Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e17 Episode Script

The Return of Pandabubba

Xiaolin Showdown.
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Xiaolin Showdown.
News flash, kids.
Today's forecast is clear skies
and a 70% chance that a Shen
Gong Wu will be revealed.
Not during chow time,
little dragon buddy.
Dojo is correct.
The new Shen Gong Wu
has revealed itself
somewhere in Japan.
Behold the
This most mysterious Shen
Gong Wu has the power
to render anyone into
a zombie-like state.
Dude, I would love to have
my own army of zombies!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Kimiko: Tokyo, my home town!
Look! Over there!
It's the tohomiko
electronic skyscraper.
That sounds most
familiar to my ears.
Hello? That's my last name!
Oh. I never thought of
you with a last name.
And that's my papa's building.
Your daddy is toshiro tohomiko,
the video game tycoon?!
I can't wait to introduce
you all to him.
He's super cool.
And super rich!
Did I ever tell you that
you are my favorite monk?
I thought I was your favorite.
There's Jack and Wuya.
I thought I smelled
something fishy.
Oh, yes! Look at
that samurai statue.
It's holding a Zing Zom-Bone.
Thanks for the 411 on
the Wu, round one.
Now meet my crew.
Koibots, attack!
Tornado strike! Water!
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
Ha! Hyah! Huh! Hyah! Ha!
Seismic kick. Hyah!
Lights out, stink box!
Judallet flip! Fire!
My koibots have beenFilleted!
Raimundo: The Zing Zom-Bone!
Wha? Huh? What?
Most curious.
It was here a minute ago.
Nice going, evil boy genius.
You and your lame fishbots
cost us yet another
Shen Gong Wu!
You'll never
understand us artists.
We need to suffer for our art.
Recorded voice. Welcome
to tohomiko electronics.
The scanning process will begin.
Aah! Unh!
Hyah! Mhyah! Huh! Unh!
Hyah! Hyah!
Until we meet in battle again.
Welcome home.
These must be the famous
Xiaolin warriors.
Kimiko has told
me all about you.
It is a great honor
to finally meet in person.
Hello? Dragon here!
You must be Dojo San.
You are much smaller
than I expected.
I could say the same.
What a most funny
dragon you are.
Most exciting gadget you have.
Mr. tohomiko.
Thank you.
We are the biggest toy
and video game makers
in all of Asia.
Papa's always been
a kid at heart.
When I was little,
he got me every
electronic toy out there.
I had to beg him
to buy me clothes.
You didn't wear any clothes?
This cowpoke sure would love
to get a look-see at
your factory, sir.
You mean a tour.
Fine. Now, where is this
cowpoke you speak of?
This is our latest product--
the u-bot.
It is a small,
personalized robot
that takes on the personality
and physical form of its owner.
Cool! Cool! How 'bout that!
It also has a
built-in video camera
that records everything.
That's great.
But can it dance?
Whoo, whoo, whoo.
I'm not sure.
Ah ha ha ha ha!
You got me again, funny dragon.
Greetings. I am Omi,
the greatest Xiaolin
warrior ever!
Omi is the greatest
Xiaolin warrior ever.
Ooh, I am most impressed
with your superior
robot intellect.
And I of yours.
It is so nice to finally
have a conversation
with someone so intelligent.
I could not agree with you more!
Oh, Mr. tohomiko, please,
is it possible to keep
my very intelligent new friend?
Of course you can
keep him, Omi San.
Yeah! In fact
I have u-bots for all of you.
Hello, handsome.
You must be Dojo.
Well, I'm not one to brag,
but yes, I am.
I do all the flying around here.
I know, I hear amongst dragons
you are top gun.
Papa, what's in the boxes?
It is our greatest venture yet.
We're so backed up on orders
I even had to bring in a
new business partner.
That face looks kinda familiar.
Now, which of you
hungry warriors
wants a delicious soba snack?
Ahh, snack! I do!
The most beautiful
word in any language.
Omi: Huh? Aah!
Omibot, where are you going?!
Don't you ever run
off like that again!
Oh, I cannot stay mad at you.
That was a close call.
Well, Mr. Pandabubba,
here's the Zing Zom-Bone
that you wanted.
Now, where are my new
state-of-the-art robots
that you promised me?
Just like we agreed
upon, Spicer.
Ah! Ah!
They're beautiful!
Jack! Hmm?
Did you just trade Shen Gong Wu
for worthless robots?!
Nag, nag, nag!
Why couldn't I get a ghost
without an opinion?!
So, Spicer,
from one evil
supergenius to another,
how did you get that Wu?
Funny you should ask, p.B.
Spicer: It was quite simple.
I disguised one of my robots
as a ninja,
and while everyone was fighting,
he snagged the Wu
and quietly disappeared
Even clown face here
didn't suspect a thing.
Nice work.
When we first met,
i took you for
an incompetent boob.
Well, I do my best.
So now that you've
got the zom-bone,
what's next? Something
evil, I hope.
Of course.
You see, zombie
workers are very good
at following orders.
Zing Zom-Bone!
Aah! Eeee
Uhh unh!
You, steal me some
circuit boards
for my video games.
You, work twice as fast!
You, give me your watch!
And you, get me a tall
half-caf moccachino,
light on the foam!
Rrrrr with a work
force of slave labor,
I will soon control the
entire electronic market!
Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.
Ha ha ha ha.
Omi: Kimiko, I am
only telling you
what my own 2 eyes told me!
Kimiko: I don't believe it.
My papa's a good guy!
Ok, maybe a little goofy,
but he would never deal
with an evildoer
like Pandabubba.
Kimikobot: That's
so not like papa.
Perhaps, then, it
was just someone
who looked exactly
like your papa I saw.
Oh, I am so relieved!
We'll sneak inside and
find out what's going on.
Look! People are looting stores!
Raimundo: And they're all
heading for the same place.
Tohomiko electronics!
I have a plan.
These workers
appear most focused
on their work!
And their eyes--
they have that same
"nobody is home" look
as Raimundo does when
he does his chores.
Raimundo: Yeah,
wellYou're short!
And you have a big head!
Omi: Hey!
Pandabubba, stop this!
These workers are
my loyal employees.
No. They're now my
loyal employees!
You, zombie,
get on all 4s!
Roll over.
Play dead.
Ah, if only I could
get Jack to do that.
You lied to me about
who you were.
If I had known you were
the infamous Pandabubba,
I never would have let
you into my company!
Your company?!
Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Nice laugh, p.B.
Zing Zom-Bone!
Now, where's my coffee drink?
Kimiko: We have to
find my father.
Something very strange
is happening here.
What's going on?
What are you doing working
with Pandabubba?!
You must all leave at once.
You are no longer welcome here.
I've never seen you
act like this.
Are you ok?
I must get back to work.
Papa! Go!
I'm not leaving without
an explanation!
I want you all out of here now!
Kimiko, there is
much evil at work
in your papa's company,
but I believe it is not
your papa who is evil.
Omibot, where have you been?!
I've got something that
will knock your shoes off.
I think you mean knock
your socks off.
That, too.
Mr. tohomiko: You lied to
me about who you were.
If I had known you were
the infamous Pandabubba,
I never would have let
you into my company!
Pandabubba: Your company?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Zing Zom-Bone!
He turned your old man
and all of the workers
into zombies.
Come on, guys,
I think it's time to go kick
some Pandabubba butt!
Zombies are the coolest!
You think I could borrow
that Wu sometime?
Of course.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Heh heh heh.
That Wu should've been mine.
Chill, Wuya.
With my new highly
advanced robots,
I can capture all of
the Wu out there.
I love that new-robot smell.
Mr. tohomiko,
at last you have
proven yourself
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha!
Ahem! Ahem!
Kimiko: Pandabubba
You've messed with
the wrong monks.
Zombies, attack!
Dragon formation!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Unh! Hyah! Ah!
Seismic kick!
Careful, partners.
The zombies are just
innocent people
Who happen to be zombies.
No Wu for you!
Jackbots, attack!
Let's hope they fight better
than your lousy fishbots!
You're sucking all
the fun out of this.
Hyah! Unh!
Those are my old koibots
Just reskinned with new teeth.
I've been ripped off!
Double-crossed again
by Pandabubba!
Rrrr rrrrr
Shroud of Shadows!
Where'd he go?
I've got a pretty good idea.
Unh! Unh! Hyah!
Pandabubba, I challenge you
to a Xiaolin Showdown!
All right.
But we'll have to hurry.
Your father's giving
me a foot massage
in an hour.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
My Silk Spitter against
your Shroud of Shadows.
The game is goo zombies!
High score wins.
Let's go let's go
a Xiaolin Showdown!
A Xiaolin Showdown!
Goo zombies 4?
I never finished 3!
HaKid stuff!
Let's go.
Gong yi tan pai! Gong yi tan pai
somebody press start already!
Rrrr rrrr
You should have kept your cap.
Shroud of Shadows!
How is she doing?
Pretty good so far.
But that bubba is
turnin' out points
faster than a henhouse
turnin' out eggs.
Silk Spitter!
Uhh! Uhh!
Here we go--
level 2.
Gonna cheat as
usual, Pandabubba?
Don't have to.
Should have kept your cap!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Silk Spitter!
Rrrr rrrr
It's time to kick some goo butt!
Now, now, Kimiko,
you know the bad guy
should always have
an unfair advantage.
Shroud of Shadows!
Talk to me. How's she doing?
Omibot: Don't ask.
Raimundo: This is it.
Last level.
Unh! Aah! Uhh! Unh!
Whoo-ee! Yeah!
You won't be needing this.
You'll never beat
the creature now.
Your health bar is too low,
and I'm glad.
Glad, I say!
Do you hear me?!
Shroud of Shadows!
Silk Spitter!
They're power-ups! Take 'em!
Judallet flip! Fire!
Time for the end game.
Silk Spitter!
Well done!
Zing Zom-Bone!
What's going on?
Why am I wearing an apron?
It's a long story, papa.
Welcome back.
Spicer: Aah!
Not so fast.
Zing Zom-Bone!
Zombie, huh?
It can only be an improvement.
My darling Kimiko,
you have made this
papa most proud.
Kimiko: I'm just glad
things are back to normal.
And I hop you'll pick
your business partners
more wisely.
Thank you so much,
brave warriors.
I owe you my eternal gratitude.
And to show my appreciation,
I am giving each of the bots
a free upgrade.
But my omibot doesn't
need an upgrade.
He's already perfect.
No, you are the perfect one.
Perhaps we are both right.
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