Wrong Side of the Tracks (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

He who steals from a thief...

Bye, handsome.
That's the one.
Come on, let's do this.
[tense music.]
- What's going on? Don't hurt me! - [Loko.]
Hey, quiet.
[yells and cries.]
- Hey, stop! Leave her alone! - [screaming.]
- Easy, are you alright? - [crying.]
- They broke my finger.
- I'll take you to the hospital, okay? - Can you walk? - Yeah.
Motherfuckers! - They broke my finger.
- [man.]
What's going on over there? - They stole my purse.
- [man.]
I'm calling the police.
- Easy, okay? Everything's all right.
- [Mila cries.]
[knocking at the door.]
Irene, it's late.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Good morning.
I didn't hear you scream last night.
Or did I have too much to drink? No, I slept fine.
I was out like a light.
Why is that? Not sure.
Is there any bread? - There.
- Mm-hm.
What is it? I've been waiting at the hardware store forever.
You told me we would meet at seven o'clock this morning.
No, I told you to be there at seven o'clock this morning.
Nine is when we open.
Then why did you make me wake up at six o'clock? Because I don't like waiting around.
First rule when you're starting a new job somewhere: - Be sure to learn the hours.
- [Nelson.]
- Is Irene here? - Yes.
- May I come in and speak with her? - No.
- Irene.
- [Irene.]
- Are you okay? - [Irene.]
You weren't answering your phone, I was worried about you.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I had too much to drink and I wanted to apologize.
I feel terrible about telling Nata what happened to you.
If I could go back in time I would.
No, I should apologize to you.
I just went crazy.
I thought I was ready to face everybody, but I wasn't.
No, no.
What difference do they make? All that really matters is that you're safe.
I was afraid that you would never forgive me.
Of course I would, Nelson.
Let your grandpa know I'll be waiting till it's time to open the store.
That's right, it's your first day.
- Good luck.
- [Nelson.]
- I love you.
- [Irene.]
I love you.
- Bye.
- [Irene.]
[door closes.]
Nelson's waiting at home, so let him know when you go down, okay? So you went out drinking? Were you listening to us? What's your problem? My problem is that I have two ears.
Who gave you permission to go out partying last night? Grandpa, give it a rest.
[in Spanish.]
What is it, my love? The night has come to an end ♪ There are whims that draw us apart ♪ It's hard to say, but I see in you ♪ [doorbell.]
- [doorbell.]
- [music stops.]
Hey, next time you want to get my attention maybe bring a battering ram.
- I want to speak to your son.
- Well, that's up to me.
You'd better get lost or else I'll slap you again like last night.
- We getting to the hardware store? - Never mind the hardware store.
Forget the whole deal.
Wait just a minute.
Are you firing my son from the job already because I slapped you last night? No, he hasn't been fired.
Good, I was worried for a minute.
You're not getting fired because you never worked for me.
You've screwed up before you started, idiot.
Back it up.
Explain to me how he's fired before he starts? He was supposed to take care of my granddaughter.
Instead this asshole took her out to go drinking.
They were drinking? - Yes.
- Oh! Why would you take a 17 year old girl to go drink with all of her friends? Bad little delinquent.
Are you trying to be sarcastic? Because you're definitely pissing me off.
I don't know how it was when you were 17 years old, if you were sitting around on your butt or were busy playing military, but when you're normal, like these two are, they like to go out with their buddies, you know? Not Irene.
You know she's not well.
Okay, and a grandpa who's psychopathic will certainly help.
She'll be so much better off, so much better.
It doesn't matter to me what you think of my rules.
They're my rules, and the only thing he had to do last night was follow those rules.
And he couldn't do it.
So you lost your job with me and no more visiting Irene.
And all because a girl went drinking with her friends.
The devil's invention, right? Sodom and Gomorrah! [exhaling sharply.]
Are you an imbecile? Why would you take Irene out drinking? But you just stood up for me.
That bastard is a bully, but he gave you a chance.
And for people like us it's rare we get one.
And for once you get one, you go out and screw it up.
- What can I do? It's done.
- Apologize to him now.
What? You crazy? That guy's a maniac, I'm not going to go begging.
You think I want to be sweeping out doorways? Do you want to see Irene? Do you want to earn money? Stop believing the only important thing in life is your little ego.
Oh, yeah? Because you just pissed him off.
That's right, because I'm your mother and I'm allowed, period.
WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS [train rattles on tracks.]
[horn honking.]
- [Sandro.]
Well, well, well, well.
- [Latin music.]
You've got some balls to laugh at what I had for breakfast.
You need a nutritionist, kiddo.
Go ahead, take some man.
I know the garbage you like to eat.
[horn honking.]
The other night, why the hell were you in my joint? It was Saturday, Sandro.
I was looking for some action.
Yeah, except you didn't pay to fuck anyone.
And you told my doorman you were going to arrest I don't know who, but you didn't do shit, and now my balls hurt because I wanna know what you were doing in my joint.
