Yellowjackets (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Blood Hive

We're out of food.
If we want to eat, one of you is gonna have to learn how to use this thing.
So the rest of us are relying on you two, which means you need to rely on each other.
- Just breathe.
- [gunshot.]
The coroner ruled it a suicide.
Travis didn't fucking kill himself, and I'm gonna find out who did.
I know a guy who can probably get us into Travis' email.
I don't need you.
Yeah, but, Nat - Go the fuck home.
- I'm his wife.
He just hasn't texted me the room number yet.
Why are you here, Adam? I was just getting a drink, but, actually, I'm starting to think maybe something out there has other ideas.
- [Misty.]
It's Misty.
- I told you to never call me.
Travis is dead.
[Taissa sighs.]
If Rafelson takes a shine to me tonight, her money, her influence, she could turn everything around.
Tell me, what really happened out there? Go fuck yourself.
I think bad things happened here.
Come here! Look! [whirring.]
I just have a bad feeling about this place.
A bad feeling? I don't believe in that shit.
"No Return" by Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker It was cool, nothing fire Nothing broke Keep simple Nothing tired, nothing old Same as you Same as you Oh, so cute, so revival So alone Birthday suit, just a smile No one home Same as you Same as you [vocalizing.]
No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason This is how we do it One, two, one, two, three, four! - This is how we do it -[vocalizing.]
- Running man, running man.
- This is how we do it Bart Simpson, Bart Simpson.
And I feel all right [Mari.]
And Javi.
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [whooping.]
So I reach for my 40, and I turn it up [all.]
Designated driver take the keys to my truck Hit the shore 'cause I'm faded Honeys in the street say, "Monty, yo, we made it" It feels so good in my hood tonight The summertime skirts and the guys in Kani All the gang bangers forgot about the drive-by - [music stops.]
- [whoops, laughs.]
Goddamn it.
[girls panting.]
- What happened? - I don't know.
Has hitting something ever fixed it? M-Maybe try blowing on it? [blows.]
Uh, the fuck was that? - Hey, you heard it, too? - It was probably just a branch.
Inside, on the floor? - [sighs.]
- What if it's him? What, the dead guy? Um, yeah.
You know what it probably was? The dead guy's missing fingers - trying to find their way home.
- [jeering.]
You really have to encourage them? You got to admit, it didn't sound like it was on the roof.
Fine, then it was a rat, or a raccoon, or something.
I don't know, it Shh! Oh, my God.
- Well, I don't hear it now.
- [Taissa.]
See? [Ben.]
All right, all right.
You know what I think it was? I think the ghost decided it was time to get some sleep.
And we should probably do the same, yeah? - Yeah.
- Yeah, I don't know.
[birds chirping.]
[door creaks.]
suspenseful music [Ben snoring softly.]
gentle music [gasps, pants.]
What the fuck are you doing? I was just, um, I-I I just, I just wanted to move the blankets so that Do not fucking touch me, Misty.
Do you understand? Dramatic music [Ben panting.]
- [groans.]
- Jackie.
- [groans louder.]
- Up and at 'em, or something.
I'm so cold.
I have cramps.
No shit.
We literally all have cramps.
Our periods have synced up.
- Come on.
- [groans.]
[birds chirping.]
[axe striking in distance.]
[axe strikes.]
Bloody soldiers on the left and breakfast on the right.
Okay? Don't mess them up like Travis did.
Okay, you guys are disgusting.
- I'm - Shut up.
[axe strikes.]
How about getting some more water? Breakfast isn't going anywhere.
Eerie music - [axe strikes.]
- [fire crackling.]
Lottie? Aren't you cold? Yeah actually.
I thought it'd be warmer.
[grunts softly.]
women vocalizing hauntingly [grunting softly.]
[sighing heavily.]
Hey, need a hand? [sighs.]
No, it's okay.
I got it.
Why are you so chipper? Don't you have a blood sacrifice between your legs like the rest of us? Um, I'm late this month.
Uh, we were in a plane crash.
It's probably just stress.
