Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s03e08 Episode Script

The Dream Stalker

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
Oh, don't you know
it's bad luck
to wake a dragon?
You want a curse on your head
for eternity?
You must wake the others.
I sense a great evil nearby.
Oh, well, that is just perfect.
Now I'll never
get back to sleep
knowing some kind of great evil
could be around any..
And they call
dragon breath bad.
We thought
we sensed great evil.
Join the club.
We must search the grounds
for signs of trouble.
Raimundo, arise your shine.
There is great evil!
Are you sure
it's great evil?
'Cause if it's just regular evil
I'm sure you can
handle it without me.
'Orb of Tornami!'
Whoa! I'm up, I'm up!
Nothing appears to be
missing from the vault.
We got nothing too
except some
lack of shut-eye action.
Look, I have found a clue!
It looks like..
Clay, you're dripping ketchup.
I.. Sorry.
There's somethin' about
lookin' for evil
that really works up
a fella's appetite.
You woke me up
for a false alarm evil?
Rai needs his sleepy time.
Yes, I suppose
it would be wise
for all of us
to get some rest
to better prepare
for the unrest.
You call that a proverb?
Fung man could do
better than that in his sleep.
I miss puppy eyes, so..
Moby Morpher!
I must thank my hosts
for being so accommodatin'.
Fearsome monster, stop at once
or suffer a humiliating defeat!
Alright, you have been warned!
- Puppy Calming Turkey!
- Man Cooking Goose!
- Monkey Reading Shakespeare!
- Hamster Yanking Train!
Coming at you, partner.
Shimo Staff!
- Arrow sparrow!
- Big Bang Meteorang!
Has anyone seen Raimundo?
Anybody else feeling
like a rat in a snake cage?
Where did he go?
Blade of theNebula.
you're a little bit late
to the square dance there, Rai.
What can I say,
he probably just
knew better than
to mess with me.
Oh, you wubby-wubby,
I told you,
his name is Ninja Fred
and he's only
a good luck charm.
Master Monk Guan,
who could've been
behind this mysterious attack?
With so many enemies
loose in the world
it could've been anyone.
Would it kill you
to get some
reclining seats, Dojo?
Please return all complaints
to their full shut up position
as we approach
our final destination
Jack Spicer's land.
Looks like some evil doer
could use a cleaning bot.
Don't make me bust you up,
little man.
Hah, yeah, whoo!
Look, it is our monster!
Come on, blast him already.
Mommy, save me.
I surrender,
take whatever you want
just don't do me ugly!
Don't do me ugly!
Easy there, cowpoke,
we ain't gonna hurt you.
Oh, sure, you just
get your monster
to do your dirty work.
By the way, congrats,
very impressive evil.
Our monster?
But we have also been attacked
by this beast.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Then who..
Did my Jackpot just turn blue?
Sapphire blue.
There is only one creature
I know
with the power to turn things
into sapphire statues.
Someone has stolen our
Sapphire Dragon Shen Gong Wu!
And the Shadow of Fear,
as well.
I wish someone
would clue me in.
I've barely even seen this
thing everyone's so scared of.
That is because
the one behind these attacks
is you, Raimundo.
No, Raimundo
cannot be responsible
for the Sapphire Dragon's
Why, Raimundo, why?
You guys are one taco short
of a combo plate on this one.
I know Raimundo
would never try to harm us.
But he has become
an unwilling pawn
of Hannibal Bean.
Somehow Hannibal Bean
slipped by our defenses
and stole the Sapphire Dragon
and Shadow of Fear.
Or Hannibal was able
to enter the world
of Raimundo's dreams.
Shadow of Fear.
Digging, probing, searching
for Raimundo's innermost fear
he found
what most disturbed Raimundo
and used the Shen Gong Wu
to give it form..
'Sapphire Dragon. Moby Morpher.'
releasing an
unstoppable creature
that will unleash chaos
every time
Raimundo falls asleep.
You mean, the bean dude
is rattling around
somewhere in my head?
That's rank, yo!
Remember, the monster
only when you woke up.
He knows if he can
increase your fears
it will one day
grow strong enough
to destroy all of us.
Yes! Solution is most simple.
Raimundo must
never sleep again.
exactly a long-range plan
there, Omi.
I reckon if Raimundo's fear's
what's feeding the critter
we gotta get his fear
out in the open.
And put it to rest so he can.
Hey, I don't need a bunch
of wannabe headshrinkers
pokin' around in my brain.
Raimundo's right, kiddies.
Leave this to the professional
armchair psychiatrist
slash advice guru.
Dr. Dojo hears your fear..
You have soft hands for a boy.
So we figured out
the little game, have we?
Oh, please, leave them alone.
Perhaps you need to be
reminded of your place.
During my shift,
I shall be keeping you awake
with a mysterious,
ancient training technique
known as dodge the bucket
of ice water.
'You may need some practice'
even though you will
never be as good as me.
Orb of Tornami!
- Hey, come back!
- Now, then..