You aren't trying to fuck me in the ass, are you? Like I'd bother trying to fuck that planet you call an ass.
- What do you want, Sandro? - Come here.
What do you want? Let me just say, I've been giving it some thought.
Those clowns I have on payroll at the police station aren't my best option for protection.
So I'm back to trusting you, what do you think? I think you just forgot what worked before is always best.
Don't rush into so many new things, Sandro.
Which is exactly what you're doing.
Right, and because you know my business affairs.
A whole lot better than you should.
Not everything, but you know a lot.
So if someone from your station wanted to take shit on my face, I can be sure it was you [whistles.]
and then it's goodbye.
What? I can't hear you.
Don't have any funny jokes for me? Are you deaf? You just made it clear as day you're prepared to kill me.
Your death is not fucking funny.
A day comes when each of us must die.
When it does, you can be sure that it's not fucking funny.
- [tense music.]
- [car starts.]
Let's go! [car drives off.]
[Tirso sighs.]
You win.
I didn't know we were playing a game.
I'm sorry.
I screwed up and I wanna make up for it.
And why don't you beg God to be a millionaire? - While you're asking for the impossible - [Nelson sighs.]
This is hard for me to say twice.
But okay.
I am sorry.
I love Irene and I'll do anything to be with her.
It's crazy how clueless you are.
Irene is not for you.
Like it or not, Irene loves me.
And I love her.
I think it's time for you to accept that.
You are just a young boy.
To Irene, all that matters is that you're handsome.
And she thinks you are.
Maybe those Chinese eyes don't open wide enough.
But people grow up.
And when that happens, she'll see you for who you really are.
And she will forget you.
You should start to accept that.
No she won't.
Yes she will.
And she will study.
She will achieve her dreams.
You, however, carry Entrevías in your veins.
You'll stay here, get into trouble.
You'll sell drugs, you'll do the drugs.
Rob people for more drugs and go to jail.
Same old story.
You're a motherfucker.
A bastard racist piece of shit.
Irene and I are going to live our lives together.
The only way my granddaughter winds up with you is if she demeans herself by stooping to your level and I sure as hell am not about to allow that.
[clinking and rattling.]
You want to hit me? Of course.
That's typical of thugs like you.
The neighborhood is in your veins.
I am not going.
I want to work here.
I want to see Irene.
I'm going to no matter what.
Then why do you think I'll let you? It's easy to tell me I can't change if you don't give me the opportunity.
So you want an opportunity? Coming down? Or do you want me to carry you in my arms? [sighs.]
In these boxes are various screws, nuts and bolts.
It's been a mess for a while, and I can't stand that.
I want them all in here, organized by both type and size, from biggest to smallest.
It's a miserable job, but it's yours.
If I do it, I can stay? Just be sure not to touch anything other than nuts, bolts or screws.
Or you'll cut my balls of.
- [metallic clinking.]
- [sighs.]
[Latin music.]
Who was it? - I wanna know who the fuck did this.
- They weren't from around here.
I didn't see them.
It was so dark.
They tried to beat me up.
I'm just glad you were there.
Like a guardian angel.
Lucky you, we're having a tropical party here.
We're short on waitresses.
That's why I wanted you to meet Nata.
I'm in between jobs at the moment and could use the work.
You have experience behind a bar? More in front, but I learn fast.
And I need the paycheck.
Be here at eight and you can help us out.
Thanks, boss.
Good morning, I work for the realtor.
O, really? I'm not buying houses, so no thanks.
No, we're not here to sell you a property.
This is Alicia Solano's son.
The legitimate owner of this place.
Ah, oh, I see.
We're here to inform you we're suing for eviction.
Suing me? In a few days, someone will come to this residence to serve the papers for the lawsuit.
From that moment you'll have five working days to leave this apartment, or we will proceed to foreclose.
Excuse me, what did you say? We'll kick you out.
Kick us out? But we're here because my client will compromise and drop the suit if you leave right away and pay for all the damages you've caused here.
No, but what damages? The place is much more beautiful than it was before.
Look, I'm sure we can come to some agreement.
I'm not able to pay the rent now.
But in a month it's possible I'll have a little more saved up and then I assure you Either leave the apartment now or they are gonna make you.
You decide.
Give me a minute I'm staying.
[emotive music.]
[classical music.]
[music stops.]
You said I could leave whenever I wanted to.
I know.
But not anymore, and you know perfectly well why.
Can you turn the music back on? This morning you mentioned that I didn't scream in my sleep last night.
Did you ever think it was because I was with Nelson? With Nelson, or because you consumed four or five drinks perchance? I need to see him.
He's the only person who makes me feel good.
He makes me forget.
He has helped me to put my life back together.
My old life.
I need him.
And I need to you put the music back on.
I'm not interested in your music.
I need you to listen to me for once in your life.
In here, I'm suffocating.
You can open the kitchen window.
