Yakamoz S-245 (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Drop the weapon.
Drop the weapon.
Drop the weapon.
So talk.
So talk.
Very well.
Do you speak French young lady? No? Okay, let's make it simple.
I have three questions for you.
Who the fuck are you? Where are you from? What is your nationality? Speak.
Please, young lady, do you know about the incident with the sun? Please, young lady.
Tell me what you know.
Don't play the fool.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Who the fuck are you?! Name? What is it? Who are you? Speak! Name? Who are you? Speak! Who are you? Rana! Rana! Who the fuck are you? Who let you aboard the Yakamoz? Tell me who you're working for.
How long have you been on the Yakamoz? Hiding.
Where did you hide? Stop! Don't! Stop right there! I said stop! We found her uniform hidden under the juniors bunkroom.
I'm Lieutenant Hatice Celik.
Intelligence Officer at Incirlik Air Base.
Lieutenant Hatice Celik.
At least now we're able to understand one other.
So now maybe you'll tell me everything.
Speak! At a Command briefing I heard them speaking.
Discussing the sun.
What was their plan? Was a shelter mentioned at the time? I'm not sure about a shelter or if anything had been approved.
They were concerned with how the sun would cause mass deaths.
I started thinking how I could be safe.
That night, I discovered that the Yakamoz would be commissioned.
So I snuck on board.
This whole time I've managed to remain hidden below in the lower sections.
And I've been watching you all.
Aren't you even a little bit curious about who she might be then? I'm talking to you.
Of course I am.
I'm curious yeah, but Yakamoz needs repairing and unless that's done soon, it won't even matter who is who anymore.
Defne? - What? - Where are you going? I'm busy as well.
Surprise me for a change.
I dare you.
What do you mean? Watching who? Rana Bulut.
Our bright, young chemist.
She double-crossed her friend Ali just to be on this expedition.
Felix Bauer.
He hates his mother for walking out on him.
He talks to himself every night.
Captain Yonca Yilmaz.
Daddy's girl.
Completely terrified of angler fish.
That's why she almost blew the diving mission.
Then Umut Sancakli.
Yonca, take them away.
Just leave us! How do you know all this? I'm going to tell you who and what you are.
A traitor.
If you're looking for a traitor you should look at your old Commander.
How dare you say that? Commander Erenay.
He was trying to contact someone on the outside without telling you.
The Commander wasn't totally honest was he? My father wouldn't keep this from us! You don't believe me? Check his logbook.
Commander! I found it Commander.
FIVER PEOPLE TAKEN Oceanic Life Center.
No affiliation.
Arman, Felix, Cem.
Defne Eren.
Defne Eren.
What's this about? Hmm? The names in here? I'm not sure.
What do you mean you're not sure? You better tell me what it means! Yonca, she's pretending she knows, but blatantly doesn't.
Let's get up shall we? We're gonna hang out together.
Get up.
Let me give you some advice here.
I wouldn't confront her if it was me.
She won't talk to you.
Don't let her suspect you.
Keep watching her.
She may talk.
But if I were you, I'd use the Intelligence Officer on board.
What is Defne hiding and what has her endgame got to do with you? That's a good try.
Nothing we haven't seen before.
But your time's up.
Second in command? Commander? How long is it since Azras died? Maybe you should be sharing too Commander.
I'll be right here.
Huseyin, do you know where Defne is? No Commander not at the moment.
- You? - No Commander.
Where is that woman then? - Commander? - Yes what? We have two sick sailors.
I suggest you come and see them.
Where are they? Take this.
Brother? Weren't they in the team that buried the bodies on the base? Yeah.
You think they caught something? Like an out break? Might be.
Commander you shouldn't get too close.
What's wrong with them? We're not sure.
They've caught something.
How come? Could be an outbreak.
Özer, are you okay, son? I'm not well, Sir.
Dinçer? My stomach is killing me, Sir.
Anyone else sick, Altan? No Commander.
Find Cem.
Is Defne not here? Why do you ask? No I wondered if she knew what it was.
Well yeah so you see, something has finally come up that you need my expertise for.
That's cheered me up.
You've excited me Commander.
And your expertise would be? Fisheries engineering and a master's degree in marine biology.
And some personal stuff too.
At your service Commander! Stop pissing about.
What's going on? It's not even vaguely an outbreak.
What's happening? Cem, what are you doing? It's like paper, Felix.
No taste, no smell.
Try it.
Were these brought in from the base? Yeah.
