Yoh! Christmas (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Naughty but Nice

[birds chirping]
I've never seen ♪
["All I Seek" by Manana plays]
Eyes like these ♪
They cause all words ♪
And thoughts to flee ♪
I've never held ♪
[dishes clatter gently]
A heart so pure ♪
[Motheo] I'm here in the kitchen.
- Have I died?
- [humming]
- You, uh, hired a caterer?
- Just a little something I put together.
[chuckles] Oh, the only thing
I can put together is, uh, takeaways.
- You don't cook?
- No. Not even a little.
But, uh, my flatmate, Charles,
makes sure that I don't starve.
Well, you should thank him for me,
because he's keeping you alive.
- And I like you.
- Oh, I like you too.
[chuckles softly]
Is this Is this weird?
Like, it feel it feels weird.
I don't know.
- Weird could be good.
- Yeah?
- Weird could be lovely.
- Lovely. [laughs]
- This whole thing is lovely.
- That's yours.
Oh, thanks.
Okay. Um, what is this?
An açaí bowl.
I thought millennials loved açaí bowls.
[laughs] Well, this millennial
doesn't even know what an açaí is.
- [softly] It's a fruit.
- [laughs]
Is it good?
It's pretty good. It's pretty good,
all jokes açaí'd. [laughs]
Bruh, please don't ever say that.
- Can we agree that you're never, ever
- It was funny. I think it was funny.
[Thando laughs]
there's this Christmas party at work,
and I think you should come.
You wanna show off
your sugaring situation?
What? Stop it. No.
I I just want my friends to meet you.
I think they'll like you.
- Oops?
- Oops.
- Oops?
- Mmm.
["Ungowami" by Sha Sha
feat. Soa Mattrix plays]
[message sent tone plays]
[phone chimes]
[phone chimes]
Finally! Really, I want to tell you,
and you're not Charles. [chuckles]
- Morning.
- Morning.
Front door?
- Mmm.
- [woman] Thank you.
[chuckles softly]
[Charles moans]
[Charles grunts]
Yoh! Tequila headache, my goodness.
- [Thando] And then? Who's the girl?
- Girl?
Caylee? Kayla? Tiffany?
One of those white girl names.
Let me guess.
You met her at some Christmas party?
Not even. She picked me up for a hookup,
and I thought, "What the hell? It's fine."
- Okay.
- You know, because
You see, because it's been hectic.
Even my situation at work
Okay, okay, bro.
We can We can whine later, okay?
Please, Thando therapy now.
Ah, okay. At least try to sympathize.
Let me guess. Boy problems again?
Dude, that's literally what my life
has come down to at this point.
Seriously? Me too, hey.
Hmm. Which one is it now?
Bro, it's Motheo.
Look, so I sent him a message, right?
Asking him if he's coming
to my, like, work Christmas party,
and he replied with an emoji.
Okay. And then?
What does
"dancing lady in red dress" mean?
Yes or no?
It means you're too old for this kid.
Like I'm too old for this shit.
- [Charles sighs]
- Okay, whatever.
Maybe I should call him.
Or is that maybe too, like, 2014
kind of thing? What do you think?
Thando, really, I don't know.
Call him, don't call him.
Just do something.
So I can get my life back.
[scoffs] This hangover of yours
has douchebaggery vibes all over it.
[sighs] Listen, dude. I've been having
the shittiest time at work.
I can't even speak to you about it
because why?
All you do is drag me
into your Christmas date drama.
Drag you into what? [scoffs]
Dr This is my life, okay?
And also, you're the one that said
I must put myself out there, right?
Yeah, but I didn't know
you'd be this obsessed.
- 'Cause if I knew, I wouldn't have.
- [scoffs] You know what? I
I am so sorry
that my life is so boring, huh?
[kisses teeth] Asshole.
Tha [sighs] Dude, come on.
We used to talk about everything, okay?
You knew about my life,
I knew about yours.
But now it's the Thando show 24/7.
Wow. Please, you sound
like my mum right now.
Maybe she's right.
Do you feel better?
[gentle music plays]
[exhales slowly]
Tell me one thing about my life.
Literally anything
in the last two weeks. Anything.
- Like, o one thing
- Yeah?
- Bro, I
- "B-B-B-B-Buh"
Clueless, not a word, nothing.
