Wrong Side of the Tracks (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

The last train

What happened? I heard Sandro's people killed a guy.
So where the hell is Loco? Nata? No! It's not something you get used to, huh.
Hey, this isn't your fault.
Okay? Shh.
It's alright.
That son of a bitch Sandro killed my Loco.
And he'll pay.
I've got a plan.
I think we can take him down.
We can take him down? Yes.
Sandro probably knows we dated and he won't let me get close.
But together we can sneak a pistol into that place.
I can't be part of that, Nata.
He was your friend, that means something.
Your fucking friend! I know, and what the fuck do you want me to do? It's time for you to fucking react.
If you'd gone with him, you would have known what you were doing and Loco wouldn't be dead right now.
Don't blame me for what happened.
Don't even try.
Don't you dare! I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
It was mine.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
We're not the ones who shot him.
Sandro did.
That's why I need you to help me.
I can't get mixed up in that.
I can't risk throwing everything away.
Irene needs me.
Fucking Irene, man.
She doesn't need you, think about it.
She's from somewhere else.
I need you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Ah! Oh, god.
What happened? What's going on here? Have you set traps in my house? You scared me to death.
So what? You woke me up I decided to do the ironing to pass the time.
- Did you hurt yourself? - It's nothing.
There's a smell.
It's jasmine.
You brought an air freshener? Hey, you're not settling in, are you? We very well know when you move into a house What? Hey, if I'm here at all it's because I was invited.
You could have called baldie from the bar, but no, you called me.
God knows why.
Because you're my neighbor.
Well then, I'm off.
I've gotta go take care of Alicia.
How's the girl? She's sleeping, hasn't moved.
Not even a peep.
See you.
Gladys Thanks you.
It's not that hard to apologize.
- What? - That's what neighbors are for.
DANCE HALL Huh? What do you think man? Isn't it badass? Who is it, Jesus Christ? Are you joking with me? Jesus Christ? What are you thinking? Don't be blasphemous.
It's José Monjecruz, Camarón de la Isla.
- Do you like it? - Yeah, a lot.
Well it's yours, for killing that fucking moor who wanted to rob us.
Put it on, don't be afraid.
You enjoy that.
Man was a legend.
- Sandro - Mm.
I was thinking.
What if those kids from last night weren't the Robin Hoods? What are you talking about, those punks weren't the Robin Hoods? The guys who burned down the junk flat were all men, professionals.
Last night they were just teenage meatheads.
What's this? - You know what the cops think? - No, tell me what they think.
That the fucking Robin Hoods are ex-military.
I got their list.
So? Remember the owner of the hardware store who reported you? - The old guy? - Yeah.
There he is.
He's on the list.
Check it out.
Go look for something, some clues, and see if you're right about it.
And if you are, I want that motherfucking old man buried forever, got me? Good man.
Yeyo Your new gift, wear it with pride now.
Show it off.
That's my boy.
Nelson, what are you doing here? What's wrong? What happened? They killed Loco.
What? - How? - It was Sandro's guys.
I told Loco to fight for what he wanted and now look.
- Nelson - I can't believe it.
It's so fucked! It just feels like everything that I do, every time I make a decision, someone else suffers.
Like Loco, you, - my mom, like my whole world.
- What? But you're not the one to blame for this.
My love, look at me.
You're not to blame for this.
If something happened to you, I couldn't live with myself.
Nothing's going to happen to me.
I'm fine, really.
I need you to quit the pills, my love.
Swear to me you'll stop using them.
Nelson, I I need the pills.
We'll find someone to help you.
Please don't say that.
I only have you.
You and me.
There's no one else.
I'm sorry.
I'm supposed to meet Clara, but I'll stay with you, okay? No, no, no.
Don't be worried, I'll be fine.
And besides, I gotta go to work.
- Are you sure? - I'm sure.
- We'll talk about it later.
- Okay.
Got you, you bastard.
You're a son of a bitch! You knew what might happen last night and you led us there anyways! It's your fucking fault! Well, it seems clear that when you recommend a Korean restaurant you take some risks.
Please, come with me, and we can talk about this somewhere else.
These people are working.
Sit down.
Nata, what in the hell are you doing? We're in the fucking police station here.
They murdered Loco and it's because of you, Ezequiel.
Both of these things are the truth, but I swear on my mother's grave that I didn't know it was a trap when I called you.
I'd give anything to reverse it.
Anything so that your boyfriend would be alive.
