Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e02 Episode Script

Citadel of Doom

Xiaolin Showdown.
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Xiaolin Showdown.
Omi: Previously on
Xiaolin Showdown
Kimiko: Jack Spicer?
You 3 dweebs are my only
hope of defeating Wuya.
The only person who
ever defeated Wuya
was Grand Master Dashi.
You missed him by
about 1,500 years.
Jack Spicer's evil time machine!
We can really travel
back in time?
Grand Master Dashi!
I need the secret
to defeating Wuya!
I'll build you
another puzzle box.
What do you mean you don't
know how to get him back?!
You sent Omi 1,500
years into the past
without any idea how
to get him back?!
This never came up
in the beta testing.
I mean, I could only
travel back 2 seconds.
You! You!
Thank you.
You doofus!
You trapped Omi in
the past forever!
Easy, easy. I can fix this.
Give me a week, tops.
Ok, I'll need more than a week.
Kimiko, we got us a
sackful of trouble.
I hear that.
Rrr! Unh!
Aren't you gonna get in there?
No, but my boys will.
Jack-bots! Annihilatefy!
Oh, yeah! That's my boys!
Shiftin' gears and
kickin' rears.
Easy, Jack, Wuya's
still out there.
Yeah, this cattle drive
is just gettin' started.
You're just sayin' that 'cause
you were gettin' pasted,
not like my boys!
Let's hear it for the
automatons who get it on!
Raise the roof! Whoop! Whoop!
Whoop! Whoop!
Ohh! Ohh!
Wow! That'sBig.
I surrender!
Ok, put on your game face.
Dude, you're supposed
to stop the puck!
No! Don't eat the
Ok, let's try something else.
I don't know, basketball?
I guess not.
Hey, hey, Wuya, the
good time gal.
You up for a little air hockey?
UhWe'll need a new puck.
Later, Raimundo.
May I present your
fallen comrades,
the Xiaolin warriors.
Let me out!
Wuya: Delicious.
My domination of the world
is now complete.
Uh, Wuya, you might want
to do a head count.
You're short one Omi.
Where's Omi?
Frankly, it's none of
your business, ma'am.
Oh? Well, as they say,
I have ways of making you talk.
Jack: He's trapped in the past.
Yeah. He traveled back in time
to ask some guy named
Dashi for help.
Omi's in the past?
Yes, and now he's trapped there.
And it was me who
sent him back, Wuya.
I was really on your
side all the way.
Stupid Omi walked
right into our trap.
Whoo-hoo! You can let me go now.
For get it, Jack.
I'm not buying.
Really? Even if I whimper?
Omi is really trapped
in the past?
We'll never see him again,
thanks to you!
And I hope you feel
guilty about it.
Yeah. Nice goin',
you two-faced fink.
II never wanted anything
to happen to you guys.
II just wanted my due.
And now you've got it, Raimundo.
To the dungeon with them.
Wait! Wait!
Wuya, what if these guys,
you know, swear loyalty to you?
Maybe they could sort of
live in the palace with me.
If they swear their loyalty.
Come on, guys!
You won't believe the
stuff she's got!
Video games, race
cars, speed boats!
Sold! You can let me go now.
The offer's not for you, Jack.
Boy, you really hold a grudge.
Guys, Wuya rules
the whole world,
so come on!
Join the winning team already.
What do you say?
What do we say?
How about
Dream on!
I'd sooner kiss the
backside of a mule.
Dojo: Forget it!
So be it, Xiaolin warriors.
You can spend the
rest of eternity
in the dungeon.
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Ha ha ha! Now that was fun.
So, how do you play
this "air hockey"?
So will Wuya keep us in
prison in here forever,
or let us out for good
behavior in 5,000 years?
Dojo: Not to worry,
my Xiaolin friends.
The old hag made a
tactical error.
Really, Dojo?
'Cause from where I'm standin',
looks like Wuya's got it
figured out 8 ways to Sunday.
