Yakamoz S-245 (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [deep rumbling underwater.]
[crying softly.]
[soft rustling.]
- [electronic beeping.]
- [slow ominous music playing.]
- [electronic beep.]
- [submarine sonar pulse.]
[ominous music escalates.]
[music stops.]
Nana? Mistakes are not tolerated in a submarine.
Everyone must follow the rules.
They are strict, and for good reason.
Those who ignore them pay dearly.
Distills seawater.
But it needs special tablets to turn it into potable water.
Especially on long missions, potable water is the most precious thing we have.
It is used sparingly.
You can't waste it.
What about taking a bath? Can we do that? For three minutes you can.
What is that all we can have? [Yonca.]
You have three minutes to take a shower.
Longer and you'll be penalized.
Nobody sits idly by on the Yakamoz.
What job do you have for us? The toilets could do with some cleaning.
- [Yonca.]
Sounds like a job for you.
- [Rana.]
What? Don't push it.
Clean everyone's shit? That's not my job.
- You're saying I have to do that? - Rana.
Rana! I mean come on.
Did you hear that whore answering back? Rana.
Can you imagine how deep underwater we are? Are you trying to get us launched out of a torpedo tube it seems? [Yonca.]
And this is the heart of the ship, the control room.
As you can see, everything is operated from here.
This area is off-limits to you.
So, where are we gonna sleep? [Yonca.]
[uneasy music playing.]
Are you telling me this is how it's gonna be? Do you mean it? [Yonca.]
Something bothering you? No, yeah, don't worry about it.
We are now in the battery space.
Mess hall and living quarters for the petty officers are in the aft battery space.
Underneath us are the battery chambers which is where the name comes from.
The batteries that are housed there supply the energy to the ship.
Should ever be a time that something happens to the batteries The end.
[eerie vocal music playing.]
[in Turkish.]
Their slumber ♪ Friends ♪ Should wake up from ♪ Their slumber ♪ And this room here is the main torpedo storage area.
Torpedo's along with mines are stored in this room.
It is a little larger than the aft one.
Outer joints might allow water to leak inside.
Batteries might emit deadly chlorine gas or even flammable hydrogen gas.
And more dangerous things than I care to add.
Torpedo rooms are among the safest places to take shelter in.
Bomb storage is the safest you got? This will be the place where you shall live.
What? The bombs and us have to sleep together? [Yonca.]
Don't worry though, I can reassure you that they're not operational yet.
What are these bags? You think you were going on vacation? I'm just a scientist who tries to be prepared for anything at any moment.
We don't have the space.
Take what you need and throw the rest out through the trash ejector.
Don't make me repeat myself.
You come this way.
What wrong with her? I mean come on.
What's this tension about? What did we do? I'm actually scared.
What? He's saying he's scared of the lieutenant.
She really reminds me of the headmaster of my high school.
What the fu [Yonca.]
His name was Engin.
Engin? Ships Chief Engineer.
We lost him on Kos.
You'll be sleeping in his cabin.
I'm sorry for your loss.
When can I have a shower? Routine checks must be carried out first.
When would that be then? I'll come back to you on that.
Use some wet wipes for now.
That should be enough.
We're so grateful.
I haven't even got some.
You don't stink yet Rana, don't worry.
Now, please, listen to me very carefully.
Just sit down.
We're not welcome here.
Being here is not safe for us, because nobody wants us on board.
Which is why you need to be careful, remember? Especially with that man.
The one that's second in command.
Especially around that one.
Yeah but even Umut wouldn't be able to harm us.
That man didn't even blink as he battened down the hatch.
He was prepared to leave us on the island.
But Commander Erenay protected you.
If it weren't for him stepping in, you wouldn't even be on this boat at all.
Would you? He wouldn't have left you.
He's the one that saved our lives here.
You're right.
But you still have to be careful.
You're in my care.
I am.
[pats her hand.]
The sun's up.
Rest in peace.
- [deep rumbling.]
- [alarm screaming.]
- [dramatic music playing.]
- [deep rumbling.]
[gas decompressing.]
The hydraulics are ruptured! Weapons Officer, help the quartermaster! Barış, the helm! [screams.]
Baris, whoa! [shouting.]
Whoa! Whoa! Hey! [Arman.]
Fire extinguisher! [panicked shouting.]
Hasan! There's a fire! [Umut.]
Auxiliary systems! Auxiliary systems online! [distressed music playing.]
- Come on! - Pull! [Yonca.]
Help the helm, quickly! Come on! [indistinct orders shouted.]
The assistant navigator has the stern planes! Useless.
It's all useless.
Come on, come on, come on! [Arman panting.]
