Wrong Side of the Tracks (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

The Robin Hood

1 NETFLIX PRESENTS Residents picked up close to 3,000 euros from the street in Entrevías earlier Tuesday.
It's rumored that the money has been stolen from a drug dealer in the neighborhood.
Hence the nickname by which these anonymous benefactors are known: the Robin Hoods of Entrevías.
The question on everyone's mind is, who are they? No one seems to know.
Motherfucking bitches.
Listen here.
You're going to figure out who these Robin Hood fuckers are, you're going to tie and bound them all, and then you'll split their bellies like pigs at slaughter.
I want those punk motherfuckers dead.
- You got me? Murdered.
- [Yeyo.]
Let's go.
Witnesses recall a shower of money raining down on them.
We were waiting in line for some food, and then suddenly this money started falling all over the place.
It's unbelievable.
My neighbor pulled in about 1,000 euros and she is so excited about it.
Yeah, great.
I would have been excited as well.
No shit.
What's the matter? What's the matter? Well, you know, the money.
I could have used it myself.
I could have renovated the bar.
Come on, look at it.
It's falling apart.
And you know how-how-how happy it would have made my mother.
Not to mention that her p-p-pension can't even buy coffee.
But you don't care about that.
Or even think about it.
You go crazy and throw it out the window.
To think about the amount of money I had in my mitts And you go and say, "Throw it away.
" And I threw it away, like a little bitch.
We're the ones who risked our lives to steal that m-m-money and you go and give it away to the neighborhood.
So you two wanted the money? And for what? For what? You.
The very first thing you would have done is close the bar and buy the most expensive vehicle in the city.
And the next day, the whole neighborhood would know exactly who stole it.
And you.
If I had let you keep it, it would be no longer than a month before we found you dead in a gutter somewhere.
You know what I'm talking about.
And I'm the only one who would have handled that money sensibly.
The only one.
I did it for the two of you.
Instead of sulking, you should be thanking me for saving your lives.
It looks like the money that was thrown around near the soup kitchen belongs to Sandro.
We have images showing a white van quite similar to the one used to burn the drug flat to the ground.
Add it together, it's very probable that these are the same people and this is the second attack on Sandro.
I want you all to drop whatever you're working on and give priority to this investigation.
Okay then? Let's imagine for a moment that we respect the friendly fire here.
"Friendly fire"? The enemy of your enemy is your best friend.
- And these morons - Those morons are very dangerous people who have training in the military.
And we can't allow them to turn the neighborhood into a war zone.
Because we know they have training in the military? There's tutorials.
Any idiot can learn military techniques on the internet, replicate and imitate.
Don't worry, Ezequiel.
We'll get some answers soon enough.
Headquarters is helping us.
They'll send a specialist and undercover agents.
You're really going to notify headquarters? You want the higher-ups coming here to tell us exactly how we have to do things? That's That's not the attitude.
I don't give a shit what you think about my attitude.
We're getting help from headquarters.
We're making a list of military and ex-military in the area, and we'll arrest them.
Is that clear? Then if there are no more questions - Good morning.
- Good morning.
Can I get a coffee, please? - [Pepe.]
Light or dark? - Dark.
Quite the fuss you guys have in this neighborhood, huh? Too much fuss.
I'm a journalist, and I'm just asking people a couple of questions.
You probably hear a lot around here, right? Afraid I've heard nothing.
Out here people prefer to stay quiet.
Yeah, I see that.
But I'm sure everyone around here has got a theory about who these Robin Hoods are.
- I don't know about that.
- [journalist laughs.]
I can't believe nobody's taken any bets on it yet.
I think no one wants any problems.
That means you do know something, but you don't want to tell me because you don't want trouble.
Look, as a journalist, I guarantee confidentiality.
- You should leave him alone, okay? - It's only small talk.
Well, he won't tell you anything.
Neither will I.
No one here knows who these guys are.
But who can say? It could be any one of us here.
Or not.
The one you least expect.
You may be speaking to him one day and you don't know it.
You might say to yourself, "These guys are total idiots," and it turns out they're heroes.
Pepe, why don't you go in the back and make some food? I'm starving.
Don't worry, guys.
I don't want to cause you any kind of problems.
But if you know something and you want to say it, well, you can make yourself a little bit of money.
I think y-y-you better get going.
You heard my pal.
Beat it.
Take it easy.
Don't worry, I'm going.
Take care.
What a dick.
These news people know how to ask questions.
They can trick you into talking.
Pepe, be careful.
What? Well [grunts.]
They're called arepas.
Stop looking at them like they might eat you.
They are delicious.
No, no, it's probably good.
I don't know.
Besides, don't worry.
Because bit by bit, you will learn to cook all of the local cuisine.
You will.
But I know how to cook Spanish style.
- [Alicia.]
Is that so? - Mm-hm.
Like what? - Paella, gazpacho, churros - Oh! And a Spanish omelet that you'd die for.
Oh, well, then the problem's solved, isn't it? Tomorrow's breakfast we'll eat churros, and today we'll have the omelet.
And you'll add a little bit of onion.
- Gets it much juicier.
You'll see.
- Anything else? - No.
- I'm leaving, mamá.
Hold it.
Not without eating something.
- Come on.
- [Nelson.]
I'm fine.
Take it with you.
You are going to need energy to deal with that old man.
Oh, what a handsome boy.
