Yellowjackets (2021) s01e06 Episode Script


You are pregnant, right? When did you fall out of love with Dad? - There's a lot of baggage.
- Baggage.
You mean Jackie.
Sammy, you painted a word on our front door.
You want to tell us why? The bad one did it, the lady in the tree.
No matter what gets written on my door, - I am staying in this race.
- [Misty.]
I don't know what you think you're doing, but, um, I've got my eye on you.
Does that look like wax? [Natalie.]
Travis did not put it there.
- Who would do that? Why? - [phone chimes.]
- "Gather $50K cash.
" - I'm calling Shauna.
We should have a séance.
- You must spill blood.
- Blood?! [woman over radio.]
The oil tanker leaked approximately 11 million gallons of oil.
There's no way gas prices won't go up.
Exxon Valdez is gonna pay billions in cleanup, but you know who's really gonna foot the bill? We are.
Right at the pump.
For more on this story, - here's Matt Stone.
- [Stone.]
Not only did the spill decimate the wildlife of Prince William Sound, but it drastically damaged the local Alaskan industries and its communities.
Christ, Lottie, stop it! That's enough.
- [overlapping chatter.]
- [horn blaring.]
- [tires squealing.]
- [debris clattering.]
[indistinct chatter.]
It's just getting worse.
You saw what happened, Malcolm.
I can't listen to this.
Why can't you accept the possibility that there are things in this world we don't understand? [Malcolm.]
Our daughter didn't save us because she can't see the future.
Lottie is sick, and we are taking her to a psychiatrist.
That's the end of it.
- [Emilia sighs softly.]
- [door slams.]
[crow cawing.]
Seriously? How the fuck are there no fucking berries? [sighs.]
The birds could be picking them off.
Or-or mice.
I'd eat the crap out of a mouse right now.
- Ew.
- Gross.
You know, some animals live off eating their own vomit.
Thanks for that image, Lot.
Did Dead Cabin Guy tell you that, or do you guys just chat about blood and stuff? No, we mostly talk about how Danny Mears dumped you for his own cousin.
Hey, they're second cousins.
And that's totally legal, you know.
Eerie, suspenseful music Hey, look, ignore Mari, okay? I don't think she's taken a shit in, like, two weeks.
Are you okay? What's wrong? Nothing.
It-it it's fine.
Soft, eerie music "No Return" by Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker It was cool, nothing fire Nothing broke Keep simple Nothing tired, nothing old Same as you Same as you Oh, so cute, so revival So alone Birthday suit, just a smile No one home Same as you Same as you vocalizing No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason soft, eerie music Soft, rhythmic vocal music [Randy.]
Shauna? Randy.
- Are you staying here? - Yeah.
Tammy kicked me out.
We're going through one of our little divorces right now.
- Ah.
- She'll come around.
Might be cheaper to keep her.
Know what I'm saying? Yup.
Are you staying here? Um, no.
What? No.
Um, oh, sure, because, um, my, uh, book club meets at the coffee shop on Lincoln, so, you know what parking is like.
It's just so crazy, so And don't rat me out.
Hey, I'm no narc.
Check this out.
- Wow.
- Wiskayok High 'till I die! - [laughs.]
- Buzz, buzz, buzz.
All right, all right, listen, give Jeff a big man hug from me.
- Sure.
- You two.
You're the real deal.
Jeff's a lucky man.
Well, uh, good luck with Tammy.
Suspenseful, percussive music [sighs.]
You look like shit.
Uh, well, back at you.
How's Jeff? Is he still hocking futons? Okay, no.
We're not doing this, okay? Not after all the shit we've been through.
Now, we got a situation here.
We're gonna deal with it.
Okay, fine.
What's-what's going on? Is that Travis? Soft, eerie music Someone strung him up and then tried to cover their tracks.
We think it's the same person who's blackmailing us.
What? Blackmail? But you didn't get one of these? What? No.
What do they want? 50 grand in cash to keep their mouth shut.
We're not sure exactly what they know, but [scoffs.]
I sure as hell don't want to find out.
You both got one? Misty did, too.
I mean, it's got to be someone from the team, right? Like, who else would know about this? - That reporter.
- Wait, wait.
I thought I told you to take care of her.
I threatened a lawsuit.
I told her to back off.
Fuck this.
