job.
Hello? Nelson, can you come over here please? - And your grandpa? - He's not here.
Come into the apartment from the back.
Come now please, I need to see you.
Okay, on my way.
Irene? In here.
What's up? Everyone knows about it.
What? What they did to me.
The guys in the neighborhood, the guys at school.
They know what happened.
Just look at what they're saying about me.
It's Holy shit.
Don't pay attention to them.
It doesn't matter what they think.
How am I supposed to go outside again? I won't be able to look anyone in the eye.
Listen to me, you have nothing to be ashamed of.
Nothing that happened to you that night is your fault.
Look at me.
We're together I'm right here with you and that's all that matters.
But how did they find out? We didn't report it.
I didn't even tell my mom.
It must have been them.
Those bastards They must have been bragging.
As if I hadn't suffered enough.
- Irene, you - Promise me when my grandpa leaves us alone, we'll be gone.
Just us, no more regrets.
I don't care.
You're all I have.
You better get out of here.
- Okay? - Okay.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
Good afternoon, neighbor.
Please ask the Latin orchestra if they wouldn't mind finishing up the concert.
And if I don't? Would you report me like last time? You're bleeding.
Men never seem to know how to put a Band-Aid.
- Come on, let me clean it up for you.
- No.
No, thank you.
Are you sure? I won't bite.
I want to talk to you.
You do? Come on in.
I suppose since your son's a thug, you have to be prepared for wounds.
No way I'm going to fall for it.
I know for people like you, immigrants might as well all be criminals.
At least in this neighborhood.
- Do I look like a criminal to you? - Can I answer you freely or will you keep rubbing into that cut? I've worked my entire life doing whatever I can to provide for my son.
And by "whatever" you mean squatting in a poor old lady's apartment? That's a great example for him.
Our problem isn't that we're foreigners.
It's that we don't have any money.
Our kids get in trouble because there's nothing here for them, no one gives them an opportunity.
Do you think someone's going to give my son a decent job in this neighborhood? And what exactly can I do when your son's got the word "criminal" on his forehead? I like you demanding him to be good and act respectfully but you've got to do a whole lot more than that.
And now you're going to charge me I bet.
How much do I owe you for the Band-Aid? A fortune? From what I can see your granddaughter doesn't want to work in a hardware store.
No, no, no.
My shop is called Abantos Hardware.
It's not called "Save the Panchito.
" Just give him a chance, Tirso.
You're not gonna regret it.
Of course I'll regret it when things just start disappearing.
I'm sorry, but I won't.
You're so full of yourself! And it's a disgrace.
Yes, I'm a demon.
Can't you smell all the sulfur? Thanks for the Band-Aid.
You don't give a shit about anyone, do you? You don't give a shit if my son ends up on the street! If Irene suffers.
Or if your son goes hungry.
Excuse me, but the only people starving in this neighborhood are you people.
Really? Is that right? Guess who I saw this morning in the food bank line at the parish.
Your son.
That's bullshit.
- He goes to mass.
- Sure.
To pray to Saint Garbanzo.
What's wrong? Too proud a father to know his kids can't even feed their own mounts? Take your lies and your bandage.
And stick them up your Panchito fucking ass.
What's going on? Do you have any dressed clothes to fit me? For the club tonight.
All I got is from my first communion.
Well, me too.
But why don't we go take a look? Hmm.
Come in.
Are you going to a costume party? I-I-I am going out to the club.
Take that off, come on.
Put your T-shirt on with this.
What's wrong? Is that scar from Bosnia? Your grandpa told you about it? Can I touch it? Hmm.
It must have been so painful.
It still hurts.
The bullet hit very close to the spine.
So you used drugs 'cause it hurts? The worst pain isn't physical.
It's been two hours to choose a shirt.
What do you say? She says that I am better off without it.
Even worse.
Two hours and you're wearing the same thing? Come on, I'll get you shoes.
Why are you standing there? - Where's Inspector Fandiño? - Ezequiel? He left earlier.
The operation? I don't know.
Fucking bastard.
A real bastard.
But here is what you were looking for.