I'm not able to reverse it, Nata.
- That's it? You think you can fix this - There's no way to fix this, Nata.
There isn't.
Sandro will pay for it.
He'll go to jail.
- What more do you want? - Kill him please, thank you very much.
Stop the bullshit plans to arrest him and kill Sandro, understand? One bullet solves it all.
You know that's impossible, Nata.
If you won't do it, then I'll do it.
Nata, if you become controlled by your hate, if you get carried away by your anger, you'll end up in a body bag.
Just like he did.
You're a coward and a piece of shit.
Yes, both of these things are the truth, Nata.
They are.
I have so many curtain rods, and you had to grab the mahogany one.
It was the first one I saw.
What should I have done? Pick another one.
The one that costs six euros, this one costs a fortune.
So maybe next time I'll price out my weapon? Remember, I helped you Is that what this is? You have no idea of the mess you're making.
We gotta do something with this.
Hand me the twisted sisal rope.
The four stranded one, six millimeters.
I wanna tie him up real quick.
Huh? You don't what sisal is? And you want me to pay you? I knew it.
You guys stole the money from Sandro, right? Why? You think you're the only one who is upset about what they did to Irene? You broke into Sandro's place for Irene? No, because they bought the duffel bags for all their drugs at the Chinese bazar.
Are you surprised? Those street thugs have hurt my granddaughter.
They did something inexcusable and almost got away.
Not with me here.
This is twisted sisal.
Four ply and six millimeters.
Now help me.
- You really care about her.
- Are you going to help me? Come on.
Pull there, we gotta bind him.
Let's tie his hands first.
There you go.
That's it.
I got the hands.
There, there you go.
Yeah, like that.
That's good.
I've got it from here, please, come on.
- We're not opening, day off.
- No, I'm staying with you.
I said get the hell out.
And leave your keys.
Oh, okay.
We've got a major problem.
I need you to swing by the hardware store.
Now, come quickly.
Hello? Unbelievable.
Hello? - Hey, what's going on? - Huh? I'm just rearranging the store.
If you're looking for Nelson, he's not here.
- I gave him the day off.
- Yeah, he told me.
Why, did you hit your head or is this a business trick to pay my son less? I'm curious, when you're home alone, do you talk to yourself or are you quiet? When I'm alone, I sing.
- What was that? - Huh? - Rats.
- Rats? - Ugh, that's gross.
- Yeah, yeah.
- I hate rats.
- These rats are enormous.
We didn't open so I could try to find the nest.
- H-H-Hello.
- Hello.
- What happened here? - There's this enormous rat downstairs.
You guys go ahead, I'll be right down.
I shut down the restaurant during breakfast for a rat? Kind off.
A little excessive, three men to bring down one rat? - You haven't seen how big it is.
- Holy fuck.
- I'm leaving.
- Yeah.
OPEN You're here to help? Or are you going to stand around staring? What's he doing here? He was snooping.
He found the trunk with the weapons.
O shit.
What do we do? Maybe first we look for that rat? Okay, he's the rat, I get it.
What do we do? I'm not sure.
We can't let him go, that much is clear.
If he talks to his boss, we're dead.
What if we try reasoning with him? Yes, reason with him.
Maybe we'll say, "Sure, we robbed your boss, but walk away and we all pretend it didn't happen.
" How's that, Pepe? Hey, we might be fucked, but he's also fucked.
I'm sure he understands the situation.
Hey, you.
Come on, punk.
The nap is over.
Wake up.
Hey, easy there! Take it easy, calm down.
Take it easy, I'm removing the tape from your mouth.
Will you cooperate? Let me go, you bastards.
This guy's an idiot.
Ah! He bit me! You're dead, you fuckers.
- Shut up.
Shut up.
- That didn't work out, huh.
There's really only one option We kill him.
And who's going to do it, you? Or you? Because I'm not going to do it.
I've got an idea.
You two wait here.
Don't do anything.
Where are you going? That's great.
It's way too much, my dear.
We're going to be eating chicken all week long.
No, I'm going to take a little of this ajiaco to Tirso.
Well, well.
Caring for his granddaughter, and bringing him food I think it's safe to say you don't find him all bad.
No, it's not what you're thinking.
Last night when I was there, his fridge was half empty.
- The girl is so skinny, poor thing.
- Oh - I felt so sorry for her.
- Yeah.
Turns out it's really for the girl.
