Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s03e09 Episode Script

Chucky Choo

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
'The Kuzusu Atom'
'is the most dangerous Wu.'
'Whoever possesses it can
vaporize his enemies at will.'
It's also pretty nifty
for cleaning your room
when you forget
to pick up after yourself.
I gotta talk!
It-it could be you-you-know-who!
Dojo, give it back!
You've already used up
most of my minutes!
Master Fung,
what a pleasant surprise.
Dojo, my answering machine
is filled with messages
from you.
What is so urgent?
II miss you!
And I miss you too.
But you must stop
calling every five minutes.
Master Fung?
Who's that?
Oh, no one.
There. There!
Dojo, this is Frenchie Foo.
Just an old
friend passing through.
Another dragon?
Dojo, it isn't like that.
It's table tennis at 3:00.
Then pool time.
Dojo, gimme that!
Oh, no, not until
I get to the bottom of this!
- Hold on there, little missy.
- Dojo!
- Look in!
- Look out!
How much further to the Kuzusu
Atom Shen Gong Wu?
About 20 miles.
That way.
Master Fung,
are you still there?
Master Fung, speak to me.
Master Fung!
buzz buzz buzz
I tell you, these are the finest
Shen Gong Wu in the market.
Each with a lifetime warranty.
Psst. I'm interested
in Shen Gong Wu.
Well, you came
to the right place.
Scary lady.
What can I do you for?
The name is Wuya.
And I'll take all of them.
Nice doing business with you, W.
How can I help you,
pretty kitty?
sniff sniff sniff
I'm Jack Spicer.
The prince of darkness.
Of course you are,
Your Highness.
And I've got just what
every dark prince wants.
Heyhow do I know
these Wu really work?
Well, I see you know your Wu.
Go ahead.
Take one for a spin.
Shroud of shadows!
Prince? Oh, where did you go?
Shroud of shadows!
I'm here!
I was here all along!
Wow! These are the best Wu ever!
Time to look for fresh fish.
Are you certain the Kuzusu Atom
lies under the falls?
I got a nose for Wu.
Unless my sinuses are acting up.
Gills of Hamachi!
whoosh whoosh whoosh
Wudai Warriors,
double your efforts!
Raimundo, triple yours.
There it is!
Aw, this is gonna be easier
than tippin' heifers
durin' a full moon.
Jack Spicer, you are,
like, so not getting this Wu!
"Jack Spicer, you are,
like, so not getting this Wu!"
Wrong! Meet my new fish-bots.
You're such a freak!
Dolphins are mammals, not fish!
So what?
They all have flippers!
Fish-bots, attack!
Nothin' I dislike more than
a smart alec Tursiops truncatus
Yeah, bottlenose dolphin.
pew pew pew
Fish-bots, attack!
pew pew pew
Urgh! Take that, Charlie!
pew pew pew
pew pew pew
pew pew pew
splash splash splash
It's over baby.
Thorn Of Thunderbolt.
Silk Spitter.
You can color me gone.
Shroud of Shadows!
'I'm am so invisible.'
How'd you do that?
Wudai Neptune Water!
Pre boarding young monks
and the pitiful
in need of assistance.
That's me! We're saved!
Think again, chowder head.
Time to put
the Kuzusu Atom to bed.
And then time to put
Dojo to bed.
What a strange
and colorful dragon.
I wonder where he came from.
poing poing
Please don't hurt me,
I didn't know they weren't real.
What's not real?
Umm, nothing.
I'm just d-delirious
from the lack of food
and sleep.
I've been on a long,
lo-o-ong journey.
Are you like
a world traveler dude?
I'm a world traveler dude
who's nothing
but scales and bones.
Did I mention I haven't
eaten or slept in days?
You are welcome
to stay with us.
Oh, no,
I-I really couldn't impose.
You think I could
have a room facing west?
I hate wakin' up
too early in the afternoon.
And then Genghis Khan rides up
waving the most humongous sword
'and boasting how he took it
from his latest conquest.'
He is surprised
to find everyone snickering.
Then he looks down
and sees the price tag
still dangling from the handle.
You should've seen the look
on that palooka's red face.
He maybe a tyrant,
but he was still good people.
You know so many famous people.
Oh, yeah.
Attila the Hun,
Alexander the Great
Ivan the terrible..
Now there was a sweetie.
Never understood
how he got that name.
Hey, guys.
I just checked the fridge.
We're out of ice cream.
Dojo, there's someone
I would like you to meet.
'Wait, y-you know each other?'
No good yo-yo thief!
Oh, hey!
That hurts.
My guess, would be yes.
Hey, come on,
ease up, will you?
This is the no good con dragon
I told you about.
The one who stole
the family yo-yo.
You got it all wrong, Dojo.
Alright, I'll give you,
he's handsome.
But Chucky Choo
is more slippery than--
A baby oinker in
a pig catching contest?
Yeah. When you shake his hand
you better count your fingers.
I'm pretty sure
that's how I lost my feet.
There must be some mistake.
No. No, there's no mistake.
Dojo's right on all accounts.
Liar, don't listen to him.
Because he just..