Anything else, Chief Inspector? We could always send a group of six to eight agents, to go down to the Chinese restaurant and get us something to eat? Or how about this? I join you staking out that location we both know about.
Thank you very much, Ezequiel, but I also work better alone.
Take this.
- We need to talk.
There's something I want to tell you.
I need to see you.
My grandpa's here.
I'll have to see you tomorrow, okay? Okay.
Uh, all right.
Just the two of you? Okay.
You look nervous.
Are you nervous? Don't worry, we're customers.
We've come to dance and drink.
The usual.
- The important thing is to act natural.
- But we're sticking out like sore thumbs.
Because we're Spaniards or because we're dressed tastefully? No.
Because we could be their grandparents.
- Age is an attitude.
- Okay.
Good evening.
We're full.
Please step back.
What do you mean, full? You just opened.
Okay, okay, I guess we wait.
We wait.
Am I right? It's fine.
Hey, didn't you say it was full? Then what's this? They don't count? Tacky people don't take up any space? Hey moron, I'm talking to you! Cut the earpiece! It's a private party.
And you 're not coming in because I say so.
- Ah.
- Is that clear? - Get out of here.
- Hey, he touched me.
- Pepe, Pepe, Pepe.
- He touched me.
Touch me again there, tough guy! Touch me! - Pepe! - I swear to you, you'll regret it.
You're messing with war veterans.
Make no mistake.
- I told you, get out of here.
- Don't touch me, I said! Or I'll rip your head off! What? What do you want? Come here, if you got balls! - What do you want? - Easy! What do you want? I'll rip your head off! Assholes.
You heard me! You are a bunch of assholes.
- And all of you standing in line.
- Shh, Pepe.
- You were right this morning.
- Fuck.
- Yes, you were.
- Let go.
We should have a bomb and then we fucking break in.
- It's occupied.
- Cover yourself.
I'll be down at the store.
You know why I don't mind being seen like this? Because you're an old man who doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks? Because our wounds, they tell everyone that we've lived.
That we have survived.
That we're strong.
So, Loco.
I know you're sick of hearing this.
"You're released pending trial.
" See you, bucko.
- What's up? - How are you? Fine, and you? Good.
Hold on, be right back.
I won't be long.
What's your problem? I can't solve sudoku.
It stimulates the mind too much.
Sandro smuggles heroin, cocaine.
- He does whatever the fuck he wants.
- Hey, shh! And then you come after us? Do you know those pellets of hashish, they come out of the asses of drug mules? - Did you already know about that? - Are you bullshitting? You're saying this person has humiliated you, insulted you, and you don't go after him? It's just that it's much easier to go after you, Nata.
You're a bunch of suckers.
Sandro's playing a whole other game.
What if the suckers propose something? Let's make a deal.
You bring the cream and I'll bring the berries? Get going and let me play.
We're going to serve him up to you on a silver platter.
We're going to find what you need to put him in jail.
Let's pretend for a minute.
You serve him to me on a silver platter.
What will you ask for in return? I know very well you're the owner of Entrevías.
You helped Sandro rise up.
And you can dump him and replace him with whoever you want.
I thought of putting Loco in, but we all know there's a problem with him.
He needs a geographical map to find his own pecker.
Well, I can find it with my eyes closed.
You're very smart, Nata.
Smart enough to memorize the maps.
Is that a no? You know, here's the way things usually work The police are the ones who choose our sources.
It's not the sources who choose the police.
Your sudoku is bullshit.
What is it? What did you have to tell me that's so urgent? How much does that yellow miser you have for a boss pay you? It doesn't matter.
It does if they exploit my son.
Those Chinese may work all day long for a plate of food.
But in my country, people deserve a living wage.
Your neighbor already came to talk to you, huh? What on earth were you thinking being seen outside a place like that? An Abantos standing in line to beg for food! What should I do if I can't make ends meet? You reach out to your family.
Jimena could have a pig roast using dollar bills for fire.
Jimena's already giving me money I can't pay back, papa.
And the divorce settlement? The money is Iván's.
Your sister's getting divorced, you're on the streets begging, no one tells me anything? Telling you our problems isn't exactly the easiest road.
