Yellowjackets (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

No Compass

Previously on Yellowjackets I was taught that visions were God's way of communicating.
That thing is gnarly.
I'm not crazy.
What happens when winter gets here? We fucking starve to death? We can't count on getting rescued anymore.
Tai, you go tearing off into the woods, how the fuck are you gonna survive? Whatever is up between you and Natalie, just take them.
I know how you feel, Nat.
I have a secret boyfriend, too.
This way, I won't die having my best friend's boyfriend's baby.
I can't do it.
Looks like I, uh, I'm gonna have to go back into the store tonight.
Yeah, I'll find something to do.
"Gather 50K and await further instructions.
" Blackmail? Should we loop Misty in? No.
She could be part of this.
Were you outside last night eating dirt? slow, somber music Um Tai, everyone thinks this is a bad idea.
Well, we have to do something.
We're starving.
There's nothing to hunt.
The animals might be migrating.
That's probably why the only game we've seen for weeks was the one sick deer.
And it's just gonna keep getting colder, and not "I better put on a coat" cold.
We're talking "dying feels like falling asleep" cold.
What do you think, Lottie? I don't know.
Look, guys, anyone who wants to come with me is welcome, but I'm going.
You're gonna want to take stuff with you, right? Like food and supplies? That's not up to you.
Well, you can't just send her out there with nothing.
This is insane.
We don't know where we are, just that we're surrounded by big-ass mountains.
What are you now, Edmund fucking Hillary? Who? Like I said, we're not on an island.
If we go south, we've got to run into something eventually.
A road, a town, anything.
You can't take the rifle.
I'm all for what you're trying to do, Tai, but the gun has to stay.
I could bring some of the stuff we don't use every day.
One of the axes, the compass There's a flare gun in the dead guy's plane.
Do not tell me that you, of all people, are on board with this.
What she's saying makes sense.
I mean, if she's willing to go, then What if you're wrong? What if there's just nothing? I don't know.
You do know.
If I'm wrong, I'll die out there.
I'm leaving in an hour.
tense music "No Return" by Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker It was cool, nothing fire Nothing broke Keep simple Nothing tired, nothing old Same as you Same as you Oh, so cute, so revival So alone Birthday suit, just a smile No one home Same as you Same as you vocalizing No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason No return, no return No reason Why didn't you tell them about your dream? She wouldn't have listened.
This bone didn't burn at all.
"S P A C E" by Amber Mark I tried To warn you many times Now I Don't want to start a fight But I Can't go on this way So why Won't you just give me some time? Some space It's pretty hot, actually.
You're not gonna talk me out of this.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm coming with you.
You know, I've only been to New York City once.
It was on my seventh birthday.
All I wanted was a soft pretzel and one of those horse and cart rides through Central Park.
It's lame.
I was seven.
I got taken to see Cats.
Fucking Cats.
I want to go back to New York, Tai.
I want to go to New York with you, and I want to buy you a fucking soft pretzel, and I want to take you on a fucking horse and carriage ride through Central Park.
Van I know I don't have to come with you.
I need to.
I'm not gonna die out here without at least trying to get there.
You know, and who knows? With you as our fearless fucking leader, we might actually make it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
We've talked, and we're coming, too, okay? dramatic, tense music - Hot date? - Oh, yeah.
Uh, me and Cindy Crawford, we're gonna meet at the meat shack later.
You jealous? No.
My, uh, my mom gave it to me.
I figured I could use it as, like, a disinfectant or whatever.
In case, you know I like it.
It's very sexy grandpa.
So, uh, are you going with them, then? Uh, well, not to sound like a, you know, sexist tool, but I feel like they need a guy with them, so Don't be so hard on yourself.
I'm sure with a little effort you can overcome the sexist part.
Uh, well, uh I should probably go check - if they're ready to - Travis, don't.
I know that this makes me, like, this totally selfish asshole, but I don't want you to go, okay? I mean, I-I'm sure they'll be fine, but I just, I can't I think that I might slow, gentle music I just want you to stay.
Mari, you want to hang on to that? If you have to leave, will you at least take this? Sure.
What is it? Just take it.
I think it'll keep you safe.
Like a lucky rabbit's foot? I had a dream last night.
There was I don't know.
Red smoke and a river of blood.
Just promise me you won't lose it, okay? Yeah, sure.
Thanks, Lot.
slow, suspenseful music I'll be back soon.
Bye, Nat.
You be careful.
I will.
Be safe.
Wait! Wait for me! I'm coming.
