Yakamoz S-245 (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [foreboding humming.]
[deep rumbling.]
[rumbling and harsh crackling.]
[water gurgling.]
[diver exhaling.]
[ominous music playing.]
[upbeat guitar music playing.]
[guitar music continues.]
[boat engine starts.]
[children laughing.]
Got a better catch today Arman? Better yeah.
Just one little one hey.
I could hear him saying, "Stay away from me.
I'm happy down here.
So piss off will you.
" [laughter.]
They wanted you down at the station.
Better go see what they're after.
Good to see you too my man.
What? What did I say? [overlapping chatter.]
Here ma'am.
Purslane, lettuce! Come and get it! [indistinct chatter.]
[chatter continues.]
Were you born lucky? I don't believe it! You must be losing.
Come on, cheer up Hakkı.
- Arman, come and have a seat.
- Next time.
Good luck.
Good morning Arman.
Try these nettles.
They're freshly picked this morning.
Morning Madam.
Unfortunately they sting my skin and I get irritable.
I appreciate it.
Dear boy, I'll happily take the time to make sure they don't do that.
Okay, maybe next time then.
Arman! The lieutenant's been looking for you.
Yeah, I heard.
Yes? Yeah.
Cenk you know [Cenk.]
Yeah? No sea lover would think about doing that.
A blue shark.
Tourists pay him to see it.
I tried to reason with him to no use.
And presumably he knows that.
Obviously you don't Don't worry about it, long story.
You don't need to hear it.
You disagreed did you? A disagreement.
Guess so, yeah.
You're as bad as each other.
He's worse than me.
Have a good day Madam.
And the same to you Arman.
Freshly caught fish, only five lira.
[escalating disco music playing.]
[soft indistinct chatter.]
POLICE Defne? What the hell are you? FOÇA POLICE DEPARTMEN What's brought you back here? - Come on, hug me.
- [laughs.]
Well, you know me.
Always on hand to bail my exes out of police stations.
You're bailing out an ex are you? You shouldn't have bothered.
I can handle this.
Yeah I bet you'd be able to.
Me and the lieutenant go way back.
We're good.
Ah superb, yeah.
How did you know I was here? Your deckhand said you were.
Seriously, what are you doing here? You missed me? [laughs.]
I wanted to say hello.
That's all.
What's wrong with that? That's what you've come for? You don't have my number anymore? - Of course I have but - And? I also want to talk about Oya.
Is she all right? Tell me.
She's not bad.
She sends her regards.
- Great.
- Hmm-mm.
Can I see her? - What for? - Tell you later.
Why you being all mysterious all of of sudden? It's all about timing.
Ah, okay.
Right, yeah.
I get it.
All about timing.
- Hmm-mm.
- Then I'm telling you this.
- "Yakski, yakski.
" - [Defne laughs.]
Come here, you.
- I've really missed you.
- Me, too.
Seeing you out of the blue is quite a surprise.
- [Defne.]
A good surprise though right? - [Arman.]
So why were you at the station? I see she's got new plating on her.
Thank you.
No problem.
Micro glass beads and an epoxy resin combined together.
Testing out an artificial sponge as well.
Amazing stuff.
Wonder if there's another diving instructor with a PhD like you here? - Not a doctor, just a dropout.
- Yeah sorry.
Doctor loser.
Don't you ever find you get bored being here? Good to see you Defne.
I should hope so.
[Hindi song playing.]
I had just about forgotten about this tune.
You kidding me? Still? Are you serious? [laughs.]
[Hindi song continues playing.]
Why are you really here, Defne? What would would you guess? I don't know.
You tell me.
Fine I shall tell you.
But without this.
[turns music down.]
Do you want to go, to Erebus Trench with me? Erebus Trench with you? Yeah.
And assistant Rana, our oceanographer Felix and Cem will also be on board.
Cem? We all make five dives, and I think about 15 hours of diving.
That is providing, we can find a sub that's able to endure that.
You seriously mean that? Absolutely.
I mean, you know the pressure at 5,019 meters is roughly Oya, that girl behind you has seen as high as 600,000 millibars and I'm not even kidding.
- Not a word is a lie.
- Which is why I've come here.
[both chuckle.]
We have a sponsor in place.
Who? Yenilik Inc.
