Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Wind Clan

1 I'm fine.
A little snake bite isn't going to stop General Hak.
Um, Hak? Yes? Couldn't we head down into some village for food and medicine? Villages are dangerous.
Even if the villagers don't recognize us, castle soldiers could be anywhere.
Then, where are we heading now? Probably the only place we can count on now.
Capital Fuuga, my hometown.
Episode 4: The Wind Clan POW Does guard duty mean nap time in this clan? Lord Hak?! Hey.
It's been a while Ten years? It's been three.
What are you doing here? Did the great general get fired? You guys are as laid-back as ever.
We are the Wind Clan.
We live only as the wind blows.
When we're sleepy, we sleep.
Who put these guys on guard duty? Hey, that's Lord Hak! The young lord! Lord Hak! When did you come back? You've become even more handsome! Please, one at a time.
Looks like they haven't heard anything from the castle yet.
Who is this girl? Is she your woman? What? No, she's a court lady in training.
No way! So, what's your name? Huh? Where are you from? Are you from the sky capital? Hey, what's Hiryuu Castle like? How old are you? Um She collapsed! Oh, my What a weak girl.
Prepare a bed and food immediately.
The young lord's being kind to a woman.
Did you not hear me? Y-Yes, sir.
Where's the old man, Elder Mun-deok? He's at Hiryuu Castle.
What? You didn't know? A meeting of the five tribes was suddenly called at the castle.
A meeting of the five tribes? Normally, the young lords at the castle attend.
I thought it was strange that they'd summon Elder Mun-deok, when he's retired from being a general.
Lord Hak, were you really fired? What's the meaning of this? We're suddenly called here, and they tell us the king is dead? Princess Yona and General Hak are missing, too.
Elder Mun-deok, do you not have some idea where General Hak might be? What are you trying to say, Fire Tribe boy? There's a rumor going around the castle that General Hak killed the king, and has taken Princess Yona as a hostage.
It isn't good to make assumptions.
We don't know where General Hak is.
Perhaps something happened to him, as well.
That Thunder Beast's strength surpassed mine when he was just thirteen years old.
He wouldn't die so easily.
Three days ago, the king was murdered, and both Princess Yona and General Hak are missing.
Then, it is true? Leave this matter to us.
If you find them, contact the castle.
Do not harm them or inform anyone else without permission.
But Publicizing this information would bring chaos to the kingdom.
The tribes would begin fighting amongst themselves.
The Empire Chishin Kouka Kingdom Saika Suiko Fuuga Sei Country Shin Country What the five tribes must do now is work together to strengthen Kouka Kingdom, to avoid its invasion by another country.
You're right.
To avoid conflict, King Il gave other countries land, and made offerings to them.
The Kingdom of Kouka's power has fallen.
Now is no time for civil war.
In that case, we need a new king.
With all due respect, in Princess Yona's absence, the only one with royal blood is Lord Su-won.
He is the man who should have been the crown prince.
There is no problem with crowning him the new king.
I, Gang Su-jin, sincerely approve of Lord Su-won's becoming the new king.
How do the other clan leaders feel? Yes, I approve of Lord Su-won.
No objections here.
I'm tired.
I'm so tired.
Complex discussions tire the elderly.
I'm leaving.
Lord Mun-deok, we aren't finished yet! I'm no general.
You should discuss this matter after you've summoned Hak.
If you refuse to acknowledge Lord Su-won as the king, people will suspect the Wind Clan of rebellion even more.
Without approval from all five tribes, I cannot become king.
But a kingdom cannot last without a king.
If you were to marry Princess Yona and formally become king, I would happily present you with a celebratory gift.
Hak wouldn't leave the castle without reason.
Three days from now, we will hold the coronation ceremony.
I know you will come, Elder Mun-deok.
For the sake of the people of Capital Fuuga.
It's sad.
Lord Su-won, I used to think of you as a grandson, like Hak.
Good work.
Don't you think you're going too easy on them? If you don't hunt down Princess Yona and General Hak and kill them, and they spread the truth— Hak is no fool.
If he spreads the truth and starts an uproar, Princess Yona will be the one in danger.
