Yakamoz S-245 (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Dive, dive, dive! Open the vents! Seal the air intakes! - Bow plate, down! - Air intakes sealed! Bow plate is down! ENTER PERSONAL PASSWORD MR.
ERENAY YILMAZ, ENTER MISSION PASSWORD Depth is 50 meters, Ma'am! What were the Commanders orders, Second in Command? Is Svalbard still the destination? Ma'am? Is the destination still Norway? Second in Command? Ma'am? Yes.
That's right.
Resume direction as before.
Destination, the Svalbard Islands.
Stay still.
Stay still.
- Arman, rest.
- Arman, don't get up.
It's okay.
What happened to me? Knocked out.
How did it happen? They hit you hard on the back of your head.
Where's Defne? Where is Defne? They said there was no time.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- Aye Commander.
An ominous midnight.
NATO sent us a message as a drill order.
With neither a reason nor a target explaining it.
When we resurfaced at Kos, we ran into those people out there.
Coincidently, they were also on the island.
And we lost our brothers on Kos because of trying to save them.
- May God have abundant mercy upon them.
- Amen.
In spite of that, we did not abandon them.
We let them stay with us.
We shared our bread and water with them.
But all of this so far is obvious.
Am I right soldiers? Now listen carefully.
This is the important part.
That drill order should never have happened.
We were sent on a search and rescue mission that night.
A mission to rescue those people through there, they had to be picked up.
Wait a minute.
How do you know all this Commander? NATO's command.
The real order from NATO is here.
Among Commander Erenay's things.
No but that didn't happen.
My father wouldn't have kept secrets from his crew Your father was an honorable soldier, Yonca.
And he did what an honorable soldier would do.
But, Commander That's not all.
No, no.
- Hey, Arman! - Arman! It doesn't It doesn't make sense! - Arman, don't! - Arman, it doesn't make sense.
Listen to me.
- Arman, calm down.
- Arman! Calm down, wait! My condolences - Arman, Calm down! - Arman! Okay, but what was this all for, this covert operation? What about them? Team leader Defne Eren.
Her father Turhan and her mother Emma.
Two years ago, a NATO mission happened.
That she was part of.
Landslide areas, underwater habitats, alternatives Et cetera, et cetera.
All written down.
You all remember what the Lieutenant told us? NATO were fully aware this disaster was possible.
So knowing that they saved themselves.
Yeah, but so Nobody gave a damn about the Yakamoz, Lieutenant.
They didn't care about us.
They just used us as a pawn.
But why do that? Why do that? If Defne Eren were here Don't you say her name! Help him for fucks sake! Let go of him Arman! - Protect the Commander! - Help him! I will kill you! Get him off of me! Hey, stop it! Commander! Commander! Kill me! I don't want to live! - I'll do it - Altan! I told you to give the fucking order to kill me! Give me that! Just kill me yeah.
Put one in my head, come on! What are you doing Commander? Give the fucking order.
Tell me why you won't.
We were just talking about the covert operation your team was on.
- What covert operation? - What are you saying, huh? That you have so much to explain, you piece of shit! Second in Command! Isolation! Disobedience! Assaulting the Commander! No food.
Just water.
That's enough.
Take him away.
If my father hid something from us, I'm sure he had his reasons.
Is there anything else in there? A bunch of shortcuts, codes, and other stuff.
I just can't think straight.
Help me to figure out this shit.
- Commander.
- What, Altan? - We have a scientist problem.
- Arman? No.
The others.
So, Dr.
You're on strike? Yes, that's right, Mr.
You want us to keep working? Arman has to be released.
Arman is in isolation for his own safety.
What safety? You're joking right? Rana, I'm prepared to give you my word.
No one will harm Arman.
Believe me.
You better keep working on this seed plan, otherwise Otherwise what? Go on.
What is it? Or we'll all starve to death on here, Rana.
So, if not for us, then for your beloved Arman, you have to figure it out somehow.
Is that fucking understood, Dr.