Ahh, Clay! Clay!
She forgot that your standard
Dojo comes in 2 sizes.
In moments, I'll
super-size myself
and bust out of this cage.
Ohh! Oops!
There's a bad idea.
Ohh, ow!
Come on! There's gotta be a
way we can get out of here.
You're not one of us.
You tried to go back
to Wuya, remember?
Hey, what can I say?
I like to keep my options open.
Guys, I keep tryin' to
find some ray of hope,
but there just
doesn't seem to be
any light at the end
of this tunnel.
Wait a second.
I may have spoken too soon.
Indeed, my friend Clay!
You most certainly have!
Omi? Omi.
Look out!
Unh! Unh! Hyah!
Orb of toranami ice!
Hello, friends.
Omi! But, how
How did you get here?
It is a lengthy, but
very engaging tale,
filled with both surprises
and heartwarming--
hate to interrupt your
already riveting story, Omi,
but maybe you should get
us out of here first.
You know, before Wuya shows
up and turns us all crispy?
Oh, yes. Very wise.
Please step away from
your cell doors.
Orb of toranami ice!
Ow! Ow!
Little help here, please!
We should be safe here,
for a while at least.
How'd you do it, Omi?
How'd you get back to our time?
A time travelin' shen
gong wu, right, Omi?
Gotta be.
So obvious.
Not quite.
Then how'd you do it, Omi?
Stop interrupting,
and he'll tell us.
When I realized Jack Spicer
had foolishly sent
me into the past
with no way to return
How many times can
i say, "my bad"?
I admit I was mildly worried.
Whoa! Whoa, Omi, calm down.
Now tell me what's wrong.
Omi: Fortunately, I had
Grand Master Dashi,
greatest of the Xiaolin
dragons, there to help me.
Surely, he would have an answer.
Sorry, kid, but I don't have
any time-traveling Shen Gong Wu.
Well, not anymore.
We had one
But we buried it in Egypt.
Europe. Egypt.
No, Europe!
Don't you doubt me.
I remember with exact precision
where we've hidden each
and every Shen Gong Wu.
Ok, whatever.
The point is, we
don't have it now.
What shall I do, grand master?
My friends in the future
desperately need my help.
Meditate on this, Omi.
Wait patiently. The answer will come
In time.
Yes, master.
Master Dashi?
Fine. I'll just sit
here and meditate
For 1,500 years!
Maybe then I'll figure it out.
Omi: I was struck
by inspiration.
That's it!
The only way I could
get to the future
was by waiting,
so that's what I did.
You waited?
For 1,500 years?
But you don't have wrinkles
or liver spots.
Or that old person smell.
No, because I had
The Orb of toranami.
I found the exact
place where Wuya
would one day raise her palace.
And then, I froze myself.
Orb of toranami ice!
There, I waited
in frozen slumber
as the ages passed.
Finally, 1,500 years later
Wuya raised her palace,
and with it, me!
And so I was free to
help you, my friends.
Though I am still very cold.
Does anybody have a blanket?
No, but how about
a big, warm hug,
you clever little monk, you?
That will do.
So did Dashi help you find
a way to defeat Wuya?
Yes. He gave me this.
Hey, it's a puzzle box
just like the one Wuya was in.
Correct, Jack Spicer.
All we need to do
is open this box
in the presence of Wuya.
The only problem being
I do not know how to open it.
Uh, Omi, this plan is
startin' to sound half-baked.
Oh, no, Clay, this plan
is not at all baked.
Grand Master Dashi said
that the box will open
when the person who needs
to open it opens it.
No, problem, opie.
I opened it before.
I can open it again.
Great. Now all we need
is a plan to get
us into the palace
without Wuya capturing us first.
And I think I've got one.
What the matter, Rai?
You look pretty bored for a
guy who rules the world.
What are you doin' here?
Did you decide to join me?
Nope. Still rather kiss
the backside of a mule.