- They'll spare no expense.
- [Hindi music playing.]
And they're not going to meddle in anything.
We've agreed on all of it.
[music turns off.]
What is it that makes you care so much about who pays you? You're overreacting.
- I'm overreacting? - [Defne.]
I'm overreacting.
Is that what yo think? You know better than anyone what I've been through to work on my own.
Forgotten about that? Don't be silly.
I remember.
Then you should go Defne and make sure you give my regards to my father.
I hope you remain good friends, even best friends.
That would make me very happy.
But you just tell him to keep his son's ex girlfriend out of this alright? Tell him if he has a problem with me, or whatever.
He should call me or come here himself to speak to me.
Now you're just rambling.
If I didn't believe that you'd be excited about what I just told you.
Why would I come here just to be shouted at? [inhales sharply.]
Believe me.
Erebus yeah? No one that wants to dive it more than me.
But if that man is involved, then no.
You haven't heard everything I've got to say to you.
You didn't let me finish What haven't you told me Defne? What haven't you said to me? Say whatever it is you've come to tell me.
First of all, right now you're upset and I never like talking to you like this.
So I suggest you better calm down.
I'm going back to Istanbul tomorrow morning.
My hotel is at the bay.
The far end, room number eight.
You should think about it.
Take your time.
Then give me a bell.
Come on at least tell me, Defne? Come on listen.
You know what, you haven't changed even a little bit you know? You're no different from the day I decided to break up with you.
You haven't changed a bit! Still being enigmatic and mysterious at whatever you do.
Trying to manufacture your own truths.
Maybe surprise me now yeah? Just for a change surprise me.
[mysterious music playing.]
[soft breathing.]
[music shifts.]
[sentimental music playing.]
[cellphone shuts.]
[soft waves breaking.]
[exciting music builds.]
[cracking and thundering wind rushing.]
INCIRLIK AIR BASE - ADANA [dramatic music playing.]
[mouse and keyboard clicking.]
[warning tone.]
You must come see this.
[tense music playing.]
Carry on.
Thank you for alerting me.
I'll pass this information on.
[foreboding music playing.]
[knock on door.]
Pardon me, is this not number eight? Yes, what do you want? Eh obviously I have the wrong room.
Excuse me.
- Arman? - Defne? Thought it was you.
Kenan, I'd like you to meet Arman.
Good to meet you.
What a pleasure.
- Thank you.
Pleasure to meet you too.
- [Defne.]
Come on in.
Sure thing.
- I'll get you guys some coffee.
- Okay, thanks.
You go out on the deck.
I'll get changed and meet you out there.
These rooms have everything you need.
All spick-and-span, at your beck and call.
Kenan is my fiancé.
[soft traffic noises.]
Ah yeah? What should I say? Congratulations? God bless or what? Not sure what to say.
Whatever you feel like saying.
[somber music playing.]
Erebus Trench is here.
And this is why Yenilik has decided to become a sponsor.
Hydrocarbon emissions of this magnitude has never been seen.
I mean enormous amounts of methane output.
You mean oil? So it's possible that there could be undiscovered oil reserves in the region? My esteemed father is after the fossil fuel.
That's what you're telling me.
Along with a dozen or more others yeah.
What's your part in this? Bet it's not the oil is it? [sighs.]
You should check this out.
[door opens.]
- Antipatharia.
- Anti what? It means "against disease" in Ancient Greek.
Perhaps you should look at these too.
What are you showing me? - This is unbelievable.
- [chuckles.]
Antipatharia haven't been sighted for over a 100 years in the Med.
No, even if this is possible, the Savalia savaglia would be I think maybe I left my computer in the car.
Could you please get it for me? Thank you darling.
Yes alright.
We think these might be your famous coral you were looking for.
Wait, wait, wait.
Just a moment.
Savalia savaglia is offered protection under international law.
And if there is indeed black coral down there, no one would be permitted to drill anywhere near there.
Even my father.
Exactly right.
But after keeping this to yourself you being all mysterious and whatever, how could you be so sure I'd show up here? You're so predictable.
By using my dads own money we're going to stop him drilling for oil right? Asil Kaya can be tricked with his own cash.
- [laughs.]
- [laughs.]
You're joking? - That's brilliant! Come here.