Felix? I've no fucking idea what you just said Umut, okay? But, there's nothing to discuss.
Our conditions are pretty clear.
Either you let Arman go or we're finished.
Okay? - Finished? - Umut, I'm not afraid of you.
Neither am I.
Not anymore.
All those people, Cem, Defne, they all died right before my eyes, so I'm not scared anymore.
So you were scared before? Of the one guy who's been protecting you? Covering your back from the very beginning? All right.
Either Arman comes back with us and you can stop saying all those lies about Defne or we stop working.
Add these two to the list.
We don't want to break up the team.
Just water! Hasan? Did you hear? What is it? Two torpedo tubes at the stern are empty.
Ahmet, stop just staring at them and put them together will you? I'd really like to Altan, but how? Just put them together in there and hurry up! - This is all gibberish Commander.
- Here.
How hard can it be to do this? They're just seeds.
They've been growing by themselves for thousands of years.
This is a submarine Commander.
We don't have special lights and soil or anything Who said you could speak to your Commander like that? You think you know better than him? For God's sake.
We know exactly what we need to do here.
Don't we Commander? VALUE LIMITS MODIFICATION Damn this scientific fucking bullshit.
- Hey.
- I'm sorry for your loss.
Defne was a strong woman.
She was precious, you know, to all of us.
Sometimes she made our lives hell but she was special.
Hell or not, she kept you alive.
Felix, look.
If Defne was really working for NATO, like Umut said Hatice.
I don't know what you're looking for.
And honestly, I don't care, okay? But there's a psychopath leading us to disaster.
You can either follow him or us.
Think long and hard, and choose your side, okay? What side? On one hand, there are three naive scientists, one of them locked up.
And on the other hand, there are starving soldiers led by a maniac.
I've lived long enough to know that choosing a side, in a time like this, means death.
Brother? What's up? What is it, Felix? Umut is telling everyone that rescuing us was a secret mission by NATO.
And that Defne and Erenay knew about it.
Is there anything I should know? No, you tell me.
Were you on a secret mission? Not that I know of.
Me neither.
Come on, this is ridiculous.
He's trying to divide us.
- Umut also said - Hey, stop saying that fucking bastard's name.
We said we won't continue with the experiments.
You know what he said? "Then I'll starve you, too.
" This is no life.
I'm not exactly living, anyway.
Defne and Cem would have wanted you to survive.
So do Rana and I.
We need you.
Brother? Tell Yonca that I wanna speak to her.
Thank you, Zeynel.
You may leave.
You're here.
You surprise me.
And you being prepared to speak to me surprised me too.
Why? I assumed that you blamed me.
Defne's death wasn't your fault.
We know who is to blame.
I have Something for you.
Defne We weren't able to bring her with us.
But I felt that you would want to keep this.
It's a special piece? Corundum.
Defne wasn't into shiny things.
In fact, it's just aluminum oxide.
I mean, ruby, sapphire, they're all the same, but under heat and pressure, they would eventually become this.
It's yours now.
Umut says that you were on a secret mission that day.
And we're just pawns.
And that we were sent to save you from that mission.
I've also heard things going on in here.
I've overheard the sailors whispering and talking to each other.
Sounds like two stern torpedo tubes are empty.
En-route to Bulgaria you remember that tremor we all felt? And how does a ship lose weight all of a sudden? You tell me.
What would suddenly cause that loss of weight? Why was the trim recalibrated? - Why was the bow trim recalibrated, Yonca? - What's your point, Arman? I have no idea.
I'm asking you.
I haven't got proof of anything.
But what I'm telling you is that man in there began shouting about this secret mission gibberish.
And why? Why then? Because he wants us to turn against each other.
To spoil the balance we found here.
No, Umut wouldn't spoil the balance.
He absolutely would.
Think about everything we've been through since the moment we set foot on this ship, and you'll see my point.
Very carefully, every second.
Do it.
You think he gives a second thought to anyone on this ship? His only worry is authority.
That's why he's determined to be in command.