Where's his father? He's probably in the jungle, or God knows where.
He's a guerrilla-fighting drunk.
And you don't have another guy to cheer up your body? Because, come on, you're such a beautiful girl.
Well, what can I say? These men are like salt.
One pinch and your dish is much better, but a handful will ruin it.
Oh, my poor Antonio, he died very young.
But I most certainly would have enjoyed more pinches and more handfuls.
Wait a sec.
Look at you.
[both laugh.]
My dear, go and live your life.
And don't leave things for tomorrow.
Because then one day, you'll look in the mirror and wham, you'll look like me.
[Latin music playing.]
Hey, you know, it's been a while since we've gone out together.
How about a drink? Come and pick me up at nine? Okay.
See you then.
THE ENTREVÍAS ROBIN HOOD GIVES OUT 200,000 EUROS Can I get you a coffee while you stand around and read? It was you, wasn't it? Who gave away the money? [laughs.]
Do you think that if I had 200,000 euros, I would be here right now, holding this paper, looking at your dumbass face? Help him.
- [Nelson.]
Good morning.
- [man.]
- I need six screws like this one.
- [Nelson.]
Anything else? - [man.]
That's it.
- [Nelson.]
- And here, six identical screws.
- How much? It's You need the calculator for six screws? Two forty, please.
[cash register whirrs.]
Here you are.
Have a good day.
Now you need to write it down in the ledger.
I was about to.
No, not in purchases.
Over here in sales.
- Oh.
- And write the date.
Then you erase it from the inventory.
What? What's wrong with you? The panchitos only teach you to climb trees in school? [dull thud.]
Go to the bar for change.
Careful not to lose a single euro or I'll dock your checks.
Go on.
What? What? Fuck yourself right in the ass.
Not a good opener.
It's a weird start, Tirso.
I thought that you guys were at least professional.
So moving forward, if you're going to make a spectacle with your friends there, go buy a fucking circus.
What's the problem? Money raining down on Entrevías.
Isn't that a big enough problem for you? I didn't know it would be on film.
Of course he doesn't.
The guy has no fucking idea that every Spaniard has a cell phone with a camera that will record anything.
You got to get your ass out of town right now.
Oh, maybe this seems like a joke to you.
I love a good joke.
But you have to take this seriously.
The police already know you're ex-military.
If the police know, Sandro will know right after.
And then you'll get yourself murdered.
You'll be pushing up daisies in a fucking hole.
You'll be six feet under Alright, enough overused metaphors.
I heard you the first time, and my response is a resounding no.
I'm not leaving the neighborhood.
You're a stubborn as a grumpy old mule, aren't you, Tirso? I'm going to have a hard time keeping you alive.
So now you're a good policeman? No, you mistake me.
I get involved with gangsters and thugs.
That's me.
I play very dirty.
But at heart, I'm a good policeman.
You know why, Tirso? Because with that nose of yours you're the first one to arrive at the crime scene.
Am I close? No, Tirso, because in all the years I've been on duty, no one's ever gotten murdered.
And I assure you, Tirso, that you won't be the first.
[tense music.]
["Rápido" playing.]
[in Spanish.]
If I get dizzy, I turn off the lights ♪ If I don't answer at night It's because I'm lying over here ♪ I ask forgiveness For the hurt I've caused you ♪ But you hit me so hard You left me knocked out ♪ Wow, wow, I'm doubled up Take my hand, I'll fall over ♪ Baby girl, I'm over the moon ♪ Nice backpack.
Have you been studying? Will a joint help you concentrate? - I'm headed to the library.
- Shit, that's quite a detour.
Hey, I need some more of those pills.
Let's see.
How do I put this? They aren't candy, Irene.
Last time it was to help you get through, - but it's is dangerous, understand? - Yeah, yeah, I know.
It's just in case I have some problems sleeping at some point.
I swear to you.
Have you got more or not? - Got money? - No.
Then forget about it, because they're hard to get.
They got to be stolen.
I just don't know where I can get any cash right now, Nata.
That's your problem.
People around here got to make a living, you know what I'm saying? Nata Don't tell any of this to Nelson.
I thought there was no secrets between you two.
There aren't.
But I'd like to be the one to tell him, okay? Quickly, quickly More quickly, more quickly ♪ [Tirso.]
It's the carpenter's pliers.
Round head.
Can you find it or not? - [sighs.]
- [Nelson.]
Does it work? Yes, of course it works.
And don't you touch it.
It's worth a lot of money.
Worth a lot as an antique.
Well, if it works, why do you keep it covered? Because I don't want it to catch a virus.
- You got to be joking.
- Of course I am.
Think I'm an idiot? I wasn't born in the 15th century.
You sure? I took a computer class a long time ago.
I would have loved to see that.
Yeah, but I didn't learn anything.
It was useless.
The password for Abantos hardware store - is "Abantos hardware store"? - Is that a problem? No, no, no, not at all.
That'll confuse hackers.
Um, may I try? Go on.
Alright Okay, alright.
You're very old and very slow, but you still work.
I hope you're still talking about the computer.
Look, if I can get it to work, this would solve some problems.
I've never had any problems.
Come on, this isn't for playing video games.
Stop the procrastinating and clean.
You got two minutes, and if you break it, you buy it.
On your salary, that's a long time.
Grandpa? Are you here? Irene, are you home? Jesus Christ, you scared me.
