Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s03e12 Episode Script

Time After Time: Part 1

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
'The Mikado Arm Shen Gong Wu
is a lesser know Wu'
'that gives
great upper body strength.'
I do not need
upper body strength.
But I know someone who does.
And what's that
supposed to mean?
Think carefully
before you answer.
I was speaking of Jack Spicer.
Meet Jack Spicer and his
ace squadron of bird-bots.
caw caw caw
Pretty authentic?
And the cawing?
It's a recording of me.
caw caw caw
That birdbrain Spicer's a menace
on the ground and in the sky.
Kids, remember a leader
will be chosen any day.
It's my job
to rate how each of you..
Kaijin Charm! Shimo Staff!
Longhorn Taurus!
Big Bang Meteorang!
Cat's Eye Draco! Arrow Sparrow!
Crest of the Condor!
Blade of the Nebula!
Oh, yeah.
I have tens all around.
I suppose defeating Jack
in the most colorful manner
is the tie-breaker.
No. No, you can't.
What kind of people are you?
You should have seen me.
I even impressed myself.
And I'm not
so easily impressed.
Not only did we
bring back the Mikado Arm
I even brought you
one of Jack's shoes.
That's nothing.
I got Jack's belt.
I can beat that. Jack's hair.
Well, I can place shame
on all of you.
Jack's undies.
There is still one last test
before a leader is selected.
You will each go on a quest,
but this time
you will choose your own quest.
I am very good at quests.
Almost as good
as everything else.
You can rely on Dojo
who will at your beck and call.
So? What else is new?
As a reward for his service
I was thinking of letting him
trim my toenails.
I'm in! Yeah! Baby!
Finding the biggest hairball
is a noble quest
but I know I can do better.
Maybe I should creep around
and check on the others.
Manchurian Musca.
I've got to find out
what quest the others
are planning.
Shroud of Shadows.
I feel an idea coming.
Oh, false alarm.
I wonder what luck
the others are having.
Changing Chopsticks.
Oh, man.
Coming up with a quest
is harder than the quest.
Time to do some snooping.
Golden Tiger Claws.
buzz buzz buzz
Oh, someone's coming.
Someone's coming.
Oh, someone's coming.
Golden Tiger Claws.
Perhaps, next time
you will knock.
I may be a magical dragon,
but I still have a job to do.
pew pew pew
I never wanna see
Master Fung's feet again.
Did you ever see anything..
like those toenails?
Well, only on something
in a circus.
Perhaps, this is punishment
for our most shameful behavior.
I will never sleep again!
screech screech screech
'Chase? Wuya?'
I know what you're thinking.
We still have issues
but we've patched up
our differences for now.
You might say
we're staying together
for the sake of evil.
Jungle cats,
entertain our friends.
'Oh, boy.'
Looks like they got
a nice chunk of our Wu.
And just when I got my
Dui Dojo system organized.
Once again, Chase Young has
proven a most worthy opponent.
You know,
if it weren't for Chase
we'd be so much
further along
in our fight
against evil.
I believe I may have found
the perfect quest.
I will go back in time
and stop Hannibal Bean
from turning Chase Young
to the dark side.
Gotta say,
when you take on a quest
you sure don't think small.
All that stands in my way
is how to do it.
I need the Sands of Time.
But it was hidden
in the future by old me.
I got it.
Travel to the future
and get the Sands of Time.
You mean, turn myself
into an Omicicle?
Exactly. Just freeze yourself
and wait 80 years.
You might wanna bring along
a good book.
Dojo, your idea
is most brilliant.
Even though it was my
most brilliant idea first
I say kudis all around.
I will set the oven timer
for the year 2085
and use the Eye of Dashi
to defrost me.
If you wish to come,
then you must do as I say.
You can carry
the Shen Gong Wu.
Oh, this is no way to treat
a mystical Dragon.
Changing Chopsticks.
Keep them in a safe place.
Got it covered, boss.
Well, time to get the movie
on to the street.
I'm guessing,
show on the road.
'Orb of Tornami. Ice.'
'Eye of Dashi.'
Aw, that was the most refreshing
80-year nap I ever took.
We must find old Omi right away.
I cannot wait
to see myself again.
I am sure
I have not changed a bit.
Is it me or has
the neighborhood gone south?
It appears certain fellow monks
have not kept up
with their chores.
Master Fung will be
most upset about this.
Someone left the door
to the vault open.
What door?
All of the Shen Gong Wu
are gone.
I do not understand.
This is not the future
I had expected.
Lay down your arms
and surrender at once.
My arms will remain attached to
my shoulders where they belong.
Shimo Staff!
pew pew pew
Those bots
will think three times
before fooling with me.
