Yakamoz S-245 (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [water gurgling.]
Get ready to surface! - [electronics beeping.]
- [resounding alarm.]
Surface! Surface! [Yonca.]
Surface! [soldier.]
Secure the ventilation.
Upwards! Stern plate up! Stern plate angle? [second soldier.]
Stern plate at five degrees bow! [machinery groaning.]
Seal the vent valves! Vessel on the surface Commander.
[anxious music playing.]
Cem! Cem! [shouts.]
Cem! [Arman shouts.]
Cem! Cem! [Defne shouts.]
Arman! [Defne shouts.]
Arman! [Arman.]
Cem! Arman.
Come here.
Come here.
[somber music playing.]
Continue with your research.
[tense music playing.]
- [crying.]
- [music swells.]
[opening theme music with sonar pulse.]
Got 'em.
- [Rana.]
Seriously? - Yeah.
She found it.
She found them.
That's them.
They're in Bulgaria.
[electronics beeping.]
Stara Zagora.
They have major dams there.
So there could also be a bunker.
I mean, below water level.
While I was in Incirlik, I heard people talking about something called Stara, but it didn't make sense.
Yeah so? And? [Hatice.]
There must be NATO bunker there.
[signal over radio.]
What's that? [in Spanish.]
We can help you.
Against fire and death, we offer you salvation.
A chance to stop escaping.
A refuge, a new home.
We are located in a mine, near the city of Gijón, 43º 31' [in English.]
A shelter.
They're calling all survivors to the Gijon mine in Spain.
[in Spanish.]
40' and 34,9'' west.
What do you suggest? [uneasy music playing.]
[uneasy music builds.]
Iskenderun is no longer our base.
Our destination is Bulgaria! Bulgaria? What about Spain? First, the plane that we saw turned and began flying eastward.
Then what was heard at NATO, not a coincidence as far as I'm concerned.
We ascertained for a fact from the radio transmission that there's a NATO shelter in Bulgaria.
There's no doubt that a hidden military bunker will be fully equipped.
Especially with provisions.
That is our salvation.
My decision is final.
Sailors do you understand me? [sailors.]
Understood Commander.
Do you understand me, sailors? [sailors.]
Understood Commander! Everyone back to your positions.
March! Defne? Are you all right? Is something wrong? - I'm fine.
- Is that the truth? I'm fine.
You? As fine as ever.
See you inside.
What's that face for then? This salvation is partly thanks to you.
If you hadn't mentioned the bunker Umut probably wouldn't have decided this.
I evaluated the situation and made a choice.
That's all.
Besides, Bulgaria isn't the problem here.
Umut is.
[uneasy music playing.]
And you think we need all those guns do you? So in Bulgaria we'll have them.
As precaution obviously.
I see.
And that would be Umut's order I bet as well.
Would you agree that he's making the decisions for everybody? And that it's his dictatorship we're all living under? If you can call it living that is.
[water gurgling.]
Today's menu is potatoes.
Same as yesterday.
The sailors say we'll be in Bulgaria in a few days.
So good! These must be served in ten minutes.
Be quick.
Any updates for me Second in Command? Nothing new about the boat.
Everything is running as normal.
But on Defne, I've been searching since that notebook was discovered.
I haven't found anything regarding an affiliation with NATO or my father.
What about those who Commander Erenay attempted to contact? Maybe he was also trying to find that shelter in Bulgaria.
Could've been.
Or that lady isn't telling the truth.
That lady has done nothing but help us since she's come on board.
Why would she lie? Makes no sense.
What else you got? Defne is questioning the order of things around here.
She's not happy with the leadership.
So she's told you something? You're close to her.
I'd rather you didn't doubt my loyalty, Umut.
Thank you Second in Command.
We can't save the ones reluctant to be saved.
Troublemakers will never be welcome on my submarine.
You have the command.
[uneasy music playing.]
SEPTEMBER / MAY / EXPERIMENT NO: 45 Give me two minutes, have a break.
Yes Commander.
[alarm beep.]
ACCESS DENIED! [indistinct voice over radio.]
[female voice.]
We are sending a We are sending a group to Norway.
[computer beeps.]
[knock on door.]
Rana, come back later, would you? [Arman.]
It's me, Arman.
Just a sec.
I'm coming.
- What's this? - Happy birthday.
What are you talking about? My birthday is [gasps.]
That's impossible.
Could be, but you wouldn't remember.
Now you're cruel you are.
- Really cruel you are.
- [laughs.]
How long would you say I've known you? About 15 years.