I almost had a heart attack.
What are you doing in here? Uh And you? Shouldn't you be at the hardware store? Now that I have a henchman, I can afford the luxury of giving myself a morning break.
Why are you going through my things? Uh Well, look, you got me.
I broke the last pencil I had left.
I wanted to see if I could get one from you.
You won't find any pencils in there.
At best maybe a fountain pen.
But if you tell me what you need, I'll go to the store and buy it for you.
It's just I use these special pencils, for art class.
But if you can, give me the money and I'll go buy them.
It's no problem.
- Two euros? - You can enjoy a soda with the change.
Are you kidding me? If you're charged more than two euros for a pencil, they're swindling you.
I need the complete set of pencils, Grandpa.
And I need a complete cup of coffee before a firetruck comes because your boyfriend screwed things up.
So take it or leave it.
Your choice.
You're still here.
Come on, let's go.
But But where Where did this money come from? - Ma'am.
I've been waiting a while.
- You'll just have to wait a little longer.
I'm sorry.
We'll let you know.
- Inspector.
- Yes? Here's the case file on the Robin Hoods you wanted.
Very good.
It includes all the military and ex- military registered in the neighborhood.
That's perfect.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
You're Inspector Martos, right? I have some questions about the Robin Hoods.
- And you are? - I'm Ángel Navarro, journalist.
- And if you have a minute - No, I'm sorry.
I'm really busy.
This name on the list, Tirso Abantos.
Are we sure he's ex-military? Yes.
Thank you.
- How's the pretty girl? - Good.
Something else for you? - No, thank you.
- Some churros? Come on.
You're wasting away.
You're too skinny.
No, thanks, I'm good.
Ah, these youngsters How are you ladies doing? Everything alright? [glasses crashing.]
What happened? - I'm sorry, it just fell - Hey, easy, easy, easy.
- It just fell down, I'm sorry.
- Well, don't worry.
Don't touch anything, you'll cut yourself.
Pepe, this was also down there.
Take it, for you.
No, no, no.
No, no, I can't.
You have an allowance? I bet not.
Grandpa's cheap.
Keep it.
Buy your boyfriend a hamburger.
Thank you.
It's nothing.
Dude, what the fuck? Why are you guys playing this? - [song starts playing, in Spanish.]
- Ah, yeah.
That's much better.
Smack my ping pong balls With your tongue ♪ I want to get rich Looking for my million ♪ Ask my mom who holds my heart ♪ For all that she wears A rosary around her neck ♪ - Got the money? - Yeah, did you get the pills? For all the many promises you make ♪ I don't believe them I don't believe them ♪ You failed me And walked away with another ♪ [doorbell rings.]
[doorbell rings.]
[electric buzz.]
I was just looking for you.
Can we have a chat? Right now isn't the best time to talk.
I have to go to work.
I can walk you.
Whatever you want.
You heard what happened yesterday? How could I not have heard? I'd have to be in a coma.
We're investigating who might have stolen Sandro's cash and thrown it out on the street.
And we found out some pretty interesting things.
- I can congratulate you if you like.
- No, not yet.
We think the guys who did it may be the same ones who burned Sandro's drug flat.
So I thought, who could have a reason to go against Sandro? Most of the neighborhood.
The first person I thought of was you.
There's so many hoods out there looking for trouble and the first one you think of is the hardware store guy? Hardware and ex-military.
Was it you? I left the army almost 30 years ago.
Do you really think I'm actually capable of doing such a thing? - You didn't answer.
Was it you? - No.
I never told you this, but you remind me of my father.
How you like to look at the world from above.
How you think that life can't hit you.
- He sounds like a great man.
- [Amanda.]
He was.
Too bad he died in the street like a worthless dog.
If it was you, don't think I won't come after you.
I would love to be done with Sandro, but not like this.
[emotive music.]
I keep thinking about that stupid journalist.
Maybe we talked too much.
Not me.
Not me.
It was you who talked too much.
- And who spoke first, huh? - But I didn't say anything.
Pepe, you Here comes Tirso.
Don't mention the journalist.
He'd be so mad at us.
He'd slap us so hard our teeth would pop out of our heads.
- What's up, Captain? - Bad news.
The inspector paid me a visit.
At home.
She doesn't have any proof so far.
But she's incredibly suspicious that I'm involved in the situation with the money.
Oh, shit.
It's imperative that we're more cautious than ever.
We cannot make a single mistake.
Makes sense? Uh, course it does.
If we're careful, we'll stay out of trouble.
But it's important to remain calm and try to talk as little as humanly possible to anyone.
I'm off to the store.
We'll be alright.
Is Is it Is it me or is the journalist following Tirso? [door closes.]
Look, look, look.
He's taking pictures of him.
[camera shutter clicking.]
What do we do? I-I-I'll warn Tirso.
No, just a second.
We'll deal with it ourselves.
[Nata laughs.]
Hey, Loko, don't get excited.
I got to go work at La Rosa.
No, don't go.
Play hooky.
You seriously think I enjoy working there? I don't like you being at that place either.
Besides, the joint's full of pervs.
Don't be an asshole.
What the hell's wrong with you? I'm an asshole? For what? For not wanting my girl to be there with drunks touching her ass? First of all, I may be your girl, but you don't own me, you know.
My ass is mine.
If you want to touch it ever again, back off.
