Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s03e01 Episode Script

Finding Omi

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
Previously on
"Xiaolin Showdown"..
'The Ying Yo-Yo acts as a portal
to the Ying-Yang World. '
You are here about Master Fung.
He's missing and you must travel
to the Ying-Yang World.
Ying Yo-Yo!
The Ying Yo-Yo is actually
one of two Shen Gong Wu.
The Ying Yo-Yo
and the Yang Yo-Yo.
When leaving the Ying-Yang
World, you must have both Wu
or the good part of you
will be left behind.
I will rule the world
with you at my side.
The Serpent's Tail
is also missing.
That can only mean one thing.
'Serpent's Tail,
Reversing Mirror.'
It's good to be all
powerful again.
We'll just have to go
into the Ying-Yang World
and find both Omi
and Master Fung's chi.
Hey! Watch where you..
Omi, I missed you so.
Jack brought the Reversing
Mirror into the Ying-Yang World.
Instead of coming out whole
'he must've left behind
all of his evil.'
Omi swore his loyalty to me.
Chase Young is right,
as a Xiaolin monk
I am bound by my words.
Omi belongs to me.
Now and forever!
'Aah, there is nothing like'
the smell of ash in the morning.
I have never seen you
look soevil.
Omi's essence combined
with my own has allowed me
to grow stronger!
Soon I will enslave
every living creature
and plunge the world
into eternal darkness.
Now, we'll have none of that.
Evil can be most rewarding.
'One time, you were
on the side of good.'
'Perhaps there is still
some good inside of you.'
No, don't think so.
Don't worry, Omi,
in time you too will
learn to appreciate evil.
I must warn you..
that my purring should
not be mistaken as a sign
that I approve of your actions.
I just happened to like
having my ears scratched.
Again, please.
Poor, Omi, he looks so sad
with that big furry head.
Yeah, the one time
the little fella needs us
and we're about as useless
as a catfish on a bicycle.
Good morning, all!
Master Fung, I brought you
your morning tea.
But I usually bring
Master Fung his morning tea.
- Allow me to pour, please.
- No!
I'm the one who pours
Master Fung's tea.
But I'm already in mid-pour.
He's probably saying
"It's okay,
I know you mean well."
Here, Master Fung.
You can use my laptop
computer to talk to us.
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Thank you, Kimiko.
Master Fung, is there anything
we can do to get Omi back?
You must break
Chase Young's hold
by challenging him
for Omi's freedom.
'If you lose, you too
will lose your freedom.'
And then all hope
will have been lost.
Like the feeling in my legs.
Hey! Cheap shot.
I say go for it.
I know you guys can't lose.
And what makes you so sure?
Because you have good
on your side.
And when you have good,
you got the world on a string.
Hmm. There it goes again.
There goes what?
Dragon X Kumei Formation!
It's no use.
Dragon X Kumei
won't work without Omi.
Where is it?
Sword of the Storm! Wind!
Spear of Yun!
What in the name of
blueberry jam is that thing?
The Chi creature
is the guardian of the chi
in the Ying-Yang World.
It uses its tongue
to suck chi from its victims.
It won't rest until it replaces
the chi that was taken.
Guys, we gotta act now!
I say we go find Omi before
things get any weirder.
If that's even possible.
Go, young monks.
I will watch the Chi creature
while you are away.
Here, may be you should hold on
to this Silk Spitter
and the Glove of Jisaku
just in case.
beep beep
And the Reversing Mirror.
Wouldn't want anything to happen
to my number one guy!
But I'm supposed to be
the one who kisses
Master Fung on the noggin.
Once I rid myself
of the other monks
nothing will stand between me
and total evil domination.
And what evil plan
do you have in mind for them?
None. The Chi creature
will handle things for us.
'Silk Spitter.'
You will have to do better
than that, old monk!
Be careful what you wish for.
You fight well for someone
with brittle bones.
But not well enough.
I'm so sorry, Master Fung.
I wish there was something
I could do.
Oh, poor little kitty-witty
want something to do?
Here's a ball of yarn.
Knock yourself out.
He he he.
I do not understand why
but I find this ball of yarn
most fascinating.
Be brave, young warrior,
the battle is not over.
Oh, I beg to differ.
Serpent's Tail!
Oh, this isn't good.
Doesn't it know
we're on the same side?
You will have to find
your chi else where.
I suggest that you
look that way.
'Sounds like we've got company.'
Sword of the Storm! Wind!
Star Hanabi! Fire!
'Fist of Tebigong! Earth!'
I sure hope that's you, Clay.
Or at least a bear.
Please, don't suck my chi.
I have so little.
It's just me, good buddy.
Come on, we have to find
the others
so we can save Omi
and the world.
La la la la la la la
'There they are.'
Look, we're saved!
Guys! You don't know
how glad I am to see you.
'Never try to teach a pig
dancing, waste your time.'
We're too late,
they've been de-chied.
