Yoh! Christmas (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Something New, Something Old

["Sthandwa" by Blaq Diamond plays]
[sighs happily]
Hi, hi.
- Hi.
- [both laugh]
You know, I, um
I had a dream that you were, like, 12.
- Uh, I'm almost double that.
- Hmm.
In 12 days, I turn 19.
Okay. So not a schoolboy, at least. Right?
Well, actually, um
- What? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I
- Okay, relax, relax.
- What?
- Post-matric.
I just completed my A-levels.
Okay, and, uh, your parents
aren't home, right?
- They are. They got back last night.
- What?
- Yeah, they wanna meet you actually. Mom!
- No, no, no!
- Dad! Relax. They'll love you. Mom!
- Wait! No, no, no! [squeals]
- Huh?
- [laughs]
[Thando gasps and chuckles]
You are such a dick!
But you love me anyways.
[chuckles] Parts of you, at least.
Mmm, I I have to go.
No, I was just joking.
My parents aren't home.
Yeah, but I have this thing.
It's called a job.
- So
- Jobs are dumb.
- [laughs]
- Death to capitalism? Thando!
Spoken like a true trust fund baby.
- Well, yeah. I'm a nepo baby for sure.
- Mmm.
But if you stay,
you can share in my nepo funds.
[mocking] Wow.
Or better yet,
you could apply to be my au pair.
- [laughs] Really? Really?
- Yeah. It's a brilliant idea.
- It's a great idea.
- [whispers] Yeah. I'm gonna go.
- Thando, wait. Thando, please! No, Thando!
- I have to go. No, no!
Don't leave me, I'll die!
[fast-paced upbeat jazzy music plays]
["Stepping Good"
by A-Star feat. Sho Madjozi plays]
Moris Beat, Moris Beat, Moris Beat ♪
Heya ♪
Sho Madjozi ♪
Stepping, stepping good,
Stepping good ♪
Chale, I be stepping good ♪
Wetin, wetin good, wetin good ♪
Chale, when I'm stepping good ♪
I be stepping, stepping good
Stepping good ♪
Chale, I be stepping good ♪
Wetin, wetin good, wetin good ♪
[man] Hey! Ah, this is my lucky day, hey?
- [laughs] How are you? Here you go.
- [man] Okay, okay.
Keep it. It's yours.
- But when are we getting married?
- No ways!
- Hey, come on.
- [laughs]
- You're such a pretty thing. [laughs]
- [Thando] Thank you.
["Stepping Good" continues playing]
- [tires squeal]
- [car horn blares]
Five times.
Five times.
[softly] Five.
- [Mikayla] Five times?
- [Minnie] That's impossible.
In fact, it sounds messy.
- One time is enough for me.
- Oh my days.
One what?
- [Minnie and Thando] One
- Uh, uh
[Minnie and Thando] One
- hike up a mountain.
- [Mikayla] Ye Yep.
- Well, I could climb a mountain 12 times.
- Oh.
That is because you are young
and you have lots of stamina to do that.
- That's why.
- [laughs]
- I'll never climb a mountain.
- [Minnie] Yep. Please don't.
- Don't.
- Don't.
- You know I'd climb a mountain five times.
- Okay, babes.
I don't think you should compare yourself
to, like, a 16-year-old child.
It's 'cause I'm better.
- 'Cause that's what I was saying. Right.
- He's 19, okay?
Are you into this young boy child?
- Is he your mystery Christmas man?
- [Thando] I mean, I'm
- I'm into what he does for me.
- [Minnie] Ugh.
- Yes!
- [Lungile] Oh, hello.
But I can't exactly bring him
to Christmas, so
So, what? You're gonna keep on looking,
but, in the meantime,
you're going to enjoy
the Ben 10 benefits, girl.
- Ugh.
- I mean, more like Ben 5, you know?
He's not old enough
to be a Ben 10, am I right?
- [Mikayla] Exactly. That's right.
- Oh, you like that one!
Either way, I just feel like maybe it's,
like, a one-and-done kinda thing. So
No, I don't think so. Nope.
- No?
- I I think you are gonna see him again.
- Mikayla, no. Mikayla, stop!
- What, Minnie?
Stop encouraging this nonsense.
I mean, the lies and hope?
