Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s03e02 Episode Script

Bird of Paradise

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
Young monks,
I see you have time to play
but you've not yet
completed your chores.
Yeah, about that.
We figured, now that
we're Wudai Warriors
we'd save our strength
for more important things.
You know, like saving the world
from evil and stuff.
If you are to become
dragons one day
you must continue your efforts.
Now the hard work begins.
What a bummer? I thought
we were done with the hard work.
What is that fascinating
yet annoying sound?
The singing old lady
is an omen.
Follow me and let us learn
what the omen means.
I'm guessing it's an omen
that someone's plum tone deaf.
Dojo, what are you doing?
We seem to have a few Wu
missing in action.
So I put together a new system
to keep track of them.
One big mess.
Dojo, have you seen the
"Sacred book of Omens?"
Yeah, it's right here.
I was using it
to level the table.
Thank you, Dojo Kanojo Cho.
I guess, I can use
the Holy Scroll instead.
So, what omen
are you looking for?
There's some old fossil lady
who can't carry a tune outside.
Oh, yeah, I remember
the old singing crackpot.
It means, the coming
of the bird of paradise.
Dojo is correct.
"Whoever finds
the bird of paradise
will receive powers
like they've never known."
Oh, I must have
the bird of paradise.
Powers like I've never known.
Young monks,
now that you are Wudai Warriors
you are ready
for your first Wudai quest.
Anything beats doing chores.
You can do your chores
when you return.
You are to search
for the bird of paradise
but finding it
will not be easy.
'It is hidden
in the land of Nowhere'
'"beyond the valley
of Somewhere'
'but not as far as the jungle of
Neither Here Nor There."'
Hey, isn't the land of Nowhere
run by Chase Young?
That's one scary neighborhood.
No problemo!
Let's get down to the vault
and load up on Wu.
Not so fast.
From now on, you've to checkout
your Wu using your Wu card.
'It's part of
what I like to call'
'my Dewey Dojo system.'
I'm afraid that no Shen Gong
Wumaybe used on the quest.
You'll rely only on your
Wudai elements.
We can't bring
anything with us?
You'll take along this leaf.
It looks like a mighty fine leaf
but I hardly think
it's gonna make evil
shake in its boots.
'You'll float the leaf
on water.'
'And it will point the way.'
Woohoohoo! A magical leaf.
I'm most impressed.
You must remain focused.
If the dark forces of evil
were to learn
of the bird of paradise..
'the quest
could be compromised.'
'You can count on us.'
'Nothing will get past
these lips'
'not even sweet and spicy
kung pow chicken.'
The bird of paradise.
If anyone deserves
the bird, it's me.
I'll finally be able to knock
off Chase Young as top evil dog.
He won't even know
what hit him.
I've heard
of the bird of paradise.
But I understand that no one
has ever actually seen it.
Some say that the power
of the bird can crush mountains.
Dry up the seas,
even split the world in two.
But then, that could be
water-cooler talk.
The bird could be most dangerous
in the wrong hands.
- Our hands.
- Wuya.
I like the way you think.
I'm most pleased.
You could show your pleasure
by giving me Shen Gong Wu.
I said, I was pleased.
Not crazy.
Maybe we should check with leafy
to make sure we're on track.
If you would be so kind.
Kind, strangers.
Would you help an old lady
cross the river?
I'm afraid
my feet aren't very steady.
- Sure, no problem.
- Remember!
Remember what Master Fung
told us about remaining focused.
Oh, my! Help me!
Help me!
Yah! Yah!
Oh! Oh.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much
for your kindness.
There must be something
I can do to repay you.
Well, you could stop
doing that.
Ha! Hey, look.
It's that no good
snake in the grass Spicer.
Looks like, I'm on an evil
egg roll here, baby.
The Jacky is backy.
Soon the bird of paradise
will be mine.
And there's nothing
that can stop me.
'Whoa! Hoo!
I'm okay.'
This is all my fault.
If only I had stay focused.
No, Raimundo,
your heart was in the place
where it was supposed to be.
You did the honorable thing.
Without the leaf
the Xiaolin monks are finished.
Still, they're
quite resourceful.
I will not under estimate
them as I've done in the past.
Guys, I have this
creepy feeling..
like we're being watched.
Yes! I do too.
And I've a pretty good idea
by whom.
Okay, little Mr. Leaf.
'Point the way.'
You sure?
Okay, you're the man.
Looks like evil boy genius
is also evil boy litter bug.
sniff sniff
Um-mh. Um-mh.
Can't be more than
a few minutes old.
We're not far behind.
Where are we?
It's the Canyon Of Doom
And Agony.
'I've never heard of
such a place.'
Well, the names kinda new.
It used to be called
Hummingbird Acres
but it attracted
too many looky-loos.
I believe,
it's time that we make
the monks tripinteresting.
'Wait, wait one sec.
I don't wanna miss anything.'