Well, lucky you're a virgin or we'd really have to worry.
Anyway, enjoy it while it lasts, I guess.
This rag situation is a fucking horror show.
Suspenseful music [phone keys clicking.]
No worries.
I'm trying to cut back on carbs anyway.
Oh, shit.
Hey, if you see an Uber pre-auth on your account tonight, don't cancel it.
I'm going into the city with Cleo and Linh.
I'm sorry, did you mean to phrase that as a question? Uh no.
You're not going into the city for Halloween.
I know.
It's heartless how I take an interest in your safety.
My safety? I'm sorry my idea of a good time doesn't involve sitting on the porch in some '90s character costume that nobody even recognizes.
The people who matter recognize Daria, okay? And besides, I'm not gonna be the one handing out the candy, you are.
My, uh, book club is meeting tonight.
Halloween for the ages.
But, hey, it's a good thing you're doing all that lame stuff now, it'll free up so much time during your retirement.
You shouldn't be so hard on her.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so hard on her? Our daughter is an asshole.
You let her get under your skin.
Why do you do that? Well, you let her do whatever she wants.
I don't understand why I'm the only one in this family who thinks that actions should have consequences.
Do you really need to do this book club thing tonight? Yeah, Jeff.
I-I do have to go.
Hey, why don't we go together? Make it like a date.
- [sets mug down.]
- To book club? Yeah.
You haven't done the reading.
What's it about? Lay it on me.
We're reading The Girl in the Train Window.
And [sighs.]
you know, really, I'm just going to avoid the side-eye from the other moms.
It's-it's basically the opposite of-of a sausage fest, so [Jeff.]
- A clambake - Don't.
- You don't need to.
- All right.
All right.
I guess I can, uh, appease the local goblin community alone this year.
[narrator on TV.]
Washington State is the hottest UFO hotspot in the nation.
The number of UFO sightings here has increased dramatically.
[chatter continues indistinctly.]
[cell phone ringing.]
I'm glad I caught you.
I, uh, I got the file on Travis.
- You did? - Yeah.
And the toxicology report, it's it's clean.
He wasn't on anything, Nat.
- [sighs.]
- I know that doesn't make it any less of a of a tragedy, but, uh, I hope it'll help you rest easier.
Yeah, it will.
I owe you one.
Well, in that case, um Look, uh [sighs.]
if my timing's off, don't even worry about it, but, um if you ever want to hang out again or Hey, Kev, I'm getting another call, so, uh, I'll talk to you later, okay? Bye.
[exhales sharply.]
[newscaster speaking indistinctly on TV.]
- [monitor beeping steadily.]
- [cell phone rings.]
Hello? Didn't you say you knew a guy who could break into people's email? Who is this, please? What is your problem? It's a simple question.
I haven't heard an apology yet.
But in light of everything you've been through, I will forgive you.
In terms of my contact, I'll reach out to them.
Who're we hacking? Kevyn.
He got the whole file on Travis's death, but as far as he knows it's suicide, so I can't exactly ask him for it.
Consider it done.
Come on.
It smells bad in there.
That's just antiseptic.
Come on in.
This place is really boring.
But was there something you wanted to ask Mrs.
Petersen? - Trick or treat.
- Trick or treat.
Here you go.
[beeping drones.]
Code Blue, Code Blue! Doctor, Doctor! - Come and help us! - [both screaming.]
Trick it is.
[beeping steadily.]
[urine trickling.]
tense music - [twigs breaks.]
- [Taissa groans softly.]
- Sorry, I was just - Oh, no.
It's fine.
[axe clatters.]
I'll talk to you later.
That bad? [chuckles.]
I'm trailing by 20 points in the suburbs.
Even here, I'm nowhere near Bathurst.
Why couldn't I just smile and kiss Diane Rafelson's - rich, old liberal ass? - [chuckles.]
Well, you've never been good at being anything other than yourself.
Honestly, it's your superpower.
Are you trying to get in my pants? - [chuckles.]
- Mm.
[both moan softly.]
[dog growling.]