- [laughs.]
[dark ominous music playing.]
[music building, whistling sand.]
[machinery rumbles and beeps.]
Arman, am I right? Correct.
How'd you know it was me? Pretty easy assumption after taking more than just a glance at you.
Rana? - It's a pleasure.
- Me too.
- [blows air.]
Just so great to be here.
- Sure.
How's it gonna be? - [cellphone buzzes.]
- Sorry.
Excuse me.
- [Arman.]
- [exhales sharply.]
Arman, son.
What do you want? Exalted one.
Well, I just wanted to say that I'm happy you decided to join the team.
Look for your information, this research will change nothing between us.
But you already know that.
How else could I apologize to you? [Asil.]
How long will you keep this up? Aren't you sick and tired of this? I'm not no.
Neither of them, thanks all the same.
And it's not happening, alright? [Asil.]
Ahh, you're fishing for my thanks, yeah.
Right, right, of course.
You wouldn't do something for someone for nothing.
That's why you're calling me.
I'm fully aware of that.
No, I don't expect anything from you.
I just wanted to wanted to call you before you dive.
I'm fine, you called.
We spoke to each other, goodbye now.
Hey! - [laughs.]
You're not ready.
- [Arman.]
Come on! - You want it! [laughs.]
- [laughs.]
Come on! [Cem.]
What's up buddy? Huh? [Arman.]
Fine bro, how are you? - [Cem.]
- You're old college buddies I see? We're old col Well, I had to put up with Arman and that lunatic Defne for five years.
Five years! Defne was top of the class.
He was trouble.
I'm trouble? Eh trouble was I? You must be joking.
I think you're the greater trouble maker.
[Cem laughs.]
Yeah you're right.
I'm also trouble I guess.
- Hi there.
I'm sorry.
- Hi.
I don't speak much Turkish, I'm sorry.
Speak ancient Greek? [laughs.]
Ancient Greek? Come on man.
[Rana giggles.]
What? Okay, what can you say in Turkish? - [in Turkish.]
How are you? Hello.
- [Cem laughs.]
[speaking Turkish.]
"Mantı?" [in English.]
If you know "mantı" you don't need any other Turkish.
[Rana, Cem, Arman laughs.]
Hello, guys! You've met? You ready? [Cem.]
What's he come for? He's gonna be filming everything.
You weren't told about this by Defne? Uh-uh.
Why would she say anything? [foreboding music playing.]
İNCİRLİK AIR BASE [Male soldier with African accent.]
We are waiting for an order from headquarters.
[Turkish soldier.]
We have reported a troubled situation.
There is not much time left.
- [somber music playing.]
- [door closes.]
- [laughs.]
- Hey.
Sorry, Felix.
[mysterious music playing.]
Thursday, October 3rd is today's date.
At 03:31AM.
Can you hear me? One, two.
I'm telling you sound checks are a bitch in this weather.
Say, ah! Are you prepared? It's your big day.
Couldn't be more prepared.
15-hour dive.
Crammed in a tight spot.
You're right.
But Cem said he'd get in the shower today and promised to wash.
I'm not talking about him.
Who then? Arman you mean? [scoffs.]
You're not going to start being jealous about us? Well no it's not exactly jealousy.
That was ages ago, Kenan.
What is it? Yeah I know that, but the guy's a charmer.
- Isn't he? - Yeah.
No doubt about that yeah.
But also arrogant, insensitive and unstable.
And that's all attractive until you grow up, I would say.
You're saying that you're old now are you? [laughs.]
But you've decided he's a charmer have you? Shall I arrange for you to meet up with him? - Hello no.
I don't want that.
- [laughs.]
Come on! Just tell me and I can do it.
Yeah? Calibration completed.
[Defne laughs.]
Wait, wait! [Kenan laughs.]
[foreboding music playing.]
The problem is, they're acting like nothings about to happen.
The whole world will be affected, you know that? - [mum.]
They should listen to you.
- Who's going to listen to me? I'm telling you because I know you'll listen.
Okay Mom, just make sure you're underground before Thursday at dawn.
- Do you understand me? - Yes but where am I supposed to go? Yes but just try to find a basement or a subway.
- [mum.]
I don't think it's really - [alarming music playing.]