He's obsessed with it.
Umut isn't that person.
Umut was raised by my father.
My father was his father.
Umut is my family.
Family? Is that why you have such blind faith? Faith itself is blind.
Wouldn't you agree with that? Arman, look I'm really sorry about Defne, - but we have to concent - Shh-shh-shh-shh.
Our focus remains on those who have survived with us.
We can't change what happened.
But the people that are still here, we can save.
What do you mean by that Arman? Save? Unless Rana and Felix give up their disobedience, we'll all starve to death anyway.
Yeah, but you really telling me that you trust this man? Are you? I do.
My father trusted him, so I trust him too.
Then you tell him this tell him that Arman wants to speak to him about Rana and Felix.
But we need to be alone.
Since you trust him that much, I'm going to ask you for a favor.
Come on.
Get up.
What are you doing here? Just because you're not working on those seeds anymore doesn't mean you get to sit on your asses and do nothing does it? You'll be doing something else.
Commander's orders.
You can shove it up your Commander's ass.
You should watch your mouth.
If it were up to me, I'd put you both inside a torpedo rocket and Shoot you away.
Okay? - Shoot you out to sea! - Hmm? Commander is a bad man.
- So maybe watch your mouth.
- Altan.
Altan! Everyone to the control room.
You too.
Here, eat.
Come on, eat it.
You're lucky to have this.
Yonca said that you'd speak to Rana and Felix for me.
So what do you want to talk about? Patience, Commander.
We'll get to that.
Everyone's lives, mine, yours, depend on growing those seeds.
It's as simple as that.
What is it, Commander? You afraid you'll starve to death aren't you? And you're here blabbering like you give a shit about the lives of the people on this ship.
Killing is what you do best.
What else do you know? You stuffed your face in front of me.
There's nothing like hunger to motivate someone.
You can be sure of that.
A rich kid comes in here telling me about hunger, killing and death.
Think I'm going to listen to him? I know a bit about killing you see? Do you know Bascarsija? Sarajevo.
Just imagine it.
You stand at end of the street, the bakery over there.
You need to get there because it's been a week since anything passed your lips.
You're so hungry you could eat anything.
You and your family, too.
You see the bread.
I dare you, try to cross the street.
Snipers everywhere! As soon as I put my foot on the road, a bullet is aiming right at my head.
A snipers bullet.
That's hunger! Genocide! And rape! I've been in the middle of that! All of that! Betrayal! Betrayal is something else.
Let me assure you.
Unlike anything else.
The man you call uncle tells them everything about you and the next morning they come and take you.
Your mother! Your father! Your little sister taken from you! A tiny little baby.
You go mad, insane.
The only thing you can do to help yourself is to grab a hold of a Kalashnikov, a real Kalashnikov.
And start searching everywhere.
You look for that traitor, that face, until you track him down.
You force him to his knees and shoots his head with a Kalashnikov! I did that at just 13.
Read Zagor comics.
If you want Rana and Felix to carry on with the experiments in Norway, you have to leave two of your men behind.
- What? - You heard me.
In Norway, you will leave two of your men behind us.
For Cem and Defne.
One for each of them.
Or we don't have a deal.
Cem wasn't me.
That junkies death had nothing to do with me.
Two of them.
They'll die.
You don't do this, and we all die.
You're important till we get those seeds, but what if I end up shooting you after that? You do know where we're headed right now? Beyond the Arctic Circle.
Where there's absolutely no soil.
Bryophytes, lichens, and maybe there's the odd reed.
Nothing else.
Nothing more.
Even if you find those seeds there, you'll still be relying on us.
I'm not giving up on my soldiers.
It's not happening! By the way, I also know about the missiles.
If you accept my terms, I'll keep my mouth shut about them What missiles are you talking about? What are you saying? I know the torpedo tubes at the stern are both empty.
Where did you fire them? Who did you bomb with them? Who did you kill? Whoever was supposed to die, they deserved it.