[howling in distance.]
Baby, what's wrong? [Taissa.]
Do you hear that? - [Simone.]
What? - [howls.]
[shuddering breath.]
Baby, what are you do Did you see someone outside? Keep the dog inside.
Women vocalizing hauntingly Women vocalizing hauntingly [siren blaring in distance.]
suspenseful music [birds twittering.]
Thanks for jinxing me.
Welcome to Club Flo.
Call me when you're ready to shake Misty down for Motrin.
[chuckles softly.]
Ugh! These batteries.
Fucking cocksucker.
[Jackie sighs.]
- Come on.
- What the hell? You're coming with me.
Let's go.
Come on.
You have to push it harder.
- I am pushing.
- No, you're not.
You have to push till it pops.
- Like this.
- [bone pops.]
Oh, gross.
It's not that hard.
It's like shucking an oyster.
Yeah, I'm not doing that.
Well, then I don't know how to help you, but you can't keep not pitching in.
People are noticing, Jackie.
Why am I the only one not getting off on this boring back-to-the-land bullshit? I suck at this stuff, and I know that.
And I don't belong here, and I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this.
Remember when Kiffy Schumacher broke her arm right before we were supposed to go to WhipSplash River? And you told her that if she shared her Percocet, we'd all crash bingo at the Elks Lodge instead? [scoffs.]
Wait, is this a pep talk? - [laughs.]
Oh, wowza, Shipman.
- [chuckles.]
Wow, that is so not your style.
- Tell me about it.
- Mm.
Cheering people up is your thing.
I'm better at Making people feel judged? Ooh, cutting up dead things? Wow.
I'm kidding.
Besides, you're kind of turning into a badass out here.
You taught me how to be like this, you know.
I mean, you make people feel like things are gonna be okay just by showing up and being your dumb, hot, awesome self.
At least you always did that for me.
I'm still not putting a knife through a fucking deer knee.
But still, we we need you, Jackie.
I mean, you're basically the best.
Remember? - Yeah.
- [chuckles.]
- [laughter.]
- Ooh.
Whoa, Samwich, what'd we say? Five pieces.
Can I have six? Including this one that you had in your hand? [Sammy.]
I don't know how that got there.
Remember, no candy for the dog.
Speaking of truth Maybe it's about time you "spill" on your opponent's junkie daughter.
Whatever happened to not going low? Yeah, well, when these nutjobs come to my house, - I'm less magnanimous.
- No, the c The contractor is sending someone - to paint over it tomorrow.
- [sighs heavily.]
dramatic music - [Simone.]
- Arms up.
intense music [sighs heavily.]
[dance music playing.]
[lively chatter.]
If you'd warned me we were gonna be coming to a place this cool, I would've just, like, worn a sheet over my head.
Well, you could have, but wearing a mask is more conducive to not bumping into walls.
They're all just so young, and-and so, um - naked.
- Oh, stop.
Hey, you're the most beautiful person here.
Anyway, this was, like, every other weekend at Pratt.
Art students will use any excuse to take their clothes off.
That must have been very educational for you.
- [scoffs.]
- No comment.
- [laughs.]
- Shall we? [Shauna sighs.]
I feel like I just look like I fell off a Fifty Shades of Grey bus tour.
You don't have to if you don't want to.
I don't think I want to.
[dance music playing.]
- [Adam.]
Hey, thanks.
- [Shauna.]
Thank you.
- [birds chirping.]
- [panting softly.]
Ah, giving up makes sense.
You're too far behind to ever catch up.
It's not my fault your lady blood is scaring all the prey away.
- [clears throat.]
- [laughs.]
- Oh, you went there.
- Went there? I am surrounded on all sides.
That cabin is, like, the blood hive.
What's the matter, Travis? Are you scared of our menses? I never said that.
[clears throat.]
Anyway, shouldn't the smell of blood attract animals? Uh, predators, maybe.
But didn't hunter-gatherer tribes used to make their women, like, hide in huts or whatever when they were on their periods? I'm confused now.
Are you a zoologist or an anthropologist? [chuckles.]