I'm sure he is waiting in silence for the time being, to protect the princess.
General Gang, begin preparations to quell a Wind Tribe rebellion.
As you wish.
Thank you.
I was happy to hear you say you considered me a grandson, Master Mun-deok.
Where am I? I have new clothes.
Are you awake? Good.
Your fever's gone down.
Eat lots of food, and get well soon.
It smells nice.
It's good.
Why are you crying? D-Does it taste bad? It's so warm.
You're crying because it's warm? You're strange.
It made me remember my father.
I'm Tae-yeon, Hak's younger brother.
Hak's younger brother? Are you Hak's friend? Probably You're probably friends?! That's awful Even if you can't be lovers You might not even be friends? So he's totally out! Poor Lord Hak! His feelings aren't returned— Who are you calling your friend? Huh? Then, my attendant— Your name is Rina.
You're a court lady in training.
Got it? Okay, that's a good girl.
There's something naughty about this, Lord Hak! We aren't doing anything Tae-yeon shouldn't see! Rina, what is my brother like at the castle? At the castle, Hak is If anything is not right, it would be her brain.
No, he's insensitive, arrogant Oh, and not lovable.
Also— Okay, we get it.
That's enough.
Miss Rina, you're the best.
Nothing lovable about him! You two look like you're having fun.
Everyone's smiling and lively.
Come here.
This is where Hak grew up.
Hey, what's the castle like? Do they have lots of good food? Yes, but your food tastes the best.
There's more, so eat lots! Okay.
Rina, did you sleep well last night? Hey, Rina! Oh, yes.
Right, Rina is me You're such an absent-minded girl.
I heard you were thrown out of the castle.
They said you couldn't cook, sew, clean, do laundry, play the koto, or even dance.
Don't worry.
I'll teach you everything from scratch.
First, wash these.
W-Wash them? I'll leave it to you.
Um, I This way, my lady.
What is it? I can play the koto and dance a little.
Oh, right.
That cacophony.
You're a bit more like yourself.
Huh? Nothing.
So, you have a younger brother.
He's so cute, nothing like you.
Sorry about that.
Grandpa took Tae-yeon in, just like me.
Unlike me, he's frail.
That's why everyone's especially nice to him.
He got a bit too excited yesterday.
We're here.
We wash clothes in that river.
That water is the Wind Tribe's life, so be careful with— Hak, I can't.
You haven't done anything yet.
But The river's dried up There's no water in the river.
Calm down! We're sending Heang-dea to check the conditions upriver.
Young lord, this isn't the time to be so leisurely! Making a fuss won't fix anything.
For now, we can buy water from the merchants.
They should have enough reserves to see us through the current situation.
Elder Mun-deok has returned! Grandpa! Princess You're all right.
Thank goodness.
I didn't want to believe it, but when I heard the king was dead, and you'd left the castle with Hak I'm sorry I couldn't protect you then! Mun-deok I can't breathe.
Have you lost weight? No, I've received many warm and delicious things to eat.
The Wind Tribe is like you, Mun-deok.
It's warm and relaxing here.
Brother! Grandpa! Heang-dea's back.
Heang-dea, your injuries What happened? I messed up I went upriver, and would you believe it Some guys from the Fire Tribe were damming it up.
I thoughtlessly picked a fight with the guys, but they were armed.
They beat the snot out of me.
The Fire Tribe What are they trying to do? Do they want a war with us? Lord Hak, let me go! I'll beat them up.
You mustn't attack the Fire Tribe.
Why? They stopped up the river and killed Heang-dea! At this rate, Capital Fuuga will be Calm down.
Don't worry about the river.
In any case, hurry up and treat Heang-dea.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Wait! I'm still alive! Grandpa This is a warning from the Fire Tribe.
A warning? They want to crown Lord Su-won king.
They're pressuring us because I didn't approve.
Su-won, who killed my father, will be king of this country? Princess It's all right.
I'll never approve.
If I acknowledge Lord Su-won as king, it would also mean acknowledging that Hak may have killed the king.
You're right.
Blaming me would be the fastest way.