She's obviously not gonna see him again.
[scoffs] Well, I'll see him
if I want to, okay? He's fun.
Mom! Yoh!
You don't have time for fun, sister.
Minnie, why? Because I'm old?
- Mum won't like him.
- Ugh.
And you need a man with dignity.
A man you can marry.
Who said I want to get married?
Well, Mom needs to think
you want marriage.
And you can't build a relationship
on orgasms.
[Lungile laughs]
You can't. We did.
Right, baby?
- [Minnie] Ugh!
- We did, babe.
- [Lungile exclaims]
- [Mikayla] Slow down.
[Minnie] You need
to take yourself seriously, sister.
[Mikayla] She's taking
She's really Yeah.
[Minnie] Honestly, you guys are nasty.
[mellow jazz music plays]
[Thando clears throat] Hey.
- Mmm, you've got a delivery.
- Ah?
[laughs] For me? From who?
My goodness, Thando.
Do I look like a fortune teller?
Why don't you read the card?
Okay, thank you, sir.
Did Ben 5 send you a Christmas present
that he bought with his spending money?
- Ah, okay.
- [laughs]
[upbeat jazz music plays]
[sighs] Of course.
Who is it from?
Wow. Seriously?
Choc chip cookies, girlfriend?
Wow. Such fancy packaging
for such a basic gift?
Kinda like the person who sent them, hey?
- Anyway, girl. Would you like one?
- Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
- Would you like one, sir?
- Uh-uh.
So who sent them, girlfriend?
- No one, friend. Please sign.
- Thando, man.
- Thando!
- No.
[woman] Hey. Sorry. Do you want?
- [courier] Uh, please sign
- Do you want my number?
- No, sorry.
- Zero
Hi. There you go.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Hello. Yeah.
There you go.
Doing your bit
to keep the obesity epidemic thriving?
[laughs] It's just biscuits.
It's also a precursor
to several lifestyle diseases.
You have a new patient.
Uh! Sorry. Yep.
- Sorry.
- Brendan Curtis, age 38.
Infectious endocarditis
brought on by chronic alcoholism.
- His treatment plan is in the file.
- All right. I'll get started on that now.
Only if you're sure that it won't
interfere with your plans to spread joy
and diabetes.
[laughs] Okay, Mel.
[man shivering, breathing nervously]
- [knocking]
- [door opens]
Hi, Brendan. I'm Thando.
- I'm going to be
- Don't.
I'm going to be your physio.
- Um
- I really don't give a shit.
- Biscuits?
- Screw you, man.
[sighs] Well, judging
by how winded you are,
I don't think you'd be able to.
[Thando chuckles]
[tender music plays]
Um, is there anything you'd like
before we get started?
A blanket.
It's 30 degrees outside
and this place is f-f-freezing.
No, no, no, not a hospital blanket.
They're itchy.
And they smell like o-o-old people.
Okay. I'm hoping then
the physio will get you a bit warm
How long am I gonna be stuck here?
I'm not a doctor,
but I'd say about six to eight weeks.
But we'll make sure to keep you
comfortable, so that time flies.
Brendan! Come back.
Where are you going to?
Anywhere but here!
[Thando] It's okay.
[breath trembling]
Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
- Okay. Okay.
- I'm not going back with you.
- I don't want to be here!
- Okay.
Where would you rather be?
To be with my girl.
I want to decorate
her stupid Christmas tree.
Watch TV with my mum.
Even though the bitch hates me.
What kinda shows
would you guys be watching?
She's addicted
to those shitty reality dating shows, man.
[laughs] Those are pretty shitty, huh?
The worst.
But it's still better than here, man.
You wanna know the secret to getting out
of here as quickly as possible?
- You work with me.
- [sighs]
- You need to put in the work. Hmm?
- Ah.
[Brendan sighs]
But first
First, we get back up.
And we go try again and again
until you get exactly what you want.
[gentle acoustic guitar music plays]
Can we do that?
- I'm fine.
- Okay.
- I'm fine.
- Okay.
I'm fine.
You're going to get me in trouble,
you know that?
You're young. You should be
getting yourself in trouble.
- [Thando laughs]
- Mm.
What's going on in your love life?
Okay, Miss Thing!
I don't think I can tell you.
I might give you a heart attack.