[Charles breathes deeply]
You don't even see me.
Okay, so so so
so you're just gonna walk away?
No, bro, if you're looking for a fight,
come back and let's fight then.
Come back here! Charles!
- Charles!
- [phone rings]
- Damn it!
- [phone beeps]
- Friend, I can't
- [Riri] Thando, man.
Melanie is looking for you
and she knows I'm covering for you.
- Get your ass here because if I die
- Yeah, okay. Okay.
[light-hearted music plays]
Aye, sorry.
- Hey. I was looking for you.
- Hi.
Oh, please don't tell me that Mel
has sent out a search party already.
Not yet, but she is
in a particularly crappy mood, so
Oh. It's probably because of all
the excitement for the Christmas party.
- [Jo] Hmm!
- [chuckles]
Yeah, I just wanted to give you
the curry that I made you.
Sorry it's late. Load-shedding havoc.
- [Thando chuckles]
- Hot and spicy.
- [whispers] Just the way you like it.
- Oh, okay. We'll see about that.
- Ah, the prodigal physio.
- [Jo chuckles]
- Uh, I was just
- Late for Lulu's session. I'm aware.
Would you like to proceed,
or do you need a few more minutes
to stare blankly at your Tupperware?
- Uh, yeah.
- Hmm.
[Thando] All right.
That should help clear
some of that mucus in your lungs.
Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
[chuckles] Up for me.
Why don't you just let me die?
Ah! Why don't you just stop
coming to hospital?
- I come for the gossip.
- [laughs]
You do know that you might get
really good-quality gossip
after that office party?
- I'm counting on it.
- [chuckles]
A Christmas party is the one time
of the year where the rules don't apply.
- That's true.
- Be wild, crazy.
- [Thando laughs]
- Live la vida loca!
Ricky Martin.
Not even close to my name.
Livin' la vida loca ♪
It's Ricky.
One of us has had a stroke,
and I'm not sure which one.
- Stop. You guys are both fine, okay?
- [blows raspberry]
[Ben] Thank you. [laughs]
So, how are you feeling today, Lola?
You tell me, Sven.
[chuckles] Now, you know
that's not his name.
I don't care about him.
Just you grabbing life by the horns
at that party tonight.
Can't I just grab free drinks, maybe, no?
Stick with me, kid.
I have the company credit card.
Hey, okay! Consider me
your work bestie then.
Yeah, be fearless. Take someone home.
[light-hearted funky music plays]
[laughs] You're a bad influence!
Yes, I am. So be influenced! Be naughty!
- Same goes for you, young Glen.
- What?
Big, soppy puppy eyes
every time she's next to you, that's what.
[laughs] I don't
[Lulu sighs]
No, no. You go to hell!
Heartless bitch.
I thought we could play some ball today.
Why? I'm not a dog.
[Thando chuckles]
Why are you so riled up?
"Heartless bitch"?
- Only I can call her that.
- Who is she?
It's Amy. My fiancée.
And why are you so cross with her?
Because she's a bitch.
She's abandoning me
just because I won't get help.
Well, you can only help those
who help themselves, right?
I've already stopped drinking.
'Cause you had to.
'Cause you're in hospital.
You're so damn angry at your circumstances
that you're being cruel
to the people that love you the most.
- And you're pushing them away.
- So?
So, when you get out of here,
you're gonna need them.
All they do is nag me.
Because they care,
and because they're scared.
Ah, stupid. Why would they be scared?
Well, that you'll start drinking again.
So what if I do?
It's my life.
If you do, then that heart valve
of yours will fail.
[sad music plays]
Then you'll start feeling sick,
but you won't tell anyone
because you'll be too scared
that they'll bring you here.
And then Amy,
Amy will wake up next to your cold body,
or your mum will find you
dead on the floor.
- It'll be a relief for them.
- For you. Not for them.
They'll blame themselves, and that guilt
will live with them forever.
Look, I know that this is your life,
but you share so many
beautiful parts of it
with people that love you.
And if you give up
If you give up,
then it'll hurt them so deeply.
Who said I've given up?
Then prove it.
Prove it to all of us.
Come, as quick as you can.
[mellow, hopeful pop music plays]
[Thando] Where's my pho Oh, oh. Okay.
- Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.
- Friend!
