Yakamoz S-245 (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [troubled music playing.]
[rustling in the ocean.]
[water splashing.]
[deep gurgling of water.]
[muffled distressed shouting.]
[water rushing and muffled shouting.]
- [alarm screaming.]
- [soldier.]
Take it higher! [overlapping commands.]
Press on it, press on that! [soldier.]
Press on it! It's not gonna hold.
[soldiers overlapping.]
Press on it! Harder! [soldier.]
Watch out! Come on man, do it! [Arman.]
Apply more pressure! [Umut.]
Hey! [overlapping distressed orders.]
- [equipment ticking noise.]
- [alarm screaming.]
Come on! Keep trying! Let's keep trying! - [muffled shouting.]
- [alarm screaming.]
It's no good! We need something to stop the water! I can't do anything.
There's too much pressure.
[phone rings.]
- [tense music builds.]
- [alarm screaming.]
Damage control team to the torpedo room at the fore! [alarm screaming.]
Damage control crew to the torpedo room at the fore! I repeat, damage control crew to the torpedo room in the fore! [indistinct shouting.]
Watch out you idiot! Careful.
Here! Here take this! Go! Go, go, go! - [soldier.]
What's our depth? - [dramatic music escalating.]
How've you been? [Rana.]
Miss, how deep underwater are we? I'm not sure at the moment.
We won't explode because of the pressure though will we? I'm sure it would have already done so if it was going to happen.
[deep explosion.]
I'm gonna go and see what's happening.
I'll be right back.
Just wait here okay? [sailor shouting.]
Don't stand there! [sailor shouts.]
Out of the way damage control crew! Get out of the way! Move, move, move, move, move [sailor.]
Move away! Move away! Move! [soldier.]
Come on out of the way! [indistinct.]
water! Pull that valve! - Hang on! - [electric current sizzling.]
Umut, put your foot on it! [soldier.]
Do it! Hey, do it! Come on! [overlapping shouting and alarm screaming.]
Damn it, stop leaking! [soldiers.]
Push it in! It's not enough! [Armant.]
Give me another.
[grunting and shouting.]
Argh! - [bangs.]
- Fuck! What the fuck do you think you're doing? - Pardon me yeah.
- Huh? It's not your shit.
I said I'm sorry you know.
Listen now.
If I catch you doing this again - I'm gonna kill you.
- [Felix.]
Hey! Hey! Hey! Let him go! You better not touch me ever again.
[Cem chokes and coughs.]
Are you okay? [shouts.]
Leave me! [Cem exclaims.]
Stop the alarm.
This is pointless.
We can't close it.
We might as well not bother.
Sezgin? Was there damage sustained elsewhere on board? I think probably.
So why isn't this working at the moment? The external water pressure is too high.
It's too high to plug.
Not enough internal pressure.
This is pointless.
We're wasting our time for nothing.
There must be something you can do.
Yeah, but it can't be done from in here.
What do you mean? Don't be stupid, Arman.
You're not being serious are you? Come on.
Defne Do you think there's an option I prefer? The Yakamoz won't be able to hold out much longer.
Whatever it is, it has to happen before it's too late.
B-but surely that would be impossible? I mean how deep are we? - About 56 meters.
- [Defne sighs.]
Do you think you can do it? Not impossible yeah.
Not impossible? Too risky.
Risky? You mean he'll probably die by going out there.
You know that? Defne.
Do you have a better idea? Do you think I'd do it if there was another way? There isn't.
If you go then you have to take someone.
Defne's right.
To see anything is impossible enough.
You won't be able to weld and swim at the same time.
You should have someone with you in case there's an emergency.
Which one of you has the technical ability? [sniffs then laughs.]
Everybody's had some dive training to prepare for this term.
But not this sort of preparation.
You'll need the best we got on this one.
[breathing deeply.]
[slow emotional music playing.]
[ragged breathing.]
[knock on door.]
You sure this is a good time? She's just lost her father.
Do you think this is the right moment? [Arman sighs.]
If it's on you.
As long as you know that.
Yonca, we need to talk.
[exhales sharply.]
[Arman inhales sharply.]
Operations Officer! [doomful music playing.]
Why do you always have to be like this? What do you mean? Be like what? Why don't you let it go? Maybe just let someone else do it for a change.
This dive is nothing like ones you're used to.
We're all responsible for each other on here and that's how it should be.
Does this suit fit? [Yonca.]
Arman, are you good to go? Yes, I am.
All set? Are we done Miss? May I continue with the job I'm doing? You will anyway.
Be careful.
It's dark out there.
I'll keep an eye on you and you should do the same for me.
Remember you need to constantly check your dive computer and oxygen levels.
- Alright.
- If you get down to your reserve oxygen, use your torch to signal to me and we will return at once.