I'm as old as God.
There's nothing I haven't done.
- [both chuckle]
- Please.
- You ever been with a younger guy?
- Several.
When I was 35,
my 20-year-old driver entertained me.
At 55, I married someone 30 years younger.
Thirty years? Lulu!
- What did you guys even have in common?
- We both loved my money.
[Thando laughs]
How old is your boy toy?
Oh, well, I wouldn't say
"boy toy," really. Mm
- More of like a like a one-night thingy.
- Why only one night? Wasn't he fun?
Oh! [chuckles] He was so much fun.
Well, then enjoy him for a while.
Life's too short.
And yours will be considerably shorter
if you continue with this madness.
They didn't teach you about the dangers
of fire and oxygen in physio school?
- Um, I was just, uh
- Trying to add to your casualty count.
First sugar and now cigarettes?
What's next?
A salt lick for the dialysis unit?
An excursion for the spinal unit
to go go-karting?
Sign me up for all of the above.
The only place you're going
is back to bed. Please.
- I trust you can manage that?
- Yes, yeah.
Stop, stop, stop.
[jazzy house music plays]
Oh, my God.
That's why you have to go for it
with your boy toy.
- [scoffs]
- You don't want to end up like her.
Devoid of joy and wonder and fun.
- [chuckles]
- Carpe diem, my girl.
Or rather "Carpe the penis."
- "Carpe the penis"!
- Have some fun!
- Hey?
- All right.
"Carpe the penis."
[Thando knocks gently]
- [chuckles]
- Ah! Thando, the physio.
Here to torture me for the last time?
Just before I run away.
Nothing quite so dramatic.
I just came to remind you
about all the exercises you need to do.
- Yes! Yes.
- Yeah. And here's the paper.
- I wrote my number at the top, so
- Okay.
if, say, you need anything,
or you've forgotten anything,
just give me a ring.
All right, well,
I'm clay in your hands, mold me.
- All right, let's get started.
- [grunts] All right.
Okay. So, please remember
you're gonna have those 15 minute walks.
- And your balancing exercises.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- [both laugh]
- Yeah, it'll get better.
And some wall sits.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.
- Hmm!
- Yeah, oh, okay. All right.
- Mm. [laughs]
- Okay, and then you're gonna sink down.
- Okay.
Kinda like you're sitting in a chair.
But there's no chair here.
It feels like
one of those government hospitals.
- [sighs]
- Uh, no, I I'm kidding. I'm kidding.
Yeah, nothing
like a government hospital, right?
No, I'm not trying to say
government, uh The services
Mr. Hlale, you used to be
the Minister of Health,
and you think that it is funny
that government care is sub-standard?
No, government care is excellent, though.
[chuckles] If you really thought that,
then you wouldn't be here.
And you feel I shouldn't be?
I think that government ministers
should should use
the facilities that they oversee.
Okay, but I haven't been minister
for 20 years now.
So, why shouldn't I enjoy the facilities
that everyone else is enjoying,
like a normal citizen?
Except it's not every other citizen,
it's the rich.
And everyone else is just left to deal
with whatever the government gives them.
Can Can I stand up? Can I
I I actually wish
someone would stand up!
If just half the ministers
would just stand up
- Uh, just
- Oh! Oh.
- Sorry.
- Thank you. [laughs]
- I'm so sorry.
- Yeah. [chuckles]
- [sighs]
- Sorry, Mr. Hlale. I
Uh, I got carried away.
No, no, no, no.
No need to apologize
[sighs] for having an opinion,
especially one so well-thought-out.
- [chuckles]
- Mm.
Yeah. So, uh, will I see you again?
Under different circumstances.
M-Maybe. I
If fate allows it.
Um, all right.
- Mr. Hlale, have a good day.
- Uh
It's Victor. Bye.
It's Victor.
[jazzy house music plays]
Yoh, friend, I'm so tired!
Geez. Hard shift?
Mm-mm! More like a hard body.
Your girl hooked up last night.
That's why she hasn't slept.
Which is exactly why
I'm going straight home to sleep.
No, friend. We're going out drinking.
No, no, no. Go, have a drink without me.
I'm going home.
For what? So, you'd rather chill
on your dull couch, and hang
with your boring friends with no benefits.
That actually doesn't sound too bad.
