Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e25 Episode Script

Judging Omi

Xiaolin Showdown.
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Xiaolin Showdown.
Young monks, I have an important
announcement to make.
Sound like end of
the world time.
On the contrary. I
have good news.
Hey, there's a first.
My bad.
It has been a year
since you rose
to apprentice warriors.
Now the time has arrived
that one will rise
to the next level
of wudai warrior.
Only one?
So, who's the lucky monk,
Grandmaster fung?
Sorry, sir.
I will tell you tomorrow,
but if you look deep inside,
you will already know.
I was hoping we'd
all rise together.
Oh, me, too.
That is why I will
work extra hard
teaching you,
until that day comes
when you, too,
are ready to become
wudai warriors.
Clay: Whoa, pardner.
And what makes you so sure
you're the chosen one?
Is it not obvious?
Who else is it going
to be, Raimundo?
Hee hee hee ha. Ha ha ha--
I am sorry.
I was not laughing at
you, but with you.
I'm not laughing.
Here's a wild thought.
Maybe it's me.
But you are a girl.
Omi: Aiii.
Kimiko: And your point?
Nothing. I like girls.
Dojobot, with you now
guarding the temple,
our security system
will be impenetrable.
As always, your genius
is only exceeded
by your rugged good looks.
How's it goin' there,
little partner,
and even littler partner?
Heh heh!
It goes well.
So, uh, not to beat
around the tumbleweed,
uh, tell me, good buddy,
who did Master Fung pick?
Oh, Master Fung doesn't
tell me the big stuff.
I may be a magical dragon,
but I also got a
big, magical mouth.
But if it wasn't
me, and you knew,
you would give me a sign?
Yeah. I guess.
Thanks, partner.
I owe you.
For what?
We've known each
other a long time,
so, is it me? Is it me?
Is it me?!
I don't know. Maybe.
Yes! I knew it!
Knew what?
Just between us, el
dude-o dragon-o,
am I the one?
Just give me a sign.
The one what?
Oh, yeah!
Thanks, buddy!
Dojo, what is going on?
There's been a big mistake.
They all think that
Master Fung shows them.
So you are saying it is not them
because it is me!
You have confirmed
what I already knew!
I can see why Master
Fung doesn't trust you
with a secret.
Heh heh, which--
did I mention that
you're so adorable?
We've got a category 5 Wu alert.
The Ying Yo-Yo just
revealed itself.
Master Fung: The Ying Yo-Yo is one
of the lesser-known Shen Gong Wu.
It acts as a portal to
the ying-Yang world--
a parallel universe
with laws of its own.
One must remain cautious.
Its powers are not
fully understood.
It's not that mysterious.
The docs on it are just missing.
A few pages were lost during the
great potato famine of the 1400s.
For a while, paper was
considered a potato substitute.
We must leave at once.
It will be good experience
for those who did not
make wudai warrior
to work with a wudai warrior.
I totally agree. Glad
you see it that way.
Sorry, kids, uh
But I've got a
sliver in my tail.
Ooh, way too dangerous to fly.
Then we will use other
Shen Gong roo!
Kimiko: Do we have to
ride in the pouch?
All: Whoa! Whoooooa
The time has arrived
to launch my plan
for world domination.
Ooh, excellent!
So, what do we destroy first?
It's the monks that
have me concerned.
Especially one.
Not Omi again.
Omi, Omi, Omi!
It's always Omi!
One day Omi will grow
strong enough to defeat me.
If not delivered to the
side of darkness soon,
I will have no choice
but to destroy him.
All: Unh! Unh! Unh!
Raimundo: Oh, bad
idea having lunch
right before riding
in the Shen Gong roo.
Yeah. With each bounce it's like
eating the same meal all over again.
Mmm. Beans.
Shen Gong Wu dead ahead!
Jack Spicer has arrived!
Jack Spicer, prepare for
a Xiaolin butt kicking!
You kicked his butt last time.
I should kick his butt.
No, you always kick his butt.
It's my turn to kick his butt.
I can hardly remember the last
time I got to kick his butt.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Time out!
This talk is very
disrespectful to evil.
Especially in the face of
my newArmy of evil.
Jack Spicer, your
new army of evil
looks a lot like your
old army of evil.
Yeah, well, look
again, sweet pea.
Jack: We now have
evil club jackets.
Army of evil, attack!
Seismic kick!
As the new wudai warrior,
it is up to me to
retrieve the Ying Yo-Yo.
Oh, I am sorry, but Dojo told me
I am the chosen one.
Dojo told me I was the one.
Me, too!
No wonder that
sneaky little lizard
wanted to stay behind.
Too bad! You snooze, you lose!
You can stick a fork in me
because I'm done, Baby!
Smell ya later! Ha ha ha ha!
Dojo, you have some
explaining to do.
Y-you wouldn't strike a
1,500-year-old dragon
w-w-with asthma.
Yes. Who will tell?
I'll get the sack.
Look, I insist.
I'll give back all of the cool
gifts you ever gave me
Except for maybe
the fruit basket.
That was delicious.
Hey, what happened?
I don't know, but I feel like
I just got thrown from a bronco,
then stomped on.
Did I miss something?
Oh, my gosh. Look! Dojobot,
are you all right?
I'm afraid I have a
cracked memory chip.
How did all of this happen
without us hearing anything?
We'd better check the vault.