Wait there.
No more questions mother.
Just do as I told you.
- [mum.]
What? Hello? - [alarming music continues.]
Hatice? Hatice? Hatice? MOM Sweetheart? Rana, you can get all this by the way.
I'm already recording.
Can't you see the red light? It's 03:56 in the morning and you're with us on this mission on day one.
- [Rana.]
Cem! Cem! Cem? - What? [Rana.]
Do you have anything to say before you get in? - I have.
- [Rana.]
It's the crack of dawn, I'm itchy all over my body because I showered too much.
Am I wrong Defne? I have no idea what he said, but it's makes no sense.
It's going to be great.
I love you.
I love you too.
I love you! [Rana.]
Defne! Defne! Anything for the video? - Rana what's up? Here it goes.
- [Rana.]
Okay over to you.
We're gonna be doing our preliminary dive right below us here then come back up to the surface.
Latitude 34 degrees, 15 minutes north, longitude 25 degrees, 30 minutes east, zero seconds both.
By the way, you've got way too much water to take with you, I hope you're happy to use those bottles to pee in.
- [both laugh.]
- [Rana.]
Fine by me! Bon voyage! Woo-hoo! [Defne.]
That's daring, eh? The kids nowadays.
We'll dive down to 3500 at first.
This is a 15-hour preliminary test dive.
Not a test.
This is not a test dive.
What should I call it? It is a test.
No, because that sounds like Oya's gonna fail.
Ohh excuse me, - I have no doubt she will be perfect - Fine.
That's why we don't call it a test you see? [Rana.]
What then? Better to call it a exploratory dive.
Everyone, it's a exploratory dive.
Got it? Anyway, back to this exploratory dive which is gonna go well and by tomorrow we'll be at Erebus Trench! - Erebus Trench, woo-hoo! - [Defne laughs.]
- Shall I cut there? - [Defne.]
Come on, get in! Be careful as you go up.
Captain! - Captain! - Captain! We're ready to go.
Something's not right.
- The weather in Asia is suddenly awful.
- [foreboding music playing.]
I just saw it on the news, it's really unusual.
Is it a storm, or what? It's like a volcano is erupting or something.
Yeah and is that a problem? Will it affect us while we're down there? No it probably won't.
- [Defne.]
Let's go! - Good luck on your way.
Good luck on your way! Oh what a day.
Bon voyage.
Until I see you soon.
[footsteps thumping and metal clanging.]
[gloomy music playing.]
Lieutenant Çelik! [electronic buzz.]
[loud banging.]
Dammit! [soldier.]
Bitch! She took our car! Come on, come on! - [buttons clicking.]
- [tense music playing.]
That's it.
Slowly baby.
[water gurgling.]
[radar ticking.]
Not bad.
No creaking sounds or anything yet.
[Arman chuckles.]
We have riptides here, right? [Arman.]
How fast are we going? [Defne.]
Arman? [Arman.]
What? [Defne.]
Felix has just asked you something.
Huh? Ah.
Sorry, Felix.
What's up? What's our rate of descent? Our descent, let me check.
It's about 40 meters a minute.
One hour, approximately an hour to our cruise lane.
Anything we can help you with or [Arman.]
No, thank you.
Actually [inhales deeply.]
I could have done this test by myself, but Defne would feel useless.
Defne would feel useless.
- [Arman laughs.]
- I thought this wasn't a test.
- [Cem.]
- [Felix.]
I'm kidding.
Just wanted to make sure Oya could handle the pressure and she's doing good so far.
If not, what happens? Eh, best not to think of what if.
Because she can hold, right? [Felix.]
Yeah but what would happen if she didn't hold? [Cem.]
She'd implode on us, we'd be sucked into oblivion at the very least.
[Cem mimics explosion.]
That's good to know then.
- [Arman.]
Rana? - Hmm? [Arman.]
You're totally safe.
I mean it okay.
- Defne? - [Defne.]
What's up? [blows kiss and laughs softly.]
May I have a tiny sip of that water you brought with you? [Rana.]
Of course.
It's in my bag.
Thank you.
Good job my smart assistant.
Say hi.
[water gurgling deeply.]
So I guess now you're all better? What? [Arman.]
You had that problem with closed spaces.
- Ah yeah.