I'm pretty sure it was so they wouldn't ruin the hunt.
More like 'cause men needed something to blame their failures on.
I guess that hasn't changed.
[gun clicks.]
What was that about me not catching up to you? [laughs softly.]
soft, tranquil music [knocking rhythmically.]
I told you we didn't need a code.
I've got good news and bad news.
Which one is this? No, open it.
It's an aroma diffuser.
Ylang-ylang, with a hint of gardenia.
Subtropical florals are very, very uplifting.
Good to know.
What's the bad news? Well, uh, my contact can access the files, but he's being a bit of a D-bag.
Who is this person, exactly? We only know each other by our Citizen Detective chat handles.
He's mad at me because I didn't tell him that he was stealing a police file, so now he wants to meet in public to "discuss" the terms of the exchange.
Oh, we'll meet all right.
dark, suspenseful music What's that? Maybe you should tell us.
We found it in your room.
What do you mean, "no"? Sammy, you painted a word on our front door.
You want to tell us why? [Simone.]
Sweetheart, we promise we won't get angry with you.
You just need to tell us the truth, okay? I didn't paint the word.
Sammy, please.
The bad one did it.
The lady in the tree.
And did the lady in the tree also put the paint under your bed? Sammy, you know there isn't any lady.
Please stop lying to us.
I'm not lying.
Baby, wait up.
Is this gonna work? I mean, most restaurants won't let you bring in drinks or food or anything.
I don't know, Misty.
You tell me.
I've still got that rifle in the trunk.
Well, I don't know how we'd get that into the restaurant.
[upbeat song playing on stereo.]
Stallion99? African Grey? [chuckles.]
Yeah, no.
I'm African Grey.
I [whispers.]
I didn't authorize anyone else to come to this meet.
Well, cool out.
I can vouch for her.
Oh, my God.
Just tell us what you want.
- I want in.
- On what? Your operation.
The stiff in this file, I looked him up, he doesn't exist.
No shit, 'cause he's dead.
And he's none of your goddamn business.
So you should give us the file.
What's it worth to you? [grunts.]
What the hell? If the question is, "Is me lighting your dick on fire and going to jail worth me getting my hands on that file?" Fucking try me.
You guys are fucking crazy.
You should ask that guy out.
You two have so much in common.
[both laugh.]
[screams in distance.]
Jesus Christ.
- What now? - [stifled chuckle.]
Get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off! Hang on.
Hey, hang on.
- Get it off me.
- What Get what off? I don't know.
I-I was standing under the trapdoor.
I don't see anything.
But something crawled down my shirt.
It's fine.
There's nothing there.
- There's nothing there.
- I don't see anything.
It's fine.
Must have been the ghost.
Don't say that.
Wh You guys.
Okay, you guys, I just had a brainstorm.
We should have a seance.
That's a terrible idea.
Also, we're not in middle school.
But remember how fun this shit used to be? Besides, maybe if we can laugh about this, then it would help.
The occult is no laughing matter.
It's not the occult, Laura Lee.
It's a game.
Come on, Shauna, tell them.
It'll be fun.
Um well, I mean, it's not like we have anything better to do.
And maybe this dead guy can give us some life advice.
- [laughter.]
- [Van.]
So, it's settled.
Tonight, the attic.
- We make contact.
- [laughter.]
"Freakout" by Nightlapse featuring Liska But I freak out I get in my way Let it creep out Let it escape And it seeps out It can't be caged And it ain't me But it's wearing my skin And it hates me, shallow and thin Will the sane me Ever win? Somebody call my psychotherapist [Adam.]
Hey, Shauna.
I can't handle this Wait.
Call my psychotherapist Jackie? Mom? [both.]
What are you doing here? Where'd you get that uniform? In your closet.
I don't fucking believe you, Callie.
I specifically told you - [Adam.]
Hey, Shauna.
- To never [chuckles.]
Is everything okay here? [Shauna.]
Uh, can you just Whoa.
What are you on? Just molly.
- What the fuck is - Ecstasy, Mom.
