Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e24 Episode Script

Dangerous Minds

Man: Xiaolin Showdown.
All: Aah! All: Aah!
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah!
Man: Xiaolin Showdown.
I feel hotter than a cooked pig
at a Texas barbecue.
Why did you have to stash the Wu
so far underground?
So no one would find it.
Even me.
Ooh, Jack Spicer.
Why are you always on my face?
That's in my face, gnome boy.
Now, say hello to my new
and improved worm-bots.
Why in tarnation would anyone
build robotic worms?
Hey, hat for brains,
for digging!
Worm-bots, attack!
Worm-bots, get your worm
butts back in line!
Huh? Aah!
The hidoku mouse Shen Gong Wu!
Protect me
or at least hold me tight.
Whoa! That is the biggest spider
I have ever seen!
No, the second--
third biggest!
Gotta get the Wu.
Maybe next time.
Hyah! Hyah!
Hyah! Hyah
Thorn of thunderbolt!
I have heard of these
mythical creatures,
but until now no one
has actually seen one.
I had hoped they
were only folklore.
Well, they're not and I
got 2 kinds of proof.
Black and blue. Eww!
According to the legend,
the spiders are neither
good nor evil.
They are simply consumers.
They consume vegetation,
animals, buildings,
even the Earth itself.
They eat until there is
nothing left to eat.
And I thought I had
a big appetite.
If the spiders aren't stopped--
let me guess,
it's 10,000 years of darkness.
Hey, I go with the odds.
Hi, Chase.
I heard you wanted to see me?
Yes, as repulsive as I find it.
You know, I was in the middle
of my Saturday bubble bath.
I'm not interested in
your bathing habits.
I understand it was your idiocy
that released the spiders.
Yeah, I--
I guess we got lucky
on that one, huh?
You fool!
How can we rule a planet if
the planet no longer exists?
Somehow we must stop
these creatures
before it's too late.
You know, I think a lot
better when I'm standing.
This is fun.
Use your Shen Gong Wu
to fight these spiders
like a true evil villain.
I'm not usually modest,
but I'm a little uncomfortable
talking to a girl like this.
I'm not a girl!
I'm a 1,500-year-old
evil spirit!
Aah! Uhh!
The hidoku mouse is the key.
You know, those spiders
are awfully big.
Maybe if we let them alone--
whoever possesses
this Wu can use it
to undo mistakes like
releasing spiders that
will destroy the world!
Together, we will locate
the hidoku mouse that you lost
and undo the disaster
that you created.
I'm not sure if I can
even find the spot.
It was dark and spooky.
I'm giving you a chance to
make up for your ill deed
and to show everyone
what you're made of.
If the spiders rip me apart,
everyone will see
what I'm made of.
It's the end of the world!
It's the end of the world!
I've seen it all too often.
It's the end of the world!
Dojo, you must push
yourself together!
Young monks, leave at
once and do not return
until you find the hidoku mouse.
What about you?
I will be all right.
Remember, the fate of the world
rests with you.
Is it me or does the
fate of the world
rest with us a lot?
Kimiko: Where are we?
Raimundo: Somewhere dark?
Clay: Well, howdy duh!
I can't see a thing!
Help! Help!
A spider has my tail!
It appears that lady luck
is finally spitting on us.
I think you mean shining on us.
I think the little guy
had it right in the first place.
Hey, guys, look!
The hidoku mouse!
Too late, Xiaolin has-beens.
The hidoku mouse is mine.
Jack Spicer, you have picked
a most unwise time for me
to wash your time piece.
We face a common enemy.
We must set aside good
and evil for now.
Chase is right
as always.
No way!
I've come too far
to go home Wu-less.
Jack Spicer
I challenge you to a
Xiaolin Showdown.
The game is mud wrestling.
First to find the Wu, wins.
But I just took a bath!
Ok, ok.
My Tongue of Saiping against
your Orb of Tornami.
Let's go!
Xiaolin Showdown!
Gong yi tan pai!
Whoa! Oh!
Ha ha ha!
Now it is my turn.
Orb of Tornami! Water!
Not the hair!
Way to go! Whoo-hoo!
What did I miss?
Tornado strike. Water!
Aah! Oh!
Tongue of Saiping!
Creatures of the
underworld, attack!
Eww! Aah!
Looks like I found my element.
Ok, Jack Spicer, you have won.
Now use the Shen Gong
Wu to stop the spiders.
Not just yet.
I want to savor the moment.
You fool!
It's the end of the world.
This is so unfair.
The one time I win,
the world has to end!
Omi, catch!
Golden Tiger Claws!
Did they make it out?
I'm not sure.
The moler 2,000! Come on!
Don't worry, Omi. We're
right behind you.
Fighting for good has
become most complicated.
If the world is to be saved,
we must be the ones to save it.
There still may be an answer.
Without the hidoku
mouse, what can we do?
So by combining the
fountain of oui
and the Eagle Scope, I
can learn everything?
Even how to stop the spiders?