And second, how about you think with your head and not your pecker? Okay, what? I shouldn't get jealous? I shouldn't care? Dude, I just can't believe what a little boy you are.
What I'm doing in that place is for us.
So fuck Sandro.
I want to be someone and not just hang out in this shitty park.
If you don't want to help, then that's fine by me.
[doorbell rings.]
[Latin music playing.]
Well, sweet baby Jesus, don't speak too loudly.
I don't want to wake up.
- [Gladys laughs.]
- Not ready yet? [Gladys.]
No, two minutes and I'll be good to go, okay? [Ezequiel.]
Hello, good evening, ma'am.
Good day.
Everything going alright? [Alicia.]
Yes, I'm good.
Ah, I see you're reading the tabloids.
How is Isabel Preysler? - Ah, poor girl's old, like all of us.
- [Ezequiel laughs.]
So, do you read the tabloids? No, no, no.
I read very little, very very little.
It shows.
Gladys says you're a police officer.
Yes, I am.
At your service, my dear lady.
- Commissioner? - No.
No, I'm not commissioner.
I'm a sub-inspector.
Ah, sub-inspector.
And that's even less than inspector, isn't that right? Gladys, we're running late.
Dinner's in the fridge.
When Nelson gets home, - tell him to heat it up for you.
- Yeah.
- Don't hesitate to call me, okay? - [Alicia.]
It was a pleasure to meet you, Alicia.
[shouts and grunts.]
- [Alicia.]
Oh, what is this? - Alicia? - [Alicia.]
I'm suffocating.
- What's wrong, Alicia? - Are you alright? - Please, I'm dying! Oh, I'm dying! What's wrong? What is this, Gladys? I'm dying, I'm dying! Oh, oh, please.
Oh [sighs.]
I'm feeling a little better.
- Oh, is that right? - [Alicia.]
A little better.
I'm back to myself.
Must have been a slight dizzy spell.
Must have been it.
We're almost late, Gladys.
How can you think of leaving her like this, Ezequiel? Something could happen.
Oh, don't worry about an old lady, honey.
Look, if I'm dead, by the time you come back home, it'll have been the Lord's will.
And just who are we, Alicia, to contradict the Almighty, right? [Gladys.]
No, no.
I'm staying.
I better stay.
It doesn't feel right to leave.
I better stay.
She's just busting my balls.
She's as good as gold.
Can't you see that? Look at her face.
She's got cheeks like Heidi.
I get it, but if Heidi dies, I'm out on the street.
Understand? I'm sorry, honey.
Let's meet another time, okay? Okay? Come on.
Get well soon, Alicia, I hope nothing happens to you.
- Oh, thank you.
- Of course, my dear.
Of course, my dear.
I think we'd better go straight to the hospital.
You don't look well.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Gladys, please, no.
And I mean no.
It was just a drop in my blood pressure, I'm sure.
I'm fine.
I'm just fine.
Do you mind? Let's finish looking at the paper, okay? Sit yourself down by my side.
[background chatter.]
[Latin music playing.]
There you go.
Here's Sandro's and the fancy one's for you.
Many thanks, sweet little thing.
- What will I have? - A rum and coke.
No lemon and no bullshit.
I know you.
Lemons are too acidic and you are too sweet.
If you're here to see the fat man, I'd say forget it.
- Because he's not at his best.
- He's never at his best.
I'm here to see you.
I've heard that tonight from four different drunks.
Four-by-fours can't tell you their tires when they're rolling.
Do you remember that horse they had locked up in the back room that was taken away thanks to you when your chief inspector executed that exhilarating little raid? - Remember? - Mm-hm.
I really need to know where they took it, okay? That gorilla's in the palm of my hand.
So you know little Natita can find out for you.
And I don't want to find out they killed you, Natita.
[Latin music stops.]
- Y-Y-You sure that's the journalist's car? - Yeah, man, I saw him park it.
You're acting nervous.
You taken anything? - Two coffees.
- Two coffees my ass.
I'm calling the operation.
You can't do it like this.
Okay, okay, okay.
Dammit, I'm fine.
It's true.
I was a bit tired and I-I-I needed some help.
I'm going to help you with the back of my open hand.
Who gets stoned to do this? Look, look, look.
That's him.
- I'll go.
- No, no, no.
Nice try.
I'll go.
When I have him detained, bring the car around.
We'll throw him in the trunk.
B-Boy, I'll tell you.
H-He's going to get it, for-for snooping.
- [Pepe.]
Don't fucking move.
- Okay.
- Put on the hood.
- Easy, easy, okay? Easy.
- Put it on.
- Take the car, but don't hurt me.
I don't want your car, asshole.
- Put on the fucking hood.
- [journalist.]
Why? Why me? [grunts.]
Why the hood? What do you want? What are you going to do? Who are you? [Pepe.]
Questions, questions, questions.
Curiosity killed the cat.
You know that, huh? - You're the Robin Hoods.
- [Pepe.]
You think you're so smart.
Fucking journalist.
Look, I'm just doing my job.
Don't hurt me, please.
Hey! [journalist grunts.]
What have you done? Me? I You-you-you let him go.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
We fucked up.
W-W-We killed him.
Oh [groaning.]
- He-He-He's alive.
- Let's go before we're seen.
And just leave him? You want to take him to a nice fucking dinner at your mother's? [stutters.]
We should call an a-a-ambulance.