It's still quite early.
The sun is up remember? [Yonca.]
The aphotic zone we are in is limited.
You only have ten minutes.
Diving for any longer at this depth would result in being crippled by the bends.
Use the mic in the rear cylinders to communicate.
We'll release the water pressure from in here.
I will Commander.
Are you ready for this? I am Commander.
You'll do a great job yeah.
Second in command.
Thank you Commander.
[metal equipment clanging.]
[watch alarm beeps.]
May God be with you.
Be careful.
[tense music playing.]
[alarm beeping.]
- [submarine sonar pulse.]
- [music fades out.]
[deep muffled thud and water gurgling.]
- [water gurgling.]
- [oxygen tank bubbles.]
[water gurgling.]
[ominous music playing.]
[ominous music continues.]
[fizzing noise.]
[welding buzzing.]
Commander? What is it? The pressure's decreasing.
They must have begun the process.
[welding buzzing.]
- [sudden thud.]
- [muffled exclaim.]
We should wait a little longer.
Don't panic yeah.
[electrical fuses shorts.]
- [Defne.]
What's going on? - [Umut.]
Fuck! [wireless.]
The switchboard is offline.
Umut, what's going on? - [Umut.]
Calm down.
- [wireless.]
The switchboard is offline.
Engineer? Activate the auxiliary power.
Is everything under control, Umut? Not really.
[tense music playing.]
- [Defne.]
Rana be careful.
- [Felix.]
What happened? The electricity went off, but - [Rana.]
Are they still out there? - They're still up there.
They're still out there? - I think they fixed it the pressure is up.
- [mechanical clunk.]
Altan call engineering.
- [wireless.]
The switchboard is online.
- [Altan.]
Copy that.
[distressed music playing.]
They have no time left.
It has to be about now or something has gone very wrong for them Umut.
I'm positive that somethings gone wrong out there.
Do we not have any way of communicating with them at all? [Umut shouts.]
No! [Defne sighs.]
[distressing music continues.]
[Arman over wireless.]
We're releasing the water.
Turn the air pressure on.
Turn the air pressure on.
We're releasing the water in here.
[Arman sighs.]
- [watch alarm beeps.]
- [hesitates.]
I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
I mean it.
Thank you for saving me.
I'll never forget I didn't save your life you hear? Nothing happened.
We managed to fix it and came back, all right? You understand me? [breathing deeply.]
[tired breaths and a groan.]
[metal door shuts.]
[deep breathing.]
We stitched it back up.
Oh! They fixed it.
Good job Chief Engineer.
How was the sea? [breathless.]
So dark.
[labored breathing.]
I think that we're good to move on from here.
But it could burst any moment.
I would say the Yakamoz should be fully repaired before we could say we are definitely out of the woods.
We carry on from where we left off.
But running below normal cruising speed.
No margin for error.
A single mistake could threaten the lives of everyone.
I expect the utmost attention from each one of you.
Understood, sailors? [sailors.]
Understood Commander.
Do you understand me sailors? [sailors loudly.]
Understood Commander! And do you understand me science people? [grunts with a laugh.]
We're headed for Iskenderun Naval Base.
Everyone to their posts.
Go, go.
[deep breathing from unknown person.]
[moving music starts playing.]
[muffled announcement.]
[man sings in Turkish.]
Skip this tune ♪ I do not want to leave ♪ I have no wish for exodus ♪ Every morning ♪ Like a thief ♪ Strips me of a few more days ♪ Again ♪ Crying and crying ♪ Like a drunkard ♪ [playing through headphones.]
Crying and crying ♪ [music stops.]
Good night Miss.
Sleep well Rana.
Miss? Yeah? I just wanted to say I'm grateful to you for inviting me on this research project.
Who else could I have picked? You were the most qualified in your class.
What if I wasn't? [sighs.]
Who else was there? Your other assistant.
What do you mean? Ali? What are you talking about? Did he want it too? I might have done something I probably shouldn't have.
That day, when you first mentioned this project Sleep well, Rana.
Good night.
- [sighs.]
- [slow emotional music playing.]
[knock on door.]
Second in command? [Yonca.]
Commander? [slow emotional music continues.]
When we were in the academy, and I'd come to your house on the weekends.
Papa Erenay always used to cook what for us? Baked beans and pickles and rice.
"Umut ate this meal at school.
" I'd say, "Why don't you cook something else?" And you remember what he'd always say to us? Of course I remember.
"Tülay would've done better if she were here no doubt about it.
But this is the best I can manage.
So enjoy it.
" [laughs.]
He wouldn't let us get take-aways either.
Turkish soldiers are frugal.
They never waste money [cries.]
- Turkish soldiers are frugal.
- [cries.]
Shh, come on.
Come on.
It's all right.