Lets in a nice breeze.
I'm telling you what's happening and I'm begging for you to help me and you don't give a shit.
You don't care what happens to me.
You're a bastard.
Sure, I am a monster.
I would roar, but I have a sore throat.
You won't be able to separate me from Nelson.
You just won't.
Could you get the door? Or are you too spiteful and not up to it? Ah, right, you don't have the keys.
I didn't know you were coming.
Hey, papa.
Alicia's son had asked me to accompany him.
We made sure those squatters knew that if they don't scram, we'll have them evicted.
Honey, what is it? I hate you.
I'm getting out of here.
Did I miss something? - [door slams.]
- No.
Since she's been with the panchito, her life's become a soap opera.
You want coffee? [beeping.]
Hello, it's Nelson.
I'm busy doing something, but leave a message.
- [knocking.]
- Nelson? - [knocking.]
- Nelson.
It's a routine surgery, mom.
Calm down, you'll be fine.
Hey mom, I gotta run.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Love you.
Angry face.
How's it going? Today, fucking great.
We've had three armed robberies, a fight between transients, I've got four officers out sick, my mother called me crying because she's having an operation to remove a bunion.
How's the surveillance on La Rosa going? I ended it.
- No shit.
- [Amanda.]
I know of a much better way of finding drugs there.
No shit.
Despite everything, it wasn't only bad news.
I had a little gift that fell into my lap.
May I ask what is the wrapping of this little gift that has fallen into your lap? No, I won't tell.
No, you don't want to tell me? - I can't.
- You can't, or you won't? I can't and won't.
Why is it so bad that I want to know that you have a confidant, a little ear close to Sandro that can tell you many things? If it's one of Sandro's thugs, watch out, all right? They make lousy confidants.
I know, Ezequiel.
I've been doing this a while.
Is it the cleaning lady? The accountant? A waitress perhaps? - Stop it.
- A little nervous, are you? - I ask all the right questions.
- I'm making this prediction.
If all goes well, mark my words, we'll know if Sandro's got a drug laboratory going.
And then we'll go after him.
The only ones who know are me and you.
The life of this person depends on this not leaving this office, clear? Completely.
[classical music.]
[music stops.]
Now it's becoming annoying, Irene.
What is it that's bothering you? What do you want? To study.
Is that so bad? So turn on my music, go study and leave me alone to read.
Here? With the music playing at full volume through these paper thin walls here? Okay.
Just tell me what it is you're trying to tell.
You want to go where? To the library.
Grandpa, I need to get out of here.
Will you please just let me go.
I can't remember the last time I touched a book.
And I need some help, I think.
My friend Clara will help me study.
Clara? Yes, a girlfriend, from here.
The neighborhood? Is she a friend of Nelson's? No, she's Spanish, alright? She has just one tattoo.
She gets good grades.
She fulfills none of your biases grandpa.
Is she from Murcia - Huh? - Never mind.
Well then.
Let's go to the library, shall we? Are you serious? You're coming? I'll drive.
Or do you prefer to walk, maybe get some exercise? No.
I'll go get my books and stuff.
[inhales deeply.]
To the library.
I'll call you when I'm done.
Relax, we'll be riding back together.
You're coming into the library? It's never too late to learn something new.
I bet they have a book somewhere on how to be a cool grandfather.
Good morning.
- Grandpa, don't embarrass me.
- Shh! [whispers.]
So where is your friend? There.
Go ahead over.
I'll make do here.
Seriously, Grandpa? What? You'd rather I sat down with you two ladies? What are you doing here? - It's ridiculous.
- [Clara.]
What? Let's study.
Girl, are you all right? I've been worried about what happened last night.
- Who the hell is that? - My grandpa.
You came here with your grandpa? Yeah, not by choice.
HISTORY 16th century.
So sorry.
Are you trying to tell me something, or are you just deflating? PLEASE DO NOT TALK Jesus, you're a real smartass, huh.
[keyboard clacking.]
Hey, smartass.
[keyboard clacking.]
Hey, imbecile, you're annoying people with your typing.
You ever wondered what a computer tastes like? Today you might find out.
Please sir, there are people studying in here.
What do you think I'm trying to do? The one making a commotion is that asshole there.
Just leave, would you please? [sighs.]
Give me a break.
I'll go because I want to.
Irene, I'm going outside for some air.
I'll be back for you.
Hm? Do you have ten euros I can borrow? Yeah.
What's it for? - There's something important I have to do.
- What if your grandpa comes back? - I don't know.
- Irene, what What an asshole.
[engine starts.]
[piano music.]
You want some hash? Do you have any oxycodone? They are small pills marked with an "O" and a "C".
I've never heard of them, but if you got money, I'll get you anything.
- I have ten euros.
- [laughs.]
Come on, get lost.
Tomorrow I'll bring 10 more.
And 20 after that.
I need them.
No money, no deals.
Please help me.
- Don't touch me.