Ben, uh Coach, um Please don't try to talk me out of this, okay? I've given it a lot of thought, and I just I feel like my team really needs me right now.
Well, that's, uh You know what? That's really brave, Misty.
I'll do the best I can without you.
I'll come back for you.
I promise.
Thank you.
What part of "hurry up" did you guys not understand? It takes you getting blackmailed for you to finally care about being late? I'm sorry, but we all have families and lives, okay? We can't just sneak out a window whenever Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.
Where's the money? Right here.
That's 50 grand? Yeah.
In $100 bills.
A little bit disappointing, by heist movie standards.
- You got the tracker? - Yes.
It's one of Amazon's top sellers.
Apparently, secretly tracking people is really huge right now.
All right, we should put the tracker - in the middle of the bills.
- No.
Then when they count the money, they'll just see it.
Uh, they'll see it in that bag, too.
So your big idea was shit? It's not shit.
I just thought the money would-would be bigger.
Like Okay, we just have to fill the bag with some other stuff.
You know? Like, um Oh.
The more stuff he has to go through, right? Get some towels Okay.
Sounds good.
Where did you get that Etsy reject of a bag, anyway, Shauna? My daughter made it for Father's Day back when she was cute.
I took it from Jeff's, like, "special keeps.
" You're not as sentimental as your hubby? I'm trying to help you guys.
Is that good? It's like a needle in a goddamn haystack.
Can we go now? I can't wait to meet Fuckface.
Give me the keys.
What? Why? I got the money.
I'm gonna make the drop.
Nah, it's cool, it's cool.
She's my baby.
All right, meet me one block east of Carlyle and DeWalt, and don't fuck around.
Wait, how do you fucking start this thing? Hey.
Uh, everyone's heading down to the lake.
- I'm just gonna go change.
- Nope.
You are finally gonna tell me what the hell is going on.
What? What are you talking about? Jackie, nothing's going on.
No, no.
You do not get to Oh, my God.
Why are these so heavy? - Are you done? - No, I'm not done! You're obviously hiding something from me, and it's making me feel crazy.
Remember when your parents first separated and you told me the reason your dad wasn't around as much was because he got a new job as the president at Hello Kitty? That was more convincing than you're being right now.
Shauna, I've seen you sneaking around and whispering with Taissa.
Not to mention you acting all distant and weird for weeks, so spill.
Are you really gonna keep something from me out here? What did I do? When did you stop wanting me to be your best friend? I'm pregnant.
What? Taissa figured it out when she caught me faking my period.
I mean How-how did this happen? Well, when a man and a woman No.
I mean You lost your virginity without telling me.
W-With who? Uh, Randy.
Randy? Wow.
Uh Okay.
I have so many questions.
I mean, how Don't worry.
We're gonna get through this together.
slow, tense music She tells us not to take forever.
How long does it take to drive a block? Maybe she stopped to score drugs.
Oh, God.
I hope not.
Ah, the pay cut I took to run for Senate isn't gonna fund another stint in rehab.
Fuck, Tai, did you really? Yeah.
Why? You're just enabling her to repeat the same pattern.
She has to learn to handle her own shit.
And if she never does? Shauna.
Don't you think about it? I got Simone, Sammy.
You've got Jeff and-and Callie.
Did we do something to deserve that? It's just fate that gave us that, right? Who does Natalie have? Other than Travis, which we both know was a fucking train wreck, who does she really have? No one.
And now she has less.
We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her.
So I do what I can.
Not just for her, for me.
What the fuck took you so long? - I stopped at a gas station.
- Oh.
But I couldn't find any cups.
What? Where did you find a gas station in Jersey that sells liquor at 2 a.
? I bought it off the clerk.
How else do you think they get through the night shift? - Did you see anyone at the drop? - If I saw somebody, I would've told you, Tai.
Pass that to me.
Come on, Fuckface, take the money.
Actually, Girl Scouts What the hell is that? Lottie gave it to me.
- Seriously? - What? I'm just saying, you know, if this was a horror movie, she'd be the villain, right? If this was a horror movie, you would be the first to die.
Why, because I'm Black? No, 'cause you're the skeptical one.
They always go first, leaving the rest of us to keep doing dumb shit and die in unnecessarily brutal ways.
- Mm-hmm.
- Wait.
Hang on.
Why does the Black character always die first? Anyway, for the record, Lottie predicted prom queen last year and the whole Mr.
Jenkins scandal.
What? She did.
Chill out.
Oh, my God.
You get so serious about this shit.
Music of the night Misty! God fucking damn it, Misty! Surrender to your darkest dreams Hello, Kevyn Tan.