[ragged breathing.]
Tell me, do you remember the time when I had no idea why he tried to make something else.
I don't know why he decided to he cooked stuffed aubergines instead of rice and beans.
Yonca, that was the worst thing I've ever eaten in my entire life, God forgive me.
I took a bite of it, way too much salt in it.
He must've seen me grimace, and do you know what he said? "Well, would you look at that? Something else he doesn't like.
This one's impossible to satisfy.
Such a little nitpicker.
" [laughs.]
- [laughs.]
- [inhales sharply and sighs deeply.]
Well Rest in peace Commander.
Is everything okay? [Felix.]
I hope so.
- [Arman.]
Cemo? - [Cem.]
Are you all right? Sweating.
- Just a little longer.
- [rustling.]
[ragged breathing.]
Felix, did we come? Just hang in there.
[water rumbling and gushing.]
İSKENDERUN NAVAL BASE [eerie music playing.]
Military Police.
Altan? Check the base.
Yes Commander.
Hasan, Ahmet, follow me.
INB ISKENDERUN NAVAL BASE [edgy music playing.]
Gokhan, you go check upstairs.
[door opens.]
[electronics beeping softly.]
The place is empty, Sir.
To the lecture hall.
[doomful music drops.]
EMERGENCY EVACUATION PLAN [disturbing music builds and breaks.]
I've got him.
Give him to me.
[deep breathing.]
[sad music playing.]
[soldier commands.]
Left turn! Fall in line! - Attention! - [metal gear clinking.]
Look at that.
There's not a single officer in this grave.
[second soldier.]
There's rank keeping in death.
This world is fucked up.
[soldier commands.]
At ease! Attention! [Felix.]
Come on, Barış.
[soldier commands.]
Shoulder your weapons! Take aim! Prepare to load! Load! Out! And fire! - And fire! - [gun shots.]
- And fire! - [gun shots.]
- And fire! - [gun shots.]
At least they can't scare the birds anymore.
Go well Commander.
Go well Papa.
[soulful music playing.]
[ragged breathing.]
- [muffled prayer.]
- [soulful music continues.]
[spooky music playing.]
Azra? [Altan muffled.]
Commander? [voice becomes clear again and music fades.]
The men have checked the local area.
Well? Fires everywhere.
[speaker announcement.]
Attention everyone.
Ten minutes until we dive again.
Cem, where'd you get to? - [soldier.]
Grab your things, we're diving.
- [Cem sighs.]
Cem where have you been? I'm talking to you.
Yeah, yeah, I heard you.
I was taking in the city.
How was it? Tell me.
It's smoking hot.
Listen will you? If you keep running away like this there's gonna be problems for all of us.
I mean it.
Come on, let's go.
Come on man, I've just lit this cig.
Come on.
It's almost dawn.
We need to be down there before it's too late.
Give it to me.
As if a few seconds are gonna make any difference.
Just hurry up.
[Yonca over radio.]
Dive, dive, dive! [moving music playing.]
Attention! Commander! [soldier.]
Back to work.
[doomful music playing.]
[deep breathing.]
Did you get anything from the ships on the other side of the harbor? There was nothing, anywhere.
Well that just means we would have to do as we assumed we would.
And dive every day.
For how long? This would normally take three to five days I'd say.
In this weather, two weeks more like.
Why's that? Because work such as this should be done in special dry docks.
But here, we'd need to completely drain the fuel tanks, before loading the torpedoes off and on.
And then refloat.
We don't have enough time to do it.
Second in command.
You need to check there's enough meat on board.
And vegetables.
And make sure we have enough provisions.
Felix, come with me.
You two help Arman with the repairs.
Do whatever's necessary.
And us? You're a chemist I believe? Well, kind of sure.
Take Defne to the doctors area.
Antibiotics, pain killers.
Whatever else.
Maybe I'll take you over there? I know where I'm going.
Come on.
I mean? You might as well follow him.
Go on.
I'll handle this.
- [Cem.]
We should get our stuff first.
- [Defne.]
You will stay with me.
What will I be doing? What do you ask so many questions for? Just follow me.
- Out there? - Enough questions.
Follow me.
I want a science person.
Follow me.
How's it going? [Arman.]
Yeah good.
Something wrong? No.
I was wondering if this is how it's gonna be? What do you mean by that? I mean, is this how we're gonna live with each other? Yeah.
Yeah this is how it's gonna be from now on.
Arman, you know what I'm asking you.
I don't know if I do.
Yakamoz, all, all of these people on here these sailors.
And all over again You're too close to me.
[laughs softly.]
Yeah? I mean sometimes I feel like I'm going mad around you.
It feels like someone has a file on me.
One that just happen to be zipped and uploaded to Yakamoz the other day.
