Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland) (2019) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Please use this room.
Understood, thank you.
She's settling down in a bad spot.
The center of the three children's rooms.
To make it easier for her to watch us I was distracted by the tracking devices that I didn't think we would get another adult.
Actually we should be happy about this.
What? Be happy? Carol and Sister Krone.
We have two more sources of information.
I see.
First, where did those two come from? Carol is Conny's replacement.
So they're replenishing the merchandise.
Yeah, if this place is a farm, they must have a site where they prepare one-year-olds for replenishment.
So did all of us come from there originally? Probably.
And also that Sister Krone.
It's significant that there's another adult other than Mom.
There might be other farms just like here, so are the adults who obey the demons under the control of demons from birth, or after they're captured? After we escape, things will change depending on that.
But first, we need to figure out how to escape with everyone.
And the location of the tracking devices.
I searched all over my body, but I didn't find any traces of something implanted.
And nothing in our clothes or shoes.
Based on humankind's existing technology, it probably uses radio waves.
But that requires batteries.
Something really small that wouldn't leave a scar, and with batteries that last over 10 years.
That kind of product wouldn't exist in 2015.
Meaning? It’ll be difficult to predict the mechanism, find the location, and figure out how to break it.
And we might as well give up if it's technology originating from the demons.
What? So, checkmate? Yup.
No way! Well, even if we can't figure it out, we can guess.
We have to think from the enemy's point of view.
Where and what kind of a device would be the most convenient to implant? Carol! Since she just arrived, she might have one.
A mark from implanting the tracking device.
Thank you for an opportunity to return to this side.
I only made a request for one assistant.
It's not like I called for you specifically.
I've heard of your many achievements.
The youngest to be selected as Mom and caretaker.
You've raised the highest number of high-quality goods among all of the plants, ever.
I am honored to work under someone I admire so much.
Lip service isn't necessary.
Let's quit the small talk, and talk about work instead.
Here are the documents of my adorable children.
Memorize all of it, right now.
It should be easier than getting perfect scores every morning.
By the way, what work was I called in for? They found out about the secret.
They also saw the package in the truck.
Then, in accordance with the rules, we must find them and ship them imm— Wait.
It's fine.
I already have an idea of who the targets are.
And that's Two of the oldest children.
We just have to make sure they don't escape before shipment.
My children are special.
And this is beneficial for the plant.
So you're not reporting it? No.
I will take care of the targets in a proper manner.
You are a guard.
You don't need to think.
Just watch the children.
I am the Mom of this House.
And you are my assistant.
Understand? Sister Krone.
Yes, ma'am, Isabella.
So that's how it is.
I was surprised, too.
To think that the amazing Isabella And she's not reporting it to the higher-ups, but trying to cover up her mistake.
However, if I help her out here, she'll owe me, and I'll one day have the Mom position! Oh my, what's wrong? You're crying so much.
Come on now, don't cry.
You'd be happy too, right? If I became a Mom? If that happens, I'll get busier, but you'll support me, right? Don't get jealous of the other children and say selfish things, okay? Wait a minute.
Could this be my chance? I can become a Mom! Not one day, but now! If I capture the children who know the secret and report her violation, Isabella will be fired! It would be faster to pretend to obey her and then take her position away! Capture the targets! And then snitch! Then immediately ship them out! Wonderful! I'll become the Mom here.
I need to find them quickly.
The kids like her.
How do we outmaneuver the two adults who are liked so much? Exactly.
The biggest concern is the report to the demons.
As soon as we escape, the monsters will come after us.
There's only one way to stop that.
Mom and Sister will have to be Norman and Ray, right? Yes.
I heard you get perfect scores on the tests.
That's amazing.
It's nice to meet you.
I hope we can get along.
Did she hear us? No, we're fine.
I don't think that sister came here just to watch us.
What do you mean? The way she looked at us was different.
She's probably suspecting us, the oldest among everyone.
Where did she get that information? Isn't it obvious? From Mom.
Mom is definitely closing in on us.
We have to hurry.
Think from the enemy's point of view.
Demons won't eat the tracking device.
That means it'd be in a place where it's easily remov— Emma, I Where? want to ask you something.
That night What's that? A bug bite? Mom told me a while ago that this was from when blood was drawn to test for diseases.
Naila, Phil, Mark, and Conny all had it.
On everyone's ear Mine too? It's already gone.
Well, of course.
I'm 10, and you're 11.
It was way smaller than I thought.
What was? Oh! I meant, it was such a small scar that it had already disappeared.
I have to protect these kids.
Scheduled check-in.
Scheduled check-in.
This is 73584, Plant Three.
October 17th.
Everything is normal.
Now ending transmission.
Isabella? Grandma! I have a message from the Boss.
