Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland) (2019) s01e04 Episode Script


1 So how has living here been? Oh, this is a wonderful House.
All the children are smart and well-behaved.
I see.
Lately you've been following instructions and being well-behaved as well.
You try to get along with the children, and play tag with all your strength.
I was worried because you were a tomboy, but it looks like you're fine.
You are insurance.
Insurance that I called for, just in case, to make sure the products are protected.
So you don't need to know which one knows the secret, and just pretend to be obedient, work hard, and laugh that you've grasped some sort of weakness over me.
I wouldn't think of You have nothing else to do than be my pawn, right? If you behave I'll make sure that you become a Mom.
I promise.
You're a smart girl.
Don't make any more mistakes from now on.
That woman! Just you watch! I'll drag you down! And then I will be Mom.
Starting today, let's play tag in teams.
In teams? At this rate, most of them would die if they escaped individually.
Hey, Ray.
But everyone's movements aren't bad.
So we shouldn't break them up individually.
We'll make formations and run away in teams.
We'll play tag in a way that's similar to what the real escape would be like.
The real escape.
And I have another idea.
Let's tell Don and Gilda.
We'll explain the situation and have them lead the teams.
What if they're Mom's informant? No worries.
Finding out who the informant is, and also winning them over.
I can do them simultaneously.
And I've already made arrangements.
For now, I'll tell you 100 types of formation patterns, so memorize them.
You mean by ear? You can't do it? Easy peasy! - I won't get caught this time! - Good luck.
Okay, try not to get caught for 10 minutes.
Everyone, follow me! Let's succeed and surprise Ray! Let's do this! That was fun! Phil, you were good at running away.
This is really fun! I want to be leader for the next one! But let's take a break for a little bit.
It looks like playing tag in teams is going to work! What was Phil's score again? Let's see.
He's averaging about 203 lately.
That's high.
He was one of the last ones remaining this time and also when we played tag with Sister.
He's always looking for you and Norman with Sherry, too.
Stop it! I don't want to suspect anyone after all! Idiot.
Even if you don't want to, you need to be more suspicious! Thoroughly! This is life or death.
Any progress on how to break the tracking devices? How long do you need until you're prepared? Let's see.
Ten days.
Then let's commence the plan ten days from now.
We'll carry out the escape plan ten days from now, on November 8th.
W-Wait! Isn't it too soon? I mean, it's fine, but It's not fine! It's been two weeks since Conny was shipped.
The shipment cycle is at least two months, so we should have about a month and a half.
I thought the plan was to carefully prepare during that time! Yeah.
Just as you thought that way, Mom's controlling us to think that way, too.
So we need to outwit that.
And if we fail from being too rushed? Then what? Either way, we need to escape before winter comes.
As soon as we break the tracking devices, let's execute our escape plan as quickly as possible.
That means we have to do what's necessary in the remaining ten days.
Let's talk to Don and Gilda tonight.
Both of you, follow my lead.
What did you want to talk about? What? Human trafficking? Yeah.
All of our siblings have been sold off to bad people.
There's no way! No way! But the walls, the gate, and the siblings who left and never write us letters Oh come on, now.
So what's the punch line? What kind of prank is this? You're not saying it's true, are you? It's true.
Then what about Mom? She's the one who's selling us to bad people.
There's no way that kind Mom would do such a thing! Take it back, Emma! Don.
Emma loves this House and Mom.
So there's no way she would lie about that.
And I did think it was weird.
The night Conny left Emma and Norman went to the gate, and You did? Even if you broke the rules, both of you would usually apologize immediately, and everything would be back to normal.
But you haven't done that.
Emma, you've become so serious now.
So I couldn't ask about it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Gilda.
I made you worry.
Did you see it, Emma? Conny being sold off to those bad people.
But we didn't make it in time.
Conny is safe, right? I don't know.
But how How could this even happen? I don't know if this proves anything, but these are our siblings' scores that I had Ray and Emma look into for the past few days.
Scores? The ones who left are over six years old and adopted in the order of lowest scores first.
Isn't that weird? True, Conny's scores are And Hao and Sadie You're right, Norman.
Let's escape from here and go help Conny and the others.
Let's all run away from here, together! Please help us.
Hey, Norman.
Is this about the shipment? What do you mean you "don't know"? You should have said they died! That was the best way to smoothly get them to help us.
If they weren't the spies after all then this kind of lie is too cruel.
"They're alive"? Don't give them hope that doesn't exist.
How and when are you going to tell them the truth? Can you tell them? I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
We're still assuming they might be the spies, too.
So I'm going to lay a trap.
A trap? I'll tell both of them where the rope is hidden.
I'll tell Don it's under my bed.
To Gilda, I'll tell her it's in the ceiling of the second floor bathroom.
Who will make a move? How will Mom find out? We can trace it from there.
And the ropes? If they weren't the spies, and there's nothing there, it'll get complicated.
I have something else for that, too.
So you're completely prepared, huh? I told you.
We have to outwit her.
Come back here! It's been a while since we talked like this.
It's weird, right? Even though we're together every day.
And we'll be together from now on, too, right? Yeah.
I see.
The rope is hidden in Norman's bed.
I've been waiting for you, Gilda.
Now, please talk to me, Gilda.
About that issue, right? There isn't anything I'm worried about.
I appreciate that you frequently checked on me out of concern.
That's right, I'm worried.
But I'm okay now.
So you can leave me alone.
Please excuse me.
I see.
Emma told you everything, then? Gilda, so you know about everything now, don't you? Darn, it's too bad, Gilda.
I thought we could become friends.
So who else knows? Norman.
And? I'll let only you go, so why don't we join hands? Please stop! I don't know what you're talking about! I just had a fight with Emma.
But we made up, so everything's okay now! I see.
So it was my misunderstanding.
I apologize.
If you think Emma has lied to you, come back to me.
I'll see you later, Gilda.
I'm not giving up.
If I can't get Gilda The great Thoma has arrived! I wonder if it's okay? Let's go.
Mom's watching.
According to what Emma told me, Gilda is innocent.
Hey, Ray.
I wonder why traitors betray others.
Maybe it's because there must be some merit in doing so.
For example, they can be spared from being shipped out and can become an adult.
A guarantee to live, huh? I see, so this was training for running away.
One, two Three Emma.
Can I talk to you? I'd like to hear your opinion.
What if there's someone who is willingly being an agent of the demons, and that by spying on us, they are guaranteed to continue living You mean, in exchange for spying on us, they won't get shipped out and can live? Would you leave that person behind? Or take them with us? I'd take them with us.
Even if that person didn't want that? Yeah.
I'd force them to come with us.
Because if we escape, that person's life might not be guaranteed anymore.
Also, I want to believe, after all.
The incident with Gilda made me realize that.
Ray told me to suspect everyone, but even if there's a traitor who is a demon's agent, no one within our siblings is a bad person.
We're family that grew up together.
Even if that person gets in the way, betrays us, or says I'm naïve, I want to believe in that person! Of course you would say that, Emma.
So? Nothing.
Seriously? Then it's confirmed that it's Don.
So you're the traitor, Ray.