Well aunt, I admit that deep down, way down there, the man makes me feel a certain tenderness, you know? - He's very alone.
- Sure.
He's a pain in the ass and a grouch, but when he says he'll do something for you, he does.
Yes, of course.
Guaguancó is playing ♪ We have a problem.
I've got one of Sandro's men tied up in my hardware store.
And this man came from Sandro to buy a doormat for the drug flat? Javi, would you mind excusing us for just a minute? - Sure.
- Thank you.
I've got him tied up downstairs.
Is he tied up downstairs because he wouldn't pay for the doormat? He found out about us.
He knows it was us who stole all the drug money from Sandro.
Tirso, it's over.
It's over.
They murdered a kid, middle of the street.
Blasted him.
You know why they shot him? Because he wanted to make sure you were safe.
I didn't ask any kid to come save me.
What the hell are you talking about? You don't have to know everything, Tirso.
Any tied up thugs are your problem.
You can't just come to me looking for solutions to your fucking shit piles.
No fucking way.
Excuse me if you please, Tirso.
I have a lot of work to do.
Look, jerk.
You came to me, suggesting we work together in all this mess.
So if I'm going down, I will tell the whole damn world this was all your idea.
You'll go to my hardware store immediately, grab that son of a bitch and get him the hell out of there.
Be sure he doesn't make any noise to his boss, not a single world, or I'll see to it that my problems are your problems.
Didn't I tell you to go home for the day? I really need to talk.
Really? On your day off? - What is it with you kids these days? - I need to tell you something.
What are you doing? It's about Irene.
She's depressed.
And so she takes them.
Get out.
We have to help her, Tirso.
Fuck off! Hello, where is he? Who? Waldo.
Where the hell is Waldo? The junkie you've got in there.
Tirso asked me to help out.
- Tirso is not here.
- Hm.
Do you like me to offer some help, yes or no? Okay, I'm outta here.
One minute.
This way.
He's down here.
It's been complicated.
He won't cooperate, so we had to employ force.
What the hell have you done here? - What? - What kind of carnage is this? - No, no, that's callos on the floor.
- Callos? I had some callos at the bar.
That little shit knocked it over.
You brought callos to a junkie you've taken for a hostage? Junkies don't like callos, believe me.
They like the sweet stuff.
It's my specialty.
The callos is so good, it'll bring you to tears.
Can we stop messing around here? Tell me where he is, or maybe just show me? He's in the bathroom on the right.
Fuck! Why the fuck do you have him like that? He needed to piss, we didn't want him to piss all over himself.
Prisoners must be respected.
It's in the Geneva Convention.
But why the hell do you have him like this? What's wrong? He has seen my face.
Why do you have him with his eyes uncovered? Because it's in the Geneva Convention.
I can't believe this.
You motherfuckers.
Stupid morons! Why is he here, to insult us? He was asked by Tirso.
Fuck For fuck's sake.
There's only one means of solving this.
Go tell Tirso that by tomorrow morning this will be cleaned up.
What? Get the hell out.
What are you going to do? I will find him a great fucking place in the fucking Geneva Convention.
- Get the fuck out of here! - Wait a minute You're not gonna Just get out of here! Get out, get out! Get out! Shh.
Hello? It won't happen again.
I promise.
Right under my nose.
This has all happened right under my nose, and I didn't even notice it.
This is my fault, all mine.
It's clear to me that I made a mistake.
It was a mistake for you to live with me.
No, no, it wasn't.
Since you've been here only the very worst things have happened.
That's not true, grandpa.
It's over.
It is decided.
What's decided? Grandpa, please.
For God's sake, don't send me to my mother.
Jimena was right from the very beginning.
But for my pride I didn't see it.
I was wrong about everything.
About my kids and you.
Not like this, please Grandpa.
Just get angry, yell at me, blame me, but don't just write me off like this.
Please don't give up, grandpa.
Not you.
I already called your mother.
I'm going to tell her everything that's happened.
That's it.
She deserves to be aware.
And then you'll leave with her.
Don't even think of looking at me, like I'm some kind of fucking killer like you.
I'm not even close.
I just wanted to be a cop.
Get out of my hometown, solve crimes, put on a uniform And now I've come to this, about to wrap some dumb motherfucker in plastic.
But like all sons of bitches I'm sure there's someone who loves you, and you love too.
Well you can go fuck yourself.
I'm nothing like you.
I'm nothing like you.