- [chuckles.]
- What are you doing? I'm gonna bring Jessica Roberts Great fake name, by the way To us.
And I'll just say, "Oh, I'm ready to tell my story.
" No, because if it is not her, then we are just handing her the exact kind of story she's looking for.
Yeah, Shauna's right, Nat.
Please, just put the phone down.
Stop it.
Stop it! - Natalie.
- Fucking put the phone down.
You know I don't like when you yell at me.
- Can you get the money? - I'm working on it.
Once you do, we put a GPS tracker in with the cash, and that way, we can follow it, and see who, what we're-we're dealing with.
I cannot believe I'm about to say this, but should we loop Misty in? No.
She could be part of this.
Well, she did take me to see Travis, but first, she fucked with my car.
Still, she's been helping me to figure it all out.
Oh, yeah, 'cause, naturally.
Um, is there anything else I should know about, or does the blackmail, Travis maybe being murdered, and this one playing buddy cop with Misty fucking Quigley just about cover it? [exhales.]
[indistinct chatter.]
See you tomorrow, Val.
- I'm bringing cronuts.
- Great.
Eerie, suspenseful music [car alarm beeps off.]
[footsteps approaching.]
Shauna? Shauna?! You ready to go? Brunch with the Taylors? Oh, no.
That's not until Tuesday.
No, brunch is today, Wednesday.
Do you think it's Monday? Do you not want to go to this thing? Course I want to go.
It's her birthday.
Jackie was my best friend.
- [pained screaming.]
- Shauna.
Shauna, breathe with me.
[breathing slowing.]
There we go.
It's crowning.
- Push! Push! - [screaming.]
- angelic singing -[crying.]
[crying continues.]
He's so beautiful, just like his father.
[gasps, panting.]
- "Boob"? - [laughs.]
Are you five? Yeah, I write what I know.
Is that even a word, or are you just feeling me up? Concentrate.
You always win, anyway.
Why do you think I like to play? Jesus, Tai.
Treat me like a lady.
I don't know how they got so dirty.
[Van clicks tongue.]
Well, you're forgiven if I get another turn.
- Oh.
- [laughs.]
Scared of what other people think? Nope.
Just not interested in the drama.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
They are gonna find out eventually.
You know that, right? Not if we get the hell out of here.
What? I want to go look for help.
Soft, gentle music Okay, um, we are surrounded by hundreds of miles of wilderness.
How do you know that for sure? What if there's, like, a town, or an outpost or something closer than we think? It's not like we're on an island.
If we head south - long enough, eventually - Tai.
You go tearing off into the woods, how the fuck are you gonna survive? I don't know.
But I know what'll happen if we stay.
[insects chirring and trilling.]
Where have you been? Had to pee.
What are you doing up? Bad dream.
What was it this time? A cheeseburger-baby? [laughs.]
I never should have told you about that.
What am I gonna do, Tai? I heard Katie Lindstrom did it with the underwire of her bra last year.
Have you lost your mind? You'll die.
I'll probably die either way.
I'm in the middle of nowhere, and the ob-gyn on call is Misty fucking Quigley.
At least this way I won't die having my best friend What were you about to say? Shauna? That at least this way I won't die having my best friend's boyfriend's baby.
It's Jeff's? Soft, tender music Whoa.
[inhales sharply.]
I mean Wow.
But still, Shauna, it's not worth dying to keep Jackie from finding out.
I have a plan, all right? To head south and find help.
So just wait.
Promise me you won't do anything stupid.
[inhales sharply.]
Here we go.
- Oh, wow.
- Ah.
I know it's silly to do this every year, but it's not a real birthday - without presents.
- Oh.
Thank you.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
It's She's got little babies.
That is nice.
That's very pretty.
It's-it's lovely.
Jackie just adored rabbits.
Dig in before it gets cold.
- Great.
- Deal.
You two have an anniversary coming up, don't you? Yup.
Yeah, pretty soon.
Jackie would've been so happy for you.
I truly believe that.
She was generous that way.
And she always worried about you finding someone, Shauna.
Silver linings, I suppose.
- You two are a-a better match.
- [phone buzzing.]
You're both the type to be content.
You don't want more than, well, [scoffs.]
- what you have.
- Um Oh, I don't mean that in a bad way.
No, I mean it's nonsense, all this talk about having it all.