- [guy.]
What's your problem? Leave her alone.
Nata, this isn't your business.
Yeah? You ever touch her again and I'll cut your hand off.
You got that? - What do you need, are you okay? - Nothing, thanks.
What did she want? [tense music.]
Ezequiel, can we meet up? You're busy? I don't give a shit.
Eight o'clock at the bar.
[approaching footsteps.]
Where is Irene? What? Where did my granddaughter go? Well, it's just I was so focused on this and I'm not sure.
What do you mean, you're not sure? Did she disappear like that? You think I'm an idiot? Ah Are you slow? I'm asking you where did my granddaughter go? What's going on? - Where have you been? - In the bathroom.
Am I not allowed in there either? Let's go.
Did you really just call her slow? Go on.
I need to go down to the hardware store real fast.
Is Nelson there? Because I could go down with you Good morning, neighbor.
What a coincidence to find you here.
There are no coincidences.
What do you want? I wanted to give you some of the sancocho I made.
I was wondering why the stair smelled like hospital piss.
Like hospital piss.
You're hilarious.
- Yeah.
- Please, please.
Take it.
I am sure your granddaughter will love it.
Yesterday, you slapped my face.
Earlier you insulted me and all of a sudden you're very neighborly? - What do you want? - [Gladys.]
That's it.
To be very neighborly.
Okay, okay.
I wanted to make a request.
I was wondering if you would just step in and help us so we don't get kicked out of the apartment.
Why would I do something like that? Because where would we go, Tirso? That has nothing to do with Alicia, and she's the owner.
But she doesn't want it.
She wants to sell it.
Maybe you're not the only one who's in need of a little cash.
What will I do? I don't know, but it's not Alicia's problem.
No, the problem is mine.
And nobody seems to give a shit about me.
Why do you suspect that I might? You're an asshole with no time for others.
Me? - Look, beautiful - You're calling me "beautiful"? It's a figure of speech Look, you Alicia and her husband spent their lives working to pay for that apartment.
They raised their kids in it.
They planned to leave it to them when they both passed away.
You got in for nothing.
You've slept in her bed and sold her things.
But that's all over now.
You're outta here.
Do you really think I want this? Sleeping in a stranger's home? Well, you don't seem to suffer much.
All the music makes it seem like a festival.
Well no, my life isn't a fucking festival.
I don't want this.
I want to make money, to pay my rent and to have an apartment.
But I'm not able.
And if the only way to sleep under a roof with my son is to be a squatter here, then I will.
You know when they'll kick me out of here? When I'm pushing up daisies, got it? Have you finished? Yeah, check it out if you want.
I think I'll be able to stay after organizing all these screws.
Took me all day to do this.
Right here, some of the M4 bolts are mixed up with the M5 bolts.
You sure? Let me see.
Well yeah, it's very similar to the M5 bolts.
All these little bolts are almost the same What the fuck? Are you crazy or something? What you've done here, is a half-assed job.
When I'm helping out a customer, I can't give him bolts of mixed sizes because a stupid panchito screwed up the one task he was asked to do.
And you couldn't just tell me to sort them without making a mess? I already told you to sort them once before.
I don't like repeating myself.
Holy shit, man.
You gonna cry about it? Are you gonna try to punch me? Or do you really want to work here and to see my granddaughter? [exhales sharply.]
That's what I thought.
I want it all done right.
This time, no errors.
[breathing heavily.]
[Latin music.]
This one's broken.
- Hey sweetie, how's it going? - Well, you? Good.
Get something cool for these kids, they're suffocating.
- Right? - Okay.
Tigre, come on.
- Can I help you sweetheart? - Oh, yes.
[door opens.]
[tense music.]
Oh, Tirso, Tirso, Tirso.
Today is a big mess.
Lots of rock and roll.
Whatever you dragged me here for better be important.
Let's just forget it then and go back to doing our own thing.
Okay, except you have a habit of burning down drug flats.
Talk to me.
- I saw Sandro and tailed him.
- [Ezequiel laughs.]
You're like the force of gravity.
You just don't quit.
He went to a house in Las Ventillas.
He entered with a black duffel bag, bulging, and he left without it.
Success, Tirso.
You made a great find.
You managed to discover the site where King Kong washes his gigantic underpants.
What are you on about? You uncovered the house of his mother, where he probably does laundry.
I'm not saying be CSI, but you gotta be better Tirso.
He must wear expensive underpants, because the place was under guard.
And when he arrived with the duffel bag, they got nervous.
I'm telling you he had drugs.
Are you saying what you saw was a daycare? Are you stupid or not listening? There were no children or washing machines.
I'm telling you the house is full of drugs.
Tirso, a "daycare" is what we police call a house where someone is storing drugs.
So what do we do? Watch him closely, look for his weak spots.
When you find them, go in after the heroin and torch the place.
That's kind of your thing, isn't it? I'm the one tailing Sandro, the one finding the objectives, doing the recon and going for the drugs.