Friend, tonight, there's no phones.
We are concentrating on alcohol and boys.
Okay, sure,
but I've started with the former.
- I just need my phone for the latter.
- No, friend!
The only thing you need
is, like, a good wing-woman
and to lower your standards for tonight.
Okay, which Wait, look.
What do you think?
- [Riri] Mmm
- [Jo] Ooh!
Can I give, like, a full review
once I've seen the shoes?
- [Jo] Yeah.
- Okay, okay, okay. All right, um
I think I have
One shoe, singular. Come on!
No, friend, then call your house-husband
to bring the other one.
What the He's at work,
and probably not even talking to me, so
Thando, like, are you dedicated
to not having a good time?
- It's a mistake.
- Huh? Don't have other shoes?
Hmm! I have sneakers.
Oh, I actually like that idea.
- That could work, that could work.
- Yes! Exactly.
- Pink, red, pink, red.
- [Jo] You know what?
I'll actually join you on that mission,
'cause I'm not trying to wear these heels.
- I'll put on my sneakers too.
- Really? Okay. I like that.
Okay, at least, friend, you need this
just to add a little spice to the look.
- Oh.
- Just va-va-voom, spice!
- "Spice!"
- [growls]
- I already have spice, okay?
- [Riri] Yeah.
- You know what?
- [Jo] Hmm?
- Let's take a selfie.
- Oh.
[Riri squeals]
- Selfie.
- Selfie. Ready?
[shutter clicks]
- [laughs]
- [Melanie] Drinking already?
And how were you planning
on getting to the party?
[light comic music plays]
Aren't you lucky I, uh, had the foresight
to order us a party bus?
[all cheer]
- And watch you, Mel!
- [Riri] Wow, you're actually human?
I am. And this human
needs some of that awful wine.
Oh! Okay!
- Thank you.
- [women] Hey!
[all] Cheers!
["Kunkra" by Myztro & Daliwonga
feat. Xduppy, Shaunmusiq & Ftears plays]
[women cheer]
[Mel] All right! Keep it tidy, people!
- [Thando] Okay! I'm ready.
- [Ben] Party people, party.
- [Riri] You look so cute!
- [all squeal]
[Jo] Come on, let's go. [laughs]
- Why is he everywhere?
- Because he's awesome.
[scoffs] Just as long
as you don't date him.
Well, I wasn't planning to date him.
You know what? I've decided men suck.
I like that. Ovaries before brovaries.
- Ovaries before brovaries!
- brovaries!
Am I included in the brovary?
Wish me luck, fellow brovary.
Sorry. No sneakers, no flip-flops.
No, but I don't have
any other shoes though.
Oh, oh, oh, excuse me. Excuse me.
Excuse me, my guy, listen.
I need you to understand something here.
You just stopped the top cardiologist
and the top epidemiologist
in South Africa.
This is Doctor Thandi Mokoena.
She didn't just save one president.
She saved two.
The other one is Doctor Joy van Rensburg.
[pounding amapiano music plays]
- Five? Five.
- Five.
- No. Six, six.
- Okay.
[all groan]
- [Riri] Ooh.
- That tastes like regret.
- That's right.
- Okay.
- Well, to my bad decisions.
- Oh! I'll drink to that.
- [Jo groans]
- [Thando and Riri laugh]
- [Thando] Oh, no, no, no, friend.
- [Jo] No, guys.
[Bheki] Hey, Thando!
Hey! [laughs]
- Huh.
- Hello! Hey!
[laughs] Hello. So So sorry, my brother.
That's my girl, that's my girl.
- [Thando] Bheki.
- [Bheki laughs] Oh, yeah, oh, yeah.
- [Bheki] Hey. Uh-huh.
- Hey!
- [clears throat] Bheki. 'Sup?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Cool.
- Yeah, yeah. So, what's up?
Good, yeah.
So, uh, what are you doing here?
Oh, you know, it's me, my boys.
- Uh, yeah.
- Oh, okay. Sure. So
Um, like
I I actually have to go.
Yeah, but I need to talk to you, you know?
[hesitantly] About?
We need to talk
about that issue, you know?
Like, I feel
like you didn't treat me well.
- Who treated you badly?
- Hey, hey. Sorry
Sorry to interrupt, I have to steal her.