The fact is, you just can't be remarkable and raise a family.
And you're the mother of such a special little child.
I don't even like my daughter.
[coughs, sniffles, laughs.]
- I don't.
- She's It's an inside joke.
She's kidding.
How is Callie? - [phone buzzing.]
- Um Well, she's 16 going on 30.
She reminds me so much of Jackie at that age.
- Yeah.
- [Jeff.]
Callie's got college coming up, doesn't she? It's so expensive now.
Jeff works hard, but he's the only one that contributes.
Uh, financially, I mean.
Providing for Callie's education must keep you both up at night.
[clears throat.]
But we'd be happy to help.
It would be No.
Thank you, Mrs.
Taylor, but, um, that's not necessary.
Jeff and I have it covered.
Just let us know if you change your mind.
- [Shauna.]
- Mm-hmm.
If you'll excuse me, I, uh, have to go - to the little girls' room.
- Sure.
[clears throat.]
[Shauna groans.]
I never thought I'd be desperate enough to want to eat a rabbit.
Oh, well I mean, what even is a rabbit? A squirrel with floppy ears and a pom-pom on its ass? Like, why? What even is that? It's a rabbit.
What is this question? [Jackie groans.]
I'd sell my firstborn for a cheesesteak right now.
Maybe stop talking about food? I think I miss cheesesteaks more than I miss Jeff.
- [chuckles.]
- That even possible? [bird squawks.]
No, I miss Jeff more.
I miss his smell and the way he'd rub my wrist with his thumb when we were holding hands, and I even miss his stupid Ace Ventura impressions.
[crow cawing.]
He must be losing his mind right now.
Did I tell you he said he loved me the day before we left? No, you didn't.
Yeah, I-I didn't say it back, and I should have.
[crow caws.]
I'm sure he knows how you feel.
Do you love him? I just thought that I don't know.
I I just shouldn't have made him wait is all.
Soft, dramatic music I just got so caught up in making everything perfect, and now, if we die out here, someone else is gonna be his first, and I'm Whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
You okay? Yeah, I'm just hungry.
- Take this.
- It's your last piece.
I You need it more than me.
Just take it.
Thank you.
Come on.
[heavy breathing.]
- Oh.
- It's cool.
Maybe just slow down a little bit.
[Natalie laughs softly.]
Sorry, sorry.
That just It tickles.
- [Natalie gasps.]
- Uh.
- [Travis sighs.]
- Mm.
I'm obviously just gonna keep screwing this up, so whatever.
Maybe we should just head back.
Come on.
Who hasn't rolled over a broken tray table while making out in a blood-stained death trap? [both chuckle.]
You're a really good kisser, you know? I don't want to go back yet.
Do you? [whistling.]
- Ooh.
- Oh, nice.
- [laughter, indistinct chatter.]
- Ooh.
Natalie and Travis sittin' in a tree.
K-I-S-S-I I think they were doing a bit more than kissing.
Hey, Nat, what exactly are you and Flex hunting for out there, anyway? I hear it's beaver season! - [laughter.]
- Ah, sit and spin, assholes.
Is this why we don't have any food? 'Cause you've been too busy running for mayor of pound town? Uh, go fuck yourself? I guess we shouldn't be surprised.
Nat's always down for a good time, right? I can't magically conjure a deer, Jackie.
But keep talking shit, I'll find something to shoot.
Oh, wow.
Oh, you're so tough.
I'm not scared of you, burnout.
You're jealous.
Slow, eerie vocal music 'Cause you're an uptight, prudish little bitch.
Hey! Knock it off.
Both of you.
I know how you feel, Nat.
I have a secret boyfriend, too.
Yes, I understand it's a joint account, but I shouldn't need my wife's signature for a withdrawal of any size.
Can I increase the cap? You know what? Thanks for your help.
Hey, Sam, why don't you and Biscuit go play in your room for a little bit - while I talk to Mom? - About what? What have I said about getting into grown folks' business? [groans.]
Come on, Biscuit.
Let's go.
Come on.
Simone, I'm sorry.
We're taking Sammy to see a child psychologist.
I made the appointment.
You need to be there by 3:00.
How could you do that without telling me? Are you for real right now? And where the hell did you go last night? You promised we were gonna have a conversation.
This is not a request, Taissa.