SORRY YOU GET TO DEAL WITH THAT MESS DOWNSTAIRS Ezequiel, what's going on? Are you okay? Right now I'm better than ever.
May I come in? How could you think of coming over this late? - Alicia is sound asleep.
- I came to change your life.
I came to change your life.
I'm about to change your face with the slap I'll give you.
I've gotta tell you something.
Come here.
Why are you barging in here? Can't you come tomorrow? No, no, no.
Gladys, I'm in trouble.
I have to leave Entrevías right now, no questions asked.
I want you to come with me.
What? Go where? Anywhere you want.
Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, your land.
Wherever you want.
We'll live like royalty.
All I want is for you to be happy, to have some fun and enjoy it.
If it happens that we should fall in love, then that's great.
And if not, if not, each of us can go on about their own path, and live our own lives.
- What do you say? Come with me.
- Ezequiel, it's just I'm not leaving my son.
Nelson is in love.
He's happy, has a job now.
He no longer needs you.
Nelson's better than ever.
We can leave him this.
Be selfish and come with me.
- I'm also taking care of Alicia.
- Alicia Leave her some money.
Let Alicia find true happiness.
I offer what you have always wanted, to be as happy as you deserve.
Without a care.
By God, just you and me.
Just come with me, right now.
Come with me, come on.
Come on.
I can't, Ezequiel.
I'm sorry.
Why not? Are you in love with someone else? No, why would you say that? Who would I be in love with? You are in love with someone else.
You gotta be a good loser.
And I'm so very good at losing Have a good life.
Where have you been? We called 100 times.
I barely slept at all last night.
Your cop buddy came by.
- Did he take care of the problem? - That's the thing.
How he plans to do it.
I don't want to be an accomplice to murder, Tirso.
Stay calm.
That cop is always talking out of his ass.
He doesn't have the balls to be a killer.
I'm sure he came up with something more creative.
Good morning.
If you have something to tell me, be quick about it.
Fu is expecting me to open the bazar.
I want to give something to you.
I want nothing from you, understand? Nothing.
HARDWARE STORE DEEDS What's this? This is the license, insurance and the deed of ownership for the hardware store.
COPY OF THE DEED NOTARY We'll make the change of ownership.
What are you talking about? I have a few things I still gotta grab.
But beginning tomorrow, it's all yours.
It should have been yours a long time ago.
I think this is best for everyone.
And it's best for the hardware store.
Are you planning to cry now and fuck it all up? I just have no words.
Just say nothing.
You may be good at hardware, but I assure you that speeches have never been your strong suit.
I can't believe this, I feel all dizzy.
Looking but not seeing.
Let's see, GPS, my best friend Elvis and I tell you the destination How can I help you? I want to go somewhere beachy where I will be happy and where there's plenty of women.
I'm sorry, directions to where? That's the problem.
It's gotta be somewhere very far.
Somewhere not even God knows me.
And fuck it, go to someplace with bars, why not.
I don't know of any place called "fuck it.
" Would you like me to search the internet? Oh boy.
Well, let's see, Miss Navigator.
You'll be the only person I'll be talking to for a long time, so let's see if we can improve on the quality of conversation.
I don't understand you.
Where do you want to go? That is the problem as well.
I don't want to go anywhere.
And I don't want to go anywhere, much less with a dumb bitch like you.
Nelson! I tried calling but you weren't answering.
My grandfather took my phone and locked me in here.
He knows about the pills.
He called my mom and she's coming to take me away.
What? Look, listen.
I know where to get some money.
Maybe just enough money to buy some tickets so we can get out of here, you and me.
We'll make it work somehow.
Be ready.
I'll go get the money, then come get you, okay? I love you.
You are definitely a piece of shit, you know that? Good morning to you, too.
I told you about Irene's pills so you would help her, not just toss her aside.
I am indeed helping her.
Even you with a brain of a baboon - can grasp that idea.
- Helping her? By calling her mother? She doesn't love her.
She never did, but we do.
We're losing her.
You're fucking up her life, Tirso.
Her life's been fucked up from the very moment you crossed paths with her.
That's bullshit, man.
Let's see.
Since you met she's been stealing drugs, addicted to drugs, and thanks to you she met the scum who beat her, raped her and completely wrecked her life.
The best thing for Irene would be to leave her alone for the rest of your little life.
You're a real motherfucker.
And I never want to see you again.
By all means, please leave.
First you pay me what I've earned for working here.
You're the one who decided to up and quit.
