Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s03e04 Episode Script

Omi Town

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
There's nothin' like
Chinese New Year
to put a smile
on these dragon lips.
Mom got me a picture pillow
and me is a little one
wrestlin' the family pig.
She always knows what I want.
Papa bought me
a black box decrypter.
Now I'll be able to
hack into anyone's email.
'What, with eight
brothers and sisters'
'and aunts and uncles
comin' out the wazoo'
I scored big time.
Boo! Whoa!
I wonder what my great,
great, great, great
Uncle Tiamat sent me.
His bones. How thoughtful.
Hey, Omi boy, why aren't
you grabbin' the booty?
I do not feel like
grabbing my booty.
Poor kid gets this way
every year around this time.
You mean, because he's
an orphan and has no family.
Nice, Rai, now why don't
you just go kick him?
Hey, I didn't mean anything.
'Besides, it's not
all bad being an orphan.'
'Think of what you save
on gifts.'
I don't think
you're getting through.
I'm sorry for being
such a lower.
You mean, a downer?
Not that you are.
I am sad because I do not
have a last name.
'Kimiko is a Tohomiko'
Clay is a Bailey,
Raimundo is a Pedrosa.
I am a blank.
- Even Dojo has a last name.
- You better believe it.
Kanojo Cho from
the Northern Cho Cho clan.
How about we find
your last name?
- One that fits like, um..
- Omi Greenberg.
- What?
- Thank you.
But I do not want someone
else's name, I want my name.
Then you should
go on a quest, Omi.
A quest to find out
who you are
and where you belong.
Is that possible?
Follow your Wudai instincts
wisely, little monk.
At the end of the journey,
you shall find your reward.
Isn't it interesting
how the littlest one longs
for parents he never had?
Yeah, yeah, breaks my heart.
With that knowledge,
I just might be able
to help you with your problem.
Problem? What problem?
I can feel your need to be evil.
'I know it's Chase Young
who's keeping you jailed'
'always in his shadow.
An echo of'
'how bad you could really be.'
I don't know what
you're talking about.
But if you have any
evil thoughts to share
I'm all ears.
Do you really think
you can fool me
with that teeny-tiny pimple
on the face of evil?
'A little more to the right.'
Your other right. There.
You are
the greatest master, master.
Yes, I am.
Great masters are so
under appreciated.
Whoever is standing my light,
better move.
Or it's the scrap heat, baby.
Better watch
who you call "baby"..
- How did you get in?
- Not very difficult.
I walked in.
You should lock your door, Jack.
Ha! You may have a body
but I know
you're still powerless.
Powerless enough for you?
Yeah, well.
I went easy on you,
be-because you're girl.
Now, what do you want?
I need your help.
You sure have
a funny way askin' for it.
- Why should I help?
- Hello, my boy.
Touch me and I'll scream.
You did scream.
Then I'll scream louder.
Just keep that evil
jelly bean away from me.
Who are you callin'
a jelly bean?
Moby Morpher!
Jelly bean?
No, I-I said Hannibal Bean.
But I like jelly beans
especially the green ones.
You will help me
get Shen Gong Wu.
So I will one day
get my powers back.
You sure Chase won't mind?
What dragon breath doesn't know,
won't hurt him.
Over there.
No, to the left.
No, right.
Wait! Stop!
Stop here? In mid air?
Are you crazy?
Um, maybe we should
give it a rest
and start over in the mornin'?
Why brother? I've no idea
where we should go.
I'm like the blonde
leading the blonde.
I think you mean,
the blind leading the blind.
Remember what Master Fung said?
Follow your instincts
and they will take you there.
Or somewhere.
Nowhere. That's where
it's taking me.
No wh..
'Over there.'
Ifthat isn't a sign,
I don't know what is.
I believe
we should go that way.
No, duh!
You know, Omi,
about these signs..
I would have thought
they would be more
you know, mystical.
Now, Dojo you shouldn't
kiss a horse on the lips
before it gives
you it's presents.
Kiss a gift horse
on the mouth.
I thought it was
look a gift horse in the mouth.
Are you seein' what I'm seein'?
Is this weird or is it just me?
What is weird about a town of
good-looking people.
Well, little buddy,
all the good-lookin' people
'look just like you.'
This must be
where I came from.
My parents must be here.
If we break apart, we can
cover ourselves with more dirt.
I'm guessing split up
and cover more ground.
Omi! Omi, I found your parents.
They are just outside of town.
But I think
you need to know that--
There's nothing more
I need to know.
Except that my parents are here.
'Ha ha! Wo! Woo-hoo!'
You found Omi's parents?
Yeah, but I'm not sure they're
exactly what Omi is expecting.
'This is where
my parents live?'
Son, is that you?
'Mother? Father?'
Poor little guy.
'I don't know how things
could get any worse for him.'
Omi Crud.
My last name is Crud?
Omi Crud!
I think you spoke
too soon, partner.
You could not always
have been farmers.
I bet you have a colorful past.
Fought many brave battles.
The only brave battles
I can recall fighting
were with your mother.
We go acted like cats and dogs.
Usually over doing chores
or bowl of rice.
And you're certain
that Omi is your son?
I mean, Omi is not the only one
in town with a big yellow head.
Just look at his baby photos.
Here's Omi when he got
his first dot.
And here he is breaking
his first board.
And here's a lock
of his baby hair.
Actually that's all
he ever grew.
No doubt about it.
Omi is their boy.
We're just so tickled to have
our little Omi back.
We miss him so.
We never knew what happened
to him all those years ago.
One second he was here
and the next..
We figured we must have got him
mixed in with the produce
and sold him off
as a grapefruit.
Anyway, I think I better
get back to the chores.
Still got to plough
the back forty, you know.
splat splat splat
No, father.