I know you're upset.
I am beyond upset.
I don't even know who the hell you are right now.
The woman I saw out there yesterday was not the woman that I married.
You lied straight to my face, Taissa! When I started that press conference, I was going to drop out.
Looking at you, Sammy I remembered why I got into this.
And this was not just my dream.
This is our dream.
Giving up on it felt like giving up on us, and soft, dramatic music Three o'clock.
Our son needs help.
And if this is really about us, you will fucking be there.
soft, melancholy music [phone buzzes.]
Okay, read it back to me.
So I'll go, "You're Jeff, right?" And then, he'll nod or whatever, and then I'll say, "Your friend Randy told me that you asked him to ask me to ask Jackie if she likes you.
" [Jackie.]
Just don't say that I told you to ask him.
I don't want him to think that I've been, like, pining over him or whatever.
What if he says yes? Then just be like, "Okay.
" Definitely don't act like you know I like him back.
: Wait.
Do you, like, like like him? Oh, my God.
Jackie, why didn't you tell me? [both giggle.]
jarring, dramatic music [Jackie.]
It's not your fault.
What happened.
I know.
Um, what? Actually, you don't know.
It's totally your fault.
Eerie, vocal music But we were kids.
And it was awful.
Why are you here? Why are you here? [Jeff.]
Where you been? You left me all alone down there.
[Shauna sighs.]
[Jeff chuckles softly.]
Do you ever wish Do you want to go? We can leave if you want.
We just have to make it through dessert.
To Jackie, whose light shone too bright to ever be extinguished from our memories.
Happy Birthday, baby.
Happy birthday.
To Jackie.
We're reading Elena Ferrante in our book club, and it reminds me so much of you girls.
It can't always have been easy for you, Shauna.
Jackie was just so gifted.
I can't imagine how exhausting it must've been, always comparing yourself to someone so beautiful and smart.
Shauna got into Brown.
She's, uh, the smartest person I've ever met.
Are-are you a genius? Did you ever take one of those tests? - I - You should take one of those.
- I haven't.
- Shauna and I were sleeping together when Jackie and I were still a couple.
[Shauna clears throat.]
Which is, obviously, you know, a shitty, uh, thing.
[clears throat.]
But there it is.
Because the truth is Jackie was amazing.
But so was my damn wife.
And she still is.
And I may have been an idiot then, but at least I was smart enough to see that.
[fork clinks on plate.]
And this really is the best tuna quiche I've ever tasted, Mrs.
The behavior you've described suggests any number of things.
A psychogenic fugue, dissociative amnesia.
It'll take more sessions to get a firm grasp - on what's going on.
- [phone buzzes.]
I'm sorry.
Please continue.
Ah, well, that's-that's about it.
We certainly need more sessions.
[music plays softly over earphones.]
So, any thoughts on what Dr.
Sandlow had to say, or were you too busy checking your inbox? Oh.
We just learned our son doesn't remember any of the things we accused him of.
He thinks he's telling the truth.
- According to the shrink.
- What, you don't believe her? Shrinks make their living off of problems that don't get solved.
You know, for someone who went through some shit of their own, it never ceases to amaze me how shut off you are to help.
"Psychogenic this, dissipated that.
" Okay, okay, beyond all the jargon, did she actually have any fixes? She says his behavior stems from overwhelming stress.
For fuck's sake.
Sammy is not okay, Tai.
And I don't know how or why, but we're his moms, and we have to do better.
- [sighs.]
- Jesus, watch out! - [tires squealing.]
- [horn honking.]
- [panting loudly.]
- [softly.]
I'm sorry.
What the fuck? It's okay.
We're okay.
Slow, eerie music [Ben.]
Uh, you want to grab a seat for a sec? Been wanting to talk to you.
[Ben sighs.]
Uh, yeah, look, um, girls like to talk, right? So, I've, uh, heard a few things.
Yeah? Like what? All right, look, man, whatever is up between you and Natalie is your business.
Okay? But where it could become our business is if you know.
Okay, fuck.
Travis, the last fucking thing that we need out here right now is a baby to take care of.
Not to mention the risks to Natalie.
I I got it covered, Coach.
Do you? I mean, like, literally? 'Cause the pull-out method It sucks.
Only a 78% chance of success.
I don't know.
You tell me.