Come on.
Well, no, what about my friends? - Where are we going? - Where do you think we're going, the after-party? I'm taking you home.
Or, I don't know, someplace you can sober up.
Hey, do you guys need a ride? No.
Thank you.
Silence, I can't handle it He's asleep.
I'm worried about him.
Well, I'm glad you're catching up.
I know I've been distracted.
You've been worse than distracted.
You're losing weight, you're exhausted.
Do you want to know what's wrong with Sammy? I think a big part of it is that he's missing the mom he used to know.
You know, you never get the time back.
None of us will.
[laughs softly.]
Doesn't seem worth it, does it? All this, just to lose a bid for state senate.
You think I should drop out? I would never ask you to do that.
I just I just don't want you to have any regrets.
[crying softly.]
I'll make an announcement.
[Ben grunts.]
Tea, to help with the swelling.
In-in your leg.
[laughs softly.]
No, no, no.
Not like that.
Put them along the marks that are already here.
This symbol thing is totally seance-y.
Isn't this kind of, like, a waste of candles? [scoffs.]
Not if we're getting rid of a ghost.
- You cheater! - [laughs.]
Oh, my God, are you seriously doing magic right now? [laughs.]
You do know that girls are not into that, right? Wait, so are you saying that when I wasn't doing magic, you were into it? Give me that.
Hey! [laughs.]
soft, intriguing music [both panting.]
soft, somber music [grunts softly.]
What is that? See, here it is again.
What, that smudge? And here.
Does that look like wax? Dark, pulsing music [Natalie.]
This is bad.
This is so wrong.
Travis didn't believe in any of this shit.
Then why is it in the place where he died? I don't know, but I promise you, he did not put it there.
So was that your lover? - Um, okay.
I-I - He was pretty hot.
Though you-you do have that whole Yellowjackets thing going for you.
"Buzz, buzz, buzz," right? As a matter of fact, Callie, he doesn't know anything about that.
- That's funny? - Mom.
Come on.
Does he know your name? Does he have the Internet? When did you fall out of love with Dad? It's not that It's so complicated.
With your dad and me, there's a lot of baggage.
You mean Jackie? You guys never talk about her.
You know, that was her uniform, not mine.
Oh, shit.
I didn't know.
Her parents gave it to me for her 40th birthday, um, so I could remember her.
As if I hadn't spent the better part of my life thinking about her every single day.
- [inhales sharply.]
- Are you okay? God.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
It's just, it's just so awful that you had to go through all that.
Bad things happen in life.
- And I'm fine.
- No.
But, Mom, but you're not.
You're so not fine.
Do you think I can't see that? Soft, solemn music [Jackie.]
O keeper of this wild and hidden place we anoint ourselves with blood and earth.
It's just dirt and deer blood.
Classic witch recipe.
O spirit, we offer our sister as your instrument.
Come to us and speak your peace.
It is I, Jacques.
[stifled laughter.]
[clears throat.]
- [deep voice.]
- [laughter.]
Ask your questions.
The pendulum will answer them.
[clears throat.]
Dear dead hunter guy did O.
do it? [laughter.]
Come on, guys.
Real questions.
The veil is thin between our two planes.
Ask what is in your heart.
I'll go.
Is Principal Berzonsky screwing Ms.
DeWine? [laughter.]
[scattered oohing.]
- It is certain.
- [laughter, howling.]
Hunter guy, if we hadn't crashed, would we have won Nationals? - [Van.]
- [all oohing.]
[laughter, whooping.]
[oohing, laughter.]
If you're thinking about flying that thing, you're even crazier than those idiots upstairs.
My grandpa used to fly a Cessna, and he could barely write his name.
It can't be that hard.
Okay, fine.
It's probably hard.
But there's no harm in reading about it.
Coach, are you listening to this? [sighs.]
I'm gonna go see what's so funny.
[footsteps thudding.]
They're obviously fake.
You really need a ghost to tell you that? - [laughter.]
- [Mari.]
You think? But who would've paid for them? Her parents? I thought I told you to stay downstairs.
