Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e16 Episode Script

Screams of the Siren

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
I ask for knife
throwing lessons,
mom sends me figure skating.
You never know when it
will come in handy.
Now I feel kind of bad for making
a robot out of her juicer.
That Spicer kid
sure has nice form.
Whoo! Lookie there!
Triple sow cow!
What? Cowboys can't
like figure skatin'?
Come on, homie!
Just because you're built
like a hockey puck
doesn't mean you have
to skate like one.
Jack Spicer, your fancy spinning
may impress the crowd,
but it will not win you
the Gills of Hamachi.
But this will, ice ball.
Jet bootsu!
Whoa! Unh!
The Gills of Hamachi are ours!
Orb of Tornami! Water!
Dang you, Omi! Dang you!
You're the man!
Your useless prancing
cost us 3 Shen Gong Wu!
I'm and artiste.
I communicate with my feet.
If I had feet, I'd
communicate all over you.
The Gill of Hamachi.
We will be able to
breathe underwater.
Clay: What is that?
It's a girl.
Someone should jump
in to save her.
Someone with a lot of body fat.
Easy. Let's get you out
of that popsicle pinata.
Down where I come from,
girls don't have fins.
A real mermaid.
Been a while since I've
seen one of these.
My name is Dyriis.
And you, you risked this
freezing Water to rescue me?
Well, you know they say
I'm kind of a rebel.
Oh, no!
Glove of Jisaku!
No! They're explosive!
Sword of the Storm!
Unh! Aah!
What be this?
It be Jack. Jack the impressed.
Let's chat.
Who was that unattractive
and truly frightening man?
His name is Klofange.
He's been chasing me for
as long as I can remember.
Dyriis: The last time we met,
he had me cornered
There was no way i
thought I'd survive.
But then
Aah! Aah!
Dyriis: The avalanche
trapped us, frozen in time,
till you saved me.
But why is he chasing you?
There are other
mermaids in the sea.
Actually, there aren't.
I'm the last one.
That ugly, no-good snake,
huntin' down a--heh heh--
lady like yourself.
Almost makes Jack
Spicer look decent.
Not everyone is such
a true gentleman.
Well, just slip yourself
aboard the old Dojo express
and we'll get you out of here.
Oh, thank you, but I can't.
I have to stay
submerged in Water.
It's a mermaid thing. Heh.
I am having the most
brilliant idea!
Don't worry.
He brushes every day.
Here, you can use the Orb of
tonami to keep you moist.
Cute and smart.
Is there anything you can't do?
What does that one do?
You'll see soon enough
If you don't leave me be!
He takes nothing from nobody--
just like me.
I'm thinking team-up.
You just know we're gonna
bag a ton of Shen Gong--
hear me once.
Don't have no wants
for Shen Gong Wu.
I want only the mermaid.
I think I know where
To find her.
I just want you to know,
unlike some warriors,
I don't totally love it
around a pretty face.
Of course not.
There's a word for
people like that--
But you already know that.
You're much prettier than I am.
You think so?
It doesn't take a genius to
get boys to do what you want.
Want to give it a try?
Kimiko: Omi!
What is it, Kimiko?
It's my turn to empty
Dojo's litter box.
Could you do that for me?
But should you not be
doing your own chores?
MmmMy arms are so tired,
and yours are so strong.
If you--uh
I could--uh, I will
clean it at once!
That was easy.
You did good, Jack.
He knows my name!
I will rid the world
of the mermaid,
and anyone fool enough
to stand in my way!
Raimundo? Kimiko?
Omi? Clay?
I was going to see if Dyriis
needed more Water in her tub.
I'll take care of that.
I'm taking her a couple
of sponges anyway.
I thought the little lady
could use a late
night fish snack.
Is anyone else feeling
the weirdness here?
Oh, tell me he was
watching that!
Focus, Jack.
Worry about your
special friend later!
Jackbots, attack!
A head-on attack?
That's not Jack's style.
Something here smells funnier
than beans night
at a skunk diner.
I must save her!
I've gotta save her!
I'm gonna save her!
I'll take the robots.
Judallet flip! Fire!
Help me! I'm melting!
Maybe I should have taken out
that Fire policy on my jackbots.
I will be the rescuer!
Yeah? You and what army?
Hey, I'm the hero!
Prepare to suffer
a humiliating
Hold on, Dyriis! I'll save you!
Not! Can't let you hurt
the lady, partner--
Seismic kick!
The mermaid be gone!
But how is that possible?
How could she travel
out of Water?
There be your lady.
A monster.
Perhaps the most dangerous
this world's ever seen.
Whoa! Well, rewind!
If she's a monster,
that means you're a--
a good guy?
But i--you--
need alone time.