- Bheki, you know what? You serious?
- I'll bring her back.
[Riri] This guy's cute, hey?
And he smells good.
- [scoffs]
- Yeah, like, he's like a little fun size.
- My size.
- Don't let him hear you say that.
- [both laughing]
- You'll regret it. Fun size?
So I've scouted out the place, hey?
I've got at least ten options.
- [Jo] What? Bachelors?
- [Riri] Mm!
This is what I'm gonna do.
You're going to choose which one you want,
and then Riri's going
to go straight for the kill,
and hook you ladies up.
Or I can just chill
and enjoy free drinks right here,
and have a good time.
[Riri] Uh-uh, friend, you need a man.
You only have eight days.
Or what? Eight days of of what? To what?
Nothing, nothing. Till Till nothing.
Friend, what if I don't want a man! Hmm?
Then, uh, many men will be devastated.
It's you.
[scoffs] I've been seeing you
all over the place and and
Please be serious.
Be honest, Xolani. Are you a stalker?
Listen, yo, this is my house.
I own this place,
so technically, you're stalking me.
- Can I get you a drink?
- No, no. I'm here with my colleagues.
Then I'll get your colleagues a drink.
You guys want a drink, a bottle?
- We have to talk.
- [Riri] No, we're going to
- [Xolani] That's fine.
- to the dance floor.
Not Not tonight. Sorry, okay? Sorry.
- [Jo] Bye.
- No. [groans]
["Hamba Wena"
by Deep London & Boohle plays]
[Mel] All right. My funometer has run out,
so I will need a drink, please.
One white wine and a shot.
- Well, this is fun.
- Yeah.
- Listen, I'll be right back.
- Yeah, okay. Card.
[line rings]
[club music plays distantly]
- [Charles] Yo.
- Hi, bro.
Charlie Mengazi, leave a message.
- Oh. Um
- [line beeps]
Bro. [laughs]
You'll never guess
who showed up here at this party.
Please call me back
so I can tell you, hey?
I hope you're all right, okay? All right.
[phone beeps]
[softly] Okay, and just call me, and, uh
Hiding from your suitors?
[inhales sharply] Just taking in the view.
It's beautiful.
It is.
So, why do you sound so sad?
Well, because the person
that I wanted here hasn't come.
And Charles, my best friend, my person,
he's not talking to me.
You can talk to me.
[melancholic music plays]
You're not my person.
So pretend.
Just for tonight.
What's wrong with me?
Why was it so easy for Sifiso
to just walk away?
Who's Sifiso?
Love of my life.
He just left, and
[inhales sharply] And then
And then Motheo hasn't even come,
even though he "dancing lady" emojied me.
And And Charles is just ignoring me.
So these are all men you're seeing?
People just keep abandoning me,
and I just
I don't know why.
I don't know who these men are,
but I do know they're fools.
Because you're
Ah, Thando? Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey. We need to talk,
I was looking for you.
- Mmm? Um
- Bheki.
I've been, you know, looking for you,
and it just now
- [Xolani] Listen, Thando.
- Hello?
I invited your friends
to VIP for some drinks.
- Really?
- You wanna come? We got a bottle.
- Whoa, whoa, Posh English.
- Hey, I'm talking to Thando.
- [Bheki] Whoa, whoa.
- Can we just get a minute? Like
- I'm just gonna I'm just gonna go.
- [Xolani] We have bottle service.
[Bheki] Yeah,
we were in the middle of something.
- Okay, okay, Thando.
- [Bheki] "S-O"
Hey! Hey, hey! Hey! Hey, hey.
Exc Excuse me. Eh, s sorry, gents.
Hey, Thando!
[Ben grumbles]
["Mambo No. 5" by Lou Bega plays]
Right? I mean, just, like
Thando? Thando! Thando!
Hey. Let's not disrespect each other.
What's wrong with you? [mocks]
Look, I can't hear you,
little man. Piss off.
Little man? Little man!
Are you calling me a little man?
- Are you calling me a little man?
- [groans]
- [music stops]
- [crowd gasps]
Relax, relax. Everything's fine.
["Mambo No. 5" continues]
Hey! Relax, man!
Xolani, no! No! Stop!
[Bheki] Hey!
[Xolani] Relax, man! Relax!
