Xiaolin Showdown (2003) s03e13 Episode Script

Time After Time: Part 2

Xiaolin Showdown
Xiaolin Showdown
Previously on
"Xiaolin Showdown"..
There is still one last test
before a leader is selected.
You will each go on a quest,
but this time
you'll choose your own quest.
I will go back in time
and stop
Hannibal Bean from turning
Chase Young to the dark side.
All that stands in my way
is how to do it.
Oh, I need the Sands of Time.
Just do what you did the time
you got stuck in the past.
You mean, turn myself
into an Omicicle?
Exactly. Just raise yourself
and wait 80 years.
All of the Shen Gong Wu
are gone.
This is not the future
I had expected.
toing toing
Don't move.
I froze myself so I could travel
into the future
and talk to old Omi.
There is no old Omi, you dope.
I don't think you fully grasped
the time-space continuum,
Perhaps I did not think
things through.
'When Jack took over the temple,
he took all'
'of the Wu and locked us up.'
That's how he became
Evil Jack Spicer
Emperor of Darkness.
Master Fung.
I am afraid
I may have ruined the future.
'The future can always
be changed.'
Omi, use the Sands of Time.
Make sure this never happens.
Sands of Time.
I think we may have picked..
a bad time
for a surprise visit.
No, this is a most
wondrous time.
That is Master Monk Guan.'
'And there is Master Dashi.'
What do we have here?
'Chase Young.'
Cougar Strike.
Mantis Kick. Hah!
- Plowing Yak!
- Charging Bear!
Monkey Strike.
Repulse the Monkey.
How do you know
Repulse the Monkey?
You taught it to me.
Fifteen hundred years from now.
Chimpanzee Chop.
Mantis Kick.
It's strange, but I feel
as though I already know you.
You do.
It just hasn't happened yet.
bam bam
Charging Bear.
Roaring Phoenix.
'Mantis Kick.'
I believe it is time
to send certain evil packing.
This means that I was here
for Wuya's capture?
We both were, buddy boy.
Dojo, you look different.
Kind of chunky.
Hey, that's muscle.
Anyway, Grandmaster Dashi
do I have a story to tell you.
It appears
that we have a new ally..
..and a new friend.
Why would I be so foolish
as to turn to the Heylin side?
Soon I will become
a Xiaolin Dragon.
'You poor, naive fool.'
You'll never become a dragon.
Your place in history
will be stolen from you
by the one you consider closest.
No. I do not believe you.
I believe that you do.
I have stood in the shadow
of Chase Young for too long.
Soon it will be he
who stands in my shadow.
'Drink the Lao Mang Long soup.'
'Ancient potion of the dragon.'
And join me forever
on the dark side.
'Perhaps, you'd like some time
to think it over?'
I'm sure you'll
make the right decision.
I cannot believe
the evil trickery
of Hannibal Roy Bean.
Kid, when you've been
around as long as me
nothin' surprises you.
Well, the platypus.
What's that about?
Hey, Chase baby.
Wanna see something mystical?
Not now, Dojo.
Come on!
This won't take long.
Pick a card, any card.
I know you want to.
It'll be fun.
'Instead of Lao Mang Long soup.'
Chase will have a little
pea soup.
Go ahead.
Pick any card.
It's the queen of hearts.
Seven of spades.
How did that happen?
I see you've made
a wise decision.
I see you take me for a fool.
- 'This tastes like--'
- Pea soup.
You expect me to trade
my eternal soul for pea soup?
No! This is a trick.
Here's another one.
I call it The Vanishing Bean.
And to think I was ready
to trade away
everything I believed in.
It seems our work here
is done, Tonto.
I cannot wait to return
home to a world without evil.
Sands of Time.
Feels like an eternity
since I snoozed.
Wake me up
in another 1500 years.
Look who has come
to welcome us.
No. I've come to destroy you.
Master Monk Guan.
I do not understand.
You are-are on the Heylin side.
I'm beginnin' to think
somethin' maybe amiss.
What an unpleasant surprise.
You should have fled
with the others
when you had the chance.
Time to finish off these pests.
Once and for all.
Dojo, you must undo
whatever it is
I have done it, Sands of--
Kuzusu Atom.
Now, there's no way back.
Kuzusu Atom..
Flying Monkey Strike.
Chase Young!
And exactly whose side
are you on?
You must have taken some hit
to the noggin, my good friend.
We are good friends?
Crouching Cougar.
I am most confused.
How is it that Master Monk Guan
is on the side of evil?
You know the story.
It happened 1500 years ago.
freshen up my memory.
After Hannibal Bean failed
to deliver me
to the Heylin side
he turned to Master Monk Guan.
Then because of me
Master Monk Guan is evil.
You must take me
to my fellow monks.
Here we are, Omi.
Your home.
This is my home?
Oh! Oh! Come on you guys.