You're willing to do anything to make me do this aren't you? Can I leave any two? Were Defne and Cem any two men? Hmm? Huh? Altan.
Those two.
Deal? Okay then.
It's over.
Never in my whole life, have I betrayed anybody for personal gain.
I couldn't do it.
Especially your brothers in arms who are listening to you as we speak.
Is this a joke? Are you fucking setting me up? Who the fuck do you think you are? Who the fuck are you? You're setting me up? You fucking set the Commander up? Huh? You're trying to plot against me with that scientific head of yours.
Why? Why, Commander? Tell me.
Altan, it's really not what you think.
Look Come on.
Come on, man, come on.
Soldiers! What is it Second in Command? Umut Sancaklı.
Commander you are no longer qualified to perform commanding duties.
Due to the fact that you are no longer deemed mentally fit, I'm relieving you of your duty.
But, if you agree to it, there's a peaceful way to deal with this, Umut.
This is mutiny.
Are you betraying me, Yonca? Umut drop the gun! Drop it! It's "Commander" to you! Is that understood, soldiers? Yakamoz S-245, answer your Commanding Officer! I'm your fucking Commander! Me! Are you going to follow him? Are you going to make him your leader? Yonca, I've known you since the beginning.
We know each other Yonca.
I'm your big brother! Get a hold of yourself! I use to think that I knew you, Umut.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
You should be ashamed of yourself! If your father were alive, he'd be ashamed.
It's over.
Who the fuck do you think you are? Who are you? I did it all for my men! Umut, where were those those missiles fired? Just say.
Yonca! Umut, Hasan made sure.
There are two gone.
Just say what happened to those two missiles! Show some respect to your Commanding Officer! Umut, confess! Whatever I did, everything was for my men! You ungrateful bastards! I did it so that I could save them! Altan.
Take this, take it.
It's either him or me.
Sedat, take it.
Take the gun.
Shoot! Shoot! This is what you've been trained for! If you're a soldier, you have to fucking shoot! - Don't.
- Shoot it soldier! No! Sedat, calm down.
Calm down.
What was it on Kos that you said to us? "Soldiers, you must live so others can.
" - You all heard it, right? - Calm down Sedat.
You heard it, yeah? How are we supposed to live when you're pulling a gun on us? Tell us! We already lost our families.
All of our friends are already dead.
Come on.
Come on.
Calm down.
Who should we put our faith in anymore? What would happen if we couldn't believe anyone? How could we survive? Don't.
Calm down.
Don't do it.
- Stay away or I'll blow your brains out! - It's not worth it.
Come on then shoot me.
The sun comes up every morning.
It's gonna pierce me, you, everybody.
But we can beat it if we stay together.
By starting right here.
Living together so that the deaths of our loved ones aren't meaningless.
Can you trust me? You all need to trust me, and learn to trust and believe each other.
Look, it doesn't matter whose side you've been on up to this point.
But we will survive.
If not for ourselves, then for the ones we've loved and lost.
We only have each other.
If you still don't trust what I'm telling you shoot.
Come here.
Well done.
That's it.
Well done.
Well done.
I mean it.
- Have a good shift then.
- Thanks.
Arman? Umut was as you said.
I now know.
I didn't know him.
I'd understand if you said I was just as bad.
Well you're already questioning your decision about him.
That shows you're not even vaguely similar.
So, no worries.
What shall we do? That's not for me to say.
You're in command here.
- The men will trust you though.
- Yeah and I trust you.
Arman, if we have a chance to survive now, that's thanks to you.
We wouldn't have known any of that if you hadn't made him talk I'm only doing what I need to do to keep us from dying.
Not to gain any power here.
I'm not interested.
Yonca, you've been preparing for this your whole life.
You learned it all from the best.
Okay? You're not simply the Operations Officer, Second in Command or Private Yonca Yilmaz.
You have mercy in you.
Mercy in you.
But if you're asking me what we should do with that individual now we've already seen more death than anybody should.
So, I'd settle with not having to go through the same thing again.
I agree.