I'm not as good a consultant as Christina, but you should talk to me before you do anything.
- You're not what? - Never mind.
How much do you need? No, papa.
Forget it.
I'm not going to let my son stand in line out in the middle of the street to get two kilos of rice.
Will 200 be enough? No.
I don't want your help.
I only want what's mine.
You want to sell my place? Half is Jimena's and mine.
The other half is not.
And then what? You kick me out? I leave the block? And you keep the hardware store, is that it? I could make this store function.
I've got ideas.
Ideas, you? Unbelievable.
You expect me to throw my life away because my idiot son never learned a thing about how to manage his? No! If you loved me, you'd do it.
This is all you're getting from me.
Take it and get out.
Go on.
Get out! Nelson.
How are you feeling? Better.
Much better.
Do you know if everyone's hanging out tonight? I 'm guessing they'll be in the park as usual.
Why? Let's join in.
What? But yesterday you said you couldn't look them in the eyes.
I'm not going to stay here and feel bad about myself.
I won't give them the pleasure.
I'm an Abantos.
You don't have to face anyone.
There's nothing to prove.
I don't give a shit about them.
This is for me.
I don't plan to live in fear anymore.
I won't.
- Okay? - Well, I live in fear.
Guess who scares me? Your grandpa.
I never even thought of that.
Those fucking bigots.
That's what those Panchitos are, I tell you.
I can't go into a bar on Spanish ground? - Please, come on.
- Shh, shh, shh.
You made a big scene.
I made a big scene after they wouldn't let us in.
Tonight we have to go back.
Us three.
And we've got to act cocky, so they let us in.
Everyone knows the best way to convince a bouncer is to ask cocky around him, obviously.
We can't just barge in there like The Three Tenors.
We're going to stand out.
I don't see why.
First thing our age, second our attitude A-A-And our style doesn't help us either.
What's wrong with our style? Aren't the '90s coming back? And also, the junkie tracksuits.
We need to think of another strategy to get in.
And you just happened to have one, right? I know someone who might be able to get me in without arousing suspicion.
But asking her for help will be as pleasant as a kick to the nuts.
If you're looking for my thuggish, begging son, he's not here.
I've come for you.
I'll be quick.
Guys have told me that before.
I've come to ask you out.
- Excuse me? - Yes, out.
Go out partying.
Drinking, dancing.
Wait, I need to pull it together.
You're trying to flirt with me? Unbelievable.
You insult me, insult my son, report us to the police you are quite the catch.
I'm not flirting with anyone.
Yesterday I was a little rude and you were right about my son.
Hungry people run in every family, you know? I'm attempting to be nice, but obviously you don't get a shit.
You're nice? You being diagnosed with cancer or something? Maybe I'm not as bad or as racist as you think.
Maybe you're the one who's prejudiced.
Well, where do you think we should go? To your buddy's bar? To see a bullfight? There's a place you might know named La Rosa.
I thought maybe that would be up your alley.
Yes, I like it a lot.
In fact, I go there often.
But it'd be the last place on Earth I would go with you.
Okay, as you wish.
I thought it would be a good spot to give you the news and celebrate.
Celebrate what? That I've decided to offer Nelson a job.
Are you serious right now? He's hiding in there, right? Tell him to come over and we will discuss all the conditions.
No, no.
Just save your gratitude.
No need for that.
You will not regret it.
And yes, I'd love to go celebrate.
But you're buying all the drinks.
I don't have a single penny to my name.
I'll get dressed.
Downstairs in a half hour? - Mm - One hour? I'll come get you.
Are you there? Don't touch it.
You could lose your hand if you drop one.
I don't think it weighs all that much.
You'd lose it because it'd cut it off.
If you want to work, you're gonna work very hard.
No mistakes happen in this store.
And you won't get paid a single euro until you learn all the rules.
What? Come on.
You can't pay me anything? With that attitude, you're going to pay.
Pay a visit to the hospital.
Come on, you'll spend many hours here.
Even one nail goes missing, I will fire you and throw you through that window.
This is a preliminary test.
You think you can pass it? - Of course I can.
You'll see.
- Mm.