And all of this was eaten by them was it? Looks like it.
Run and get me some food from the submarine.
What? Get me some of the food we have here not this food we got from the base.
Are you talking to me? Huh? Petty Officer Altan.
The expert would like some help.
These seem normal.
Cem tell me what's happening.
Has to be the sun.
It's corrupting the carbon structure of the food.
Carbon? It's changing their atomic structure, right? Exactly.
Nutritional value has been destroyed.
You might as well eat a piece of paper.
Or a big bit of cardboard.
Are you absolutely sure about that? Yeah, yeah.
Altan tell me.
How long will our provisions last? Well, with normal rations about a week, at most week and a half.
Canned food.
Steel could be protecting it.
You don't know do you? It's worth looking into.
The food inside them could be preserved.
Assemble everyone on the docks in 15 minutes.
Yes understood Commander.
Do you think my father really was hiding something from you and me? I have no idea, Yonca.
Defne would have to tell us that.
Umut, that's enough.
Defne may know something, but that doesn't mean she'll tell us what that is.
I think we should do as that woman suggested.
Nothing would make me happier than keeping you in here forever.
Yeah but? We've had a small, minor breakthrough.
Discovering that everything edible now lacks any flavor whatsoever.
Listen now.
Every single life on board this vessel is important to me.
Meaning nobody should be left to die.
Everybody survives down here.
Do you understand me? Only one question.
Can you really help us? What's happening? Seriously, am I a kid? Why would you ask that? - What are you talking about? - I'm fine.
I'm not allowed to ask how you are? Yeah, I'm fine alright.
I mean we're in a really shit situation.
And you've had your fair share of them.
- So, if you were to start using - No Defne what the hell are you blah - blah about then? - All I'm saying is I think - that'd be foolish.
- Stop the teacher act will you? It's not like that.
- Hey Cem? - That's enough now.
Only because they have strong roots.
They'll collapse too.
I mean, they'll turn to dust.
So the world would turn into a desert? Yeah.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey.
Is it okay if I steal Arman for a second? Sure.
- Thanks.
- What's the problem? - Sorry, Felix.
- No problem.
What's wrong? Cem.
He's not doing great.
Something's been said? No, that's not it.
Not at all.
- Where is he? Ah by the truck.
- Over there.
He's constantly sweating.
Talking gibberish as usual.
No matter what I say, he just keeps snapping at me.
I bet he'll start using if he's given the chance.
You should talk to him.
He'll listen to you.
- Oh yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Yakamoz S-245! Company attention! Attention! Everyone eyes front! Brothers.
We need to search this base.
Everyone needs to step up.
We shall search everywhere around us in detail.
Tear it apart.
Leave no stone unturned.
The task is very clear.
Metal cans with food inside them.
Metal cans.
Do you hear? Do you understand me? Understood Commander! Let's get on with it then.
What happens when you try to talk to him? He gets all defensive, right? Yeah.
Like he always did.
- Okay.
- Talk to him.
Okay, I'll deal with him.
Don't worry.
- Defne? - Yeah? You're with me.
Come on.
- I'll deal with it.
We'll talk later.
- Hmm-hmm.
Hey Cem.
Come on there are cans for us to discover.
There's an army's looking.
Why do they need us? I'm sure they'll find what's in there.
- And aren't you the hero who keeps - Come on.
Get up.
We have to find the food.
What good will a ship do us if we can't eat anymore? Come on, we're all getting rusty, we need a workout.
Do us some good.
What's that noise? A message.
Hang on.
What are they saying? It's Spanish or something.
There's too much interference.
I can't hear it though.
Anything at all? He says, "May God protect us all.
" Amen.
What else? It's not there.
It's weird, right? Almost like a joke.
A German-Turkish scientist and the first female submarine officer in the navy hunting out cans.
And most probably the last of their species remaining.
But you know what's even more weird? On that night you were diving in a submarine just as we were.
We didn't know each other and then we meet on the island of Kos.
Yeah, it's really weird I agree.
But I'd say it was a real stroke of luck for us.
Oya's batteries were completely drained.
We wouldn't have been able to recharge them just anywhere.
So we'd all be dead by now.
So we were fortunate to bump into you.
- You were.
- Hmm.
You know what I remembered? How we used to wander around the countryside when we were in college.
In the name of adventure.
Come on what you go up and down the countryside for when you could stay at home where it's warm and cozy? Huh? Ridicul Ah! Guess what I remembered? Dude.