Don't try to talk.
You need to rest your batteries.
Clay: Looks like none
of the Wu are missing.
I don't get it.
If whoever did this
wasn't after Wu,
then what?
Master Fung He's gone!
Yes, this is definitely
Master Fung's pooch.
I'd know that round
belly anywhere.
Kimiko: Where is Master Fung?
Dojo: I'm afraid,
mystically speaking,
he's left us for the
ying-Yang world.
This is the work of Jack Spicer.
He is the one with
the Ying Yo-Yo.
I don't know, partner.
How come no Shen
Gong Wu are missing?
Omi, you've used the fountain
of wi and the egoscope.
You know the secret
of destroying evil.
Maybe we can use
what you've learned
to help find Master Fung.
But I cannot do that.
Why in tarnation not?!
Because I gave Chase
Young my word.
Why would a Xiaolin monk
have to keep his word to an
evil villain like Chase?
Because apparently, unlike you,
I take my word as a Xiaolin
monk very seriously!
Honor is what separates
us from evil.
I reckon from now on we
should vote on what to do.
In case of a tie,
Dojo will decide.
That's way too much
Look. The pressure is already
making my tongue swell.
Vote?! That is most ridiculous!
What do you think
this is, a delicacy?!
Changing Chopsticks!
Jack Spicer: All right, once we
launch our attack against the temple
and have all the Shen Gong Wu,
we will divide up the world
into an evil federation.
Vlad will get the countries
with the funny names
Heh heh, Vlad likes!
Toby mo will get the sushi bars
and the big & tall men's shops.
Toby mo: Excellent.
And cyclops will get
Where is cyclops?!
You one-eyed freak!
How many times do I
have to tell you
not to drink out of the toilet?!
Gills of Hamachi!
Have to warn the others.
Omi, where have you been?
Where have you been?!
We must do something.
I'm afraid you're a little late.
What's the combination to
the vault, cow brains?
My lips are sealed, buddy.
Ticklebot, unseal those lips!
It's only a matter of time
before Jack finds
Clay's tickle spot,
and then he will have
all the Shen Gong Wu.
Color me paranoid, but I've got
a bad feeling about this.
Me, too.
But we have no choice.
Chase Young is the only one
who can help us
find Master Fung.
Yeah, but he's also the
prince of darkness,
and his diet includes
Cute, innocent dragons.
Mmm What smells so good?
Never mind.
Chase Young,
I must talk to you.
You are here about Master Fung.
He's missing, and you must
travel to the ying-Yang world.
Yes. How did you know?
Let's say I have my sources.
I must find a way to get the
Ying Yo-Yo from Jack Spicer.
Of course. And I will help you.
I do not wish to
sound ungrateful,
but why?
Because Spicer's an insect,
and I enjoy squashing insects.
Remember, Omi,
there is always a place
for you here at my side.
I could never join
the dark forces.
Never say never.
The world is a complex place.
Sometimes our destiny
is determined
by events that are
out of our control.
Raimundo: I'm tired of laughing.
Jack Spicer!
I order you to
surrender at once!
Aw, of course I
will surrender
You have made a
very wise decision.
Man, you're about as
sharp as a butter knife.
Evil dream team, attack!
Top that!
Hey, where'd all the
cats come from?
Not that I care.
My evil warriors can take
your kittens any day.
Take a closer look at what
you call "the kittens."
Savor the moment, young warrior.
This is what it's all about.
Army of warriors,
rip them to pieces!
Aah! Aah!
Both: Chimp yanking chain!
Rooster frying eggs!
Dogs playing poker!
Heh heh heh heh
Clay: Thanks, Omi.
Raimundo: I'm glad
to see you again.
I would fight, but I'm
wearing my good clothes.
Aah! Aaaaah! Ahh! Aah!
Aah! Ahh! Aah!
Omi, I believe this is what
you've been looking for.
Hey, why's he helping us?!
I will explain everything later,
but first we must
rescue Master Fung.
Whoa, whoa, whoa there, partner.
We don't know hooey about
this ying-Yang place.
I vote we talk to Dojo first.
I agree. We should think about
what we're getting into.
A true warrior acts first
and worries later.
Ying Yo-Yo!
Master Fung!
Master Fung!
Master Fung!
Whoa! Whoooooooa
Master Fung, are you ok?
Master Fung?
Master Fung!
Don't worry. I will help you.
Ying Yo-Yo!
Omi, you did it!
Way to go, partner.
Hey, what's with
the fungmeister?
Looks like nobody's home.
He does this when he's cranky
and not in the mood to talk.
Anyway, Omi, it's sure
good to have you back.
But I am not back.
I am not coming back.
Come on, dude, if
this is about before,
we're really sorry.
When I tried to lead,
none of you would follow.
When I tried to talk,
none of you would listen.
Only one person stood by me,
believed in me, and trusted me.
That is where I choose to go.
You have made a wise
choice, young warrior.
At last, the prophecy
has been realized.
What's going on?!
Dojo: The end of the world!
1,000 years of darkness.
Now that you have
chosen the Heylin way,
I will rule the world
with you at my side.
This is so unfair.
That should be me
standing there.
Aw, always the bridesmaid,
never the bride.
I can't believe Omi has
fallen to the dark side.
Don't see how things
can get any worse.
Dojo: Maybe it's time to take
that well-deserved vacation.
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