Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s03e03 Episode Script

The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
Sweet Baby Among Us is
the most worthy Shen Gong Wu.
After this workout,
we can kick any baby's butt.
I'm pleased by
your enthusiasm.
But developing ones Wudai skills
will be a long journey.
No problemo, Fungo.
I say, bring it on, baby.
Bring it on.
A very, very long journey.
Hey, boys and girls.
A new Shen Gong Wu
has revealed itself.
It's called the Moby Morpher.
'Whoever possesses the Wu
can change his shape and size.'
'Even take on the appearance
of his enemy.'
It's one of the most--
One of the most powerful
and dangerous Shen Gong Wu.
That's what he was gonna say.
Make yourself useful
and hand me the socket wrench.
Hand me the socket wrench.
That's a crescent wrench,
bird brain.
That's a crescent wrench,
bird brain.
You may not know your wrenches
but you are feisty.
You are feisty.
Yeah, I guess we both are.
How about I call you,
Little Jack?
Little Jack.
Little Jack.
Say you're a stinky butt.
You're a stinky butt.
This is too cool.
beep beep
Hey, best bird bud.
It's time I show you
how I make my evil living.
No good-rotten pizza face.
No good-rotten pizza face.
No good-rotten pizza face.
'Shen Gong Wu at 3 o'clock.'
Please pass the remaining trash
to the center aisle.
Well, well, look what
the old dragon dragged in.
Prepare for
a lesson in humility.
You're not gonna join in?
No interest.
This is Wuya's party.
It just don't seem right,
beatin' up a 1500-year-old lady.
Fist of Tebigong.
Point taken.
Well, I've got no problem
kicking old hag butt.
Well, come and get it.
Judolette Flip Fire!
Okay, old evil one.
Let's see what you've got.
Sword of the Storm.
My, you're quiet
a muscular young man.
Yeah, I work outa lot.
toink toink
As a disciplined
Wudai Warrior
I will not be influenced by a
most powerful female willies.
Orb of Tornami.
Wuya, I challenge you
to a Xiaolin Showdown.
The game is meteor shower.
'The first to reach
the Moby Morpher wins.'
And to make it interesting
my Ying Yo-Yo against
your Yang Yo-Yo.
You never mentioned
you have the Ying Yo-Yo.
Didn't I?
Must have slipped my mind.
Kimiko, remember, if you enter
the Ying Yang world without
both Wu,
you will come out evil.
And if you enter evil,
you come out good.
We may need a score card
for this one.
Let's go.
Xiaolin Showdown!
'Gong Yi Tanpai!'
boom boom
Yang Yo-Yo!
Once I have both Wu,
it's evil domination, baby.
What's wrong with Kimiko?
She left her good,
in the Ying-Yang World.
boom boom
Ying Yo-Yo.
If I win, I'm opening a home
for birds without nests.
- 'Yang Yo-Yo!'
- 'Ying Yo-Yo!'
- 'Yang Yo-Yo!'
- 'Ying Yo-Yo!'
- 'Yang Yo-Yo!'
- 'Ying Yo-Yo!'
It's funny, but sometimes
it's hard to tell
the good and evil apart,
you know what I'm saying?
boom boom
Yang Yo-Yo!
You are the male.
That's, you're the man.
Well, you're
definitely somethin'.
- What's going on?
- No good runaway bird.
My Shen Gong Wu.
Your Shen Gong Wu?
I never saw it before.
Hate to taunt you on.
But me and my posse
don't play by the rules.
We play to win.
Little Jack,
bring me the Wu.
Bring me the Wu,
bring me my Wu.
I've got a better idea.
That's your own Wu, sissy boy.
What's the world come to,
when you
you can't even trust
your bird.
There's somethin' strange about
that quiet feather duster.
I believe, Little Jack may not
be just your average parrot.
I got you.
To high, nose bleed.
It seems our featured thief
is the Ying-Yang bird.
It's arrival means that a very
close friend of mine is nearby.
Hannibal Bean.
I've heard of
Hannibal Bean.
Maybe you could
introduce us sometime?
Only if I wish
to get rid of you.
Which could be arranged
quite easily.
'You want it? Come on.
Too slow.'
Wudai Warriors, you will leave
for the Ying-Yang world
where you will retrieve
the stolen Shen Gong Wu.
You will take
the silver Manta Ray.
What about Dojo?
Unfortunately, Dojo cannot fly
in the Ying-Yang world.
Do you have to
tell everyone?
Something's you wanna
keep private.
Remember to remain cautious.
Anything can happen
in the Ying-Yang world.
And it usually does.
'Shen Gong Wu, can be
most unpredictable.'
'They may work fine at times,
then behave just the opposite.'
Yeah, spontaneous combustion
is the leading cause of injury.
Probably, you should bring
along a fire extinguisher.
'Ying Yang Yo-Yo!'
Very nice.
When I find that
Wu stealing bird
he's chicken taco's,
parrot style.
'I wouldn't go in there,
if I were you.'
Which I am.
Please. I don't allow
anyone to touch me.
Especially me.
Don't you recognize me?
You used the ring
of the nine dragons
to make me the last time
you were here.
So that's why I've been feeling
more evil than ever.
it's so good to see you.
No, no, no.
You don't wanna go in there.
That's were Hannibal Bean lives.
The last thing you need
are more bad influences.
Hannibal Roy Bean?
'He's the meanest evilest
force in the universe.'
He's my evil hero.
I thought Chase Young
was your evil hero.
What? I'm not allowed more than
one evil hero in my life?
'Be careful.'
'Call me if you need me.'