After all the bullshit I put up with I'm not leaving with no money.
You see? You never wanted to work here or make a better life for yourself.
The only thing you want is the money.
The money and my granddaughter.
You will never again see my granddaughter and I won't pay you a single red penny.
Get out.
And don't ever come back.
What the fuck are you doing? You fucking thief! - Hello, Alicia.
Hi, mama.
- Hello, sweetheart.
- Hello, my love.
- Gladys, are you going out? I'm taking that ajiaco to Tirso.
Honey, with all that perfume you're wearing he won't be able to smell the food.
What are you talking about? This is my everyday scent.
Sure then, ok, good.
Best of luck to you.
Ok, thank you.
Tirso, what a coincidence.
I was just about to bring you Is your son around? - My son? - Your son, the thief.
Is he home? What the hell? My son is not a thief.
Yes he is.
He stole money out of my cash register as I sat there watching him.
What? No, no, no.
- There has to be some explanation.
- Yes, of course there is.
When you let some panchito punk into your home and give him a chance.
What is your deal with panchitos? My deal is that you only bring more problems.
Everyone was just fine until you and your son showed up here.
Why don't you just go back to wherever you came from and leave us in peace? I want to turn myself in.
It's over for me.
What's in the bag? Money.
Dirty money, easy money, whatever your preference is.
Money that I made with Sandro and the others.
I'm a bad cop.
I'm just total scum.
I'm turning myself in.
And if I say no? I guess I'll leave, get on a plane and go.
Well, you'd make it to the border.
There's a tracker on your car.
And a warrant for your arrest should you leave Spain.
Come on, you really believed I didn't know anything? No.
I knew you were corrupt before I even came here.
Come on, close your mouth.
I prefer to take a walk.
I don't want to talk here.
Hello, papa.
What's happened with Irene? So much has happened since Irene has lived here.
Too much.
And I've made the mistake of not telling you about any of it.
I'm ready, let's go.
My mom is already here.
Let's go.
What? What is it? You don't have the money.
Yeah, but we won't be leaving this place, Irene.
What are you saying? It was me who told your grandfather that you are taking those pills.
What? You need help.
You need to get as far away as you can from me.
But I don't understand.
Your grandpa was right.
If you hadn't met me, none of this would have happened.
Wait My grandpa is just a miserable old man who wants to upset you, that's all this is.
No, you have no idea who your grandfather is and what he's done for you.
He burned the drug flat down.
He stood up to Sandro.
Your grandfather is the fucking Robin Hood.
At this very moment he's risking his life for you.
But Your grandfather loves you.
He's protecting you.
He's protecting you from me.
So this is the end? Our meeting was a mistake.
It wasn't a mistake.
- It was magic, destiny.
- No.
What destiny? This is not your destiny.
I dragged you here, Irene.
It's just, I don't understand.
I don't understand what you're saying.
It was me and you.
The two of us.
Me and you against the world.
Come on, let's leave and go far from here, like none of this ever happened.
No, Irene, no.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
They raped me daughter and you say nothing.
Why would you keep that from her mother? Who the hell do you think you are? It's my damn pride.
That has always been my problem.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry I won't let anything bad to happen to you again.
You hear me? Never.
Are you okay? Are you all packed? - Irene - No, back off.
Just back off! We're done for good, papa.
You won't see me for the rest of your life.
And Irene stays with me.
Got it? Come on.
I'm always making bad decisions As if I were a magnet for them ♪ You always were well-mannered And nothing would turn out badly ♪ Who would have said you'd notice me I would never have imagined it ♪ And now I have you before me I can't let you go ♪ In laughter and sadness I'll wait for you at your door ♪ So that you won't need to look for me When you need me ♪ Maybe I'm not good for you And you deserve something more ♪ Someone less difficult Who knows where he's going ♪ I'm a mess over you I go round and round ♪ I try to surprise you And you don't notice ♪ I didn't even realize I think I will call you ♪ Irene! I'm a mess over you I go round and round ♪ I try to surprise you And you don't notice ♪ What? I'm a mess over you I go round and round ♪ This is H Roto, baby Tell me this is something more ♪ Before I came to Entrevías I knew everything about you.
I knew about you and Sandro, all of your affairs For four years you were following me.
That's good work, yes sir.
The Internal Affairs-guys wanted to act.
But I pulled them back, because I needed you out there inside the operation of Sandro.
- You were using me.
- Yep.
Like all the women in my life, I guess.
