Yakamoz S-245 (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 A NETFLIX SERIES I can't get signal.
There's no reception anywhere.
Go wait by the boat.
- Captain? - So, who are you? An underwater research team.
What can you tell us? Not much.
They're saying the sun is causing everyone to die.
And how did you end up to be here? Yesterday morning we were on a diving expedition.
When we came back to the surface we found our ship was deserted.
This video was left behind by my fiancé.
That's how we found out about it.
He told us to go to Kos a shelter or something was there.
A safe spot? Is that what he told you? That's where we're trying to make our way to.
And if you help us we might be able to make it.
We haven't got time to be here.
A message arrived.
A message? When? None of the networks are working.
It's a satellite phone.
You're not going to believe what you're about to see I can't go into detail now.
We don't have much time.
I'm heading for the shelter I told you about.
Defne! You're not going to believe what you're about to see.
I can't go into detail now.
We don't have much time.
I'm You can see the people panicking.
They know their lives are in danger.
Staying here would be an even greater risk.
Everyone wants to be in that shelter.
And our odds improve the moment we locate Kenan.
How long till sunrise? Three hours and 44 minutes Commander.
Assemble the crew immediately.
Come on.
Follow me.
We have no time to lose.
Are you absolutely sure Commander? Do as I say, Umut.
Hurry up and get everyone here.
Chief Engineer.
Gather the crew together.
Yakamoz S-245! Muster up! Fall in! Ten-hut! Yakamoz S-245! Those people you see there claim that there is a shelter out there somewhere.
We're gonna go find it! There's not much time left.
So we must act swiftly! It's natural to be fearful.
I am as well.
That's because before today, the enemies we fought were visible.
Flesh and bone.
They have always been easily identified.
But now, we have a new enemy before us! This plague is killing us all.
And we must kill it! - Cem? - Yeah? We need to charge Oya's battery up.
Look, I know this might be dangerous, but we really don't have a choice.
Say it, bro.
You and Felix.
There's a little toolbox on Oya.
Take it.
The transformer can't be too far.
Which transformer? Heh! Can we even fix it? Felix, you won't know if you don't try, right? Right.
- What? What is it? - Cem, come.
- Hey Cem.
- Yeah? Put the bags on the dock.
Just in case we're not able to get Oya started, we'll have them ready.
- Okay.
- Quickly! I can't even bring myself to say this.
But you should all be aware that all your loved ones and your family may all be dead already! You have to understand this.
The foremost duty of a soldier is not to take lives.
No my brothers! The foremost duty of every soldier is not about death at all! The soldier should live! So that all others can live! So that means today, here are your orders.
Before sunrise, your objective will be: We must find that shelter! Soldiers do you understand? Absolutely Sir! We understand! You need to be louder for me! Understand? Absolutely Sir! We understand! God help us all! Sir! Chief Engineer.
Organize a group to look around.
Yes Commander.
At ease, soldiers! Permission to go with the scout group Commander.
Pemission denied.
Umut, you join them.
Let's see what comes up.
It's my honor Commander.
Try to stay calm, okay? Of course Commander.
What do I do now? - You must stay here.
- What? Rana we don't know what's waiting for us in town.
You'll be safer here.
I'll be back as soon as we find the shelter.
Don't worry.
I'll be straight back for you.
- Miss? - Please don't worry.
Do you know Kos well? Which part of the island could the shelter be in? We'll find it.
So you're telling me you have no idea.
Do you have a better plan? We have three and a half hours.
You not going to believe what you about to see.
I can't go into detail.
We don't have much time.
I'm heading for the shelter I told you about.
Defne! Can you tell us anything more? Any clues or details? No, I just see everyone running for their lives.
You won't believe what you're about to see.
I can't tell you in detail now.
We don't have much time.
I'm heading for the shelter I told you about.
Nice to meet you, Defne.
Umut Sancaklı.
You should thank Commander Erenay.
Because I wouldn't have let you do this.
You're into underwater research.
Like Captain Jacques Cousteau yeah? You could say that I guess.
So that makes you how old? Why do you ask? What's that got to do with it? Just wondered.
Captain Cousteau is not known to everyone.