Yes, I hunts her
like she says
But it's to keep her from
destroying the lot of us.
She aims to flood the planet,
ruling it from under sea.
That mermaid beauty's
fooled many a good man.
But when she leaves the Water,
her true form be revealed.
'Tis something no man should have
to see twice in one lifetime.
You were lucky.
We've been robbed!
Looks like she
bagged 3 of our Wu.
The tunnel armadillo,
Golden Tiger Claws,
and Fist of Tebigong.
How did she know
about the vault?
Um, I may have
mentioned it to her,
but she said she never
saw one before.
But wasn't a monk
there guarding it?
She, uh, kind of
got me to convince
one of the boys to hand
scrub all the bathrooms.
She had me fill the
armadillo with seawater.
I figured it was
just a rebel prank.
Now it all makes sense.
Dyriis wanted to know
which Shen Gong Wu
would have the power to
create giant volcanoes
to melt the polar ice
caps and flood the world.
I assumed it was idol chat chit.
HmmYou sure you lot
are the good guys?
But she would still have
to drill close enough
to the Earth's core to
set off an earthquake.
No one could withstand the heat.
Ahem. Uh, did I mention that a new
Shen Gong Wu just revealed itself?
The Black Beetle.
It coats its owner in a heat
resistant black body armor
Like a beetle's shell.
And I kinda sorta told
Dyriis where to find it.
It just came up.
Unh! Aah!
Just tell me where
the beast went,
and I'll--
you must allow us
to make up for our foolishness.
We will hunt the
mermonster together!
Last stop, artic ocean!
Home of the Black Beetle.
AhAh and the common cold.
So where is it?
The Wu is less than
a mile that-a-way.
Remember, our foe
is very slippery,
and very evil,
and very, very pretty.
Gills of Hamachi!
Dyriis: Omi!
The Black Beetle!
Dyriis: Omi!
I hope you didn't believe all the
terrible things that man said about me.
I--you--so pretty.
No, I did not believe.
Too bad!
Huh? No! Huh?
You don't belong
in my world, Omi.
Time to say good-bye.
I warn you!
I can hold my breath
a very long time!
Except when I'm talking!
Did you get the Black Beetle?
Does it look like I got
the Black Beetle?!
No, it looks like you lost
the Gills of Hamachi.
I will not be
defeated by a fish!
Even a very pretty fish.
I mark her off your starboard.
That's your right. All: Huh?
Raimundo: She's heading
for the armadillo!
Guess who's back
on the right side.
And by that, I mean
the wrong side.
I'm with the evil mermaid.
Jack, she's a monster!
She's trying to flood the Earth!
So? She's quirky.
Sharkbots, attack!
Those things are ornerier than
a possum on possum pie day.
Forget Jack Spicer.
We must stop the mermaid!
Let me out of this machine!
She'll be gettin'
away from you again!
No, my friend.
The mermaid is loose
because of me.
And besides, she has
something of mine,
and I would very
much like it back!
Serpent's Tail!
Gills of Hamachi!
I've got an idea.
Glove of Jisaku!
Raimundo: Yeah, a bad idea.
They're headin' for us!
Reversin' mirror!
Do something!
Your evil flood plan
will be unclogged!
Omi, how could you be so mean?
I'm a most sorry.
I can't believe you
keep falling for that.
Huh? Huh?
It is time to separate
the men from the fish.
Omi: Great ghost of daji!
Where are the Shen Gong Wu?
The Black Beetle!
Back away! It's mine!
No! It is a Xiaolin Showdown!
I'll wager my Fist of Tebigong
against your Gills of Hamachi.
The game is steal the Wu.
Whoever takes the
other's Wu first wins.
And we play it on dry land.
You fool! You can't let
her out of the Water!
When on dry land, she turns
to her true monstrous form!
How bad could she be?
Oh, that bad.
Huh. Let's go.
Xiaolin Showdown!
Gong yi tan pi!
Gills of Hamachi!
Why didn't she grab the gills
when she had the chance?
She's a predator,
likes to play with
her food first.
You've gone and
doomed us all, boy!
Clay: Nice going, slick.
Girls are very easy to fool.
Oh, I mean, pretty girls.
Uh, pretty mermaid girls?
You'd have made a
fine beast hunter.
And you are noble
Xiaolin dragon.
Perhaps we could--
avast, ye beast!
Now you've got business
to settle with Klofange!
You know how it must end
for me and the beast.
Farewell, brave warrior.
Stranded on the ocean
How long before I start
talking to people
who aren't really there?
It's happening!
Kimiko: Hey, Jack, need a lift?
Oh, Kimiko, thank you,
thank you, thank--
she didn't say you
could ride with us.
Ouch! Ooh! Oh!
Aah! Oh! Oh!
Please! Aah!
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