It sounds perfect to me.
- Ah, thank you! Thank you, hey, Jo.
- [Jo] I know.
- My new favorite colleague.
- [mock laughs]
However, I would say
that a bottle of wine,
a home-cooked meal, now that's perfect.
Mm, I agree.
Except, Thando doesn't cook,
she specializes in microwave.
What's with you? I cook sometimes, okay?
Girl, the only time
I've seen you eat anything,
it's, like, from a fast food restaurant
or it's from a Woolies.
Yeah. If I'm gonna buy
a family-sized tray of curry
and I reheat it, that's cooking it.
You know homemade curry
is just ten times better. Come on.
Ten times harder,
and I don't I don't do hard.
[laughs] Unless it's a Ben 5. [exclaims]
I was actually thinking
of making curry tonight.
- Yeah?
- Maybe I can bring you some.
Then you can actually taste
the difference.
Okay, yeah. I'm gonna warn you though,
I like it really hot.
- Good, 'cause I make it hot.
- Okay.
- All right, I'm out.
- All righty, bye.
- [laughs]
- [Thando] What?
- Thando.
- What?
"And don't worry, I like it really hot."
"I like it really hot."
["Maboteng" by ASAP Shembe and KaeB plays]
Just, no.
- [phone beeps]
- Are you kidding me?
- [line rings]
- Come on. Oh!
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No. Really?
Do you need a hand?
No, I've got two of those.
I need a charger for my phone.
Mine's at home.
Well, I have a power bank. Will that help?
I mean, we do have it, right?
- [driver] Yes, we do.
- Yeah?
Oh, okay, I think
I have a cable here somewhere.
[Victor] Okay.
[car door closes]
Sorry, two seconds.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Thando grunts]
Got it.
- Okay. Um
- Yeah, yeah.
- Oh! [chuckles]
- So, yeah. [chuckles]
Um, let me Let's see.
I'm just struggling to get it in there.
That's what he said. [laughs]
- N Never mind.
- Okay.
Here we go.
- There you are. I told you.
- Here we go.
Okay. Well, you can keep it.
Clearly, you need it more than me.
Okay. [laughs]
Thanks for this.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
[sighs] Look, uh
maybe you can call me,
in case you need another charge.
I am something of an expert.
[laughs] I wouldn't go that far.
Or maybe you need a lift, or a drink.
- A drink?
- Yeah.
Tea, coffee, those drinks
with the little umbrella.
I don't think I'm supposed
to have drinks with my patients.
Except I'm not your patient anymore.
Call me or don't call me.
Either way, it was a pleasure meeting you.
Let's go.
[ska arrangement of "We Three Kings"
by Velvet Williams plays]
[purrs and giggles]
- [Thando] Thank you.
- [Sam] Thanks.
[Sam] Ah. Oh!
- [boy] I'm going now, Uncle.
- All right, boy.
- [Thando] Hey, boy, boy.
- [Sam] All right. Ah.
[grunts] Hey!
Boys, boys?
Ah-ah, it's getting late now.
- Go bath, okay?
- Goodbye, Grandpa.
- Cheers, cheers, my boys.
- Bye, Thando.
Bye-bye, you'll see your friend tomorrow.
Greet your mum, okay?
- Ah.
- Okay, Dadsie.
- Hello.
- Status update?
- Battery installed.
- Okay.
Speaker connection is pending.
All right. Nice one then, Comrade.
- Thank you, Commander.
- [laughs] But, uh, Mum. Is Mum around?
- No, she went to the mall.
- Mm-hmm.
Mikayla gave us a, uh
a voucher for Christmas.
So she wants a swimming costume
before we can use it.
[laughs] Swimming costume for what now?
- Mom
- Ah, Thando.
You know your mother
never tells me anything.
Yeah, Dad, but also it's you,
'cause even when she does,
you don't listen.
- Huh?
- It's the truth though!
- Ah!
- It's the truth!
Now you sound just like her.
[both laugh]
Yeah. So, do you need something?
Oh, um, I'm making a beanie
for a patient at the hospital,
and I ran out of wool.
So can I borrow some?
- Go ahead. [grunts]
- Okay. Thanks, Dad.
- This speaker
- Mm?
Hey, this speaker has problems!