And please stop seeing my granddaughter behind my back.
I'm not a moron.
I smelled her perfume as soon as you walked through that door.
Don't you ever lie to me again.
And from now on, you'll also have to look after my granddaughter.
You said you had changed.
Prove it to me.
She needs protection.
Anything happens to her, you come and tell me.
Yeah Yes, sir.
Then I'll see you tomorrow.
Get here at 7:00 in the morning.
Perfect, at seven o'clock.
I'll nail it.
Now go upstairs and take care of my granddaughter.
Seriously? Yes, I'm going out tonight.
What? Are you going out for drinks with friends? No, with your mother.
There's no need to be so rude.
I'm not.
I'm going out tonight with your mother.
Give these to Irene.
Be careful what exactly you do up there.
Watch the TV, play some Parcheesi, but if I smell that you have done something more My dick's cut off.
A quick learner.
That's very good.
Come in.
Nelson? How did you get in? - My grandpa's at the store.
- Don't worry.
He gave me the keys.
He also gave me a very important mission.
- To take care of you tonight.
- What? He's going out for drinks with my mother.
What? You're kidding.
And best of all, guess what? I'm going to work with him at the hardware store.
Well, I guess it's official.
He's lost his mind.
At least we can be out together without having to hide.
- I'm gonna change.
Be back soon, okay? - Okay.
I'll take her out ♪ Please tell her come on, now ♪ I want to ride the tsunami ♪ She says you're not big enough ♪ Idiot, put the screen down You never shut up ♪ Talking about everyone else ♪ You're walled in with problems And always fail ♪ You can't find your own shadow And that's why you cry ♪ You can go to hell My vampires eat garlic ♪ I'm here breaking shortcuts And you're just a dishrag ♪ So stay down ♪ You look great.
For you.
Let's go.
Hey, you don't even want to talk to me? If you want to talk, talk.
I don't have to entertain anyone.
Or maybe what you need is a cheerleader? Oof, this is going to take a lot of booze.
And this is going to cost me a lot of money.
- Pepe.
- Look to your right.
On the corner.
We're watching you.
Why are you hiding there? You're like two homos skulking in the dark You thought we were going to let you do it alone? We have your back, captain.
I'm just going to go in and take a look.
I'll be out soon.
- Hey! Come on! - Gotta go, I'll call you.
This is Tirso.
He's a bit of a grouch, but he's going to buy me some drinks.
This is quite a woman you have here, Tirso.
Come on, asshole, enjoy.
Come on.
Gladys What's up? Whoo! Robert, it's been a long time, boy! See you later! Whoo-hoo! Three points.
Talk to me, boss.
I'm at La Rosa.
Can you guess who I just saw go inside? Jesus Christ, risen from the dead? Our friend Tirso Abantos.
Come on, I don't think so.
I can't see Tirso Abantos dancing bachata with a woman in his arms.
Amanda, will you excuse me? I've got a bit of a mess.
I'll call you later.
Hardware man, I'm gonna kill you.
All right! Yeah! - You like it? - No.
I've been in stables that smell better.
Of course, that's what happens.
People sweat when they go dance and have fun.
If I wanted to see mating rituals, I'd rather see them in documentaries.
That makes sense.
The only mating you ever see is on your TV.
Okay, you said you would buy me drinks.
Come on, I want one.
A good one.
Excuse me, miss.
I'll have a whiskey and she will be having One moment, handsome.
- Mila! - Hey, girl! - Hey, my love.
- Hey, honey.
Babe, you look hot.
So hot.
- I do try.
- I love it! Hey, know what? Give us some Zodiacs instead.
With a good amount of booze.
You'll love it.
It's the specialty of the house.
So good.
What the hell is this? All it needs is some glitter.
They're amazing.
I love them because they remind me of what I used to drink in Varadero when I was about 20 years old.
That was the best time of my life.
It reminds me of when I was forced to drink donkey piss when I was in the military.
Has anyone ever told you you're sort of a nice man? Deep, deep down.
Come on, let's go dance.
You go on ahead.
I'll join you in a little bit.
- Okay - Later Mila, keep this for me, cutie.