"Those three can be shipped out as scheduled, right?" Listen, Isabella.
This year, the other plants have overall been bearing poor fruit.
Only your plant can deliver the supreme goods that will be offered at the Tifari.
Yes, I've understood that from the beginning.
Please give the Boss this message.
"Everything is going fine.
You may have any child at any time.
" I see.
So they can be shipped? That would certainly please Him.
Don't mess this up.
His meal is special, and nothing like ours.
Then, my friends, let us celebrate the harvest.
And offer our prayers to Him.
Yeah, no one would notice this.
I never knew about a mark from when they took our blood.
And it's something that disappears so quickly? Yeah.
I didn't even suspect it at all this whole time.
I'm sorry.
No, you did well, Emma.
We now know the location, shape, and size of the tracking device.
We can move to the next step.
After locating it How to break it.
What do we do? If we cut it open to inspect it If Mom combs through our hair she'll know immediately.
Well, putting aside to see if we can break it easily or not, the tracking device implanted in us isn't that functionally useful.
What? They aren't? That's because the signal can't specify the individual.
Without confirming, she can't tell where we are.
If we get close to the gate or walls, it doesn't notify her.
But it's still implanted.
And why? They must be confident they can come after us as long as the tracking device is intact.
Does that mean if it does notify them, it'd be when the tracking device is destroyed? That's a possibility, too.
Meaning? They would be notified only when it's broken, like with an alarm or something.
So if we destroy it, Mom will know immediately? Well, if a notification function even exists.
But thinking that Mom purposely let us know about the existence of the tracking devices We can't dismiss it so easily.
It's risky to mess with it and break it.
So we can only destroy it when we escape.
Then how will we figure out how to break it? Well, for that, this shape and size brings something to mind.
Can you leave this issue to me? Are you sure? Yeah.
If you're saying so, then I'll leave it to you.
The only thing left is taking everyone outside with us.
The problem is that everyone completely trusts Mom, and they probably won't be able to handle the truth.
Do you think we'll have to lie to them to take them outside? There's also the problem of insufficient abilities.
In simpler terms, they're a hindrance.
Ray! But it's the truth.
Some aren't good at physical activities, and we have babies who can hardly walk.
For that, I have an idea.
What is it? Playing tag.
Norman is "It," and everyone runs away.
We pretend it's play when we're actually training.
That way, Mom won't find out.
I'll teach them how to utilize their bodies.
- As for how to utilize their brains - Leave it to us.
Don't rush.
What can you do to escape? Norman won't overlook things like that.
Check the wind.
Which way makes it is easier to run away? Let's see.
This is cool.
I can last a lot longer than before! Maybe I can even make it— I thought I was doing so good.
You can't just leave your own footprints.
You have to check the opponent's footprints, too.
Really? Yeah.
And Norman is also reading your habits.
For example, Thoma, you Playing tag looks like fun.
I want to get along with everyone.
So let's play tag.
The match's time limit will be 20 minutes.
I'll be "It.
" Everyone, try to run away from me.
Seven, eight, nine, ten! Now, let me see what that woman's special children can do! So, how will the enemy move? She'll probably look for us first.
And on the way, she'll capture as many little ones as she can.
Probably something like that.
Fake ones? And what is with this silence? I'll have to get serious! She's not coming after us at all.
Did she change her strategy? Huh? Too bad, caught you! Why did everyone gather in one spot? She used these to lure in the younger ones.
So she's not stupid, huh? No! Listen everyone! Sister is really hard to beat! Don and Gilda, too? It was crazy.
She chased me everywhere.
We got caught way faster than when Norman was "It.
" Emma! Cover your mouths! Jump! Running while carrying two kids.
You must be tired, Emma.
You won't be able to move unless you rest.
Did you know? Norman's weakness is physical strength.
I heard he was feeble when he was younger.
Ray's weakness is that he's a little quick to give up.
He makes a decision fast but abandons them just as quickly.
And you, Emma! Your weakness is your naiveté.
Like how naive you are by carrying others when you're being chased.
Just give up and come on out.
I won't do you wrong.
Listen, Emma.
If you saw the harvest that day then I'm on your side.
Found you! Two more! How much time is left? Eight minutes and 40 seconds! So these are the perfect scorers of this place.
Time's up.
- They did it! - Yay! Norman.
And That sister hasn't done anything since.
That's probably Mom's order.
Mom used to suspect us, but it doesn't seem like that anymore.
I wonder why? What do you think, Ray? What about you, Norman? Mom did something behind the scenes so she won't have to move herself.
What do you mean? What do you think would be the easiest situation for Mom? That would be to know our moves without having to do anything.
But there are no security cameras or listening devices That means Yeah, there's probably already a different person watching.
Most likely among the kids.
There's a traitor.
- I'm hungry! - Me too.