It's boring.
I think they got divorced recently.
It could've been guilt money.
- Well, that's just creepy.
- "Well, honey, your mom and I are splitting up, but don't worry, 'cause your tits are gonna look amazing.
" [laughter.]
Guys, guys, focus.
Next question.
- Misty? - [Misty chuckles.]
Um [clears throat.]
Dear spirit, I need to know the truth.
Does the person I like like me back? Aww.
- [soft laughter.]
- Oh.
- [whistling, oohing.]
- Yes, Misty.
Next question? Mm-hmm? Are we all gonna die out here? Atmospheric, haunting music [soft laughter.]
[wind whistling.]
Okay, an eight? What's that supposed to mean? It's not an eight.
It's an infinity.
Yeah, okay, Aristotle.
[screaming, shouting.]
Who has the matches? [Lottie hyperventilating.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Guys, something's really wrong with her.
- [crying.]
- I-I don't, think she It wants It wants Misty, what do we do? - [Lottie.]
It wants! - Lottie, I swear to God, if you're fucking with us [Akilah.]
I think she's, like, possessed.
Listen, Lottie.
Lottie, sweetie.
What's going on? What is "it"? More like what does "it" want? Hungry.
It's in you already.
Lottie, knock it off.
This isn't a game.
[speaking French.]
Is that French? Since when does Lottie speak French? Jackie, w-wasn't she in your class? Yeah, but she sucks at French.
- Well, what's she saying? - I don't know, I suck at French, too! Well, damn it, Jackie, try not to! [clamoring, thudding.]
- [speaking French.]
- [Jackie.]
Uh, "he-he," uh "it, it.
" No, it wants something - [speaking French.]
- Uh, "blood"? I-I think she's saying "blood.
" [Mari.]
Not the word I want to be hearing right now.
[speaking French.]
More blood stuff? I don't know.
Here? Here.
She's saying "here.
" [Van.]
There's blood where, Lottie? You really have to be encouraging her, Van? Blood here, or out there? Coach, do something.
Make them stop.
Lottie, what? Coach? [speaking French.]
You must spill blood.
Or else Or else what, Lottie? [Lottie panting.]
Lottie, what are you [girls screaming.]
Coach? - [gasps.]
- [heaving.]
What is happening? - [wails.]
- [Akilah.]
Lottie! - [wailing continues.]
- [Ben panting.]
[Lottie continues wailing.]
[gasping, panting.]
[Laura Lee.]
The power of Christ compels you! Begone, Satan! The power of Christ compels you! Lottie! Lottie, stop! Ow.
What the hell, Laura Lee? [panting.]
Seriously? What the motherfuck just happened? - [camera shutters clicking.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
Thank you, everyone, for coming on such short notice.
I, um [clears throat.]
Wow, this is hard.
I guess it would be nice of me to explain why you all had to wake up so early.
[echoing, distorted.]
My opponent, Phil Bathurst has waged a worthy campaign, and I trust will continue to serve his constituents [voices fading.]
dark, suspenseful music I knew when I started this campaign that I was getting into a bloody business, but I believed it was important.
The people of New Jersey deserve honest representation.
They deserve a leader with courage.
My opponent Phil Bathurst has been scaring people with lurid insinuations, and his supporters, well, they're lapping it up.
Yesterday, someone defaced our home with his disgusting taunt.
Since everyone seems so fixated on this, here's what I will say about the time I spent in the wilderness.
It's not sensational, but it is the truth.
In life, sometimes we encounter obstacles that are so enormous we can only face them with the help of our community.
And that's as true today in New Jersey as it was out there.
So here's my commitment to you: no matter what gets written on my door, I am staying in this race.
Because together, we can do anything.
I believe that.
[Taissa inhales sharply.]
I've seen it happen.
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [chuckles.]
dark, suspenseful music [Laura Lee exhales.]
slow, somber music - Ben? Is everything o - Stop.
No, don't look for them.
Look at me.
You poisoned me.
Why? That's a very strong word.