Hak Don't worry.
The Fire Tribe won't do anything worse than this.
How does the Wind Clan look? They haven't made a move yet.
At this rate, we should see some commotion in a few days— It isn't enough.
Are we just damming the river? Yes.
That's what General Su-jin ordered us to do.
Merchants visit the Wind Tribe regularly.
If they just purchase water from the merchants, there's no point.
Crush them before they reach Capital Fuuga.
But we shouldn't act without General Su-jin's approval Make it look like the work of bandits! Why are you so upset, Lord Tae-jun? If I had acquired Princess Yona, the throne would have been mine.
If only Hak hadn't interfered! Are you being serious? Su-won will ascend the throne.
The other clans approved.
What will happen to the Wind Clan? Rina What's wrong? Are you hungry? It's time for dinner.
There's not enough water, but you're giving me so much.
It's okay.
Hak told me to fatten you up.
Besides, Hak said the Wind Clan's way is to pamper guests, so they'll give us money— Tae-yeon? Tae-yeon?! What's wrong? He suddenly collapsed! He's having an attack.
Tae-yeon's lungs have always been weak.
Sometimes, he gets respiratory paralysis.
Once he takes his medicine, he'll be fine.
But the merchants who were supposed to bring medicine today haven't come yet.
I'll go check it out.
It's an emergency! The merchants were attacked on their way here! No! They're all seriously injured.
Then we've lost our means of acquiring water? The medicine What about Tae-yeon's medicine? Damn it.
This must be the Fire Tribe's work! I'll never forgive them! Young lord, why aren't you saying anything? This isn't like you, Elder.
The royal family stands behind the Fire Tribe.
If we antagonize them, the Wind Tribe won't escape unscathed.
No I don't want to see anyone else die.
Heang-dea, your injuries Okay, okay! Calm down, you hot-blooded idiots! You attacked them first.
The most important thing right now is Tae-yeon's medicine, isn't it? I'll go to the doctor in the eastern forest and get some medicine.
You're going all the way there, with those injuries? I'm the fastest rider in the Wind Clan.
You okay with that, young lord? Leave it to Heang-dea! Haggle down the price of the medicine.
I'm off.
He's so reckless.
Listen, everyone.
I understand your rage, but the Fire Tribe is strong.
I won't let you start a war with them now.
I promise I'll do something about this.
Just because the river dried up, it's not like us to shrivel up.
Entrust your lives to me, and wait quietly.
Those are the orders of Son Hak, Chief of the Wind Clan.
Did you hear that? The young lord gave us orders.
Lord Hak The Lord Hak who said becoming a general would be too much work His condition is improving.
You should get some rest.
You'll collapse again.
Hak, is there anything I can do? Well, a court lady should try to be a little sexier.
Wha— Hak, I'm being serious here— It's fine.
You can live a carefree life here.
What's wrong? You can't sleep? What about you? Since neither of us can sleep, why don't we have a drink? It's rare for you to offer me such good sake.
This is from your prized sake cellar.
What a waste.
So, what do you want? I was just thinking.
If it were you alone, you probably would've charged into the castle with a single spear.
You're one to talk.
You're putting too much stress on your body, old man.
I have a request.
I need you to approve of Su-won's becoming the new king.
Tomorrow morning, I'm leaving the Wind Clan.
You can have the Son name back, too.
Think only of protecting the Wind Clan.
Once you approve, the Fire Tribe should stop bothering you.
You may end up with a bounty on your head.
That sounds cool.
Maybe I'll become Kouka's greatest villain.
Are you leaving the princess behind? She's finally able to smile a little again.
I'm glad I brought her here.
I have another favor to ask of you.
Hide Princess Yona from the castle, and let her live her whole life as a member of the Wind Clan! No.
I refuse to take requests from my grandson.
I won't let you go.
Old man Though I suppose I can't disobey my chief's orders.
Those are the final orders of Son Hak, Chief of the Wind Clan.
As you wish.
Next Time Why did I leave Capital Fuuga? Only to live, protected by Hak? Next time, Akatsuki no Yona episode 5: Episode 5: Howl Howl.
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