No offense taken.
It's my fault.
The main problem I've been having is your conflict with Sandro.
That would render you useless.
I've been intent on you two reconciling.
So I tried everything, the tip about La Rosa.
I even tried kicking you off the force to get you back to Sandro.
It wasn't bad that you kicked me off the force.
That's why I hired you back.
So you'd keep being Sandro's snitch.
But that didn't work either.
There's one thing I don't get.
You could have tossed King Kong almost anytime from his skyscraper.
So what in the hell did you need me for? It's not Sandro who interests us.
The person we're really trying to catch is much more dangerous.
Holy shit, he must be a real bastard.
He is.
We call him "The Phantom," because nobody knows his name or face.
But we know how he behaves.
He contacts minor gangsters in the neighborhoods just like this one and he finances them with drugs, weapons, contacts too.
For eight years I've been chasing him all over Spain.
A few months back he contacted Sandro.
That's why I'm here.
Here I am thinking I'm a fucking baller I'm a fuckin punk.
I'm a sucker.
Yes, Ezequiel, you've been played.
But you're very well-positioned right now.
And maybe thanks to that, you'll avoid jail.
Is this where you pitch me one last job? Yes.
Go work things out with Sandro.
Convince him to contact The Phantom.
Get us a name, an address, a face, whatever.
And I'll keep you out of prison.
Just help us make an arrest.
- But if you fail on this - I'm behind bars.
I won't be able to help you.
I may soon have a bit of a problem dealing with Sandro because of some unfinished business.
When he discovers it When he finds out, he's going to get rid of me, Amanda.
Then we'll have to move quickly to get this information.
Fuck! What is this? SORRY YOU GET TO DEAL WITH THAT MESS DOWNSTAIRS For the love of God.
Oh fuck, oh fuck.
What's happening here? Hey, man.
Wake up.
Hey, wake up.
Okay, okay.
Who tied you up? What are you doing here? Who did this to you? Hey, you.
Fuck my life.
Fuck this.
Fuck this.
Come on, papa.
Come on, damnit.
Pick up.
Drop the fucking phone.
Don't hurt me.
Have him pick up and tell him it's me.
What the hell's going on with the operation? No, that's not what we talked about.
Okay, good.
Thank you.
- Ready to do this? - Yes, yes, we're ready.
But where's the rest of the team that should be here? There's no back up, Ezequiel.
This one's just me and you.
You want me to crawl into that hole with a bug and no back up to speak off, no plan to speak off.
And if it all goes bad, then it's, "Fuck you, Ezequiel.
" Hey, I don't know if you're aware, but this is your one opportunity to beat Sandro and avoid jail.
Have you seen The Silence of the Lambs? "Quid pro quo, Clarice, quid pro quo.
" Quid pro quo what, Ezequiel? I think you really got fucked up by The Phantom, am I right? It's personal.
I won't go in until you tell me about it.
My father was a beat cop.
Like you.
He was killed in the street.
They split his chest open with a pistol, large caliber.
A Desert Eagle, semi auto.
Nobody bothered to check what the hell a weapon like that was doing in a neighborhood in Valencia.
But guess what, I sure did.
I found out there was someone supplying all the drugs and weapons to the neighborhood gangs.
So yes, this is very personal.
All of this is for my father.
And for everyone who died because of that son of bitch.
How's that? What was your father's name? Javier.
Communication is key to understanding, Amanda.
Hey Shh.
What's up, champ? Is bad boy downstairs? - That's some gangster watch.
- You like it? Thirty grand.
Wanna know something? This son of a bitch doesn't count your steps, or measure your heart rate, or count your calories or any of that shit.
It's a crazy little world.
I wanna speak with you, frankly.
Because I've been thinking about some things.
Don't fuck with me baby, you're already thinking and everything.
That's good, because for a second I thought you already cracked.
Take care.
Don't have a stroke from so much thinking, snitch? You are very high up in the skyscraper, huh King Kong? Am I right? What do you mean by that? I'm just saying you used to be the fat man Sandro, a kind of a badass, normal sort of guy, approachable.
You respected everyone.
Now you wear 30,000 euro watches, and you leave me alone, naked in the street.
Know what I think? You're working with someone very important and I wanna know Shut your fucking mouth! What does it matter who I fucking work for, huh? What does it matter who I work for? What does it matter? If I'm going to risk jailtime for you, I want to know who he is, because I know who you are, handsome, and I don't know this guy.