[alarm screaming.]
[coughing and labored breathing.]
[labored coughing.]
That was close.
If our Chief Engineer had been here, We'd've known it was going to happen.
Are you comfortable enough in Engin's cabin? [shouts.]
You're second in command! Your organization should be better than this! Huh? Why is that sailor up here? Take him away! [Umut.]
Doğan, get him out of here! Take him away.
Move! Move! Move! Arman, tell me.
So how did you figure out the failure? He knows a lot about submarines, Sir.
He builds them himself.
And what's your profession? Me? I'm a marine biologist, Sir.
You've built a submarine have you? How so? It's an ocean research vessel that's all.
Suitable for deep dives.
But the Yakamoz is far more complicated.
It's a very simple submarine compared to her.
Very well.
Tell me then, our diesel motor has recently gone offline.
Which parts would you use? [sighs.]
A cylinder appropriate.
What else? A camshaft or cylinder head would also be useful.
Shall I go on? What about an anomalous ignition? How about that? A trim fore shaft would also be needed.
Is that all? [Arman.]
The discharge from the compensation tanks might be necessary.
An increase in pressure, would mean I'd start the negative tank and can steadily pump.
I'd operate the engines astern while maintaining control with the rudder.
That would work.
Would you be able to take over the Chief Engineer's duties? [sighs.]
I'll do my best Commander.
Commander protocol dictates To hell with protocol.
That's enough.
Protocols aren't for situations like this.
And that's final.
Everyone back to their posts.
Hurry! Everyone back to their posts you hear? Good luck with your new assignment.
You'd better listen to me now though.
Assistants at both helms? Assistants at both helms, Sir! Both of them, you hear me? Aye, Sir! If you mess this up, and any of my men are harmed because of what you've done.
I will not hesitate to shoot you.
[grim music playing.]
And you would end the misery then would you? No.
You won't get off so easily I'll make sure.
So listen to this.
I'll shoot your friends in the head one at a time.
So, try to stay smart, Chief Engineer.
Do you understand me? Do you understand me, Chief Engineer? Yeah.
[grim music builds.]
[slams hand.]
I'm in charge of this fucking ship.
[knock on door.]
Come in.
It's a strange situation we're in.
What do you mean strange? On the day of the incident with the sun, NATO gives us an underwater mission.
That mission is the only reason we're still here.
You know that, don't you? I'm aware of the situation.
But what about the researchers also being there? Also underwater at the same time as well? Wouldn't you say that's all too much to be a coincidence Commander? Umut, I would say you've watched too many films.
Where are they? Where are what? I asked for the fathometer readings from the diesel tanks.
Did you ask for that? On what authority? What rank are your pulling on me? What's your authority here? Listen to me.
I haven't served in this navy for 15 years you see, to be bossed around by rich babies like you.
Do you understand me? So, if you need anything, if you need something done, you'll have to do it yourself I'm afraid.
Good luck.
[Umut tuts.]
- [eerie music playing.]
- We can swop to the bottom if you want? [Rana.]
What the hell? What is this? - [Defne.]
- [Cem sighs.]
Hey, hey look, look at this man.
Look Defne, Defne.
Yeah, yeah.
Look at him go.
How is this possible? How is this even possible? I can't clean this! [Cem.]
Well he's scrubbing not a care in the world.
God bless him.
That's German discipline for you.
I'm undisciplined though.
- [Cem scoffs.]
- What? Felix, where'd you learn that? Whatever.
Did you teach him that? - Tell me.
Did you? Tell me.
- Eh? No.
Sıçtık! That awful woman has made me clean the toilets.
And you guys are all cool.
Instead of being so happy why don't you help me? Rana, calm down.
We're all scared shitless of her.
We don't have the balls to defy her.
So we have to obey her.
- [Defne giggles.]
- We're sorry about that.
This is frustrating.
Hey, Felix.
When we get back home you should help us clean our house, too, please.
We can use this German discipline.
But this is our home now.
What? This is our whole world.
We're never gonna go back.
And even if we do, there will be no one waiting for us.
So better get used to it.
I was just joking.
[Felix sighs.]
Kenan's not coming back, I still think he's here.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come on.
Come on.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
[Defne sobbing.]
You've held it in for too long, all right.
You can cry for all of us, okay.
Whenever you used to cry Arman would run a mile away, remember? [both laugh.]
[Defne sniffs.]
"When Defne finally dries out, come and tell me yeah?" Bastard used to say.
That's better.
I'm fine.
- [frightening music plays.]
- Whoa! [Rana.]
Hey, hey! [Felix.]