Hello, Kimiko.
Well, despite a few setbacks
I think we have done
pretty well for ourselves.
We're raising the tastiest corn
this side of Houston.
We should be fighting evil.
Not raising tasty corn.
I agree with cue ball.
I'd much rather fight evil
than mud wrestle some pig.
Whoa there partner!
It's not some pig.
All pigs are special
in their own way.
Besides, I'm your leader.
You are the leader?
I must speak
to Master Fung at once.
Are you alright, Omi?
Well, I'm afraid he may have hit
his head pretty hard.
'Mater Fung was wrangled
into the Ying-Yang world'
years ago by Master Monk Guan
and never returned.'
We wanted to go after him,
but we only have the Ying Yo-Yo.
If we tried,
we would have turned evil
the same way Jack turned.
Good morning!
Isn't it a glorious day
to be good?
'Group hug.'
This is all my fault.
How is it your fault?
I am afraid when I traveled
back in time
and stopped Chase
from turning evil
I may have turned the future
all down side up.
Chase is good, Omi.
- Not evil.
- I can prove it.
Kuzusu Atom.
There it is.
Omi is right.
This is Lao Mang Long soup.
So Chrome Dome
is telling the truth.
I don't get it.
If this Omi is from some
parallel world,
what do you reckon
happened to the Omi we know?
I believe I know exactly
where we can find me.
In the temple basement.
'I believe we may have just
found the way.'
At last.
There is nothing
to stand in our way
of total evil world domination.
Come on, guys.
We'll get out of this.
- We have to.
- And what makes you so sure?
Let me explain.
If we can stop Omi
from freezing himself
into the future,
he won't travel to the past
where he did what he did which
resulted in what happened.
- Simple.
- 'That may be.'
But it don't mean
diddly if we can't
bust our way outta here.
We can. If I drink
the Lao Mang Long soup.
No. You can't.
It'll turn you evil.
But it'll give you guys
enough time to escape.
Kimiko is right.
Only I should be the one
who drinks it.
You must leave the others
and find the frozen Omi.
Chase, if we do find me
and stop what happened
from happening--
Then you won't be there
to save me from the dark side.
This may not be the future
I would choose
but is the future
that must be
for the greater good.
That is so beautiful.
I haven't cried
like this inhours.
Remember, little one.
As the past can be changed
so can the future.
Only time will tell.
We sure could use
some Wu right about now.
And I know just where to look.
Changing Chopsticks.
All that good bubbling inside
gave me the most PG idea.
I'll draw the cats away
by giving me to them.
Hey, Kitty, Kitty!
Look. Yum, yum.
Here. I know a shortcut.
Grab on.
'Cannon Blaster.'
I believe this is the place.
Here I am.
'I must thank you for
delivering Chase Young'
'to the dark side.'
You did what I failed
to do years ago.
No. I didn't come
this far to lose.
We will find a way to win.
It's our destiny.
I challenge you
to a Four Way Tag team
Xiaolin Showdown.
Our Serpent's Tail,
Moby Morpher
'Moonstone Locust
and Ju Ju Flytrap'
'against your Cannon Blaster,
Ants in the Pants'
'Lasso Boa Boa
and Orb of Tornami.'
The game is Rescue
the Damsel in Distress.
First to save the damsel wins.
Let's go.
Xiaolin Showdown!
Rescue me! Rescue me!
Though humiliating I do
get to wear something pretty.
Gong Yi Tan Pai!
Moby Morpher.
Clay! Tag in now.
Lasso Boa Boa!
swoosh swoosh
Tag in, Guan!
'Ju Ju Flytrap.'
Oh, no. Oh.
Kimiko. Go in.
- You can do it, Kimiko.
- Go girl, go!
You're almost there, partner.
Ants in the Pants!
Wuya, stop her!
Moonstone Locust.
No, way!
'Hey, no fair.'
One player at a time.
So we're cheaters!
Why do evil doers always
have to break the rules.
Cannon Blaster.
Wudai Star Wind!
Omi, it's all yours.
Orb of Tornami.
Wudai Neptune Ice.
- 'Dojo, you're saved.'
- Oh, sweet prince.
My hero.
'Eye of Dashi.'
What's going on?
My guess, two parallel universes
running into each other
in a cosmic timeline
continuum pile-up.
Woo! They are so many of me.
What a wondrous sight.
- Hold me
- No, hold me!
I hope you have learned well
from your quest.
I'm not quite sure
what just happened.
But I know I'll never forget it.
Did what happen
really happen?
I wanna go home.
As I told you, a leader
would rise from the quest.
'And now one has.'
Way to go, Rai.
You did it partner.
II don't know what to say.
Except I never thought
it would be me.
Well, maybe a little.
Now that you have risen
to Shoku Warrior
your job has only begun.
The survival of the world
depends on you.
Not too much pressure there.
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