Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s03e11 Episode Script

Hannibal's Revenge

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
Wudai Neptune Ice!
Wudai Mars Fire!
It appears we are defeated.
Judolette Flip!
'And by a mere girl.'
'And then I miniaturized
the Mind Reader Conch'
'and the Changing Chopsticks.'
And wired them to my PDA.
So you knew our every move
before we did.
'Isn't that kinda like havin'
a fistful of extra aces'
'at the poker table?'
I knew it!
She's a girl.
She had to be cheating.
Actually this very situation
is covered
in the Wu training manual.
Under, "Too bad, sucker."
Let me see that manual.
Very ingenious.
This will bode well for you
when it comes time
to pick a leader.
I fear with the Heylin Eclipse
growing near
'great evil will soon follow.'
'Evil more powerful
than ever before.'
Yes. But I am growing
more powerful every day too.
You do not think
I could do this by accident.
If I can just
hack into that satellite
I'll be able to read
everyone's thoughts.
Changing Chopsticks.
Mind Reader Conch.
Eye Of Dashi.
rizz rizz
Yes, I am in.
'Let's hear
what Dojo's thinking'.
I never should have got
into those cookies.
Oh, that hurts.
Life don't get
better than this.
I feel sad for those
who will never know
what it's like to be me.
I rule.
Hey! Stay out of my head!
'I don't let anything
go on in there.'
And for the record,
Juggling livestock's harder
than it looks.
Sorry, guys. I-I didn't think
you would mind.
Kimiko, you must
learn discretion.
Nevertheless, sometimes
the lesson is in the journey.
You are quite wise, Master Fung.
You ever notice
how he never takes a side.
And that's why
I love the big galoot and..
Nice robe.
I'm sorry, but I was
only testing it on you guys.
It's for keeping an eye
on evil.
rizz rizz
What evil beauty!
Not bad for 1500 years old.
She was so much less annoying
as a disembodied floating head.
Impenetrable bull bubble-bots.
It's so simple.
I truly am
the Evil Emperor Of Darkness.
There's nothing so comfy
as warm bottom feathers.
Way too much info.
Kids, big news!
Little green dude, you couldn't
have run more than six steps.
According to the Conch,
Dojo's sensing a new Wu.
Ants In The Pants.
What? Give me that scroll!
'"The Ants In The Pants Wu
releases a colony of ants"'
'that will make your opponent
scratch like a..'
A hound dog with front row seats
at a flea circus.
'It's a blast at parties'
But a pretty lame Wu
in battle, so
if we don't get it,
no biggie.
Looks like we got competition
already on their way.
Dojo, you think
you can fly?
Sorry, but I'm spent.
- Too many cookies.
- We gotta hurry.
'Silver Manta Ray!'
Where's that Wu?!
Bubble-bots! Attack!
No, no.
Shoot through the holes.
huff huff huff
Well,way to mix it up, Spicer.
Usually we have to break a sweat
before we kick your sorry butt.
Oh, we're late again.
This sort of thing
never happened
when I didn't have a body.
The monks
have proven most lucky.
Or most clever.
Ying Yang, I have a job for you.
Whoo! Way to go, Kimiko!
You're like the prize mule
at the County fair.
But it's really this device
that deserves the credit.
Of course, I invented it.
No girl will become
leader before me.
I could have built
that machine.
Baby back ribs.
rizz rizz
My fellow warriors
there appears to be
a weak link amongst us.
It's Wuya.
She's not to be trusted.
'Once I rid myself
of that pesky clown-face'
'I'll have time to focus
on my true enemy.'
'Hannibal Bean.'
But for now,
we must remain patient
until the full eclipse
of the sun has passed.
During those minutes,
I will be weakened
and you will all slip
into a deep sleep.
Excellent evil work, Ying Yang.
Now, I know
what they know, and more.
Hurry, guys,
if we can get to Chase
before the eclipse ends
we'll be able to snag back
our Wu.
I must admit.
Your idea is most wondrous.
It should have been my idea!
Mine, mine, mine.
Oh, I wonder
if she's listening.
The Jack-o
is back-o in action!
Jack-o! We do not have time
to fight you.
We have true evil to battle.
Hey! It don't get
more evil than this.
Bubble-bots, attack!
Kaijin Charm! Shimo Staff!
Longhorn Taurus!
Big Bang Meteorang!
Crest Of The Condor!
Blade Of The Nebula!
Cat's Eye Draco!
Arrow Sparrow!
rattle rattle
We must remain patient
until the full eclipse
of the sun has passed.
'During those minutes
I will be weakened'
'and you will all slip
into a deep sleep.'
So, the mighty Chase Young
has a chink in his armor.
Hey, sugar, how'd you like
to join forces?
Sounds absolutely evil.
And I know just
where Chase keeps his Wu.
On the warranty it says
there im-impe-impenetrable.
You'd think they'd cover
some of this stuff.
Have you had enough?
Yeah, that should
about cover it.
I'll drop by
for the rest later.