[Bheki grumbles]
- [objects clatter]
- What's happening? Oh, my
[crowd gasps]
What's wrong with you?
Is this what you think we want?
This chest-pounding, macho bullshit?
Because it's not! It's not.
What we want is someone
who actually gives a damn.
Someone who texts us back with words,
and not [struggling] with pictures
or with damn emojis. Okay?
Someone who listens when we speak.
And understands
how we feel and what we want.
Someone who sticks to their word
and and and actually shows up.
And makes us feel special.
And this?
This doesn't make anyone feel special.
Do you wanna get out of here?
[light-hearted music plays]
You smell good, eh? By the way.
I cannot believe I am triaging in heels.
Are you bleeding?
- He hit He hit me first.
- Tut! Follow my eyes. I mean, my finger.
[Jo] Geez! Riri?
- Her dancing? No. It was too much.
- [Thando laughs]
You know, if if you wanted to stay,
like, I completely understand. Like
Stay? [chuckles] No, thank you.
- [scoffs]
- The vibes were off anyway, so
Yeah, that's true.
[mellow music plays]
- [laughs]
- What?
You do know
you recited the riot act, right?
No, like, I'm just over it.
I'm over the whole boyfriend thing.
The whole friend-boy thing.
Just Just men in general.
Like, I'm just done.
Man, you're preaching to the choir,
so [scoffs]
[both laugh]
[softly] Wait.
It's an eyelash, so make a wish.
[gentle romantic music plays]
You're amazing, you know that?
Like, you're you're you're fun.
You're pretty. Just
You're just a woman of your word.
Uh, wait.
- Sorry.
- No.
Are you sure?
- Okay.
- Yeah.
[gasps softly]
What are you
- [brakes squeal]
- [horn honks]
- Oh, my gosh.
- [driver] Hey, you two!
- Are you Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- [Jo groans]
- Are you
- Are you okay?
- It's just just a little bump.
- Are you sure?
- [sighs] Yes, I'm sure.
[gentle romantic music continues]
What are you doing?
- Uh, uh
- But But
- We were
- It's a disgrace.
No eating in the bus.
[both laugh]
- "No eating in the bus"!
- What?
I'm really sorry though, like, if
If you wanna go back home with me,
I've got an ice pack
No, no, it's
- We're good.
- Okay.
I'm good. Um, it's my stop anyway, so
I'll see you at work?
- See you.
- [bus doors open]
["Falling (I Just Wanna Know)"
by The SN Project plays]
Finally ♪
I know you're into me ♪
Secretly ♪
- [groaning softly]
- Won't you come a little closer? ♪
Float on air ♪
[groans softly]
I'll take you there ♪
Ugh, friend, oh my goodness.
Oh, friend, I I need hangover eggs.
Like, it's a
You're the one that I dream of ♪
[ominous tone plays]
[light-hearted music plays]
Okay, people. We can be hungover
on our breaks, okay?
Our patients need us. Back to work.
[sniffs] You don't smell great.
How are you okay?
Oh, I'm old. And I'm wise.
And I gave myself a vitamin B drip
on the way to work this morning.
Of course.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Uh, how was the curry?
- It was good.
It was good. It was really, really good.
Um, are you okay?
Oh, this thing?
Just Just a bit of whiplash.
- Yeah, Jo, I just want to
- No, no.
I mean, we don't have to have the talk,
Thando. Relax. [chuckles]
Just one thing though.
I mean, just remember you're not
the only real person with real feelings.
- No, I
- I mean, you're looking for something.
And I don't know what it is,
but every person you reject,
they're looking for something too.
Whoa! What happened to your neck?
[light-hearted music continues playing]
- Uh, uh, actually, I I don't wanna know.
- Oh.
Hope you find a good physio!
- [laughs]
- Thanks, Mel.
[Riri grunts] There you go.
Sorry, I Oh, okay.
I've got this, thanks.
- How you feeling?
- [Lulu] Half dead, as always.
- [chuckles]
- How was the party?
I'll tell you all about it
when you come out of surgery.
That's blackmail.
You're forcing me to live.
I'm ruthless like that, hmm?
- All right, well, my love.
- Okay.
Express to OR 2 leaving now. Hmm.
[Ben] Ready, Lulu?
I just have to lie here.
You're the one who better be ready.
I should probably be watching
some YouTube tutorials or something.
