Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s03e10 Episode Script

Wu Got the Power

"Xiaolin Showdown."
"Xiaolin Showdown."
'The Denshi Bunny
Wu is more impressive'
'than its name suggests.'
So it doesn't make you a bunny?
No. That would be
just plain silly.
'Whoever possesses the bunny
can turn into electricity'
'and zap his foes.'
Looks like we got
unwanted company.
I thought Spicer would be
too scared of the thunder
to come out and play.
I heard that.
Shimo Staff!
Yah! Perhaps I do not
know my own strength!
Whoa there, partner.
That ain't Spicer,
it's just one of his bots.
Maybe he couldn't stand
watching himself lose again.
Or maybe he really is
afraid to go out in the rain.
Jack Spicer!
Well, I'll be
double hornswoggled!
Robo-Jack was just a diversion!
You're easier to fool than me.
Catch me if you can!
Oh, yeah, did I mention
I've got the Shadow Slicer too?
Shadow Slicer! Shadow Slicer!
Shadow Slicer. Shadow Slicer!
Jack is on his game.
Smell later, losers.
That Spicer's harder to grab
than a greased pig
at Bubba's House of Ham.
With so much
evil everywhere, you must be
better prepared to fight
on multiple evil fronts.
You have proven yourselves
ready to master the power
of your elemental Shen Gong Wu.
Kaijin Charm.
Cat's Eye Draco.
Crest of the Condor.
And Long Horn Taurus.
Whoa, mine is extremely icy.
You mean very cool,
don't you, Omi?
When used with
your Wudai weapons
you will have enhanced powers.
Absorbing these powers
will be a critical test
of who will one day
be chosen team leader.
Absorbing your elemental powers
will not be easy
and requires no less
than perfect focus.
I just hope I can
prove myself worthy.
I am not sure if I can
beat such stiff competition!
'What's up with Omi?'
Omi? You have doubts?
Just filling the competition
with bags of sand.
Kaijin Charm, I speak to you!
Wudai Neptune-Water!
Most beautiful.
You have done well, Omi.
You have mastered
your elemental powers!
'You and your
elemental Shen Gong Wu'
'are now as one.'
I am most pleased!
Thank youme!
Most gratifying.
And most tiring.
I must take a nap.
Don't you love it when evil
just falls into your lap?
And, while I appreciate the
chance to work with you, H.B.
I still don't know
what the plan is.
Good. Let's keep it that way.
No use overtaxing your
uniquely undersized brain.
Got it, H.B., thanks.
Watch and learn how
a master influences people.
I'm the most powerful
Wudai warrior of all time!
Hello, little bean-sized person!
Psst. Omi's ego.
Here's a thought.
You can best prove
you deserve to be leader
by absorbing all
of the elemental powers.
Absorb all the powers?
Oh-ho, yes!
And clean the wax
out your ears once in a while!
I will get Clay,
Kimiko and Raimundo's
elemental Shen Gong Wu,
and absorb them too!
Most unusual.
I do not know where
that thought came from.
Or why I want to clean my ears.
This feels most incorrect.
And yetI must go..
Longhorn Taurus.
I summon you.
Wudai Crater Earth!
Cat's Eye Draco.
Wudai Mas. Fire!
Crest of the Condor, appear!
Wudai Star Wind!
And the last for best.
Kaijin Charm!
Wudai Neptune Water!
My powers are most amazing!
I am most amazing!
I am now master of
all elemental Shen Gong Wu!
I am the greatest Wudai Warrior
of all time!
crackle crackle
crackle crackle
What in tarnation?
My boom box is possessed!
Oh, great. Right in the middle
of "Goo Zombies Eight."
Absorbing elemental powers
makes one most hungry.
My sandwich!
Maybe it's an earthquake.
Something fateful
is at work here
electrifying the atmosphere.
There is something
I must confess.
Better make it fast!
I feel my lunch
planning a tummy break!
Well, to prove myself
worthy of being your leader
I mastered all of your
elemental Shen Gong Wu.
- You did what?
- Omi, that was most unwise.
So much unrestrained power
could lead to great dangers.
And I think I have
the sniffles too.
How do we reverse it?
It will take time
for the energy to dissipate.
Until then,
all we can do is wait.
Maybe you oughta
take it easy for a while.
And try to remain still.
Yeah, I always feel better
after I've gotten some shut-eye.