I'll see you later.
See you.
Bulletproof vests Scissor kick like Dybala ♪ Alright.
Hey, you sure about this? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Okay, come on.
Let's go.
They're all here.
Hello, girls.
- Hey, fellas.
- Hey.
Everybody good? - What's up, bro? - What's up? Good to see you.
You okay? Hey, what's up? Hey, look at me.
Okay? We can go back to the apartment and watch a movie.
No problem.
You okay? - Yeah.
- Well, come on then.
- Irene, girl! You're here! - Look.
- Sweetie! - Hey, fellas.
I missed you.
How are you? - Good, good - It's been a while.
- How are you? - Good.
- A lot of people here.
- Of course.
Let's go.
Come on! Isn't that the guy we followed yesterday? The dealer? - It, it, it - It's him.
- It's him.
It's him.
It's him, damn it.
That dealer just arrived.
He's going in.
Okay, you owe Mila for four drinks.
You have to go pay her.
- Did you hear me? - I'm glad you're having fun.
I wanted to thank you for everything you're doing for me.
- You mentioned that already.
- But seriously I want to thank you.
No one's ever done something like this for us.
You're a really good person.
You know that? Or maybe you've had too much to drink so far.
Oh! Hey! I just adore this! My song! Let's go dance.
Come on! Come on, man.
Move those hips! - I have to go to the bathroom.
- Again? It's my prostate.
Tirso, what's up? I think I know where they're keeping the drugs.
There's a locked door at the back.
The drug delivery guy just went in.
I can wait for him to come out and keep the door open until you guys go in.
But we have to do it right away.
Are you ready? I never leave home without my shotgun.
You know I brought the masks.
As soon as the dealer comes out, I'll let you know.
Get past the doorman and enter with all your stuff.
Go to the back of the bar to the right.
That's the locked door.
There are two more thugs.
- But I think they may be unarmed.
- Understood.
On your signal, we go in with a full charge, captain.
What are you doing here? Why are you standing near the toilets? It's very noisy.
It's called music, honey.
- Come on, let's go.
- No, not now, Gladys.
What's wrong? Why did you even want to come here? You don't like the music, you don't like the dancing, or the cocktails, and you clearly don't even like the company.
I got you out of the house and I'm paying for your drinks.
What else do you want? For you to relax and behave like someone normal.
In this type of joint, it's normal to talk like Cantinflas and rub the genitals of the person next to you as if you were a puppy in heat.
I'm sorry, but I'm not like you people.
No, you're not.
You're an asshole.
Who asked you to bring me here? You're the one who asked me out.
And you decided to come to this place.
Well, that clearly wasn't a good idea, so find someone else.
Shake your butt and I'm sure you'll find someone to grind their crotch on you.
Mila! Mila! Can I have my things? I have to go.
What happened? Amanda.
Hey, handsome.
Come here, come here.
You want to make an easy 50 euros? It's a good deal.
Come on, take the money.
See that car on the corner? There's a chick inside.
Go over and mess around for a while.
On the car's hood.
Okay? Go on.
What's up with you messing with my girlfriend? What the hell? Watch out! Get out of here, assholes! Yo.
What are you doing? What's wrong with you? - She came onto me! - You're trying to fuck her! Yes, she did! Bullshit, man.
I can't believe this.
What are you doing? - What? - Go home, little punk.
Beat it.
Get the hell out of here.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Willy, let me in.
- Ezequiel, I can do that's.
- Please don't do this now, Willy.
I need to arrest a woman in there, and I need to arrest her now.
I told you, beat it.
Okay, as you wish, you little fish.
It's Ezequiel, send two patrol cars to La Rosa.
Have them vacate the place and arrest Willy the doorman.
Wait a minute.
Gonna let me in? That's a yes.
Cancel that.
I'll call the police if you don't get off my fucking car.
Get lost, dickhead.
It would be good for you.
I haven't seen you in so long.
I have so much to tell you.
What's up, man? - What's going on? - Hey, I'm going to get drinks.
How are you doing? Good, and you? Good.
I'm so glad to see you here, after all that happened.
But I don't really want to talk about it.
