Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Distant Sky

1 Shall we rest a while? I've watched her for a long time.
The princess had never known uncleanliness or pain Boy, Three Years Ago I told you to attend today's clan meeting.
You're the only one who needs to attend the meeting, Lord Mundok.
Besides, I can't be bothered to listen to King Il's happy-go-lucky nonsen— Fool! Don't call me "Lord Mundok"! Call me "Grandpa"! That's what you're upset about? We aren't even related by blood! Blood? In the face of love, blood is powerless! Now, now If you two keep fighting, Castle Hiryuu will blow away.
I apologize, King Il.
It's all right.
Uh-oh I called him "happy-go-lucky.
" It's been a while, Hak.
It's been lonely since you stopped coming to play.
A commoner like me can't just walk into the castle freely Don't worry about that.
Yona's been lonely without you, too.
You happy-go-lucky liar.
Happy-Go-Lucky? Happy-go-lucky? But it's the perfect word! What's that supposed to mean? But it's the perfect word! Violence is wrong, Mundok.
Hak's honesty is what I love about him.
Have a steamed bun.
So, Hak, would you stay at the castle permanently, as Yona's bodyguard? Your Majesty, I find nobility a terrible bother.
If I served at the castle or became a general, I wouldn't be able to take long naps at home.
Hak You hate weapons, don't you? Then see if you can find such a precious rarity as a guard who can protect without a weapon.
Hak Episode 3: The Distant Sky Frankly, I don't want anything to do with nobility or the royal family.
The way they probe each other's intentions and drag each other down is ridiculous.
The king has no sense for danger, either.
And the other reason I don't want to come to this castle permanently is Hak! Hide me.
When I'm around the princess, I lose my mind.
Princess Yona! Where are you? Princess Yona! That's no good, Princess Yona.
You can't get caught playing your pranks.
That's not what I was doing.
Huh? He's courting you? It's true! That man called Kang Tae-jun keeps visiting the castle to give me gifts and invite me to play with him.
Princess, let's play! The son of the Fire Tribe's chief, huh? He's awfully persistent.
Then why not tell him you have your heart set on Soo-won? But he doesn't feel the same.
If I said that, Soo-won would hear about it.
That's not my problem.
Don't make it sound like such a bother.
This is why I hate coming to the castle.
Then you'll have to find a way to get along with Lord Kang Tae-jun.
You're so cold, Hak.
Soo-won would never say that.
In that case, go cry to Lord Soo-won and ask him to protect you! Let's hurry back to the clan mansion, General Mundok.
What are you so irritated about? Also, call me "Grandpa.
" I'm not irritated.
You are irritated.
Princess Yona What are you doing here? There I'm sorry about this afternoon.
You got angry because I was acting helpless, right? I'm the proud princess of the Kingdom of Kouka.
Instead of complaining, I'll do something about it myself.
H-Hey You can have those.
I'm bribing you to reconcile with me.
This is why I want nothing to do with the princess.
At this rate, the clans will gain power, and the king's power will wane.
Should we really be letting that cowardly king handle this country? They're really letting him have it.
Considering the kind of king he is, I guess it's no wonder Happy-Go-Lucky But he's a nice guy.
If I succeed Grandpa and become a general, I'll be the royal family's dog.
Hak, would you stay at the castle permanently, as Yona's bodyguard? You don't want to do that, Your Majesty.
I'm No! I won't go to the imperial villa with you.
Don't be so cold.
Won't you show me the way? Let go! They're so annoying.
If only Soo-won were around Someone should stop him! But that's General Kang's son.
One wrong move, and Then go get the king.
Nobles truly are bothersome creatures.
Don't get involved.
Leave them be.
Otherwise, for the rest of my life, I'll Let go! Let go of me! You really are adorable.
When you struggle with a kitten's strength, it makes me want to touch you more.
That's enough That's enough, Lord Kang Tae-jun.
Ouch! Hak H-How rude! How dare you casually touch the princess?! And who gave you permission to touch my princess? My? "My"? Whose? Whose? Y-You should watch your mouth, brat! I'm not lying.
When the princess and I were children, we pledged to spend our futures together.
Right, Princess? Huh? Princess, there's no need to be shy.
Ha, ha Not in front of other people! Princess, do you love him? Y-Yeah.
I love him.
I really love him.
I-I refuse to accept this! You may have pledged your futures to one another, but I am the second son of the Fire Tribe's General Kang, Kang Tae-jun! And who, exactly, are you? I'm the Wind Tribe's next general, Son Hak.
The king personally appointed me to be Princess Yona's bodyguard.
Any objections? Then show me your true strength— Your Majesty! Don't do that.
Please forgive me.
It's all right.
I had no idea you felt that way about each other.
F-Father, this is a misunderstanding! But after what we said, I doubt he'll be back.
Hak, you've finally come around to the idea of being Yona's bodyguard I knew I could count on you.
I don't come cheap.
Please Look after Yona.
As you wish.
Jeez He's terribly persistent.
I just can't stand it.
I can't leave this father and daughter alone.
It's all right.
Besides, this king is no coward.
And he won't listen to me at all.
King Il, are you still watching over us somewhere? I will protect your unfinished business! Don't cry, Father.
Even if Mother is gone, I'm still here.
You're not alone, Father.
And I have Soo-won.