Go on.
It's true.
I was once a bad dragon..
who did bad things.
But the worst thing I ever did
was to lose the friendship
of my closest friend.
But I've changed since then.
And I hope one day
I'll be lucky enough
to earn back that friendship.
What do you say, Dojo?
Alright, I see I'm getting
some mixed signals
on how you feel about me.
- Chucky.
- No.
I'll be in my room.
Out by the end of the day.
Or the week.
End of the month,
the very latest.
And if you run out
for more ice cream
you know where to find me.
A little privacy, please?
I just came to say goodbye.
And good riddance.
I know what the family yo-yo
meant to you.
That's why before
I leave for good..
The family yo-yo!
Yeah, I found it years ago
but I had no idea
where to find you.
I never doubted you
for a moment, buddy boy!
Three leaf clover.
Lift the spinner.
Gravity grip.
Around the world!
I see you still got the moves.
Dojo, you can
always make me laugh.
Now, look at you.
A great mystical dragon.
I'd be lying if I didn't say
I'm just a bit jealous.
You? Jealous of moi?
But you're the world traveler.
Yeah, about that.
There's something
I've been meaning to tell you.
'Right behind you, Dojo.'
I guess I walked the dog
when I should've looped a loop.
'You really thought'
you could get away with it?
Selling us fake Wu!
That's low. Even for evil.
That's what
I was trying to tell you.
But it's all over.
Yes, all over
for this con team.
No, not me!
I'm a straight arrow dragon.
whirr whirr whirr
We saw how chummy
you two were.
Like peas and carrots.
Cyclops will watch over you.
While your pal here
helps me get some real Wu.
But he's not my pal!
For your sake,
you'd better hope he is.
Because if he
doesn't come through..
pew pew pew
We'regonna have
a nice camp fire?
Hey, guys. I was online
shopping for shoes.
- Guess what I found?
- Shoes?
I'll be a Texas road apple.
Who in gosh-darn
would sell Dojo?
I cross referenced the user name
with a double helix
tracer decoding worm.
Wuya is demanding Wu for Dojo.
Dojo! Are you alright?
I've been better!
Someone toss me
a life preserver!
Or a mint!
Put your hands up!
We've got
you hombres surrounded.
Blade of the Nebula!
Shimo Staff!
Arrow Sparrow!
Big Bang Meteorang!
What in tarnation's goin' on?
My Wudai Weapon is..
an imposter!
'Mine's a forgery too!'
- Mine too!
- They all are.
Oh, good job, Chucky.
At least someone
I work with is competent.
You low-down
snake in the grass.
Hey, I'm just lookin' out
for number one, pal.
Cyclops, keep our friends
occupied while I gather our Wu.
Dojo, I challenge you
to a Xiaolin Showdown.
But Dojo does not have any Wu!
It says right here
"that a mystical dragon
"can be Wu-less in a showdown
if he has no criminal record."
there was the, the..
No convictions.
The game is Xiaolin Pinball.
The first to reach
one million points wins.
Let's go.
- Xiaolin Showdown!
- Xiaolin Showdown!
ting ting ting
- Gong Yi Tan Pai!
- Gong Yi Tan Pai!
pew pew pew
ding ding ding
peep peep peep
ting ting ting
Say, this could be
a pretty cool ride!
Dojo, keep your ears
on the game!
Omi, you gotta be
doing that on purpose.
clank clank clank
peep peep peep
Whoo-hoo! Way to go, Dojo!
peep peep peep
We know you can do it, Dojo!
He's toast.
Prepare to loose
your first showdown.
I liked you better
when you were legless.
I could relate more.
tring tring tring
I'm sorry.
I cost us all the Wu.
Do not feel sad, Dojo.
At least you came in second.
Well, I hate to
overstay my welcomes.
So, see you, W.
Not so fast.
This time I'm making sure
the Wu work.
Let's see how it rids us
of one annoying dragon.
Kuzusu Atom!
Why'd you vaporize all our Wu?
I didn't do it
on purpose you fool.
Wow! You're a bigger
bull head than me.
If only I didn't buy into
you turning your life around
we wouldn't have lost
all our Wu!
Umm, not exactly.
Wuya only had
the fake Kuzusu Atom.
But I saw her vaporize
all our Wu.
No, you only thought you did.
The Wu that was vaporized
was my counterfeit collection.
Then where is the real Wu?
I stashed it
in the one place it'd be safe.
Dojo's nose!
Changing Chopsticks!
ting ting ting
I thought I was just
coming down with a cold.
With Wuya thinking
all the Wu were destroyed
she'll leave you alone.
I never doubted you
for a moment.
Orb of Tornami!
Had to make sure.
'It was nice of Master Monk Guan
to make'
'Chucky Choo
the new temple dragon.'
I'm just glad to be back
where I belong.
And what did you promise?
Never to send you away again.
Never, ever, ever, ever again.
Most people spend their lives
searching for good friends.
If you are lucky,
you'll find maybe one.
And I have so many,
including Chucky.
I wish he were here.
But at least I have
my family yo-yo
'to remember him by.'
'Hey! This is a fake!'
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