Why is it a man? Why not a woman? Why can't it be a group of guys or a pack of fucking wolves? - Did someone tell you something? - Well.
Don't get paranoid.
I need to know if we can trust this fucker.
You need to know a lot of things.
You're inquisitive and very nervous today.
What's up with you? Check him out.
Hey, hey, hey.
Why don't you go frisk your fucking mother.
I'm really sick of it, of the humiliation.
I'm sick and tired of you disrespecting me all the time.
Think about that.
Get the fuck out of my way.
- Grab him.
Grab him.
Stop him right there.
Stop him right there.
Where are you going, bro? What's the matter? You look a little hot.
Oh, what do we have here? He's got a little radio.
Test, one two three! Fuck me.
Take this rat, drag him to a fucking dump and blow his fucking brains on that shitpile.
I always knew you were a snitch.
I fucking knew it.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Son of a bitch, he's dead.
What's up, Tirso? How about a bear, or maybe something to eat? - It's the girl.
- What? She's gone.
She's gone forever.
But what happened? Pour me a whisky.
What a mess, huh? I'll grab another.
Tirso! I wish I had killed you.
Too late now, fucker.
Or maybe not.
Gladys, are you okay? Freeze.
Don't move, fucker.
She's hurt.
Call an ambulance.
No, she's bleeding quite a bit.
I'll take her in my car.
Call the police.
Don't worry about anything.
We're going to the hospital.
What, are you going to carry me all the way there? Oh! Put me down.
Put me down, it hurts so badly.
Oh, put me down.
Oh! Quickly, someone call an ambulance! Do you know how long it's been since a man carried me in his arms? You have a wonderful smile.
You should smile more.
Don't you ever shut up? Oh.
- Come on, hang in there.
- Oh, oh, oh.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Only minutes after a shooting earlier this evening in club Entrevías where one man had died, there has also been a stabbing inside this bar.
One person was wounded whose condition is still unknown.
According to eyewitness testimonies, a man entered with a knife and attacked one of the customers.
The proprietor of the bar was able to subdue him.
Fuck you, man.
We'll tell them we're family and I'll go with you in the ambulance.
You? Family of a panchito? I won't leave you behind.
These injuries can become complicated.
You're so good at reassuring a wounded, aren't you? Don't worry about it, I'll be fine.
I'm going to spend a couple of weeks lying on the sofa, eating and watching TV.
You're gonna have a scar.
Fine, I'm not planning to put a bikini on anytime soon.
To be honest, I like scars.
Is there anything else I can do for you? Tell Nelson.
And smile more.
EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN That son of a bitch won't be hurting anybody ever again.
Amanda, you know my life intimately.
Am I going to jail for a long time? Raquel, give us a minute, please.
Holy mother of God, deep down you like me.
- Deep down I remind you of your dad.
- No, you don't remind me of my dad.
But I do like you.
There's still time for you to pretend to drop the handcuff keys.
I'll grab them and make a run for it.
I like you, but you know that won't happen.
Is everything always so black and white? There are some grays out there It's been a pleasure working with you.
Raquel, let's get out of here.
Grandpa! Are you all right? Yes.
I was afraid they'd killed you.
You can see they didn't.
I'm sorry, grandpa.
I'm so sorry.
Grandpa, you'll have to pay for the cab.
Have your mother pay for it.
FOR SALE Are you kidding? Selling the bar? Now you're going to talk about the thugs as usual.
It's not even two months since Sandro was killed and we already have four youth gangs dividing up the streets of Entrevías by action zone.
Here, here, here and here.
This is your new life.
So where is Irene? Irene! Maybe she's in the chalet with her rich mommy, by the pool with her blonde, rich, posh friends.
We want to purchase real estate in Entrevías.
- Purchase it for? - To demolish.
We'll start here.
Since the girl left and you left the hardware store, you're a little like like a cow without a cowbell.
What do you want? What are you doing here? It's good to see you dancing to my song You've stolen me away like a thief ♪ My heart beats faster And faster and faster ♪ I'm flying higher than a plane I'm flying higher than a plane ♪ Seeing you dance to my song Seeing you dance, girl ♪ You've stolen me away like a thief You've stolen me away ♪ The world stops and fades Once inside I can't let go ♪ Something will happen to me here My soul is trembling ♪ You've got me unwell, baby You've got me unwell ♪ Unwell, unwell, unwell, yeah ♪ You're dismissed.

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