Awaiting your orders, Commander.
Yakamoz S-245! Effective immediately, our Second in Command Captain Yonca Yilmaz, is the Commanding Officer of Yakamoz S-245.
Salute Ma'am! Commander.
Good luck.
Thank you everyone.
Thank you as well.
Oh, what is a "Piri Rice"? Not Piri Rice.
Piri Reis.
An Ottoman sailman and mapmaker.
And my dad's favorite.
That looks kind of like our routing with Oya, right? Not kind of.
It matches exactly.
And what does that say? "Instructions to pick you up.
" "Just before the sun incident, NATO ordered Erenay to get you on board from Kos island.
" How can Defne know about this? What's going on? Good question.
And what do these coordinates lead to? Norway? Somewhere in the Indian Ocean.
That looks like a phone number, right? Do you have Defne's satellite phone? No.
It won't work underwater.
We need to wait until we surface.
How long would that be? Commander.
Preparing to surface.
- Okay, soldier, thank you.
- Great timing, Yakamoz.
- Initiate air intake! - Air intake initiated.
Fill the ballast tanks with air.
- Ballast tanks taking in air.
- Bow plate up! Bow plate is up! Stern plate up! Stern plate is up! The boat has surfaced.
The boat has surfaced, Commander.
What is it? Wh Defne was last to try and make a call.
What's going on? I'm not following.
No one is.
- Hello.
- Alo.
Hello? Hello.
Can you hear me? Defne? Reception's bad Defne is I'm Yonca.
And who are you? I'm Arman's father.
Can I talk to Arman? - Is he there? - Papa? Hello? - Hello? - Arman? My son.
Who is this? Where are you? You should be back from Spain, am I wrong? Papa? It's so good to hear your voice.
Wait a minute, what's going on? How did you How are you alive? Where are you? Tell me what do you know about the plans Arman? What plans? I have no idea what you are talking about.
I don't know anything.
What's going on? What did Defne tell you? Don't push me anymore! You just need to tell me what's going on.
Where are you, what's going on? How can you talk to me on the phone this easily? How did you avoid it all? I want answers.
You should ask yourself how you were able to survive rather than questioning how I did.
Think about that instead.
I am aware why I managed to survive.
If you knew, you probably wouldn't be talking to me like this.
All of the planning for this has been done by me.
Defne's research and her coming out to see you to convince you to do the dive and then of course the Yakamoz rescuing you.
No, why would Defne ask something like that of you? She wanted to ensure that you survived.
Because she cares about you as much as I do.
Anyway, don't be hard on her.
Where is Defne? I sent her the new coordinates.
Hasn't she received them? Hasn't she told you? Defne is unable to tell me anything.
- She's dead.
- What? How so? I'm so sorry.
If it weren't for Defne's research on this How did you learn about this sun abnormality? Arman, you have to come here.
I'll tell you everything.
Where are you? On an island off the coast of India.
You? Svalbard, Norway.
There's a new world here.
I'll be waiting.
It's almost sunrise.
I have to go.
Was that your father? I think so.
At least, he sounded like my dad.
What? What do you mean, Arman? You're not sure whether it was him or not? I mean he's fucking My dad my dad is wicked, my dad, he is really something, you cannot trust my dad.
I haven't trusted my dad since I was a kid.
He's never had any problems throwing aside the people he loved and cared for, like rubbish.
I'm losing my mind.
He knew about the incident with the sun from the start.
Well it's not really hard to believe.
NATO knew about it days ago.
It's only reasonable others knew about it as well.
What did he say? - He's in Indian Ocean.
- What? Yeah and he wants us to be there as soon as possible.
And he already knew about everything.
That's what he said to me.
B-b-but how did he survive? I don't know.
I don't know.
And Umut was right.
Umut was right.
I've been involved in a secret plot which I wasn't even aware of.
What about Defne? I mean How much of it did she know? That's not important at the moment.
I mean, if it is your father and he survived this.
Is he in a shelter or what? You just heard me on the phone to him.