When I try to connect it
[imitates distortion]
Ay! Gives weird sounds.
[laughs] Good luck, Comrade.
Thank you, Commander.
[both laugh]
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
[phone beeps]
[sighs] Okay.
That's weird.
[phone chimes]
Who signs their texts?
[cheerful, mellow arrangement
of "Sleigh Ride" plays]
Aw, Mum.
[chuckles nervously]
Wow. [sighs]
["Vula Mlomo" by Musa Keys
feat. Sir Trill & Nobantu Vilakazi plays]
And now?
What smells like like Vicks?
Yeah, I mixed up
something great here, man.
See, I've got
some peppermint simple syrup,
lemonade, and some, uh, candy cane.
- Mm!
- Yeah.
Let me guess. You're gonna call it,
uh, "The Candy Cane."
- [laughs]
- No.
I'm actually more creative
than that, you know.
Uh, this one is actually called
the "Cane-pirinha."
- You know, like the Caipirinha, but with
- Ooh!
- Okay!
- candy cane. Yeah.
Shame. Sometimes, you know, you got
a little bit of mad genius over there.
I know, thank you.
- You're welcome.
- So what's up with Ben 10?
[groans] So we'll call him Ben 5,
because he actually doesn't
even qualify to be a Ben 10.
But, um,
it went screamingly well, actually.
If you get me. [giggles]
I do. Gross.
Get over it.
You seeing him again?
Probably not.
I mean, I can't exactly take him
home to my mum, can I?
You know, you could just screw
his brains out for a while,
and go home for Christmas lunch
and then tell your mum the truth after.
Mm-mm. Can't afford the therapy
I'll need after my mum finds out.
Then fake your own death.
Too much work.
Buy yourself a Russian husband.
Can't afford the import duties.
Okay, clearly,
your options are limited here.
So let's talk about my job.
They want to cut my paycheck,
and I don't understand why.
I'm busy being creative. These drinks
are nice! I don't think I can do this.
[interrupting] Do you know, actually,
the old guy asked me on a date.
Should I say yes?
Do Do you think I should say yes?
We're not gonna talk about me.
Um, who's the old man?
Is he rich?
Is he good-looking?
- Mm
- Is he really rich?
Yes, no, and yes.
[Charles] Mm-hmm.
- It's Victor Hlale.
- Mm.
Ex-Health Minister?
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
This guy is rich.
Here's what you do. Check.
Marry him, and then adopt me.
[laughs] Please, dude.
Look, try something old, okay?
You've done the new.
No, he's like my parents age though.
- Uh-uh.
- Dude, tell me something.
This one's too old, this one is too young.
Who are you? Goldicocks?
Just pick one.
How can I pick one
if I've only taken Motheo on a ride?
So then take the old guy for a spin.
And face murder charges
when he dies of a heart attack?
- Please!
- The will, baby. The will.
What? No, no!
Okay. Then you two go out,
have dinner, be boring.
- Mm?
- Yeah!
- Actually
- Wait.
What's this?
Don't ever say
I don't spoil you, okay? Enjoy.
Yesterday, this jerk came to the bar
and gave me this spa voucher
as a tip instead of cash, like I look
like the type of guy that goes to spas.
I'm sorry. That's rude.
Yeah, I know, but good for you, right?
Old people love the spa.
It's good for their arthritis.
[laughs] You're being rude, huh?
- [laughs]
- Please.
What have you got to lose?
What have I got to lose?
[swing arrangement
of "Jingle Bells" plays]
Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪
Jingle all the way ♪
Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪
In a one-horse open sleigh ♪
Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪
Jingle all the way ♪
Oh what fun it is to ride ♪
- Thank you for organizing this.
- [chuckles] Well, thank you for coming.
Oh, it was a pleasure to have come.
[both laugh]
[Thando] Oh, uh
- No No robes.
- Yeah.
Come on.
Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪
Jingle all the way ♪
Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪
[sighs] Well.
one-horse open sleigh ♪
[ethereal music plays]
[nervously] Oh.
- Okay.
- [laughs]
I'm sorry. Had I known
I got the vouchers from a friend and
No, nonsense. Like, this is fun.
Okay. So, uh
- Uh-huh. [exclaims happily]
- Uh
- Oh! It actually smells good.
- Oh. Yeah.