What the hell are you doing? I make the jokes.
Someone has to make the jokes.
What an asshole.
[Latin music.]
Well, look what we have here.
Hey baby, a rum and coke, no lemon in it, no bullshit.
Right away.
Well, we meet again.
What's going on? Do we have another delinquent in here? It's you, who serves me drinks with hollow ice cubes.
Nothing worse than drinks with hollow ice cubes for 12 bucks, King Kong.
Does your snitch's salary not cover it? Thank God I have other income streams.
So you wanna keep fucking around or will you tell me what the fuck you're doing here? Lets keep fucking around.
Look, we, the security forces of the state, also shit, piss and sometimes like to enjoy a drink with hollow ice cubes.
You're a big deal.
I thought you wrote tickets for drunkards who sucked on your rifle at the station.
- What do you think? - [laughs.]
Another thing.
You've been staring at my waitresses' tits ever since you walked in here.
Is there a reason for that? King Kong, put them all in burlap and I'll stop looking at them.
You think you're a stag, but you need to relax a little bit.
Look at you, all bug-eyed.
You look depraved.
Well, what do we have here? Come here.
Vieni qua, vieni qua.
- Hello.
- I want to introduce you to my friend.
- This is Ezequiel.
- Ezequiel? - Yeah.
And you are? - Nata.
What a sweet name you have, Nata.
- Well, thank you.
- What do you think of her? Well, Ezequiel? You don't know, but Ezequiel is number one.
Ezequiel taught Chayanne everything she knows.
All of it.
- Will you teach me? - Of course.
- [Ezequiel.]
Right now.
- Ezequiel can teach you to dance.
- Sure, let's go.
- Buy her a drink, don't be a cheapskate.
- Papi.
- [laughs.]
You're like a fucking chicken.
You have to pick at everything, Nata.
You're a natural flirt with the ladies.
What the fuck do you think you're doing here? Just working, you know me.
- Dancing a little.
- Mmm.
Working as a police informant.
Being a police informant is maybe not a good idea.
If you don't investigate Sandro, someone else has to do.
Right, and you're the police informant.
Intern, is that it? Yes, it's been a day and I've investigated things that are super interesting.
You know you could tell super interesting things to just about anyone, right? [chuckles.]
Your boss would love to know what's behind that door.
It's an entire drug lab.
What do you think, shall we let her in on it? I think that it's all over.
The jig is up.
Go tell Sandro right now that your pretty little head hurts and then get out of here.
To the Chief Inspector not one word.
Because if something happens here, Nata, I am fucked.
- Okay? - You know what? I gave you an opportunity to use my services when the moment arose and you told me no.
Therefore, whatever happens to you is your fucking problem.
You're fucked, aren't you? If I go down, then you will too and just as fast.
In one minute I can go tell Sandro you're a snitch.
And you already know you don't play with Ezequiel, Nata.
Don't play around.
[remembered screams.]
Grandpa, I'm going to the library.
You know, there's this bar next door where friends of mine hang out.
In case you feel like humiliating yourself again.
Not today.
In the end, one loses their taste for certain things.
- I'm out.
- Irene.
When you least expect it, I'll show up at that library of yours.
And you'd better be studying your ass off like an Ivy Leaguer or else you and I are gonna have problems.
Grandpa, you're such a motivator.
What's up, bitch? Where are you? You better come here and pay me what you owe me, bitch.
I ain't no NGO.
When you're off work, you know what you're going to do? Draw the money and bring it to me.
- Where is Nelson? - No, no, no, please.
He thinks because you're a girl I'm not going to hurt you? [Irene.]
I'll do anything.
Call Sandro.
Yeah, maybe I'll collect it with my fist in your ass.
Son of a bitch.
Yes? I want you to meet a friend.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Who is this? Your Bingo partner? She's my neighbor.
This is Alicia.
You're not going to let her enter her own apartment? Yes, of course.
Come in.
Make yourself at home, Alicia.
Is that not how the saying goes? Don't worry, Alicia is not here to cause you any problems.
But I believe that wat you told me yesterday in the hallway, you could say that to her.
I'll be right back for you.
- But you're leaving? - [Tirso.]
Now you're gonna miss me? [door closes.]
It's so I don't know.
I just changed things around.
Well, like those curtains.
The others were pretty, I did love them.
But I just wanted to give it that personal touch.
I mean, it's been taken care of for sure.
The reality is I figured you had just destroyed it all.
No, I cared for this place like it was mine.
And what about the porcelain coffee set that was over there? What porcelain coffee set? No, no, no.
- Yes, sure.
- [Gladys.]
Sure, sure.
Sure, sure.
There was a porcelain coffee set.
We had to sell it.
Forgive me, I'm sorry.
We had some pretty bad financial problems.
Don't start crying over a set of cups.
Alicia, please.
It's just There are so many memories all over this apartment.