I know you can fucking hear me! Unfortunately.
Close your eyes, let your spirit Start to Soar This is unacceptable.
Blackmail us, fine, but it's 3:34.
Like, why have us show up at 2:00 and then just keep us waiting? It's, like Maybe they're scouring the area, making sure we're not waiting.
Then find us already.
I'm not impressed.
Maybe slow down? Mm.
What for? This is a train wreck already.
Yeah, no, it will be, at this rate.
All right, you're right.
We should make the most of this quality time.
Tai, how are the wife and kid? Fine.
And the campaign? Hmm.
- It's also fine? - Mm-hmm.
- It's just fine.
- It's fine.
And what's the, um, what happened to your hand? Oh.
Um, nothing.
It's just, uh It's nothing.
Great talk.
Well, if anyone wants to know about me, I've been fucking Kevyn Tan.
Kevyn Tan? The goth kid? Well, he's a cop now.
- Are you're kidding me? - Uh, yeah.
And he has two kids, and Oh, dear.
That sounds a bit complicated.
Not to me.
He's, uh I mean, he's actually kind of nice.
- I like it.
I think it's great.
- Yeah.
- He's moving.
All right.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Oh, no, no.
Actually, I probably shouldn't drive 'cause if we die, we will never find out who's doing this.
Get out.
- Switch.
- I'll drive.
- No.
- No, no.
You hear that? - I don't hear anything.
- Exactly.
I'm so glad you stayed.
Um wait.
What if someone, um They all went down to the lake.
Except for Coach, who's outside enjoying his new life without Misty.
And it's not like we wouldn't hear him anyway, so I think we're good.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Nat, Nat, hey.
- Hmm? - Did you not like what I was - No, no, no.
It's-it's not that.
We should, um Wait.
Do you want me to help with No, no, uh, it's fine.
You know, they're kind of tricky.
I got it.
I want you so bad.
Uh You-you don't have to talk like that.
I'm sorry, I just You ready? Shit.
Should I No.
It's fine.
- Hey, it's okay, Travis.
- I'm sorry.
It's okay.
- Where are you going? - I-I don't know.
Okay? I I'm sorry.
I just I got to go.
I'm sorry.
So Tell me everything.
Was it good? I don't know, uh It was just this one time.
It hurt a little.
It only lasted, like, three minutes.
Oh, Randy.
Oh, God, I can picture it now.
Just Like, his little butt.
Just, like, right just right here.
- Jackie, stop.
- Just moving.
When did this happen? How could I possibly have missed it? I have a life outside of you, you know? Uh, it was the night of Mari's birthday party.
You and Jeff bailed early, remember? And then I had too much Malibu and milk Oh, I told you to stop drinking that.
And mostly because it's disgusting, not 'cause I thought it would lead to the conception of you and Randy Walsh's love child.
Duly noted.
Are you sure it was the night of Mari's birthday party? Uh, 'cause I could've sworn that was the night I had to go back and give Randy a ride home 'cause he puked in the pool.
Uh Yeah.
We were both pretty drunk, I guess.
So much for making it special, right? Right.
slow, somber music Shauna, what are you gonna do? Honestly? I have no fucking clue.
So, get this, after Bill Pullman falls in love with Sandra, his fucking brother wakes up.
It's a whole-ass mess.
I mean, this dude actually thinks that Sandy is his fiancée, but she's not, so just We'll be fine.
Wolves are scared of humans.
Besides, it doesn't sound like they're very close.
We can take turns keeping watch, just to be extra safe, but I really don't think we have anything to worry about.
You know who does need to worry? Our girl Sandy.
Because she does not know this man, and he's never seen her before.
He's like, "Who is this girl?" And his doctor is like, "Well, you must have amnesia because you don't remember your wife-to-be.
" Ooh.
Be careful.
Uh, maybe we should, uh, angle it a little bit.
Um I think it's wedged.
Why don't you step back for a little bit.
I'm gonna try an old trick.
What do you want from me? What's-what's the trick? Well I want you to tell me the truth.
Your haircut is unflattering.
Hmm If the easy way isn't gonna work, is there something else I should try? The reason you're here is simple.
I'm protecting my friends.
You see, I put all the pieces together, and all roads lead to you.
You've been blackmailing us and stalking us.
And I know you killed Travis.
This is insane.
Blackmail? What are you even thinking? - I did not kill any - Don't bother.
We both know what you did.
No, you think it was me.
If you really knew, I wouldn't be here.
You seem surprisingly calm, by the way.