Not having a body for so long
I forgot about those things
that come up every now and then.
Are we ready?
Yes, please carry on.
rumble rumble rumble
crash crash crash
You got me into this.
Do something.
Do something.
Try as you wish, Chase Young,
but you will not stop us
'from reaching
the bird of paradise.'
Yeah, but I gotta give
him an "A" for effort so far.
Hey, guys, hurry,
I think I found a way out.
Hoo-ey! That's the second
biggest tongue I ever did see.
It appears that it is time
for us to kick some tongue.
You said a mouthful.
'Wudai Iron Palm.'
I say, we mosey on outta here
while the mosin' is good.
Look out, everybody.
- What do we do now?
- Let me handle this, partner.
It's my element that's makin'
all of the ruckus.
Wudai Crater Earth.
Clay, I never knew you had
such wondrous powers.
Yeah, you and me both.
A whole evil Canyon destroyed
and not one monk buried alive.
Not to worry, the monks still
have plenty of time
before meeting
with certain failure.
I never knew,
how following Jack
could work up
a fellas appetite.
Hey, the trail stops here.
Most peculiar.
Jack Spicer, I demand
that you stop hiding in the tree
and turn over the leaf
at once.
I'm not hiding.
I'm being held prisoner.
Held prisoner by what?
A nest of baby birdies?
roar roar
You okay there, partner?
I-I've been better.
Thank you, Kimiko,
for your help.
But I'm all good now.
I think it's time
to fight fire with fire.
Wudai Mars Fire.
Way to go, fire girl.
You've got to save me.
And exactly why is that?
Um, because we mean
so much to each other.
Then you must promise
to turn over the leaf
and to turn a new leaf over.
Okay, okay, you got a deal.
Do something!
Wudai Neptune Water.
Wudai Star Wind.
Yes, yes, I'm saved.
And the leaf is still mine.
Nice catch.
Well, I think,
my work here is done.
Oh, magical leaf, which way?
'"The Bone Yard."'
Sounds like a nice,
quiet place.
Well, let's make this fast,
I wouldn't wanna wind up
as part of the landscape.
Look, it is
the bird of paradise.
Uh, hello, are you
the bird of paradise?
Bird of paradise.
Bird of paradise.
Yes! I knew it.
We've found the mystical bird.
And why is it,
that you're so interested
in this bird of paradise?
Because we are Wudai Warriors
and that's all you need to know.
Um, that's about all
that we do know.
The land of Nowhere
is my domain.
Therefore, the bird of paradise
belongs to me.
No, the bird of paradise
is ours.
We'll see about that,
little one.
Talk about crummy timing.
Oh, good,
I have been looking for you.
I've come to payback
your kindness.
Gotta say, I can hardly
blame the critter.
We must focus on our new
and improved Wudai powers.
And we must do it together.
Wudai Orion Formation.
Wudai Crater Earth.
How did they learn
to do that?
Apparently their Wudai powers
have taken hold.
Check it and weep, baby.
I knew, I'd get the bird.
It appears that despite
your impressive performance
'you have lost.'
We maybe outside,
but we are not down.
I think, he means,
we are down but not out.
'Oh, you all look so sad.'
I hope, I didn't
cause you any trouble.
No, it's not you, it's us.
I'm afraid,
we messed up big time.
Quite the opposite.
You see, I am
the bird of paradise.
But we thought
the bird of paradise
would be a regular bird.
I have come to payback
your kindness by giving
'each of you
the greatest gift of all.'
Farm equipment?
In rescuing me,
I've given you the gift
of discovering
your finest qualities.
'Courage, loyalty,
strength and kindness.'
Those are the greatest gifts
you could ever receive.
Yeah, even if
they don't cost anything.
That was the purpose
of the quest.
To arm you with
the greatest powers of all.
The power that comes from within
that can never be taken away.
Well, she's one
mighty impressive bird.
But she couldn't
carry a tune in a bucket.
You did well, young monks.
Your one mistake
was to assume that
the bird of paradise
was a bird.
'Things are not always
what they appear to be.'
The evil that you
will soon encounter
will not always
be so easy to recognize.
That is why
you must remain cautious
and learn to see
with your minds
and not just your eyes.
Master Fung worked his way
through monk school doing magic.
I once saw him
make all of China disappear.
It's true.
'Okay, bird of paradise or
whatever you call yourself.'
Out with it. Exactly
what makes you so powerful?
What makes you so powerful?
Hey, I'll ask the questions
around here.
I'll ask the questions
around here.
Oh, yeah, tough guy?
Well, if you don't
tell me what I wanna know
I'll, uh, I'll hurt you
until you cry.
I-I-I'll hurt you
until you cry.
What? No, no, no.
You-you're bluffing.
- You're bluffing.
- Okay, okay, maybe I'm.
Just-just take it easy.
Just take it easy!
Just take it easy!
Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.
I'll tell you whatever
you want, sir, please!
'Don't make me cry!'
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