We celebrated the kids' birthdays over there and we put the Christmas tree over there.
And there, right where you're sitting my poor Antonio passed away.
Oh god.
My whole life is inside this apartment.
[emotive music.]
ABANTOS HARDWARE [metallic clinking.]
So this is a six? You just asked me that a minute ago.
Those are the sixes.
- Here are the number eight washers.
- Uhu.
So why did you put washers into the row with the nuts? What does it matter? Why did you do that? Why the fuck did you do that? I said, organize them by size and by type.
There were washers in the row with the bolts and some nuts in the row with the washers.
You making fun of me? No, you're the one who's making fun of me.
You're just trying to piss me off, right? You want me to snap so you can separate me from Irene.
I just want you to put away the bolts correctly.
But you can't even manage that.
You're a son of a bitch.
Don't talk to me like that again for the rest of your damn life.
I'm giving you an opportunity, I'm the only one giving you an opportunity.
And you're fucking it up.
I'm fucking up because I put a few screws where they don't go? I'm not worried about the screws.
What I can't stand is your attitude.
You knew you did a shitty job and it didn't matter to you.
So you can suck it up and start again.
If you really want something, you have to always give it your best.
A 100 percent perfectly.
And if you've made it perfect and someone comes along and knocks it over, then you can call him a classist, or racist, or a son of a bitch.
It's really great to see you, Alicia.
You're as beautiful as ever.
And you are much fatter, Pepe.
See what I said.
Hasn't changed a bit.
What did you think of the house? Your squatter? I'm unhappy to see her out on the street, because she's not a bad girl.
And she is pretty.
Pretty? Don't tell me you have not noticed.
Hard to tell when she wears clothes so flashy they're blinding.
We really missed you, Alicia.
I wish it were like old times.
I wish.
I can hardly move, you know? And I need help to do just about everything.
My children want to sell the place because they could use the money.
That rings a bell.
You don't know how happy you made me this morning when I saw you.
Ah It's so very lonely in the nursing home, you know? But why, Carlos and Javier don't come visit? O well, they are all really busy with their own lives, they have careers, children.
Sons They'll always be there to ask for cash, but never around when it counts.
Look, Tirso, the debt that we owe to our parents, we pay it back with our kids, and we have accomplished that.
[emotive music.]
[Latin music.]
Yeah? How did it go with Alicia? Did you invite her to have breakfast on her own wedding crockery? Fuck you.
You're a mangy dog.
- Bringing the old lady was a low blow.
- [Tirso.]
When you know the victim it's more difficult to commit the offense, right? Remember that for the future.
As soon as Nelson's back, I'm going to tell him what happened and we're gonna leave.
I'm not staying.
That's the first sensible decision you've made since I've known you.
Get ready, brace yourself, because in the next few days I will be blasting the music so loud that your house is going to sound like the fucking Copacabana.
That's not necessary.
I called Alicia's children.
They'll be coming over today.
Today? [scoffs.]
What's wrong with you? Listen to me.
I can't leave here overnight.
If they dare to kick me out, I'll grab a knife from the kitchen and slash everybody, you hear? It will be on you, pal.
Such acts of violence might be very useful in the ghetto where you're from.
But with me, you can just save that.
I didn't call them to kick you two out of here.
Why did you then? There might be a way to avoid you having to move out.
Well, there it is.
Organized by size and type, plus I marked them with labels for what's in each container.
I'll have to comb through them one by one.
And if you find a single bolt out of place, I swear I'll spill those boxes on the floor myself.
- You don't have the balls.
- [Nelson.]
Because I know you won't find anything out of place.
This was the easy one.
Tomorrow I'll teach you how to do inventory.
So I'm hired? Can I see Irene? [laughs.]
When your shift's over, then you can go see Irene.
- In about ten minutes.
- Huh? After all the work I did today? Are you fucking with me? Look me in the eye and ask me that again.
What are you doing here? Well, I came to give you a little present.
You were looking for these the other day, right? I don't know what you might have heard, but I don't touch that shit.
What happened to you is terrible.
And this could help you feel better.
- But if you don't want to go, go.
- [Irene.]
We girls have to help each other.
Grandpa? Grandpa? [doorbell.]
Nelson, why are you here? Grandpa will be back soon.
Don't sweat it.
He's the one who told me to come up.
I'm back at the hardware store.
- Seriously? - Yeah, yeah.
I know us staying here wasn't what we planned, but I'll have a job and some money.
We can be together, which is the only thing that matters.
Are you okay? Mm-hm.
You sure? Yeah, I just got back to studying and I've got a lot on my mind.
Hey, do you mind if we see each other tomorrow? Okay, yeah.
No problem.
You sure you're all right? I love you.
Love you too.
Hello, come in.
Please come in.
If she lets us in, we can legally evict.
I was just preparing to make dinner.
Will you join us? We're not here for a meal.
We've come to demand you leave immediately and return to my client the keys for this apartment.