Yona! Look, it's snow! Yeah.
I made a ball.
I made some strange thing.
Yona I-I'm doing great! I have to stay cheerful, so my father won't cry! Huh? You're heavy Hak! Hooray, it's Hak! Princess, watch your step.
I was in a good mood, too.
Why are you lying down there? I was engraving proof of my existence on the Earth.
Huh? When the ground is white with snow, it's human nature to want to lie down in it.
Hak's so cool You're the perfect target for snowballs.
Really? Well done, Hak! Yona is full of energy again! Yona's energy has disappeared I guess playing in the snow was a bit too much for the princess.
I'm sorry, Yona.
If you rest and take your medicine, you'll get better.
Where is Father? His Majesty is busy right now.
But he will come to see you soon.
It's okay, Yona.
When he hears you're sick, the king will come running.
You two can leave now.
If you get close to me We're fine.
We feel great.
Our bodies are really warm! I played so hard, I can still see snowballs.
Dead Tired Dead Tired Doctor, you have more patients! No wonder I saw snowballs flying around me Don't you two need to leave? Apparently, it's best for us to recover here, so we don't spread our illness.
But since I've been holding your hand when you sleep, nothing has changed.
You've been doing that? I'm leaving.
Huh? Let's all hold hands.
You can't be— Grandpa! ROAR Boy, I heard you threw snow on the princess and made her sick.
When there's snow lying around, it's only right to throw it! Show me your rear! I'll give you a whipping! General, that's enough! They're sick.
Grandpa gets in trouble and leaves.
I'll stay here, after all.
If I went home, he'd kill me.
That's the Wind Clan's head, General Mundok, isn't it? Yeah.
I admire General Mundok! I had no idea he was your grandfather.
I'm an orphan.
We aren't blood relatives.
I see I'm only his adopted son.
But Mundok came to see you.
He must love you.
I don't know Someone's here again.
F-Father, what are you doing here? Is there something wrong with a father coming to see his ill son? You'll catch my illness, Father.
You think your illness could defeat me? N-No! But I know this is a busy time for you Uncle Yoo-hong is so strong and strict.
He's nothing like Soo-won.
You must beat down this illness quickly.
I will! His intensity is amazing.
I think my fever's gone down already.
That was scary Today's such a happy day Okay! I will do my best to beat down my illness! Go to sleep, idiot.
Father It hurts.
Why won't you come see me? Don't leave me alone.
Princess, at least take one bite.
I don't want to.
Yona, you have to eat something.
Or you'll get even uglier.
His Majesty hasn't come yet? No, I told him about the princess, but This is the king we're talking about.
Perhaps he's too afraid of the illness to approach his own daughter.
Quiet! He's the king, after all.
Even at a time like this, he's hard at work.
I respect the old man.
Yeah! I'm sorry I'm sorry for thinking I was alone.
Growl That was a huge growl.
Ow! Yona, are you hungry? I'll have something brought to you.
Chicken porridge! It's unbelievably disgusting! Really? It tastes bad, huh? Father! I made that.
I thought I'd prepare your favorite food to make up for not coming to see you.
I made it according to the recipe Oh? I thought it tasted bad.
It tastes terrible! Aw We're all better.
You sound disappointed, Princess.
Not really! I'm disappointed.
Because you can't sleep next to the princess anymore? I can sleep next to Yona anytime.
But I wish the three of us could have slept together, with our colds, forever.
Even if we aren't sick, that's easy enough.
We can stay together.
You're right.
Soo-won, Hak Come again tomorrow.
Come play with me always.
Huh? There's no one here.
Father! Father! S-Soo-won Hak I'm sorry.
I went to get water.
The sky that the three of us looked up at together is gone.
You should eat something.
From here on, I don't know if we'll be able to secure food.
She's growing weaker.
Not only her physical strength.
Even after time has passed, she still can't face reality.
What are these? They're leeches.
Hold still.
They live in lakes and swamps, and they suck your blood.
Blood They won't kill you.
I'll leave your clothes here.
Once we gather our belongings, we'll leave.
Will the princess stay like this forever? She doesn't eat.
She only walks, as I pull her along by the hand.
She's like a doll.
Are you satisfied, Soo-won? You destroyed the days we spent together, and the princess you treasured.
Does that satisfy you? This is She still had this.
We'll rest here today.
What's wrong? Did you lose something? I don't need it I definitely don't need it.
But I love your hair, Yona.
It's a beautiful red, like the sky at dawn.
Where are you going? I'm I'm just I'll be right back.
The Soo-won you know never existed.
Should anyone get in my way, I will cut him down.
Are you all right? Why did you come this far? Do you want to die? Damn it Is this their nest? B-Bring it on.
Hak Keep your mouth shut and hang on, Princess.
Think of me as a tool.
Use me so that you can live! That's what I'm here for! Hak, I'm sorry— Is this what you were looking for? I can't forgive Soo-won.
But more than that, I want you to live.
To find that, you made a move for the first time since we entered these mountains.
If it can keep you alive, I don't care what it is.
Even if it's a feeling you still can't throw away.
I see You haven't found them.
Shall we send more after them? No, leave them.
You're allowing them to live? Now that they've left the castle, they cannot do anything.
Besides, there is something we must do immediately.
Next Time The place we reached after escaping our pursuers was a place overflowing with warm smiles.
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