A lot better yeah.
- How come? Well, good question.
I mean, took a long time.
So many hours of therapy sessions, meditation, yoga, homeopathy and stuff.
I've been to some very strange places.
- You'd have laughed at that.
- Really? Then it hit me that in fact, it was all in my mind.
I was scared of fear itself.
I told myself I should stand up.
Or I'd be stuck for a long time.
And it would probably just get worse.
But I managed to move on.
Seems like Kenan he's a nice guy from what I saw.
[electronic beeping.]
What? [scoffs.]
It's the "but" I'm waiting for.
There's no "but".
He seems like a nice guy.
That's all there is to it.
- He is nice.
- [sighs.]
And you like nice guys.
Just your type aren't they? [laughs.]
I knew it! I knew there'd be a "but" in there somewhere.
What should I say? Okay, I take it back.
Let me put it this way.
My dear Defne, you deserve the best of everything in the world.
Happy now? [electronic beep.]
How about you though? Are you seeing someone? Seeing someone? [inhales sharply.]
Someone, I mean, that's weird.
"Some" is many, but also just "one".
It's confusing if you ask me.
Really there's only room for one girl in my life.
And she's protecting us.
[deep dramatic music start playing.]
- [Defne.]
What is it? - That was weird.
Something just flashed out in the black back there.
- Let's see.
- It's 5AM I suppose.
True, but we're in the aphotic zone.
Everything should be pitch black.
Yeah of course Captain Obvious.
Very strange weather.
We'll see when we go back up.
We should probably start to make our ascent.
Shall I wake the guys up? No better off letting them sleep for a bit.
Besides, they have a lot to do at Erebus.
So they should save their energy.
[deep rumbling.]
[Defne yawns.]
- [suspenseful music playing.]
- [water gurgling.]
Does anyone read me? Where are we? [Defne.]
Does anyone read me? Is anybody receiving this? [Defne.]
I repeat, does anybody read me? Can you change the channel? No, but you can tell from the power meter that the message got transmitted, you know.
Does anybody read me? Arman, the GPS is also not working.
No problem.
We'll sort it out once we go back up.
That's why we call it an exploratory dive yeah.
The radio is not responding and the gauges are acting weird so I'm telling you there's nothing to worry about just stay calm I'm telling you that nothing's working.
What'd you expect me to do? [Defne.]
It's ridiculous to tell me to calm down when nothing seems to be [Arman.]
How do we deal with her when she acts like the boss? - How about you show some respect to me? - Maybe.
I am the boss.
All the documents are in my name.
Guys, enough with this lovers tiff.
We're in the middle of the sea, come on.
I don't wanna hear this yeah? - Why don't you just be quiet? - [Cem.]
We're under water man.
- You were an item were you? - [Defne.]
Mind your own business Rana.
- [Rana.]
Were they really? - Absolutely.
Does anybody read me? [whispers.]
They were lovers.
- [Defne.]
Does anybody read me? - These two? Yeah.
How about turning it off and back on again? Ah man that should do it.
Typical Turkish style.
I'll whack it with my elbow too, that will sort it.
No, just do it.
Please listen to me.
- I built this - Just bash it? [thump.]
[big sigh.]
Can you see what's going on? [Arman.]
I think it's all good here, I guess.
What then? - [Arman.]
Well it's deserted.
- [Defne.]
How come? Hey! Anybody on board? [Arman shouts.]
Hello? Can anyone hear me? Hey! [exhales sharply.]
Okay, Arman, what's going on? It's weird.
No one on deck.
What do you mean by "no one"? I said, no one on deck.
- [Rana.]
What do you mean? - I don't know.
Let's just moor Oya before we go and see what's happened.
Maybe we shouldn't rush into man.
There could be something dangerous.
Exactly what do you think could be dangerous? [Rana.]
Maybe they're having something to eat? Everyone? At this time all together? [Rana.]
Well where is everyone then? I have no idea, but the current's strong.
So we have to dock before we go.
Felix? Can you handle this machine? I don't know.
I've never done this before.
Alright Cem.
It's up to you.
- Obviously.
- Excuse me.
Why didn't you ask me? Because you just annoyed me.
Do you think you can you operate it? - [Cem.]
I'll try.
- [scoffs.]