University was three years.
Then we were on and off for like two years.
That would come to five years that we were together.
In that time, you were able to remember my birthday how many times? If you're claiming you know it, tell me, what's my star sign? - Wait a minute.
Me [laughs.]
- [Defne laughs.]
- I don't believe in astrology.
- Hmm.
You don't believe in it.
Neither of us believe in zodiac signs.
We didn't think that the world would end, but look where we are now.
- That's enough.
Come on, tell me.
- Oh you're obsessed with it.
- You can't let it go, huh? - I won't.
Just tell me will you? In the current situation.
Cem reminded me.
[sad music playing.]
Go on then.
Blow it out.
And you should make a wish too.
I hope Cem was the last one, let's make sure we don't lose anybody else.
Are you sure about this, Commander? You can't turn back from this.
My responsibility is to this boat.
Not to people on the other side of the world.
Just between you and me.
Nobody else needs to know.
You understand me, Altan? Understood Commander.
Clean them again.
We've cleaned them three times, Altan.
You'll clean them ten times if necessary.
Understand me? Lubricate the rails well.
I want them spotless.
Commander's orders.
[bucket clanging.]
You okay? What's wrong? [breathless.]
We've not been eating properly.
That's what.
- Alright that's enough of that.
Go away.
- Everybody's had enough.
Come on, carry on.
I want the torpedo room squeaky clean.
I guess we might've had a chance at one point, huh? Come on.
I mean you ran away from me.
It didn't work though.
We were children.
[laughs softly.]
Everybody's traveling to the end of the world on a mission.
We changed.
And you nearly weren't here as you didn't want to join me.
But you're a survivor now.
That's not too bad.
Maybe we're just postponing the inevitable.
[sensual music playing.]
[music fades out.]
[thunderous explosion.]
What's going on? [resounding alarm.]
Akın! Failed torpedos.
What's going on? [Akin.]
Check the bilge.
Could be something wrong there.
How are the valves? Everything's normal.
Everything's normal.
Why the alarm, then? [Umut.]
Calm down! Calm down, no one is going to die.
In fact, I could say that we're one step closer to salvation.
What's wrong, Commander? Why did the alarm go off? I thought we should be prepared.
A little action to keep us alert.
Second in command you can turn the alarms off.
[alarm stops.]
It's okay.
Norway, Svalbard.
Our destination.
Set course and report to me.
Norway? What do you mean? Bulgaria was our destination.
Why the change? He's speaking to you.
Why did you alter our course? We were en route to the NATO bunker, you said that was final.
I'm the Yakamoz S-245's Commanding Officer and that means I don't report to anyone at any time.
You're making decisions about the life and death of everyone here.
Tell us.
I heard something on the radio.
Bulgaria's food stocks have already been depleted.
- How depleted? - Completely finished.
No, I mean, how do you know that? I mean how do we know that you're not lying right now? Defne has a point.
How can we believe anything you're saying? Listen, I was with my commander when it happened.
I heard it myself.
Everyone's desperate.
Ready to eat each other to avoid starving.
So, what does that mean? They won't let anyone else come in? No.
It's too risky to attempt to go there right now.
- But we're only having a meal a day.
- What are we going to do now? We're gonna run out of food aren't we? Calm down, soldiers, calm down.
No one is going to die, we will all survive.
There's another option for us.
Svalbard global seed vault.
Aka, the Doomsday Vault.
Is he talking about the Doomsday Vault? Certainly my friend.
I'm being clear here.
The seeds of every plant on the planet are stored there, so if a global disaster were to occur.
These seeds can be planted again.
We will deploy there, get our seeds, and sow them and grow them on our own for us.
We could do this using soilless agriculture.
Felix, do you think you can manage it? - Maybe, I - Wait a minute, - are you fucking kidding? - [Arman.]
Wait, Defne.
- Wait what? - Hang on.
It's hard, but considering our situation it's not impossible is it? We'll build a hydroponic farming system.
I think we should have all the materials we need on the sub, right? - [Felix.]
I don't know.
- What about Spain? Spain what about it? About that message we received from the shelter there.
That message said they had food there right? Do you expect me, to risk the lives of everybody on board here because of that message? The lieutenant made sure that broadcast was made five days after what happened with the sun.
Which means there are others who managed to survive underground inside a mine.
So you're suggesting that first of all we go to Norway to pick the seeds up.
Plant the seeds somehow and then we have to wait for them to grow.
What are we meant to eat up until then do you think? We'll have to make do with all we already have for us.
