Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland) (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


1 Conny? - Come on, wait for me! - Good morning! Good morning! Hey, Phil! No running! Does this go here? Yes, thank you.
Mark, can you set the table? Okay, Mom! Good morning, Emma! Smile, Emma.
Listen, Emma.
We have to behave like we normally do.
Yesterday, we broke the rules and went to the gate.
But we didn't find anything.
But Little Bunny Yeah, Mom probably found it.
But she doesn't know who left it there.
Mom was smiling.
She doesn't show it on her face at all.
And that's what we have to do, too.
If our faces show it, Mom will notice.
We can't lose.
Let's smile.
The delicious feed, the white clothes where dirt can easily stand out, the well-regulated life This is all to maintain our quality as merchandise.
The only thing we can do is to wait as we are shipped out indiscriminately.
It's not indiscriminately.
Remember what the demon said? "Another six-year-old.
We've been shipping out normal quality ones.
" What does that mean? Judging from those words, age probably equals the grade of meat.
If I remember correctly, the siblings who were shipped out were between six and twelve years old.
If being six years old is ranked as normal, then the highest quality is Twelve years old.
But what about our scores? Meat won't taste better even if we get good scores on tests, right? Yeah.
It was never announced unless we got full scores, but maybe The order of getting shipped out? After we turn six, we get harvested starting from the lower test scores.
And when we turn 12, we get shipped out no matter what.
So we were never shipped out because we have full scores? But I don't understand why it depends on our scores.
Is there meaning for being between the age of six and twelve? The size of our bodies? No.
Then it would depend on our weight.
The size of our brains.
That means The brain probably tastes the best.
And the more developed brain, the better.
Eating the brain? And they don't care how much they risk or spend.
That's why we're high-quality merchandise.
Try to remember, Emma.
Conny was shipped out.
Before her was Hao.
Before him was Sadie.
Based on the cycle so far, the next shipment should be two months from now at the earliest.
We need to think of a way for all of us to escape before then.
If we draw a simple map of this site, the House is in the middle and then the gate.
And the forest that surrounds us.
First, which one should we escape from? The gate or the forest? Maybe the forest? The gate is always closed except during shipping, and when it's open The demons are there.
When do we escape through the forest? At playtime, during the day, when we can get out of the House freely? Or at night during shipping when Mom is not— Not during shipping! Someone will definitely get sacrificed.
And I'm worried if the younger ones can stay awake at night.
Then it's decided.
We'll escape during the day through the forest.
Whether that's possible Depends on what it's like beyond the forest.
Norman! Norman! Are you okay? I guess I'm tired from thinking too much.
Sheesh, I guess it can't be helped.
So? Is something there? Nothing.
But this wall is about two to three meters thick.
And it's pretty tall.
But there are no guards.
It's quiet.
What do you think? It's hard and sturdy.
There are no edges, let alone any seams.
And the surface is smooth.
There's no way anyone could climb this.
Then should we give up? But that's what this wall would have us think.
If it was you or me, we could climb it as long as we had a rope.
I don't sense any demons around.
The only one watching us is Mom.
Don't worry.
It's not scary.
Huh? Two kids are missing.
Mom! Mark! Did something happen? What should I do? I got separated from Naila in the forest! I tried looking, but I couldn't find her! It'll be okay.
Everyone, stay here.
Understood? Mom.
Mom! Naila! She got tired and fell asleep.
Look, not a scratch on her.
Thank goodness! I'm so sorry, Naila.
I'm sorry! It was like Mom knew exactly where Naila was.
Come to think of it, Mom has always been good at finding us.
No matter where we hid, she found us quickly.
That's not a pocket watch.
Tracking devices.
They could be implanted somewhere in our bodies.
And Mom used the compact and purposely showed us so we would figure it out.
"No matter who it is, I won't let you escape.
" That's probably what Mom wants to say.
Mom is an enemy.
First, let's get our hands on some rope.
I have an idea where they might be.
I'll see you tonight at 10 in the hallway.
Wait! They have tracking devices on us, so what if they have other stuff, like cameras or listening devices? It's all right.
I looked around a bit, and there was nothing like that here.
When did you do that? But I should have known.
The security measures aren't on the building, but on us.
Do you think Mom knows already? That we went all the way to the wall I don't think so.
I mean, she didn't know about that other time, either.
When we went to deliver Little Bunny.
That's true.
It's not like Mom always knows where we are at all times.
She'll know our location only when she checks.
She knows that Little Bunny was brought to the gate by someone other than Conny.
But I don't think she figured out who it was.
Or else she wouldn't have warned us in such a roundabout way.
I see.
Hey, Norman! Do you have a second? The clock isn't quite working properly.
Okay, I'll take a look.
It'll be okay, Emma.
We're not being suspected.