If 22% of your players couldn't make it onto the field, would you really want to play that game? Uh, uh, I mean, I'll just make sure that I Oh.
Weren't we only gonna be in Seattle for, like, a week? - Who-who are you? - Yeah, you know what, Travis? That's really not your business.
Mm, I think you just kind of made it my business.
Okay, Jesus Christ, man.
Just take them.
All right? And please be sure to use them.
- [door closes.]
- Oh, fuck me.
[phone ringing.]
You get the money? - I can't.
- Can't? You're supposed to be the rich one.
I'm going through some shit with my family right now.
My wife and I aren't really in a place where I can ask her to co-sign a withdrawal of 50 grand, so Fine.
I'll get it.
How? You're gonna sell your soul? Just be ready when this fucker texts again, okay? Slow, ominous music [sign buzzing.]
over here.
Come on! I'm gonna try to catch it! - Come on! - Catch! - No.
- Oh, good one! [kids continue chattering.]
[car alarm chirps off.]
Fragile things, you should know by now What are you doing here? Thought you might be hungry.
I've got stuff to do.
I got time.
Follow me.
You should know by now [man.]
Well, thank you very much.
I'll take those from you.
Thank you.
Oh, man.
[rock music playing on car stereo.]
When you said errands, I was thinking more like the dry cleaners.
- Why'd you sell it? - [sighs.]
I was a different person back when I bought it.
Now what? My ex just called.
There's something I've got to do.
Um, I can totally drop you off.
Unless you, uh, want to return the favor? You gonna drive fast? [insects chirping.]
[animal hooting in the distance.]
eerie vocalizing Soft, suspenseful music Eerie vocalizing Eerie vocalizing Tai.
I don't wish I'd married Jackie.
I don't wish things were different.
I mean, it's not like I've never thought about it, uh, but, no, I We've made a life together, Shauna.
And, no, it's not it's not perfect.
It's not what either of us thought it was gonna be, but - You think? - It's [chuckles.]
I have no regrets.
And I want you to know that.
And how we started was not Well, it wasn't our finest moment or anything.
For Christ's sake, we were kids, Shauna.
Yeah, but that doesn't make it right.
Yeah, well, come on.
Jackie was gonna break up with me anyway.
I was the high school boyfriend.
Soft, dramatic music [scoffs.]
That's all I was ever gonna be.
But you and me we, uh Well, we built We're still together.
That's got to count for something.
I love you, Shauna.
[indistinct, overlapping shouting.]
- [man.]
Come on.
- [indistinct chatter.]
All right, team, let's go! - [whistle blows.]
- [Kevyn chuckles.]
Looking good out there, Mase.
- Where's Mom? - Uh, she got stuck at work, so now you're stuck with me.
This is my friend, Natalie.
I've known her since I was your age.
- [Natalie chuckles.]
- Hi.
- Hey.
- When we were in high school together Natalie was on the team that won the state championship.
Whoa! You won states? It was a long time ago.
Did you go to nationals? We never actually made it.
- Why? Did you get hurt? - [Kevyn.]
Mase? Better head on out there.
Time-out's about to end.
Hey, Mase? The other team's sweeper is really weak on the right, so run directly at him, feint left, when he turns his hips, cut hard the other direction.
Yeah! - [whistle blows.]
- [crowd clamoring.]
- [crowd cheering.]
- [whooping.]
[birds chirping.]
Lottie, have you seen Shauna? Uh Lottie, have you? I think she went that way.
Wait! Um Were you uh were you outside last night eating dirt? - What the actual fuck? No.
- But I can't do crazy right now, Lot.
Cheese and rice.
You scared me.
Did you need something? I guess I wanted to ask you something.
I think it's about God.
I think I'm seeing things.
In the Bible, people had visions, right? Like prophets and stuff? I was taught that visions were God's way of communicating.
They could either be a warning or a revelation.
But how did they know they weren't just crazy? I think because God gave them faith.
It's the substance of things that are hoped for.
And the evidence of things unseen.
They knew it because they believed it.
Jesus wants us to do the right thing in the world.
Like, He wants to help us to do it.
If you accept Him into your heart, He'll help you discern the true from the false.
But how do I accept Him into my heart? I have an idea.
Hypnotic music Shauna! Shauna! Shauna! Shauna! [panting.]