Of course, I'll immediately return the keys to its legal owner.
That's absolutely fine.
I'm glad you're listening to reason.
The only problem is the legal owner of this apartment is not this man.
- Come again? - What do you mean? Mama, what are you doing here? Javier, son, how are you? Oh, you're looking fatter huh.
To be fair, it's been a very long since you came to the nursing home to see me.
Well, it turns out your mother has decided to stay here in her house and I'm going to live here with her and my son and take very good care of her.
So it's all settled.
Alicia, is this the truth? Yes, it is.
This is my home and I want to pass here.
Mom, we hadn't agreed to any of this.
Son, if you and your brother need more money, well I You'll just have to work a little harder I guess.
Good then.
If you'll excuse me, I need to finish dinner.
Let's go.
Thanks for visiting.
[door closing.]
[laughing and shouting.]
Peace of mind at last.
[telephone ringing.]
- Yeah? - [Nata.]
Ezequiel? Hey, this is Nata.
I'm only calling to tell you that with Nata, don't play around.
Who is playing, Nata? Games don't interest me.
Unless you pick up a board and some dice, then now we're talking.
Then I'll show you some games you can play.
I'll show you how to play them.
Once you find out what's coming, we'll see if you're still laughing.
Dumb bastard.
All right, everyone, stop what you're doing and pay attention.
I want everyone to place their mobile phones in here.
Come on.
Quickly, time is short today.
We're going to execute a raid at club La Rosa, okay? Sánchez, you'll hit the back door.
The rest all go in with me.
I'll explain.
Inside is a warehouse where we suspect they're storing a huge quantity of drugs.
This operation has got to be very smooth and clean, give them no reaction time.
So five minutes, we'll be gearing up and leaving.
I want everyone in vests.
It's probably there will be armed guards.
You swear? Come on, let's do this.
I'm aware that I'm always giving you a hard time, but you should wait until you prepare this operation better, come up with a plan.
In that shithole there are some real nutjobs, Amanda.
- We want everyone to come home safe.
- No, it has to be right now.
Or a snitch will tip off Sandro and we'll lose the opportunity.
What, don't you want to stop this bastard? I just don't want to catch a bullet.
Come on, Ezequiel, move it.
Your cellphone.
And you stay close to me the whole time.
I want to see the look on his face when we barge in.
That bastard never had a nice face.
Sandro might be a scumbag, but he's built a hell of a place for his mother.
I would have built it in Zahara de los Atunes.
- Not here, in the middle of the hood.
- You are always complaining.
[And you're always inspiring, huh? laughs.]
That's Sandro's mother.
It's hard to believe a lady like that could give birth to that beast.
As you can see, the place is protected.
There are two guards, and I bet they got guns.
Any idea how to get rid of them and get inside without raising the alarm? No please, take your time.
Tanque, bro, listen.
I'm looking for my mother.
Listen, I've been calling and calling, no answer.
Well, I need to talk to her right now.
What's wrong with that? Sometimes the woman gets disoriented, you know.
I'm gonna have to put a beacon on her so you don't lose track of her.
Go and look for her or I'll have your balls.
Call me back when you find her.
[horn honks.]
W-W-Wait, what's going on? They're leaving.
- I'm sure they'll be back.
- Yeah.
But not for a while.
We have to go in right now, it's the best option.
You in? Just like that and no plan, like John Wayne? Like John Wayne.
[tense music.]
Knock, knock, asshole.
Well there weren't two guards.
There were three.
I imagine they have a lot of drugs in here.
Shouldn't be difficult to find.
You go up, you check the kitchen.
CLUB LA ROSA DANCE HALL Sánchez, the back door over there.
Everyone else with me.
Ezequiel, let's go.
Mama, it's me.
Sandro, your boy.
You had me pretty worried.
I tried to call your cell phone, but you didn't answer.
Sure, but that's why I bought you that cell phone with the big screen on it.
Everybody freeze! Nobody move! Hands up high.
Mama? Yeah, relax.
It's the police.
They're entering my club, okay.
But I'm fine.
Whatever they tell you, don't worry about it.
I'm perfect, okay mama? Take care.
I love you.
Make it easy for me, all right? I'm really sorry, okay? [Amanda.]
I want everyone standing at the bar.
Nobody move.
Everyone stay still.
Your hands! Move it.
I'm gonna cuff you, okay Sandro? Take it easy, kiddo.
Just do your job, huh? Don't get so close.
Your breath smells like stinking garbage.
[tense music.]
Everybody freeze! Fuck! Where the fuck is the fucking drugs! I owe you one, big time.
Big time.
I appreciate the tip, you know.
Thank you so much for making that call.
- Ezequiel! - Ezequiel, no your source.
Shut the fuck up for once in your fucking life! You're the only one who knew, and I know perfectly well it was you.
I'm gonna ruin your fucking career, you got it? - Of course you have to prove it.
- Take your hands of me.
You piece of fucking garbage! [door opens.]