I wouldn't count on it.
boom boom boom
pew pew pew
Close one.
pew pew
pew pew pew
Shimo Staff!
pew pew pew
Jack Spicer has his own prison?
He should be in prison.
ting ting
Kimiko? Raimundo? Clay?
What? I can't hear
or see so well.
Come closer.
Well, I'll be a one-legged bull
at a square dance.
It is Omi.
What happened to you?
I was going to ask you
the same thing.
I remember, 80 years ago,
just before Master Fung
picked a leader,
you and Dojo disappeared.
I did not disappear.
I froze myself.
So I could travel into
the future and talk to old Omi.
Where is old Omi?
There is no old Omi,
you dope.
I don't think
you fully grasped
the time-space continuum,
See, when you froze yourself
there was no Omi
left behind to grow old.
Oh. Perhaps I did not
think things through.
No, that's my porridge,
you poop.
My porridge,
you little..
Just give me that
or else I'm gonna have to--
We must find a way to escape.
What Shen Gong Wu do you have?
Let me see..
- None.
- None?
What have you been doing
the last 80 years
while I was asleep? Sleeping?
When Jack took over
the temple years ago
he took all of the Wu
and locked us up.
'That's how he became
evil Jack Spicer'
'Emperor of Darkness.'
Oh. How could this
have happened?
Which one of you
was made leader?
I-I think it was me.
I guess I didn't do
a very good job. Sorry.
No, it is not your fault.
It is I who ruined the future
by not being there to make it.
You four come with me.
Where are you taking us?
To the Coliseum show.
I suppose a show
will be most entertaining.
We're not watching a show,
you bowling-ball head.
We are the show.
crunch crunch crunch
'There's nothing
like watching lions'
do what they do best
to make an old evil emperor
feel, evil.
We have a special treat
for our featured event
later tonight.
The Spicer Tigers
versus an oldie but goodie
back again
for the very last time.
How about a big evil welcome
for Omi!
I always wondered
what happened to him.
Sir, it was very nice
making your acquaintance.
We must do it again sometime.
But next time,
I shall make the tea.
Master Fung?
Opi? Is that you?
Where have you been?
It is Omi.
And it is a very long story.
I am afraid I may have
ruined the future.
Oh, it's okay, Opi.
I'm much too feeble
to understand anything.
But I do know this.
The future
can always be changed.
If you can get the Sands of Time
from Jack Spicer.
Every now and then,
the old dude still
spits out
a few words of wisdom.
But mostly he just spits.
Hey, boys and..
Oh, very, very old people.
Dojo, how did you get away?
I used the Shroud of Shadows
to give the bots the slip.
I thought you might
need a little help.
Changing Chopsticks.
I know you, you're Mojo.
That's Dojo.
With the mojo, you know?
Poopy bear?
And your puppy eyes?
You, old timer, you're up.
Guys, this is the chance
we've been waiting for.
I say we break into the palace
and take back the Sands of Time.
Oh, we're not exactly
the lean mean fighting machines
we once were.
First, you were never lean,
and second, we're still
Xiaolin warriors,
we fought together once
and we can do it again.
It's up to us now.
The Shroud of Shadows.
We must hurry before
we are discovered missing.
So the rumors were true.
A blast from the past.
A sight for evil eyes.
Hannibal? Wuya? Chase Young?
I'm pleased to see you
after all these years, Omi.
I always knew our paths
would cross again.
Our paths will cross again
but this time
much, much sooner.
Kimiko, take the Denshi Bunny
and turn yourself
into electricity,
then travel through the wires
until you find the room
where Jack keeps his Wu.
I'll use the Conch
to track your location.
What's that?
Oh, never mind.
I'll look around to see
where Jack keeps his Wu.
Denshi Bunny.
'Intruder alert.'
When will you monks learn?
No one can defeat
the Evil Emperor of Darkness.
Guard-bots, attack!
Mikado Arm!
Cannon Blaster.
Fist of Tebigong!
'Third-Arm Sash!'
Intruder alert, intruder alert.
Denshi Rodent.
Oh, no, Denshi Bunny.
I'm here. Now what? Hello?
Kimiko found it. We gotta go.
Fire! Fire!
I got an idea. Grab on to me.
Cannon Blaster.
boom boom boom
Stop or you will be destroyed.
Orb of Tornami. Ice!
Stop or you will be..
One, two, three.
Jack's still lame.
Omi, catch.
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Omi! Use the Sands of Time!
Make sure this never happens!
'Sands of Time!'
Come on, kid.
Remember what Master Fung said.
"The future
can always be changed."
And look.
We made it back 1500 years.
- We can still make it right.
- We must.
Master Dashi?
Master Monk Guan?
Chase Young?
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