- I-I-I was - No, Misty.
Why? I, uh You what? I have these feelings for you, and I [panting.]
I feel the same way you do.
I-I'm sorry that I lost my temper this morning.
It's just that w-when you get close to me like that, it frightens me.
I-I get scared that I won't be able to control myself.
[laughs softly.]
You don't have to be scared.
- I would love - No, Misty, Misty.
I do.
I mean, you're not even 18.
Right? And I'm your teacher.
I just couldn't live with myself if I ever crossed that line, uh no matter how much I might want to.
Do you understand? Okay.
And we shouldn't tell anyone else.
I mean, the other girls, they would only be jealous.
So what if this is our secret? Just us? Please, Misty.
My sweet Misty.
You help me be strong.
Do we think it's still up there? You all need to stop.
There's nothing up there.
Lottie's been acting weird for weeks.
I'll prove it.
You're gonna sleep up there? [Taissa.]
That's right.
Who's with me? Fine.
More room for me, then.
[praying quietly.]
We should go up there with her.
In the attic? No frickin' way.
Well, she shouldn't be up there by herself.
I mean, if it weren't for us Shauna, whatever happened tonight was not - because of our dumb seance.
- Okay, but If you want to sleep up there, fine, be my guest.
I'm staying down here.
[exhales sharply.]
Uh, I picked you up some Pedialyte.
Thought it might help with your stomach.
- How are you feeling? - How do you think? Like ass.
So, here's the deal.
I don't have a curfew anymore.
And any Ubers into the city are gonna be no-questions-asked, or else I'll tell Dad [whispers.]
about your new boyfriend.
Honey, um have you ever heard of mutually assured destruction? I basically invented it.
Okay, great.
So let's chase down exactly what you're proposing.
- Hmm.
- First of all, do you have any idea how much divorce lawyers cost? We're talking $500, $600 an hour.
So, there's about 12,000 bucks in your college fund right now And, yes, I do wish that number sounded less pathetic But regardless, you can kiss it goodbye.
And speaking of that curfew that you're so eager to be free from? Get ready to have a different kind of cramp on your weekends, because there is no one lonelier than a recent divorcé.
You will be spending your Friday nights in your dad's sad little apartment, eating cold pizza on the sofa you know he cries into.
And after a few months of that, just when you start to think, "Oh, okay, Dad's taking a little bit better care of himself now," get ready.
Because that is when he is gonna come to you for dating advice, which I don't doubt you'll be able to give him, because most of those girls will be about your age.
But, hey, you're the one holding the trump card here.
Hon? - [Jeff.]
Yeah? - Will you come in here? Callie has something she wants to tell you.
What's going on? [sighs.]
I snuck into the city last night.
And I got high, and kind of freaked out a little, and I had to call Mom to give me a ride home.
Cals, that's, uh, that's very disappointing.
You know, lying is very uncool, and you're lucky that your mom was able to be there to pick you up, otherwise you could [sighs.]
Boy, were you right.
She is getting a real attitude.
What are you doing? I was just gonna keep you company.
If that's okay.
How far along are you? You are pregnant, right? You won't tell anyone - will you? - No.
I won't.
But if we're stuck out here long enough, I have a feeling it'll come out one way or another.
Soft, energetic music [keyboard clicking.]
[knocking on door.]
Since my press conference, my phone has not stopped ringing with folks trying to interview me.
So tell me, why am I here? What is that? It's the floor of the barn where they found Travis's body.
The police are saying it's a suicide, but there were candles underneath him arranged like that, Tai.
Someone burned them and took them away.
Who would do that? Why? [phone chimes.]
[phone chimes.]
"Gather 50K cash and await further instructions.
Do not discuss with your teammates.
I will know.
" I'm calling Shauna.
Good idea.
Soft, dark music [Taissa.]
Hey, I'm with Natalie.
You need to get here.
Travis is dead, and She says she already knows.
What? How? Misty called her.
That conniving, poodle-haired little fucking freak? Shauna, get here now! We've got a big problem.
Disorienting, cacophonous music
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