Hey, it's kinda nice to be
a passenger for a change.
I can get used to this.
Hey, easy on the controls.
It's not me, Master Fung said
Wu can act
unpredictably in
the Ying-Yang world.
Maybe I should take over.
I'd like to leave the parallel
universe in one piece.
Do you know how to fly
the Silver Manta Ray?
Please, I was flying
before I could crawl.
I'm not just
a mystical dragon.
I'm also a certified pilot.
Good enough for me,
she's all yours, pappy.
Now, let's see if we can
pick up the pace a little.
Don't worry.
I got everything under control.
I found the flying manual.
'Time of impact, ten seconds.'
'Nine seconds.'
'Eight seconds.'
'Seven seconds.'
'Six seconds.'
'Five seconds.'
'Four seconds.'
Golden Finger!
'Two seconds.'
Look, it says here
if all else fails
use the golden finger
Shen Gong Wu
to freeze time momentarily.
See, no problem.
Hello, I see that
I have company.
To whom do I
owe the pleasure?
I'm Jack Spicer,
evil boy genius.
I really, really love your work,
Mr. Bean sir.
Of course, you do, boy.
Now come a little closer.
I promise I won't bite.
One day I wanna be
as evil as you.
Aren't you sweet.
You will.
Once you overcome
your fears.
I'm not afraid of anything.
You sleep with a night light.
You're scared of clowns
and you have panic attacks
when you're away
from your mama
for more than one day.
How do you know that?
It's apparent to me
that you're just
one generation away
from good.
That's why you work so hard
to prove you areevil.
I am evil, I am.
And I wanna go home now.
Not before getting
what you came for.
I have Shen Gong Wu.
And I can have them?
All you have to do is
open the cage and take 'em.
roar roar
Funny, you look
taller on TV.
If you're true evil,
you know what to do.
Can you give me a hint?
Just open the cage
and let me out, you twit.
Yoo-hoo, hey, guys
over here.
It's good Jack.
I am so happy to see you.
How in tarnation
did you go and get
all good again?
This is the good part of me
I left behind from before.
Can't breathe.
Losing consciousness.
Maybe we should
save the hugs until
after we find out
what's going on.
I am afraid
my evil side is about
to get into
a whole lot of trouble.
What kind of trouble
are you talking about?
Bad Jack went to visit
Hannibal Bean.
I told him not to.
But does he listen to me? No.
Hannibal Roy Bean is here?
You've heard of him?
Hannibal is the one who turned
Chase Young to evil.
Chase Young
and Master Monk Guan
were once the best of friends.
But Hannibal found a way
to come between them.
He knew Chase Young's
weakness was his
need to be the best
on the block.
And that Master Monk Guan was
the one who stood in his way.
Hannibal reminded him
of his destiny to
be the greatest
warrior ever.
But that destiny could only
be found on the Heylin side.
Later Chase felt
the Heylin side
was growin' a little too
crowded and double crossed him.
He locked Hannibal, in the
Ying-Yang world for eternity.
And you can imagine,
it put a real
strain on their relationship.
I don't get it,
how can something
so puny be so powerful?
I understand.
Strength is not measured
by one's size
but by the size of ones
That maybe,
but he's still just a bean.
Look, maybe we should
check out this Bean dude.
Clay, you know about tractors
'maybe you can fix
the Silver Manta Ray.'
Sure, yeah.
and mystical flyin' transports
are like two peas
from the same pod.
Hi, guys, nice weather.
Jack Spicer,
what are you doing here?
It's that no good
Hannibal Bean.
He got me to let him go
and then he locked me up.
He lied to me.
Yeah, evil villains have
a tendency to do that.
He was right about one thing.
I do miss my mommy.
And I wanna go home.
Hey, what's going on? What am
I doing there, when I'm here?
That-that's not me.
That's not me.
That's Hannibal Bean.
I bet he used the Moby Morpher
to make himself look like me
after I let him out.
I never let me out.
I-I mean him.
I have an idea, we will use
the Ring of the Nine Dragons
to re-unite the two real Jacks.
Ring of the Nine Dragons.
So it appears that it was not
Jack who acted so stupid as to
free Hannibal Bean.
It was me?
You got it, sweet pea.
Moby Morpher.
Enough chat chit.
Today victory is mine,
Hannibal Bean.
Hardly seems
like a fair fight.
True. Perhaps I should fight
with my eyes closed.
Wudai Neptune Water!
Wudai Mars Fire!
Wudai Star Wind!
Moby Morpher.
I wonder which one
is the real Omi.
I don't have
the foggiest idea.
Hey, you are not me.
'Cause I'm me.
Guys, it's Hannibal Bean.
'Moby Morpher.'
Well, thanks for the workout.
We must do it again sometime.
Right now, I got a lotta
evil catchin' up to do.
Hannibal maybe out
but he's still
trapped in the Ying-Yang world.
I say, we get back to
the Silver Manta Ray
and blow this taco stand.
They have taco's here?
Can I sit up front?
I get air sick easily.
'Ying Yang Yo-Yo.'
Chase Young.
What do you want?
Nothing that concerns you,
little one.
I've some unfinished business
to settle.
God, what in tarnation
are you doin'?
I'm ending what I should
have ended years ago.
Moby Morpher.
Nice to see you again, Chase.
'Hey, thanks for
the assistance.'
Maybe one day,
I'll return the favor.
I'm afraid we've got
big problems, partner.
I know, you ripped the words
from inside my mouth.
You fools! You don't know
what you've done.
You have unleashed the greatest
evil the world has ever seen.
Sounds like
end of the world time.
No, it is far worse than that.
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