You You're from the bar.
And your pal, the junkie.
You're the Robin Hoods? Fucking son of a bitch.
What a shitty movie.
- I liked it.
- Really? You didn't like it 'cause you were scared.
Me, scared? No, it was just disgusting.
Well, I loved it.
The gorier, the better.
Okay, it was gory, but I wasn't scared.
Yeah, you could barely let go of me.
- You idiot.
- [laughs.]
- You didn't! - [both laugh.]
It's crazy.
Suddenly life seems to be normal.
What do you mean? You know, we can go see a film.
I don't have to climb through the window all the time.
Everything that we've gone through suddenly it seems like a bad dream.
Hey, it's all getting better, right? [laughs.]
We thought that the only way that we could be happy is if we got out of this place, and look, here we are.
Life's full of surprises.
Hold up.
Upstairs your grandpa could see us.
You alright? Of course.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- Well, here are your churros.
- [sighs.]
Now we're talking, child.
- Delicious.
- Go on now, you look hungry.
And you were on the verge of death last night.
Could it be that you made that scene to ruin my date? Come on, who, me? Look at the old con man here.
My God, what is wrong with you? [laughs.]
Because you're a very good girl, but you have a very bad eye for men.
- Pardon me? - [Alicia.]
What you need is a man with morals.
A guy who will straighten out your life.
Good, right And your son's, too.
And not that sloppy scarecrow, huh.
- [laughs.]
- Okay? Have you already thanked Tirso for helping to keep you here to live with me? Why are you bringing up Tirso? [Alicia.]
Well, he gave your son a job.
He gave you a place to live.
Now, that's a genuine gentleman.
And if you haven't thanked him, then get over there and do it.
Papá? Who are you? - What's this? Where is my father? - Hey, relax, I work here.
Tell that to the police.
Hang on.
I'm Nelson, Irene's boyfriend.
I think that we've met each other before.
You're with Irene? - And my father hired you? - Yeah.
[music on the radio.]
[background conversation.]
[horn honks.]
Hold on.
Look how well you live, Nata, you got it good.
When I retire, I want to live just like you, but dress differently, huh.
If you'll last long enough.
Did you find out where that little horse is? Sandro's going to take it to his place in Nogueras Square.
Nogueras? You and your friends are going to set it fire for me.
No cheating, Nata, or I'll know.
You mean us? And how are we going to do that? [chuckles.]
By using what you use to spark up a joint, a cheap lighter.
Look, they're dangerous.
And they're still really pissed off.
They're always pissed off, Nata.
They're always furious.
Don't worry, Sandro has everybody looking for the Robin Hoods.
And Sandro doesn't expect another fire right now.
Don't worry.
Sure, and when the fat man finds out it was us, then what? He cuts us into little pieces.
He'll have no idea.
He'll be totally clueless.
Because we the police will blame the Robin Hoods, the real ones.
All you have to do is steal a white van, put on military clothes, wear those black masks and all that shit, and do it up right.
You're very good at these types of things, are you not, Nata? Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick.
- When do we do it? - Late tonight.
You want to be the queen of the neighborhood? You'll have to start moving Sandro's ass off of his throne.
[engine starts.]
Really, Nata? You're listening to that guy? If we burn the dope in Sandro's place, he's going to murder us.
- That fucking plan is fucking suicide.
- What's wrong, you're afraid? Of course I'm afraid.
You'd be an idiot not to be.
Listen to me.
I'm not going to risk my life because he says so, okay? - Look, Loko, maybe it's too big for you.
- What do you mean? What's too big for me? The neighborhood, the gang, me.
- [Nelson.]
Okay - [keys clacking.]
That's Here we go.
Uh, I'm sorry, I moved it upstairs.
I wanted to show you something I did.
I told you not to waste your time with this thing.
You didn't listen to me? Hold on, let me show you this.
If you don't like it, you fire me, mmm? Don't make it so easy.
[clears throat.]
Check it out, I formatted the hard drive and changed the OS.
Then I hooked on to the neighbor's Wi-Fi to find a management program, which I downloaded for free.
Yeah, go on.
The we can zip with Chrome to change the docking tool and synchronize the flow tweet as well.
Wait a minute, you just made a bunch of shit up to piss me off, didn't you? - What, I didn't get you? - No.
- But almost.
- [chuckles.]
The truth is, I haven't understood a damn thing you've said.
- Show it to me again.
- Look.
Listen to me, it's very easy.
When we sell something, it's in the computer, and this program automatically accounts for it.
Then it subtracts sales, adds purchases, updates inventory, enters dates.
It does it all.
I hope you're being serious.
Try it.
They didn't explain this to me in those classes I took.
Fuck that.
Where did you Well, I have to go now, it's two o'clock.
Ah, I forgot something.
Your son came in a little while ago.
My son? And And what did he say to you? Nothing.
I surprised him and he ran out of here.
That it? What's up, son? What's up? Nothing.
Let's go get some lunch.
You look skinny.
- Haha, good one.
- [both laugh.]
[trap music playing.]
- Give me some, come on.
- [Nelson.]
Take the heavy stuff.
Wow, it's been a long time since I came here.
- [Loko.]
Why is that, huh, you rascal? - [laughs.]
Remember when we stole that bike from that fucking Peruvian? Yeah, dude, how was I supposed to know that dickhead belonged to a Latin gang? Holy shit, bro, we were all over the neighborhood.