[door slams.]
- Nothing in the kitchen? - There's a fabulous stew in there.
But no drugs at all.
Upstairs, it's clear too.
We have to leave.
We don't know when they'll be back.
What is it? Looks like they've got central heating in this place.
Why do they need portables? Maybe his mom gets cold.
Have a look.
Tell me you found the drugs.
No, something b-b-better.
Look for some bags.
We're definitely gonna need them.
Still mad at me? Look, if you're gonna shoot me, just think about it.
I have no vest on.
Don't get yourself into trouble with Internal Affairs.
Of course, sit down, please.
Look, Ezequiel Have you heard the joke about the Galician man who milked a cow? Excuse me? There was a Galician man who every day milked his cow, and the cow every day tipped over his bucket.
One day he had had enough and he took off his belt and tied the cow's back legs.
Of course, his pants fell down.
At that moment his wife came in and saw him behind the cow with his pants around his ankles and the legs of the cow tied back.
Then his wife asked him, "Hey Ezequiel, what the hell are you doing?" And the Galician man replied, "I am fucking the cow, Amanda.
" [laughs.]
You have the balls to tell me a joke in a situation like this one? Nobody likes me in this police station.
Also, you are perfectly aware I did not tip off Sandro whatsoever.
I am.
I talked to my confidant, the waitress.
She blew the whistle.
She panicked and told Sandro all about our raid.
And you couldn't have told me all this as soon as I came into your office just now? I didn't have time to.
I'm sorry I didn't trust you.
No worries, Amanda.
That kind of thing happens to me all the time.
Cause I look like a thug.
Take it easy.
- See you later, okay? - Yeah, see you later.
Were those pants the brightest ones they had in the store? You can borrow them.
I'm sure they'd look great on you.
There's something I don't understand, Nata.
You were winning the game and in the final round you tell Sandro I had called him to tip him off? I don't get it.
You look scared, Ezequiel.
You afraid of something? Comme si, comme ça.
I'm sure you shat your pants thinking that Sandro was gonna kill you for fucking his business.
And I'm sure you shat your pants again thinking that your boss was gonna bust you for snitching.
Right? Am I right? But you're not [laughs.]
You are not playing both sides just to kick me in the balls, Nata.
I wanted to prove that I can fuck up your life whenever I feel like it.
But I don't want to.
Of course what you want is to have your pussy eaten, huh pretty girl? - I want you to finish off Sandro.
- [laughs.]
And place Loko on the throne of Entrevías.
Loko got stupid after smoking so many joints, Nata.
Perhaps a better idea is Is to sit that nice little ass of yours on the seat of Sandro's throne.
[suspenseful music.]
[engine starts.]
This is a lot of money! - [Sanchís.]
How-how much is it? - I don't know, a lot.
This is enough to close the bar and not have to work again.
- It's my dream.
- [laughter.]
I've never seen so much dough at once.
Wha-what are we going to do with it? [laughter.]
Take this to the church.
What for? You want to stop by and thank God? [laughs.]
- Put on your masks.
- Why? Put 'm on.
["Afro Drill" (Dinero) playing in Spanish.]
It's all the time I chase it, and all my problems ♪ - [Tirso.]
Open the door.
- [Pepe.]
What? [Tirso.]
Open the door.
- Help me.
- [Pepe.]
But Tirso [Tirso.]
Go on, throw it.
[song continues.]
Life doesn't stop Just so you don't miss anything ♪ I don't know about tomorrow But you pay for everything here ♪ This game is about making it add up Add up ♪ Out there no one is going To help you, oh ♪ Money, money ♪ Oh money, money ♪ Oh money, money ♪ Money, money ♪ IN THE NEXT EPISODE Drop whatever you're working on and give priority to this investigation.
I'm a journalist, and I'm sure everyone around here has a theory - about who these Robin Hoods are.
- I haven't heard anything.
Fuck their kind.
I want those motherfuckers dead today! [Amanda.]
This name on the list: Tirso Abantos.
Are we sure he's ex-military? There are so many hoods looking for trouble and the first one you think of - is the hardware store guy? - You didn't answer.
Was it you? It's imperative we're more cautious than ever.
We cannot make a single mistake.
- I need some more of those pills.
- Got money? Then forget about it, cause they're hard to get.
They gotta be stolen.
Nice to see you're reading the tabloids.
How is Isabel Preysler? - She's old, like all of us.
- [Ezequiel laughs.]
What you need is a formal man and not that scarecrow.
Have you thanked Tirso already for helping you come here to live with me? Now that's a real man.
Sandro's gonna take it to his place in Nogueras square.
You and your friends are gonna set it on fire.
What about what those fuckers did to Irene? That's in the past and it's over.
You may be great, but I'm telling you Irene is not over it.
Look, the bastard is taking pictures of him.
- [Sanchís.]
What do we do? - We'll deal with it ourselves.
What the hell have you done? We killed him.

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