I used to watch his shows as a kid.
You're not going to believe what you're about to see.
I can't go into detail now.
We don't have much time.
We've been driving for ages and we've not seen anyone or anything.
Maybe everyone's gone into the shelter.
Yeah but now it's dark now, so why hasn't anyone come out? KOS TOWN CENTER Felix, where are we going? Just go straight.
It has to be that way.
It has to be that way.
Has to be, like, you know this Cem, I have a plan.
- You have a plan? - Yes, I have a plan.
I'm sorry.
Felix, what kind of a plan do you have? Are you - I'm pretty sure it has to be that way.
- Ah, you're pretty sure.
- Yes.
- But there's no time for - being pretty sure - Just trust me! - I trust you, but - No, you don't trust me.
We just don't have any time Felix.
Cem, I tell you it's that way - Oh my God! - What? - It's there! - What? - There! There it is! - What? - Fuck yeah! - Found it! How could you possibly know it was there? I knew it.
I was following the wire.
- The wires? - Yes.
- What? How - Yes it's brilliant, right? I told you Why did we go this direction instead of that direction? How do you know it? That direction? I mean, that direction is to town.
Do you think it's at the town center? - That makes sense.
- Yes.
Oh, my fucking God, you're a genius, Felix! Gather as many supplies as you can.
Get ready to dive any minute.
Yes, Miss.
Off you go then.
- Yes Miss.
- Good.
Did I scare you? I'm Yonca.
I'm pleased to meet you.
Özer! Do you think we're going to make it? You will be one of the first to die if that's how you are thinking.
I don't mean to be scared.
- I don't want to die.
- I don't want to die Rana.
Pull yourself together.
There you are.
Good girl.
You better? So, what is your research on? It's wasn't about researching.
Our aim was to dive down to the Erebus Trench.
So it was an exploratory dive and we've just come back up.
Sıçtık? Shit, I mean, shit-tik.
- How the hell can we fix it with - Shit-tik.
This? Is it possible? You don't know until you try.
Right? Yeah, right.
Oh, my God.
Kenan! It's like he's combusted internally.
How long do we have? An hour and a half.
I remember this place.
I know which way to go! It's down here! POLICE GREEK Kenan! K Kenan? Seems like even by closing the windows it didn't do them any good.
That's my men.
Each group will head off to their own area.
You make sure you report back leaving no stone unturned! Search everywhere! What if Kenan didn't make it? Defne enough.
Now listen to me.
He said he'd go to the shelter? We'll find Kenan safe and sound.
Until then, you'll keep it together.
Could you do that? That's it.
We don't have much time.
Hurry up.
Alright? - Come on now.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Okay.
I expect you to return in 45 minutes back here.
You understand me? Your command is understood, Sir! Go now, make me proud! Move! One in there.
If only one of them had been able to survive We'd ask them where the shelter is.
If they knew it, why would they be dead inside the church? Assume this shelter is real.
It's a big island.
What do you expect us to achieve in a few hours? Where would you begin? We're looking for a radio.
Maybe we could make some contact.
All of them, dead.
Everyone's dead.
Armament Officer! Barış? I'm fine.
- Everyone's dead.
- Escort him to the truck.
Everyone's dead.
Come on keep up.
This is where the ship dropped us in.
The dive took almost 15 hours.
We were 2,500 meters down in the aphotic zone.
What were you and your team diving for? NATO instructed us at the last minute that we should dive.
Late night mission.
You were lucky it seems.
It was you who were lucky I'd say.
We detected your sub on the sonar.
You were the only thing we saw in the sea.
But is there anything else that you know? Officer Yonca, I'll go into town.
You take over.
It is my honor Commander.
Commander? Take all precautions there.
We might see something from higher ground with these.
Up the hill.
He decided his own fate.
What do you see? Tell me what you can see down there.
It's yellow everywhere.
Meaning? Nothing's going on.
No movement.
Everyone's dead.
Umut do you read me Sir? This is Umut speaking.
This is the northern search unit Sir.
- What can you tell me? - Sir we found something.
Right where you left your vehicle.
Inside a bank, we found a survivor.
- We're heading back now.
