Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s02e23 Episode Script

Something Jermaine

Man: Xiaolin Showdown.
All: Aah! All: Aah!
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah!
Man: Xiaolin Showdown.
Hey, a pick-up game. I'm in!
No, Dojo. This is no game.
The young monks are about
to learn an exercise
that teaches humility.
Oh, I am the very
best at humility.
There is no one who
can fill my socks.
Shoes. Shoes.
The idea is to pass
the ball around
in perfect rhythm while working
not to show up any
fellow warrior.
Even Raimundo? That
will be most difficult.
Oh, I'll try not
to slow you down.
Try as you will, but you
cannot help yourself.
Take it away, if you can.
Ooh, too quick.
Too sneaky. Too bad.
Now that's got to
be my homey Omi.
Omi: Jermaine!
What up?
How come you didn't
give us a holler
you were coming?
I wanted to surprise you
and I have some big time news.
You brought me a present.
Oh, you shouldn't have.
Uh, that's good
because I didn't.
Peacock fanning feathers!
Well, I'll be a goat's nanny.
Is that true? Are you saying?
You got it right, kid.
This homeboy is now
a monk warrior.
This is most exciting.
I will teach you
everything I know.
Well, maybe not everything,
but as much as you can handle.
Thanks, Omi, but--
maybe one day with my guidance,
you, too, shall rise to become
an accomplished
apprentice like us.
Omi dog, slow down, man.
I've already moved
past apprentice.
I'm a Wu dai warrior.
That's fantastic!
Way to go, dude!
Wow, you've taken to Xiaolin
like a hog to mud.
So, that means you have moved up
to a higher level than me.
Uh, yeah. I guess so.
I am so happy for you.
My master told me I'm the fastest
learner he's ever taught,
and he thinks I'll make
dragon in record time.
Maybe I should show you around.
Sure thing.
I always wanted to
check out Omi's crib.
You hear that?
He thinks I sleep in a crib!
Tubbi, you know I've always felt
a certain evil
chemistry between us.
I might be talked
into taking you on.
Call me tubbimura.
Where is Wuya?
I don't know. I think she's
Off visiting her mother.
Ha ha ha!
I heard she dropped
you for Chase Young.
Then why did you ask?!
I wanted to see that look.
Ha ha ha!
Heh heh heh!
Oh, it's not fair.
I saw Chase first,
and now she's the one with him.
Life is not always fair
in the evil world.
Ugh! Tell me about it.
I don't even have any
working Jack-bots left.
All I have are
Jack-bot cut-outs.
So how do you expect to pay me
for my services?
I was thinking in trade?
I will take the heli-bot.
No! Not the heli-bot!
My grandmother gave it to
me when I turned evil.
Aah! It is mine now.
Jermaine: That's good.
Hyah! Hyah!
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
Hyah! Hyah!
Whoa, Omi, what'cha doing?
You appear to be having
trouble with your shadow,
so I am assisting you.
Uh, is anything wrong, man?
You've been kind of buggin'
ever since I got here.
No, I'm not buggin'!
I'm just so happy for you.
Dojo: News flash, kids!
A bona fide Wu sighting.
It's the manchurian musca.
Whoever possess it has the power
to turn into a teeny, tiny fly.
But I got to warn you,
it comes with a
craving for sugar.
Why would anyone want
to turn into a fly?
To snoop.
You know, "a fly on the wall."
If we hurry,
we can beat rush hour traffic.
Perhaps Jermaine would
like to join us
and watch me defeat evil.
Cool. You sure it's ok?
Oh, yes! It will give
you a chance to learn
by watching the very
best dragon in training.
I do that every morning
when I exercise in
front of the mirror.
Hyah! Hyah!
Jack Spicer, if you think
you can intimidate
Xiaolin warriors
with that beast, you
are sadly mistaken.
Muffin face?
He belongs to tubbi.
I have to walk her
twice a month.
Twice a day.