Hey, something's
going on with Chase.
And Wuya and Hannibal!
I've waited a long time
for this.
Not so almighty,
are we today?
And now, to finish him off!
I maybe weakened,
but I'm nothelpless!
We have no time.
We must get the Shen Gong Wu.
Hannibal must have hacked
into my system.
That's how he found out
about Chase's weakness.
Hannibal alone
is a potent threat.
But together with Wuya,
their evil forces could mean
the end of the world.
Where have I heard that before?
Oh, yeah, previously
on "Xiaolin Showdown".
I'm sorry, but I feel
somewhat responsible.
You know, that is going to cost
you leadership points.
Yes, Master Fung.
The world has been placed
in grave danger.
And let us not
forget by whom.
'Look, the Heylin Eclipse
is at the strongest point.'
We've got to do something.
Okay, since we can't allow
Chase or Hannibal
to defeat the other..
What if we made sure
Jack were to win?
An excellent plan, Raimundo.
I will remember it
when it comes time
to pick a leader.
Now, I am losing points
to Raimundo!
And he was last
to make apprentice!
What do you want?
We are here to surrender.
Yes, you are indeed
a most powerful warrior.
We'd need years of training
and we'd still lose to you.
Well, I'm glad you've finally
come to your senses.
I would have given you
a thrashing.
Only Ikind of locked
myself inside.
Use your tiger powers
to bust out.
Tiger powers? Oh, right.
Tiger powers.
Fist Of Tebigong.
Wow-wee! Did I do that?
I for one, am very impressed.
And it's not just us.
Listen to what
the others are thinking.
Do not underestimate
Jack Spicer.
Those bubble-bots are genius.
Spicer has taken his martial
art skills to a new level.
'Dojo, get out of the shot!'
He is truly evil
and cunning.
Yes! It is time
to make my move.
Dark Prince Jack-o
is back on top-o!
'The Cannon Blaster
acts like a cannon that blasts.'
'Anyway, the holder
can literally'
'turn into a human cannonball.'
I was wanting to turn
into a human cannonball.
Hey, you're already
halfway there.
Look! We got Wu dead ahead.
Where's that
no good hombre Spicer?
I can't tell.
He's either out of range
or just not thinking.
'I see you brought your kittens
to do your fightin'.'
And I see you brought
my house keeper to do yours.
Once you're defeated
you're welcome to join us.
Oh, not as equals,
but to do our bidding.
'You might as well give up.'
Your worst nightmare
is here.
You're not gonna take
your shoes off, are you?
Nah! Bubble-bots, attack!
We have to make sure
Jack wins.
We'll wait until he gets
into trouble and needs our help.
zing zing zing
rizz rizz rizz
I guess that would
be right about now.
Dojo, did you bring the Wu?
Yeah, it's in here somewhere.
Changing Chopsticks.
Golden Finger.
Ruby Of Ramses.
I'll see we've been practicing.
Ants In The Pants.
Time to rid the world
of this insect.
Kuzusu Atom.
'Shroud Of Shadow.'
Jack Spicer
has been cocked cold.
Orb Of Tornami.
Dojo, did you bring the Treasure
Of The Blind Swordsman with you?
Oh, yeah. Right next to my
new home entertainment center.
Changing Chopsticks.
Treasure Of The Blind Swordsman
we summon your help.
I need you to turn me
into Jack.
But only temporarily.
Serpent's Tail.
I challenge you
to a Xiaolin Showdown Trio.
I'll wager my Moby Morpher
against your Conch
and Chase's Serpent's Tail.
I will fight
without Shen Gong Wu.
The game is Last To Drop Wins.
Let's go Xiaolin Showdown.
Gong Yi Tanpai!
Moby Morpher.
whack whack
You can defeat them, Jack.
I'm sure of it.
Kimiko does not stand a chance.
Why are you rooting for Jack?
No reason.
just like to go
with the underdogs.
Mind Reader Conch.
I locked away that foolish
vegetable once
'I can do it again.'
You crossed the wrong bean
when you crossed
Hannibal Roy Bean!
Mind Reader Conch.
That Chase has girly hair
a real warrior
shaves his head, like me.
You could pour
fertilizer on that head
and nothing would grow!
Moby Morpher.
Last To Drop Wins.
Yeah, you go, girl.. Boy.
Don't grow too comfortable.
Our paths will cross again.
You can count on it.
You surprised me, Spicer.
And I'm rarely surprised.
But never fooled.
By the way, love the perfume.
Call me sentimental
but I was pulling for you
all along.
Hit the road, you old witch.
Jack, this is the side of you
that I've never seen before.
And I like it.
Halloween's over
get me out of this.
What happened?
You were most magnificent.
The way you defeated
Chase and Hannibal.
I-I did?
Yeah, yeah, now I remember.
The Evil Emperor Of Darkness
wins again.
I'm the best.
I'm triumphant.
And I'm very, very sleepy.
'Oh, get off. '
'Oof, smashing my head.'
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