Not the first time I've been held hostage.
How did you know about the symbol? What symbol? All I know is Taissa Turner hired me to look into everyone who made it back from the wilderness, to find out if anyone would talk and mess up her campaign.
By the way, Travis was murdered.
You might not be sure about that, but I am.
How come? No, no, no.
You see, that is what we call leverage in my line of work.
Let me go, and I'll tell you everything I know.
We're actually on the same side, Misty.
We should be partners on this.
Find out who killed Travis together.
Right? What happened to the last person who held you hostage? They lived happily ever after.
This is fun.
But you're wrong.
You only have leverage if I am not willing to make you talk, which, in this case, means that you have no leverage at all.
suspenseful music Um, hi.
Oh, uh Sorry, I just wanted to borrow the hunting knife.
You're not supposed to go through people's private stuff, you know? What do you want it for? It's kind of, like, this art project.
It's probably dumb.
Just be careful, okay? Go, go.
Around the corner.
Is this what's supposed to happen? What's going on? Uh The driver must be in on it.
Okay, so, what do we do now? Natalie.
- Okay.
I guess we're going.
- No, no, no.
- It's a go.
Let's go.
- Ugh.
What the hell? You've been blackmailing us, or you know who has been.
- Which one is it? - No, I-I-I just work here.
- Don't lie to me! - Natalie, stop.
Natalie, please put the gun down.
Please don't shoot me.
Take the truck.
Just take it.
- Wait.
- Hey! There he is, there he is! Take the keys.
Drive around the front.
"Firestarter" by The Prodigy I'm the trouble starter, punkin' instigator Take the wing.
I'll mark him like at States.
Illustrated Hey, hey, hey I'm the fire starter Twisted fire starter Hey, hey, hey You're the fire starter Twisted fire starter Hey, hey, hey I'm the fire starter, twisted fire starter Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey I'm the self-inflicted Mind detonator Yeah I'm the one infected Twisted animator Hey, hey, hey I'm the fire starter Twisted fire starter Hey, hey, hey You're the fire starter No! Natalie.
Natalie, what the hell? Tai, are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Oh, God.
What now? Well, he dumped out all our shit.
Got any more good ideas? We look for an asshole covered in glitter.
I wasn't gonna kill him.
Oh, really? So what was your plan? Just shoot him in the leg, through the back windshield? 'Cause it sure felt for a moment there like we were all going away for murder.
Like we haven't done a lot worse.
You know what? Speak for yourself, Natalie.
I Don't drag us into your endless fucking pit of guilt.
At least we know Fuckface is a man.
No, we don't.
He could be working with someone.
Including that, like, annoying reporter.
Whoever they are, they now got 50 grand, and they know we're onto them.
What if they spill our secrets just to spite us? I'm not gonna let that happen.
Oh, you're not gonna let that happen? Okay, so, um, are you gonna grab a flamethrower and just go up and down Route 9 knocking on doors? Pull over.
Pull over, or I'm gonna jump out.
Oh, God.
You don't get it, do you? This isn't for us.
This is for Travis.
Nat, we're not even sure his death is related to any of this.
The fuck it isn't.
You guys don't know Travis like I do.
He wouldn't kill himself! Do you understand that? And I know you think I'm crazy, but you know what I see? You guys are just as fucked-up as I am.
You're just better at lying to yourselves.
You're not healthy.
You're not stable.
You're living on the brink, just like me.
If you're not gonna help me with the plan, I'll do it myself.
slow, somber music Definitely shouldn't drink it.
No shit.
It smells weird.
What did Lottie say was in her dream? A river of blood? And a cloud of red smoke.
And last night, I dreamed I went water-skiing with Princess Diana, so I think that mineral deposits can change the water's color.
Like iron, maybe? I'm sure that's what it is, then.
Come on, this has been a fun detour, but we should keep moving.
Um, guys? The iron must be messing with the compass, right? I don't know.
Maybe? It'll probably work again when we get away from this water.
Seriously? What? Should we I don't know, maybe think about going back? We just need to get away from here.
Wait, let's think about this.
Think about what? I don't know.
This stream? It is a pretty big coincidence that Lottie dreamed about it.
And now the compass is acting weird.
What did Lottie say when we found the plane? It didn't want him to leave.
You have to be fucking kidding me.
- I'm just saying that - What? What are you just saying? That the fucking woods don't want us to leave? Do you know how insane that sounds? The woods don't give a shit.
And all of this nonsense with Lottie's dreams and omens and whatever the fuck that is.
We can survive without a compass.