Let's get to the bottom
of your problems, shall we?
Missing our mommy?
Or perhaps bed wetting?
Oh, how Freudian.
Come back, bucket!
I won't hurt you!
Come on!
Work it like you own it!
I think I'm gonna..
just freestyle.
beep beep beep
beep beep beep
I got it, I got it!
Trouble with a stuffed animal.
Those things can get so surly.
mumble mumble
'I know just what you need
to feel better.'
Square dancin'.
Swing your partner
Bend the line
Circle left
Circle right
Left square through
Circle and turn
Come straight
Allemande left
Post thumb-sucking depression?
Tell me, when did you
suck your thumb last?
Look, the only problem I'm
having is with a nosy dragon.
My throat! Now, all we have
to do is find this nosy dragon.
I got a 7.5 Shen Gong Wu alert!
Dojo, I'll stay with Raimundo
and keep him awake.
You round up the others
and get the Wu.
Now, where were we?
Oh, yeah.
Right arm turn
Wheel around..
'Wrong way there.'
Change of plans.
It's an Earth Shen Gong Wu
that's gone active.
Sounds right up my element.
Dojo and Omi already took off.
You can catch them
with the Longi Kite.
I'll watch sleepy boy.
Longi Kite!
So what's the stay-awake plan
now, Kimiko?
'Moby Morpher!'
Sweet dreams, dear boy.
Shadow of Fear!
The Shadow Slicer
is a lesser-known Wu.
It creates
a hologram of the holder
that eludes the enemy.
I would very much like
to create a hologram of me
to elude my enemy
or just to admire.
The Shadow Slicer could be in
any one of these zoo habitats.
Oh, please don't be
in the monkey cage.
Oh, not in the monkey cage!
Over there on Monkey Mountain!
'Do not worry about
stepping on monkeys, Kimiko.'
You are safe here with me.
It's not the monkeys
I'm worried about!
Monkey Staff!
How can you expect to win
if you're afraid to play
a little dirty?
Chumps, meet chimps.
Have a great family reunion!
Ta-ta, losers!
A most timely assist!
But are you not supposed
to be watching Raimundo?
No, I left him
back at the temple with..
Hannibal Bean!
What in blue blazes is that?
I must have dozed off!
Well, as long as I'm here
might as well see
what goes on in my head.
- 'Hello, Raimundo.'
- What?
So who are you, dude?
If you're my fear,
you don't look so scary.
'Then why are you afraid?'
What makes you think I'm afraid?
BecauseI know you.
I am you.
I'm the part of you who's..
You're not me, you're just
some figment of my dreams!
Looking at oneself
can be most frightening
when you don't like
what you see.
Oh, man, the last thing
I need is you in my head.
Hey, guys!
Get off of me, tubby!
beep beep beep
I can feel your fear
grow stronger.
Perhaps you'd like to see
its powers at work!
Shadow of Fear!
bang bang
Sapphire Dragon!
I challenge you
to a Xiaolin Showdown!
- What?
- Omi?
I don't think
the Sapphire Dragon's big on Wu.
Perhaps not. But he is Wu.
I wager my Orb of Tornami
against your..
Okay, did that thing
just call
a Cosmic Clash Showdown?
'Wait, for a dragon that's just'
part of Raimundo's imagination
that lizard knows
its showdown rules.
The game is Jungle Judo!
First team tossed out loses!
Let's go!
Xiaolin Showdown!
Gong Yi Tan Pai!
Orb of Tornami!
Poor Raimundo.
The last to move up
to apprentice
even lost his way
'to the dark side for a time.'
Always so afraid.
'You're afraid
that you may never be'
'good enough to be a leader.'
I'm not afraid.
Really, I'm not.
Maybe not even good enough
to be a Xiaolin monk!
He made me tell
I wasscared.
How does it feel..
knowin' your growin' fear
is your friends' doom?
Okay, maybe I am afraid
about not being good enough.
But I also know just the cure!
I am good enough.
You must be joking.
No worries, little dude.
I'll take over from here.
It isn't just fear.
It's the truth!
You're not good enough!
And now your friends
will pay the price
for your weakness.
Wudai Star Wind!
You will pay the price
for picking the wrong warrior
to mess with.
We must not lose!
We can't lose!
I am a Wudai Warrior!
And I am the best!
Wudai Star Wind!
We won?
But how?
I'm guessin' dumb luck?
No, I think we may have had
a little luck from above.
Hey, guys, we had a long day.
Need to catch some Zs.
Oh, this is my inner self.
I couldn't have done it
without him.
I mean without me.
Anyway, sweet dreams.
I desperately need
to wink at someone 40 times.
He means he needs 40 winks
butI'm too tired to tell him.
Good morning, everyone.
Best night sleep I ever had.
You know, I used to really doubt
my ability
to hang with you dudes
but now that I've proven
my greatness
I can't wait to get started!
Right after morning training
let's find some evil
and mix it up.
You know, I think I miss
the slacker Raimundo.
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