Well, it's quite simple.
Think of it as the video games you played.
That's it.
That's it.
Keep it up.
Keep it up.
Slow down.
Stop! Hey! [Arman.]
Defne? Arman? - I'll check the ship out.
- [Defne.]
I'm coming, too.
We don't know what happened, we need to be cautious.
Stay on board please.
- Arman I should come.
- [Arman.]
Would you please listen to me? Wait until you hear from me.
[ominous music playing.]
Is anyone here? The Zodiacs should be there.
Hey! [ominous music continues.]
[door bangs.]
[ominous music continues.]
[door thuds.]
Defne? Have you found anything? I told you to stay on Oya.
Why do you never listen? There's no one on board though.
You will stay behind me.
- Let's go and check the bridge.
- Okay.
If you're watching this you have to listen to what I'm saying.
It's just gone 5AM.
We received an update about the weather event happening in Asia.
The sun is causing the death of everyone on earth.
- We have no idea why its happening.
- What? We left immediately and heading to Kos.
They're saying there's probably shelter.
I tried to collect as many your things to bring with me.
You must please take this seriously.
See you soon.
- What the fuck? - What the hell does that mean? The sun causing the death What does he mean by that? Defne, Kenan isn't usually the joking type? Come on that isn't something anyone would joke about.
And nobody's here.
Come on, then, pack your things.
Come on! - [Arman.]
- Okay.
[dramatic music builds.]
What? Miss? - [Cen.]
- [Rana.]
What's going on? [Defne.]
Careful, with this.
- the laptop's inside.
- [Rana.]
What's going on? What did you bring the bags for? Kenan left us a video on board about the sun's rays being deadly to everyone.
There's a shelter in Kos, so we've got no choice but to go to Kos.
Yeah that's what it said.
- [Arman.]
Calm down.
- [Cem.]
What's this shelter? [Arman.]
We'll figure it out.
Everyone back to their places.
- [Cem.]
Defne? Please try explain this.
- [Defne.]
Yes what? Explain it? What do you want me to say to you? There's supposed to be a shelter in Kos and we're going because the sun is killing people.
It's all I know.
Is everyone going there? [Defne.]
- [Rana.]
But how? - [Defne.]
Rana calm down.
Battery indicator is red.
I hope we can make it.
What do you mean "hope" we can make it? We have to Arman! - We have to be able to get there.
- [Felix.]
What's going on? - Where are we going? - [Rana.]
You forgot to bring my laptop.
- [Defne.]
You can use mine.
Sit down.
- [Felix.]
Hey! What's going on? - [Arman.]
There's no one on the ship.
- Kenan left a video message.
And he's saying sunlight is killing people.
And there's a bunker in Kos that protects us from the suns rays, so that's where we're headed.
What did you mean [Cem.]
What's wrong? - [Defne.]
Why did we stop? - [Rana.]
What's wrong? The batteries are at ten percent.
But [Defne.]
But what Arman? Come on, start her up.
What? I'm stuck here? Are we gonna die? - [Defne.]
Stop it, Rana.
- [Rana.]
Huh? - [Felix.]
Hey! - [Cem.]
What are you doing, bro? - [Felix.]
- Yes.
There we go.
Turkish style.
Always handy.
- [Rana.]
Are we really going to Kos? - [Defne.]
- [water gurgling.]
- [ominous music playing.]
40 meters, still holding.
- And still? - [Felix.]
Still holding.
The satellite phone.
No reception.
You can't get any signal when you're inside Oya.
You can try once we arrive at Kos.
What's this blob here? [Cem.]
Could it be something dangerous? Whatever it is, yeah.
It's heading for us for sure.
It could be our own echo, Cem.
- [water breaking.]
- [ominous music playing.]
[blows air.]
- It's dark.
- Yeah, it's night.
No, it's a different kind of darkness.
There's no electricity anywhere.
I'm not sure about this.
I don't want to stay here anymore.
It feels weird.
With the electrics gone we can't go anywhere.
We can't charge the batteries.
Hey man the Zodiacs are here.
We can use them can't we? Where could we go Cem? What are we gonna do with them? [Rana.]
Still no reception.
Arman? - [ominous music builds.]
- [water rushing and breaking.]
[cool closing theme music playing.]

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