[scoffs and groans]
[tender music plays]
- [Thando] Okay.
- Let's go.
[Lulu breathes shakily]
[Thando inhales sharply]
So, who won the girl,
the mountain or the molehill?
[Thando chuckles] Neither.
You know, I just decided
that I think I'm gonna stop.
[Ben] Stop? Never stop.
We all want to be like Sid
and find our Dre.
Sorry, they're my favorite characters
from, uh
Brown Sugar.
[both laugh]
- You know, that's my favorite movie.
- [sighs] I've watched it, like, 500 times.
[tender music continues playing]
[musical arrangement shifts
to house music]
[Nellie] My goodness, Thando, you're late.
Mum, I'm sorry, okay?
I had work, and
I'm here now, okay? So, what's first?
- Sandwiches.
- All right.
- What can I help with?
- It's okay, Sam.
You can give us space.
[chuckles] Dad, I've got juice boxes here
for the kids, okay?
[laughs] Please put them
in the cooler box. I'm sorry, Dad.
Okay. What did I do now, Mum?
Thando, I just wish
you could stop being secretive
and tell me who your boyfriend is.
Mum, isn't it enough for you
that I'm happy?
That won't be enough one day.
You'll want more. A family and kids.
One day. Not now.
Thando, you know Victor won't be able
to give you those things, right?
Vic Victor?
Hey, Mum, no!
The spa thing was just like a
Mum, Victor's like your age.
I would never.
Okay then. Carry on, come on.
[Thando chuckles]
[Sam] Just follow the arrows.
- [Nellie] Let's go, Zoya.
- Follow the arrows.
Come, let's go. Come on, Musa.
Gosh, your dad has time to read the maps,
but he has no time to wash the dishes.
- [Minnie scoffs] Mum.
- [Sam] Hey, Thando.
- [Thando] Hey, Dad.
- [Sam] Do you remember?
[Thando] I think these maps
are just so cool.
[Sam] Yeah. [chuckles]
Remember when you were a little kid,
we liked going to town
to see all the Christmas lights?
- Mm-hmm. Best memories ever, huh?
- Yeah.
Yeah, hey.
All you kids would sit there
all squashed on the back seat,
eyes wide open like owls.
- [both laugh]
- Owls! Of all things, Dad.
And then you'd fall asleep
on the way home.
[mimics snoring]
And then I'd carry you one by one,
I'd take you to the room.
[both chuckle fondly]
- Dad, you know what?
- Mm?
- Just a little secret.
- Mm?
I was never asleep. [laughs]
[whispers] Hey. I knew.
[both laugh]
Come on, let's go, Dad.
[laughs] Yeah.
[brass band plays Christmas songs]
- [family members laugh]
- [Sam] Hey!
Hey, Mr. Dlamini.
[Sam exclaims happily]
[Lungile laughs]
- [Sam] Yeah!
- [Lungile] Yes, guys. Yes, guys!
Hey! [laughs]
[man] Thando.
[musical swell plays and rises]
[laughs] I thought it was you.
Hi, um
I thought we'd run into Sifiso.
I thought that you had, um,
moved away from here.
Oh, no, no. We have a place in Bryanston,
but I I want Tau,
you know, to know his roots.
Oh, this is baby Tau.
[melancholic music plays]
H-H-He's cute.
Hey, what a handsome baby.
Handsome boy, just like his daddy.
[Sifiso] Oh, thank you so much.
- Hey.
- Comrade.
Yeah, Sifiso.
- [Sifiso] Looking strong, huh?
- Ah, all the beer.
- [laughs] You must share those, sir.
- [Lungile] Hey, Sifiso.
- Boy.
- How are you? You all right?
- [Sifiso] I'm good.
- [Lungile] What is this?
- Twice in a couple of weeks?
- [Sifiso] Yeah, something like that.
Love, the the baby looks tired.
Oh, okay.
Come visit some time, Sifiso.
I'd love that.
But I have to leave, you know?
[chuckles] Bedtime.
[brass band continues playing]
What happened
between the two of you, Thando?
Nothing happened, Mum.
Nothing at all.
He just stopped loving me, and, uh
he left.
["Separate" by Amanda Black plays]
[Nellie] Come, we should go.
And never separate ♪
And never separate ♪
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