Em— What's wrong, Emma? You look pale.
Which reminds me, you weren't so cheerful this morning.
That's not It's nothing.
I just got a little sad thinking that I’ll leave the House soon, too.
Do you like it here at the House? I love the House and you, Mom! I wonder what Conny's doing right now? Conny said she wanted to be a mother like you when she grew up.
Yes, I know.
I'm sure Conny will become a lovely adult, and a good mother, too.
Dinner preparations are ready, Mom.
I'll be right there.
Wait for me! Hurry! Emma, let's go.
Did the two of you go to the gate yesterday? We didn't.
That's against the rules.
Besides, we were having too much fun playing tag yesterday.
Right? Yeah! Why? It's nothing.
As long as you didn't go.
Can you stand up? This was a really good idea, Norman.
Using tablecloths.
This can be used as rope.
With this, we can get over the wall.
The challenge is still ahead of us.
Where the tracking devices are and a way to get everyone out.
Hey, Norman.
I think it might be fine if we told Ray.
I was thinking that, too.
Ray most likely wouldn't panic.
And because of his extensive knowledge, he's good with machines, too.
I'm sure we can depend on him.
But But? I'll talk to Ray myself.
Why don't you go back, and— Why? Ray! Yo.
Sorry, I followed you guys.
It's been bugging me for a while, so I thought I should ask about it.
What happened at the gate that night? When you went to go deliver Little Bunny to Conny.
You were both clearly acting weird.
And you were empty-handed when you said you didn't make it.
You're perceptive.
So of course something happened.
Give it up.
Ray is smart, too, after all.
Demons A farm Mom is an enemy? Isn't this bad? He catches on fast! So you're saying we were preciously taken care of to become demon food.
I mean I'm surprised you're believing us so easily.
Of course.
Norman wouldn't make up such a stupid lie.
It'd be different with you, Emma.
So, if we're really going to escape, there are various issues.
First, the number of kids.
- We'll narrow it down to who can make it and— - Wait! I want to escape with everyone.
Lend us your strength, Ray! Everyone? You're kidding, right? There are 37 of us.
And the majority are under six years old.
Tracking devices.
These factors make an already difficult escape even more challenging.
I know that.
But it's not impossible— No, it's impossible.
Emma, you haven't noticed, have you? Ray, wait.
I see.
That's why you said you'll talk to me yourself.
You have to be blunt about these kinds of things.
What? It won't be enough just to escape from here.
What do you mean? We don't know what it's like on the outside.
But there's a place we're getting shipped to.
Because there's a farm, that should give you an idea.
What waits outside is a demon's society.
There is no place for humans to live.
So it's impossible.
If we take everyone, we'll all die.
We leave them behind.
That's the best option.
No way.
Even if it's impossible, I want to escape with everyone.
Let's figure it out.
I don't want all of us to die.
But there's no option to leave them behind.
I want Conny to be the last.
I don't want anyone to end up like that ever again.
If there isn’t one, then let's make a place for humans to live outside.
Let's change the world.
I understand now, thanks to you, Ray.
That's the kind of prison break we have to do.
I'm not giving up on this.
Because I've decided.
So, Ray, you're the one who has to give up.
Stop jabbering around and help us! Hey, Guardian, how can— We'll escape with everyone, no matter what! Or else I won't do it.
I won't! I won't! Do something about that idiot! She's unreasonable.
I know, right? But I'm glad she's so cheerful.
I wanted for you to stop her! Or you're both going to die.
You knew that from the very start, huh? Emma was crying.
That night, I thought she was crying because she was scared.
But I was wrong.
I was scared of dying.
But Emma was crying because she was scared of her family dying.
Isn't that amazing? She thinks of protecting others in that situation.
But it's not the correct thing.
It's a boat made of mud! And it's just us three, right? If it's just us, we can escape.
You're correct, and you shouldn't feel ashamed.
Don't distort your decision based on emotions, Norman! It's not that, Ray.
I also want to make a boat out of mud.
Why? Aren't you different? You're more cool-headed, and you always take the best option.
So, why? Because I like her.
I like Emma, so that's why I want her to always be smiling.
You're crazy.
And what if Emma dies because of it? I won't let her die.
That's why I'm going to utilize myself.
Luckily, I've always managed to accomplish what I set out to do.
And if you bake mud, it'll become a vessel.
A boat made out of mud won't necessarily sink.
You're nuts.
Both Emma and I are insane.
We've completely lost it.
You can't let us do this on our own, right? Damn it.
Of course I can't.
We still have free time left, don't we? I wonder what it is.
Let me introduce her.
This is your newest little sister, Carol.
And this is Sister Krone.
She's here to help me.
A-An adult? Another enemy.
I will be living here with all of you starting today.
It's nice to meet you.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Hello!