- Kenan.
Kenan! ISLAND BANK Voítheia.
Voíth eia.
Voítheia! Voítheia! What's he saying? He's begging for help.
Do you speak Greek? He can speak ancient Greek.
Come here.
Check him.
How did umm, you survive? How did you survive? Yunanca konuşur.
The safe.
The safe is underground and it's made from lead.
That must be how he's able to survive.
Is this what survival means? His respiration's too weak, Sir.
There's internal bleeding as well.
Safe place.
Um Place of refuge.
Everyone is wrong.
Everyone is wrong.
There is no salvation.
I'm not able to understand you.
All units this is Umut speaking.
All units.
All units.
This is Umut speaking.
This is All units, this is Umut speaking.
All units, this is Umut speaking.
Do you read? This is Umut here.
All units this is Umut speaking.
Calling all units Why did you kill him? Answer now! Why?! I was showing mercy to him.
It was all we could do for him.
The scouting's over for now.
We're moving out! Engin, you'll find him inside.
What happened? Tell me.
- Nothing Commander.
- What was the gunshot I mean? There was a man in great pain.
Commander, we looked around from high ground.
No survivors anywhere.
Nothing about a shelter.
We should prioritize getting back to the Yakamoz.
Hold on.
I won't be going anywhere until I have Kenan with me.
In fact, if you could just help us find him, it would be a lot Enough I said.
We've done what we can.
I won't put my men in danger.
Searching out there.
Looking for this man Kenan or whatever his name is.
We're done here! Defne.
There aren't any survivors on the island left.
You know that.
I'm not leaving this place until I've double checked.
I'm not abandoning him Why are you not listening to him? That shelter is far away, we have our own shelter waiting for us.
Oya, the Yakamoz.
Both were in the aphotic zone, of course.
That's why we're still alive.
The submarine will protect us from the sunlight above.
Come on.
Get back to the Yakamoz immediately.
- All of us.
- Please, Arman.
Commander? Please just give us some time would you? You'll die if you do this.
Commander please just give us some time if you can? If we want to dive on schedule, then that means Commander we must hurry.
I'll give you half an hour.
Umut you heard that.
Make sure the crew are prepared and ready.
In half an hour we shall dive.
No longer that half a hour.
If you don't return the Yakamoz dives without you.
This is Umut speaking.
I repeat this is Umut speaking.
All units, assemble at the docks in 20 minutes.
I repeat, 20 minutes sharp on the docks.
We're diving! - Ah! - Whoah! Fuck! Okay, one more time.
Why are you sweating? I'm not, I'm cool.
It's nothing.
- Cem, leave it to me.
I can Cem.
- No, no, I'm, I'm gonna do it.
- Cem, I can do it.
Cem - Stop it, man, I'm gonna do - Please, stop.
- Chill.
It's okay.
Fuck, stop! - Stop.
- What the fuck? Ah.
Take it.
- What? - Take it.
- Cem, go.
Go, go.
- Fuck.
Fuck! Okay? Ömer? Halil? What the hell are you two doing? Nothing.
What do you mean? You better not be doing what I think you are.
- No I don't know what you talking about.
- It doesn't belong to anyone.
What do you mean it doesn't belong to anyone? You bastard! Man, hey! Stop! Defne 18 minutes left.
Any ideas? Ah! What if it explodes? Well, I don't know.
If it explodes, then it explodes.
Just lift it up! Okay, okay, okay! Come on, come on.
Yes! Yes! Whoo! You did it, man! It's back on.
I've got a signal.
This is a plea to all citizens.
- This is an emergency.
- What is it saying? - Go to the shelter at Tigaki.
- What is it? This is a plea to all fellow citizens.
- Go to the shelter at Tigaki.
- What is it I repeat.
All citizens, go to the shelter at Tigaki.
At Tigaki.
Tigaki shelter.
- Tigaki.
- What? Tigaki.
- Tigaki, yeah.
- How do you spell it? Just like you say it.
We're close.
Keep going straight.
We need to turn left soon.
Fuck you! Put it back! The fuck you are doing You did it! Hey, hey, hey! Ho! Hey, hey, hey! Ho! Ho! Fuck, fuck.