There was a girl wasn't there? What was her name again? Ah E-Ez Umm.
- Arman.
- Elif or Ezgi? - Arman.
- You remember her? - Arman.
- You remember her, right? - What was that girl's name? - Enough.
Please, stop blabbering about that.
That's enough.
We might not have long left anymore.
So come on, just get on with it.
I want to hear it.
I'm listening hurry up.
But you already know what I'm gonna tell you.
I know that the break is over and now you're going to lecture me.
You're a grown-up.
I'm not about to lecture you no.
But you're tense and nervous and I know you too well.
I'm just looking out for you, you know? Look, you went through hell to get off of that fucking shit.
You sacrificed so much.
And it's never easy.
You can hang on in there.
You know that.
Look at me.
And you must.
You will hang on as you did last time.
And this time it will be easier.
You remember? Besides this is where you need to hang on the most.
Look never forget, whatever happens you're my brother.
Without question, I'm beside you all the time.
All right? Don't be modest.
I can't be your brother.
Your son at best.
Thank you, Arman Papa.
Thank you.
God bless you.
Just recently, Mama Defne also warned me.
Really, what amazing parents both of you are.
- You're telling me this - After all these years, you're still not giving up on me? "Cem, get a hold of yourself.
Cem, don't do this.
Cem, don't do that.
" Well I'm a big boy now remember? - You're out of line.
- It seems I don't need your permission anymore.
- I'm just worried about you.
- Stop it, man.
Please, just stop.
My father liked you the moment we stumbled across you.
He said, "This girl is something.
She's tough and smart.
" That's nice.
God rest his soul.
Hearing him say that, I admit, I was jealous of you.
I thought, maybe they know each other or have met each other before.
What is it you're trying to get out of me, Yonca? What are you saying? I have no idea what you're trying to infer, but I can assure you if you let me.
That I have never met you father anywhere before.
And Erenay was a name that meant nothing to me.
There's nothing new here.
This is public information.
Uh, scroll down a bit there.
Show me that.
ACCESS DENIED Can you override that spy woman? That's what I'm hoping.
She's there.
which will ensure the living beings and their habitat in later processes, has been put forward with the scientific data that has been gained.
It has been seen that it is possible to create alternative habitats and to continue the life cycle in deep sea regions.
Defne Eren.
What do you want with the depths? Arman? Yeah? I was a little hard on you, but that was a good speech, right? I'm just worried about you.
I wouldn't bother if it was someone else.
They could go to hell for all I care.
Why do you even care? You should be worried about Defne, not me.
Why's that? I'm telling you man the world is coming to an end and you guys will outlast it.
How fucked up is that? That's ridiculous by the way.
Dude, you guys seem to be inseparable.
And what about I mean, the friendship bullshit? Just be serious for minute.
- Just for one second.
- Arman.
Just listen to me.
You don't know what I'm gonna say.
I'm being serious Arman.
I'm gonna tell you something.
Just look at me, Arman? Brother? Please? Thank you.
Look, that was a long time ago.
Defne is a different woman.
May I give you one or two tips while I'm here? When are you gonna stop pissing around? Wait for it.
But seriously her claustrophobia thing, and her fear of cats.
Do you remember? She's dealt with them both.
Did you know that? That crazy woman is now a cat lover.
Really! I mean, you'd be able to grab one and put it on her lap.
Trust me.
But doubt there are any cats out there or anything anymore.
Shh, don't go there.
Don't go there.
Look away from that you hear? Get away from it.
We saw a fish by the way.
Dude, that was an anglerfish, Arman.
It lives 350 meters under the sea in the aphotic zone.
So far it's made it.
Yeah but it feeds on other fish, which won't be there anymore.
So it will die.
I mean it's like, same as all of us if we can't find any canned food in here.
Just like that.
Man, fuck the fish.
What I'm going to tell you is way more important than that.
You know how women hate to celebrate their birthdays as they age, right? Defne's become the exact opposite.
She loves it, blowing out candles and all that.
I mean, you should know that.
You should.
Where's Defne? Looking for cans.
Commander I talked to her.
I don't think she knows anything.
I bet she doesn't.
NATO was her employer.
Underwater habitats, alternative habitats, she's researched every single one of them for NATO.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
That's what you think Second in command? I'm sure things were already set in motion.
What are you saying? Defne knew this was on its way? You think that's what happened do you? That's what I'm about to find out.