You are to clean my
place twice a month.
Here is the list of the
other things I want.
This is not the time or place
to negotiate our deal.
Now get to work.
Mantis Flip Coin!
I will now demonstrate how
a Xiaolin warrior gets
to the Shen Gong Wu first.
I got your back, kid.
Tangle Web Comb!
Sword of the Storm.
Orb of Tornami!
Score one for the bad guys.
Yo, Omi, you must be trippin'.
I am not taking a trip.
You hot dogging it cost
us a Shen Gong Wu.
Are you saying it is my fault?
I'm saying some poser may
need a refresher course
on how to be a Xiaolin warrior.
A refresher course?
I should be teaching
the refresher course!
Man, you got an ego bigger
than that dome of yours.
Nothing is bigger than my dome,
and I thank you to leave my dome
out of it!
Can you believe this guy, man?
Hey, there are 3 things I
learned not to talk about.
Religion, politics,
and Omi's head.
Boys and girls,
let me tell you a story about
these 2 dragon buddies
always seen together
like peas and carrots.
Is this story gonna
be long or short?
It'll take as long as it takes!
Long story.
Then one day, they
had this spat,
angry, wicked words
were exchanged,
words that could
never be taken back.
And when it was over,
these two friends would
never speak again.
It's funny,
but I don't even remember
what the fight was about.
Oh, wait.
Now I remember!
Chuck wanted to borrow my yo-yo.
My favorite yo-yo.
The treasured family yo-yo!
I politely told Chuck no,
but did he leave it at that?
No! He snuck into my room
and he took it anyway!
And then he lost it. Lost it!
Oh, he played dumb,
never said a word,
until one night I caught
him talking in his sleep,
the only time that scoundrel
could ever tell the truth!
I'm happy he's gone.
Good riddance to
you, yo-yo thief!
Ah, phooey!
Dojo, why'd you spit in my food?
Oh, sorry. Anyway
What was the point of my story?
That some friendships
aren't worth saving.
Oh, yes.
No. No, that can't be right.
Young monks, perhaps
a little sparring
might be in order.
They're ready to rip
each other to shreds
and you want to arm them?
Often when 2 warriors
engage in battle,
the battle brings
them closer together.
Aah! Aah!
Spell eating dirt!
Kick and cancel!
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
I'm not sure that the fighting
is bringing them together.
Repulse the monkey.
Repulse the monkey?
Now as humble warriors,
I suggest you shake hands
and leave your troubles behind.
Jermaine, you are
not going to leave
without saying good-bye?
Something came up.
Anyway, I thought it was best
if I just jet on out of here.
Before you catch your plane,
where did you learn
repulse the monkey?
Just something my
master taught me.
No reason.
Manchurian musca!
What an evil-doer has to do
to stay in business.
"Beach wear, roller blades,
fuzzy pink slippers."
Ooh, sugar!
You have done well, young monk.
You're only one assignment away
from moving to the next level.
You will have then earned a
permanent place at my side.
Yo, I'm ready for anything
you can throw me, boss man.
I'm sure you are.
Your task is to capture
the next Shen Gong Wu,
the golden finger will
allow whoever possesses it
the power to freeze his
opponent momentarily.
But capturing the
golden finger will
be more difficult
than you think.
I don't get it.
You will when the time
comes, young monk.
Now go and prepare.
I don't get it, either.
Why is the golden
finger so important?
It isn't. What's important is,
who Jermaine will
fight to get it.
But how will you
know he'll be there
to fight him?
The messenger is
already on his way.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Let's see
"Ukulele, skate
board, lava lamp."
Cheer up, sad dude.
I'm sure Jermaine
will get over it.
Yes, but I am not
sure if I will.
Jack Spicer, you
no-good rustler.
What are you doing here?
I was just in the neighborhood.
You are here to steal our Wu.
Prepare for an
unmerciful defeat.
No, I'm here to steal
your lava lamp.