One meal a day for everyone.
Maybe we'll need to reduce that too.
War, famine, an apocalypse! We've been trained for this.
This won't get us! I know it won't! Come on, no doubt about that.
But do something else.
[unnerving music playing.]
This place is only a couple of days away.
Norway is a minimum of a week away.
Isn't that true? Can you confirm? Am I wrong? It's your call.
And yours alone.
Spain is on the way to Norway.
We could stop off and if we don't manage to find anything we just carry on.
Plus we could use the time to search for ways to grow those seeds aboard the submarine.
Commanders must also deal with the repercussions.
I would say Commander Erenay understood that.
So where is it? The Gijon mine.
I have the coordinates right here.
Everyone back to their posts.
Set the course Yonca.
If anything goes wrong with all this, I should blame you.
Helm hard to port 258 degrees steady! [electronic beeping.]
[deep rumbling.]
[mysterious music playing.]
[first sailor.]
Sailor, prepare to surface.
[second sailor.]
Aye, aye, Sir! [soft electronic beep.]
[Umut muffled.]
No one's gonna know about it.
This is between us two.
Our secret.
Our honor is at stake.
Do you understand me, soldier? - Understood Commander.
- Do you understand me, soldier? Understood Commander.
[dramatic music playing.]
What? What's wrong with you? Surface! Surface! Surface! The zodiacs need to be ready! Bow plate! Up! [sailor.]
Bow plate is up! [Yonca.]
Stern plate! Up! [sailor.]
Stern plate is up! Five degrees stern steady! Stern plate five degrees stern steady! [raucous rumbling.]
Boat has surfaced! Everyone to their posts now! [sailor.]
Everyone to the zodiacs! Move, move! [tense music playing.]
[engines whirring.]
- [Rana.]
Felix, can you help me? - Yeah, sure.
[in Spanish.]
the survivors.
We don't know what happened to the planet.
But we can help you.
Against fire and death, That's the one we heard on the radio.
It's identical.
Doğan! Take five or six men over there.
And find out which of these vehicles are working.
We're moving out.
The rest will stay here.
Yakamoz S-245! [announcement over microphone continues.]
Let's check the cars.
[announcement continues.]
REFUGE [announcement continues.]
- Oh, my God! Just like in the movies.
- [Rana giggles.]
REFUGE [Felix.]
Yonca, Yonca! Come, come in.
- [Yonca.]
- Welcome.
[engine starts.]
When we get back to the Yakamoz, will you come and see me? I need to tell you something.
Right now works.
Everything has its own time and place.
You know that.
- Time and place.
Here we go again.
- [motor hoots.]
Get in.
We'll reminisce about the good old days.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[dramatic music playing with pulse tone.]
SECURITY FIRS [tense music playing.]
What's wrong? Don't know.
In we go.
Our commander should go in first.
[ominous music playing.]
MAXIMUM CAPACITY FIVE PEOPLE I guess it only takes five people at a time.
[in Spanish.]
Thank you very much, Dr.
- You stay here.
Doğan, Sezgin.
- Aye Commander.
You too.
Chief Engineer and also Professor Defne.
[tense music playing.]
[tense music builds.]
[eerie music playing.]
What are you doing? What are you looking for? Aren't you one of the ones with the shelter party? Why are you here? It doesn't matter, I need to go now.
What is this attitude you've got? What's your business here girl? - Lieutenant if you don't mind - Lieutenant my ass! So you will answer the question.
What have you been doing here? Tell me now.
[elevator creaking.]
[elevator stopping tone.]
[tense music playing.]
It's not working.
- Not working? - No.
This one? Huseyin, you all go and find another way to get down there.
- Aye, Ma'am.
- Go.
Guys! [foreboding music playing.]
Hello! Hello! Anybody there? Move slowly and very carefully.
This place feels very dangerous.
[sniffing and coughing.]
This is no shelter.
There's nobody here.
I think we should go back.
[rapid breathing and a grunt.]
Commander! What's going on? No, don't do it! - [Arman.]
Hey, easy, easy.
- [groaning.]
- English? - Yes.
Drop the guns or I'll kill him! - Doğan.
- [Doğan.]
Help Commander.
Drop it, man.
You don't need to do that.
You don't need to do that, trust me.
Let him go.
And then we can talk.
Do you understand? Do you understand? [Defne.]
[miner in Spanish.]
Come on.
They're here.
[miner speaking Spanish.]
Hey, vamos.
Arman, they're surrounding us.
We'll be fine.
[miner in Spanish.]