Commander? What? Commander do you see that plane? We need to know where its base is.
Stand by, soldier.
How so? Let's track it.
We should be able to.
Lieutenant, what are you doing? Hacking my own account.
What for? My computer at Incirlik.
Trying to log into my account.
The NATO aircraft tracking program.
At the moment it's not possible to go to it, so it will come to us.
Goddamn it.
What is it now? The transponder's unreachable.
That's the planes identity.
Do you think it could be a stealth plane? I'm not sure.
Unless the sun has messed up the satellite communications.
But I can locate the plane using its radar signature.
How about that? They're flying at 800 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 32,000 feet.
The Spaniards again? Do you think it's them that just flew over us? No, we don't have radio contact with the plane.
It's Russian it sounds more like to me.
Russian? Yeah, it's Russian.
What do the Russians have to do with this? "Space station" he said.
"cosmonaut" He's talking about the space station, cosmonauts.
The Russians are attempting to make contact from the space station.
Look into this will you? Get on with it.
The Russians are now involved are they? Cem? He left.
Yonca not you with anymore? No she left as well.
Did you see the plane? I did.
But do you really think it's possible? That people are still alive up there? I don't know but I do know there's gonna be a whole lot of action because of it.
Mm-hmm there will be.
What's this for? I just felt like it.
Guys, hey! Come, guys! Come over here! Look! Look, it's all Look what we found! Look what we found! You're kidding me! We found it! We found it! Yes! Bravo! Oh, wow! Yes.
Everything okay? What? Don't tell me it's tasteless.
- No! No, no! - No, no.
It can't be all of them.
Oh no! I'm sure these are okay.
- Let's see, huh? What's this? - Defne.
Let it go Defne, that's enough.
I'm sure this one's good.
It's impossible that they've all gone bad.
I'm sure some of them I'm sure No! How how This can't be happening! - Stop it.
I'm sure all of them - How could all of them gone bad?! Defne it's okay! What do we do? What are we supposed to eat?! Stop this.
There's no point.
There's nothing we can do.
Commander we've checked all the tin food in town.
It's all gone bad.
Copy that, soldier.
Everyone to the computer room, ASAP.
Okay, Umut, we're coming.
Motherfucker! How are the sick ones? They're fine, Commander.
Resting aboard the sub.
When did they land in Brussels then? 27 minutes ago.
They're landing there for fuel or something.
They're attempting to outrun the sun by flying westward.
That means in a matter of time they're gonna pass over here again.
They're taking off again any minute.
What's up? I guess the cans were shit? It's impossible, Defne.
It would be okay, maybe, if we were living a little to the north, however closer to the equator, the more direct sunlight hence the food's died.
Everyone's looking for a plane.
Why aren't you on board with that? Maybe I don't think I can handle the disappointment anymore.
Not quite yeah.
Besides I prefer it here.
Dark and silent.
Just the sound of water.
I used to dream a lot when I was a young boy.
Dreamed a lot.
Always tired.
Always tired.
A dreamer at best.
That's what I remember.
For hours a day just be staring at the wall around me.
Absent me, thinking about stuff.
Not a care in the world.
Just day dreaming.
And my Mum and Dad were crazy about me then, you know? "Cem is such a good boy isn't he?" "Cem is so quiet, so calm.
What a lovely boy.
" And then there was grandma.
Defne, you know? She wasn't so sure.
"Gosh, why isn't the boy playing with anyone? Why does he not play up or mess around like all the other boys are doing?" Then I grew up.
Nothing changed.
Still a dreamer.
Tired all the same.
My parents started to moan at me.
Began questioning me.
"Cem, what's the matter with you? Cem, why don't you go out?" "Cem, would you like to talk to a therapist?" "Cem, raise your head.
Cem, what's the matter with you?" "Cem, Cem, Cem.
" Then one day my grandma told them that's enough.
"That's enough, just shut up.
" She made me sit with her, Defne and said, "Look Cem Listen to me, Cem.
The inside of an individuals mind is like their home.
" Do you know what I mean? You have the kitchen, the living room where you do stuff, the bedroom obviously where you go and sleep or rest.
" "You've been stuck in the nursery this whole time you see? You just stay in that room.
You never come out of there.
" Thing is, I was very happy in there.
You know Defne, I never wanted to leave that room anyway.
What people see is the shit I've been using to stay in there.
I don't know why I told you that.
Diving in 30 minutes.
They've turned east now.
They're flying towards the sun.
Towards us.