- Dude, Latinos coming out everywhere.
- Mm-hm.
Until we got to this wall.
You jumped over easily - and I was like, "Fuck that shit.
" - [laughs.]
- You landed so hard you almost got killed.
- So close.
Fuck, bro, I rolled down to the fucking tracks, man.
And when I got up, I found ten Latinos waiting for me.
Yeah, but you exaggerate that there were ten of them.
It was nine, you bastard.
- [both laugh.]
- You fucker.
- [both laugh.]
- Fuck.
Holy shit.
I thought they were going to kill me.
Until I saw you, all cocky like a boss against the nine of them.
Nine against two.
You know how crazy that was? And then you faced the biggest one.
I'm going to give you advice, because I've been right so far.
When outnumbered, go for the biggest one.
If you knock him down, the others will run away.
- Easy as that.
- Right.
It's a good philosophy, but, bro, you didn't knock them down, bro.
They hit us so much I couldn't remember my mother's name.
[both laugh.]
It seems like a thousand years ago.
I was a kid when I came from Colombia.
You wanted to conquer.
You had some nerve.
That's why everyone liked you.
Why Nata likes you.
Hey, bro, there's nothing with me and Nata.
Never will be again.
- I love Irene, and Nata loves your ass.
- Come on, bro, don't fuck with me.
You haven't noticed how she looks at you lately? I'm going to be honest.
I just can't keep up with Nata.
You, though, you can.
And that's why Nata still loves you.
Oh, that's bullshit.
Forget about it.
If you say so.
Bro, if you want to be with Nata, fight for her, bro.
Go for the big one.
Knock them all down, even if they smash your face.
But do it.
I know you can.
I don't know, how d-d-do we tell Tirso? We make it quick and simple.
So you're saying we're going to tell him we screwed up with the journalist? That we ran him over, that he found out we're the Robin Hoods? We're screwed.
It not g-g-going to be quick o-o-or simple.
Well, Tirso's our friend, huh? We're in this together.
So that's it.
If you're afraid, I'll tell him.
- Hey, Pepe.
Cup of coffee.
- Okay, Tirso.
- Sanchís.
- Captain.
Pepe has something to tell you.
It's nothing.
Not a big deal.
You're going to tell me or aren't you? [sighs.]
Yesterday I gave you a fish that wasn't fresh.
That's it.
I told you.
Come on, Pepe, disgusting.
And you let me eat it? Did you get diarrhea? No.
Then so what? No harm done.
Is this coffee, or is it a surprise? That coffee is top-notch.
But let's cut the crap, shall we? Captain? Wha-Wha-Wha What we had to tell you was [stutters.]
we messed up.
A journalist d-d-discovered us and he knows we're the Robin Hoods.
- What? - And now he's going to report us if we d-d-don't arrange an interview with you.
With me? The guy was convinced we weren't the ones who were in charge of it, so I wonder why.
B-B-Because we're chicken shits.
Tell me what happened from the beginning.
Uh - See you later.
- [Alicia.]
Wilson, hold on.
Nelson, my name is Nelson.
Ah, well, excuse me.
Let's chat a moment.
It's just that I'm late for work, sorry.
Well, mention to Tirso that it is all my fault and he shouldn't make too much of a fuss.
- I'm going to - [Alicia.]
You're going to what? Since I've been home, you've been shying away from me.
Here, help me.
Bring me a cushion and set it behind my back.
Let's see if it'll lift me up a little.
Oh, I don't know.
Oh, jeez.
This chair will do me in.
It's such so pathetic.
Your hip really hurts? [grunts.]
The problem is that I'm annoyed that I can't dance the lambada.
- [laughs.]
- The lambada? What's that? Oh, you're just so young.
Alicia, I haven't had the chance to thank you for letting us live here.
You're a good kid, Wilson Oh, excuse me.
You really shouldn't feel bad.
Okay? All of us make mistakes.
- Mmm? - I don't understand.
You know What happened here was an accident.
Sure, you shouldn't have broken into Tirso's apartment, and I shouldn't have tried to go out to the street.
So you see? We were both foolish, so let bygones be bygones.
- So you knew I was the one who - [chuckles.]
I'm an old woman, but not an idiot.
Now, go to the hardware store.
Or we'll both get into more trouble.
See you.
[emotive music.]
What's going on? We got to talk.
Sorry, I'm late for work.
Seriously, dude, you've been a pain in the ass lately.
Why do you say that? You'd rather sell screws that hang with us? Alright, Nata, just tell me what you want.
Listen, things are going to change around here.
We're going break into Sandro's, and I can't do it without you.
What do you mean? I mean these guys need a leader.
Someone with some balls.
And Loko isn't that person, but you are.
I'm sorry, Nata.
I don't need any trouble, especially right now.
What about what those fuckers did to Irene? Listen, that's in the past and it's over.
At the moment, Irene and I are great and I don't want to be one to screw it up.
You're not getting it.
You may be great, but I'm telling you, Irene is not.
What do you mean? [classical music.]
[knocking at door.]
OPEN [scoffs.]
CLOSED What, can't you read either? It's says "closed.
" I'm not buying anything.
So why are you standing outside the store? To bug me? Well, I was passing by and I wanted to say that, um that Nelson and I, um That you and Nelson what? Well, it's just Now we live at Alicia's, and my son is working.
