Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e20 Episode Script

The Demon Seed

Man: Xiaolin Showdown.
Aah! Aah!
Man: Xiaolin Showdown.
Ruby of Ramses.
Dragon to monkey 3.
Both: Yes!
Nice move, Omi.
Whoa! Yes! Yes!
I am in heat.
No, Omi. You're on Fire.
On Fire.
Ok. Enough jawing.
Now it's our turn.
Let's see.
Tiger to---
I have a better move.
Omi, you're only supposed
to be playing for one side.
Yes, but they need all
the help they can get.
Rooster to ox 6.
Sword of the Storm.
My turn. Ha!
Not to worry. I
have a clever plan.
Star Hanabi!
And that is game point.
Kimiko: We were supposed
to be a team, Omi.
Then you should take pleasure
in sharing in my triumph.
Master Fung: Time for play is
followed by time for learning.
All: Ohhh!
When caring for plants
as delicate as orchids,
one must employ a
measure of discipline.
Yeah, you need discipline
just to stay awake.
I believe mine is winning.
It's not a race, pardner,
but I think mine is
ahead by a leaf.
Your--this cannot be.
Grow faster, orchid! Faster!
Remember, a warrior must first
learn to control his patience
before he can control himself.
I bet he writes these sayings
on the palm of his hand.
No, Raimundo, I write
them inside my eyelids.
That is why I blink so often.
Since you all desire
something more challenging,
it is time I introduce you to
your greatest responsibility.
Clay: Dag-nar--
Omi: What is that
most earthy smell?
Raimundo: Yeah. It reminds
me of Clay's boots.
Kimiko: How long has
this been down here?
For over 1,500 years,
monks just like you
have been guarding the
contents of this vault.
It is now the time for
you to assume the task.
Believe me, you couldn't
ask for a greater honor.
You're all growing up so fast.
I never thought I'd see the day.
Behold, the Heylin seed.
It's just a little seed.
Looks like something
that fell off
of my triple-double
Tending orchids
sounds more exciting.
Small it may be, but
the Heylin seed
is potentially the most
destructive force on Earth.
You are pulling on my feet.
The Heylin seed is not
to be trifled with.
It is never to be planted
or allowed near dirt
or Water or sunlight.
So all we have to do is
leave it in the box.
My kind of job.
Has the power of the seed
ever been unleashed?
It happened 1,500 years ago.
Dojo: Nearly ended
life as we know it.
This special vault was
built to keep the seed
where no evildoer will
ever reach it again.
The seed is so scary,
it makes my scales stand on end!
You never know what
it's gonna do!
Oh! The seed!
I shudder to think
what would happen
if it ever fell into
the wrong hands!
Yes. Well
Needless to say, you must
guard it with your lives.
The fate of the world depends
upon your vigilance.
Dojo: I need a cold compress.
How could a puny little
seed be so powerful?
Jack: Sure is quiet.
Ever since Wuya hit the road,
the world just
It hasn't been the same.
Not that I miss her.
Who needs a stinky
old ghost anyway?
Especially when I have you.
My new and improved detecto-bot.
As always, you're
brilliant, Jack.
It's ok. Don't be scared.
Good to see you are still
on tippy-top of toes, Jack.
Aah! How'd you get in here?
What kind of villain would I be
if I not sneak in
and out of places?
What are you doing here?
I hear Wuya dumped youAgain.
Nobody dumped me. I dumped Wuya.
That is not what they
say on the internet.
I'm on the internet?
Ja, in warrior chat
rooms everywhere.
You big laughingstock.
Now when person
loses everything,
new hip thing to say is "oh!
I got jacked."
What do you want, anyway?
So impatient we are.
What you know about Heylin seed?
I read something about it
in evil seeds and gardens.
There is rumor on internet
that Xiaolin monks got seed.
Seed is pure evil.
Supposed to be more
powerful than Shen Gong Wu.
We should join forces,
become big-time evildoers.
Maybe even have own
evil reality series.
Jack: Evil reality series?
I love it!
I love, too!
Are you sure Master
Fung said it was ok
to take the Heylin
seed out of the vault?
Don't sweat it, big guy.
It's under control.
You mean it is out here
without his permission?
He'll never know.
Besides, how hard can
it be to protect a box?
Detecto-bot: According
to my sensors,
we are very close
to the Heylin seed.
Chow time!
Get 'em while you can.
Which won't be for long.
Hey, quit fooling around, guys.
Where's the box?
It was here a second ago.
Oh, this is most troubling.
The Heylin seed is mis--aah!
It's Spicer! He took the seed!
And the hot dogs.
Uhh! Come back here
with them doggies,
you no-good, lowdown snake.
You yellow-bellied,
dirty little sidewinder,
I'm gonna get you!
It appears that we
have just been jacked.
This is a joke, right?
Maybe seed is impostor.
I've had worse than
this stuck in my teeth.
It's nothing!
Looks like evil reality
show--pfft-- kaput.
Yeah, but at least we
still have the dream.
Is it me, or is
something different?
Aah! Bonjour.
I'm a little slice
of heaven, no?
What--what do you want?
I am at your command, master.
Maybe we got right
seed after all.
Oh, you don't mind if I call
you master, master, do you?
No, I kinda like it.
And I'll call youGigi.
You're gonna be my new evil pet.
Oh, I'm a very, very lucky
plant, don't you know?
Meow! Meow!
And a very, very
evil plant, too.
Yes. I am, what you say,
a nutted plant. Ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Only time will tell how
your error in judgment
will impact us all.