He said he was in the Indian Ocean.
And wasn't offering to tell me anymore.
Come on.
What should we be doing? You're the Commander.
Yeah but you're the one whose father has survived this.
Okay then.
My suggestion would be to get the seeds and equipment and whatever else we need at the same time as soon as possible.
- Uh-huh.
- Once we've done that, as the Commander, it's your call from then.
From then.
From then.
The tools necessary for the greenhouse should be in the hangar near the airport.
That's where I bet they'll be.
There's nothing much around, anyway.
At least we're close to the docks.
If your father's telling the truth, then maybe we wouldn't have to grow anything at all.
I suggest we don't rely on him.
Let's just gather anything we can get our hands on.
You sent for me Commander? Rana and you will go together.
You will be responsible for searching for the equipment to grow the seeds.
I don't want you to go alone.
We don't know what's out there.
Commander, I can go on my own if you prefer? No, you better not.
Rana knows best what's necessary don't you? Well, if Rana doesn't know it, no one does.
Perhaps you should also have someone with you there? Why's that? You worried about me? That's my job.
And mine is to make yours easier if you let me.
Meaning? Meaning, it's better if I go alone on this mission.
And it's only one person you stand to lose I really wish you wouldn't talk like that! Hasan, get over there and start making your plan.
Aye, Commander.
Arman, come with me, please.
I need to tell you something.
Arman listen, I don't know your father You're better off not knowing my father believe me.
You're lucky you don't.
Arman, you remember that I just lost mine.
We had our differences, too.
But, I would give anything just to see him and tell him how much I loved him.
So cherish your time with him.
Be careful.
Ready? Under the blue waters we dive without ceasing "We are ready" is our code O foes, here we come! A crazy, rich bastard learns about what's gonna happen, has everything ready, and then he's sorted.
How do we know that he's the only one to be saved? Maybe there are others wherever he is.
You're right.
Arman has been right about everything since he joined us.
He immediately saw everyone for who they were.
And I believe he should be trusted about his father.
He's talking from experience.
The silo's this way.
- There's a plane here.
- Shh! There are people there.
I bet they're here for the seeds.
How do you know that? What else would they be doing here? What are we going to do? What's that for? - I'll try to talk to them.
- With a gun? We don't know if they're friend or foe.
Go and alert the Commander.
Be careful.
What are you waiting for? Umut.
What do you want from me? Asil Kaya mean anything to you? Asil Kaya.
Arman's papa.
Before all this happened in the world, he was one of the men on the list of the world's wealthiest.
Asil Kaya.
He's probably on the top of that list.
Tell me.
Asil's alive.
He and Arman just had a telephone conversation.
How has he remained alive? I have no idea how he was able to.
But somehow he's in Diego Garcia.
Diego Garcia.
An airfield.
But why would he go there would you say? Don't know.
Oh, fuck! It eats at me, you need to know that.
You are not a monster, after all.
Hello? Anyone there? Diego Garcia.
That can't be a coincidence, Lieutenant.
Right? But have you spoken to anybody? I would say that we're showing you mercy by just locking you up down here.
But if Yonca's going to take us there, and Asil is who they say he is, we might need somebody who is able to think the way he does.
Yes, you mean a devil.
Hey! What's going on? - He's going to kill me! - Are you Turkish? I am, brother.
Drop that weapon! Get the hatch open.
Open the hatch, Lieuteant Çelik! Open the hatch before that devious brunette returns, come on! You need me! You said it yourself! Open the hatch, Lieutenant! - Hey! There are people up there! - Control crew! Guys, come on! Everyone on deck to the control room! Open the locks! What's going on? There's a missile.
There's a missile coming straight towards us.
- What? - Yes.
- Come! - Dive in 15 minutes! Open the hatch, Lieutenant! Open the hatch.
Stay away, brother! - Stop! - You'll pay for this.
How about the Erebus Trench? I hope Cem was the last one.
No! There's a new world here.
I'll be waiting.

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