Yes, I know he's working, I hired him.
Yeah, yeah, that's why I'm here.
Are you here to tell me things I already know? No, it's not anything like that.
- Then why are you here? - To speak to you.
But you said just now you didn't have to tell me anything.
Oh, you're such a moron! Now insults? Are you crazy or something? Well, I had something nice to tell you, but guess what? - Never mind, it's not worth it.
- Then just get lost.
Yeah, I'm leaving.
[classical music.]
What's so unclear about the word "closed"? Easy, papá, I'll be quick.
- You didn't tell me you hired some kid.
- Yeah, and? Shit, papá, I can't make it ends meet and you hire a kid you don't know anything about? I offered the job to you first.
But you said no.
So that's it? You could have insisted.
Didn't you think that just maybe I was resentful and needed a sign of respect or affection? So what you're telling me is that you just wanted to be treated like a baby.
I should have pleaded.
Is that right? It wouldn't have been bad for a change, papá.
You know what I think you actually wanted? To take over my store.
You can't be serious.
You thought if you didn't help me, I would have ended up retiring and hand you the business.
Well, guess what? I'm still here.
And now you've got a new rival who can ruin all your plans.
Am I close? I know you think I'm a terrible person.
You're not, but your wife is.
- [scoffs.]
- Well, I got bad news.
Nelson's doing well.
He appreciates all I've done for him, much more than you ever have.
What a pain in the ass you are.
That's so like you, papá.
Treating others better than you treat your own son.
- You serious? - [Santi.]
You've pushed me harder than anyone.
You've demanded more from me than anyone else.
Of course, you're my son.
I've always wanted you to achieve more.
To do things better than others.
I'm working in a bazar and destitute.
So you've achieved the opposite.
Me? Everything bad happening in your life is my fault? No.
I didn't force you to have that many children, to start an awful business, or to be a pussy who gets manipulated by his wife.
That's what you've hated about me, right, papá? That I'm weak.
That I'm a pussy.
Well, maybe you're right.
Because all my fucking life you've been beating me up, and telling me I'm worthless, I'm doing things wrong, over and over, over and over, until I've ended up believing it.
But how can I trust myself if my very own father never believed in me? That's not true, Santi.
You've always made me feel like shit.
That's a legacy that you'll never be able to take back.
Thanks, papá.
[door closes.]
You alright? [grunts.]
He only said those things 'cause he's angry.
You're a good man.
[emotive music.]
You think he-he-he'll come? [sighs.]
Tirso, right? Ángel Navarro, journalist.
How are you? Okay.
Uhm Ah.
Interview with Tirso Abantos.
Tirso, can I say your first name? What do you want? Well, to know everything.
- Then go back to school.
- [Ángel laughs.]
Let's see.
Uh, I'll tell you what I know.
I know you and your friends are the Robin Hoods of Entrevías.
And you're going to tell me everything else there is to know.
I'm not going to tell you anything.
Oh, no? No.
I don't think you understand how serious this is.
Either you cooperate, or I'll publish your names.
Everyone will know you're the Robin Hoods.
No, you don't understand.
You're not going to be publishing our names.
Are you threatening me? Not at all.
You're free to do what you want.
But I know you're not going to publish this.
- And how do you know that? - Because if you do they'll murder us.
Us three.
They'll kill us.
There are people in this neighborhood who won't hesitate to do it.
Will you be able to live with our deaths on your conscience? Will you be able to sleep at night? No.
You won't ruin your life over some bullshit headline, and you know it.
Thank you.
Taken care of.
Next time, keep your fucking mouth shut.
Nelson? What's up, you okay? You're still buying those pills, that's what's up.
What's wrong with you, Irene? Why didn't you just tell me instead of taking that shit behind my back? I thought we didn't have secrets between us.
I know, I'm sorry.
You said you were fine.
You said that things were better.
Yeah, they're better.
I just needed a little bit of help, that's all it is.
No, Irene, you're wrong.
I know how these things always end.
- You don't need to be taking those pills.
- You have no idea what I need.
So talk to me.
What's going on? What's wrong with you? I can't deal with it.
I'm scared and ashamed, dammit.
They fucked up my life.
I can't be happy anymore.
Not here or anywhere else.
Yes, you can.
Because I'm with you.
And we're in this together.
Nelson, I love you, but you don't understand.
You can't possibly understand.
[door opens and closes.]
Okay, you finally showed up.
Where have you been all afternoon? Thought this thing was going to do your job? I was with Irene.
Oh, pardon me.
At least you were late for a good reason.
Making out with my granddaughter.
Well, I'm sorry.
I'll sleep here and make up for the lost hours.
Happy now? Happier than you.
What's up? You had a fight? Did Irene realize you're a piece of shit and try to break up with you? Leave me alone.
Listen, kid, if you got a problem, deal with it before coming to the shop, but don't bring it here with you, is that clear? And face me when I talk to you.
- Someone else has the problem.
- And who's that? Irene? Is there something wrong with her? I asked you a question.
No, no.
It's my deal, forget it.
- Where is she right now? - At home.
Can you close the store by yourself or will you need to consult the internet to learn how to do it? Close the store? Hey, wait.
Where are you going? - [sighs.]
- [door closes.]
Not you again.
Problem, Tirso? Is it forbidden to be here? - I'm really not in the mood.
- [laughs.]