If I crawled into a hole, I
couldn't feel any lower.
Perhaps if it was a
very deep hole
Guys, I--i think I
need an antacid.
Sounds like popcorn.
Kind of makes you sick and
hungry at the same time.
I haven't felt like this
since the last time the
Heylin seed was unleashed.
The Heylin seed's
been unleashed!
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
The Moonstone Locust
must reveal itself soon,
or we are, as Clay might say,
in a heap of hurt.
Moonstone Locust?
It is the only Shen Gong Wu
that can stop the Heylin seed.
Apprentices do not fear plants.
You shall fear this one.
We must protect
the Shen Gong Wu.
Ha! Ha ha!
That no-good, thievin' plant's
goin' right for our Wu.
It's time to turn
this weed into mulch.
Yu lo flip! Fire!
Ha ha ha!
Typhoon boom! Wind!
I must admit,
I have never battled a
more stubborn weed.
Tornado strike! Wa--
Kimiko: No! Water will only
make it grow stronger.
Seismic kick! Earth!
This must be what
happened 1,500 years ago.
Well, we ain't about to let
some tumbleweed beat us.
It is time to kick plant butt!
That is, if they have them.
There is no point to resist.
Come on, you know you can't win.
You are finished.
It's over! Ha ha ha!
Oh, I just remembered.
Don't touch the flowers,
there's something
unusual about them.
Now you tell us?
I'm turning into a plant!
Oh, yeah. That must be it.
See you later, Xiaolin monkeys!
It is gone for now,
but it will be back.
Looks like we're not
going anywhere, either.
Comrade Jack, I have
never been so happy.
I say we name evil
reality show after you.
Getting jacked. Ha ha ha!
I think this is going to
beThe beginning
Of a long And
evil friendship.
Ha ha ha! Don't you know?
You've grown up.
And, of course, I'm wiser.
I've learned much
from you, Jack.
Vlad not so much.
I am no longer taking orders.
I am taking over.
Ha ha ha!
What happened to "master"?
Well, from now on, you
will call me master.
And what if I refuse?
Well, I go bye-bye now.
No friendship lasts forever.
Hey, this is no way to treat
an evil super genius!
Ah, but is way to treat
evil potted plant now.
Now what we do?
I don't know, but I sure
could use a good watering.
Why, it is time to rearrange
the order of the food chain.
From now on, the plant
kingdom will be on top!
Ha ha ha!
Do not concern yourselves.
We will care for you
until you are back on your feet.
I forgot what it was
like to have feet.
You, too, Clay, are
looking so much better.
Mmm. I admire your tasty fruit.
Well, just be careful what you
go plucking there, pardner.
Master Fung, tell us what to do.
Remain disciplined, learn
from your mistakes,
and make sure we get
plenty of morning sun.
I never thought watering
and pruning your friends
would be such hard work.
Ooh! Aah!
Aah! Aah!
Oh, you are most wondrous.
Yeah, I know.
But we got bigger problems.
The Moonstone Locust has
finally revealed itself.
The Wu can be used to unleash
a swarm of stone locusts
that will devour the
Heylin seed plant.
We must retrieve the
Moonstone Locust at once
and save our friends.
I hope you have other
I think I'm getting root rot.
Rushing cougar!
I promise, we shall
return you all to normal.
And if not, we'll be sure to
turn your topsoil once a month
and keep you insect-free.
Moonstone Locust!
I must stop it before
it can destroy me!
Here, my little flower.
You must show me to
the Shen Gong Wu, no?
What Shen Gong Wu?
Take me to the Shen Gong Wu
before I turn you
into plant food!
Yes, master.
Whatever you say, master.
You are such a wienie.
I never want to
speak to you again.
Maybe we should slow down.
Wouldn't wanna get a ticket.
There it is!
The Moonstone Locust.
Raimundo, get the Shen Gong Wu.
I will place a cover
over your backside.
I sure hope you mean
you got me covered.
Go on!
We'll catch up with you!
Raimundo, it is all
up to you now!
No! No fair!
Yo, yo, you overgrown weed,
I challenge you to a
Xiaolin Showdown.
My Falcon's Eye for your
Thorn of thunderbolt.
I accept.
And I shall need a good barrier.
My Reversing Mirror against
your gills of Hamachi!
First one to find the
Moonstone Locust wins.
Let's go! Let's go!
Both: Xiaolin Showdown!
Both: Gong yi tan pai!
Falcon's Eye.
Come on, Rai.
You're a Xiaolin warrior,
and he's a weed!
Thorn of thunderbolt!
Gills of Hamachi!
Where did that fool go now?!
Reversing Mirror!
Come on, Rai.
Ha ha ha!
All: No!
Could someone move? I
can't see a thing.
Looks like, as they
say, game over!
Ha ha ha!
Thorn of thunderbolt!
Oh, it's over, all right.
Reversing Mirror!
Sacre bleu!
Oh, yeah!
Now that's what I call
having a green thumb.
I will not allow a bug like you
to destroy all that
I have created.
I never could stand vegetables.
You guys are so arrogant.
Moonstone locusts!
You could not have jacked
this worse if you tried.
Not true.
You're an even
bigger Jack than me.
C'est la vie, salad-breath.
A most excellent job, Raimundo.
I could not have
fought better myself.
Ok, I could.
I just did not want to
take away from your glory.
And I promise, Master Fung,
from now on, I will
practice extra discipline
and be more mindful
of my duties.
So, who's up for a
game of soccer?
Ha ha!
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