Okay, guys, what's going on? It's flying east.
Huh? But it kept flying west.
Why is it flying east now? I don't know.
Private aircraft is it? No it doesn't look like it.
I mean, as far the radar is concerned, it must be a passenger aircraft.
It looks like that anyway.
Is it possible to make contact with them, send a signal or something? No stop.
Stop right there.
That won't be happening.
No? We don't know if they're an enemy or a friend yet.
What do you mean by friend or an enemy? We're just a bunch of people here, Umut.
How could we have foes in this apocalypse? Arman.
When cornered a human being behaves no better than a beast.
You're not making any sense.
Maybe they have something that will help.
Maybe they even have food to share with us.
That's all I'm saying.
We will not engage in communication with them or expect them to be our friends - my mind's made up! - Umut I just think we should make contact.
I can't risk my I can't risk anyone's life! It's a target until identified you hear me? If it happens to get too close, I will not hesitate to shoot it down.
If you see it as a threat, then go ahead and blow it up! But we need to make contact before you do that.
Not gonna happen.
It means revealing our location.
Then you're making it impossible.
So what are we supposed to do then? We haven't much food left.
We don't seem to have a choice about this.
Diving in 15 minutes.
Copy that Second in command.
Pack your things, we're leaving.
Pack your things, we're leaving! All aboard! I repeat, all aboard! Come on.
Cem, come on.
I'm happy to stay here a little bit longer.
Lovely weather.
What are you talking about? Get up.
It's over.
I'm not going back to the submarine.
What are you talking about? Come on, get up.
What you doing? Come on.
Get up.
Why you so hellbent on having me part of this mission? - What are you talking about? - If you'd left me, I'd be free by now.
What on earth are you talking about? - Would you please get up? - Defne, I won't get up.
- Get up! Hey - Defne.
Keep away.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'll sit with you here.
But wait a second? Defne, I'm asking you to leave.
Defne, go you hear me? Defne get back on! Diving in ten minutes.
I'm not coming.
My mind's made up.
- Arman! - What are you doing? - Defne.
- Arman! Help me! - Arman! - Defne! Defne! Quiet.
Shh Defne.
Do you want to help me yes? It's over.
It's over, Defne.
I don't want to go back and get on that boat.
It will be my decision, Defne.
It's over.
Please? It's over.
It's not giving up.
I love you okay? It's not giving up I love you.
Now go, please.
Please go now, just go.
Just go.
Dive! Dive! Dive! Come on! Come on! Dive! Move it, move it.
Faster! Go, go, go, go! Open the vents! Rudder stern-plate! Down! Rudder stern-plate! Down! Five degrees stern ready! Five degrees stern! Seal the upper deck! Upper deck sealed.
Seal the vents! Set to 50 meters, Commander! Defne? Are you okay? What's wrong? Defne? What going on? Was Cem with you? Defne, Cem is where? He's up there.
What do you mean he's up there? I couldn't convince him.
I couldn't convince him Arman.
He was determined, I swear Arman! Arman! I really tried to reason with him.
- I really did.
- It's okay, it's okay.
But he wouldn't listen to me, Arman, please.
No, I can save him.
- Just stop will you? - I can save him.
We're not too deep yet.
It's not possible.
Sun's about to come up.
- There's nothing we can do! - Cem is up there.
- Cem is - Arman! Goddamn it! Cem is up there! You hear that? How could we do this? How can we do this tell me? Fine.
I'm going up there to save him.
- I'm going to save him! - Get back here.
Stop it, please.
Listen to me! How could we just let this happen? - You have to believe me! - How could we do this? If he'd listened to sense, do you think I'd have left him up there? He was determined.
Totally convinced.
He said to me, "His decision.
" He didn't want to be here.
I tried so hard.
He really didn't want to be here.
He didn't want it.
I couldn't convince him.
Stay calm.
Deep breaths.
Breathe in.
Again, in.
Go in.
Have a seat here.
No one comes here anymore.
Relax now.
Is that you? That must be your sister with you? She's very pretty.
Yeah, she was.
Plum rakı.
Made in my hometown.
Let's drink to them.
Oh! Azra.
Was her name.
She'd have looked a lot like you.
She also used to giggle like that.
All the Romanis mama ♪ Dancing the oro ♪ Dancing the oro ♪ Celebrating ♪ The day ♪ All the Romanis ♪ Dancing the oro ♪ Dancing the oro ♪ Celebrating the day ♪
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