- Oh yeah? Don't say, you? - I have to go in there.
If you have something to say to me, say it and leave.
Mmm, I just don't feel like it right now.
What are you, a fucking idiot? I said, get out of my way.
Ah I just don't really want to.
Get out of my way! - Hey! - Get you hands off me! You're under arrest for assaulting an officer.
That's me.
You can't go around pushing policemen.
Your hands, Tirso.
Can you explain to me what this is about? I'm helping you.
I'm helping you solve the problem that you don't know you're facing.
By arresting me? Look, Tirso, tonight the Robin Hoods are going to burn Sandro's dope.
And if the Robin Hoods are out there tonight fucking Sandro, and you're in here all locked up, eating your shit, I guess you can't be one of the Robin Hoods, isn't that right? What? [Ezequiel.]
I'm giving you an alibi.
For some reason, I'm saving your life, Tirso.
I told you I don't want dead people in my street.
Or didn't you know? I always fulfill my promises.
And when you have a minute, I'm sure you'll thank me, Tirso.
One night, Tirso.
You'll spend one night in there.
That's it.
[phone keyboard clacking.]
Shit, where are you, Loko? [beeping.]
I was going to call Ezequiel.
I thought you bailed.
You don't need to do that.
Here's the van and all we need to fuck Sandro's fat ass.
John and Pablo are coming with me.
They make it look like we're the Robin Hoods.
You were right.
I got to step forward if I want to be someone.
And I promise I'll be someone.
I will.
[song playing, in Spanish.]
You're so sexy Sometimes I have trouble talking ♪ That's the alcohol's fault And some other things ♪ Even when you just woke up You're so pretty ♪ You don't need anything to shine ♪ Not even the sea waves Have those curves ♪ My jaw drops when I see you dance ♪ [phone ringing.]
Hello? - Hey, Gladys.
- [Gladys.]
Tirso? You sound strange.
Why are you calling so late? Are you at home? Did something happen? I'd tell you about it if you'd just stop talking for a minute.
I'm at the police station.
I've been arrested.
At the police station? What happened? Oh, my God.
Did you punch somebody? No one today, though I feel like it.
Look, I'm going to stay here till tomorrow.
I don't know if you were going salsa dancing tonight, but I need you to keep an eye on Irene for me.
Yes, of course.
You can count on me.
Tell her I'm fine.
They only allow me to make one phone call in here.
Oh? They only let you make one and you called me? Bye, Gladys.
[in Spanish.]
The short time we had together ♪ Was enough to love you for eternity ♪ Think about this, Sandro.
Even a big ram gets fleeced once in a while.
You were fleeced.
Deal with it, you know.
Just cut the bullshit and tell me where to find these motherfucking Robin Hoods.
I'm telling you, it'll take at least 30 days to find out about them.
Thirty sacks of shit is what I'm going to give you.
I'm going to have to figure it out myself, like I always fucking have to do.
I have my ways to find those fuckers.
I'm going to fucking fuck them hard.
With a little fucking trap.
I set up some nice juicy bait.
What kind of trap did you set? Was it a bunny trap? One that'll kill them all, bam, and be done with it.
I've let it spread that I'm keeping that juicy shit in the Nogueras daycare.
Juicy bait, huh? If those fucking Robin Hood heroes show up there, I'm going to I'm going to sink them, just like billiards.
And I'm going to take their arrows and apples and shove them up their asses once they're dead.
Listen to me carefully.
You got to cancel what you were going to do.
You got me? Cancel it now.
What the fuck are you talking about? They were on their way.
- They should be there already.
- No, no, no.
Stop them.
Don't let them do it.
They are people there waiting to fuck them up.
Stop them! Ezequiel! Fuck.
Oh, my God.
["Kalvin" playing.]
[in Spanish.]
It's not enough to be different ♪ Don't touch my people The sky is the limit ♪ This anxiety that consumes me ♪ Sometimes I think it's too late ♪ People out killing Out of love for their own ♪ My boys, until death breaks you apart ♪ Don't mourn me if I die, I'm sorry ♪ Don't call if I get lost Leave a message on the machine ♪ And if so, maybe I'll call you back ♪ [gasping.]
- Tell-tell - What? Tell Nata [gasps.]
that I'm sorry.
And that [groans.]
that I love her.
Here Real is like Psycho Like Asensio I always score ♪ My room smells like you ♪ I offer a toast as I mess up the room ♪ Time goes by, plan your steps ♪ Don't judge my path I walked it with bare feet ♪ Where the fuck is Loko? Nata? IN THE NEXT EPISODE That son of a bitch Sandro killed my Loko.
You're a son of a bitch! You knew what might happen last night and you led us there anyway! It was your fucking fault! What if those kids from last night weren't the Robin Hoods? What do you mean? [Yeyo.]
Remember the owner of the hardware store who reported you? Got you, you bastard.
So if I'm going down, rest assured I'll tell the whole damn world this was all your idea.
So why don't you just go back to wherever you came from and leave us in peace? I need you to stop using that shit.
Swear to me you'll stop, please.
Like Asensio I always score ♪ My room smells like you ♪ Gladys, I'm in trouble.
I got to leave Entrevías right now, for good, and I want you to come with me.
What? I already called your mother.
Please don't give up on me, Grandpa.
She deserves to be aware.
And then you'll leave with her.
I got a plan.
I think we can take him down.
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