Fuck! Run! Run, Cem, run! Yes! What? Scientists at the University of Oxford state that a change in the suns polarity could have been the cause of the recent events being experienced all over the world.
Every 11 years the sun's magnetic field is reversed, but the last few reversals have been weaker than normal.
In the case of this most recent activity, the sun has reversed with enormous magnitude, resulting in a giant gamma ray outburst, which causes eruptions in the sun's core.
Does anyone read me? Yakamoz, please can you respond to this? Yakamoz, can you hear me anymore? I anyone there? We need some help here! Altan.
- Come on, pull! Pull! - Yes Sir.
Pull harder! Get hold of it! Petty Officer.
Just go back.
Get on, I'm telling you.
- I'm not leaving you here! - Petty Officer that's an order.
Pull! - Altan, get back to the Yakamoz.
- No keep trying! Altan you must believe it's no use.
Get out.
Save yourself.
Engin I'm sorry.
No! Open up! Open up! Open you fucking bastard door! Open up! We're getting close.
There's so many cars up cars here.
There are people who made it.
Imagine the chaos.
All of them just trying go reach here.
They thought they'd survive by getting to higher ground.
But how? By getting closer to the sun? - Hi.
- Ah! Are you okay? How are you doing? Where are they? Arman and Defne? They're haven't returned yet.
- Why not? - What? What? They're not the only ones that aren't here.
Not much further.
Almost there.
- Do you think this could be? - There it is! Over there! Defne, I'm alive.
We got here in time.
We found the shelter.
It's now twenty past seven, the sun's been up for five minutes.
And I'm alive! I hope Defne.
Defne, we have to leave.
We don't have much time left.
Come on.
That's it.
HELLENIC COAST GUARD Attention! At ease, soldiers! Is Engin's squad back? They're not back yet, Commander.
All soldiers are to report for duty.
Reporting for duty Commander! All aboard the submarine.
Quick march! Chief engineer, do you read me? Chief engineer, I repeat.
Do you read me? Come in Chief Engineer.
Come in.
Come in.
Chief Engineer? Do you copy? I repeat.
Chief Engin? Do you read me? Come in! Faster! Come on! Come on! Faster! Okay, try it again, try it again.
I'm trying.
Faster! Come on, Barış.
Barış, come on! Altan there you are, what about the others where are they? And the Chief Engineer? They're locked inside the safe Commander.
- Where do you think you're going? - I'm not abandoning my crew, Commander.
You remain on board the Yakamoz.
That's an order.
Sunrise is almost upon us Commander.
We should begin our decent.
What are you waiting for? Get inside.
Miss we can't get on board.
Our friends haven't come back yet.
Bad luck for your friends is all I can say.
Get in! Wait a minute.
Answer the phone for goodness sake! Open up, for fucks sake! Open up you fucking door! Open up! You've killed us all you know? You've killed us.
- Umut, get a hold of yourself.
- Commander.
I said get a hold of yourself.
Lower deck crew, prepare to dive soon.
All lower deck crew, prepare to dive.
- What? But they're not back yet.
- No, no! Wait! Wait! Lower deck's ready to dive Commander.
One minute remaining Commander.
Dive as scheduled.
Dive! Dive! Open up! Open up! Open up! Open up! They're here.
They're here! - They made it! - It's them! They made it! Open the hatch! Hey! Hey! They have brought us nothing - but trouble Commander.
- We're here! We're up here! They're the reason we lost Engin and the others.
- Up here! - What the hell? How? Commander they're out there.
- You're not going to leave them are you? - Commander come on? - Open up! - They're at the door.
Commander they're right there.
- Open the hatch, please.
- Stop this nonsense, please.
All crew 30 seconds! Open up! Open up! You have to open it! Why don't you open it?! Open it! Open it! You have to open it! - Open up! - Please! - Get in! - Quickly.
The hatch has been closed Commander.
Then leave.
Dive! Dive! We'll deploy at Iskenderun! I lost many men and I blame you.
All of them were my brothers.
Why? Just so your friend there was able to go after a ghost.
Be warned I shall remember this for ever.

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