What the fuck? Be careful with the dirty bucket will you, bastard? - Why did you push him yeah? - Showing your friend how to clean up - properly.
- [shouts.]
Back away from him! You bastard you better apologize or I'm gonna - [overlapping distressed shouting.]
- [soldier.]
Hey, hey calm down! [Rana.]
What the hell are you doing? - [overlapping distress continues.]
- Get away from me.
How's that? How does it feel to be out of breath? Huh? Is it good? - [Rana.]
Let go! Stop it! - Our friends were choked to death in Kos because of you.
It would have felt like this.
You know? Do you hear me? [Rana.]
Cem! Let go of him! [Cem gasping.]
Look at me.
Better clean this place up.
The cleanest it's ever been.
All of it.
[Felix gives threatening blow of air.]
[distressed breathing.]
Are you okay? Look at me, look at me.
- Are you all right huh? - [harsh coughing.]
You all right? Breathe.
What are you staring at down there? - [Cem gasping for air.]
- [Defne.]
You're good.
- [Cem.]
I'm good.
- [Defne.]
You're good? That's great.
- [Defne.]
Breathe, okay? You're good, huh? - [Cem coughing and gasping.]
Cem? Ohh Arman? Defne? Let's go.
Let's go yeah.
They're preparing to give us hell here, Arman.
Until they avenge their dead friends, they'll be constantly tormenting us.
Defne enough.
Calm down.
I can't calm down.
So don't tell me to calm down.
You shouldn't either.
- [Arman.]
- You can't put trust in anybody here.
Okay tell me what happened.
- We're on toilet duty as you know.
- Okay.
That officer, Altan, came in and then Cem was assaulted.
What? He just came in and grabbed him by the throat.
- Cem's okay though? - Yeah he is.
But it's impossible for us to remain safe.
A plan would help us.
We should figure something out.
At least to protect ourselves from everybody.
Well, say something.
Come on what are you looking at? Didn't you hear what I just said? At least say something.
Defne, I know what you're talking about.
Take a deep breath.
[inhales sharply.]
Right now, everyone's on edge.
Everybody is stressed out.
You know? That's why we have to stay in line for the moment.
In time they'll see we must be able to work together if we're to survive this.
We just need to keep our heads.
What are you saying? You're really into this rank thing, huh? The eternal pacifist Arman has become a soldier all of a sudden.
But you won't fight is that what you're telling me? You'll just be the peacemaker standing around in the meantime? Defne, how do you expect to do it? They outnumber us to begin with.
They also have guns.
They're in power.
We're inside their home.
And who do you think are we? Please tell me this? Because as far as I know we're bunch of scientists.
Go and get Rana now and we'll take them on.
Go and get her.
No, I get it.
The new Chief Engineer is too busy for us.
Excuse me.
Your men need to be tamed.
Or things will get ugly you see? I don't expect you to salute me or stand to attention.
But I'm not prepared to be addressed with such insubordination by you either.
I am sorry then, but you must do something.
- About this Erenay - Chief Engineer you will address me as Commander if you don't mind.
I'd like to speak Commander.
Go ahead.
Your crew's attitude towards us has become dangerous.
The disdainful looks, the constant threats, the unnecessary rude remarks, I'm prepared to ignore them.
Although being physical I can't accept.
A member of our team was just assaulted by one of your men.
- Who? - Cem.
Petty Officer Altan tried to strangle him.
[grim music playing.]
- [Altan.]
- [soldier.]
Yes Sir? [Altan.]
Get that alcohol you just swiped on Kos and we can have a good time.
Do you hear me? What are you waiting for? [soldier.]
Yeah fine.
Here, take this.
[creepy music building.]
Mother? We're very sorry for the sailors you lost.
We known how painful that is, but that doesn't mean we're to blame.
Maybe you should tell the men where you stand and you need to be clear about this.
You're the only one who can tell them.
I understand your concerns, but I don't share them with you.
I know those men exceptionally well.
And they're well disciplined sailors.
I assure you their care for discipline is not what it should be anymore.
This is more serious than you think.
Look, what we're all going through is absolutely inconceivable.
Nobody can face it.
It puts us all under immense mental pressure, I know that.
I can relate to all of that, but it doesn't justify the fact that they're treating us like murderers.
Erenay, I beg you.
We believe our lives are in danger.
Please try to see that.
If I had any kind of malice towards you, I'd have left you on Kos.
Therefore, if anybody tries to kill you they'll have to get through me first.
And you should also remember, everyone's in danger at the moment.
Everyone's sole purpose is to beat it.
Don't you agree with me? We do Commander, but I wonder if that sentiment is shared by everyone.