Come on, we've got them.
- [tense music building.]
- [indistinct muttering in Spanish.]
So tell me.
Why do you think you can go in any room you like? And mess with things on your own? Huh? If something were to happen to you here, nobody would do anything about it.
Even if they heard you scream.
No one would care.
You got me? - Start talking.
- [Hatice.]
Move aside.
[grunting and gasping.]
- [grunting.]
- Ah! [labored breathing.]
[gasping and groaning.]
The world will end, but your kind will always survive.
[tense music playing.]
WHAT DO YOU KNOW? [spooky music playing.]
We just want to live.
First, let my soldier go! You heard the message.
That's why you're here, right? We sent that false message.
Because we had no other choice.
All of us, stuck here.
If we would ask people to come save us, - would anybody have - No, no.
Wait, wait.
Would you have come? But if your friend keeps holding him like that, we cannot help you.
All right? Let him go.
And then, we can talk about what we can do for you.
Let him go.
You are gonna come with us.
You're not gonna stay here.
You're gonna come with us.
Trust me.
Let him go.
[in Spanish.]
They'll take us with them.
Good, that's great.
[in English.]
Yes, my friend.
No fucking way, brother.
Nobody else is coming you see? The only ones leaving this mine are us.
[speaking Spanish.]
Comprendes, señor? Adios amigos! - [sharp gun shots.]
- [Arman.]
Run! [overlapping shouting and grunting.]
[breathing fast.]
Were those gunshots? Arman? [Yonca.]
Hey! [miner.]
Hey, come here! [grunting and thuds.]
[grunting and groaning.]
[thud and groan.]
Guys, the elevator is not coming up! Fuck! I will look here.
[anxious music playing.]
Rana, what are you doing? It's too dangerous.
Close it.
What are we going to do? We have to get down there! - [Yonca.]
I don't know.
- [Felix.]
Guys, come here! Guys! Yonca! Look.
This controls the elevator.
- [Yonca.]
Is it broken? - Look here.
Someone's just cut it.
Do you see it? Can you fix it? I don't know.
I, I can try.
- [Yonca.]
Felix, take it.
- Okay.
You two stay here.
Work on the elevator.
I'm going down.
What are you serious? [determined music playing.]
[thuds and grunts.]
[overlapping scuffling and grunting.]
[thuds and grunts.]
Come here.
Take a look at this.
Huh? Ah! [breathless.]
[tense tone.]
[gasps and chokes.]
Ha, that's it! [spine-chilling music playing.]
[thuds and shouts.]
[thuds continue.]
[muffled shouting.]
[muffled groaning.]
- [thuds and grunts.]
- [Umut.]
Fuckers! - [thud and grunt.]
- [horrifying music playing.]
[thud and groan.]
[grunting and groaning.]
[ragged breathing.]
[man speaking French.]
s'il vous plait [in French.]
He feeds on us.
He feeds on us.
[in English.]
I'm sorry.
Please, be quiet.
[chilling music playing.]
Defne? Defne.
- Defne we need to leave, now! - Yonca! No, no.
No, we have to save him.
Defne, please leave him.
- Defne, we have to get out of here! - He's alive.
Defne, we need to leave this place now.
Immediately! - Yonca? - [radio tone.]
Can you hear me? Behind you! Behind you! - [Felix over radio.]
Behind you! - [Yonca.]
Defne we need to [screams.]
Come on Defne! [thud and grunting.]
[shouting and grunting.]
[Yonca groans.]
- [Defne.]
Let go! Let go! Let go! - [thuds.]
[heavy grunting.]
Run! [gasps and splutters.]
[shouting and grunting.]
[distressing music drowns groaning.]
[muffled shout.]
[muffled shout.]
[muffled grunts.]
[audible groan.]
[single gun shot.]
- [Umut.]
Hey! You wanna fucking die do you? - [gun shots.]
- Fuck off! - [gun shot.]
- Go die in the sun, mother fuckers! - [miner in Spanish.]
Let's get out of here! Doğan! Doğan, brother.
[rapid breathing.]
It's not working.
- It's not working.
- Come on, work! - It's not working.
- This isn't working, either? We came down in this thing.
What's going on? Felix? Felix, the lift is not working, Felix.
Rana do you copy? Guys, we can't We can't fix the elevator from here.
They can't fix it.
- [grunts.]
- [Yonca.]
Arman! [Umut.]
I'm out of ammo! Yonca! Be on your guard! - [Arman.]
Hurry get inside.
- [Yonca.]
It's not working! - [Defne.]