- Oh, I think you might've missed
- There we are.
[both exclaim and laugh]
- Oh! Okay.
- [laughs]
All right, all right.
- N [gasps and laughs]
- [laughs]
[woman] busy wasting our time.
They could have just given us
the chocolates.
[man] It's a nice gift! Let's try it.
- [woman] The clash of cultures is tricky.
- No, no, no, no.
Everyone has a different way
of doing things.
- [Sam] Why must I
- [Victor] Hello.
Mum, Dadsie.
[light-hearted music plays]
You're here? And who's this?
Uh Oh, oh! Victor Hlale.
[Sam] Okay.
I didn't recognize you,
uh, without your clothes on.
- [chuckles]
- Yeah, but he's a
He's a a friend from work.
Victor, is it really you?
Nellie Zondo?
Okay, I was a Zondo,
but now I'm a Mokoena.
- Hi. Hi!
- Hi!
- Hi.
- Hi!
[awkwardly] Hi. You guys You guys, uh
- Know e Know each other?
- [Victor] Yeah!
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Varsity.
- Wow.
- [Victor and Nellie laugh]
Look, let me let me get everyone
a drink, okay? And lunch, right?
- Wonderful.
- We're not thirsty.
I suppose the mud can wait.
- [cork pops]
- [Victor] Opa!
- Cheers.
- [Nellie] Yeah. Cheers!
So, Dr. Mokoena, do you bring
all your patients here to the spa?
- [Nellie] Nothing wrong with that.
- No, but it's
Spas are relaxing.
So, you guys, do you come here often?
All the time.
- Really?
- Yeah.
[Victor] I'm surprised
I haven't seen you here.
Me too.
Victor, I've followed
your career for years now.
- [Victor] No! Following my career?
- Yeah.
- If anything, I should be following yours.
- [Nellie laughs]
In fact, what are you up to now?
Oh, work, raising children.
[Victor] What?
A rebel like you raising a family?
- [Nellie] Yes.
- [Sam] A rebel? Nellie?
[Nellie] Yeah, I was. I was a rebel
before you dragged me along.
No way. Remember when we were in Mthatha
and you stole the car from that lecturer?
Yes, the lecturer!
So we could go to the march.
- Remember that? She took it back.
- March? A march? A political march?
- But you're not political.
- [Victor] Oh, you don't know?
- She was very political! A lot.
- [Nellie] Ah.
In fact, in these days,
they'd call her "woke".
- Yes!
- Or is it, "awake"?
- No, no, no, it it is "woke."
- Eh? Woke.
- Wake Woke, whatever.
- [Nellie] "Awake," whatever it is.
- I mostly did that so I could skip class.
- [phone chimes]
[Victor exclaims and laughs]
Oh, I I have to go.
It's It's It's work.
They say it's an emergency.
Code, uh, five.
- Code five? Oh, no. Shame.
- [Thando] Yes.
- Let me see you off, then.
- No!
No, actually, you can
you can stay and, uh, yeah, I'll uber.
- I'll uber.
- I mean
Okay. Mom, please take my things, okay?
- Okay, Thando. No problem.
- Thank you.
So, Victor, tell me.
Where's your family now?
Where's your wife?
Oh, uh, no, my wife passed away.
- Uh [mutters] Sorry. Sorry?
- Something that was, uh
Oh, yes. Yes, please. A cold one though.
[Nellie] And Cebo?
[Victor] Oh, Cebo! Yes!
[melancholic piano music plays]
And I'm still doing fine ♪
I whispered in the wind ♪
Waves just pass me by ♪
[buzzer rings]
When water turns to ice ♪
[gate buzzes]
'Cause it keeps me warm at night ♪
I don't know who you are or where
But I'm all right ♪
When I look, I hope you're what I find ♪
And I'll behold the beauty in my eyes ♪
I'll wait for you ♪
I'll wait for you ♪
'Cause we could meet out of the blue ♪
I'll wait for you ♪
I hope you're waiting too ♪
I'll wait for you ♪
'Cause we could meet out of the blue ♪
We could meet out of the blue ♪
I know we'll meet out of the blue ♪
We could meet out of the blue ♪
Eternity awaits ♪
I hope I'm not too late ♪
I'll put my trust in fate ♪
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