In the meantime I'm trying to walk along the tightrope between life and death.
And any moment before all of our very eyes, "boom" I could lose my step.
And the abyss could swallow me up.
It could happen.
I'll save you, don't worry about that.
Defne, come on.
And that one's the child I never knew.
You better go and see what your boy needs from you.
[laughs softly.]
It's déjà vu, I'm sure.
[Rana sighs.]
No one has come or gone since the incident with the sun.
You need to look at the time before that as well.
If I had the slightest idea what you wanted me to look for Anything Rana, nothing special.
Anything at all, that could be alive.
Right and back to it.
So you gonna tell me what you were looking for when it happened? Why does that matter? It's the end of the world and we're not gonna find it.
No it doesn't.
I'm just curious, I mean You happened to dive same time as us.
We ended up at Kos together.
We bumped into each other.
And that's intriguing to me.
I have no other information.
But I'd probably say Defne is the best person to answer that.
So Defne would know about things you don't know about? Yeah.
You and I, it was only just few days ago we met, Mister Commander.
I wouldn't tell you anyway even if I knew.
So, you're reliable yeah? And don't speak to people.
I respect that Miss scientist.
I do.
[nervy music playing.]
Altan can you begin in here? VEGETABLE SAFE [anxious music playing.]
Everything tastes like shit, Operations Officer.
What did you say, Altan? [Altan.]
Everything's lost its taste.
[creepy tone.]
What are you doing, Altan? What's going on? They're all tasteless.
They're not even out of date.
How so? There's no taste.
[loud thud.]
What was that noise? We're supposed to be the only ones here.
Come on.
[soft chuckle.]
It exploded.
Come on, it's here.
You check those out while I look over here.
Cem Is something wrong? - Cem? - Yup.
You're looking for vitamins, right? Of course.
I am.
Yeah, yeah.
Whoa, Defne! What you do that for? That really hurt.
It should've.
- Go over there.
- Why? Get over there, stop getting on my nerves.
Have you lost your mind? Stop treating me like a baby yeah? Go over there.
What the hell yeah? [tense tone.]
Why are you looking at me like that? [sniffs and sighs.]
- [Arman.]
- Hey, man.
What's up, man? [Felix.]
Wanna sit? Yeah.
Have a nice meal.
[Arman sighs.]
Is this like lunch or dinner? This is sahur.
Do you know what sahur means? Is it like breakfast? Something that you eat before sunrise.
- Before sunrise? - Yeah.
Just the thing for us, huh? What's wrong? I miss speaking German, you know? I miss my family.
I miss I miss my friends.
We were always gathering around, like Having long conversations, laughing like crazy.
They're all crazy.
All that's gone now.
You know, I might be the last German on this planet.
Can you imagine that? Me! [laughs.]
Like, the last German on this planet.
- No, no, no.
- Yes.
Don't say that.
Don't let Defne hear you talk like that.
Otherwise her German DNA will be very offended.
You know what I mean, Arman.
I know.
I know what you mean.
You know what? Maybe you could teach me German.
I can't say I'm a good student, but I say I'm a fast learner.
What shall I teach you? Uh, what was it? [in German.]
And what and what [in German.]
And what you think? [in German.]
And what do you think? Yes.
[in German.]
And what do you think? Is it okay? [laughs.]
[in German.]
Very good, very good.
[in English.]
That's some good German.
- Great.
- Thank you, Arman.
I'll get another plate.
You want some? No, I'm fine at the moment.
By the way, have you seen my flashlight? I can't find it.
Your flashlight? Uh-huh.
It's a small, silver one.
I haven't seen it.
Did you check the staff room? That's a good idea.
But if you see it, let me know, all right? Don't worry.
Is it special for you? It's a gift from my ex-fiancée.
[soft sad music playing.]
[clanging and thud noise.]
[tense tone of music playing.]
Hello? Is there anyone? Altan? - [thump.]
- [dramatic music playing.]
- [Defne.]
Felix? - Hey.
Hey! [Felix.]
Where did they go? - What? - Did you see them? I just saw someone with - There! There! - What? Come on, let's go! Help me! Come on! [Felix shouts.]
Guys help me! Hey! Stop! Stop running! Get back here! Okay, go outside! Let's let's you go that way! I go I go [Altan.]
Stop! Come here! - [Defne.]
Felix! Hurry up! - Yes? - They're climbing over! - Where? [Defne.]
Right there! [Felix.]
Go around! You go around that side! [Altan.]
Stop! Who are you? - [grunts and thuds.]
- [thunder.]
What's going on? What's going on? [Defne.]
There's a stranger here, we're chasing them.
- You take the front of the building, - What? We'll corner them inside.
[tense music playing.]
[loud bang.]
[guns safety clicks off.]
[cool closing theme music playing.]

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