Elephant tusks cannot grow
out of dog's mouth.
Water that is too pure
has no fish.
Alrighty, all we have to do is,
use the Ying Yang Yo-Yo
to draw the chi creature
back into the Ying-Yang World
and find our pal's chi.
That's all? And I suppose
we'll be done
in time to catch a movie.
Great idea.
My treat, little buddy.
We're sunk!
The Yang Yo-Yo is missing.
Well, we still
have the Ying Yo-Yo.
What do you have,
tofu for brains?
If you leave the Ying-Yang World
without both Wu
you'll go back
to your former evil self.
Not that it wouldn't be
an improvement.
Then that's what I must do.
The world is at stake.
Not to mention the lives
of my good friends.
You'd be willing
to do that for us?
Even after all of
the mean things we've said?
Yeah, water off a duck's back.
I know when I return
I won't miss being good.
ButI wish I would.
Oh, yes!
Please try to remember me
for how I am.
And not how I will be.
I wish there was
something I could do.
Actually there is.
I will need a goat.
As bait to draw
the chi creature out.
Where am I supposed
to find a goat?
I don't think
this is a very good idea.
Ja-a-ack. Ja-a-ack.
thud thud
Ying Yo-Yo. Ha ha!
The Ring of Nine Dragons!
Alright, find the chi, Jack.
And I'll distract the creature.
Good thinking, Jack.
By the way,
I'm proud to call you Jack..
Ying Yo-Yo.
'I'll take those.'
- The Spear of Yun!
- Hey! What's going on?
This is no way to treat
an evil boy genius.
I have much washing to do
before I catch the next wave.
And the next.
I say you do for
a nice chi break, wash boy.
Hey, what's goin' on?
Why am I washing
Chase's underwear?
No time to explain.
We've got to get
Kimiko and Clay back.
I must make the floor clean
enough to eat off of.
Almost there.
This is way too creepy.
Hmm. What's that funny taste
in my mouth?
Not bad just, you know, funny.
I knew I should've devoured you
when I had the chance.
Uh, b-bad idea.
I think I maybe coming down
with something.
Could be contagious.
According to the ancient
scrolls, we have the right
to challenge you
for Omi's freedom.
And what do you wish to wager?
The only thing
you'd be willing to play for.
Our eternal loyalty.
No! I cannot allow you
to do this for me.
I accept your offer.
But no Shen Gong Wu.
You will rely only
on your martial art skills.
The game is Xiaolin Soccer.
First to score four points wins.
You and your jungle cats
against the four of us.
- The four?
- That's right.
Omi-cat is playing with us.
Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!
'Gong Yi Tan Pai!'
Hey, what do we do for a ball?
Yeah! Yeah!
Go get 'em, Chase! Yes!
I hate the away games.
The crowd's always against you.
Ha ha ha.
Remember what
Master Fung once said.
"The way to defeat Chase Young
is to stop seeing him
as the greatest warrior
of all times."
Chase taught you
your best moves.
How can we beat
someone like that?
By using different moves.
And by getting back my dots!
Goat Biting Tail!
Horse Skipping Pebble!
Cat Playing Fiddle!
Duck Flipping Burgers!
Sparrow Eating Hotdog!
Sparrow Eating Hotdog?
Way to go, Omi-cat!
Looks like we're not dead yet.
That is correct!
Omi-cat has more lives
than you can skin!
Judolette Flip Fire!
Typhoon Boom Wind!
It appears
I have taught you well.
No, it appears that
you have taught me too well.
Dragon X Kumei Formation!
thud thud
Since I gave my word
you are free to go.
But now that you have
tasted evil it may not
be so easy the next time.
I think the evil in you
is stronger than you know.
I wish to apologize
for the trouble I caused.
Because of me the world
almost fell into the forces
of evil for eternity.
I knew the secret to defeat evil
and I refused to use it.
Perhaps I am not worthy
to be a Xiaolin monk.
I wouldn't be so sure.
Remember when you first used
the Fountain of Hui
and the Eagle Scope?
You thought you saw
how to destroy evil.
But what you did not see was me
holding the Reversing Mirror.
You saw the opposite
of destroying evil.
So if Omi had listened to us
and broke his word..
It would've been good
that would've been destroyed.
- Not evil.
- Thank you for telling me that.
It was very good of you.
Perhaps I've been right
about you all along.
The good in you maybe stronger
than you know.
'It is good to be back.'
Remember when I told you
that only one would rise
to the ranks of Wudai Warrior?
The time has come
to announce the chosen one.
Congratulations, Omi.
- Glad for you, partner.
- Way to go!
I do not know what to say
except I do not believe
I am the most worthy.
As I was saying..
congratulations Omi, Kimiko
'Raimundo and Clay.'
I am most pleased.
And most confused.
You said only one of us
would rise.
That is correct.
Only one would rise.
But not until you worked
together as one.
I don't know about you
but I think
he makes this stuff up
as he goes along.
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