Clay is right.
I am most tired.
Oh. Is all that
moisture coming from me?
Yeah, maybe you shouldn't
drink so much before you nap.
Perhaps I should go away for
a while where I can do no harm.
Omi, we don't want you to leave.
Then again,
a little time away
does make the heart grow fonder.
Just until we can figure out how
to undo the powers you absorbed!
Hold on, little buddy!
Goodbye, my friends.
'Further, Omi!'
boom boom boom
'Keep going, Omi!'
'Almost there!'
I hope Omi's okay
out there, all alone
without a roof over his head.
If he had stayed,
none of us would have
a roof over our heads.
I believe there may be a way
for Omi to return to the temple.
But it will require confining
him within the Sphere of Yun.
But that's one of the Wu
that sidewinder Spicer stole!
I say we get it back!
A raid? I'm in!
Oh-h, you and me both, partner.
Monsoon sandals!
Hey, Jack. We're back!
So, no-good varmint
made off with all the Wu.
Maybe this video bot
can tell us.
Send Robo-Jack to retrieve
the Denshi Bunny as a diversion
while you raid their temple.
That's brilliant!
Why didn't I think of it?
My guess? An extra chromosome.
Now bring me
the following Shen Gong Wu.
And here's the Zing Zom-Bone.
Zing Zom-Bone!
'That's right.'
'You now work for me.'
First thing we do is separate
Omi from the other misfits.
Everything that's
happened to Omi
has been part
of Bean dude's plan!
But why?
squeak squeak
Hello, bunny.
I am so very
glad to see even you..
Mr. Bean?
What are you doing here?
Just checking
on your well-being.
I'm sad to hear that your
friends have abandoned you.
Perhaps your unique talents
would be best served
if we joined forces.
I would never
join the forces of evil!
'Sphere of Yun!'
Sphere of Yun!
Heyhow did you
get the Sphere of Yun?
A friend gave it to me.
Where did you get
so many zombie Jacks?
Wouldn't you like to know?
More power to you, my zombie!
Imagine what'll happen
when I transfer
all of your energies into me.
All I need is a lightning bolt
to trigger the chain reaction.
Well, you are out of luck!
There is not a cloud in the sky!
Most people only
talk about the weather.
I can do somethin' about it.
'Luna Locket!'
'At the precise moment, you are
to be struck by lightning.'
I will lower
the Sphere of Yun
and all of your energies
will pass to me!
Makin' me the most destructive
force in the universe!
Ready to kick some zombie butt?
How about I sit this one out?
Zombies give me a scaly rash.
What a pity.
It seems that your friends
'have arrived a little late.'
'Cat's Eye Draco!'
Aero Sparrow!
Long Horn Taurus!
Big Bang Meteorang!
Crest of the Condor!
Blade of the Nebula!
Hang on, Omi! I'm coming!
Sphere of Yun!
Denshi Bunny!
Where'd you go?
Hannibal's gone too!
You reckon that means Omi and
Hannibal Bean are gone for good?
Oh-oh, boy,
Omi and Hannibal Bean
have been turned
into pure energy!
Mr. Bean, prepare for
a most humiliating defeat!
I hate to rain
on your parade, snowball
but I do not think so!
I summon all of the elements.
Wudai-Neptune Water.
Wudai-Mas Fire.
Wudai-Star Wind.
Wudai-Crater Earth!
boom boom boom
Perhaps you'd
like to give up, now.
No. I will never.
This cannot be good.
This is all my fault!
For chewing off
more than I can bite!
Stop trying to use
all of the elements!
Use the one you do best!
Clouds are just like horses.
When you fall off,
you gotta get back on!
You're the only one
who can stop him!
So, the little cumulonimbus
hasn't had enough.
I have had enough.
Enough of you, Mr. Bean!
Wudai-Neptune Water!
Looks like Omi just saved
the world from Hannibal Bean.
Yeah, but, it looks like
he used himself up doing it.
Where's Omi?
What's going on?
I'm cold and..
I-I-I wanna go ho-o-ome.
boom boom
We'll call this one a draw!
'Next time you will
not be so lucky!'
Hey, partner.
Omi! You're alive!
Good to see you!
What happened up there?
I do not know.
Perhaps fighting
Hannibal Bean released
all of my extra
elemental powers.
Well, at least most of them.
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