We escaped, Raimundo, so
be cool and let us go.
Or be a loser and come after us.
Better run 'cause I'm
comin' after you.
Have it your way.
Guards! Come on.
We got some former
friends to catch.
Hmm. How drab.
Much better.
Ok, open it.
Unh! Rrr!
Stop goofing around
and open the box!
I'm trying. It won't open.
You said you could open it!
I thought I could.
This box must be different
from the first one.
The box is supposed to open
when the person who needs
to most open it opens it!
And I really need to open it!
Wuya: Would you like me to try?
Oh, thank you. That
would be most--
aah! Aah!
I'm sure I can open it this way.
You ready?
Ready as I'll ever be.
Third arm sash hurt!
Star of nobhi Fire!
Break all you want, guys.
We'll make more.
Unh! Unh!
Unh! Uh! Aah! Unh!
Jack: Hey!
What gives?
It was for your own good.
What's wrong with you guys?
Why don't you just fly away?
It's like you're not
even trying to get away!
Because you're not!
Quick! Back to the palace!
I guess he figured us out.
Do you think we
gave Omi and Jack
enough time to do their thing?
I'm going with no.
Raimundo: Wuya, the
prisoners have escaped.
I think they set a
Not to worry, Raimundo.
They are no threat to me.
Raimundo, help us! Please!
Well, well.
The gang's all here.
I'm guessin' the
box didn't work?
Jack Spicer couldn't open it!
Not like you did any
better, chrome dome!
You got a magic puzzle
box from Dashi?
Impressive effort, I must say.
But how like Dashi
to give you the tool
without the knowledge
of how to use it.
He always was a fool.
A smart dresser, but a fool.
Now, to unfinished business.
Crush them!
Dojo: Not so fast, Wuya.
Once again, you've
forgotten about my ability
to change size.
Like I said,
crush them!
Unh! Gee! Ohh!
Wuya, wait! You can't
squish them like that!
Oh, Raimundo, you
are quite right.
No need to make a mess
of my throne room.
Take them to the dungeon
and then crush them.
Raimundo, pardner, please!
Rai, stop her!
You're good! We know it!
Master Fung chose
you for a reason!
You don't belong on
the Heylin side!
Raimundo has proven his
loyalty time and again,
and that's because I can
give him anything he wants.
Toys, money, Canada--
name it and it's yours.
I want my friends.
What are you doing?
Whoa, Wuya! The years
have not been kind.
Well done, dragon of the Wind.
Whoa! Unh! Unh! Unh!
Get a move on, gang!
All: Whoa!
Aah! Aah!
All right!
Raimundo, for riches and glory
you betrayed us all.
But he saved us all, too.
Yeah, without him, we'd
have been Texas toast.
Or worse.
Guys, guys, I did
a lot of damage,
so I gotta do whatever it takes
to make it right again.
Whatever it takes, Raimundo?
Yes, Master Fung.
What's this?
The sash of a
Xiaolin apprentice.
It is yours.
It's not that I don't
want it, Master Fung,
but I'm not ready. Not yet.
But I will be someday,
you know, if Omi helps me.
It's like Wuya never
even ruled the world.
Which is just the
way I like it
For the record.
Yeah, swell. I'm outta here.
Jack Spicer, wait! Please!
You have fought well.
We could not have defeated
Wuya without you.
All true. You goin'
somewhere with this?
Yes. You should stay with
us at the Xiaolin temple,
hone your skills, and
join the fight for good.
Me? Fighting for good?
In a bathrobe?
Forget it.
Next time we meet,
we're enemies again.
But maybe sometime, if we're not
fighting over Shen Gong Wu,
we could all go for ice cream.
My treat.
That would be nice.
We could get a Monday.
Even better.
So, I guess it's back to the
same old same old, huh?
Yep. Training
Findin' Shen Gong Wu
And stopping evil
wherever it may rise.
Wouldn't have it any other way.
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