Yes, but first you
must give your word
as a Xiaolin warrior
only to look for a way
to destroy the spiders
and not evil.
You have my Xiaolin word.
Fountain of oui.
Eagle Scope.
I did not know that. I did
not know that, either.
Wow, I did not even know
that I did not know that.
Omi, we must concentrate
on the knowledge we seek.
The larva.
Oh! Where are we?
My guess, Atlantis.
Why Atlantis?
Clay: Maybe we should
hold up here a while
'till those spiders are gone.
Um, guys, maybe we
should hold hands
so we don't get separated?
Bad idea. What's that?
Nobody wants to hold your
clammy, little hand.
Nyah, nyah--huh?
Whoa, Nellie!
Does anyone else feel like
they're gonna heave?
Don't even go there.
That kind of talk can
get awfully contagious.
Ugh! I say we
change the subject.
What do you think the
spiders want with us?
Dude, we're in their web.
Take a guess.
I don't want a spider to eat me!
This place is so big.
We could look for days
without finding anyone.
I have a horse
his name is boo
shh, we all live in
a shoe-hoo-hoo-hoo
ha ha ha!
Huh? Ohh!
Where am I? What year is it?
How long have I been living
like a rat in a hole?!
35 minutes.
Huh, it's funny.
Time moves a lot
slower down here.
Where are the others?
The spiders got 'em!
They were everywhere!
It was awful!
Hey, you're one of the bad guys.
When we find our friends,
I am certain we will find
the queen and the egg chamber.
Egg chamber?
Uhh! Uhh!
Chill, evil partner.
Spiders don't eat people.
You sure?
The desiccate 'em.
Suck out the fluids
until nothing is left.
What, a cowboy can't
have a hobby?
I don't want to be what he said!
They usually start
with the squirmiest.
I heard this place
really used to rock
on Saturday night.
Stay near.
We must be getting
close to the nest.
I am not afraid of any spider.
I eat spiders for breakfast.
Personally, I prefer a
nice bowl of cereal.
Hyah! Hyah!
You need not work so hard.
Close your eyes and
allow yourself to see.
Allow your tiger
instincts to take hold.
Remember all that I taught you.
Viper striking rock!
Cheetah leaping tree!
Bear fighting moose!
Wolf attacking ox!
That was most amazing.
You are most
amazing, young monk.
Getting off chummy
with the bad guy, huh?
Dojo, we have a world to say.
Looks like we've captured
our first prisoner.
Tongue of Saiping.
Spider, tell us at once.
Where is your egg chamber?
You can kiss my 8 feet.
When the egg sac hatches,
there will be too many
of us for you to stop.
Ha ha ha!
We're definitely inside
the queen's chamber.
I still do not see any
sign of an egg sac.
We're gonna need help!
Young monks, together: Help!
Jack: Somebody please help me!
Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay,
are you all right?
Oh, not bad,
except for that
itch I can't reach.
What's Chase Young doing here?
We have formed a good
and evil alliance
to save the world.
That's right, rub it in.
Now how about getting
us down from here?!
Golden Tiger Claws.
We must drill to
the Earth's core
and flood the chamber
with molten lava.
Once it hardens,
the spiders will be
encased forever.
Peachy plan,
except whoever you send
will Wind up as toast.
No! No!
You can't!
I may be evil, but
I have rights!
And I--
I burn easily.
As tempting as that sounds,
I will put the moler
2,000 on auto-pilot.
We must leave before
the queen returns.
Uhh! Aah!
I believe the queen
is in the building.
Hurry, everyone. Take my hand!
I have a better idea.
I'll take the
Golden Tiger Claws!
Jack, you jerk!
Too late, Xiaolin has-beens.
What do we do now?
I know one thing we can do.
Hey, I'm out of danger.
Clay: Get a move on!
They're gaining on us!
It looks as if we can kiss
our backsides good-bye.
You mean kiss our butts!
That is most disgusting.
This is it.
Well, I did have a
good 1,500 years.
I want to live!
The Black Beetle Shen Gong Wu
will protect us from
the intense heat.
Black Beetle!
You sure do come prepared.
Dojo: Ho ho ho!
Cherry ride, dude.
Omi, you did it.
Hey, look, I caught me a fish.
Yes, we make an even
better team than just me.
But now that we
have fought as one,
how will we ever battle again?
I'm sure we will find a way.
This moment won't last forever,
except in this moment of time.
Hey, homey, it's cool that
you worked with Chase.
You did what you had to do
to save the world and Texas.
When I used the fountain of
oui and the Eagle Scope,
I gave my Xiaolin word to
Chase that I would not look
to see how to destroy evil.
That's ok. You had to.
Well, I may have peeked.
I tell you, you should
have seen me in action.
Those spiders will think twice
before messing with
this dragon again.
Badda-bing. Heh heh heh.
Ha ha ha!
Dojo, you should
have seen yourself.
Rai, that wasn't very nice.
How can anyone be so
afraid of a spider?
Ha ha ha!
What a pansy!
Tongue of Saiping!
Thank you for your assistance,
my small friend.
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