We'll use the sun to travel south, and we can place cairn stones or something under trees.
There is a solution for everything.
An explanation for everything.
Now, that said, nobody forced you to come with me.
Anybody that wants to go back, by all means, but I'm losing daylight.
somber, dramatic music What the fuck is he doing? You're out late.
What are you doing? Waiting for you.
It's 4:00 in the morning.
How long have you been in my driveway? I guess long enough to be out of my mind but not long enough to be full stalker.
What if my husband was here or-or my daughter? I didn't see any cars, so I made a calculation.
And that makes it okay? Jesus Christ.
Go home, okay? What are we doing, Shauna? "What are we doing?" Are you serious? What happened to "go with the flow"? "See where life takes me"? I'm up at night.
I don't know.
I'm wondering, like, maybe we could Maybe we could be something.
You are so full of shit.
"I'm an artist.
I'm open to the universe.
Look at me.
" That is all just a fucking act.
All that is happening is that you're not in control, and you're not used to it.
Just fucking - Just get the fuck out.
- Wait, wait, wait.
That's a nice try, but you feel exactly what I'm talking about running between us.
Every single cell in your body wants to blow things up and see what happens.
That's who you are.
tense, pulsing music slow, somber music I know it doesn't feel like it, but we're one step closer to home.
I promise this will all be over soon.
We don't need another speech, Taissa.
We need to sleep.
I'll take the first watch tonight.
Let me do it.
You should all rest.
You know what I love about fentanyl? It's legal but deadly.
And when someone dies from it, they just assume that it's an overdose.
Want one? I don't like chocolate.
Everyone loves chocolate.
Especially your dad.
Eddie, right? He lives at The Cliffs Dwelling retirement home in Florida? Is this the correct address? 1022 Pine Street.
I'm pretty sure it is.
I spoke to your father's nurse, Delores.
Very pleasant.
Kind of dim but nice.
Anyway, we got to talking.
I used a fake name, obviously.
And she promised to personally see to it that your dad gets his favorite dessert from his favorite daughter.
I was at Travis's house before he was killed, but he wouldn't talk to me.
I even bought him a nice bottle of whiskey to loosen him up, but didn't work.
I went home after that.
But like you, after I heard about his death, I was suspicious.
I wanted to know more.
Well, tell me or don't.
Post office opens at 8:30.
Travis's bank account was closed right after he died.
Meaning someone other than him emptied his account.
Whoever has that money probably killed Travis.
- Adam.
Wake up.
Wake up.
- Mm.
We fell asleep.
I think I think Jeff is home.
Um Uh, the window.
You got to go out the window.
Oh, no, fuck.
The-the screen is rusted shut.
Um, the-the closet.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Sorry, babe.
I did not mean to wake you.
Oh, it's okay.
You're just getting back from the store now? Yeah.
We had a delivery coming really early, so I just figured, you know, the smartest thing to do was just stay.
Yeah, um, don't worry about it.
Just leave it on the bed.
The hamper is in the laundry room.
All right.
How was your night? Boring.
Um, Callie slept at Ilana's, and I, um, just made myself some soup.
Uh, you know what, I'm just gonna take a shower and wake up a little bit here.
Uh, do you want some breakfast? I could I could make us some eggs.
That sounds good.
Thanks, babe.
I've never been in a French farce before.
Wait till you hear the sound of running water, count to ten, and then get out, okay? Did you fuck around with my gun? Jesus fucking Christ.
Natalie, what did you do? I robbed a liquor store.
- What the fuck? - Just kidding.
I went out to get some smokes.
I took it with me for protection.
And then I sat in this park, and I was just fucking around with it, and then it accidentally just went off.
But don't worry, nobody got hurt.
It went in the dirt.
Every round, I have to account for.
- Do you realize that? - No.
No, course you don't.
Where in the park did it go off? You're gonna have to show me.
I don't remember.
Well, you were on a bench, right? You don't remember which? No.
Were you high? No, I actually wasn't.
Well, then why can't you fucking remember? You know what? No.
Okay? I'm not sure I believe you.
I'm not sure it even matters.
Just please, tell me honestly.
Did you commit a crime? No.
You know what? I really thought that we had something.
Okay? And I thought this was - Real? - Yes.
I thought it was fucking real.
What the fuck is wrong with you? Well, I hate to break it to you, but we were just fucking.
And your whole high school crush on me was really cute, but now it's just pathetic.
Fuck you.
tense, dramatic music Help! Please help! Please! - Where's Van?! - Taissa, she's over there! Go! intense, rhythmic music
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