Can you assure me that at night when the ship goes back up to the surface a group of sailors hell bent on revenge won't be determined to abandon us and leave us up there to fight for our lives? That's not going to happen.
As your Commander, I can promise you that.
Defne, we're just beginning to get to know each other.
And it looks as though we'll continue this journey together.
There's nothing to be afraid of I'll make sure of that.
Anything else bothering the pair of you? That'll be all then.
And you believe him then? What choice do we have but to believe him? [whispering.]
He's known these men for a long time.
They've lived together for so long in this submarine.
Who do you think he would be supporting? If they made him choose.
[loud thud.]
Go and sleep.
We'll talk later, yeah? If there is a later that is.
[door closes.]
Do you have a minute, Commander? Operations Officer.
I have coffee for you.
- How kind of you.
- Pleasure.
Since we received the order in the middle of the night, we have limited supplies, but we'll restock at base camp.
You're a little preoccupied.
Ah, it's nothing.
Yakamoz was due to be decommissioned after this.
But before that, it has to be Noah's Ark.
You're right, Noah's Ark.
Thank you for this.
Anything for you Commander.
[inhales sharply.]
[tense music builds.]
Özer, get me some of the tins from your stash.
This shit is no good without something to go with it.
Doğan, here you go.
Take a swig.
Come on.
It's not like you.
If the Commander finds out, he's bound to give us hell.
Hey what's wrong with you? It's the apocalypse.
The world's gone to shit and you're telling me to worry about what the Commander is gonna say? [creepy music escalates and stops.]
Mama? The cans have all gone.
What do you mean? They're not there anymore.
So where they gone? I have no idea.
You been munching them behind our backs? No Sir, I'd never do that.
They were here.
What then, are you fucking with me? They must be there then.
Who's below there? [creepy music playing.]
Who's below there? There's someone below there.
There's a woman in there.
Barış you creep.
I reckon that your horniness is driving you mad.
He's talking about Defne.
She was here again earlier.
Defne? Yeah.
Come then.
Follow me, boys.
Let's get to the bottom of this.
- [dark music playing.]
- [soldier giggling.]
[sinister giggling.]
So, Defne's snooping around our quarters, has she? Hey, the little mouse is in here is she? - What's going on here? - What have you done with our stuff? I don't have anything.
Where are the cans that you've taken then? Well I didn't take them.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- Would you mind moving the other way? - Shhh.
Listen to me.
You've brought us nothing but trouble since the moment you set foot on board.
And now you've begun stealing, huh? So, you hope that we'll starve do you? [Yonca.]
Petty Officer Altan, what are you doing? Operations Officer, stay out of this.
Altan, I suggest you stop.
You're dead.
Let's go.
You're upset? No I'm fine.
Get up! [shouts.]
Everyone to the juniors' mess! Out! Everyone, follow me! Listen! Lets go! [Altan shouting.]
Wake up, people! Get up! You, get up! Everyone! Get up! Wake up! Get up and follow me! Come on! No, no, Felix, wait.
You wait here.
We don't know what's going on there.
What's going on? Go back, keep the door shut and wait until you hear from me.
[door closes.]
When they arrived the shit hit the fan.
Let's wait for the Commander.
The Commander, where is he? Altan, explain what's going on with you.
The others and you.
It doesn't concern you.
I want the Commander to come here.
Petty Officer Altan, don't answer back.
You will answer my question! You should calm down, Operations Officer.
Attention! Commander on aft battery deck! [Commander.]
What is it? What do you want to discuss? I won't talk while this man's here, Commander.
Commander? Learn your place, Altan! "That man" is Chief Engineer to you.
It's my decision who talks and who doesn't in front of me.
So say it.
[uneasy music playing.]
[Cem sighs.]
I'm gonna go check it out.
No, wait.
I can't stand waiting, man.
I'm gonna check it out.
- Cem, wait there.
- I'm checking it out.
- Wait a minute, I'll come with you.
- Okay, come on.
Don't open this door until I get back, you hear me? [Rana.]
Yeah, okay.
We don't want these others on the Yakamoz anymore, Commander.
What have these people done to you? Our friends are dead because of their actions.
As this vessel's Commander, the expedition order came from me alone.
I had to decide to send a mission to search for the shelter on that island.
If you're blaming anyone for their deaths then I should be that man Commander you are That's enough of this Altan! If you have nothing more to say then, you may leave us.
They've stolen from us.
How so? They've stolen cans of food out of our lockers, Commander.
Why do you think we would even go into your cabin? Besides, why do you have those cans? Aren't they supposed to be in the kitchen? Answer that Altan will you.
Would you care to tell me what those cans are there for? It's just a few cans of food Commander.