Sounds like one evil boy genius
has hit some hard times.
Look, there's still
a lot of stuff
I got to get tubbimura.
Maybe we can agree to a
What is it that you want?
Clay's cowboy hat.
Hey, no one touches my hat.
Well, I'm sitting on
some pretty juicy info.
It has to do with Jermaine
and it's not good.
I order you to spill your
internal organs right now!
What kind of sick
people are you?!
I think he means
spill your guts.
Huh? Ohh.
Jermaine is part of
Chase Young's crew.
I saw him with my own 100 eyes.
I was a fly at the time.
What a load of hay.
Jermaine wouldn't do that.
He would if he did not
know Chase Young was evil.
It is the golden finger!
Step off, Omi.
This Shen Gong Wu is mine.
Chase Young has been using you.
He is on the side of evil!
Say what? Kimiko: Omi's right.
Chase is using you.
We wouldn't steer
you wrong, partner.
You'd say anything
to help cue ball.
That's right, Jermaine.
Block out their words.
You know what you must do.
Going somewhere?
No, but you are.
Judallet flip. Fire!
Typhoon boom. Wind!
Seismic kick. Earth!
Remember, no Wu,
no more walks for muffin face.
If anyone deserves the
golden finger, it's me.
Now you have gone too far.
Aah! Aah!
I challenge you, Jermaine,
you, Jack Spicer,
and you tubbimura,
to a showdown Tsunami.
The game is battle
of the gladiators.
I wager my manchurian musca
against your Ruby of ramses.
I wager Shroud of Shadows.
Yo, I don't have
anything to wager.
Jermaine wagers the
Lasso Boa Boa.
Let's go!
Xiaolin Showdown!
Let the games begin!
Gong yi tan pai!
Nice kitty.
Pretty kitties.
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Manchurian musca!
na na na-na na
Shroud of Shadows!
Ruby of Ramses!
Aah! Uhh!
Lasso Boa Boa.
Jermaine, you must stop.
If you win, Chase Young
will control you.
There will be no going back!
Omi, stop messing with my
head and just fight, man.
Chase wants us to fight.
This was his plan all along.
What is more evil
than turning 2 friends
against each other?
I think you did that.
Why couldn't you have
just been happy for me?
I was!
I was just not happy for me.
I may have been a
little jealous.
Oh, you think?
So why should I trust you now?
Because you are my friend.
Go ahead.
Defeat the young monk and
receive your reward.
Oh, this is so exciting!
You're not playing
with me, are you?
No, but I will if you want.
Oh, man.
I really have been
on the side of evil.
Whoo! Way to go, guys!
You just can't quit!
They can and they
have, ghost hag.
Reckon we got ourselves a
Xiaolin Showdown draw.
No winner? What a rip-off!
You wouldn't see this
in the old days.
Oh, sorry.
Hey, I want my stuff back!
No, I will keep everything.
Think again, bubba.
I press enter
and doggy breath is a ufm.
Unidentified flying muffin face.
Aah! No!
Not my muffin face!
Ok! Ok!
I will return your stuff.
It appears that once again
you have underestimated
the forces of good.
What makes you think
things didn't turn out
exactly as I planned?
Because youLost?
No, Omi. You won.
You were the one I was testing
and you passed as I expected.
Man, that guy is wiggin' out.
I think as you say,
it is time to booger
on out of here.
Jermaine: I sure hope
you mean boogie.
I wish you would stay.
Master Fung says you would make
an excellent Xiaolin monk,
and so do I.
Thanks, Omi dog,
but I got some
thinking to do first.
I may take you up on
that offer, though.
Open seating on
the Dojo-0 train.
Perhaps when you return
you could teach me a few moves.
Teach you moves?
You don't seem to
be running a fever.
Of course I will repay
you many times over
by teaching you far
more valuable moves.
Ha ha ha!
Now that's the Omi dog I've
grown to know and love.
Yes, I believe we all have.
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