The elevator's not working.
- [Arman.]
I'll figure something out or find another way out.
Get in.
- [Defne.]
They're here! - [Umut.]
Go, go, go, go! [miners in Spanish.]
Over here.
Run, come on! Come on.
Bastards! [Defne.]
Arman! Arman! [Yonca.]
Arman! [in Spanish.]
Over here.
Run, come on! [Defne.]
Arman! [in Spanish.]
Come on.
Bastards! [Defne.]
Arman! [Defne.]
Arman, it's working! It's working! Arman, it's working! [Umut.]
Arman! Come on! [Defne.]
It's working! Arman! - Coming! - [Umut.]
Arman! [Defne.]
Arman, come on! Arman! It's working! It's working! Arman, come on! Arman! Arman! Arman! [overlapping distressed shouting.]
Come on.
Come on.
Are you all right, Second in Command? [indistinct shouting.]
[in Spanish.]
We'll get you, fuckers! [Rana.]
Quickly! Quickly! Go, go, go! Hurry up! [Yonca.]
Let's get into the cars.
Rana! Soldiers, to the vehicles! Run! [Yonca.]
Move! Come on! Come on, move it.
Hurry up! Arman, the elevator's going down.
It's going down.
They're coming.
[engine starts.]
- The keys aren't here.
- [Defne.]
What? - The keys aren't here.
- How? [Arman.]
The keys aren't here.
Goddamn it! They're gone.
Wait! - Wait for us! - [Arman.]
Hey! [in Spanish.]
Come on! Defne, run! [miners shouting.]
[distressing music playing.]
Move! Everyone back on the Yakamoz! [Yonca.]
Come on! Move! [Umut.]
Come on, we're leaving! Move, move, move! - [Umut.]
Move! - [Yonca.]
Quickly! Move, come on! Quickly! Where are they? Arman, Defne! Where are they? [Umut.]
Move! Fuck.
The key.
I've the Fuck! Fuck! The key! Hey, hey, I have to go! - [Rana.]
What's going on? - [Umut.]
Azra! Get in! Quickly! [Felix.]
You You can't Umut, you want to - Get in! - [Felix screams.]
They are going to die! - You're going to leave them both? - [Rana.]
We have to wait for them! - Leave me, fucking unhand me! - What are you doing? We have to wait! Rana get in there! - Fucker! Leave me alone.
- Umut, we have to wait for them.
- Umut, please.
They're not here yet! - [Felix screams.]
You fucker! - Arman! Defne! - This is what you do huh? You fucker! [chilling music playing.]
We don't have much time left.
Run! [miners shouting.]
Run! Defne, come on! Keep going! You can do it! Run, run, run, run! [shouting.]
There they are.
- Get into position! - Soldiers! [guns loading.]
[miner in Spanish.]
Come on! Hold fire until they're in range.
Watch for the civilians! Fire! [grunts.]
[dramatic tone.]
- [Arman.]
Wait, wait.
- [in Spanish.]
Now she is mine.
- Let her go.
Calm down.
- [miner in English.]
Listen to me! - Listen to me! - [Arman.]
Nobody's gonna shoot.
[speaking Spanish.]
[in Spanish.]
Otherwise your girl, is dead! Don't shoot.
Don't shoot! Listen to me.
You're coming with us.
Let her go.
You're coming with us.
Don't shoot.
You hear me? You have to say it.
Come on.
Tell him they're coming with us! Okay.
- [moaning.]
- [distressing music builds.]
Yes you will! Let them on board, Commander! You fucker just let them on! Spain was your choice.
So this is Spain for you.
- [gun shots.]
- [shouts.]
[muffled shouting.]
- [muffled groan.]
- [music tone drops.]
No! [grunt and thud.]
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come here.
Stay with me.
You're okay.
I'm here.
- Come on, come on.
- [groans.]
Wait, wait, wait, wait Shh it's okay.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Look at me.
Don't! Stay with me! - Arman.
- [emotional music playing.]
No! No! God, no! [screams.]
No! No! No! No! No! No, this can't be happening! No.
No! No.
The sun is about to come up.
We need to leave Leave me alone! Get back! Arman, The sun's rising.
Please, we need to leave.
We need to leave the docks.
- We need to leave the docks.
- Let go of me! Let go of me! - Arman, get up.
We have to leave - No.
Let go! - Arman, the sun is about to come up.
- [Arman.]
Let go! Let go! Help me quickly! [single piano note music playing.]
[no sound.]
It's okay.
[moving music playing.]

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