Allow me.
'No-now there's a good son.'
Snake Dancing Doggy.
Cow Sucking Cheese!
Pig Eating Sausage!
Horse Stealing Cart!
Goat Churning Butter.
Monkey Painting House.
Omi, you must be tired.
I made up your old room for you.
Just like it always was.
O-old room?
But I have a room
back at the temple.
No, you'll be staying here
with us from now on.
Looking after the farm
will be a full-time job.
Youyou want me
to leave the temple?
We just want you to be happy.
You don't have to care
for your parents
if you don't want to.
I'm sure we'll find
some way to get by.
Or not.
splat splat
No. I willstay.
You are my mother and father.
It is my duty.
Think about
what you're sayin', buckaroo.
You can't stay.
You're a Xiaolin monk.
No, I am a Crud first.
But, Omi, until a few hours ago
you were just
a grapefruit to them.
These are my parents.
It is the only
honorable thing to do.
Are you sure about this?
Yes. This is goodbye.
Not goodbye.
We'll come back and visit
and you'll visit us and..
Goodbye, my friends.
'Supper time, Omi.'
'We're having
your favorite, chicken feet.'
'Then right after
you do the dishes'
'you can give us a sponge bath.'
It's hard to believe
the little round dude's gone.
He made bad slang
an art form.
We should be happy for him.
He wanted to find his family
and he did.
Now he knows who he is.
Yeah, aCrud.
With cheddar head
out of the way.
The young warriors
will be mortally weakened.
Which means
we move on the temple.
Booyah! Rock 'n' roll.
Shake it till
you break it, baby.
Um, too tired to care.
- Good morning, little monk.
- Chase Young.
I'm not here
to fight you, little one.
- But to warn you.
- Warn me?
Do you know
where the other monks are?
They're in trouble
and need your help.
I do not believe you.
Look into the crow's eyes.
With cheddar head
out of the way.
The young warriors
will be mortally weak.
Which means
we move on the temple.
Hannibal Bean, Wuya and Jack?
Why are you telling me this?
Just something I thought
you ought to know.
In case you wanted
to do anything about it.
You want me to leave my parents
and forfeit my honor.
But I will not.
Even if they are old
fat andsmelly.
They need me.
And tonight I have
to clean their teeth.
Little do they suspect.
It'll be like taking
Shen Gong Wu from a baby.
Looks like you just
stepped into the wrong crib.
Light sleepers.
Well, you know what they say.
The early bird catches the worm
or worms.
- Hey, nice dis.
- Worm?
You're talkin'
to Hannibal Roy Bean.
Well, listen, Mr. Musical Fruit.
I eat beans for lunch.
Well, eat this! Moby Morpher!
Wudai Orion Formation!
I think you're missing
someone round
who looks like a cheese snack.
He's right.
Without Omi, we're sunk.
Jackbots, attack!
Get along, little doggy. Not!
Think you have enough for me?
And then some, you old witch!
Never insult your elders.
Especially when
I can kick your butt.
It's just you and me, Bean dude.
Poor, Raimundo.
Always one step behind.
Even with his fellow monk.
'Need any help from a cowpoke?'
Hey, you're not
supposed to be here.
Well, what comes in circles
goes the other way in circles.
Somebody translate.
I'll be up all night.
I'm guessing
what goes around comes around.
That wasn't even close.
Wudai Orion Formation!
Jackbots, attack!
You'll need
more than Kung-Fu
just stop Hannibal Roy Bean!
How about Kung-Fu cowpoke style?
ding smack wham
Way to go, Omi.
Omi, rocks!
Nice farm moves partner.
It is the Crud in me.
In fact, I call it
Crud-Kung Cow Fu!
Omi, the Shen Gong Wu.
I challenge you
to a Xiaolin Showdown.
The game is bamboo hopping.
First to fall, loses.
My mother, on the side of evil?
When you're a parent,
you'll understand.
My Orb of Tornami against your
Lasso Boa-Boa!
How did you get my orb?
I went through your pocket
when you were clipping
your father's toe nails.
Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!
Gong Yi Tanpai!
That's for not
cleaning your room.
And that's for not eating your
'sweet and spicy chicken feet!'
And you call that a sponge bath?
whack whack
There's nothing sweeter than
a mother's love for her son.
Tear him up, mom!
Mother and son should not fight!
It is not right.
I'm your mother.
I tell you what's right.
And that's for never calling!
But I did not even know
you existed.
Don't talk back to your mother!
Don't think of her
as your mother.
Yeah, just think of her
as a really evil old person.
But with a bad hip.
No, I will not raise
my hand to you mother.
Fine by me.
I have no trouble
of raising a hand to you.
Orb of Tornami!
Wudai Neptune! Water!
Where did I go wrong?
She's not your mom.
She's a robot!
A robot?
Hey, they made me do it.
They made me build
all the robots.
Hannibal Bean then used the
Moby Morpher to make my robots
to look like your relatives.
If you had any.
We figured if we could
break up the dream team
We could take all the Wu.
It would have worked too.
If you hadn't shown up.
Let us just say
that a little bird
told me to.
caw caw caw
Chase Young.
Quickly we must return
the Shen Gong Wu to the vault.
Shroud of Shadow.
what about my escape needs?
Are the Shen Gong Wu safe?
Of course, they are.
You just took them to the vault.
Didn't you?
They were not very good parents.
But at least they were
my parentsfor a while.
Your parents are still
out there somewhere.
You can still find them.
What is more
you succeeded in your quest
to find where you belong.
But I am back where I started.
That is right.
This is your home.
Happy New Year, Omi.
I hope you like chocolates.
Whether I find my parents or not
I know I will always
have a family.
You ate all my chocolates?
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