Don't you ever take my time again with this nonsense.
Do you hear me? And we'll discuss those cans of food later on.
Commander, either you take action to get these people off the Yakamoz or - [Commander.]
Go on - Commander? We seem to be the issue here.
Some of the sailors obviously have a problem with us.
Please allow me to speak? If I could have done something to save your friends, I would have done it.
If there was even a shred of hope that they were alive, I would've stayed up there to help them.
Without without a moments hesitation I would have stayed on that island.
What you're going through is horrendous.
What we're all going through is horrendous.
We're stuck right in the middle of this awful disaster.
Our homes and probably our loved ones, all of them Everything we loved.
But, we are alive.
And we have to do what we can to remain so.
You've trained for various predicaments.
And countless missions that you have accomplished and that proves that you all are extraordinary sailors.
You're all a credit to your country, no doubt.
But those individuals behind me that you think are just researchers are in fact excellent scientists who are at the top of their game.
More qualified than me in matters that we couldn't hope to understand.
Meaning they can help us with this.
We just have to be cooperative.
And use all the common sense possible.
If we can come together, I say there's a chance we can beat this.
[dark music playing.]
[scary music escalates.]
However that said, you have the chance to tell us now, because if you rather we weren't on board we will respect that decision.
Whatever you say.
Living with you under this threat of death, is not sustainable.
Because that's a fear we shouldn't have.
We should be able to live together.
Bomb! Bomb! There there's a bomb! Bomb! It's a bomb! [Umut.]
Remain here.
Sedat, stay with the civilians! Stay there! - [Defne.]
Arman, don't go! Please.
- [Arman.]
Stay here I'll be fine.
Felix stay here.
[tense music playing.]
Yeah, who, who had, who had the bomb? - Who? - [Felix.]
Barış! What kind of bomb? I don't know! It's a He has it in his hands.
He's like turning.
It's like He was holding a bomb? A hand grenade, I tell you.
A hand grenade? Where's Rana? I made her stay in the room until I got back.
Which room? - The room we're in.
- [Felix.]
What? The torpedo room.
Excuse me, we need to go and warn our friend about this.
I'm sorry, no.
- Our friend is close to the torpedo room.
- I'm sorry Sir.
We can't leave her.
[dramatic music playing.]
Weapons Officer! Put it down and stand back.
Do it! I'm ordering you.
Shall I follow protocol, Commander? [Arman.]
Protocol? Commander what protocol is that? Commander? Await my command.
Listen to me.
And you shall do as I command! [whispers.]
They're here, Commander.
They're waiting for us.
They're here.
Give that to me, you're fine.
We must make sure we're clean Commander.
Where we're going, we must be clean.
You must be cleansed, too.
Everyone must be cleansed, Commander.
Come on Barış.
You can trust me.
We will all be cleansed.
But you must just give us a chance, okay? But it must end, Commander.
As long as we live, it shall remain Commander.
Nobody has to die here, Barış.
We're still alive so that must mean something.
We mustn't seek death, but the reason why all this is happening.
Come on.
Commander, nothing can start until everyone dies.
Everything and everyone must die.
Only then can the Earth rise again.
We are standing in the way of the birth Commander.
We're still blocking that you see? Everything, everything must die Commander.
It's not what you're imagining.
They cometh on the day of judgement.
You hear? I swear to you as a self-condemned spirit.
It is thought we are able to assemble the splintered bones of man.
We're able to put together, in perfect order, the very tip of his fingers.
However But this cannot happen and he will witness this.
Everyone questions, "When is the Resurrection day?" [inhaling deeply.]
When the sight of his blood cloaks the moon in darkness.
When the sun and the moon are coupled together up in the sky.
Then they will cry, "Where is the refuge?" [laughs.]
Commander, but there is no [laughs.]
There is no refuge! [whimpering .]
No refuge, Commander.
Refuge [laughs.]
Commander? - [door slams.]
- Commander! Open the door! [Yonca.]
Open up! Open the door Commander! - Commander! Barış! Open up! - [Yonca.]
Commander! - [Yanca.]
No! - Commander! [Umut.]
Barış! No! [Umut.]
Commander! Your refuge, Commander.
It's coming.
- [Umut and Yonca shouting frantically.]
- Barış.
[Umut shouting.]
No! Commander! [Yonca.]
Baba don't! Baba! - [explosion.]
- [Yonca screams.]
Baba! - [deep explosion.]
- [ringing noise.]
[Yonca muffled.]
Baba? Baba? [alarm siren.]
[metal clunking.]
[Yonca muffled crying.]
Baba? [cool closing theme music playing.]

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