Okay, okay, uh You're not gonna do this alone, okay? I'm gonna help you.
If you let me.
Keep going.
Stop! Stop! Take it out! Take it out! Take it out! [sobbing.]
I can't do it.
I can't do it.
I know.
I know, it's okay.
I don't want to die! - It's okay.
- [crying.]
[Laura Lee.]
Dear Heavenly Father, please accept Lottie into Your loving embrace, so that she may recognize Your Holy Spirit, be cleansed of her sins, and welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven.
In Your name we pray.
Let your faith in Him be your guiding light.
Atmospheric music [muffled screaming.]
What? What is it? I saw fire.
And light.
That's the Holy Spirit! You've been touched! [indistinct chatter.]
We won.
- Oh.
- [chuckles.]
And that move you gave Mason clinched it.
Whenever I tried to do it, it never worked for me.
Where is he? Off with a friend, for pizza.
Keep him away from the crazy lady, huh? I don't think you're crazy.
You've been through a lot.
And that's okay with me.
Lighthearted music [laughing.]
I'm sorry! I'm sorry, it's just your face was so serious.
I'm just Shit, I mean you want to? Uh, no, um I mean, yeah, I I just didn't mean to, um It's okay.
What number would I be? What? How many guys have you been with? Are you serious right now? I just want to know if, uh If what? [scoffs.]
If I'm a slut? [laughs.]
You know, Jason Russo screwed half the girls on the volleyball team What does that make him? He's a dude and he's not the one with his hand on my No.
You do not get to judge me, dude.
The '50s called, they want your dumbass attitude back.
Welcome to 1996.
Our vaginas have, like, monologues now.
And newsflash: girls like to do stuff, too.
You don't have a monopoly on that.
Like, why is it your job to want to do it and my job to say no? Why do you get all the wants and needs? Who made up that stupid fucking rule, anyway? Okay, okay.
I'm sorry.
You gonna tell me how many girls you've been with? No.
Um [scoffs.]
Seriously? Why the fuck not? Well? Because it's none, okay? I've never done it before.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, I've I've only been with two guys.
Levi Houser sophomore year, and this guy I met at a show last summer.
He was older and I was kind of fucked-up and it [laughs softly.]
It wasn't great.
So now you know.
Okay? No matter what Jackie says, it means something to me, Travis.
Like, it-it really means something.
Especially with you.
Nat, stop.
Grab the gun.
[indistinct chatter, laughter on tablet.]
atmospheric music [exhales.]
[line ringing.]
Misty Quigley.
You call at last.
You know your plan isn't working.
My plan? That's rich.
Well, I could help.
Meet me tonight.
Kolmar and Main.
I'll be waiting in a Hospital green Fiat.
Yeah, yeah, I'm familiar.
[hangs up.]
Uh, looks like I, uh, I'm gonna have to go back into the store tonight.
Inventory database still giving you trouble? Yeah, and with the end of quarter taxes, you know.
Would you want me to come with you? I could help No, no, no.
It's gonna be pretty boring.
Why don't you get a jump on your book club? Yeah, I'll find something to do.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
eerie music "Overture" from Phantom of the Opera So, what made you finally want to [gasps.]
[muffled screaming.]
Sleep tight.
Don't let the fact that you're a terrible person keep you up tonight.
[Jessica screaming.]
[music stops.]
[bolt clicks.]
Oh, my God.
Fuck yeah! Oh, thank you, Lord! - Oh, meat! - Finally! Whoa.
That thing is gnarly.
It's like Freddy Krueger and Bambi had a baby.
- I'm not eating that.
- Guys, relax.
Deer shed their antlers every season.
This is normal.
Shauna, do the honors? - [grimacing.]
- [gasping.]
That normal too, Coach? I'm not crazy.
You have a gift.
We cannot keep fucking doing this, you guys.
What happens when winter gets here? We fucking starve to death or freeze? We can't count on getting rescued anymore.
All of us know that is not gonna happen.
We have to save us.
That's why I'm gonna go find help.
I'm leaving in the morning.
Come with me if you want to get out of this fucking hellhole.
[phone buzzes.]
atmospheric music [dog barking in distance.]
[siren wailing in distance.]
[phone buzzes.]
[gasps, whimpers.]
[phone buzzes.]
[labored breathing.]

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