No, no, of course.
But I'm really glad to see you doing well.
When Nelson told me what went down, I was devastated.
Nelson? Nelson told you? Yeah, I guess he needed to vent.
It really affected him.
You take care, okay? What's up? Are you okay? It was you? You told Nata what happened to me that night? Irene, I'm sorry.
I really didn't mean to.
Now everyone knows about it! Nobody will treat me the same.
They won't look at me.
All because of you, Nelson! Look, I never thought this would happen.
I swear to you.
- Irene, forgive me - Don't touch me! Don't touch me! Irene, are you okay? I'm sure she enjoyed it.
- Oh, shit! - Whoa, whoa.
- Stop looking at me! - What the fuck? I won't to tell you twice! Irene, what are you doing? Put that down.
Stop judging me! - Irene - Don't talk to me! Irene! Leave me alone! Fuck this! Irene! Yes, Tirso.
Talk to me.
The dealer is just about to Put that little knife away before you cut your balls off, Tirso.
- Tirso? - What happened? What happened? He got cut off.
What the fuck do you think you're doing here? - Take it easy.
- Wait, what are you doing? Let go of me! Drop it, Tirso.
The Chief Inspector is just across the street watching this place.
You're in the middle of a police operation.
Of course, what the hell am I gonna tell the geriatric Green Beret that he doesn't know already? Come on, police operation? Shut up.
Shut up, Tirso.
Calm down.
God dammit.
Let's get you out of here without the Chief Inspector catching you.
Hey, women.
My cousin here wants to ask you a favor, and he's got a 100 euros.
Right, cousin? Cousin, right? - Where do we go? - The wedding's that way, baby On the left.
The bride, the bride! The bride, the bride! The bride, the bride! Whoo-hoo! Long live the bride! Long live the bride! Tirso, the life of the Top Model is tough stuff.
Pay them what you owe them.
Fifty euros will have to do.
Get out of here.
Come on.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Well done.
You're enjoying all this, aren't you? That bride is really cool No Tirso, I'm definitely not enjoying this.
Why did you bring me here? Are you going to get romantic with me? Very romantic, Tirso.
You were very cute with that wig.
Yeah, bubblegum pink has always been my color.
You were very lucky today, Tirso.
Why? Because I ended up with you here in a dark place under the stars? I disagree.
Next time you try that alone, you're not gonna be so fucking lucky because I won't be here to save your ass.
I didn't ask for your help.
I know.
Tirso, we don't need to be best friends.
I'm not interested in anyone liking me.
I need you to destroy that fucking King Kong, fucking Sandro.
I will set the targets.
You take care of fucking blowing them up, which we all know you're really good at.
It's simple.
It's the right thing to do, Tirso.
And no one ever will be able to link us together.
What do you say? We were bad The kids heard shots in the street ♪ That's why we learn the hard way ♪ Okay? Okay.
We were bad The kids heard shots in the street ♪ That's why we learn the hard way ♪ The hard way, oh ♪ The world is very big And Entrevías isn't small ♪ There are hungry kids ♪ Who still have dreams ♪ Who still have dreams ♪ IN THE NEXT EPISODE - What's going on? - Who was it? I didn't see, it was dark.
They tried to beat me up.
I'm glad you were there.
Lucky you, we're having a tropical party.
We're short on waitresses.
You know you could tell super interesting things to anyone, right? Your boss would love to know what's behind that door.
It's an entire drug lab.
I'm begging for you to help me.
You don't care what happens to me.
Do you have oxycodone? The money, no deals.
This is Alicia Solano's son.
The legitimate owner of the apartment.
We're here to inform you we're suing for eviction.
You know when they'll get me out of here? When I'm pushing up daisies.
I want to work here.
I want to see Irene again.
So I am going to, no matter what.
Why'd you do that? Because you know my business affairs so if someone from your station wanted to take a shit on my face, I can be sure it was you and then it's goodbye.
I saw Sandro.
I tailed him.
He went to a house in Las Ventillas.
When he arrived with a duffel bag, they got nervous.
He had drugs.
We have to go in now.
It's the best option.
What do you think you're doing?
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